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August 25, 2021 4:00 pm

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August 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt released his article on a Christian view of self-defense.--2- Matt will be having an online debate tomorrow regarding the Trinity verses Oneness theology.--3- When David wore the ephod when the ark was brought back, is that the same thing the priest would wear---4- Can Christians defend themselves regarding the Covid vaccine---5- Matt discusses the Nuremberg code.--6- When do we go to be with the Lord- Is it right away after we die---7- Was Samuel a priest---8- What are the best verses to prove to LDS that Jesus was God before the incarnation---9- Can you explain Daniel 12-11-12-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and don't stop by God's grace that will do the same thing here today. Carla Bible Lodge going to call 877-207-2276 want to hear from this cubicle also. I released an article this weekend is an article to working on off and on for weeks. The article is titled do Christians have the right to self-defense now you commit comments in the spring to the bottom. It's about to almost 5000 words long and is not intended to be that long. You can read the first three paragraphs and get the gist of everything and also put up its IPO. Some summary points and the idea is on things very seriously because there were a lot of Christians are being persecuted for their faith killed beaten up, etc. what you do. Do Christians have the right of self-defense, and I went through a lot of scripture on long story short, yes, Christians have the right of self-defense, but not the obligation might go through varying points.

That was really interesting as we have the obligation to defend others and at what level can we defend people with the Old Testament talked about till just listed some of the items of warfare.

The techniques of warfare than what Jesus said by the sword of Jesus is to seek peace and trying to balance all of its appearance and checking that out. Please do what can happen is merely people I know in Africa in several countries grow to be putting this up and using it and it's working so long to do this is what I've been slow and I talk to different people about it and I think very seriously because this could be misused with this will be the deal with some of the things that you do so there's that.

And I would debate tomorrow night on the Trinity versus oneness and will be going through that information up on that link and everything else like that as well. Alright let's see for open lines to do is give me a call 877-207-2276…, Phone with Vicki from Richmond, Virginia. Vicki welcome you on here hello hello you. I clicked the button the right one and everything is initially my hand are no so let's see, sometimes we have problems.

The yes you can go now.

Vicki yes I hear you now sure.

All I will write you the click import bringing our God back and change your rate plan care that it happened. Have a great night and they're bringing it back to me sacrificing how each and not name free air that not forget like wearing five bring the ark of God, you have the particular verse because I was on text on annual okay searching, here we go. It sounds well first Chronicles 1527 it says David was clothed with a robe of fine living with all the Levites were turning the ark of the singers and Shania the leader of the singing of this of the singing with the singers.

David also warned a fond of linen think it's also cross-reference a psychosynthesis 14 dancing before the Lord always might bring a liberty fog so that same second Samuel 614 first okay you know I don't know of top my head. Not sure what's going on there.

Why would David be wearing it.

It could be that she made a mistake doing skin to skin skin commentaries on this and see because what people would do things wrong and is recorded they were doing something that was wrong, but just some of this and say that it was diagnosed with a context chosen benefit of Israel 30,000 bring up the ark and the and took hold of the docks and upset it was afraid the Lord. I read the whole thing and see top my head. I don't know that it's a good question, so the first wandering you know all will you get like that… Well I learned a lot, but there's lots of stuff I have to learn. In fact, you know, in my 60s now and I wish to make a deal with God have another hundred years of just the study and teach.

I got so much to learn so it could be that well I was doing, though, was an active of homage to God is. I don't know of any requirement that says that only the priest can wear any fog. I don't know if that's the case, it says it's for the high priest. This and the thought of looking at some notes and see the office. Remember there when David prayed that Larry Dr. Carol American Carlisle. You went and I remember I came back not affect the thing I'm looking around this research letter talking it says is for single tonight to 18 sandals ministry before the Lord as a boy wearing a linen. He fought so he said it was wearing one so it looks like let's see.

See this ring so it looks like others can wear it as well. It's made of offerings of the people made of gold, blue, purple, scarlet Simpson joined of Onyx for free. It might be like a pretty rock Anton yes and you so okay, let's get into some stuff and some notes but that's good question. I don't have a good answer for which I did but it looks like others could merit but it was requirement only only for the priesthood sees it was commanded that they wear it.

It doesn't mean that others can't. So if it's because I only have three show where it then you have an issue that would be the thing Joe research what you're welcome so much the better answer for you though. Alright I don't have a record or not study that if you have call up and deliver study to can let me know You Thinking about You to Write Right Now If Open Lines of Joy to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276. Let's Get to Mark from Florida Mark Welcome Here. I Met a Question for You about Christian and Went Back Quiet Room, Refusing to Take the Ark Coronavirus Vaccination Maybe in Fear of the Possible Repercussions That Might Have in the Future Going to See This Article Short.

That's a Good Question, I Could Always Update It and Have Fun Sub Point System. I Just Recently Decided That I I'm Not to Get the Vaccine and I Decided This This Weekend I Had Coded and No Problem That Erupted with: No Snow. Select No Problem Good and Embodies All That so I Don't Want to Take It Because I Don't Trust It but Research Is Leading Me to Believe That It's It's Dangerous, Potentially Dangerous, and Though I Know That If the FDA Just Approved. I Think He Disapproved It Because of Politics of My Pending I Don't Trust If the Trust Anybody but Great See How It's It's Bad at Me When They Say All Kinds of Stuff the Church That's Got to Be True under the STF CDC Is so Cluttered to Think Itself and Changing It Stuff Constantly You Lost Faith in Them and Found She Wealthy Enough. He's a Joke. Of Course, by Grant Harris Can Trust Them and so Who We Trust, Oregano, so I Don't Trust It for Maricopa Now and Because of That I'm Going to Seek to Protect Myself and with the Article I Releases Has Right Do Have a Right of Physical Self-Defense to of Violence in the Answers Yes We Do Underwriters or Hazards Not Being the Something Physically That It Is a for Defending Her Thoughts on If They Were to like. For Example, They Were to Physical Violence Is Forced upon You Know I Could Have Physical Violence.

I Go to Martial Arts but Is Not Forced by Me on Joining up the Phone around and That's Fine Hello Get Thrown It's My Favorite Things and More. Short Walk Is Rachel and Someone I Do If Someone Were to Civil War to Hold Me down and Sibling to Give You a Shot Right Now I'm Going to Fight Him.

I'm Going to Do a Kansas to Stop and Soak Desiderata. I Consider I Would Consider the Form of of the Fence on Me Will Discharge Me. Life Is Good.

Poked with the Coming of My Foot. · The More You Have the Right You All Of A Sudden so Okay Back on Her. So I Would Defend Myself That Way. Physically, I Would. I Would Use Violence Only in a Level to Stop the Assault and That That's What I Think It Is Permissible. The Government Did Not Try to Do Is Control Is Break for Folks You May Call You Dial 87720776 Matt like Why Call 770-7740 Welcome Back with an Open Lines Give Call 772072X RA Mark Stiller, Sir, Where Were We Forgot so You Know What I Want to Actually I'm Actually a Long Time I Called A Few Times and I've Gone through Situation at My Work That I Talking about in the past. Can I Give You a Quick Rundown on That Just the so I Called Earlier This Year My Work Had Sent out and Mandatory Evaluation. Actually, Evaluation of Whether or Not We Would Take: 19 Shot Oakley Had Called the I Refuse to Go Ahead and Do That Altogether Tonight We Live in the Invasion by Medical Privacy and I Caught A Lot Of Heat for That for a Little While about a Month Later They Went Ahead and Proceeded to Do a Kind of a Bribery Where You Get $100. The Vaccine and Then Weeks after That They Announced That There Will All Remove the Master Were Still Wearing the Mask but Time to Remove the Masks That We Reach 65% of the Company Is Vaccinated and at That Point I Went Ahead and Said You Know That Enough Is Enough and I Was the First Guy to Take My Mask off. I Just Stop Wearing It at That Point When They Did That and People Followed Suit. Along with That and They Got to the Point Where the President of the Company Noticed That People Just Basically Flat out the Fine Mask Rule and List Basically Made It… A Letter to the Company Making Optional. Did I Do Something Wrong.

As a Christian in Any Way by Doing That Kind of Being Rebellious, No, We Resist Our Government and What Is Appropriate and It's Appropriate When Ever the Unique Group Require Something Is on Biblical and so Is like If They Would Require That You Give so You Know 2% of Your of Your Wages You Have. Do They Require That You Voluntarily Require You Voluntarily Sign-Up It and Get 2% to the Pro-Homosexual Cost on the Road.

You Say No Not Doing the Can't Force You and so You You Have a Right You the Right to to Follow Your Conscience and Incidentally It's against the Law of Force against Federal Law for Anybody Require Vaccine and Employment so That I Finally Did It. It Is, and the Identifying That but Any Rate, I Don't Believe You Were Acting Inappropriately. You Don't Know If the Vaccine Is Trustworthy. There Are Plenty of Instances of Damage Being Done by Plenty… As Her People Are Fine but It Really Wasn't FDA Approved Just Got Approved. I Think Today and I Do Which One. Okay, There's One That Is Meaning to Me Now Doesn't It Just Doesn't Even Think to Me Personally. Plus, One of Them. I Know Alters Your DNA Slightly and in This Is to Me Extremely Close to the Issue of Self-Defense. Were They Doing to My Very DNA. I Want That It Would Alter My DNA and You Know so It It Becomes an Issue. I Don't Believe That That Is Just Being Recalcitrant so You Know All That I Want. I Want to Thank You for Your Your Show That You Give Me the Courage to Do What I Did That Day Where I Took off the Mask Going Forward.

It It Nobody Wanted to Take That Step. They Were a Little Fearful and Yell Taking a Big Chance in Doing That. I Just Want to Say to You and Your Listeners out There That Sometimes We Have To Be Courageous. Many Times That the Spillovers Were to Lose Our Country but That's What I Gotta Say, and We Have To Be Wise about It and Yeah Yeah I Agree I Yeah I Did It Very Respectfully and Tactfully and I Want to Say to That, That the Lord Had His Hand in It Because Prior to All This like I Gained A Lot Of Favor in the Eyes of the Leadership There As Far As Work Instead R's Work Performance You Dedication Being Reliable.

There You Know I'm I'm One of Their Top Employees on the Key Player There and Now When I Do Something like That. They Basically They Pay Attention. They See a Good Hard Honest Working Person That's Never Really Cause Any Problem As a Legitimate Gripe so That Goes Hand-In-Hand with a Bang and Then Being in out the Client When You Have To Yes I Was Involved in That. Yes I Need to Let Because There to Be Listening and Price Can It's Costly Sometimes to Stand on Principle and I'm Not Just Sitting Here in the Comfort of My Home Telling the People to Do It. I Have Absolutely Done It Myself, and This Cost Me Greatly. I and I and I Didn't Know Where the Money Was in the Command for Feed My Family and I Did North to Be Staying and It Was like That Because I Lost a Drive Employment over an Issue That I Was an Issue of Ethics and My Wife to Her Credit, Stood by Me and Said Okay Will Distrust God through It and I'll Tell You I Member This 13 Times When We Had $15 That Some Would Give to Us Because of Running Harm Early Days We to Decide What We Can Do $15 How Much for Diapers How Much for Gas How Much for Food and It Was Loud, You Know, Don't Joke and so I Know What It Means. And I've Been through It and but Sometimes What We Have To Do to Stand up a Great Because If We Don't Were Going to Lose Would Continue to Lose Our Country We Have People in Government Who Cannot Be Trusted and the Leftist Media, CNN, MSNBC, Etc. Cannot Trust Them and They Are Full of Liars and People Who Been Agenda Highest. They Wanted Agendas Are Socialist. I Don't Trust Them. I Don't Trust. So in My Opinion, A Lot Of the People in the Government Guilty of Treason. So I Agree with That. And Who Knows How Long before I'm Arrested for What I Say. This Is Where We Are Now in America When I Say This Much Any Melodramatic, but It's True to Reality What I Say on the Radio Here.

Don't Say Homosexuality Is a Sin I Don't Is on Alternate Lifestyle. Abortion Is Wrong. Socialism Is Wrong. I Don't Trust Pelosi Trust Blyton.

I Don't Believe That the Election Was Fair and Michael Say These Things and Then PayPal Is Talking about Penalizing People Who Supported Trenton and Oriskany Are Conservatives and There Are Groups Going around Trying to Penalize and Punish People Who Don't Hold to the Leftist Values. This Is Not America Anymore so the Republicans to Show Republic Is Becoming Totalitarian. I've Had People Come up to Me and Tell Me You're Killing People Because You Didn't Take the Vaccine and Obviously There Is No Logic to That You Can Still Catch It after Getting Vaccinations out That Isn't Really That They Say You Killing People Is a Great Meaning I'm Killing the Causes of Death You Caught up on People with Whatever You Insanity of Leftist Thought of All the Folks You Call Mass Y Call 770776 Is about That.

So Actually Somebody Hung up but There Was Something That You Can Talk about.

I Want to Bring up a Little Bit and It's Called the Nuremberg Code from 1947 and Just Look at the Nuremberg Code You'll Find It on to Be Reproducing on the Current Website. I Do My Research for the Research on Covert Stuff This Is Some of the Stuff That They Came up with in Response to the Atrocities That the Germans Did on the Jews and Asked Others Experimentation and That They Agreed That the Certain Basic Principles Must Be Observed in Order to Satisfy Moral, Ethical and Legal Conceptions in One Voluntary Consent of the Human Subject Is Absolutely Essential.

This Means That the Person Involved Should Have Legal Capacity to Give Consent Should Be so Situated As to Be Able to Exercise Free Power of Choice without the Intervention of Any Element of Force.

Assist with the Nuremberg Code Set.

And When People Then State in Order to Go to School or Go to a Restaurant You Have To Have the Vaccine. That Is an Element of Force Number Four and It Says the Experiment Should Be Conducted so As to Avoid All Unnecessary Physical and Mental Suffering an Injury and the Six Is a Degree of Risk to Be Taken Should Never Exceed That Determined by the Humanitarian Importance of the Problem to Be Solved by the Experiment Number 10.

During the Course of the Experiment, the Scientist in Charge Must Be Prepared to Terminate the Experiment at Any Stage. If He Has Probable Cause to Believe in the Exercise of the Good Things Superior Skill and Careful Management Required of Him That a Continuation of the Experiment Is Likely to Result in Injury, Disability or Death of the Experiment Subject of This Last One Is Important Because There Are Cases about Injuries Coming from This Vexing Than We Realize That Different Vaccines Have Different Risk Risk Factors.

We Understand and That We Have To Balance That out Nascent Questions Why Is Covert.

Suddenly, the Virus That Shuts down Economies All of the World. Why Is It Suddenly One That Does This What Happened to the Flu Season the Flu Season with Was Killing Thousands and Thousands Every Year.

And yet All Of A Sudden We Don't Hear about the Flu Statement Anymore like His Death. It's a Question I Have, Why Are People Demanding That Children Wear Masks When the Evidence Is They Don't Need to What's Going on. Why Are These Controls and Their and Doug and I Went to a Doctors Today Doctors Office and They Required That I Wear a Mask How Are You I Just Want to Walk out, but I Didn't Know They Have Erected in Their Private Business but Is Stupid and I Just Was Stupid and Why Do You Wear a Mask and Because the Coronavirus Is Very Small and It Passes through the Fibers between Interwoven Together Dishcloth Masks. For Example, They Pass through Them and I Read Some Research There Only 3% Effective in Stopping Anything 3% and yet Where It It's Not Being Led by Real Science and This Is an Agenda Going on behind This so I'm Really Concerned and Dumb but You Know God Works All Things after the Counsel of His Will. Ephesians 111. He Causes All Things Work Together for Good for Those Who Love and Romans 828 and I Choose. I Hope You Do to Choose to Trust in the Lord through All of This, We Need to Be Educated and Informed You to Move Forward Court of the Faith That We Have in Him Is Good to Travis from Greensboro, North Carolina. Travis Will Run Here. This Letter Will Go Back to Travis a Little Bit All Right. Let's Go to Robert from Utah Hero Running Her Having a Problem on Her Phone Slips.

See Robert from Utah Either Robert Hello My Dear Okay There You Go around. Welcome You Are on the Owner Okay Well I Have a Question for You. I Asked It about Two Weeks to Date. What You Had to Take It up Because You're up against Our Break Blast at the Wrong Way and I Apologize. The Real Question I Wanted Was Where Do We Go Not Not Where We Go. Rather, When We Go with the Lord Because There Are A Lot Of People Think and Religion That That Feel like There Is a Holding Place in a Time after We Die, but If That Were True, Then Why Did the Lord Stated the Thief on the Cross.

Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise.

He Didn't Say Tomorrow or Later, and Then Also All Possible That That to Be Absent from the Body Is to Be Present with the Lord. So Could You Speak to That after We Die We Go Immediately to Be with Work Those That Are Stated Yes That's It.

Your Record the Verses That Are Relative to What You Last Week What It Was a Crickets Five Dates We Are Good Courtesy Prefer to Be Absent for the Body and to Be Home with the Lord. And so There's a Condition of Existence Apart the Body Where We Can Be with Christ.

So We Who Are Christians Have Passed Out Of Condemnation. Romans 81. So Therefore If We Passed Out Of Condemnation Because We Died with Christ. Romans Six Asked Then We Can Go Be with Him and Will Be with Him.

Socrates 58 Cessna so We Immediately Die When We Definitely Die We Go Be with the Lord, and Those Who Are Not Christians, Good or Bad, Bad Place. There Is No Purgatory Is Catholic Say Any Sort of Docs Imply There Is No Considerable Purgatory Is Limbo.

There Is No Limbo Owners. No Soul Sleep Where We Don't Exist or Are Some like That We Can Have Consciousness We Go Be with the Lord. Right after We Die That That's What I Believe to Map According to Scripture, I've Heard It from Several You: I'm like Were Getting This from Because It Isn't from the Scriptures You Look Well If You Go to My Section on Annihilation Is You'll See That There Are Hundred 82 Articles Are Written on Delicious but Just Became a Huge Project and on A Lot Of People Are Arguing That There Different Conditions of the Afterlife Nonexistence of a Conscious Existence Unconscious Existence Kind of the Non-Conscious Almost Nonexistence Some Weird Combinations. Some Say We Don't Exist or Were Re-Created and so Different Cults and False Religious Systems Will Use Misuse of Scriptures in This and That. That's What I Getting It so That the Issue Is What the Scripture Say, but If You Really Want to Study It More.

I've Written A Lot Of Articles on This and If We Don't Go Be with the Lord and There's a Holding Place Show It to Us in Scripture.

Nothing in Scripture Says Is a Holding Placed on Some People Might Want to Go to to Luke 1619 to 31 Were Lazarus Enrichment and but That Was before the Crucifixion and I Get into That. The Change of the Covenant, in Which Christ Was Redeemed to Take Account of a Host of Captives Romans Is to Be Ephesians 411 through 12 Talks about This or 88 through 12 Actually and so There's There's Answers. There's Yours Discussion Think It's Because Walt If You Want to Know More Than the Website and Read up on It, Just A Few Sounds like a Plan about Everybody. God Bless.

Okay What Are Already Looking to Travis from Greensboro, North Carolina Travis, Are You There yet. RX Arrived When He Got Buddy Lady Called and A Few People Go to God Is Talking about the Deal Will My I Didn't Have an Answer for Own Dad Because You Have To Look at My Notes at Home and I'm Not All Black, but in the End of Our Conversation about Family Will Being a Priest and a Prophet to My Understanding That He Was a Judge in a Religious Leader Priest Goes off You That's I Was Learning about That to Didn't Hear Him Being Called a Priest Should Think about It Afterwards so Something to Research Again.

Yeah I Been Told Because They Are Going to Do My Never Priest and a Religious Leader Because Walking the Trail Going Live.

So You Knew All the Way Decreased, but It Was Never More Day of Regular Hold on What Is No They Folks. We Have Five Open Lines. Why Don't You Call 77776 Max Y Call 77077 Pairs Nicely. Well, Would You There Lucia, No Matter Try This Again: Are You There yet Now to Hear You Okay so It's a Big Mall about Five Manuscripts a Lawyer in an Earlier Manuscript. I Know That You and I Think That Lord One Witnessing to More Than 90 of Their Failure That I Use That to Prove Their Worth around 40 Incarnation I Would Do Mormons Sit with King James and Avoid Areas of Textual Variants like This Because I Could Just Go down a Rabbit Trail and They Can Use It to Say That the Bible Is Not Trustworthy. It Is Corrected Take As Well. The King James Is This What You Want to Go with That. Why That You're Stuck and I and so Then Why Were at That Point I Just Bring up My 3913 Change the Book of Mormon.

The Textual Apparatus of the New Testament Night by Comparing Extra Stuff That's Another Level of Stuff. So If You Want to Show That Jesus Is God Thinking Will Agree That He's Got the Best Thing You Can Do to Learn. Mormonism Is Learned. Definitions and so You Always Have To Know Their Definitions Because NEC Trinity and You Say Hey You Grieve the Trinity. Also, Yes, but They Believe the Trinity As Three Separate Gods and You Believe in Salvation by Grace so Yeah and Naming Universal Resurrection Space You Have To Write Other Terms and Ice like Talk to Mormons. I Speak in in Terms of Definitions, so Don't Use the Term so Much of What I Say You Bought from the Dock of the Trinity Exact. There's Only One God, All Eczema, Etc. and That'll Do with Right Arm, Right and Always Has a Defined Terms You Are Well Appreciate Your Time in the Okay Putting up Lesson I Okay I Write This Get to Matt from North Carolina Met Welcome Here. I before He and Daniel Tractor-Trailers Verse 11 and 12.

This Is the Time That the Days That Vaishali Taken Away an Abomination That Made This Incentive Is Severe Thousand 290,290 Days Then Then Then Then Rest Is Blessed Is That Weighted, Thousand 335 Days Was Also Different. What 45 Yeah Sorry I Resist the Goody-Goody Terminated There between Guys Who Are Going to Talk about the Differences There Has Something Has To Do with the Deaths of Antioxidants and Is 45 Day Period of Mourning or Something to Do with That, Let's See. So See Lukens Surfacing Notes Here and That's a Good Not a Good Question before Asking This Is Coming Aboard STA Have Are Starting to Manifest More and so Have a Start Studying These Things Again, but That's What I Understand It to Be and so and You Know What, It's Not Ringing Right Smoking Targets Itself so Blessed Are the Ones Who Can Who Make It. Of the 1335 and 40 Date for 45 Day Period Which Is 8×5. I Would like a Look at Number Seceders in the Relationship between Them. Don't Know Is That That Is for You. Go Away. The End of the Blood Allotted Portion of the End of the Age That's Really Interesting. I'm Not Exactly Sure Some Ideas That without Really Studying It in Depth. There Are People Who, However, the Millwrights and Others Who Will Say from the Years like 652 or the Year.

Whatever Might Have Been for 45 BC 650 BC and Stuff and I'll Add These Days I'll Call These Days Years in theYou Have an 1800s This or If You 40, 42, 67, and Then It What They Do Is They They Really Try and Justify Their Particular Theological Perspective by Saying It Happened October 22, 1844 Jesus Moved to the Second Phase of His Atoning Work and Things like That Hold up .7 Cough so That's All I Understand about That so Far and the and and You Know What People Turn to Ask More about It Some Less, Refresh My Memory on These Things Do. Daniel 12 That Is Interesting. The Last Part. Why Would You Be 45 Day Difference.

He Went to the Taste of the Classic Is Giving Me a Problem during the Period of Time and the Temple, Etc. Profanity Antichrist, so I Think It Might Have a Doing It Had to Survive and Appear Difficult Things Are Growing up. A Time When a Certain Thing Will Occur and the Jews. That's Right, Here's a Note Says the Rest of the Year 135 BC to the Restoration of the Worship by Judas Maccabeus on the 25th Day of the Ninth Month of Four 140 BC According to Seleucid Air Occupies 1290 Days of 45 Days More Elapse before Antioch and Chuck's Death in the Month of Shabbat and 448 so 2000 Hundred 530 Did Not Tell Me so This Is Another Area of Study in These Details, so I'm Not Sure What That Is Something You Yes and There Are Say This, There Are Several Groups That Will Take These Prophecies and the One That Says 2300 Days and the Converted Two Years and They Always Want to Find out Something That Relates to Them in Particular Their Group, Their Profit, Their Prophetess, Their Organization, Whatever It Was Is the Group That Then Brought in the Truth That Was Told by Our and Prophesied by That Number and I Just Get so Tired of Hearing These Things Because They Really Getting These Convoluted Kind of Arguments and They Pick a Date Is Almost As Though This It Will Wear Alive in the 1800s. So What Was Can Happen around Our Time so They Look for Numbers in the Bible and Is a Go Backwards in Time and What Is This Date in the Use Archaeological Information to Justify Certain Things in past Dates Then Use That As a Marker by Which They Can Then, If in the Future That Hey at Their Time There Group Started over There Have the Truth, Etc. and There's Different Dates That They Ground That Are Grounded Archaeologically in That Type Back Then Look for Fourth of March 14 445 BC Is Working When Not Arctic Xerxes Issue the Command to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem. Well, When You Go to Daniel Nine. For Example, and You Edit the Days That It Talks about Hundred 70,880 Days. That's the Wind Root Window Just Came in Walking the into Writing the Colton to Drizzle Well Okay the Presentation so Why That Dates Some People Should Not Use a Date That Was Earlier Something Use a Date That Was Later and so I've Discovered over the Years. A Scapegoat Reading through Some of These Things That Particular Groups Because They Have an Agenda Will Find out What What Value They Want to Assign to Previous Archaeological Date That They Use As a Launching Point to Get to the Future That They Want to Have a Court and Their Theology, and It Gets Complicated When They Do This Kind of Stuff Because They Are Thought of in This Artist Experts Is One Particular Field Notes Studied Ad Infinitum and Say from This Date Doesn't Offer This and Take Very Long to Destroy Her Arguments but Any Rate, He Said I'm Saying Is There's Is A Lot There Is A Lot to Rise. I Got Your Routers Have Been Researching Actually STA Stuff and These Numbers Recently, but I Got a Debate Tomorrow Night. I'm Also Researching Coded and so I'm Having Issues and in Fact You Algae like Stock of the 2300 Days and It Didn't 1844 Just You Know I Wish They Would Stock You Know It's Swishy.

Oh Well, As Her Primary. I Got Bless the Folks You Have No One Waiting and Going to McCall. We Have a Couple, Three, Four Minutes, and Them Me Just Remind You That a Release and Article on What Level of Violence Can Christians Use to Defend Themselves and It's It's Released on Karma Release over the Weekend If There's Feedback You Have, Please Leave Feedback, We Would like to Know about a Very Serious Topic. You Don't Find Any Place in the New Testament Where Any Christians Use Violence to Defend Themselves Is Not Recorded Generally with the Early Church. The Same Kind of Thing. They Just Took It. They Just Would Just Lay down and Die, and I'm Not Knocking. Do We Have the Right of Self-Defense.

One of the Analogies I Use Is If Someone Comes in My Home and Attach My Wife for Example I Will Use Whatever Level of Force.

Physical Force Is Necessary to Stop the Threat. I Want to Go Excessive. I Want to Stop the Threat.

I Think This Principle Is a Good Principle. If I Have a Friend in My House and Someone Comes into Friends, My Friend. At the Same Thing Applies.

What about outside the House.

What about Imminent Threats. What about Threats Coming to Your Home and You Know They're There to Do That to Harm You. What You Do, Then What You Do If You Are in Afghanistan and the Caliban Is Looking for Bible Apps on Your Phone.

Do You Should You Delete the App so That They Can't Elicit and Kill You for That You Delete the Left That the App What You Do Is It Appropriate to Do That Is Denying Christ to Do That. There's All Kinds of Questions and All Kinds of Things That Are Difficult to Answer, and Difficult to Come up with the Exact Right Answers to All Kinds of Stuff I Don't Have All Those Answers. So in the Article to Try to Do Is Develop Aesthetic Principles.

We Have the Right of Self-Defense, but Not the Right of Vengeance and Violence. If Necessary, If Chosen, Should Only Be to the Level to Stop Violence Because We Want to Be at Peace with His Menu's Obligation Have That Right Away.

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