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August 26, 2021 7:33 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 26, 2021 7:33 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Who is the other flock that Jesus refers to that will hear his voice---2- Matt discusses the grafting in of the Gentiles.--3- What is the -woke- movement---4- What is critical race theory---5- Why are politicians making such bad decisions---6- Who do you think the antichrist will be---7- Are teachers and pastor different---8- What are verses that show that women can't be pastors---9- How should I handle my friends who listen and share songs by Elevation or Bethel---10- Do you think people can be born homosexual---11- When will Christians be raptured-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and usually match looking around… Oh, it is August 24, 2020 100. What a good call. We have what a blind to give a call 877207227 soon, and the Holy Ghost of going on with sleep, so we have an interesting little issue with a single article on Carmen I released the article. Do Christians have a lot of stuff out this is actually physical self-defense and the intercourse is yes and on it. It's weird, it's it keeps hope we can count the article format and though it's just not going on but work on it is the only article it does.

That is not interesting.

So if you check it out. It's on the current homepage.

Just click the link if you check it out and it's weird that's why work on is really strange. The tech guy and I've been working on it and that we can't figure out what's going on so there's that and Otis had five open lines 87720722760 enforcement of the big tonight in about two hours discussing the doctrine of the Trinity and I'll be defending the Trinitarian view of God, and I will be attacking politely the issue that God is not a Trinity that God is just one person, and my opponents. Rodney Smith asserts that God has eternally only been a single person and that the confusing thing of understand is the read through his material is who exactly is Jesus.

According to him and others. As I've read through a lot of what took one is people say I can't really get any definitive answers and the it's so they they they talk. They say things but there's always this semi-contradiction that they they say that I dream the skies articles and I found his restatements within his own statements on on the first network of Christ" what is this position so I have to to develop the how to effectively working on sets of questions that will be requiring people I debate to answer once I get these these questions done in the oneness that you have it ready so required, but will be stuff like on the hypostatic union committee got it.

We do module imputation justification Trinitarian's baptismal requirements of security. Things like this.

I would ask A firm and then I ferment and I questions and I forgot a minute.

Annihilation is him and working on some and Catholicism of Islam with atheism because I find out that some people that I debate the more people and maybe that what a debate they don't understand the Christian perspective.

If there are non-Christians who are technically perspective like this about it like this one's guy that I debate a couple weeks ago who said that the treaty was three gods and the know what he actually said just still blows me away got you said to me that I know your doctor I know what you believe, better than you do and I'm over that and walked out. Which is really ridiculous since you anyway so others that I've talked to atheists who misrepresent the Trinity and I oneness people who have, and Muslims who have made a big noise for but that's all new will be doing is is developing a list of questions for different topics so that people wanted to be the baby they got answer the questions that they don't okay not bother debating 50 to 70 kind of questions. I kind of thing on the areas that will be debating some tired of having to deal with people who don't understand what it is that the opposing position is and then I do find out which particular position, a group of people write on individual might hold within that something because salt like this.

Discussion two weeks ago on this. He said that the Trinity was three separate gods and this guy big tonight. He read his material. He cites with the Trinity is and then he goes along and kind of courage. What he said to so I'm not it's his little bit difficult to know exactly who and what people believe and on various things like that's all I'll be doing with that though McCall folks 87720722761 of them wanting to call usually getting flooded enforcement of the show, I think, is because of the hours and travel and think like the people on the East Coast is really where it is and document watch the show.

You cannot believe it is back up on the karmic websites and because Google and its great wisdom with truth is, and also it banned me for a while said I couldn't stream for very very long.

I think that we can get it punished me for about a week… About cold and am still doing a lot of research when I get over the debate tonight.

I'll be going back in full bore into. I did research on the it's happening in my opinion, nothing negative actually good vaccine. If you don't want to do. You don't want to push is fine. The government doesn't have the right to force it on you and the force of varying means of totalitarianism. This is my construct concerning and I don't like it and do a lot of research because what you think Google for that because so they want you to hope the party line.

The leftist alignment and follower.

So I could do that right you open lines going to call 877-207-2276.

If you are interested tonight's in the debate that will be in try to get a hold of the opponent and have been able to today but I'm sure I will be able to then if you want. I things go to or to just debate is debate. But if you go to the apologetic section and I just type in debates. There were going to the menu you can see the list of debates on what was said is the calendar that was calendar so well,/calendar. That should bring you is a DOS for the debate that's tonight and Rodney Smith mirrors the information and things like that happen. Election edits at 9 PM Eastern time is when special curse of 7 PM Mike hey 30 go okay and information. If the time changes I'll let you know. But the culprit on the calendar. There you go. All right, let's get to John from Raleigh, North Carolina Don, welcome the starting quarterback for silk. I got on the rock because that's might idea if you talk about silence.

Walking around like hands folded all ready humor.

I don't. I haven't read the Bible that I do not go to church Baptist Church Carrie and very very areas like you are the I just don't see any lasting thing. I think there is mention of lasting but it's in a mockery thing.

Let's see Genesis a Ransdell's face and laughed as her will. A child born to a man's hundred years old, Genesis 1717 Sarah laughed. Genesis 18 and see. I will try to add some type on.

You know I mean I get back. Tell that story. Yeah, I would agree yeah so I'm looking actually and that the word laugh is in there a lot. You often just in mockery enemies laugh among themselves that amount to be filled with laughter. See, this is the New Testament. See the beginning okay so there laughing at Jesus and stuff so laughing is there but you me from the Christians and were Jesus himself like humor like never like honor others time puns in the Bible, not there not to the humerus is that I'm aware of, and upon his plan worked with were the only begotten word unique that they form and agree claimed her kind of a play on words there. John 316 but I don't know about Jesus laughing and then telling jokes right it's it's a night I have had a out out out on the if you don't believe that Dr. Fay is a not there's a yes and no to that. You don't have to believe it's in any order go to heaven if you're just ignorant. You don't know. That's one thing misinformed.

But if you have a full knowledge and you continue to resist it, then I would say that that is is grounds for saying that you don't affirm the true God because it what would they say, like for example the one this guy that I debated two weeks ago deny the Trinity, but he also denied the incarnation, he affirmed on indwelling but not in incarnation because he said the father in Jesus left Jesus right before Jesus died. Will that is a damnable heresy and because he's denying the incarnation and denying the divine sacrifice so it just depends what you will do with these things so so the might say don't dinner for the Trinity.

I believe everything else they could be confused and I still think that could be saved.

So it's possible, but the Trinity is basically a doctrinal thermostat to see what some people are in my pocket will deny it and I just talking about how it's arrived at the I did not conversation right thank you very much. Sure that it need anything else. Earlier in the week this week at the end of last week.

The young man or I don't how you it is hard person counting on what I'm going to get really sad know it is the heart.

Yeah, yeah. It's actually it's actually easy when you when you just do the Bible says and not explain how the Trinity is arrived at with people before they got and the so the attorneys arrived at systematically. It's not arrived after looking at one verse or two verses and so no Bibles is only one God and in the father-son Holy Spirit each speak each have a will. Each love, we have fellowship with each of them and they make decisions. They speak that's what personhood is. So we would just say okay, one God, and we have father-son Holy Spirit. Each exhibit attributes of personality talk to each other. Therefore, one got three persons.

It's easy to arrive at it's easy it's the oneness who really messed things up that they located on the daybreak. My buddy Douglas all right evokes the open lines 877277 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave 77072276 Thomas from Kentucky. Welcome.

You're on here all by saying Raleigh probation and your website is fabulous and I learned so much from it. That being said, like what they were revolves around the topic of sanctification and I'm kinda caught in between two theologies of Calvinism and free grace. I don't know what that none of that is to get a comment out to versus grace that I'm confused on which one is more accurate means free grace. What or is it the Calvinist addition that that it's some sort of combination of works and grace never company works grayscale.

This would never teach them and the Bible doesn't teach it either to say that Grayson works work together in order for some to get saved is a damnable heresy damnable. The Bible says that we as women saw 320 and we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. So apart from in the Roman okay so looking forward, I am attempting to turn from sin and by my conduct of not fitting.

Wouldn't that be considered a work and yes, work trying to get it out. You understand and explain something we use the put this in the frame to discuss it.

Some justification is a legal declaration of righteousness as we broken the law of God that sin. First John three, four, and we cannot keep the law because the standard of the loss. Perfection during between 726 Galatians 353-9310 we can't do it. Jesus did everything that we could not do.

First Peter 222% to The law perfectly, and then he died grossly dead. And when we believe that the faith that God grants to us. Philippians 129 he granted to us in our believing is the work of God. John 620 29. So when we believe God granted that to us, then we are justified. Having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 51 and go along with justification come something called regeneration regeneration is God's indwelling us and changing us make new creatures think it is 5 to 17 then we are unable to do good works, but those good works do not contribute to salvation. They don't get a salvation. They don't maintain our salvation.

They are the result of God's regenerative work in us, but the justifying faith that we have is just that it's faith alone in Christ alone. By God's grace alone. That's how it works okay got that when they talk about their doing the repenting it illegal for doing the repenting, or is it the spirit with it and give him the resistance. And not for both seat locale dealing with the deeper this topic, we have to be able to be the ones initiating a movement in action. In order for us to have culpability in that action. If so, if I choose to take a ball and throw it through my neighbors window. I'm the one who freely chose to do that and therefore the responsibility is mine. If someone puts a gun to my head and says, throw up a ball to the window are going to shoot your wife, throw a ball to the window, but I'm not the one responsible because of enforced. We would say that free will is the ability to make choices that are free and not forced so when God grants that we believe God grants it, but we also actually do believe when God grants that we have repentance second Timothy 225 has a God grants repentance we actually are the one doing the repenting. Also not getting the litter level of logic about this and simultaneous events and then causation and things like that but we would still be say week, but the unbeliever cannot come to God on his own without God's intervention because the unbeliever the slave of sin. Romans 614 to 20. He doesn't seek for God to do any good. Romans 310, 11, 12, cannot receive the things of God for strength is to 14th E. deadness since Ephesians 2 wanted by nature child of wrath. Ephesians 23 so God has to grant that he believes it is 129 and Jesus says in John 665. You cannot come to meatless been granted from the father, God grants that we believe we actually do the believing and how that works. We don't know. But there's a regenerative work in us. This why we would say regeneration precedes faith, we would say in that is that it was precedes it logically, not temporally explain this.

So if I flip the light switch on and five seconds later the light turns on the net will be a temporal priority where the electricity is there for five seconds before the effective life occurs is called temporal priority and logical priority would be.

As soon as you turn on that light the switch. Electricity is there instantaneously and the light is there instantaneously. They both occur simultaneously, but it is electricity that is the cause of the light, not light being the cause of electricity so therefore we would say electricity is the logical priority is logically prior not temporally prior. It must be in place in order for the simultaneous effect to be there so some similarly similarly we would say that regeneration is logically prior and we believe because it's an ideological necessity work at a necessity occurs along with a regeneration we would say that God regenerative work in us enables us to fully believe and we do to yes and we are granted the ability repent by God, and we freely turn from our sin, but it's not that repentance that saves us because better understand repentance is turning to the law if I am lying and I find out that the Bible says in the 10 Commandments Exodus 20.

Don't lie. And then I stop lying because I see with the law has said am I then saved because I kept that law now were not saved by keeping the law. We don't get saved by keeping the law will regain salvation by keeping the law. It's by God's grace and so he grants we have faith liquids 129's and the aorist passive indicative which means that it's done to us. Look at 129 is granted that we believe or is he does the granting okay that's what's going on there. This is this is biblical theology. Most people never get this thing will hold on hot off the vacuum got a bag of laissez that was Thomas from Kentucky to open lines 877207 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave show about call back if you want adjacent welcome here. My question today was I was confused 14 one. What a good school that in their heart.

There is no God.

The confusing part to me is there staying in their heart that mean you're thinking in your heart.

I pray that that you can get me is just an issue of of how the Bible speaks is is in your heart you know this in your soul and spirit. That heart is considered that place of thought, communication, things like that. I think it it the Hebrew context really deals with the got I think that's what it really is that we don't use that, but it can be the man the inner man. Our understanding soul, the more entered most part that's what it means his heart okay either that I lose you alumna okay there you go on your back. Okay. Did you get that baby's traveling as of the triumvirate time here. Jason is still there.

Call back. Grace would get better language back up top line. All right, let's see, let's get over to Roger from North Carolina. Roger welcome you here is nobody gonna have a thought, think of that lady and the questionnaire you are you at okay the black theology there cannot be forgiven that but I have been telling her anything saying that it had to be the cause of all the last thing the God and God is a thriving got assigned only. The father and son that that lastly had to be against the Holy Spirit so it has to be forgiven if not enough milk yet. She's she's not understanding what blast we Holy Spirit is and then Jesus himself says it was not forgiven and she's cutting Jesus so her rationale is based on faulty assumptions. First of all, the definition of what blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is is found on the early definition but the context is in Matthew 1222 through 32.

In the context there is that Jesus is casting out demonic forces and the Jews said he was doing it by the power of Satan. And that's when Jesus says blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age raged, the context to say that he was going to the power of the end of the of the evil one. Now when Jesus was baptized was baptized to fulfill law. 514 and 315 and so he came to fulfill the Old Testament law and he was baptized to enter into the priesthood at the ordinal Keswick people don't know that. But the point is that the Holy Spirit came upon him at his baptism looks like that all his miracles began at that point after his consecration, so to speak. Ordination into that part of the ministry and so I think that this is why I the Jesus had what he said about blasphemy the Holy Spirit because he was doing his miracles, but the power of the Holy Spirit was indwelling. Okay, and like all the while the Valley spirit can be forgiven and that the right and also go to first Samuel 314 okay so pies 3.14 so. First Samuel 3.14 and I'll be in verse 13.

This will context God talking Frank told him that I'm about to George's house forever with iniquity which he knew because his sons brought a curse on themselves. And he did not rebuke them, therefore, have sworn the house of Eli that the iniquity of the lies. How shall not be atone for my sacrifice or offering forever. So I show this to people when they say Jesus bore everybody sin no blast. We Holy Spirit can be forgiven if we can, and pay for that and the iniquities of Eli's house will not be atone for my sacrifice or offering forever so I just I do with the Scriptures and apparently we have the power to do that optimal God contradicted God cannot lie when he said I cannot forgive the man that is not going south what she's doing is submitting the word of God to her sensibilities to say God has the power but he won't.

That's an assumption when people say that God can do anything that's not correct. God cannot make a square circle cannot lie. You cannot filing his own nature.

If Jesus says in Matthew 1222 tooth 30 to go there. Matthew 1232 it says it will not be forgiven in this age it is to come. One thing that we have to ask first of all if she says if she says that God has the power but does not do it, then she's admitting God is not forgiving all sense right there and she had to admit that the context is blast will Holy Spirit is not what Paul the apostle did because if Jesus said it would shall not be forgiven. This age initially, then how could Paul been a Christian because the end of this age is when Jesus comes back. So how could even forgiven or the apostle so she's not making any sense. You believe that you know God would strain the elect from admitting that though I agree with me and asked before I could talk about it with him give me the willies.

My gut and seriously it did okay. I think there about YouTube God bless a folksy one.

You may call three open lines 877-207-2276 Mike from Colorado. Welcome your all right hanging in there. We got buddy and I was wondering if you know of any scriptural references for what I'm experiencing so little bit about my background, not a quitter. Dominating growth is a question rather always felt the dog model life within the military came out of the military felt the draw toward God, towards Tuesday thing. Basically started going to deeply just searching for truth Sound always different, weird stuff and let me to the Bible, started being led to the Bible.

I have much experience like demonic oppression happening in my life. Sleep paralysis. I and that seeing figures visually in my room stuff like that attacking me presence of death was personal and under percent going to going to happen 100% if thought I was going crazy for a while. I would invoke the name of Jesus which would cause a very violent reaction is any violent reaction.

What would you know the spirit so when I would invoke the name this Thursday very violent with me.

I knew that that was causing at a reaction that wastes yet another would like for me authentically using that and I get my background like that you like that with a weapon.

They were God, let me about two weeks of extended demonic oppression and ban all the sudden Mike just came on Friday and it was almost like spiritually. I was untouchable. That was many years ago that 10 years ago and dictating.

There were a lot of a lot of happy. I'm not perfect. I do come to think that Asian from time to time I try to fight it.

Whenever I purposely get on my knees national protection.

For more strength.

I usually didn't mean I can fill out our but I do sometimes flip to you. In my mind and when I do I feel like demonic oppression start to creep in. I don't know if there's any scriptural reference to this that you know was happening in my blog question is only ask you this you experiencing any of these things to suppression in these medical stations now I was last night. I've been fighting a battle is alive is yes, you answered yes okay are you married yet you make a noise veteran or man. I've been married I've been married seven years. How you have the kids coming home and okay will you folks 77207 mass Y call 7707 okay soak one kids 21 kids what three boy or girl little girl okay and we were in the military when you're in the military. Did you have any trauma on your notary and experiences will you have do you have any books or objects that friends and family have given to you who are unbelievers not really okay you have any relatives who might have trauma from concern I have trauma from sleep was sexually abused as a foil. Okay okay okay I would have my relative. No okay so if you ever seen UFOs. At first I thought you were going down that path.

And then I realize that they they were try Nokia that will need 100% being positive about the okay which church to go to the generic kind. I don't really go to church a minute I get on active thought your photos once in a while, but, ask about this is hostile. Sorry noise is the background distracting.

Sorry so apostolic church. Is it Unitarian oneness. Okay, so you're attending a non-Christian cult church 11 is not Christian, you need to absolutely get out of there. Don't ever go back find it a good church and in your area and one this is his is not Christian. Denies true God denies Christ denies the true doctrine of salvation, and so you can have demonic doors opened up there from people inside were praying for you okay that's it that's it. If you don't if you're curious about that. I have a whole section on Carmen my website on oneness not be debating a guy actually in two hours from now two hours 10 minutes on oneness. It's a non-Christian religion. Okay, so it's false so this is a open door to the cult and things like this right and that you need to dodge. No no no no no no Assemblies of God is it is better but it's not oneness. What I meant. They believe Jesus and God are one and let you watch forgo those definitions because most people don't how to articulate the doctrine of the Trinity, but Assemblies of God is Trinitarian, but they do not teach women pastors and elders, which is bad and teach that you can loser salvation, which also was bad because then you keep it by your work. So you're better off to begin in the Assembly of God thinning oneness church but it has its own serious problems. If I were you I would I would would do is go to the Carmen website and look at the article what to look for in a church is simple. What to look for the church and then you need to find a church you can call upon the Yellow Pages student belong on the Google whatever your local area, and you call them up and you ask questions you need to do this. Okay you need to be involved in the church did have the elders involved and the reason 10 church are going to is because you get the elders over to your house to pray over your house to anoint the house with oil, to anoint you with oil.

If this you been traumatized in the early life that needs to be dealt with and elicit a good church would know what to do to prayer and is not your fault.

You just get you just talk about it you you confess it to that as a is in actuality and you ask God to cleanse and forgive the perpetrator and hopefully the perpetrator.

Perpetrators whatever given the grant of salvation that you forgive, you go through this process is not always adhesive is easy to say easy to do and are you with this process.

You anoint the house to do the various things like this you get involved with the church and that you move forward you to be involved with elders because there are times when people in your situation where they do these things.

I recommend it doesn't always clear up and a lot of time just because there are open doors in other areas of need to be closed, and sometimes I believe that is because God is letting it occur for a reason and you better find out.

That reason is not that it's that you're being punished. No, but it could be a reason for preparation that you you might have a sensitivity.

Things like the surface. A lot of factors and variables in this I can tell you that I have seen stuff when I was younger and I was involved in occult I've seen manifestations.

My mom would see a figure come to her in her sleep and she wake up and he would be there.

This happened numerous times of my daughters have said that they have seen things in the house I'm in right now and so when I heard that I what I had to relieve wife took him out to dinner with was I prayed to the entire house and problem solved, and so they're just things you gotta do and be cognizant of the spiritual battle and stuff and you have to pray and ask God if there's anything in your life that you need to repent of and I'm not excusing you of anything is just you know me better something that you don't know about that you take care of and there's not at will have something to care of that. I mean big and God don't bring it up if if it's there.

This what he had to be involved with a good church. I don't recommend the Assemblies of God for several reasons. Some Baptist churches are pretty good. Some Presbyterian ones are pretty good, but I would go and look on my website, what to look for a church you'll find a list of their things to an article you can crosscheck with churches and, for an interview them okay I like to do my own. I live in a rural area like variable okay how church I wonder if it's something you'd find on a nondriving life church and if you can meet if it's three hours you know you want to once a month and you go once a month you tell the elders and likening what's market is three hours away, think, and or you have fellowship online but you need to have for others that you can talk to about this. Who can pray with you. We also have a prayer ministry here at Carmen's email us at and people can pray for you and often dialogues get started that way helped. So it's a big problem. I mean it's it's a big issue with is that the solution is not always that simple does take some time and some work okay. We need to find a church and there's going to church locally know and hopefully to be decent church, all of them, a man I really can't question the Godhead is phenomenal. Then you can give me a call in a while and we know what happens right popular right let's get to Eric from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Eric welcoming on their I merrily gone. It's going it's going so we got to make Europe and anti-Utah. There, all I've been there many times and met the hundreds of people so if you say hey I'm the guy that was it. But I can remember so that I'm don't violate my family meeting there yet lately squid I think is because the Christians were having an effect and also now Lotta Christians with her. So now what could happen if things are going to Temple Square was another issue so anyway so what's going on but he would get okay my my click.

I've been involved in that great ministry for many years, the matter of fact that I am I went out regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area people government.

There are minute all different types of geological background, so we pretty much hear the line leaving the trimming basics of Christianity that they didn't believe in the Trinity will and allow them to come out pretty good. And so when I interviewed a lot of prospect of 101st black believe in the Trinity, one God referred knowing that my ministry later got a little bit of that would please I will began at him. Everybody hopefully that any how to make a line chart that I met somebody out here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Creighton on the street and then the conversation at the Trinity. He said that it up by the Roman Catholic Church that all thought that with this because the state beaches that the men fought in the Bible of my car. On can't really understand, but that's how God that I think can I reach you, John chapter 16, article pretty clearly and the doctrine of the Trinity echoed the relationship between the thought of nine. It will last shot part of Scripture. This might my question is a friend of mine has allowed the individual of the movement without confronted him once after this time I asked them to define what he believed about God and he had made the statement when I first met him that that the Trinity is the false doctrine taught by the Roman Catholic Church. I tried to shown passages in the Bible very reluctant.

Read John so basically this guy didn't want to be correct in that (mine is allowed and the movement or how matter I she's a member of my church that she has meetings over.

Alistair then allowed to get up there and each of the Pope, better known to preach as far as I know it allowed lately lately yes she's right she allowed him to be in the pulpit and preach. Now he's a lot know she had done a lot in you that – yet the number how he quickly how you lately lately.

I'm trying to understand something very specific here.

I must reason you know and then you sensed the same thing she confused me and she a pastor. It's okay if you pastor I okay so not allowed out to she okay so should she allow him to move in with her. Okay okay so is all that is okay so what's your question that okay my question is yeah meeting very uncomfortable going over there with with in their wealth you have when you know my approach in the wrong way by not going over there I would break tonight. I'm literally debating you want this guy to lower carb/calendar/calendar carvedilol see ARM talk tomorrow about it at a time. Okay okay okay okay folks have less. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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