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September 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his newly released article dealing with his latest research into Covid.--2- Do noncalvinists believe that faith is a work---3- How can those who don't believe the Bible end up being bishops---4- What does Matthew 25-29-30 mean---5- Is it possible for someone to call themselves Catholic and be saved---6- People are saying that the Idaho hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaccinated Covid patients. What do you think about that---7- What does it mean that God dwells in unapproachable light---8- What does the Bible say about the other planets---9- What does it mean that God made man in His own image-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and if you are interested give me a call to do is dilute 77207227 search of what is online, so good.

Recall… It would talk about. I released article about half hour or so ago I found an hour ago and it might be worth checking out to do some really intense research in the articles called covert vaccine effectiveness per percentages of infection in the population grew the current homepage you can just click on it and take it to the to the article and what I did was I went to some major news out of them information outlets our world and and world world with those websites do is can you condense information on statistics from all over and the putting down there and that's what I did was I found these two different two different websites with information and so I I found out that the percentage of population fully vaccinated. Belgium has 71%. For example, Canada 60%. I might add some more stuff later on, but 20 countries and went down Somali which is a .41% vaccination rate of the population and it turns out, generally, not exactly, but generally the least amount of vaccinated countries have the least amount covert pieces.

Why is that that is an interesting question and at the table with documentation where you can get it.

I've copied the original documentation of the websites in case they change things so you know what dates that was available. I then produced a graph and you can see the graph information at the bottom of the article where different countries are vaccinated, and other some slight inconsistencies you think might be more regular, but the general general idea is that the more your vaccinated. More countries and vaccinations.

Generally, the more covert cases with it understand something.

Is it because there's more covert cases and that's what you get more vaccinations or to the way around.

And so this is information that the experts would have to to decide, given that the vaccine is now throbbing. The viruses that offer year and 1/2 and it's had plenty of time to propagate the populations and vaccinations I've been available all over. Then the evidence suggests that the vaccinations aren't that effective now is just my opinion and I wrote this on my website.

In my opinion, effectiveness of the vaccine is in doubt and evidence would even suggest not take a backseat may increase covert or that taking the exit.

You make me increase covert infections and also through disclaimer under because this is information is not for medical decisions. Anyone of you would make but I am putting it out there because people want me to research and I have been doing a lot of research and I are so much more to do, but I was surprised by the conclusions that I found on the information in. And it's not one for one exact that you'll see if you go there and check it out. Why is it that the you would think that the more your vaccinated in a country to be proportional drop in covert cases. But it's not base some some places it is but it's the minority of the cases with the majority. The countries work that I looked at looked at 20 they are by far demonstrate that this reverse. You think would happen so put that information out there and there's more to go on and I need to write some articles about oppression and solicitous coming on.

The reason I'm focusing on this mentioning this on a Christian radio show is that when a government starts to mandate medical procedures for people. And when that same government opens the borders of and breaks the law and let's come in all over the place. When that same government equips with $85 billion worth of weapons to the enemy in Afghanistan when you have an elite group of people who are trying to run the country and the doing violation of the Constitution, then we need to speak up and I'm doing my part.

If you want to could actually take a vaccine hunker. No big deal. I don't want to take it and I don't to be forced to pick it. That's the issue. I don't be forced other business and that's it and I had chickenpox, measles vaccine yeah was a kid I took those as a kid I remember them and that at that.

Okay so this vaccine.

Let's just say the evidence is deferred first hard-core evidence I produced from looking at unrelated sources and putting the information together and as reference.

You can check it out right right when you call 877207227601 were quick they will forgive the colors. I will probably because of what I just said down other probably people complained to YouTube and I'll probably be suspended from YouTube or something like that torpid print twitter be suspended on twitter because it doesn't fit with the agenda. But here's the facts. I would, but I would just challenge the critics to to look at the facts and what information do your own research into a couple of days to gather the information do some Excel spreadsheets sorting and things like that make you look at so there you go right at a lot more to do a lot more is a lot more information coming a misreporting of videos and also modify the outline covert outline a little bit in the area of oppression which will be doing the show was, well, let's get to Zach from their Arkansas exact welcome around here. Hey Matt how are you today doing all right.

By God's grace we government quick way and I wanted for real quickly couple quick questions that I think we agree on you in a firm but, set the stage in our life out of that thing with you do believe that, one that is but but I moved to all thawing out on top started studying all the probably two years ago saw me very green in all of it, but you do believe you would agree that the gospel has weld me at genuine offer even for the nominal correct yeah that's a little hard to ferret out it's it's it's general and it's authentic in that this is the obligation that they have to do and they and because God is the standard of righteousness, he will say this, we need in it so that's true okay and now this one like something out of the comic leave from borrower. Joan Thurmond will have good Romans yeah yeah great series.

I might read about what you agree that some non-cow I'm thinking more Arminian provision is that the Calvinist position is that we believe that they make, they were whenever we believe that the gift of God and summarize Martin Lloyd Jones you know the way he laid it out like that. You know the law had 613 command and some groups would say well he wipe away those one large exploits really for the okay well so I guess my question is you. We believe that faith is the gift God gives none of the head.

They crave without that guy Grant Saad Trey Grassley believe is right (slippage roughly 9 real so I guess my question you know if you know all the conversations I've had with people that will often say that you know if we believe that there might work one night. This is what you gotta do in the end.state would say to work the go ahead with your question answer my question is that market which may that way only an offer in the gospel to come to cry. Believe it. Things like that would may salvation by works out what that genuine offer is now now course, we would gladly make medical and I'm just waiting for your question okay hello I'm sorry your sweats. A quick yet so that's that that's what my question is that non-ole when were talking about a weld me gospel off are we getting to the that they need to believe and be in their body saved by works and become a Christian.

I became a Calvinist, was a Christian before that Arminians don't believe in that faith is a work that something in the way that the Bible describes work doesn't do that… Yeah I get that that's what my only objection was that you know whenever we take the gospel and say you are to believe and then if we treat that as a work and not as a gift… It's not okay. I know that I'm in.

Okay no I'm in the camp within Masters of Divinity from reform seminary little bit and I can tell you that most reformed individuals I've encountered understand quite clearly that the non-reformed individuals don't believe that your faith is a work that you have to do in order to get safe.

Therefore, salvation by works, not yet all right.I agree with that and I get was under the assumption that the rock form can't believe non-cow and making paperwork whenever they say it not okay gotcha I don't know you're talking to the you know if you to be careful because people on one side often misrepresent the side of the others that's the case nobody is immune from theft and so we have to understand that some reformed writers that I over the years and met reformed individuals who will say will not know the Arminians can't be saved because they believe faith is something that they have to do their own work and so therefore they can't be saved and and I argue with them as he now is not true and I go to town with them on this God grants it even Arminians believe. Okay he believes that because God granted it to. That's it. You don't have to perfect doctorate in order to be saved and some people if you can fall inside the reformed camp can say will you to believe these things right in order to be stable at doctrinal regeneration so that could be a problem that became raised against them. I guess I guess it was just kind of the inquiry about all of the nature of faith is something we do we do is hold on the breakout explaining only mostly right back after these messages it one of the line giving calling 770777577077 pairs nicely there okay to explain how it works okay God grants we've had have faith. That's what the Bible says Philippians 129 he granted to us. He gives it to us.

He says in John Jesus says in John 645, or 665 excuse that no one can come to him… Granted from the father. So they asked Jesus what must we do the work the works of God and Jesus.

Is this the work of God, that you believe, on whom you sent John 620 29, so we actually do believe we believe because God is enabled us to believe we actually do the actual act of believing we actually are believing God grants that ability to us to do it. That's what it is okay thank you very much you welcome very much arrival. God bless your okay alright let's get to Anthony from Kansas Anthony welcome your on the air by Matt how you doing right action we got muddy well let me permit. I wonder how you answer that question. Question as you probably heard by now regard Google Bishop John Shelby Thorndike just the other day like you did he claim to be a Christian is Google Bishop, but he denied every aspect of Christian doctrine that was what so anyway on the things he said was that he believed, among other things, the believe that Judas Iscariot was an article, a totally fictitious character created by the church in the year to take the blame for the death of Christ from the Romans to that you now this is ludicrous stupidity. The texts of the New Testament have Judas written in the very very very very early on variance that everything occurred even heard of where Judas is and is not in different manuscripts. It's a ludicrous position. Just it's stupid is what it is tinnitus. I would tumble space got stupid to believe in the fourth right out of them individual that the word of the Bible are not God's word on and on. You know I would harm them that it got to be a bishop in the church or any church because the Episcopal Church is about as liberal as you can get Episcopal Church is pretty bad. United Methodist Church is pretty bad and so I would just say that that's why there's there's a lot of churches out there United Methodist, for example, there are none icing is not Christians in the group but there are few and far between and Episcopalian churches like that as well so just enter the room and I'm sure you generous remnant of people who actually save like like Roman Catholicism is an official doctrine is anti-Christian.

But that doesn't mean that there can't be people who really are saved in Catholicism.

They just don't know what it actually teaches a lot of areas so as possible. When say very much, but Soto just ludicrous to say that the church embedded your area that is stop because the issue is, is it in the strips yet is an Matthew to Mark you know I miss looking right now let's see doing their thing here Judas and the Nixon Luke minute, it was just an instrument to Michael John.

Let's list to John Stevenson and John and you write Jeanette Yamada but the same individual John.

The gospel eligible for a written quote long after that he does know his anger out so one of the ways approved this very easily is to go in the book of acts on this right now, read you the facts.

Chapter 1 verse one and two book of Luke one literature that this would assist the VAX says the first account I compose Theophilus about all that you just begin doing teach to the day when he was taken up to heaven.

This is the first account I composed, Theophilus right and when you go to Luke chapter 1 is not just verse one and is much as how many have undertaken to compile an account of the things accomplished among us etc. etc. it was on the first amendment to skip ahead to verse three as is and to write it out in order concerning the border, most excellent Theophilus, so it does demonstrates that Luke wrote the book of acts throughout the book of Luke and trivia here is that of the book of acts book of Luke are our big books and by the by the number of words. Luke wrote most of the New Testament, despite what anybody else or just for the number of words. The victim that is trivia alright so this is important because Luke was written before acts because access.

The first account I composed figure for fermentable of Luke, the book of acts does not contain the death of Peter or Paul does contain an X over seven via death of Stephen Peter and Paul were very important and history tells us to guide around 62, give or take a couple three years 6 to 80 so that means book of acts most logically was written before then, let's say 6080 book of Luke was her before that so many years. Let's say five years could be less get on the call to say ficus easier to work with the next mix of 5584. Most scholars agree that Matthew was written for that. Let's say 5080. So the book of acts is really important historically because it helps date think the Gospels because it does not contain definitive historical markers. It does not contain a death immediately said that the Peter and Paul also does not contain the destruction of Jerusalem as prophesied by Jesus. So the logical explanation is book of acts was written for these events roughly 60 A.D. probably the before and the book of Luke before that Matthew before that, etc. so the Gospels were not written later… It is ignorance and stupidity from the unregenerate who pontificate bloviating and excoriate the truth okay okay the problem and I like to go describe American people looking to guard terribly long gone now but I will look hundred.

Thank you.

Brilliant because they're ignorant they don't know I'm not ignorant and insulting people.

They just don't know is like the news media. I did a comparison today between CNN and Fox news, so neither one is perfect. But I'll tell you the difference between what they cover is incredible and on the far left I I'm convinced that they don't put out all the facts and so you can sway people's thinking, based on information you provide. And so we don't have all the facts you believe lies and so this is how it work with the liberals in theology. They don't know what's going to make they know that they don't care a lot of the little dues because they have an agenda than the facts fit their agenda is a problem and what is the book of acts is just an easy way to refute this idea that the Gospels were written later. It's easy to write their okay yeah life around at think about the good work, thank you. Praise God. Okay, alright, let's get to José from Texas was a welcome break bulldog arrived at okay folks direct I got for these messages, please why call 7707. It's going Matthew chapter 25 Robert Artois 29 and 30 reading from the NAND and more shall be given as you have an abundant and the one that not even what needs to be taken away. Got to work late into the outer darkness and that played there, there will be weeping and ethnically and by reading a court looking for work through 30 and you know about the youth and that he gave to the plea-bargain right so things on the verse 30 is where you make that parallel with other Christians that let them work our on the net.

I'm not sure exactly what is it about the parables to the Jews in his covenantal eschatological. The Jews had been given the covenantal responsibility to represent God and to prepare for the Messiah. They broke the covenantal responsibility were judged.

This is not about earning salvation or losing. It is about the failure of the Jews to recognize Christ and they were thrown into judgment for godliness of so I stand at the library yet not about me.

You gave and gave and gave Kiki. Let them know that we don't much like we don't preach the poor are darling preacher we don't open for the word nearby work in on evil and like the kid that he had given you will. I was hungry when you guys ready And that's that everything is on call next right and date on both an update on that on that they go below 40 today that it will do the day and so there's a corollary, the corollary that would be will to do them then you're going to heaven trying to say by good works right, a Muslim Roman Catholic ear or jar a month WITH the site right now in the other Concentra time in Matthew 25 is this speak of the separation between the sheep and the goats and true faith expresses itself in deeds of righteousness. As James says, and that's with the sheep. Do not what goats do if someone says and 25 for example teach us salvation by works is going get the rest of Scripture which clearly speaks to the contrary. So these people who say this stuff is lot of pastors out there a lot of false teachers out there who say that you are good and do good works are to be safe there preaching antichrist theology probably not regenerate public false converts preaching false doctrine. This is a serious thing the Christian church basically not as pulpits and it needs to get rid of the people who are preaching heresy and idiocy in the system. This other thing taught pulpits across America people saying if you're not good enough you good news, good things are to be saved is not true knowledge, good was justified by faith, not by faith. Anything we do, not by faith and baptism, not by faith and groupthink in sacraments, not by faith and staying home from an X-rated movie or R-rated movie, or G rated movie not wearing short dresses are long dresses not speeding is not spinning would you know that's not what saves us to faith and in the Jesus Christ and because of it, and with it we are regenerated were changed and so because of that we can do good works, but those good works are the result of our regeneration in God's work in us.

They do not keep us right before God and so to teach to the contrary, what I just said is foolishness, and antichrist pastors out there is a pastor listening right now and you're saying you're wrong that don't in your antichrist. If there's a pastor or elder out there. Listen to me and says no you can do good work skipper so saved you to be good. You can do these bad things and be and still be safe. Is it your antichrist exit. That's what it's okay don't understand Carlisle and I teach him what the true doctrine is and they can figure it out from there.

Okay, that government will be planning that violates and a you good thing about jury what you speak about late post I thought I listens a lot alike. Not prepared and that one of one of the one anything along the top, but will not be 25,000 and there, if God gave us something to work out an alert you for thinking or whatever they gave me use the lead that though I did not want to visit if you need most karma this manual to get us up at him me a peak work got me a peak MI AP my legacy gradually getting very very big that it is graded he's awesome that you really good. Now I don't I have illicitly got better than I understand the people of this are toxic and understand them right away into that I wish could lose Carlos risk would live with me for two months and just speak Spanish militant second I cannot Christian in the kindest manual, Albion, and not placement but are you nosy letting us his aunt, but if it okay. I said they said I don't know the language well if you preach just to give us a negative very good writing that paper, and bake the cake cake did not, and all our elective Actonel with you and go back and write be glad to talk to him lovingly and patiently and instructed him and correct them lovingly in all his if the Spanish is good enough. We get lose Carlos Reyes involved to get me up.

Carlos got bitterness from Columbia you can translate know so we can do it right.

Okay I think I met you I see you all right, let's get to Mark from Florida Mark welcome you on the air. Hey Matt how you doing want family offsets. Thank you very much for on Monday call you if you give me a good analogy on describing the Trinity high present, present, future.

I just to let you know I using it now and it is very effective.

So they gave me a good tool but I question is concerning woman Catholicism. I'm actually of Italian descent on American but my family is from Italy and a lot of Catholics in my family and what they don't understand the catechism they don't understand the theology of the Catholic Church but I've asked them before I said why did Christ die on the cross and will give me the answer very plainly, especially the older ones will say for the sins for the defendant in a very simply like that. Is it possible for someone to be call themselves Catholic, and go to math but be safe. I really beginning possible. I believe it is possible. When is a possible. I don't mean probably but can there be individuals in their ignorance are doing this and still be saved. Yes, I believe the Holy Spirit will gradually bring them out, but okay. Anyone who believes official Roman Catholic theology and then dies believing official official. This is clearly official of the Catholic theology when they got to go to hell because it teaches a false gospel absolutely, but to try this with your family. This work is works trying again the seat because they're very acculturated within the Italian culture despite harvesting to tell if there is the statues of Mary the pomp and everything so just going to look at all that to say ask, do they believe Jesus is God. To say yes. Can Jesus hear every prayer that we offer because he's God. Yes, if you asked Jesus to forgive you of all your sins, will he forgive you of all of your sins.

That's the question some C.

Yes, some will say no. If they say yes save will then what you need anybody else. When you priest is going straight to Jesus when he said come to me all the heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

At 1128.

What was that again I'm sorry but I think Scripture ago Matthew 1128 come to me whom are all who are out on heavy laden, and I will give you reps Jesus has said I want to say that you and then cite that scripture because I I've been fighting Scripture to some of them that are the younger generation that are understand the Catholic theology and maybe maybe I can ask you that you can critique me but I've I presented the gospel to them because they they have belief in the in the Trinity. There they don't deny the Trinity. They understand God, my God, man, but the gospel portion of the date true salvation open right in and out all say to them it's like I I put my full trust that there is a bore you with you folks are about that right back after these messages, please Y call 77077 pairs nicely and leave welcome back Mark okay so yeah what is it saying that you know I I presented to them if they look good. There is a work but it's not anything any work that you can do the finished work of Christ on the cross reference work and Christ's finished work that that's what saved the and him and I say I get you fine you fine tune not to take credit for what Jesus accomplished Jesus the God of our salvation and he grants that we have faith. Philippians 129 and would God grant guidance is sufficient. So were justified by faith.

Romans 51 done so you don't need on the revived one was 5117 28 rooms for five Galatians 216 to 21 goalies verses on how modern vision 289 is a big risk for the last. The book itself, but the tightest I subtitles quote instead of visa situation which the second if I could buy 23 which is your saved by grace through faith. After all you can do and this is the same thing as Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox angel campuses and you don't salvation by works is what is so I believe that that the family the Jehovah's Witnesses who you slight variation put you to send gospel. Everyone needs the same gospel that we are made right before God or sins are forgiven before God by faith only in Christ's work only our good works are touched by sin and are never good enough for the infinitely holy God, which is why Jesus God in the flesh had to do what we could not. He kept the law perfectly. We could not keep were said that his body died with them. He paid the price of the law. The penalty, the law is death for sin, he rose from the dead, conquering that proving that his sacrifice was sufficient and we have to do is ask Jesus to forgive us of all of our sins, Jesus Christ, God in flesh trust in him alone and that's when it is all right. Amen thank you, Radley. Bless all right as get to Ryan from visiting Ryan welcome around here vacuum want to go. I appreciate you inviting me to call back any I was reading the article about the five of the thing a lot of articles that are thing that the Idaho hospital are overwhelmed with undocumented code you know that's true. I've heard it like I know what they're saying.

That's also the Alabama governor recently felt that the pandemic in Alabama, the pandemic of the undocumented. You know, just is just propaganda. Yes, would you question okay.

My last question of what the attack on the capital in January. With that done by orders, I did interview on what I know you know that is true in your pleading that nurture line for regular seizures and from with this guy really comes on every now and then he just made a logic mistake. He thinks he's smart, but he's not. He said words they trump supporters. The question is insufficient. Notice I said in your interview all of them are all of them trump supporters or all of them not trump supporters are were some trump supporters and some not to say that some were at the saved save implied that they all work will be in accurate.

This guy didn't catch that that he called me a liar. He's the guy could think as we have a wet paper bag. All right, so let's get to Alberta from Georgia Alberta. Welcome around here love unapproachable life now.

I thought I got a call me pregnant. So how can God dwell in a particular place. If you got any credit doesn't not get there's noise in the background is difficult when hearing other voices all I think that God dwell up and I got back I got that I know I got I got distracted by Dragon well that Olympic lately and the answer the question either put them on hold because I get distracted by sounds in the background voices and things like that so to say that he dwells in unapproachable. I does not mean that he's not on the present the Bible to says he draws on unapproachable light.

It just says that/we believe we don't know what that means how the light extensiveness is in the universe or what would place, how, where, what, I don't know that we don't know what it means for God to dwell everywhere all the time so we can answer the question because we can answer the question. We don't know how we cannot then say it's a problem or contradiction. Anyway okay with me. Alberto got got an okay thing back, nobody can blame that the God of the product they that God… The Holy Spirit knows that my God, the things they got it all. He had gotten out of and got what I know him both the me intimately, and I'm knocking everything like you and I was barely really think that he does reveal when you study the word intently. He rewards those who diligently seek him.

So you turn right. Okay now I'm not a question actually a member of the Catholic Church… Would you law that happens a lot in prosecution and you got the organization and that NAT salvation by works of torment and all that and if it passes that God told the people faith. I think it bought comp that they are living right so that parents began fractured because your good nephew because her Christian Christians have different levels of obedience to Christ and because of that is judged accordingly. But not for salvation but for reward or loss reported. Okay okay thank you sir. God bless you for regular. Thanks, Alberto, Smith okay all right is good to Jaden from Idaho.

They welcome around here allow hi so what you got Bible are in well it considers the planets parts of the second heaven, the first heaven is where these the wind and rain come from the clouds and things like that in the second heaven is the things we see in the night sky on a minute a day. The sun, the moon and the stars and the planets. He did know what planets necessarily, but except actually kinda did. Because Mars they knew about and Venus. They knew about and other planets that they could see move and I think the cold and wandering stars and so they were aware of them.

They just didn't really think of it in the terms we do LOL well, just a note to is how they thought they didn't think of planets the way we do not necessarily so they would see all they would see is a star that didn't move and a star that did move the called stars that did move some column planets begin these words wise advice that star moving was a point of light moving them was just points of light they call them stars. The column planets. My question really than I thought they were really barren or the planets are there Bible doesn't mention galaxies either. But there there.

Why do you think they were there because I put them in an effort oh because the universities of these big as it is for the glory of God and of food was called anthropic principle so that we can live here in this world right okay Jaden okay God bless. Okay will complex.

Okay, let's get approval from Rockville, Virginia. Welcome you are on the air. I can't call you yesterday and we ran out of Karen, would you please give me your definition how to pray God your definition because you get out of it. If it then God's word. I believe it and if it's not, I doubt I love that.

Could you please tell me what your definition of God making man in his image names I can write, so could you yes elected in theology.

There are attributes of God. The sum of the attributes are designated this incommunicable and the other are designated this communicable the incommunicable attributes are, for example, God's omniscience is omnipotence, his omnipresence. These are incommunicable with. That means is they cannot be communicated to us. They cannot be given to us. We don't participate in God's omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence to come out how to greatly communicable attributes of those attributes of God that can be communicated to us.

God loves we can love God thinks we can sing God reasons we can reason God has shows mercy. We can show mercy and so these are the attributes of God that are communicated to us and those are the areas where we would say were made in the image of God because Jesus says in John 424 God is spirit, and Luke 24, 39, he says that a spirit does not have flesh and bone to see that he has so we know what spirit is not that we know what it is but nevertheless God is spirit, and so the image of God is not with hands and feet. That's the Colts do that one, but the image of God, rather, is the are the communicable attributes his reasoning, his love he could hate and we can hate to be judges.

He shows mercy.

We can do these things to and so those are the kinds of things that are communicated to God method me to be made in his image.

When God went out God the father God that time and God the Holy Spirit.

He whined and he manifests himself in three different personality is not whether I don't and bounced right close we don't see personalities in theology was a person's because the word person that has all right you corrected me yet person has a logical high thickets calculated that right often found wrong. I was reading in God's Word one day and I forgotten why I did in the Old Testament, and that that's not sit down on my dish speaking shall judge at the people that you know what that therapy may read that the Lord Jesus Christ is God's. Is that wrong. I wouldn't say he's God's arms because God doesn't have arms got the father does not. Only Jesus does because only Allah and the like. It would be great.

Jim and would you say could you say that that like Jesus is the God he and I will I would say that God and I wouldn't doubt that I summarizers the bridge will call back tomorrow as is the folks there you go read a time in the Lord bless you and find an powered by the Truth Network

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