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August 21, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 21, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the situation in Afghanistan.--2- Matt discusses the help that CARM is to international missionaries, particularly in Africa.--3- Matt discusses his upcoming article on self defense and Christians.--4- Why are false teachers -especially on TV- so popular---5- Why would you leave a church over the issue of eternal security---6- Can women be pastors---7- Will the current earth be re-made or utterly destroyed and the new earth created from scratch-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is more, you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches called to respond 770-7276 Matt slick, show me Matt slick match would live in hope you can there with me here took off like something in the gutter cost right is the intro music was going so to do with it for 20 McCall all your to do was dial 877-207-2276 and save you some stuff going on here.

Yeah when thinking about some to talk about but don't look at McCall okay five open lines 87720722760 would hear from you. You can watch us on all matter so much going on with you Afghanistan and the oh so many things do you prefer the Christians out there folks there are missionaries in Afghanistan right now and who are under threat and you know I just want you to lift them up in prayer.

God knows who they are because the administration just failed miserably. If you see the videos is mayhem over there.

We do pray for God's work to be done but it's always pretty bad over there. Don't know how much you've seen the news go to Instagram and you can look there and or some other sources as well, and some of the present links in here during the chat and I can discover much more to go to look main news media really isn't covering as much as is, needs to be done. It's in with the whole point is to pray for the missionaries and pray for a government truly important.

We pray for Biden, Harris, Pelosi and I'm serious. Pray for them because we need to have God's will done with the nation with our nation. Which reminds me, I am working on an article and an interesting topic.

Do Christians have the right of self-defense and the reason I'm writing this is because liver missionaries in Africa is is concerned because Muslims are going through the land. Winter nations killing Christians and salon.

The pastor just I just don't do anything just be killed and the question is do Christians have a right of self-defense. In my view is absolutely yes.

I started writing this article about three weeks ago and I've been very slow in finishing it because I know that when people read it to get some feedback and I know that some people in Africa are getting printed up because apparently a lot of people use the card website in Africa.

In fact, there are missionaries who go around with karmic material, meeting with pastors and training them out of the car material and with one of things you been using a lot is the karma statement of faith and it is very succinct is got a lot of Bible references. Please go through this are teaching out of and him. Apparently there are pastors who have no training whatsoever.

Just partition the Bible and that's all they know and then the Mormons come in the jeweler's witnesses command Catholics come in and then people with positive confession come in and just bring false gospels all over the place and they don't know anything and so what are missionaries of he was telling me that and he knows his stuff.

Like I interviewed him and train and got check amount is going. Dr. degree in theology and and make sure he knew what he was talking about and he said a lot of pastors were were saying teaching the congregation as an example that as long as you're just a good person or sincerely pray, do good works you be okay to make it to heaven and he had to correct them as it's a false gospel and he wasn't accusing them of heresy was a thing is not the Bible teaches, and they didn't know if it will show us and that he would teach them and so we are sending him money for printer so that he can get a printer and before he does of the second printer we provided for different places different countries in and in Africa one in Malawi one in some Nigeria and we have some interconnections as well. Around Africa that are slowly developing and so the love the karmic material because it's succinct.

It's to the point you have to go to a lot of websites I'm doing research on various things and you know on on with the Orthodox position on whatever and you read half the page for you to answer and had always just drove me crazy.

You don't get in the first sentence or to give the answer of the issues that then back it up and slightly like about karma. It's as quick and slick. They print these articles up and they take him out and they go distribute them and teach groups with the karma articles.

This is happened in of North Vietnam. You know that our success just a Vietnam it happened. It had another countries as well were people print the articles and going to tribes going to bring areas and teach Bible studies out of them. So now what they're doing is using the current statement of faith and I put the statement of faith in a word document so they can print that up and in the conformity to the paper size that they have where they are. Distribute the information and so this is been useful but nevertheless in our discussions. Turns out that the Muslims are coming in looking for Christians to kill the question then becomes, do the Christians have the right to defend themselves and I said yes they do.

They have the right to defend themselves, not the obligation, to this big difference in with some company or home, you have the right to defend your family absolutely right to defend yourself. Absolutely nothing in the Bible says… The Bible promotes that kind of thing you become someone comes in at night in your home and tooth steel and there's a battle. Whatever it is it's it says and he dies you not be held guilty so there are verses like this in the Old Testament, and believe it or not.

Jesus is by the sword in the New Testament, and I know about when Peter drew the sword and cut off noxious year Jesus healed him and said put your sword away. He didn't say get rid of your swords and Bobby said, put away because that was the time for defense and also Jesus when in the temple and he overturned the temple tables and he uses violence to do it.

Now that the right talk about that with people there did Jesus wouldn't be violent. Absolutely, he made a scorch of cords and what that is is you take up so you take much rope say 2 feet long and you can do that when you can screw my throat hurts our he could have a series of cords you can cut a rope with a knife pit of a knife.

There they would have them for various reasons and make a hook get to 223456 cords about the links of rope about 232 half feet long and then holding together new palm and use meso as a whip, all together in your hand. You can wrap something around it and is called a scorch and it's not a lethal weapon, but he used to drive them out of the temple and this is what it says he used a scorch and he drove them out of the temple and a lot of people just don't know know know Jesus is the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude he would never do thing like that and yes he did so that something that's it. You don't.

To put into this in this article.

When do we fight what's the right so here's a question have to do with these kind of things. Let's say that the people are coming into your home to assault you because you're Christian you have the right of self-defense and you don't have the right to go once they leave and they go back to their homes. You will find them and then kill him for events you don't have the right to do that, but what you do if they're on their way to your house to fight you.

Can you stop them. Then when it's imminent and that's a visual working through as well. I'm careful about this article because I'm surprised some of the things I found called apostle used legal means for his defense. He used arguments for his defense. Jesus told the disciples oscilloscope and via sword and most commentators believe it was for self-defense.

So there is a difference between persecution of one's faith and random violence. There's a difference between that and from having to work through all these things in the articles become 3300 words and so when it's released I know the people to be using it in Third World countries.

So I'm very cautious about this because I'm not advocating violence. I say that repeatedly and pieces is not attainable. We always want to seek peace if it's not attainable, then we can use force to defend ourselves and her daughter concept defend others because that's one of the admonitions of Scripture is the command for the people of God to defend the helpless when you do that and how far to go with that so it's it's become quite a topic and I'm really do a lot of research on it and any feedback on it. Let me know. You can email me at universes. The stuff I found items of war in self-defense using the Old Testament techniques of war in self-defense using the Old Testament, such as ambush appealing to the Lord attacking defending using groups siege. Various think of still researching through that so how much of it carries over New Testament and under one context so there you go. A lot of the stuff I'm studying for you to call for open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Alberta from Georgia. Welcome on their name at Lake Cricket here in America are so every way. A order to win marital bamboozle about false teachers on TV. What would when he got so many preachers would be scheduled throughout 24 hours a day on TV and radio and we got so much resources and become Bible translation why people told easily babble about the work faith teaches on TV. Other thoughts that he got features in it. We form every formal man all that wide artwork. They are so bamboo because I studied the Bible and the preachers and teachers are themselves. A lot of them are not teaching the truth of God's word. We have false teachers out there and we have people who are not who are not studying the word of God and taking it seriously because our way of doing things is to call on the phone to have food delivered to us and 02 stretch out in our recliners with our remote controls are used to being comforted overuse to an easy life. And so what we like to do is go to church and and relax and and be told that God loves us. We told that things are okay that we get wrapped up before everything gets bad and don't worry about it. So there is no necessity in this kind of a thing to equip Christians for the work of ministry.

It's largely babysitting issues and that's something I missed any good for long time so I believe that the Christians closely equipped for the work of ministry sufficient forces that equip means doctrinal knowledge, apologetics, knowledge, prayer and spiritual how to help others out of counsel or do all kind of stuff. The work of ministry, because the people are equipped for different things by God, they need to study those things and the that's my view on it for. I think one more quick. I heard up with patient today right that Barbie trials you'll fusion and all that are critical to go to that that we do expect that and we know that and all that but… Now there then at the end of the match. They state that these strong don't matter what platform I heard the police have false doctrine and strong. The matter what you want to fan strong every good enough so the people standing strong. But if the break for open lines folks 877-207-2276 chemical mats like why call 770776.

Back to the show for open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 chemical let's get back to Alberto okay now you there yet there alright so what happens to those who are very strong in your faith, or believing in something false right right I go to hell like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. Those in which assigns those in unity hi Islam and Catholicism use orthodoxy if they believe in a false God or false gospel that are doomed to have all the faith and in the world and want, but faith is only as good as we will. In the case of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims have a false God, and along the Christian science. But EO is Orthodox and Roman Catholicism 50s a false gospel so they both lost both groups, but what about your note, your neck hurt old school are not old will, but it will you believe what you believe a true yet membership after portability to quadrate what you believe based on what you wouldn't believe what is true what they Scripture.

But what denomination taught them, but based on folate got word you see how the times as pastors do know what you're talking about and you gotta be careful because I do have a habit of studying the called by God to be in a position that is not to say that every single pastor is doing a great job and were once in a bad job. There's really good ones out there and some not so good with but we need to be careful that we don't put our own understanding above Scripture or you deliver pastor unless it's quite obvious of the past are teaching something on biblical, which it did take some training takes knowledge and and stuff like that and things so it's assuming that we have to work with, and be careful with and stuff, etc. but what about the car and get it up all that you and you know like the Apple eternal security medical doctor yet got both my character got the all other bad habits are hard to believe when an L on the five point who believes in is a baptism as a covenant sign not for salvation was a covenant sign and also leave posterior ablation rapture and I go to a church where they don't believe any of that. And the pastor. I think a circuit teach that you can lose your salvation know that to me is a serious issue and that is the case that method disassociate myself on that one because I have a particular view about that I think is pretty serious and so you other Matt at exit week have the ability to to to join in the essentials to be able to decide where to draw the line for me in the debatable issue that I got to the line on the external security because if you can lose your salvation and I want to know what you do to keep it in and that then your salvation depends upon you, and I think that's too close to a false gospel. So that's why we have problems with that, at the sea. You ask the questions okay. All right. Thank you. Start okay all right Douglas what was Alberto got nobody waiting right now is been asked slow couple of days ago to give me a call 877-207-2276 tonight and think about starting on a patriotic count on dealing the cottage with the dock of the Trinity on in depth study. I have been working on a statement on the Trinity for a while now and what the one who God is and I think it's like 300 words and is not meant to be just verbose placement to be detailed enough to be able to describe accurately the true living God, so that in debates with atheists who often misrepresent God.

I can say look this is the position of marketing from if you argue for anything other than that, that's not a position is like this one. This guy debated last week.

He would skip saying that the Trinity is three separate gods and I thought about it when citizens stood looking for, not to debate the real issue that we don't have a debate because there is debate's I know it's regards.

I know more about what you believe that you do equity after he said Mike – you know, I wrote this poem and so at that point I think of something to do that. I think it is a K were done in your life in our the issue your to solve someplace else of the strategic something of probably start that tonight and my statement is like 300 words long, and I probably will think about doing this is going 1 to 3 statements inside of their senses at a time and doing that we will start tonight or next week and try make them your PowerPoint and friendly and everything signal watch many Rick. It's a big undertaking and will see how it goes because I want to build and equip people. I want to be able to teach them and I want Christian to be equipped with the word of God.

It's really a problem now living that might be without a persecution in the issue of of self-defense and the reason I just switched is because I'm looking at the feed.

The video feed and we have some new people in the room. I can see and what happened was stream of nesting guard, but YouTube suspended my ability to stream yard this show to stream the show live to YouTube, I can still apparently still upload videos but I can't stream and so that if you go to the homepage on karma, believe that will happen.

There is you won't be able to see the lifestream have to go elsewhere like Matt slick, a Facebook page or Matt slick on his karma Facebook page and should work and the YouTube Facebook page should work as well and so what were doing is doing with this. This mild persecution that has already come to us and it's because I'd much as the thought: in vaccines. It is mentioned that you know I'm doing research on it and I am doing some pretty in-depth research and a lot of statistics and so is Matt slick live go to on YouTube that does this look like you two were domestic live on the on Facebook. I guess only things going on anything else. And so anyway they have penalized me for that because there certain kinds of information that the left allows certain kinds of information it doesn't you.

Did you know that twitter has been Pres. Trump but is allowing the Caliban and the leaders the Taliban to use Twitter in their movement is taking over Afghanistan hypocrisy. This is the thing about the left full hip and you think that there to treat us fairly.

Not good health and in fact, that reminds me something else.

Stand up what was its visiting some of the time with that is my wife, she's listening. I joined the group last night and advertise this. I stand up. Oh, where is it shows a little venture to be in a motel using Facebook group standing up for our rights in standing up for stuff we need to build a do this and I am all for us standing and in righteousness, standing up for our rights and standing against the liberalism the communism. The socialism is scripting in our country and this is a Christian issue because the Bible denounces socialism and communism, and it does teach believer not capitalism and we are to defend ourselves as well as helpless and if the left gains more and more control they will penalize Christians I'm waiting for a certain group to call Carmen a hate group and then have PayPal defund us so this is what we have in the face and were trying to work behind the scenes or to get things going. This is the cost of that were having the face here karma the Galactic headquarters. This ministry as well for the lines in a breakup enough difficult 87720722761 hear from you so give a call with Matt slick live call 770776 is Matt slick back a short one is good to Roger from North Carolina. Roger welcome you on here with you buddy. Okay, you meant. And about it, knowing it hurt when he said that Colette had a conversation that's update on the low Mike Brandon.

He does not believe in. He completely if that's the case, even though I have free will is not true and understand issues that the harder comment and I was trying to dig a little deeper, getting in file. You know what was the heir of that with what you say why would you leave your church over that I would leave it. Most probably, if I would talk to the leadership and said you believe you very teaching salvation. The said yes. What must you do to keep it that and if they give me a list.

I'm leaving after rebuke them physical sale list I mean is when you go to remain faithful and you can't send too much effort will come down to you to do the right things within that salvation by works, and that's what it comes down to select Ascom now the Lutheran group says you can lose your salvation, but is very difficult to do it and they have a different position. They say that God's graces is incredible and we will keep you when you pursue you but if you continue to reject then you can end up losing your salvation in this aged. That's difficult, but possible. So that's of that position, which is a bit different, but if someone said well you know you soon enough what what what what sin enough. What would you gotta do need this list and if they say we don't know. Don't so you can lose your salvation you don't know what you have to do to keep it or lose it, and how do you know you have it or not. If you don't even have a list of people think I'm too strict on this, but this is the issue what you do to keep it if you can lose it. That's what I want to ask that.

That's a conversation about having and the ghetto. You know you can lose it while you hello it's up to my free will to believe or not my aunt Kenny and that you know that the theology if you not in my mind that the yellow understanding humanism, yet he setting himself above God noted, the Bible says in Proverbs 21 one God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go in Luke 24, 45, Jesus opened their minds to understand the Scriptures in acts 1614 God open the mind of the heart of Lydia to believe and accept the things spoken of by Paul. We are born again. John 113 so when you remember not of your own will and it says that this is a big one lot of people they think it's all up to you and your free will and it's not the unbelievers, free will is free. Everybody has free will. They can choose to do with they want, but the Bible says the unbelievers are going to act consistently with his nature. He's fallen. He's a hater of God who does no good seek for God.

Romans 310, 11, 12. He cannot receive spiritual things first contents 214 he's dead in his trespasses and sins. Ephesians 21 is by nature a child of wrath.

Ephesians 23 the heart is desperately wicked deceitful cannot be trusted.

Jeremiah 17 you notice what the Bible says and so Jesus says and here's an aversion to memorize to John 665 Jesus says you cannot come to me unless is been granted to you from the father.

Now you ask him if it's up your free will dissociate you understand it when he does understand free will, really, is then why is it you can't come to Christ unless it's granted to you by the father that that's John 65 okay the level no one can know the father knowing that you do. The premise of the 27th. It's very good.

In Luke 1022 parallel that's very good. Check this out this is John 112 and 13 but as many as received him that we do we receive Christ we do to them he gave the right to become the children of God. At this time of being born again, but believing right even to those who believe in his name who were born, not of the blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. So that's right it God's sovereign concern when you notice when you talk to people have about what the bleep certain you know you know it's right it's way back like you know that there will and you think they will often people would always get back to the beginning of you know what you've got plan enemy to be sovereign will. They wanted to start a net that's what I'm on track what happens in with Christians who learn this stuff is they have to shift the paradigm from self-centeredness to God centric. This from humanistic philosophy to God centered theology. One of the ways I will show people that there humanistic social Christians say is let's define free will is free will, the ability to to to choose between good and bad.

You can do either good or bad and you can choose which one you're going to do and also court is what free will and without being forced to go get a free will is sewage her good humanist said because it is the plight of God. God cannot choose to do good or bad.

He could only choose to do that which is good, which is consistent with his nature's what people don't realize is that they automatically assume a humanistic self-centered position when they define universal truths.

They don't use God as a standard with use themselves as a standard.

This is humanism at the core and for failure of some churches is to teach God centric nest.

I think that they should teach a course on trinitarianism why this is so important and I need to really expand on a quite a bit of a thing about anymore and so they can get the sovereignty of God the Majesty of God the holiness of God and then you teach a course on on the condition of man. This is what needs to be taught and even though Christians will like it because it doesn't fit the blonder black location server Jesus image is tending the door of your heart. As information for you and your will is in the lead and then that's not what they're in it. They if they like that image, but is not the reality is, and so it's a paradigm shift and it takes one to two years. Generally speaking, for some of the growth of this paradigm shift with the become biblical in the mind mindset particular from the gospel but like you know what can guide you in the classes about poly went to people about God.

I got it and get back in the Bible will not understand the Bible and that that's what I learned that by his job to teach it. If you can't, you have Bible teaching on the Bible and he needs to get out of the pulpit formal he's got little talking at what that yet the main point of the whole thing is like you know you're not you, not teaching. Teaching other humans, but to get your teeth number about God they could believe you don't know God, you can't believe God is a standard be holy, for I am holy. That's what God says in first Peter 116. He is the standard of why we are to be what we are because God is holy to be holy and the pastor's job is to teach the congregation members holiness and who God is and what God requires of us in our varying areas of work. This is what the pastor supposed to do with the Christians in need.

And I don't believe it's being done enough because I think the might be that they don't want to lose members of their churches if they start teaching biblically in this area. I think it might be that people are so used to a microwave theology that just don't serve up with. They want put that much time thinking they can afford to to put into it and get it out consuming that's that's it.

Microwave theology. They don't want meat and this is a problem. This is why I believe our church is so weak in this country and I've been saying this for years in the radio the christening to wake up and we lose our freedoms, and this is a spiritual battle and Christians don't want to hear it they turned the channel they don't want to hear me talk like this.

That's how it is believed that what I mean. I believe the authors are not on the part of actually by the word of God. There laid out like a credit Elliott on what God can do this lot. Some of Markham-you okay but you better go to break right now. God bless the folks threw up in lines 87720722 max Y77077 charismatic sleigh ride. I remember the name of the Facebook group that I was talking about. It is take a stand now so your Facebook.

There's a group, cults take a stand now and verify that is it.

My wife's and Teresa's listing on here and take a stand now My Facebook page and have an interesting set of rules are certain things you can and can't say you can't mention certain things but you'll understand why you understand why when you check it out and so they use different words and so there you go check it out okay. All right. 03 of the lines 87720722 is what will Charlotte first call. We lost their only want to know. It would leave preachers and preaching pulpit enters no the Bible does not allow that the pastor is by definition an elder first Timothy 517 for the hot and the elders are to be on your musical night costs in the Greek amount of one woman for her husband of one wife, and so by definition, the older to be male.

That's what the qualifications are woman cannot fit that and so women are not to teach or excite authority over men but remain silent for Adam was first created to secrete it's a conditional thing. The created order based that's out of first Timothy 212 and 13, so no women harness with me doing it in church I think is he's back. Josh, from the morning Josh there you are a man just talk about what euro your question was, schools go through a little bit older so you ask all you though where you started on my wife got up and my wife left.

I do not like to say something more just get up and leave. That's right, I did they come to them a few weeks ago and he blew it off like it was not a big deal on car. There is a an article now there's a download for printing up to hand to a pastor and try to find it, but there's also this article shall then be pastors and elders and linkages. You can copy putting the word printed up and take it to now this is a serious issue and he has made a mistake. He's he has committed doctrinal error. You need to go to him and given the documentation. If he continues to blow it off you go to the elders and you print out the information. There's lots of information there.

Go to the elders. I'm willing to train you off on a phone call. How to respond to certain things.

I'm willing to talk to them politely to these of the answers. This is why so that they can hopefully do the right thing and he needs to be corrected and he needs to be little relates to say from the pulpit that having his wife Dr. get the message on a Sunday morning was wrong and to go to teach a Bible study lesson on why it was in and move forward but if he doesn't do that in my opinion he's disqualified for being a pastor, the elder, which is a pastor is required to be able to teach sound doctrine to refute error and teach sound doctrine. If they cannot teach the sound doctrine of even something like that, then how can he get other things right so there's an article on karma.

Should women be pastors and elders you go to website any website or just go to Google to type in CAR M and then type venture would pastors and elders the right to the article and, incidentally, Google is penalizing a conservative Christian websites and moving way down on their under their hierarchical system is happening with documentation so this is this is it an issue that is important and you know I'm in a comment here I am looking at the issues on TV where with the CRT issues are going to meetings or are happening in the women are getting up about 80% of women saying no. We've had enough of this and my question I asked my wife is where the men just like one in 51 in six or seven men are standing up that I've seen that that's a blessing. That's the unofficial test statistic, but my concern was repeatedly saying more women than men and, and I'm not knocking the women praise God. Women do all absolutely get up there. Do it.

But why is are more men doing it and it bothered me and come on man stand up for righteousness. Okay, all right, let's see.

I think he is he back Josh be back yeah back so that will your pastor if it is written received information then go to the elders if they don't receive information literally print stuff out and pass it out to the congregation on the way out in our yeah I don't believe in this and just don't worry about it.

Just go to different church not only to be corrected.

He's not submitting to the word. The elders don't do it then you take it to the obligation simple okay my my wife that a problem affected yeah they like and are probably going to give us a good like no doubt the bike on the Scripture and would like that okay my deliver to your opinion on my list is wrong what is wrong with that.

I it's my opinion gives your opinion know it's what does the word of God say well yeah that is a serious problem that is a very serious problem.

It's my opinion to get his debatable issue. Paul says he's giving instruction on how the church is to behave in the household of God is first Timothy 315 and just in the previous verse. He was told of previous chapter told him that women are to be the position of authority and in first Timothy three he talks about the issues of elders.

What is wrong with this guy like goodness, I would if I was there I would just politely firmly rebuke him to his face that you are in error and need to repent and you have sinned against God by going against Scripture, tell him flat out pastors are used to being told that the it needs to be set yeah delighted that you would set concern what the website again.

The government CAR It's a website I'm working on for 20 almost 26 years now spent 146 or 7 million visitors right. I've written thousands literally thousands of articles and so the whole section to go to is called CAR M.O and there's all kinds of of the of issues. There and so one of them is on within pastors and elders so you can just type in go to Google, type in car and it's typing can limited pastors and elders and you go right to the article right and then you can see the whole site I've written a lot on it and under the apologetic section on the left-hand side it says women women in ministry. So if you go to karma the left-hand side you'll see the navigation bar and then you do women in ministry and it I've got 3040 50 iron articles on it.

This is a very serious issue. 80% of the churches that have within pastors and elders within two generations start adopting homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle and men are the ones were called to be the leaders in the church, not the women. I would if I will debate in the blood publicly. National TV will debate anybody on it that of the Bible teaches and when and when women step up. Men have a way of stepping down and men are very good and they get X excess we fail better than women, and we do better than women. A lot of areas and so when women get up and take our position. Women don't realize is that helping men to not do what they're called to do by God to helping men become lazy and do less so I could teach on this and thought could to biggish okay yeah I think you are right Douglas are okay all right is good to Joe from Des Moines. I would you'll welcome your on your love, your passion about your limited ministry and Catholicism about the topic you're very passionate about this. If you are you are no doubt about question for you regarding your view regarding the newer birth of the renewed or will the current rate ground be completely destroyed and God will re-create a new earth or will be burned often remake the elements.

The right because this is a town I guy think so because the day the Lord come to faith in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements we destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its works will be burned up, so I think I suspect, because sin has affected the universe because of Adam's fall, the University to be remade okay so the current earth will only be a forthright work violated destroyed on her… Brent Brander Corporation says the earth and its works will be burned up and is the context of the elements we destroyed with intense heat.

I heard one commentator say if that were to occur with the elements dissipate the energy that holds the atomic structure together is released and the settler nuclear bomb is the intense heat. So there's been some conjecture about this verse, a computer 310 I don't know what really is going to happen, but that seems to be what it is, then will have a new heavens and new earth.

Everything is great. Go to commentator diatribe of first thing that I thought a bit of fame elements mythology take car for example, a meltdown of refreshment and hard at a rebate, but I was not sure. You you think that out of all everything will be just gone and now operate. I don't know. It's as elements we just exited 10 seats. So what is really mean to help with detail. You take it. I wouldn't have any problem with the adolescent cells disintegrating and then putting back together because it makes me mainly matter is like 9.999% empty space. So you and then no one knows why the neutron stay together when they have positrons inside of the neutrons and gluons. The column hold the positively charged Ella things together why the hit. No one knows so maybe in that I will so that God holds all things, the word is holding all things together some lack of it over the verses so if that is the level of unhappy title problem with got a reassemble of every item of the University wants whatever been debated back and forth. If you restrict your thoughts. You don't have a good night you two are complex. Okay, let's get to Joseph. Joseph really about a minute left.

We got buddy hey I did you allow your workbook. All thanks I've been I'm also so I wanted to know your key biblical it was totally wrong with her time and rushed through liquid was tolerated by God, but was never the order that got it set up so what about the annual quality sickness image will greatly.

I did look at it and were not at a time to start now so call back tomorrow to talk about is the let's talk tomorrow okay all right is just from Tampa. And sorry, Gary from Utah and anonymous from somewhere in the state faith by God's grace and what he will be back on your tomorrow and will talk to you then have a another program powered by the Truth Network

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