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September 10, 2021 6:21 pm

Matt Slick Live

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September 10, 2021 6:21 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is the Trinity true---2- Why can't women teach men- Can a woman be an employer over men---3- A caller wants to debate the Trinity.--4- Are we wrong in how we define the Trinity---5- My mother is an ELCA pastor. How can I witness to her---6- Is church membership biblical---7- How do we respond to those who use Romans 13 as an argument to compel taking the vaccine---8- Is Shepherd's chapel ok-

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Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responded to your questions at 8771 for broadcasters if you want to be called want 877-207-2276 Honda want to hear from you so give me call.

We can talk, but all kind of topics we could talk about the Everest is going on lately.

The goal doing a lot of stuff going on this. You recently released an article today and I'm modifying it constantly.

Research the getting more more disturbed by one finding in the mandates and the they are now. Biden is now saying that to force employees federal employees to take the take the vaccine and look at her so much I can't even keep up with everything that people given me. I am so far behind in research. The best I can and there is just so much I got some documentation and if you go to combinatorics CAR M.O RG you go to the homepage you'll see was called outlines on covert and is that's all it is. This outlines it's a quotes with documentation, no commentary is just quotes and documentation and I'll tell you. There's a lot going on and with her so much more research is turning into a humongous project and I got some it is easy to do, but the reason of focusing on it is because of oppression.

I believe why I wonder.

I suspect I'm afraid that the government will become more oppressive and require vaccine mandates for people who don't want to come to you.

I think it's a form of self-defense to say no I don't take this out because there are a lot of problems with the vaccines that my wife told me today that though she is listening to Eric Clapton. He took the vaccine and he lost the use of his hands for a while. There are lots of anecdotal stuff up things like this. I listen to another video where Facebook is the is the platforming people who bring up counter evidence so there's there's it's something that is not right here give a counter evidence and stuff like that is silence. There's a sensor in going. I got in the so there's a lot of stuff and check it out and I'm now researching exemptions, medical, and religious exemptions and finding laws on the books now where basically the government to do whatever it wants and haven't complete my researchers always got more stuff to change that. But I would tell you it's this is just it is ridiculous being forced to do this you can have a job at the Pat vaccine passport or to come along and be forcing people into compliance. This is not America anymore. I'm really worried about handout. Anyway, I got a lot more research to do.

If you have the information that you want to send me all you do is send any email information to just put coded info in the subject line and know what it is that you a link. For example, a book of book page where it might be a video timestamp in the video you'll give me the URL to the all the information so I can very quickly go find stuff because sometimes you will say here this eight hour video. This will help you on covert on the Calisto NATO video and so you know, people need to's a video here's a link go to two hours and 13 minutes and start listening and all it'll talk about such a such that's the kind of stuff I need, so if you're interested, and as a Christian who defends the Christian faith who has fought against injustice. Who try to defend the weak and helpless. It's in in my like my bones to resist oppression and to help those at the weak and those who don't know, and I want information get out there if you want to give Iris take me think of vaccine take it. Okay, it's your choice. I don't plan to because of what I've studied and there's more. And so that's me.

We have our rights right.

Not anymore. A totalitarian thug autocracy for open lines 877-207-2276 Jerry from Durham, North Carolina. Welcome. You're on your I hit the button link for you, buddy was. We have little connection problem, and you can do it. I'm coming for you. Hello there we go harass hello there. I look yet. We got a connection problem. Well good now. Okay 40 got hello you got me with yes, I'm ready to hear me Jerry Baker. I have a question. All right yet… I have a question are you trying to keep the truth of the Godhead. Yes, you be sending connection problems. Yes the Trinity is true and waiting for McKenna come back in. Thanks Matt for more questions about your no more. Okay hello what they would your bitter connection problem with what you call back and I'll remember conversation that if you want all right.

We have five of the lines folks 877-207-2276. Now the Trinity. We talked about his attorney that the true doctrine. Yes, if you're listening to me and you think the Trinity is false. While you're wrong and they want to be me on it lifted up debate you know if you're reasonable and not just so I don't know anything.

But the idea here is that I will discuss it now certainly called me up in the air. Here we can have discussions with the thing is that of the Trinity is one God and one eternal being who is three simultaneous coeternal distinct persons. We don't know how that works is paradoxical, but that's what it is the ontological Trinity is a teaching that within God.

All the members. The father-son Holy Spirit are all divine. They all share that same divine essence economic Trinity is that the father-son Holy Spirit have different roles of the father sent this on this. Only the sun became incarnate.

The Holy Spirit convicts the world and things like that and so the difference of their there's also political perk recess, which is the teaching that let's eat that to the inter-dwelling of the members of the Godhead within each other and that's an interesting talk doctrine to check so I actually going through Linda doing a series on it unpatriotic on the Trinity in depth that have been not been at this week for some some so busy but I'll continue it next week and something was going to say one is people and false doctrine is false as I can say man must've hate let's get to Monique from North Carolina. Monique welcome that you are on the air for your I doubt that when Pollock talking about when not at your your feet clear. Like for example like and grandma for now, let's talk about behind the plate moderate after anything like that that eating it out the word. All right, so the admonition of Paul is giving is in the context of the church in first Timothy 212 and 13. He declares very clearly does not allow anyone to teacher his authority over man but remained quiet for was Adam, who is first created and then Eve. So he's tying into the created order. That's first Timothy 212 and 13 in first Timothy 315. He's telling us that he's giving instruction on how to behave in the household of God, the church, so a woman is not to be in a position of teaching authority over man in the church context. That's what it is bravado a woman CEO in a corporation, no problem. Who cares don't know. No big deal so stuff like that could have with the bosses of course in it with bosses, but they cannot be in the place of spiritual authority and leadership over man in the church context and that's the basics of what is so can handle a gram lots lots. Can she teach on the radio. Well mom she's not doing it in a church context. Sure she can give her advice and things like that but she's not that elder right yet elder part of the park and the church at that but get your yard-standing of that would like anywhere right now in inter-and young. But not getting lament at typically over the right and enters goes gray areas of the skits will be difficult to to work through all the details of one of the things people do and say well she's not a pet.

Whoever is Yoshi whoever it is not pastor, not an elder, but she can come in the pulpit leave a message but I think that I would qualify that I take lot a lot whatever and doing her work talk yeah I'm not in an outside port. A basic level like technically you're in the door and you're speaking and there so you didn't know that I get okay if you store in a conversation coming it's going in a crowd gathers in your given the Gospels go for it if you were doing that I was watching you. I would just stand on the outside and pick off the hecklers know is finite, but immature Atlanta exercise different ethnic yet. Thank you very much arrived. I kicked her. I was so young Douglas all right for open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Jerry North Carolina. Jerry's at you again.

Yet they got out.

I don't think Matt I'm doing okay. I'm all right.

I get in there you about debating the Trinity like you to go ahead and discuss it, and you affirm or deny the Trinity did not credit what is… What is the trident of trying to define you don't not have you like it. Now wait a minute, wait a minute with okay you want to discuss a truly but you know what it is like yeah like children not know I like you know Jerry I want you to tell me what the Trinity is there's only one proper definition. So what is it okay my current date is man-made doctrine. The try try again. Trinity the faith do not. Scripture got me corrected up Jerry I asked you what it was to find it okay if you're feeling I do that. So what is it that I have no dear I know what they call but the definition of the Trinity.

I have no idea what it is scriptural will think maybe you might want to study it before you say it's not true.

You know what it is. If there is no scriptural.

You know there's no Scripture on the alert is generally right back after the break.

Okay have a joy displeased very falsely right back after these messages that I call 77077 cares nicely.

So the jury heard a little bit so on car. My head was called the selection area and also and he put it arrestor costal so I added it to the slicks to bury a renter costal is so is someone who rents against something, but they don't know what it is there against so any rate, I'll be joining this they Jerry are you still there Jerry so generally generally speaking, folks, I think it's a good idea to know what it is your against so that you know if you can talk about it to your against that you can at least define it and that's always a good idea against the Trinity will what is it I don't know you know what is not. The Bible how do you know if any of the word is sorry people in the chat room were laughing for the off year I was cracking up. I'm sorry X can help. It was funny okay I can compose myself less compact phones Adam for my will welcome your own ear. We don't forget that. Well, okay, and I feel like you keep in mind, I may not know, the Trinity, but the mind and the separation of the three part with only come from our vanity.

I need to break it down. A good something that we cannot be.

I did not really a question are you store the Trinity are against the Trinity. Oh yeah, but I guess what we are you for or against the Trinity on deck layout for okay you can find the Trinity in the desert is finite, but her define II would define the all of the working parts of God the father, and I will then divided and are our that is not Trinity and all now know, father, son and Holy Ghost. You can say anything, just advise, and Holy Ghost you go to the Trinity. Is that okay so Trinity is this one God, one being who has eternally existed in three simultaneous and distinct persons.

The father-son Holy Spirit. Okay, okay, I thought there then the preparation of them would only come from our vanity break it down. The thing that we can better okay when I would suggest is that you try not to go down that road would just go to town with the Scriptures reveal about God right that is what it reveals what I would suggest you do is go to Carmen look at the Christian doctrine section Christian theology, section read the articles on the Trinity. If you can earn harm CAR my website and it's not a small website okay we have several employees in different countries and here is almost 26 years old almost 150 million visitors. So it's not just so you could website. Now check it out right is a lot of stuff there thousands of articles okay. There's lots of fun.okay, everybody that I will direct CAR correct all right in touch with okay all right Jason from Texas Jason welcome your own ear on the same day until I'm doing so we go but I'll tell me about it yet is not only the Lord for quite a while now to rent your dilemma with the family visiting my mother, is that the ELCA pastor that's horrible.

Yes, after the be my direct mother and put the whole entire family were talking about salvation. Repentance and she was saying God has different ways of saving people you know and as I I met some wonderful Buddhists and Muslims in their my brothers and sisters in Christ and then I how saying you know Bible study must confess Jesus is Lord and trusting sacrifice and piercingly can't put God in a box is like all that's a tricky question, but also I want to ask what logical fallacy without also be a good way to answer a good logical fallacy name is opening your mouth and talking because the weirdest ELCA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's, but as liberalism as you can get and basically anybody goes there. I just assume they're not Christians and I'm not judging them what it is that bad. And that's mean it can be Christians in the group.

I have notes of the Christians in that group, but for the most part, like the United Methodist, and United Presbyterian and United apostolic.

It is assumed that were not Christians anywhere from that perspective and see where the ark, so she says she's a pastor she's violating the word of God course you won't believe the word of God because he doesn't believe the word of God, so she's probably not saved. I'm guaranteeing she's not a Christian, Jesus.opposer who couldn't fight her way to her weight theologically out of whatever heresy. All right, so she's your mom waiting until we got ashore the respect to be nice and all that but what you can do.

You can ask her to better validate what her point of what her assertions are so she says Jesus is only one of the many ways is it will why do you say that I chose a luxury good people everywhere. What's good people have to do with Jesus being the only way or not. The only way and you say, are you saying that you get in by being good. Yeah, I get your conjugate within why did Jesus have to come and I if you're good if you get it. I think inviting to come and I could we do that, I think it I see what you're doing here asking difficult questions and inch what you can do is is you don't tell you to go to your room or something right so what you do here is Vanessa questions and it might be necessary at some point later on the site. Mom you're not saved, not a Christian preaching a false gospel help people go to hell and nothing that don't start off with out west out of generally good good start off point, but sometimes after a while it's necessary to say some like that and so to speak, brushed the dust from your feet as you walk on. Nothing to get you not want to do that, but I'm guessing this is the far end of the conversations is sometimes a family member who does that. You know it's a bit if you do it for the purpose of trying to win her by convicting her, then that's okay here's a little something to think about not getting a lot of stuff but think about things, and in this terms and will help you a great deal.

What's the ultimate standard that she's working from. That's the just every listing.

Just you have an argument with somebody little debate was somebody little but it is what's in their ultimate standard you want to find out what that is and what you do is you start asking the questions, why do you say that because that's what you're doing you want their ultimate standard want to find out the ultimate standard is the Bible it or if it's there feeling or whatever it is and everything outside the Bible. You just have to keep asking what how you know it's true and if it is the Bible. Then the next problem is how do you know it's interpreted right I could talk about that. This is the basics you had to do with her and pray for others that Lenny Rob subject, but that the buyer they know that there is a whole lot of okay hold on the wreck that folks at these messages Jablonski McAuliffe 877207276 Van Slyke Y. Call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. All right, we have through an open line. You may call 87720776 arrives Québec adjacent Dallas and Jason welcome you well. Probing questions is a wise way to filter out the case about whatever the broad topics to cover the arcade basis truth off of the notion that we forget there's a yellow devil that it leaving probably religious but she probably doesn't even believe you know that the Bible quote well right but with the likelihood is harder to convince the religious people that you claim. That Christian you know they speak a lot allow the half-truth. You know well harder to get through yet.

If there's there's a lot of problems when people are in religious groups and facts parts on the primary the word of God's of the primary but some other work like the book of Mormon or the watchtower magazine or the churches authority whatever.

Just then it's very difficult to get amount for has to be. Usually what it is is a trauma that brings amount of some sorts you to work where they experience a real injustice at the hands of the church or group and or that brings about order on these discoveries are doing. Researchers are discovering facts.

The facts that absolutely discredits the religious system and it. This process takes about two years that I've seen for people to come out and so on a normal basis and then get a ticket. This is average and ill. Sometimes it happens very quickly and some of it doesn't know it just would attest so well. The problem is that you really have the pregnant of your mom okay because it's a spiritual battle and she's a little assume for what she says. She denies Jesus Christ as the only way she's a woman pastor. She's not believe in the word of God and one thing to do is ask her exactly how your sins forgiven and see what she says. I think these are important topics and the eye with okay so are you yeah you are not generic. You know that book with Mark Erdman and Daniel B. Wallace about how trivia and therapy of alert about and stay away from from partner. There is a book we see as applicable to listed on the title and opening the file sealant of the canon of Scripture and where is it to find the name of the book. I got some e-books solicit things I've done that can look for the source of it. It's a good book and I can't find it.

Let's see, no that's not it either.

Anyway, I'll keep looking for it and they will mention it later on the show but there's a surprise. Usually my note to have the book reference right there so I have a lot of stuff that city have a lot of books on okay let's see the canon okay Rico, it's so the cover is the canons and no that's not it. I don't think I can find it correct her good looks, but I'm just not good. I don't like Bert Mark Herman there's some issues there and give the careful so I get it is opposing darker than that a good thing that gave the book where there's another you know scholar that you know conservative challenging bargaining on that there is PC he's going a lot of stuff but he is to say, I don't recommend okay. I did find the book I found the book the canon revisited Canon read revisited by Kruger that KR you GER goes to what is it, since inspiration and self authentication is not a huge book but you know it is worth going through and that's is one of them. I know that there are a lot of good.

I can't remember RA having none of that's okay.

Daniel Thomas rings a bell regulated him thing in my debated him on charismatic gifts.

Let's see, you know, I can't remember so bad with names and I don't know my wife's name I got Trevor over with her face with the name underneath the north of the main tree had to be lost on the guy that I was thinking of.

So I don't know but let me look because I got to buddy Charlie and he's in the chat room. He often knows books and titles that I don't recommend certain things in their helps out. So what what things you can do is email and say hey, what are some good books on them like the Scriptures and things like that. And though you find stuff okay. Thanks so here book -5 year to year profit by I shall probably need that the satisfaction of the water, get out of that that I here to go to a nice church we went to a Baptist Church and had some good things in common and it's really sad. You know I wish I could talk about the word like I used to, but that through years of you know seminary got her really change your medical think this would seminar his doctrine was simply to see how this has given me that it is not all seminaries are bad, a lot of very good is just that there are some bad ones out there to so curious that I have those brother-in-law, so there also are very liberal, but she didn't have a thick foundation that you beginning Kruger Foster I and when I went in with Trinity Trinity Lutheran seminary. Okay you I have no particular reason.

I do through the Lutheran school, but if they have produced no I can check out the one thing to do with her conversations is ask about want to seek the ultimate authority that she has it see and think about this the ultimate authority in the rest in God or does not rest in God the ultimate authority of God is written is revealed in Scripture. And if she goes with any other authority as the ultimate authority then it's all subjective because she will have to then go with her own expressions on feelings and steps called subjectivity.

You can't trust one's old subjectivity because you don't know if you're experiencing your preferences, your opinions are correct that are just internal and so subjectivity can refute itself. There's no it's not a standard for truth and so there has to be an objective standard of truth truth that resides in God, make my bill to start with her and say you affirm I do affirm and deny statements. What do you believe would you agree with that idea that all truth. Rest in the mind of God and if she says yes then you got some to work with than anything consistent with his mind is true, whatever is inconsistent is not true, correct to say yes is Jesus God. The Bible says yes. He says he's the only way. Therefore, what you do with that mom okay.

They believe that I am you will buy Jenny 24. Unless you believe that I am little diner since that's right so she denies he is God in flesh and absolutely she's not a Christian. She's lost in under judgment. No there there is fascinating when are researching. I opening up a parent, yet I think you're helping me ask her the right questions.

They have their own in command. That is true that area biblical knowledge, show me the reason should be a standard by Kruger offering management me see if I can pull this out here that the tenant commandment for progressive Christianity, and I can this really like there listed by the chapter in your well. I'm looking at it okay how we have a 10 Commandments which is a reflection of his holy law will all embarrassingly short, but they have their own thing. The first on Jesus as a model of living more than a object of worship, and then favorite one is a 51 inviting questions is more valuable than supplying answers, but uncertainty is that I think very manipulative thing. You can't know something when there is evidence out there also. It's intellectual dishonest if you know something they that you don't know something, worldly view of humility to you what you some information I can check that out to write a response to that, because obviously it's sort of Michael Kruger's last name.

Let me see the book I was looking for here Michael J is probably of the work against it. Okay, I got go right to modulate adjacent okay to you right back after these messages the mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the whole Lucas to look into Berkeley from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Berkeley. Welcome dropping her like that current target from write down what the church members there were well biblical member of occurred nothing and sure teaches that you have to belong to a church soon official signing process and class process that you go through and then you're an official member of the church is not in Scripture. Okay so you remain something you would agree with me about it. Well here's the thing a church has the right to to propose certain covenant requirements and this is what a church membership would be covenant requirements. Covenant is biblical and the covenant sign would be a document that you sign and that was basically what would be be on record. There are advantages to it. One advantages is that you know you sign the documents.

Thank you. For example, you will submit to the leadership of the eldership in marriage and whatever is in the so you have five merit marriage problem in two years and and then use analytic listen you guys on the so you guys what you said you can't sue them because you've you've agreed to submit to things like that. There are good in that sense, they can always be abused. But a lot of things can be so there's there's some good protections, particularly in our litigants.

This a society now and I slipped are some advantages to look, but is not a biblical ordained mandate good but, all right, you welcome – all right, let's get near you again insert the left already but he's God I don't know what happened. Jerry and Trinity are listed to Mariah from Arizona Mariah welcome your on the air. All rights have a good day so you allow and finally kind back ordering. I will ask you. My question behind Hill Romans chapter 13 seal panic help but was very well. We have the right of self-defense and the defense of others and if you believe that the vaccine is harmful to you as your urine body potentially harmful in your exercising the right of self-defense we have that right of self-defense. According to Scripture at The government. Whatever the government is aligned with God because they're acting very okay by adding a ClickBank that will Lucas said we have the right of self-defense of fact in about an hour will be on Andrew Rappaport's show apologetics live and he and I and I let her guide her to have a discussion on self-defense and have the right of self-defense and list of government. Things like that to my Bible studies can be a half-hour late. We will be starting at 10 PM Eastern time, which is late for people neck on these ghostly rate apologetics live apologetics will be discussing this and I'm sure that this topic will come up as well because I don't want to take the virus with the virus.

I don't think the vaccine and the main reason is I don't trust it as a safety measure. I just don't and I've already had coded and its 13 to my natural immunity 13 times stronger than the lead in the vaccines. So there's not been a long-term study and it was rushed through so I don't trust it is not me being anti-– I have vaccines on forum.

It's just that I don't trust it.

And there's too many accounts of people having negative effects and then what really scares me is the government or Google and a Twitter base and Facebook they censor people who have a counter documentation Jack Kantrowitz and now what what why why think you know what's really hiding and that's what scares me and so I want take it because I don't trust it in my wife.

I don't want her to take it at all. She has severe compromised areas of health and she does in and there is no way I'd longer take no salary will have vulnerable people.

My wife, my wife has had open-heart surgery. She had gallbladder surgery, just arthritis. She's got allergy to wheat she's got stupid's husband.

This she's got all kind of stuff while I'm out right. Okay.

Also, if you go to Carmen. He just happened Confederate/coded you will go to the main page and I've listed some articles there on on stuff and one of the outline, which are released today and I think it's worth checking out because I'm I'm expended outline of writing some articles is a lot of stuff I have even released gentlemen working on researching so you account the covert outline information I'm collecting anybody out out there who has information document information on the benefits as well as the other that the risks of COBIT and this that affects I want the documentation which really scary. Did you know that in Australia which is becoming a penal colony again Australia it's forced 24 to 24,000 young people to get vaccinated and three died right there in the stadium around and the parents were allowed to commence this is to zero million. It's it's incredible brave New World, you know that you need for love news there, often requiring needed by Henderson Anderson called immunity debt and this is a real problem. Potential problem for a future pandemic immunity debt is when you have taken so many measures for a long period of time against Seiko vetted that you're also not exposed to other pathogens and so now your system. Your body is not as prepared for future ones that will come through that are stronger and there's there's articles written on it and a mathematical models work on it and they're afraid that this will lead to another pandemic. Just because they're there preventing people from being properly exposed to the number most of the come to society and it here's a thing. Did you know that COBIT basically I think is 99.998% safety for children then 9.998 okay and the flu Ivan to the research on the flu for the children flu is far more disastrous to to use the covert is either forcing the chip the children to wear masks. Why is it they didn't know when the flu was here it it doesn't make sense will coded that's right. And this more researcher to do any documentation for all of this you. I know that happened, people tell me that I have to have the article V CDC the website of the medical whatever it is that documents it's very difficult to find the stuff because there I believe there's a censoring movement going on. I've actually gone to some of the stuff in the past few weeks and found out that is been altered some of the articles. Now what I'm doing is copping the original articles and storing them while yeah I actually file an identical but great actor, very common among the elderly and vulnerable and there are any that you really like.

I'm not anything but they're trying to get rid of the not now, not according to our will. That's what's Planned Parenthood is for. It was initially. Yes, it was initially started to get rid of minorities, particularly the Blacks who are wow Democrats support Planned Parenthood killing the unborn are societies in such bad shape that people actually are going a little party is actually you wash it brainwashing.

And you know the researcher so many years. I'm kind of immunity get brainwashed kind. My wife said I believe the have to that works okay okay God bless Vern for my don't waiver in a couple minutes with somebody you Matt did all right hanging in there. We got the church Shipped out both in a no stay with them okay to have stuff on Carmel on shepherds Chapel II had a formal request for debates on their letterhead person and he never responded. People knew they they deny a lot of stuff to say what I would suggest that you do is go to Carmen and look up shepherds Chapel you'll see the documentation from their own sources right I do not recommend them at all.

I recommend people stay away from them a quick note for you. All I care what the why a deer with no eyes. I don't know what no I dare that's horrible.

Okay I like that joke is great that you are buddy Douglas already posted tonight about an hour I will be on apologetics live and have a discussion on the extents that we can undergo self-defense.

I would levels the company of an expert on I'm an expert who have an expert on their discussing some articles on information on it and nothing would be a good discussions with Glenn for couple hours and afterwards ethnicity to Bible study Greek New Testament Greek so maybe will do that I might cancel it at an oldest offense because of the late all right hey folks, Lord bless you were better time here, and by his grace will back on it tomorrow, Friday. I hope you'll have the time, the Lord bless you greatly powered by the Truth Network

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