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September 10, 2021 2:56 am

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September 10, 2021 2:56 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Have you said before that Satan is currently bound and if so, what did you mean by that---2- Can you explain why you're not pre-trib rapture---3- Will believers have a judgment with Jesus after they die---4- What's the right church---5- How does Revelation 13-7 relate to the rapture---6- What does it mean that those who endure will be saved- Does that mean we have to keep our salvation---7- Is your tithe supposed to go to the pastor-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of Christian apologetics. Research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Rimes is called responded to your questions and 7207 change some settings. I am noticing a slight echo 712 but I don't.

Okay, don't fix the audio and so he looks when she recalled five open lines wide open wants to be.

Call 877-207-2276.

I've spent a lot of hours today and it's been going on three weeks I've been researching a great deal and I just stumbled on the paper. Oh my goodness, peer-reviewed, and the I'm to be going through it in detail about covert effectiveness and some stuff.

It's amazing how much is out there people are sending me information and I just cannot keep up. My wife send me information that is you sent me something and that it's just a lot of stuff out there to read so well. Just bear with me have already started releasing some articles go to current home pages or read some of the articles you can check out mask mandates the stuff I'm working now on a an article listing listing the sources I've gone to under kind of loose topics like new sources of websites and various things and so little research putting right there you got now what why Mike doing as well because Jesus is the Lord over all out Christian sometimes make a mistake when I think that that Christianity is also to be your personal home okay.

Behind closed doors and on church and you don't bother anybody else with it. That's not what Christianity is supposed to be about Jesus Christ who is Lord of all and all areas of the Christian's life is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, ought to be, as well as all unbelievers ought to be under the Lord Jesus Christ and the reason is because they were in Adam, and Adam was in subjection to God and all people died in Adam presented all people, so they're governmentally bound, even though I don't believe it, but that's not a theological reason for that.

So I'm searching this stuff and because because he I guess you could say I'm an interesting background and if I moved 26 times before was 12 his old lived on military bases. My dad was in the service and moodily but literally 40 times of live in 40 different places my life.

40. In the last one not been in for 17 years about that but is getting idea moved so on. I learned to be a little independent and cannot follow the crowd because of the typical different elementary schools.

I and combine that with the studying cults and one of the things I've learned in the cults studying them is how people submit their minds and their wills to the powers that be the overarching profit or the church.

The true church. The restored church and then whatever that true church that liver.

That prophet or prophetess says etc. etc. and though the need to submit to and get feelings and others confirmed the district will I see this kind of of file rationale in the issue of the code. More and more I talk to people and that are tell me stories of how the relatives or friends, etc. are calling us those who don't want to get vaccinated. Right wing wackos. These are the people who just might hook line and sinker into the leftist propaganda and lies or propaganda economy propaganda.

Do I believe vaccines absolutely get vaccinated and logic. However, are these vaccines that are for code worth it. That's where the research is is showing a lot of conflicting information in the real reason of doing all this research is because this is what happened. I mentioned coalbed and clickable things of a month or so ago, and YouTube banned my streaming ability for a week because of it is okay that's what motivated me to start studying and I'll tell you I have found so much information I had no idea how deep the well is of information and sorting through it to make it simple to make it easy to make it accurate is extremely difficult nap.

Yesterday, just so you know I put up a disclaimer that all the research that I'm providing is there for your own information of making medical decisions on the back and the stuff is between you and your doctor and that's it. You make your list all decisions.

I'm just a researcher and writer and the reason I'm doing it is twofold.

People are asking me is the mark of the beast is this what's going on this Christian issue in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the other thing is is being used. The pandemic is being used to control people.

I see this control methodology in the cults and I see it, here's a side of the writing an article on that sometime. Anyway, that's what I'm doing the research on it that you might not expect that in the Christian apologetics show that's what I'm doing and so there you go again to get a question on all kinds of stuff for the Bible, Christianity, atheism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam.

The colt there so you oppose already of quantum physics a little bit of studying it for a while.

Seventh-day Adventist. Some of studying that more and more Eastern orthodoxy.

I'm telling you some literacy some time all right 877-207-2276 Terry from Oxford, North Carolina. You must be a smart person from Oxford sorting up back, I worked out that I want to say I appreciate you that my I think I heard you say you currently found in it right out of college word. I like what they'd well what I say is that when Jesus was on the earth looking around in Matthew 1222 through 32. He mentioned something because people are recusing and Jews were accusing them of casting out demons by the power of the devil and he said that in order to cast out demons.

The strong man must first be found as we set and so he's doing it. So therefore logically, then they must be the sickness bound, then now is he still down. That's a different question. We don't know. From his perspective. From this perspective, I'm asked that question right okay I got you and I notice and there's some on the list: millennialism is the navigator it does on the limitless don't hold 20 literal thousand year reign. They say the thousand is figurative and it's like a billion. And that's how it is used that way in the Scriptures of very frequently very figurative context and so they would say well we believe in the reign of Christ and then they'll say is abnormal… What I would say I'd say while the wicked are taken out of the kingdom. According to Matt a Jesus Matthew 1341 taken out of the kingdom and are taken out before the deep Christians ruptured with what he says in Matthew 1330 such luxuries should so you know all kind of stuff.

So I I teach was called depressed cryptology okay not really that bad. I get eschatology. It's right is you get depressed anyway.

It's tongue-in-cheek that the 11 funds but I do teach the stuff that that that logic don't teach because I'm not loyal to the church or denomination. And it's really freebie over the past few decades just go… Say you know if I hold one thing on the content of any church you know I got a pastor so I don't have worry about the dominations coming against me like teach something that I think is difficult. It may not agree with.

So I'm free to just study and I found these things that I physically Matthew 1331 Jesus is in the winters level to go together till the end of the agent will save the reverse gather the tankers going.

What that's what I was all right with her family are very much welcome very much God bless meant, all right, all right. Hey Larry Galinsky to Nixon, Des Moines, Iowa.

Nick welcome your on the air.

Thank you, piggyback off that last point, I heard you last week talking about. I think they need to talk about the end of the old one will be taken in one we like I bet Lou my mind when I was there near the flame that started at us like to do a little more research and yeah I mean it.

It's right there so I get another one today. I get yeah it it's amazing but I think it ended at now I'm just going down that rabbit hole figure out what went on there, though I did not ban on a little more or what are you I mean as far as the rapture are you still are you pretrip rapture.

I thought I was on you and I am I always only thing that I felt that changes anything. There is no personally I hope to post trip to go through it.

I hope I'm wrong and if you think I'm wrong.

I hope you're right because that's what I want to believe. I just don't find anything in the Bible that says work to escape anything it says were going through everything is is when you see this when you see that and when you go to, for example, Matthew 24.

Jesus is there and ask them. They sent in the verse three what will this because he says the stones on the temple will be taken down. They said tell us, when will these things happen and what will be the sign of your coming in the end of the age. And this is something that a study to sleep.

Is this age and the age to come just to wages spoken of in the Bible and I've never heard any preacher ever talk about that.

I remember this age and age to come to Kimberly Barker in Southern California who who opened my eyes to this commitment as I've studied ever since, but nevertheless this age it should come in a study that have an article on Runcorn, but they asked him to come back the end of the age and he tells us all kinds of stuff and he says, but immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun the darkness of verse 29 the silly dark and the moon will not give its light, etc., in the silence of the memo. The sky okay and will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory. And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet and gather select from the four winds so that happens by his own words after the tribulation as we sat, 24, 2231.

If you go to first Thessalonians 416, 3 to 5 verse two. It talked about the last trumpet is when the rapture occurs and if you to study on trumpet last trumpet you find out that that last trumpet is the rapture and the last trumpet is also the resurrection you find out as ways to do that. I have it all mapped out and so there is after the tribulation feel send forth his angels and gather them together, and is only one gathering of the elect not to notice it says elect the elect are the ones called for the foundation of the universe before the universe was made to be saved if the features one for God says he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. The word shows there's a click of my physically complex and here in Greek and not gather his elect its collectibles. These are the three are three main words that are used for election choosing showing God's work to gather his elected once and when you 2424. False Christ and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders was to mislead a possible even the elect coming for you see so much as a hold on, they fellowship to align the 772-0776.

I hope I haven't upset mats like why call 77077 charismatic sling all night.

What about back in alignment with neck so the mess you up really a good thing. You know, anytime it comes near properties or the book of Revelation, or any of that. I'm always I always condo every time I read it or ever going hear something is like I get something new from it though. I just wanted to make her admit anything and I heard you correctly and then my next logical question was while means a preacher grabbed her couldn't really happen. So I thought want to go look into this. Yeah.

I mean it. Honestly, I just I and I know you said it kind just about you like dirt off, but no brilliant thing and I forget exactly what I was looking for and I'll deftly you know look more into that. I just bought.

I never copped up or near your exactly right. When I went and looked it up. I thought it right there so very interesting to see two men in the field was taken was left. That's not the rapture. That's the wicked were taken right exactly yet that when you when you have brought that though, I thought, okay, I never read that that went before, but then when you go read for Luke 17 and you look, it's very clear extra hundred percent of the time I've shown this to people over years hundred percent. They've all said, you're right.

It's not about the raptures about the wicked being taken when they read the context. Okay, now here's a question here's a question I think is really important. Why is it pastors are teaching that those Scriptures are pretrip rapture versus when if you just read the context you find out that they're not.

Why is it the pastors are reading the context I think it's because they're just holding a denominational line not doing the thinking need to be doing his problem yeah I would ban most of what I understand from the rapture is what is been passed on to me and the child and through my church every day and it's kinda like well I will find you know that I've always just leave that and then I can reverse it.

I got a point that, but your point is, I never really dissected the earth though yet you and I mean I need to read read the contact Brett. That's right, it's a good thing you check because you don't want to try some guy in the radial name slick, but like you, I guess, but that's what I really do like to you right to do about arrival. God bless Québec, thanked her today you too. Thanks right is good adults in Salt Lake City don't welcome his button, nor did I didn't there you go.

Doug was trying okay okay there yet. I'm here okay I I've been listening to numerous pastors.

I will name the name names, but one on TV and one on this radio station and I get one guy that's talking about in Romans chapter 8 that there is no condemnation for stand and that we have already made believers yes sleep believers, we won't have a judgment because our judgment has already passed, and then I ate, I will I listen to actually after Luther last night and the we talked about every every believer will have a judgment one-on-one with Jesus you strip okay so I know the Bible doesn't contradict. So what's Romans 81. Condemnation is talking about is damnation. We passed on to the condemnation. There is no condemnation. The judgment seat is the place we go and were judge for the works that we've done so. Romans 81 says there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. That means there saved.

It is in Christ Jesus is a phrase that is specific in the Scriptures, and it means those who are saved in him, not unbelievers. Nothing on elect. You'll see there's a pattern in Scripture, but nevertheless, when it talks. For example, sacred is 510 says we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one of us may be recompensed for his deeds in the body corner when he's done with a good or bad. That does not affect our salvation Romans 81 is about salvation, but the other stuff is about rewards and loss of rewards in heaven.

Jennifer is depressed.

That's all that is so unit you lose almost everything, so to speak works, you're still in heaven that's with, so I understand that this is but judgment is your your life post accepting Christ write you yonder the works that we do see a lot of people think that word recalled to be Christians which we heart and justify which we are by faith, which we can't lose it. Which is fine I That good but they often think it doesn't matter what you do that's wrong. God has given us gifts every single Christian has been gifted with something or some things in order to bring glory to God one way or another and and the pastor when the pastors job for the jobs of the pastor should say is to help them discover that gifting and equip them in that area. Provide opportunities as possible, reason to be able to utilize and develop the gifts that's with the pastors job is important also to teach and informing corrective guide and so this is what needs to be understood in the Christian church is that the judgment seat of Christ is up for the Christians who will have a reward or loss reward in heaven. We passed out of condemnation. The judgment is different than the condemnation okay.

Barbara get your help as always, will you welcome God bless you to write this get up from Virginia, a Paul welcome here to look hello, thank you. Welcome to come here okay. We got well. I am kind of a multi-wrong question on here to debate counteract with everything all right. I'm sick to go to a walk to church is a boy.

My parents didn't go to church in 19 70,000 attending an independent Baptist Church in my area and I accepted Christ at that time and I fully believe that the nine-year-old child, even though I was by myself which I will go women who I'm sure about now: the Lord. They rail yes they were elderly then and so this was the one years ago and I Christ I will so that last call was a little bit concerning you said were judge that fact that you should be concerned that salvation is the salvation anyway. I've got I would have to set down and actually write something down in order to read the questions I would want, but give it a shot.

But I feel like that no one can take that away from me ever know what that well break you will not get back to you. They felt they would've aligned 877-2077 60 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave still there here all right okay so just question take me a few minutes to get through this etiquette well so what what I wanted to say that five people try to tell me that because I accepted Christ when I was nine, so that it did but that's not that not about my real question is that I would look quite a bit and there's so many different people dictate for many different day and by just for example my television.

There's 10 channels, the Catholic channel. The EWTN three ABN network which is Seventh-day Adventist. There is there that you there's the impact channel which is right now that Jim Baker show and I wonder how is the flannel tepee and a chance it there and he'll solve their TV. There is there is the word of network there is a star. There is a TBN there is of course none of life broadcast the start of the swag wagon family and so you know is a 60-year-old man who accepted Christ when I was nine years old now that I've had a lot of ups and downs of my life. I hope but me worthy death, are they Christ death, burial and resurrection was the truth. Justification improve creation about that faith and trust in him that's that's what it is what I'm getting at is the way that just like in our current leak in our current and you have to forgive me. I have about cognitive issue due to pharmaceutical drug poisoning which I taught at tell people to read. Anatomy of an epidemic by Robert Whitaker all but the about what's going on, but people don't like the one I'm trying to get at here is just as this current state of affairs with politics in our country. With these two corrupt part think they're called Democrats and Republican independence in one of they are you I see I'm sick and tired of hearing all the different things that nothing ever get changes or gets any better. It like that which I guess is not going to get better. You believe what, but that's another thing when it comes to the the pre-mid and post-trip controversy and there's Amanda follows you in the hour after this that was having people call him and talk about various subject matter more of a political, and whatnot. At the very unity so you think you know we don't care if your premarital post-trip kind of thing. It and the other was he kinda blew it off well that's part of the problem because nobody can agree on anything in the same thing that you could just question no leader quickly made it well. It's just that I think that there are too many different there are too many different like interpretations then believed and I wine have I failed my prayers to God and alms no longer involved in any organized charge because a Paul have a question. I believe Paul Lancelot and I believe you what you believe me yet that you question just to aggressively description one of my question, like they were on the air and you don't have it so much time. There's a thing you check what I say get Scripture. And if you listen to me listen to others is a question to ask how many of them quote the Scripture references repeatedly.

This is where it says this is where it says that source is this some people say well preachy relation rapture is in the Bible they leave. I say post-tribulation seems to be taught you in Matthew 24, 29 to 31. This also go to Mark 13, and look at the parable with the chairs and election which is tied with Ephesians 14 that's what I do I tell people where the verses are single look.

You believe in you and others for your post-tribulation course you take is for us to question why you should believe me since believe the Scripture say and that's why I give references to where the body does whatever believe you should believe what the Scriptures say why working on listening to what you say, the thing is, go check the word of God just like a guy called earlier today when I taught is not. I point my point is that that is a big thing that the why would God allow 15 different outages start number 50. Why would God allow 15 different interpretations.

Why would there be one answer people following. For example, the Seventh-day Adventist, the people, and I answer even that donation because sin is in the world. The following people and churches instead of Jesus Christ that we shouldn't have any church. Okay I'll look that's not what I said you drawing it in for an improper inference to go to it, which is the right. There is no sunlight to correct okay. There is no the right church when I was suggest you do is go to the website and look up what to look for any church, and as long as they're not violating those things are in the Scriptures within its church is good enough. No church is perfect on that. So what you do is you just define a person. Yet you find a church that teaches the essentials of the faith doesn't teach women pastors and elders doesn't teach that homosexuality is okay teaches that there's a hell, judgment to come in with the pastor seeks to equip the Christians in babysitting. This is what's happening a lot a lot of churches is because of pressure in the Christians growing in our society. Christians are becoming weaker and more timid and more afraid, and the pastors have the opportunity to speak boldly and with truth because we have Jesus Christ and this is what is to be done.

That's a good church with a breathing preacher rapture poster rapture because those things will will be called body offer the nonessentials recommend you look at the essentials of the Christian faith and their derived with the Scripture says nothing what I say right right when we got a lot of college weights.

We need to move along which come back tomorrow night.

Thank you.

Okay, I think some find it all right. Let's get to talking to boy they can't look up there on the air. Yes, I can guess I can when he got but Revelation 12 and looking at the Revelation 12 is the which the wording in the find guy – had to do with the OI etc.). I tried behind a 64 why that's right Revelation that 13 seven okay yeah and says it was given to him to make war with the Saints and overcome them. Yeah, I agree to accommodation near the wrap yet. Notably, for number of months I come across the look how you think that it in with that over talking about the good thing thing around think it. The think the point think that to that. You don't think that it would really pride like really crossed the bed not only are we appeared that not only will you be around that tribulation.

But it calling us persevere even as a point of death. That's right before Luke 1713 talks about this. Revelation 13 talks about this about us enduring.

Even today this is what were called to his fax liquids 189, it says to you is been granted not only to suffer, but also to believe in his name. Suffering is a crown of glory for the Christian, how many people would want to go to the church that I was pastoring if I said that and preached it said crown of suffering is a crown for you for the glory to be as the apostles praise God that they were deemed worthy to persecuted for his name and what we have as Christians is pre-tribulation rapture instant gratification this and that remote control this and that her condition is enough and so were so comfortable but you're right. Revelation 13. It was given to him the beast to make war with the saints sets us and to overcome them in authority over every tribe and People and tongue and nation was given to him all who dwell on the earth will worship him wording to be around. That's what he says hold on God from the Moynihan he's on hold. Folks, this is interesting and challenging as they gently write back after the mass Y call 770727 charismatic all right back on the okay yeah you know my question really was younger could be either agree with everything about, nor should we put together. Christians really do agree were written agreements with athletic keeping that good to be so evident and I just wonder the Christian brother are we really care that just because we could get taken. Our troubled heart over like there could be some of the new act of faith filled to the point, whatever that means.

In the outlook that think that the point of the holy one, and there's something there that I called her for perseverance is needed, even in the evening, the faith in that age. Have you ever read that Isaiah's is Fox's book of mothers yeah it's a list of the narrow sites people don't know about that but one of the persecution we Fox's book of martyrs. I can even repeat on the air. Some of the things that Christians under but maybe maybe that right? You think that more related to think that you know happening while week by week going over in their age or we really prepared for almost living in the second agent knowing ring I can eat, and being able to face something that a supernatural act were up against the Jimmy my second age to age, as this HHC, the answer comes future were in the present age but I would say I have been saying is that Christians are not repaired.

When do seminars and I teach. I asked diagnostic questions of basic theology. They 80% fail this don't know and even go to church decades. I once did a seminar at a private seminar with a bunch of elders and pastors in Southern California and the I asked him at one point many things occurred.

I asked him how many of you have, you know, M. Hansard, 40 men should humbly have hundred versus memorized no hands with 725 no hands 10. If you have five. These are pastors and elders if you pray with your family and a regular basis have to handle. Maybe this is how it is we are so accustomed to comfort and ease that we have atrophied and what were seeing around us.

In my opinion this is what I believe. What were seeing around us in the world how America is falling to liberalism, socialism, Marxism, moral relativity, the promotion of homosexuality gender confusion dependent. The plan endemic by which our rights are being confiscated restricted Christians are sitting around and doing nothing, and what should happen is we should take the likes that we are out from underneath the baskets and we should carry those lights to the hilltops we don't care people believe us or not believe us because were speaking to please God, not man. We need to march together need to vote together. We need to call people emailing together and say we've had enough of this idiocy and demand that we don't get sued because they don't make cake for homosexual couples is against our religious belief.

Now they have the power to shut you down. Now why because Christians are doing nothing, but they well tie to these ministries where you can have five jets and seven homes for one person name and claimant yeah God wants you healthy and wealthy. Just hide over here, God will bless you narcissistic) in childish theology is taught that appeals to the immaturity the hearts of Christians and tickles their ears. This is what's happening across America, and this is why America is in such bad shape because Christians have not stood up to do their job job is not to wait for a rapture. Their job is to get out as Jesus commanded the go out every nation and make disciples. That's what he said to do what a Christian is doing going to act electronic stores you think a bigger TV that is important back art are greeted by Colcord like that of a family out our night Saturday gold occurred reach out over three week thousand folk. I let them know Christians in the neighborhood and have a chance in the Pacific. All right now you go. I thought about going to go to my neighborhood sing is going to be teaching advanced Bible study.

If you want to come but is not enormous Catholic Church suffer now, but it's just something for him on the air. I do, I do a lot of evangelism away, but still we gotta do something occurred readily helpless. All right is good to Nelson.

If you still on every 34 minutes from Bakersfield. Are you there when he met with a quick 2411 14th you will let up later because lawlessness to increase most people's level grew cold. But what endures to the end will be saved. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, then the end will come is talk.

Some of the tribulation.

When the antichrist is running loose when things are really bad the endurance and will be saved is not about salvation for sins are not going to hell. It's big endured through that window, then will be saved through all of this project, again the skull getting present on holiday with the hopper several people knew that birthday eat are probably will need when they do that when I leave the court that verse you listen carefully and have repeated two times and listen because you want here to rip you everything's out of context.

Just listen to right that is going on because he says what will be the end of the age the time of your coming in and say anything to you may want to say we have majority for salvation.

Okay, how's that working for you has a working good enough good to keep cells right with the holy God of the universe, not the throat and the like that than the one who endured.

He will be thing about the individual session, Frank talks about in the group is liberty right in his field.

The subjects has many meanings in different contexts. Okay, alright, alright. God bless.

All right, it's good to wilt Wallace from North Carolina. Wallace welcoming on their hello Mike and thank you so much for taking my call but not its comparative hi okay time and there you a lot and I'll call you because on Thursday I heard this pastor say that there is nowhere in the Bible that that say to guyots 10% is the rinse and so I don't okay and if you don't mind Jeff answer party will yield tithing is 10% intense of a tithe means with us in the Old Testament there is nothing in the New Testament that obligates us to work out from underneath the law. Because when Jesus was crucified and that he died math and no Hebrews 813, he was 952 16 talks with the new covenant coming in the death of Christ, and so the new covenant does not require tithing. So we don't have to type for free to before you'll test was obligatory. You had to do this you couldn't walk very far on the on the Sabbath.

You had to not work on the Sabbath United type now is not like your free to try your free to give, not obligated, and that's how it works now, there have been many pastors that I have demonstrated that there is supposed to receive high if that scripter well in his first printing first of the five see first 517 other elders who rule well or to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. For the Scripture says you shall not muzzle the ox was threshing and the laborer is worthy of his wages so does the pastor receive the ties sometimes yes, sometimes no, because if you have a church of five people in the middle of nowhere enters a man working as that and the people time to go straight to him as part of the support we give a church of the thousand people should not go to the pastor should go to people who didn't designate how much in the eldership. How much is given as a salary and things like that so a lot of these guys a little on TV you know you want to be blessed. Bless you to get that seem to type money and that's right you see how prosperous I am. That's right.

That happened to you and he wants it to Charlotte, its idiocy and stupidity.

Charlotte elevator the people on the current Grateful Dead.

If a pastor not received the Chi that doesn't mean that he is going to be hers or not going to be the last weight it below that. I'm not sure I'm understanding that might receive the town. I'm standing it to me on his hands on it.

He got he gets it directly. That's what I thought you meant right and that's absolutely correct but I've also heard a pastor say that maybe your ministry could be suffering because you supposedly receiving the tie and you not because you must put it back into the church.

Okay, so ask him to show some Scripture where that is.

And he might go to the book of something I've moronic pulse. I think it's in second Milana close next to third education. Okay, so Jared right in numbers is not in Scripture. I was asked to shoulder which are only in Scripture is the essence insert stupid indications it says lovable. So ask him to show you in Scripture. Just because the just because of guys on TV does not mean he knows what he's doing for radio is a meeting of you've got to check everything he says against Scripture. That's how it should be intelligently and when it comes to money and be very careful because it's easy. I know I've never done it but I know in the position of authority in teaching you can manipulate people and severe enough to elicit its right and I remember the one and only time and I recognize that I could do that in a group and I was teaching and was the only time I ever recognized it was a philosopher, and I vowed right then that I would never, never use that ability enough power for my own glory, but for the glory of God. Greg was standing. I remember everything about it was back like in 1980 or 81 so the point is we have to make sure to glorify God and with when people when I was doing the home church for a while here and in Idaho want to start tithing and I said I want know anything about it. You guys decide what you want to do with it. You know, and that was it and that was how it was with me.

In fact, I have friends who give to the ministry of karma.

I do want to know anything about its distant and that is it snow let others deal without my job is to do one thing to preach and teach and invite them and do that if you want tithing dumped I give them do. He was on the cell is the right time. My okay okay all right hey sorry Adam Morgan on his and Craig J. Bless you all is great hundred mile.

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