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August 19, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 19, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his thoughts on his debate with the oneness Pentecostal.--2- Do you know anything about the Pentecostal Church of God---3- Does the word -Gentiles- in Galatians 3 refer to us---4- Do you have any information on the Black Hebrew Israelites---5- I was going to send my kids to a Christian camp but it all feels very emotion based. Is that wrong---6- How can businesses force employees to get vaccines---7- Can nonbelievers say -God bless you----8- A caller had a question about Matt's most recent debate.--9- A caller wanted to further discuss vaccine mandates.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max like why Grimes is golden responding to your questions at 877. Welcome to the show metric live video so I would see August 12, 2021 for the broadcasters to get some stuff to talk about really fast. If you recall five open lines 877-207-2276 look at this yesterday.

I dared violate YouTube protocols by talking about so cold and the vaccination is like that. And so they suspended my karma account value to one and what I tell you, you know you're not allowed to say things it doesn't support the status quo look like that. I'm going to be doing a lot of research on coded the vaccines. The whole bit of Artie started today. Because of this, I just had it. So what is let you know if you go to karma homesites.

You won't be able to see the feed but you can go to.

I think go to con Facebook. I think Ernie is be putting the URL to another YouTube account that I have sending it to check that out and if you watch that's a big deal to see His wing for car videos is what it says waiting all yeah don't you love it's free speech is just a commodity for the left and there you go. That's one thing. So to I talk about that. You may call but I'm to be doing a lot of research of what he done a lot and I'm codifying writing on Christmas in time enough to do at your website today. The CDC website finding out information and things like that so I am live on the match look YouTube account I want to do is once I get the information and it's fully documented from me absolute documented from official resources. I'm going to get an experiment not saying it and mention it. I have a website page ready and then let's see if I get to suspended again or not account even if I information that absolutely documented and will see you hold to see what happens. It finally happened all right for you to call 877-207-2276 now. Last night I was in a debate on oneness versus Trinity with a guy named Stacy Turberville. And if you saw that last night. I would love to hear your feedback. I'd love to to just to know what it is you think of that debate because in my opinion it was basically a DiBacco idea. I was just amazed at how little my opponent knew about the doctrine of the Trinity. It was pretty bad and him he he stated that the Trinity was was teaching three gods and I said to know know know about it. It's go good through good notice of the Trinity is not three gods. He said yes it is. I said no it's not, by definition, it's not three.

God is monotheistic and he would argue with me and I said go to any systematic theology go to articles looking up.

You always find that it's itself one God in three distinct simultaneous persons I had no it's three gods and he says, and I know more about the Trinity than you do.

I know more about what you believe then you do if you said that and it's like what you do with people that you know who who say I know more about what you believe then you do.

How would you know what I say think he actually said it, and it was kind of ludicrous. And one guy.

Andrew says that he did know he is talking about. Oh Charlie says yeah because so hot man was bad. He said to you to say no God had three brains and three brains with which that had the there was a lot of good stuff there and so he was saying that the father indwelt Jesus and left Jesus right before Jesus was crucified as well, and that means that it cannot be true that the when Zechariah 1210 God says look upon me when they have pierced and went to John 219 to 21% got Jesus as a distorted temple three days I will raise it up as a but that's it. He's doing his own resurrection is not always not that's what it said this there. I will raise it up and that was you performing natural the resurrection. He said nope that's a father doing any just speaking it didn't matter what I said and then the guy had the nerve of saying that I was twisting Scriptures and making it fit what I wanted you always like what and so every chemical diversity would reinterpret diversity accusing me of doing things in Iraq. It was pretty amazing. So what you got to comments on that for anybody who saw please feel free to give me call me to talk about. It was interesting.

I did put an article up today on Carl about it on the website so Trinity oneness when it's a biblical view of God about the link for the information and you watch it if you want stuff like that. All right. Three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Ruby from Utah. I welcome it on the air on anybody more hang than in the so you get it out.

But you knew about because there's a church that my family go to and I've been thinking about going to the church with them working on more fellowship with all transparent go there, but the church is starting to affiliate with the hostile Church of God which is Pentecostal like I get dumped denomination from California knew about them. I don't looking right now at the websites and beliefs and bylaws that seeks so that I could do was just a little bit of the analysis.

The young looking at their statement. You need a God had three persons of one individual essence that's good. We look logistical eternal that's good, and the salvation meritorious work of Christ.

Godly sorrow works repentance and makes possible the experience of the new birth, whether or not very long form theologically on that. Let's see solicited to God separate from works of the law.

That's good. The church water baptism by immersion or dissemble of the Christian identification with Christ in his death, burial, resurrection that's good and I can't read everything to bottle for quashing is recognized by many believers as a Christian practice and the Lord Helen eternal wanted this because without Christ, eternal loss, like a fire that's good. So now you find out it if you notice a really fast cursory examination but nothing in there that I looked at his is it is blatantly heretical.

Now what I would do is look to see if with her staff is that they were the pastors and elders. That's the next thing I'm trying to find that said stuff like that so but I don't know.

I will interview them or talk to them or something like that on Carmen.

There is a there is an article what to look for the church. We could always do is go that article and then call them up and ask him just asking where they take his rights.

I can finally thing a sibling pastors with you will see I got really the only thing that kind of I had a question about not all a lot of theological outlook that you do that with you a lot, but one of their elders at the church talking barbecue eat believe that we can move and I get you know cannot read your articles on that object. Your couple thoughts but not like well you got one person said, but you believe that you know only possible for a state and I was asked them at that point, you know what, but good things you do to keep yourself saved because you'd lose it by doing something bad. The corollary is you keep it by doing something good. So what you gonna do and that's where you go to.

Then you know John six or seven through 8080 resulting from talking to a set of 340. Sorry. So yeah, I don't see is looking also and that in their staff. They don't have any women pastors, but the nobleman chaplain that's a concern. So anyway, these are some things you can check Outlook into when asking on the need to call me back as I initially found out women's ministry don't count on me a lot about heretical well here's a thing going to ask a lot of questions if they teach you to lose your salvation then then you have to say what you do to keep it and then if they say what you can live a holy life, then you to be jumping into a legalistic system that may become cultic made nothing. AR is just as it then that you have some churches when they teach you lose your salvation.

Then there's a list of things you can't do and there's a solicitation to do and it becomes occult so he's gonna find out you don't face it, well, just believe in it, you know, we just think you can't reject Christ.

Even I disagree with that logic, you okay you know and make sure they're not keeping your salvation by their own goodness and effort that's the thing concerned about so that wouldn't pastors and elders you actually not ask about that and stuff. Pentecostal usually regularly highly charismatic and usually those charismatic Pentecostalism is usually have women pastors and elders forgot to ask and find out within list it doesn't know I write okay are out alert read that article are not you would look for the church. Okay all right make that right.

Douglas Mike okay all right is really from Utah thought you may call all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California Nelson welcome your on their hey Matt plus we got what the what if a man wanted it to an inferior debate and I admit it. You do you know that, but you are YouTube channel. If you go to campsites you'll see Trinity on oneness.

What is the view of God. If you click that link to the top of the page. It'll give you the information. Let's see it and it will give you a link in that we can watch it. I provided the opening statement there as well.

That such a statement in which I just cannot read through a little bit of stuff there, but that's that. I also have updating the thing under the apologetic section. There's a heading called debates and I have dated down to Eastern Orthodox oneness and things like that's all the update in those pages is welcome more debates in a debate coming up in two weeks and then possibly not in today with an atheist coming up on transcendentalism goodness and stuff like that will see okay so we got math was a a lot of equity on all of Scripture you grit your life and on and I will read up on Galatians chapter 3 of the bond of I know it, the court that Blau and Bert eight of the late three that we can pass that would, in place, Galatians, Genesis regulates you a prescription for sin to go just for the Gentiles. Yeah, that's down it's back to the Greek word is F nice all the ethics groups things like that just to find them. You, on the nation, even though I did know that well even though I know that I break this like to pay folks right back at one of the line 877207276 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show the dulcet filter regularly got out there for you.

The Scripture or that God would begin by any while and did it, but maybe now God would justify by faith. Even though my unperfected bumper effect even though it Scripture says that I have been with all short of the glory of God and yet he ordered all will be justified by faith estimate for amazing the more I get is God's word. Well, well, I'm not.

He does prophesy Genesis 12. In in a room all the nations will be blessed and that is that that's the justification by faith. So absolutely, it meant meant no quick question on your website.

You have been thinking that it refers to him a bridge like that yes you do is go therein and I just type in Black Hebrews like to delete information and you have I've connection with a guy who's an expert done vocab Malone and so if you want I can if you're really interested, just vocab Malone is looking down there and if you have no vocab as an vocabulary vocab model and he knows and stuff if I have any questions. He's a guy call and he tells me he's is very not so.

It's what the setting for years. Okay okay I'll look them up with regular much like a rendering of less what it's okay. All right.

You call to open lines 877207276 Stacy room I was in the Galactic and talk about that. Let's get to Bobby from North Carolina, Bobby, welcome your ally hang an inner man when he got I thought I got what I wanted to give you every thought for you to be doing the research on the whole Cove edit what's going on vaccines I'd like to give you yeah all the backplanes and everything around it.

Now that like immediately thought that I give you website it would be very helpful. Sure website okay. They the high HI GHRH I8 88 is like a hyperlink they okay chicken yet. I guess they broadcast every Thursday and their media source that really really does true journalism and Nate actually post a lot of stuff from all the what and who website 80 days in another like the FDA now that that there really into dated the backplanes and all the other it is top elaborate. You just you know I now exceeds again just say I'm not against accidents form. I just don't want to be forced to take a vaccine and there are some issues related to hearing some stuff. I'm really concerned so I wanted to check out to check everything out. The documentation from official sources not in the event that I in official inmate right now they everything, but I do have a question for you. Sure, though I have.

We had a recently there was a thought about there not get to a Christian camp and then I went to the meeting about the camp and there were a lot of concerned about what I heard from the pastor at that point I was talking about what would be going on at the camp and accident for a couple of like that outings and camping trip with the that that chart and I because it feels as though often when they have like a worse and further thought. Have a nice Fire you know they call it. No method by Our content in the very emotionalism like meaning. Like trying to Cold War the. Somehow fall and something would happen moving like the long prolonged thong, repeating Mary and saying things again and again and again and even what the unit it felt to make that and on a youth one day, found in Endicott that in fact all seem to be very driven toward motion trying to like you like that, so that the pastor about that say that it should not be for emotional reasons that emotionalism because what they could potentially be doing is actually damaging people's spiritual life. Because if you get emotionally moved to trust in Christ in your life doesn't get better because it's mostly based then your inoculated from believing in God and trusting in Christ later on so Dr. Bagley that would last out of my very dear one, that you would say we need a equipping of the got called out, but it the word in the move of the spirit move of God and the completed work of Scripture. All we knew would only cocaine right yeah I agree being donated by Hoechst right now coaxing next necessary. We trust in the Lord, I need to preach the law, the gospel and the cost needed to preach it in a guy by the church is where Scott one more time to sing the song one more time. Look for one more try. Right now it's just a come on you know it. It's not helpful if you agree with what would you agree that it could. They all thought that okay absolute thinking hard life yet it we don't want to to go forward receive Christ for emotionally-based reasons and I knew that all passionate alike like that. And then, like good though imperative like falling back like well I thought I would say but you know now not in emotionally moved began in thought with Dave and then nodded. I just don't like it would make it harder for them to really hot on the conviction, started the barracks.

That's what was you get the right to talk to them about that okay Dr. I thank you very much right and God bless. Okay, I, blessed, all right, let's get to Stacy for my what he Stacy think a call back when somebody had a quick question for you. Stacy signed a guy named Stacy last night so I got would definitely get going now it I have a quick question about how is a break. Can you hold so I cannot I tell you what I okay thanks would write back those of these messages to open lines 87720776 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 charismatic slave builder Stacy right away or year to get the COBIT back and give you medical exemption and then you can get a religious exemption but yet the company said that there can wedding your religious exemption is good enough or not, how can that be on the lawyer and the loss aligned with the can or can't do.

I do know that heaven is baking there is and what your religious heart problem, it's problems, wanted to going to be doing is researching that some of the vaccine. Again, I do not take vaccines. That's that's fine thinking I'm for it puts what you do if a vaccine has been developed using aborted babies skin cells are not scheduled, but cells from the board. I think not. I guess my question is not approved and maybe how liable for your health issue is considered experimental well the left does the left guards themselves, and blames others for the problems they cause so be careful.

But you'll a lot of people are resisting and a lot of people are getting sick and tired of the mass mandates. A lot of people have have had it. A lot of people and its increasing so we got a with the stand up and get you the freedom you have the right to the vaccine are not get the vaccine at your right that's it and that's how it should be should be forcing stuff on us. Because I didn't get to see only take you down like you kids. I didn't get to see like I'm waiting for your research on it and I got my own. I've had a lot of people I work with that done, it and send it to me or writes trampling on our right to me, send it because I'm to do. It may be doing the research and send me the information you know I'm not here to tell people not to get a vaccine if the research information. I have demonstrates that it's good on the get in the demonstrates. It's not that I'm not going to have to go to Israel and amendment not be going getting the vaccine if they forced me to forget that I want to make sure things are okay and I will let the facts fall where they will they will. That's not to do and I'll report it for me.

But I give and select up the fight and kill and eat. I don't have a problem getting acquainted FDA approved with out being FDA approved and still has experimental scanning to it. That's where I'm having my biggest issue with that is still under the experimental maze, not FDA compliant so I am just can't carry you talk about it. I listen to you on my way home from work, so it's always interesting the conversations that I get to hear you for what you did. I appreciate thank you and I'm just trying to get accurate information I study everything I can.

Everything in life is supposed to be held into subjection to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and so this falls into the category of everything on the research right thank you start and I look forward to seeing more of your research well. Thank you. I need you have a good night you too, Stacy. Alright folks going to be calling 77207227603 Polonsky McCall was good to Glenn lease from Utah welcomed here. I like it though. Okay so we got the Bible that you, God bless you on length were filled with the holy. And I said that my it and so I'm wondering it I really read it or get I think the way that I turned around he turned around. Apparently this is not to say Jesus is Lord of the spirit that did that is me dishonoring the sentence. It does mean the launch of Christ and calling him that solo home you can say got an assignment. Things like that are writing well.

Thank you for making that clear. Now you there with my boy wish wife with C sheets and think.

Thank you so much for everything that you shared my wife. She doesn't say that I appreciate our lot right that's right apparently and also give give certain kinds of blank stares at their husbands and just cut it out just annoying things, but to me that's how it is a marriage I guess how right you can't blank Eric that we see that my wife gives me because I apparently I do enough stuff work you see them. Quite often, so that's all right though of which I just say that she's lucky to have me that's what that's what I said not only that arrived okay. God bless. Okay okay goodbye all right little fun there a phone to call for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to totally from North Carolina, Tony welcoming on here. Hey Matt, hey, I thought of the bailout now thoroughly great. I thought our debate and a question that art during the debate that would be the him was how is oneness, explain anything that either it clearly ends body on the earth after the resurrection anchored. He made it sound like stated like that body that the spirit had just indwelt it would basically discarded after the cross Jesus on the necessity for fear he's he said that Jesus is in a body in heaven.

But how to get here the Bible than the other room in the flesh and all that's in question to ask. I don't specifically eight approved that will inflict right Batista did say that Jesus is in heaven course that would just be a man not God in flesh and got there anyway that that's what I was hoping to me how to use them at clearly in a flash. If that body with cognitive safely abandoned God would've would've let him do it, but he didn't say got the body was abandoned when I got from him was that the Jesus to physical body is in heaven. Other logical problems are because that means Jesus is a person and you know okay so so could you not a person but the father wrote indwelt him all and how wide it you have a divine sacrifice that he invalidates the sacrifice of Christ actually does, but you know you sought so he completely misrepresented dock of the Trinity numerous times will absolutely, absolutely. And he struggled with co-personhood most anything you out the struggle with or like pointed out repeatedly that he wanted to explain something in each of the something with it while you are current as they rightly said. He said the Bible never says Jesus is God the son take to Hebrews 18 but of the son he says I thrown oh God the son of God, is God the son, and he was entering the baptism under that quantity handle book out of the cloud. I'm not sure how you handled that you what you need to be myth and the whole relationship you think he could and will regulate yesterday for the whole three hours, a little bit in the after later. Our hero made. I look forward to the next.

I did have another question. Okay, thanks, recall and appreciated. Thank you.

Okay, okay.

Once I hit a do that every Dow event for somebody waiting and I hit the wrong drop so that I drop on the next off of the caller there. Now I have nobody calling so for the person I just did that to accidentally that's my bad give McCall call back 877-207-2276.

I hate it when I do that it makes me smile at myself for messing up but that's what it is so so I guess you call the vertebrae coming through the minute, so get on that. But if you saw the debates you want to see the debate.

It was pretty bad. Aimlessly was one of the worst I've encountered in a long time. At any rate have 487-720-7227 60 right back after that I call 770-7276 charismatic sling 727 60 McCall good to rich from Ohio a rich welcome on here. I lady about one right so I felt like I needed to call in and make comment. I will generate something.

You can take a class on the cost and it really opened my eyes.

What our founding fathers tried to lay out or protective will government take a lot of the control over things that they were damaged and that is correct, you have felt the different little card and what I wanted to read this one on the vaccine mandate sure this is from Tikrit America on the start out fees in the fifth. All code 19 quote vaccine mandate overnight pain vaccine have not gone through the full drug administration approval process. They have been authorized for emergency use only, pursuant to FDA 21 US code section 303360 BPP three medical products which have been granted emergency youth authorization may not be made compulsory.

Such product may only be administered in a voluntary fashion and only after all informed that the mandates of experimental code 19 vaccine or the use of any pressure or coercion to content them violates federal law unless employees are provided full freedom of choice without any threat of consequences. Private businesses are liable for damages caused by the experimental shock of personal health decisions are a right. Likewise, government officials and their agents who impose code 19 vaccine can be personally liable for violating federal law if they force or coerce anyone to submit an experimental medical treatment, personal health decisions are one of our God given unalienable rights that cannot be taken away by federal, state or local government. For more information go to as well as learn more about your God-given right Constitution class, go to the American nation trying to email it to me. Insulin, human female eye doctors write your email address I found the station okay your email address its info no information just seriously email me that information.

My website had 100 and 700 is so much hundred 47 million visitors and we don't we have a lot of people newsletter and I just want information out to make accurate choices and so the fighter and when they they penalized me for mentioning coded stuff like that on on YouTube. Click okay. Let's rock this goal that that's that's studied.

Final defects are the real fact find out.

So I working under okay and I got it at work.

I would have full PPE thought I need Linda quarantine and 95 math buys your glove down everything and I still got it.

There is a lot of research out there out efficacy of that yes that's correct and 95 because that's the that that's the level and 95 and better will deal with the coronavirus good is very very small and these cloth masks that you have the people work useless.

What, if I do not have medical director yesterday. We had the whereabouts of your mouth, and she said that the work with the gift of their small, they make you do it either. These are these are control markers.

Why is it that people are trying to control us why they want to control us. We have out that I believe that the major problem marker to twofold major problem in our country. One is its lack of dedication to the Lord top primary incident number two schools are so leftist that there there are socialist communist regimes are just indoctrination in schools and got a get these things becoming a fellow inmate outlook that they would take over without firing a shot. That's right they did and I have a research where they actually listed what they would do and how they would do it and it's the steps are coming about it. It's actually happening right it without you trying to get the Pfizer vaccine approved once they get that approval and you lose that experimental and fancy here so they might not affect came.

Yet this is not a vaccine.

This is an wilderness term. This is an operating system that the medical device they've never had a vaccine deftly go through animal trials of this type of RNA vaccine want to use that service that really they had to change the legal definition of this with all in the nonliability was the vehicle. The guy that invented the mRNA. I believe the first name is Robert Dr. Roberts below. He said that the worst thing you could do with this type of vaccine aspects of a entire population is going to cause mutations and I talked to a nurse today, her daughters working in the hospital heard this from other sources that I will say this is across the nation, but in the specific topic.

Little roughly 4/5 of the people that have COBIT that are in the hospital, the one that received the vaccine. You see, I need to gets the documentation for all of these things and so this is what I'm looking for I'm looking for absolute documentation where it's not Bob Bob's but it's in its reputable information and the someone have it that that's how I do my research and this is important because it's that I think is a prelude to a further alteration of our country and with that comes a restriction on religious freedom. With that comes a restriction on Christianity. This is is ultimately up in a lot of very serious issue and a lot of will not know this but I'm a fighter I have always resisted oppression and that's when the reason I do what I do because the cults and false religious systems. The in that sense suppressed the truth of who Christ is. You know, let's go, and the this is serious stuff that were going through her in a country or countries being reworked and our rights are being removed, little by little it's it's in too many Christians are sitting back saying I'm gonna be gone while at work on confrontational and all that and let them walk over us and our children and grandchildren, and I see no I'm willing to go to jail. I'm willing to be arrested and go to jail for. I believe my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what that entails.

And if I get arrested, you know, to start Bible studies in jail and you do not know who I am and that's fine. I'm in public deal sounds arrogant to say that but but I've been doing this for a while and am I think Ivan swatted at when someone calls up and says hey I can repeat what they said to the police that got people all kinds of guns and cops and Sheriff's pointing at me as I walked into my house and I got handcuffed with the cargo hold that because of codes called audit. I've had that happen that Satan is threatened to kill me and my family. I've been threatened with lawsuits I've been followed in my car.

Others in my my wife and followed in her car.

We've had varying things happen.

There's news more so this is what you know it's what I do in my life and we as Christians have to stand up if we don't consist of good men do nothing. The wicked prosper in all you know we have to start at the county level to get our country back. Yes we do. One of the things you can do is get your sure or to their organization called the constitutional share and we foster control officer Association by the initials PDF file that started by all your believes Christian Baxter back this year the County Sheriff has more authority than any federal government and that and if they come in and start Grafton in the nonconstitutional way he has the authority to arrest them or throw them out of the county.

Most of the Sheriff realize they have that power loses the documentation you know that needs to be gotten out and we need and when the government is doing was supposed to be doing protecting its citizens the citizen students are protecting themselves. This is just how it works. The government's job is to provide for the safety of the citizens not become oppressive as it would socialist regimes to communist regimes and they become oppressive and sore countries moving more towards that oppression and, well, that's why we had our first revolution of the government, you have a direct threat of independence that derive their power from the consent that's why been telling people to read the Declaration of Independence. Not good economy could meet up read it and we need to get our country back and now is a time. This is serious stuff. This is people fail to realize that the Bible says in Ephesians 612 13 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principles of darkness. Think about it in those terms. Folks, it's ultimately demonic force moving against the truth of God's word and whatever methodology the enemy of the gospel can do to cause people to have less freedom means less freedom to ultimately present the gospel and so we need to recognize where this is the inspired word of God so this is why to seriously and economic Christian apologist Rich and more and more. This topic is coming up. I would defend the Christian faith free decades and now this.

Unfortunately, it's necessary to talk about Rosetta time. Can you send me that info okay I just want you don't check it out. I will info what can't I write century, more than you work now, let's fight anymore and you park at Fort Welch and check out my website to conduct org okay I'm used to getting a lot of stuff arrive at okay and I would like like you to go right they Bob from Salt Lake City call back tomorrow okay will talk about where we go after death because that's topic relates to isolationism.

So call back market rent five of the Lord bless you all by his great back there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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