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August 24, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 24, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the relationship between law, faith and justification. He further discusses religions like Eastern Orthodoxy that do not have a doctrine of imputation.--2- Matt talks about the different kinds of merit according to the Eastern Orthodox church.--3- Does the Bible teach old Earth creationism---4- How does Scripture apply to politics when it can be interpreted so many different ways---5- Who are the lost sheep of Israel---6- Do you think the US will be overthrown by Islam---7- How do you define God's grace as given to man-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances goals and responded to your questions at 877-0727 6 Matt Slick Rd. when welcome to the show match look and if you recall five open lines 8772072276C. Well I think were back on line with YouTube videos.

They suspended my streaming ability for a while because of coated comments and stuff like that in this book it so motivated me to do a lot of serious study on covert and I have spent. By the way Howard spent hours on the CDC websites and other websites, our world in statistics ARC and tell you religiously because a lot of times the stats they give you are in different formats per 1000 per 1 million. That's what about the spreadsheet work you put in numbers and calculate equivalent so I can convert everything to equivalents and have been doing research in different countries to do to succeed with the stats are the been doing that so will get a lot more research to do, but I'm enjoying the research can weird you know I enjoy that kind of thing for me.

It's fun for me to interesting thing a lot more research to do another releasing information. The working also on expanding my my science outline of science, evolution, things like that over the months I have been expanding and I developed outlines and I probably have 15 or 20 outlines right now Islam and the Bible interpretations of biblical apologetics. The case for objective morality, philosophy, stuff of philosophy out of Catholicism. The canon slavery to do is put information in this place because my job requires that I look a great deal of information at my fingertips and what I do is where I read books I can go to bed and read for a half-hour and read my Kindle and I underlying stuff the negative in the morning to my desktop and I transfer information and comments and put fully documented into various outlines and so I'm working on the evolution one lately while I've also been working on the Eastern Orthodox one and my Roman Catholicism outline is so I think is 170 or hundred and 80 pages right now. Evolution one they didn't want his other science one sites in evolution and the that one is it's only 34 pages. This is a nap by 11 and the scroll about halfway done and doing all kinds of stuff radiometric dating country through dating results river erosion rates, volcanic activity. Things are really been enjoying is studying the galaxies in the universe the Big Bang and its problems. Dark matter and dark energy is reading about last that last night and to me it's soon I got problems that I enjoy reading that stuff. I enjoy it. I would much rather go to a lecture on the anthropic principle that God will foot basketball game. If someone said hey look, here's tickets in the front row of the football this for basketball. That or you will lecture on the anthropic principle is note the date the anthropic think and I know I got issues. As my wife says to ask her what would you marry me for reason is that she's got issues. She couldn't discern too much.

I guess it's what you love is blind with the ladies and when you are young and have apps in a ghetto I wife all of my apps but now just have ab anyway, I'm rambling.

If you want to give him a call 877-207-2276 were going, apologetics, and tonight I'm teaching on relations.

Chapter 3 working on my outline notes for that as well been looking for a few days and I teach, usually at 930 Eastern time is what kind of work because here in Idaho is two hour difference in the so that would've been been working on and on and stuff like that. One of the things I plan to talk about tonight with some introduce here is is the differences between strict merit condign merit and congruent merit. I thought I would talk about that a little bit because it's material logically based in what this means us into rheology the doctrine of salvation. So how are we saved because I'm going to Galatians chapter 3 is a lot of information there about the contrast between the law and faith. Biblically speaking, we are justified by faith alone in Christ alone and Roman Catholics deny that the Eastern Orthodox deny that the Mormons deny that the Jehovah's Witnesses deny that Alan.because of that, among other issues. All of those groups are false teaching false gospel that cannot be saved in their sins with a false gospel.

So the issue here becomes what is justification in one of the things I found interesting lately is in Eastern orthodoxy.

They don't have a doctrine of imputation because they deny it flat out denied to reality to impute means to reckon to another's account so if I wrote you a check for $10 you deposited it then that check or that value is imputed.

It's transferred legally to your account doesn't imputation this and the Eastern Orthodox have discovered what they teach is that Adam's sin is not imputed to us as Romans 519 says it is what they deny that they instead say that we lost that we would her image of God in us was affected and and a lesson, and the fellowship with God that relationship with God was destroyed. And so what Jesus did in the crosses he enabled the re-establishing of that relationship and that through works and your faith. You can be saved. You can become justified.

Justification is a legal act where you are declared righteous.

According to the law and that's found in Romans chapter 4 verse five to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness is exactly what it is that's to my notes but that's what it means to be justified by faith.

Now all false religions add works to the finished work of Christ all false religions do that every false religion, will say that your faith in God and/or Christ. Plus what you do demonstrates the truth of your faith and you have to do these good works to get that position earned with God that is demonic doctrine.

The reason it is is because the Bible tells us having therefore been justified by faith, and of what is a Scripture say Abraham believed God was credited to him as righteousness of the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. These verses like this go on, she can understand something we cannot add anything to the finished work of who God is, when you have a faulty view of God, you can have a faulty view of Christ defaulted view of Christ to a faulty view of salvation know that's the case with the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Christian scientist and the muscles of a difference here with Catholicism is they understand they do teach very well what the truth is about the Trinity and the person of Christ. And so what they have done is look at their tradition as the EO does Eastern Orthodox look at the tradition and they judge Scripture by tradition, which tradition the tradition of the church fathers, which is literally thousands and thousands and thousands of pages literally thousands of pages of written material and there are just iron out maybe how many church fathers are architecturally good question I think is less than 100, but they just pick and choose which ones are the authentic ones which the criteria there picking and choosing their presuppositions about what they think the church is supposed to be.

So if they are what's called soul Iglesia the church as above Scripture and the that's where we we error when you take your eyes off of God, and you put them on tradition or councils instead of the word of God is the final authority you end up in error and when you it and then it's like Satan who said to Eve, did God really say doubting the word of God reminds me of of 58 article Roman of the Mormon church which says that that the Bible is correct, insofar as this click correctly translated the words the authenticity and reliability of it is doubted just like Satan caused that doubt and Eve and then when you doubt the word of God will than if you know you believe something else, and the implication is that God is not capable of ensuring that his word is actually preserved and that mere mortals are able to thwart the work of God in his written form which he wants everybody to have in the Roman Catholic Church in Eastern Orthodox to my just utter amazement they don't put the word of God is the final authority because come from God that they put their own understanding of what they think church history says. And so they come up with things like strict merit condign merit and congruent merit.

Strict merit is a reward due to an agreement or contract, so if I were to say to you hey you can do so much work for me for $10 an hour you do 10 hours work the next day. Strict merit issue and there's a compensatory rate you get exactly what is been agreed upon. So $10 for 10 hours as $100 and the person of both the worker and the get the paper. The employer are obligated and the one who gives that reward of work is not really a reward. It's a wage and its obligated strict merit condign merit is something different.

This is what they used to get around the idea of strict of works righteousness is reward for an action because of God's promise to reward good works to a person is in God's grace. Such a believer who is working with God and God promises to reward that person with certain blessings. If he if he or she does what he supposed to do and also resolve God's obligated to give that to congruent merit its regards reward based on his kindness, but it's not owed, and it's for those who were not in his grace so he doesn't obligate himself to reward an unbeliever, but he obligates himself to reward a believer and so condign merit for the believer congruent is for the unbeliever and God will reward people not because he's obligates them to the to the unbelievers, but because he does to the believers, and though it's not strictly earned by the believer. God obligates himself and then they call this the kind of merit that brings salvation, and so it's just a fancy way of saying well, you get salvation. What you do. People are so entrenched in the idea that they have to do something. It's an arrogant foolishness. Do you think that you are able and any way shape or form to be able to add to the finished work of Christ on the cross.

He did everything that was necessary. This is why were justified by faith, not by faith in something we do. This is how God is present in all false religions vertebrae get through the lines give me a call if you want 877207 right back after that I call 77077 Matt/I sure route.

One God needed it all creating their yes okay. It also said a wise man will grow to go to your house or dig down to the rock to get a good foundation right now you will yes suggest.

Brody God is all wise stated that Jesus created the heaven and earth took her time to greater talk foundation for her and so therefore he didn't do the creation of electronic Arbor Day betook some length of time. I don't know how long. Only God knows the case so give occasion the question is, don't you agree that the Bible are things that I some longtime created heaven and earth. I don't know how long it was so I don't have a problem with the B 24 hour periods with that would be a hypocrite in a 24 hour day and chose not to dig down to rock foundation will have time to dig down to rock the nest. What is the what is digging down to rock have to do with how long it took God to create because you say you're going to build a house to big-time decisions that are automatic you not connecting all that statement necessitates on interpretation of Scripture to require longer. Your shoulder. You have to abridge that. She created heaven and earth.

Why would a girl drink together in 24 days by Whitney and then Joe lasted big-time to good to go silicone I just took does not take time for or did not take time for God to create you and to take. I hear that H and so so there's nothing in your argument that necessitates any problem can so nothing okay.

The mass to do younger time to get started foundation, the Massenet how Debbie would take the time to make a hole in some asked how old you think the earth is I don't know if saying it much thought ordering about the masks. Do you believe that Jesus is God in flesh.

Can you affirm the Trinity, the dock of the Trinity, one God in three distinct central to consult a good and I'm not writing about. You think I'm just verifying and you also affirm that our salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone are sensitive okay good okay well there's nothing there's nothing in your logic that requires coherence between one statement in another statement for conclusion. Your syllogism is not founded and not logically necessary syllogism errors. It is statements with the conclusion. So an example the proper syllogism would be all men are mortal. That's premise one premise to Socrates was a man that's premise to and then conclusion would be. Therefore, Socrates was mortal. This is a proper syllogism, but okay well get the statements hacked in a supposedly note it and so your syllogism is is not necessary.

Okay your hair saying it. God chose the ticket trying to do the job right yes and how much time does it take to do it right or crazy earth okay move along her bleed with the author some risk. Move along cell with Artie McCall folks 877-207-2276 Simon from Norway.

Welcome your on the air I met earlier that year and a good meeting with Eli I Ayala denominational apologetic court and yeah both Eli Ayala revealed apologetic and I know realize great guys.

You are in the and I told you probably ask what I say is whenever you say his last name and select a Muslim call to war. He gets a kick that I might question you know I'm I'm I'm I'm impolitic and I also would be true to my Lord and Savior Christ and a biblical authority and in all areas of life – sometimes I'm faced with the challenge that them because the Bible can be interpreted in so many ways. Therefore, not authoritative. I just cut the interpreted different ways and is not authoritative.

I guess any law can be interpreted anyway so therefore that that means that it doesn't have any authority right is not logically this not much okay well you know what are trying to get at it. You know that well because you can fade. Interpret the Scriptures bid it differently. They don't apply to politics or to other areas is ridiculous at all that that's ridiculous. First of all, always ask for definitions okay what is it mean to interpret anything to say that this is the Scriptures and they say everything interpreted differently. There's truth in that all anybody could interpret differently, but it doesn't mean that those interpretations are valid. For example, in John 1111 32 when says Jesus wept right, what is it me, okay.

Does it mean that sequences Jesus with her to find that Jesus wept. I hate it when I for I use a versatile time help and then I can I forget what the addresses so what Jesus wept right and so what does it mean by this. Interpret to mean something else. It means that he was actually looking into the heavens at a UFO that is a valid interpretation know it's not 1135. Will that in that interpretation.

How about he was looking at the or a thermocline of the ocean that about interpretation messages. This interpretation about well you know he stubbed his flexion climbing a rock looking at the grave that I was crying.

Is that a valid point.

She just because he will say it can be interpreted different ways doesn't mean that it can. So here also. When people say to me. Oh you not I could do this regularly you will be done discussing this with the public be interpreted anyway you want to go and I'll save them.

Really, you think I'm handsome. I did know that I appreciate that Nick Nick say what is to let and then the site know I was so you can achieve the Bible that why I got no no I don't have that much money, but thanks you don't legally talk about in a safe, well if the Bible can be interpreted in the way that I could interpret your sentences.

Anyway Is not more than what is the rule applied in our discussion but not in Scripture right that they have virtual headlines 877207276 we read that folks that like why call 770776 charismatic slave back show this Québec assignment from Norway. Simon welcome you on your job a quick trip about what they will. What version of the entity are you a love that you isolate the biblical one and the look that if they say if this it will. How do you know will. How would you know because I'm on the you know, I can say I miss that is for 41 years and I got a seminary degree you can say that that's it. You know where you can get off saying that how we understand the Scriptures is not true what standard you have a which you can judge what is true or not. Just because people have different opinions of things doesn't mean there isn't a truth out there. What are they ultimately say you think that's is shooting fish in a barrel with you know Which version of Christianity into one of things you can do is save give me some examples of those versions. They might say well there's Lutheran and Presbyterian and I'll say okay so what are the differences because your center different versions that I want to know if you understand with the essentials of the Christian faith are and plus Romans 14 one through 12 says we can have differences of opinion on debatable issues likely worship on Saturday or Sunday will that's okay Bible says both my have a denomination based on the difference but doesn't mean a not Christian, so the essentials of the faith are different. So I think I think you know what those essentials are which we justify what is and is not Christian. To begin with Luke when we complaining about if you don't know these things don't make statement you can't backup that I do with atheists all the time people raises arguments because what you're doing is it so that Alaska's necessary excuse me.

Have a question. The house is what website are you reading these questions from the statements because you're obviously not doing your reading anything and say well I don't know. I don't know if you are not you call me a liar. You know what you don't. As unbelievers aren't bound by truth so I know what you are doing, but I just him and ask you this if if you can make the statements.

Can you back them up. I'll tell you, you start talking like this with them. They will back away because they will implode. They can't backup with a sense of simple, apologetic right so the first first thing is you want to define their terms. Have them clarify what they're saying. The second thing you do is use logic in Scripture to validate or invalidate those statements. That's what you do definitions and you Scripture okay you do this all downright know this all day to do this with with the cingulate and liberals and people who don't know how to think clearly and properly and then they just don't resort to agenda and emotionalism. Yeah, I have the additional calendar reading it. The apologetic literature in English and apply it in my mother tongue, or we didn't.

Another hurdle when you know what I said great good we could always use translations into Norwegian so you know and the people you would translate to a great deal process. They need you to call her.

I thought the mall give small thunders and stuff like that. Okay. Hope it benefit the military option will God bless 20 yeah I'll get right. I okay let's get to Rogers North Carolina. Roger welcome and I would not do all right.

I do, but forget quick question with the law see that Israel I'm assuming from Ron to that that would be anybody that you know one with spirits is that correct. It looks like a lost sheep of the house of Israel house of Israel deals with the national aspect.

Sheep are the people of God and so Jesus said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel have always wondered about that.

What exactly does that mean the house of Israel means the nation of Israel under a covenant requirement and aspect the lost sheep. Sheep are as Jesus says in John 10 that his sheep hear his voice, so it could be that he was sent into foldaway 1 Covenantal Way to the house of Israel, but it looks like it was sent to those people in the house of Israel who are ultimately the sheep of God who did not yet know him yet. I was looking around to the end of that and you know it that you know and you would not want him out of the but it went in early circuit of the art talking with those very versus Bible study absolutely and am also in Romans Matthew 10 six where Jesus sent them out. He says don't go in the way the Gentiles do not enter any city of the Samaritans, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Divorce will wait a minute what the Jesus the blonde haired black Caucasian surfer dude you know he wont let everybody he said he would say that psych was glad to everybody now. He says not the Gentiles, and not the Samaritans only to Israel because the covenant requirement and then when they broke the covenant. And we did Gentiles are grafted in, so I think the lost sheep are those people who God is calling God has given because he sent given to Christ. Because Jesus says in John 1027 my sheep hear my voice and I know, so I think this is going on but I could be wrong.

Okay the monitor correct rental. God bless what the what the new radio program, worked on the politics know it can calculate out there that's a lot of propaganda out there no is no you like the email with a link okay to inflict on the rug. My wife showed me last night you you know who Evan Costello were right so you know who's on first, someone did that and took the dialogue and about facemasks and vaccinations and it it was really good dialogue.

It shows a ridiculousness when you me to go in there who's been vaccinated. Yes, but didn't have a master can't because of the mass works yes what they do.

The vaccination is a needed you.

It just illogic and it goes on and on and I enjoyed it so that there overheated outline people and markets are not vaccinated going on the work related time was going on.

This is something that's happening in our country is called totalitarianism. It's a system of government where the state has the authority, the power over the people and the power rests either in a single individual or small group of people opposition parties in that state are not allowed. This is why the Democrats are trying to flood our country with illegals from all over the place against the law in order to get them to because of all socialistic they know that an individual opposition is not allowed either state issued identification is needed for travel, political oppression of practice along with censorship of contrary ideas, confiscation of weapons, mass surveillance, and often with secret police or state led indoctrination in the media and the schools along with severe restrictions on religious freedom. That's totalitarianism and that's what's happening here in America but you are right that morale, but that you two men published all right we go.

Let's get to see that would be Alberto from Georgia Hill Darrell Locke appeared on the map like what dollar than past 30 minutes a day. I don't find it in and find prophecies in the Bible file and all that non-ionic family probably able, but not if they will be overthrown by foreign nations like Dino is mom and will completely eradicate any deplorable evidence of United States you know and completely eliminate anything that United States in the past so that, with the starving name the country would accommodate on Islamic name is country near future. Maybe another three years from now. So that's my question to the question. My question is why when we went we not expect be overthrown and never think the years, but the thymic or or, is country and be named as continent.

What might get up, and his name more common on economic gain well but had at the rate is going yeah it's being overthrown.

Now this is not the same country have no we had freedom to to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated free.

The public medicines you want in your body is penalizing. If you don't do that. We have people in government who are full of lies who are not upholding our laws of this kind of thing.

That means that you can't trust the government anymore and personally is my opinion I don't trust election results is too many issues that I'm having problems with trust so how is this going to go say what we get back I'll tell you the United States is mentioned in the Bible unfolds right back after the mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave of irregular care.

All right, so I do believe the United States is mentioned in the Bible since Zechariah 12 three were God says it will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples, all who lifted will be severely injured and all the nations of the earth will be gathered against United States is included in all the nations of the earth.

This means that the United States can fall into ungodliness even further than it is as could turn its back on the people of God, and God himself and when this happens, God's judgment will come upon the nation as is predicted in Scripture that when nations turned their back on God in war against him and his people that God curses those nations not heard a minute there one time to thank you for keeping nation gold nations.

Not all naked gold will allow Christ that locally Israel without the right and I like yourself should any of my sheep, nations, goat nations, things like that United States is to solicit if it deal with.

So anyway the unit were in trouble as a central in the prophecies that you know when we don't know to what extent because it can be that people inside of nation are godly. God blesses them. But the leaders of the nation are ungodly and then they gather against Israel doesn't mean that every individual in the United States will be evil or apostate does mean that the nation itself will come against God and his and and we who are alive inside that nation or remainder may not face persecution, or we may or may not okay okay thank you Are impeccably all right, let's get to Bruce from North Carolina. Bruce welcome around here mad daylight and a dollar short by a day or two ago you're talking about the Trinity and on mentor call, but I didn't get to it. What I wanted to mention to you is a great book I read a few years ago called delighting in the Trinity and I get the guys first name and last name is more MO Re: age of the British L you may have read that book to have you forget I called that it is a great book that really blessed my life with an understanding more about the Trinity. Well, I haven't heard of it and looking at it right now. At least Michael Reeves said, settling the Trinity introduction and I'm sorry. I guess that's all right as good friend of mine. He is a good friend of mine. 11.

Winston-Salem is a name is stated last night initialed a is when I gave it to me to give me some good luck 70 on the not really. I really enjoyed it in the back.

It emphasized it was a great fellowship among the Trinity and God greeted us to expand that fellowship yes and I know exactly talking about and that he's a great guy's do with the last initial E Batson talked many times yet.

In fact, I'm actually doing a series I just started on Tuesday on my patriotic count from going through the doctrine of the Trinity will be discussing the nature of the Trinity and the eternal intra-Trinitarian communion that necessitates that only through the Trinitarian sin is directly only through the doctrine of the Trinity. Can you abandon or you can refute or answer the objections of the nature of personhood duality and personhood doesn't work has to be Trinitarian them.

Explain that and also the eternal nature, fellowship, and why marriage reflects the Trinity why everything ultimately reflects the Trinity, and only the Trinity can the issue of the one in the many be realized what that means is you have a table you can have a table in your house or my house or anybody else's house. There's one concept called table. But the minute manifestations. What is it that unites the one concept in different particulars.

This is a very serious discussion and has a lot of ramifications to it and it it is grounded only in the doctrine of the Trinity. Other theological perspectives Mormonism as witnesses this month can't account for it, along with other things, other going into that very very much. That's great.I did not get it at reference. I appreciate my joy anyone in your dog so what I wish you and Becky. But the good work you to man. God bless and thanks appreciate you. Take care.

All right, all right, now let's see that's lungs waiting is Paul from Tennessee Paul welcome you are on the year. Well brother already met all right by God's grace we got in, not earlier. Now how do you get by God. Great when he said given to Manley but given as if it's a substance or as if it's a movement of God upon someone well but we got a fever though that you can only you got to know that they were there. That would, in all that is will okay you answer my question.

When you say what you did, given grace given is that a substance or is it a movement of God would help which we are you defining vomit will you just made a statement and asked you to clarify your statement and you want to state to do that I could define grace premise and I wrote no, I'm assuming that you hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on hold. I would hold on, I'm assuming that your Roman Catholic is not the case. I'm not going are you, the survival of the okay what church you go to.

I'm a believer I'm uglier right now I go to church fundamental that okay so grave is defined as the unmerited favor of God that is given to worked upon a person in the sense of God's movement.

God's action upon whom it is not deserved is is received by the individual in a beneficial way of the white weenies it beneficial to what he says in his word is not a coherent question to me well know that we hear the gospel legally. That would be beneficial yeah but you talk with you. Should grace be very specific when you talk like this after school in grace. God is gracious, but God grants to be belief liquids 129 so wouldn't you then agree that that is a gracious movement of God upon the believer to grant that he believes out of the granite wall is by the preaching of the word of God. Ephesians estimate Galatians and Romans 116 and also Romans 10, nine and 10, but the means of his preaching the gospel to God grants the act of us believing exactly God's, and it does to us and granted to us grants we believe is called heiress passive indicative you have been granted to believe means it got her from any action upon us with between 20 okay them out of the God willed it all he commands her own every time we act 1730 but he does not grant that repentance to everyone because he does grant people repented 2nd to 25 Sweden granddaughter that outline for you. Look at the guidelines we go to work for and I said well that the golf book.

It felt exactly God of this world is blighted, the unbelievers right yet because they do not delete yeah they don't believe because it's consistent with their sinfulness. Jesus says you cannot come to him… Been granted to you from the father.

John 665 you think is just up to the sinner's free will and is perfectly capable of believing in God just needs a right info.

Is that what you believe. Now, I believe. I believe there is a requirement getting out.

You have to have an unbeliever Dubai when the Bible says no one seeks for God. No one does good robust 310 1011 when no one understand the things of God perspectives to 14. How is it possible to very open and I'm asking a question. How does an unbeliever. You not house and unable to do that. You're not how does an unbeliever do that when the Bible says he can't wear the Bible every good and perfect gift comes from God.

Okay, that's what the Bible tells us down. God grants to be really hard okay you got me finish. God grants that we believe he grants us repentance.

This is the work of God to hope in God can only be because of God's grace upon us. Okay, but the problem I have tried virion. My position is biblical is not humanistic like you versus non-my back. I guess it is no your design. This directive is humanistic ISU question approve it. What's your final final issue of salvation is it based upon the sinner's free will or God's sovereign act upon. Which is it right. God. So if I asked you what specifically is it based upon man's free will is a sinner or in God's sovereign work upon the sinner which one is the ultimate authority that that narrow. I believe in God threat that is in our humanist. No I am not work your entry. Your humanist outfit all that enrollment is that not meant we know that the whole creation on the suffers and pains of childbirth till now.

That's Romans 822. I know God that we cannot save our felt on your part. I don't believe that I bought for a coherent requirement you now putting together we have a requirement you God grants us faith and give it all dizzy yet yes he does every measure of faith.

But the saving faith in God grants to us is given to open God is a cobranded question is a question if it's up to the person's free will and their sinfulness. Why does Jesus say you cannot come to him with his granted to you from the father has a heart we let my aunt lived at work and I didn't have a question you not answer my question is Hebrews 244 that you can understand look. The issue is if it's up to the sinner's free will. Why is it that Jesus says you cannot come to him unless God granted to you. John 665.

Why is he saying that if it's up to persons free will why you buy the land where could you call that Paul tomorrow.

I'd love to talk more about this correct you humanistic philosophy that you're using God's word because you are giving call back tomorrow hopefully will have a conversation. Yes, the Lord bless you by his grace back there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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