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August 27, 2021 5:53 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 27, 2021 5:53 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses how works play into false religions.--2- Who is Matthew 24-10 talking about---3- Who are the elect---4- Are unbelievers -atheists- and false believers -LDS- seen the same by God---5- Can you explain Romans 1-18-32- I have friends who say homosexuality is ok, how can I handle that---6- What do you think of the book The Forgotten Trinity---7- How do you deal with the argument that the Bible can be interpreted in so many different ways---8- Can you explain Mark 9-38-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick wanted to be called good is going to wait 77072276. So today let's talk about little bit because so today I released a series of questions for oneness people got people who want to challenge you more and more it's what I've been doing is working on a list of questions for various issues getting my wishes and on atheism done and the and oneness in most of the be doing someone Eastern Orthodox and Catholicism.

The reason is because I want to know what people who challenge me to a debate I want to know what they teach what they believe, where they are and so was working off and on, and my policy will now be that if they wanted to beat me to have to answer the questions doesn't guarantee little debate but so that we can find it with you. Believe what they were coming from having to spend debate time to find out what the position is. So that's that and a cherry blade and are you feeling Robertson and get others if you want to come on and you can watch the show good karma that works CAR M.O RG and the homepage of civil the link on the right-hand side says that's look like the look on that watch the shows what the big deal, but that's what is nice is that people are in the chat area to talk and people have big friendships out of bed for some regulars there. So praise God for that.

We usually have 60 or so people in there for the debates that I had a couple of nights ago we had 200. I saw one point hundred and 24 sectors of the like of people in the room and also your descriptor. We used to have like 600,000 people watching before and then I think it was Facebook that put a kibosh on being able to share out videos and things like that so that's what happens and okay we have five open lines wanted to give me a call 877-207-2276 now tonight at 9 PM Eastern time. I'm teaching a Bible study now and the whites evolved. Is it really start a half-hour after that because here in Idaho people they get here about 710, so we just want to 730 which is 930s last week, I officially do really start so if you're interested in participating. Watching you can all go to do is go to current homepage and little will be on tonight. Also, the current Facebook page because I should feed it out to both living room and people gather around and I teach what going through is Galatians chapter 3 the last half of the chapter. Follow Africa starting at verse 11 and were going through the issue of the law and I will get into law and faith, hammering on this because Paul.that's where were going and to be talking about the full stock of Roman Catholicism. It's talking to salvation. The false doctrine of Eastern Orthodox regarding the salvation of oneness Pentecostal all do Islam will talk about different groups and with the nature the law is and how it relates to faith shattering through some stuff today I found interesting verse, and when I do that I get interested about some the things that are there and the was that one is a different one but not to have his Galatians arthritis Galatians and so anyway, the big building you want to study the Bible, but it's not what happens is is that I'll see you verse man hand and thought of it that way before, and I will now go that little bit tonight. Okay, again we have five open lines give me a call 87720722760 maybe this is your ramble, so it would happens as we always have more calls than we can get to towards the end of the cut of the show and that's is how it works so you if you're freaking he called out all right so this is your justification and the like him to tell you that all false religious systems and human works to salvation last night is on a chat system and discord going there and periodically will have physical start firing questions at me and we get into the issue of suture rheology. The doctrine of salvation, and so I was telling them that they are underway to help the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox and all who don't affirm Christ and trusting Christ alone and I was saying it politely.

I was drunk. I've been meaning to say, look, this is what it is and you guys are are adding the works to salvation and then Say no, no, no, it's the work that God does in us and I said so then what does the Bible say what it does not work but believes justifies the ungodly of the God of his faith is credited as righteousness. What they would do and what the false religious systems do heatedly is trying and justified away that they need to prove to God and demonstrate to God that their faith is real. By doing works but those works don't actually save them but you can't be saved by faith alone solicit the it's a really kinda really connection.

If you're saved by faith alone in your works don't have any part of it, but what they'll say is this not by faith alone, but is by grace alone, and so God's grace enables you to do good works, along with the beliefs is really God's work in you that's how you're saved. In other words, you still doing works to get saved and the cults and Catholicism. Eastern Orthodox spent a lot of time blurring the issue of salvation.

One of things I will do what I had it. I asked to sky last night were talking and I said looks.

Do you agree or disagree with the Scripture that says in Romans 51.

Having therefore been justified by faith.

All I did was just quoted you agree or disagree with the process as agreed, as it's good so God grants. We believe the grass we have faith that soft Philippians 129. Do you agree that God grants that we have faith as well. Yes and I said that the basket if God grants that we have faith. That's the real faith, truth, God grants it, then are we justified when we have that faith that God grants to assist the Bible that were justified by faith.

And this is where the rubber meets the road to see where they have problems and something to say yes but you have to have an intention to get baptized. You see, so they always have to have a ceremony they always have to have something you never just justified by faith in Christ alone. By faith and your ability to do something. That's how it always is nice but I tell him what you believing false gospel because they are already listed to Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina, and we have full open lines give me a call 877-207-2276.

Vicki welcome on their I think your theory like that raptor you think I got first clearing everything that writing that many will follow at all turn away from the faith and will betray and know know because of first John 219 says they were not from us because they never were office if they had been of us, they would've remained so many times the falling away. I was talking about the basically the visible organization true thing of the church.

If you go to second Thessalonians 2 right right and noticed an assessment center. This leads to three to talk about the coming of Christ and the rev of the Antichrist. Let no one any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, so the apostasy has to come first.

Well, Jesus said that in Matthew 2424 for false Christ's and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect words there not to be deceived elect or not to be deceived and so with the apostasy would have to be due to a form of deception and lies and things like that and so we look at the whole thing was talking about is the. The appearance of Christianity. Those who go to church sit in the pews. The those who claim to be Christians, etc. others give you great deception among them there are the elect who are the true believers. So we have what we call in theology the visible and invisible church. The visible church, the people care the Bible sickness at the pews on Sunday. The invisible church are those who are actually redeemed and actually regenerated, and are justified, and so there's we don't know all who are in the end it in the invisible and it was certainly the visible church will will fall away and were seeing a lot of this happened today in today's world where a lot of Christians are buying into some of the false doctrines that are taught by the secular world and inside of Christianity by Joyce Meyer and Kenneth Copeland Hagan while he passed with Joel O'Steen because they don't understand the truth so promptly in me for coffee 13 whole Earth will be safe without connecting people if I ever got beat outline meeting were not a in the chicken. I think arm yeah it's a difficult verse, and those who teach, you can lose your salvation will go to this verse a lot since he don't endure. Then you will be saved, but I would say what you write. If you don't endure.

You're not saved and if you do endure, you will be saved but in the Bible says were already saved your leasing so you may know you have eternal life or screwed first John 513 so what they want to say is that during the tribulation. That you have to endure and do good things and be faithful and it and based on that will be saved but that can't be true doctrine because of salvation by works, so when it talks about being saved. Enduring to the end. Well, there's there is debate about this within Christian circles, real service debate. I lean towards the idea that you will be delivered for the tribulation for those who endure the salvation is not of your against your sins and eternal judgment against the one who is the evil one direct relation. And he could. He says therefore when you see the abomination of desolation occur so in eschatology there's what's called full plagiarism partial plagiarism nurse of pre-Millwall mill postmeal all the stuff partial pre-tourism says that the things spoken of in Matthew 24.

Luke 17 Mark 13, these parallel areas of Scripture were fulfilled at the time of Christ, and will also be fulfilled again at the return of Christ. And there's good reason for this because when you read you see that whether certain things that he said will happen and then yet he says are certain things that look like it's tied into when he returns, and so this area. Scripture is written a little in the grammatically correct okay all right hey folks, River line 7207 mass Y call 77077). O no. If the stars fall from the sky. That means were dead because her know it. It's just it's just exaggeration of the sun will be dark when I got. It was like the stars will fall from the sky. Now they're different ways of looking at it. This is language of judgment and it's used like this in the Old Testament.

In different places in Isaiah and Ezekiel and the week if we do say the stars well what were they looking at when they would say the stars disclosed those trickles up there. Well, if there's a meteor showers meters a common hit us.

That will be stars falling from heaven.

From their perspective. So in that sense you know sure the problem is just like they called about a bird and critics of said will see it's obviously stop the birds and mammals and I said no you understand they classified all things, a flu like that as birds of just the word they use for all.

That's how they defined it. So the correct and how they defined and so we look at stars as an example, it could be that you have fall every column falling stars in the meteors that come down, and that's a meteor but when the histogram is a meteorite people so it could be someone like that is talking about signs in the heavens cataclysm could be all kinds of I don't know maybe solar flares and a meteor shower the same time. Some say might be a thermonuclear list or a comet that hits us, or an asteroid and ejects material open into the sky. We can see the sun will be darkened. Who knows, I don't know for sure don't make it fit before he really never get my Bible is wonderful well I would never could really like the crap that's okay you will praise God, you know, just praise God so glad you're listening and learning that God's giving it function to study more so praise God that wonderful drink.

You welcome.

I found little anytime all right. It was Vicki.

You know, folks, I have had people tell me that when they study they start listening after while they go announcer to make sense of and it's really kind of interesting because how can that hasn't been happening in the church as a go to.

I think it does a lot of churches and churches are good teachers, but we can get those the squeaky wheel issue here, and that's okay. Let's get the bill from Des Moines Iowa bill welcome here. I know I that that would open the work. I start study link good is one of the elect the electorate as far as I understand the use of the word elect Embry any interchangeable with Carrasco who was elected were the chosen why there are different because it's just the verb form and how it's used it when you say you know he can say he's elect me to say he's been chosen. In fact, in Greek, there are three main words used for that gas to collect dust under spec appliqué, and one that was like a my and so there's also collapsible, which is to call and in Greek, like usually something here so of both backup little bit so there's there are three main words collect processors with an E or an absolute collect Austin Eckler gay then act like a mine.

So each of these is EKL we would look at him collect us to cling to my Eckler gay word for calling is another word in Greek called collateral, and when you put back in the past tense to call as the call to put an E on the front and you get the collect again will which interesting is that the word in Greek for church is Eckler C so there's what it is, is the church the Christians the real Christians are those who were chosen those who are elect a lot of people do not like this doctrine and if you don't like to doctrine and you don't want to hear and turn the channel.

But if you have already said that about the head of the following. There a lot of people don't like it because they do say God would never choose anybody and but here it would. So here are some of the nurses says if in Ephesians 14 just as he chose us in him before the loan was not given a good example shows Abraham to subversives here now so it says in Ephesians 14 is this, as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless that salvation you chose us right and he predestined us. That's Ephesians 15 and then we go to second Thessalonians 213, but we should always give thanks to God for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation. If we go to accept side. 915 we see that Jesus is of Paul is a chosen instrument – the word chosen. That's appliqué so the chosen are the are the ones from the foundation of the world that God has called into salvation and his or David to be saved and also to be using different qualities of work Israel was chosen as a nation and as you mentioned properly.

Abraham was chosen as individuals. So individuals are also chosen, as well as groups of people. That's what election is to be chosen for God's work since okay that's what SSO you and I still want this. I have I have I ran into that and I got different people like worker or changeable, though, right would you think that that flight and I have gotten all kind. I your mouth will ask that of the line.

I follow God as sovereign.

You don't use any and that you have except that you think of the truth that's exactly correct.

I would also fire you in this context is the Romans 992 23 and 79, 923 and I will talk to this a lot to make all right if I was right back after these messages give a call for lines 87707 mass Y call 770-777-7776 with Joe from Durham, North Carolina. Joe welcome here, a mapping all and thank you for our thank you or show or your Bible study.

I agree with the previous hours I discovered the show. Network watch your Bible study and then renew. I don't arm Mormon grateful at the courage and knowledge I Dan Jenny wasted it monthly on my dad Catholic, but the great roster need to have first I had heard truth about the Catholic Church and eat you really well complaining about one of their ridiculous rules where you have to income to the altar.

You talk about Mary not get it before I would anyway so I had a good conversation with him and now the doors open.

I been trying to work on with every day in the Bible verse, talk about it in yesterday at Psalm 3419. Maybe throat the Lord delivered from the mouth, and his question was, what about the unrighteous and not know so I told him all the stuff that I learned from your website outcry imputed Christ righteousness imputed to so we are believing in Jesus we are righteous in God. I am correct way there and so we would be further when the discussion and I gained some Bible verses and went whale but I guess my question is I made economy and I'm wondering through and the economy is so anyway he understood that it me.

It so the unrighteous are the unbelievers and unbelievers and false believers and I made the comment are the same thing in God's eyes that that true math unbelievers and will I Mormon and Jehovah's Witnesses the same thing… Well as a yes and no. We don't know exactly what degree consideration. God gives a different people different context, but atheists, and as you mentioned, Mormons both divided true living God. And so there go to hell.

On the day of judgment and this is Roman Catholics deny the true gospel.

They will to and so all who neither unbelievers.

We would say are are on atheists as an example because I Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses will immediately put that is what unbelievers would be something like I was a safe use for now, and a false believer would be someone who says their Christian, but really are not and they are self deceived, a belief falsely like Mormonism got from the other planets are not God.

His wife have relations and expert babies in heaven was not the Bible is the Bible contradictions flat out, and so they are false believers is Jehovah's Witnesses are also false belief just like the oneness Pentecostal are also false believer is I did not deny the truth of God Trinity and also denying the true doctrine salvation. So there are plenty of groups of people who believe that there saved believe that there is a truth but are really not there different from just flat out unbelievers who don't care and you don't acknowledge God in all so false believers will acknowledge what they think is the true God and yet they are lost right yeah like it didn't a lot more courage now at the door to try to help people, but I think the reason why having an ad or think like I do not say anything wrong or did you know the McJunkin of God work if you don't.

If you want to say anything because you won't be my see something wrong never to say anything and you just have to realize that you trust God and go. I can pretty much guarantee you. I've made a lot more mistakes than you have in this probably manic pattern know I have made so many mistakes witnessing, evangelizing, debating teaching, I meet. I just humongous and nothing through intentional, well, you cannot do this for 41 years and a lot of people don't know that in the early days is pretty rough and less essay needs a lot of work and a lot of polished and so as we mature, God works on Allison and now we are. So God gets all the glory.

But you don't. So don't be afraid to take risks for him and all my philosophies take risks, and some that doesn't work out so years ago I was asked by the daily show in New York to be on a minute interview me for a special segment tonight. None of you guys are you'll love the look I don't false edit stuff and they pursued me for several weeks, promising they wouldn't do it and they did do it once I went out there and other Frankenstein took different yeah and I was with the Smith guy. I didn't meet him night I was with Samantha before hours so the thing is we take risks, and sometimes those risks pay off. And sometimes those risks don't pay some that we think that would didn't work.

It was a complete failure, and other times we might think that, and it it is a failure because it might not be the one thing I remember is that when the cameraman and I were walking and Samantha B was up in front of us walking outside she was talking to were the producers or something.

I'm talking the cameraman and the cameraman asked me said he said what you do what you do and kennels off and I just told him the gospel and so that success.

You see I believe. Take it a chance for the Lord, don't be stupid. You don't want to jump off his building got catch me not try and and if you don't do well in study. Just ask God to give you more wisdom and more words that's with Christy to be doing. That's why I said I made so many mistakes but I learned from them and keep going. I have been praying for on and yet he was great. I got a lot of bad thing going on, like right now all that. But what after I had a good farm station with my dad. None noted this right right all the word I needed. Not all the Bible verse that over like that what you are. I will your given my truth out the Bible verse as you make that over me like I was doing to Matt that and everything came out right. Later on the take I hated cleaning right now.

Further thought, no, no, got good brain a lot about and yet you don't risk. Grant on you for the new other is notary. Not that way really was another great little welcoming and praise God. Just keep trying and just ask God to use you and move forward and you will okay all right Joe, God bless. All right, we have open lines going to be call 877-207-2276 is good to anonymous from planet Earth. Okay so what I meant by her. So we got all Mars and I want to say that you have a goal or or I could handle it. Give Bill about a brown birthday party and the better friend of mine and know that tremendously, but that it's okay to 1:11 PM. The other one we have. So after break just ask that question. They falsely have my 0776 max Y call 77077 on earth all right you the question ready to better all right about Romans 18 30 2K and bottom line that are party and then the friend of mine and that it's okay so you do what Matt again alleges that the Bible I just like them a few good way to me. Romans 132.

Sure, I know it's long and that you should know about memory.

I know I don't. I would like to say that I'm friends with not not not even close at all you know there's a saying there's a thing when you're at a party. Your talk with people and they say homosexuality is okay.

You can ask him a questioning say is your opinion that universal standard of truth and what will you that you believe it, but is that belief, the right one for everybody. What a Guinness I have to say will know will then you can say it is or is not right is your opinion and watch as your opinion to God as revealed in the Bible and you speak like that God is revealed in the Bible and he's declared to be a sin against him. He greeted Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

So this is what I do and say what standard, if you got that universal you because people make the mistake of just assuming that your opinion is true, such lot is okay yeah why because then the residue they want to do. Who says we get that they look at you them. I think you're crazy when you do what you want to do right will that mean you got robbed a bank that's okay. Well, now I did mean that. What do you mean what standard you have what you can say something is right or wrong, and just the homosexual community have its right to impose its values on others that was happening in schools and it's being imposed upon us in TV Christians are the ones who were made to look like the foods morons bigoted full of hate and yet the homosexuals are the ones who were the heroes I saved is that not a kind of of of desire to have your their opinion talk to everybody else.

Are you okay with that and if you are it's okay for Christians come back and safe know I continue to be after yes it is kind of questions you'll find that the unbeliever will quickly fold. They don't have answers to this and sometimes also able to universal truth this with the best they got to universal truth you have record what they want with their own bodies can be read with universal vaccination requirements is abortion.

Okay because it is against it's your body will wait a minute, the baby in the womb is not among body so you kill it, whenever they offer something I do is ask more questions to think about what they're saying undermine their assumptions presuppositions and ask if they can validate them and you'll find that the unbelievers will cave they can't justify what they teach with a heart health can't okay oh, you're on that out there that you are not only correct my five but if there you will a weird question, like lots. I love the world and TBN Joel Joel and they don't even have a Bible and endure find a home. You know that every time I go to their home that I violate the Lord, Lord Gomez with the Holy Ghost is gone, which was a great answer. I say that, ask another question. Real fast. Okay yeah I have a blog on the Trinity by James White. Good that begotten could think of that book about what I've read.

I it's I know James like he's a great guy. He knows his stuff and you can trust what he teaches of the Trinity, so it will be good okay that I truly want to thank you and I wish more doctors would teach about that and also mainly about the need to.

I'm doing a series on the Trinity and you turn into a booklet of some sorts and stuff about the necessity of it as a foundation for truth, holiness marriage, I discussion everything so not to go to a great God bless you, put up for God blessed okay if you saw Christian right all right got that you put up all right. Thanks all right, let's get to Gary from Utah and lack of urine here you all right hanging in there. We got okay I know it's not before finally get a question. He forgot that okay here with the deal of the layout (like on YouTube and sometimes I watch different.

No Christian video. Make sure no faith in the Bible court under like to look like after David Jeremiah and the other Ray comfort fit like that anyway in the comments section. You're only did he get somebody that that would happen and what I mean, if people like Black Hebrew Israelites as well as Jews who have not excepted Chrysler not met the audit logo come out and say things like, will depend on how you interpret something, then I'm not met any subject. Okay let me in a gentle tear like their people say to me you can interpret it anyway. Then what I do as I say wow thank you. Like I did know you thought I was a good looking but I don't agree with you, and then go what in a sake.

No, no, no, no, it's not about my wife. I start just saying nonsensical things.

You know, in complete sentences and they don't get it, and is in one of the point is well at the Bible can be interpreted anywhere you want that I can interpret what you're saying anyway. I want that through yet yeah I like that. I got have to go look at Google that are not a Bible verse. When I look it up.

I'll bring up that they look God work with God's work that in context and I was right on that in contact right you know that people commit about whatever they want, that we get Mormonism and actually get black people Israelites and whoever else you yet because they twist it in her like this is what God is like people they love to argue, man.

I would love to hear you today. One of them there that the company you are with you. Debbie cool. I think you get them from community on your car by the outbreak of the gun maybe two, so that we don't get to the heart of people to deal with, I think, except for other than atheist. If you also very difficult. Learn hardheaded a season is very easy to defeat but there hardheaded Catholicism see the yeah but there hardheaded. Also, when people are loyal to an agenda more than Jesus. There you go. That's why you have problems.

Simple or ghostly. Michael you will collect what you think about now I'm not Become born-again believer court. What about people who claim to be Catholic but they do not practice any of those idolatry, they could strictly go with the authority coming from the word of God like the stuff that Martin Luther did many others know they did it seem like it's a sailor Catholic and the nano holds Catholicism how they thinned the Roman Catholic so that's good and asked his questions and see what you holding to a judge is what makes you judge the judge of what the Catholic Church teaches know at this it will capture good now we can talk and so he was going to get down to that that that ultimate source of authority and consistency. Things like that which is the word of God right to have an answer when I called the Maribel Martin Luther they don't have an answer for that. Well, most Debbie don't know too much, but about Martin Luther, but some that's okay.

It's all right anyway I think I okay right let's get to Mike from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Mike welcome around here. I Scripture were no one can find it, Karen. Walking out I and G is not preaching the word of God, not waiting for my father.

You sure you tell me a lot of time to work possibly, three. I don't really remember were a red stop.

That's not why study the Bible. Laurent quote Scripture I rated my personal betterment was that what what exactly wasn't Marx 938 all right find that John said and I'm currently this is John said to him, teacher, we saw someone cut casting out demons or namely trying to prevent them from you the following us and Jesus is don't hinder so that's Mark nine talks about that. That's the not Judas. I don't know about the Bing Jews have not heard that that might you talk a lot. God smart phone, oh God, what time don't care about sly and all that and let me tell you that's in Mark nine and Luke nine so he disclosed this Mark nine in line and Hill Matthew Mark Luke get this to the middle of the Gospels there. Mark you can go read you find it the context of the conversation was about how even false prophet.

Even people that that preach the word of God going to notice every verse in the Bible, and you can tell that they're doing it for the money they're doing it because they say delaying the end and are blaming God.don't they also have a wife and They may still be part of God's plan without everybody and everybody is part of God's plan. He works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 Friday night and you like your combat Catholic Church breakout affecting like thick seven or eight documents at that time in the management of the will you what don't slam anybody of religion because they will hold on hold on hold time here, but there are false religions, and we have to tell people that they are right at time, but exhorting folks, sorry about that called you there tomorrow by God's grace and hopefully will talk to this one.

Remember Bible study will be teaching two half hours from now 930 Eastern time. Another program powered by the Truth Network


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