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August 19, 2021 4:00 am

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August 19, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about his online debate on 08-11-12 with a oneness penicostal. It will be posted on the CARM page.--2- How far could someone go in self-defense regarding mandatory vaccination---3- Is divorce morally equivalent to homosexuality---4- Aren't Christians supposed to be mild and meek- Shouldn't that prevent them from speaking out about politics---5- Where did the concept of separation of church and state originate---6- How exactly does God judge the reprobate- Are Christians judged---7- Can Christians be tricked into taking the mark of the beast---8- Aside from a medical condition or not wanting it to be forced upon them, why do so many people not want to take the COVID vaccine---9- Is deathbed repentance acceptable to God-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what why branches called and responded to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick one welcome the show, it's me Matt slick in order. Have a good evening a good day good time and all that stuff if you want to give McCall all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 and I'm looking on people doing what was she looking for looking for somebody to clean the lens of the camera within the select wanting to do is find that it had went around here someplace.

The bricks all right.

He looks libeled and logical to give McCall and 877-207-2276 and a watch watch. Have a nice hook my shirt on his much color that's really the bright ocean greenish kind of nice color any right and headset on, but no color wake McCall tonight.

Tonight I have a debate in two hours on the doctrine of the Trinity somebody meeting a guy term to term Turberville Turberville's name is and so it should be interesting to date. So tonight and another debated two weeks on oneness versus Trinity deal oneness theological position is heresy is a false doctrine. They also teach that to be baptized "in Jesus name in order to be saved and that you can lose your salvation the reason you can lose your salvation, and all cults all through the systems is because depends in part on your goodness your ability etc. etc. if you're standing before God depended on you and your ability to keep yourself right with him. You got a problem.

That means that you don't have a good idea who God is and you have way too good an idea of who you are because I'll tell you there's no way that any of us are good enough to be able to keep maintain achieve salvation with you can legally got it just cannot happen and so oneness theology denies a doctor, the Trinity, and because of that it plays footloose with that of the incarnation, and I will be getting. That's an item sure and stuff like that.

And Kevin D in the chances was excited about tonight's debate completely interesting will see what can happen when a whole district.

The fire and the Scriptures like that. And as I like to do with logic like these logic you know most unbelievers when I first heard talking to a lot of atheists, a few years ago they were not expecting a Christian to be as logical as I was applying the laws of logic rules of logic to them.

They want to use a better use of just having Christians give give you know emotional answers without any substance and the soul that a lot of us of their views logic and evidence all right forth the lines give me call 877-207-2276. By the way, about the debate tonight if you want watch it live and you participate in the chat and things like that. Just go to Carmen Facebook page CAR M.O RG and information will be very can also go to and you see the date today's date is a link on YouTube for that watch that there are simple all right is good to Danny from Germany. While I Danny welcome your on-air. I thank you for taking my call again. I am okay sounds familiar.

Okay, you called the ferrite you have that you were on the old station that's right it's been a few years ago. Yes that's right has been figures that's right my and now it's time to call again because I think I getting the word them here, though I like that you about the whole of the situation and I look into your show because I had to them everything and recently you are you at the issue off the fence.

So my question goes into that direction on the other day I thought click from the India where Avenue just changed the vaccination team out of their vintage by throwing stones at them and I thought another clip yet that that life greatly and that another clip from the India before. Well, one of the nation.

He chased the women to impart vaccination on her day and then actually against her better and that was very disturbing until I could understand the reaction off those miniatures and so I was wondering how far could someone go in regardless self-defense against the potentially dangerous mandatory indignation self-defense. We have the right of self-defense biblically and I know finish that article. I got so much going with preps for debates and things like that but I had a under heaven on right now, but I had left from a doctors appointment today and I had on my shirt make 1984 fiction again and I got you before you write it is a great novel and is called a science-fiction dystopian novel. That's about big brother controlling people and having control markers telling the populace what to do, what to believe.

Their control of the media equipment control of history and that combined with my study of cults over the years. This covert response from the government, society, the people's control is is pretty terrifying to me because it's it's control markers.

From what I understand the common cold statistics versus coded a pretty even. There was a little a great deal of misreporting of recoded it was all over the place and how is in Germany, but if you were in a car accident and you got a ruptured lungs and your dying but you happen to test positive for covert and then you died.

It's called the death covert related death, and so they would do stuff you that thing. I think that it now is ridiculous.

And when they get rid of all of that kind of stuff they find they found that it's only slightly/that stats I found it's only slightly more deadly than the common flu resistant common flu becomes raunchier. So why then did they not enforce everything back then.

I believe this because the people in control are trying to to force us into certain kinds of behavior is called thesis antithesis and when you have a society that has a certain level of acceptance of freedom and restrictions and you want to control that society you don't overthrow the society all at once you move that line towards more control. Little by little so people get used to it so the thesis becomes the antithesis and that after a while that becomes the new thesis and then you move it again. And that becomes a new antithesis and goes on to you move it to the left would have more control people get used to it and then they stay like that for a while and then you push it again with something else and gradually people lose their freedoms and their rights. This is what's happening here in America. I'm assuming in Germany as well and I I am against it actually against it. I do the doctor today and he got where Amasa could you shake the doctors hands you know it and insist this is insane. It's ridiculous list was happening.

I'm in Idaho of all places to work. Basically still have freedom, but I don't know what it is with people you want was at you lucky one.

Getting pretty hard or an article on the people say raising the pressure in the same thing here yet have a vaccination passport and it's a lot of people are saying no, we don't want this no either forcing a medicine upon us that we don't want. I had covert I had it my wife is hatted and last month about four weeks or so ago, give or take from the mine was here from California and he got covert. He went got tested and confirmed he had covert and he said he was really sorry he's gonna drive home so he would infect us.

I said no. I was at a state I could not stay there and I got there. A few days later and he was still with the symptoms for another week and I'm with them every day for hours in the same hospital along with my wife, who has serious medical conditions and she didn't catch it.

Shouldn't anything. I didn't get anything or find had no symptoms whatsoever. I had it once I'm over it. Why are they forcing us to wear masks I'm telling you why it's a controlled marker. They want control over the people if they can get everybody to accept of vaccination passport, then to be that much more ready to accept markers under your skin in order to have five chips implanted for other purposes, and once they do that they have you under their control because and you can buy yourself without the government's permission and this is the road is leading down, which is why we need to resist this all over the place all over anytime saying of the radio we need to resist. Absolutely. And the way to do at least in America is through voting and calling your congresspeople and your senators is that we've had enough of this. You call everyone you send emails. That's when you start to some other ideas to but that's that's modest thing she do so would you go to who would eventually arrived to say go to the grocery store without the Canadian passport on something like that. Well see here's the thing is, what do you do if they won't let you win unless you have been verified, vaccinated, and you can buy and get food want to be forced to submit to the government at that point, or to buy food unless I can be self-sufficient somehow which I cannot but even then if I was self-sufficient on a plot of land then in order to pay your bills. You have to have verification that you have vaccination passport because your against the government and against the side near dangerous. So then you know I could see them doing with the Nazis did in Germany when they started moving the Jews into clearing neighborhoods and have made him wear identification work in us. This same thing I'm worried about here. I just know that ends so now in and I'm a firm believer in peaceful resistance and we Christians need to be united and we need to say enough and the Christians need to stand up all over the place with too many Christians are not willing to sacrifice too many Christians are not willing to risk we need to be united in the pastors and all pulpits need to be preaching politics when necessary. Not every day that every Sunday, but when necessary and the reason is because every area of life is to be submitted to the Lordship of Christ. That means every thing I vote on every phone call every person I support all this must be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

That's why Christians are necessarily supposed to be involved in politics and that's why when necessary that the preachers preach politics from the pulpit and they need to do without a lot of pastors say no separation of church and state is not biblical, not biblical. Don't submit to the state is the more you submit to the state the more it will gain control and it never will give it back.

Unfortunately, through history the only way that the powers and be that are in place like that and that kind of a regime where it every complete control.

The only way ever known in history is through violence that's not bad you want to hold down your really want to hold you all the time you okay they felt right back at his best to just three of the lines 87720777 mass Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg back to the show. Let's get back all right where were we all know, I would go back to the question, it understand it correctly, that would force me work night. To take it by fourth 2010, mother because I strongly believe it would do harm to my body, then it would be correct to a defendant with all have understand that correctly answer the doctor's office and somebody came in to try and hold me down to take its place a shot on me my martial arts would kick in and I'd take care of the accident. I don't have that okay for you how it is you, I'm going to Israel next year. That's the plan, and it might be necessary for people in order to go to have to have the vaccination at that point.

If I choose to get it. It would be for that reason, to be able to go because others are going because I'm going, so that's a reason why would consider taking to be my choice not forced upon me. So that's to try to wrestle with now bill wrestle with. Later we'll see what happens okay okay will result in the Gamson job is to protect its citizens and to provide safety and borders and for the provision of normal facilities and services within the society and it is to protect from evil and so I know how it is there in your country, but in our country that our government is now opening the borders so that invaders come in who are infected and this is a violation of the obligation of the government and so at this point you have the self-defense issue becomes reality.

How far do we go when do we go. What do we do in order to defend ourselves against what the government is doing as it breaks its own laws when we do this is a question and discuss the ring when they may even deny David ride like the freedom of company here in Germany and dominant in burden to two weeks ago.

They the big QB take you a rake of the the Christopher St., Day Lake was marked with tens of thousands of people that end at the same place. One week later the demonstration off of the anti-incumbent people they were denied the right to march we had the same we had the thinking then that the thing number basically went with the government grant and that 50 everything thing, but different agenda and fill they were denied to march today, people just get that. But great together there and they marched anyway. Will in here America. Recently there was a big motorcycle rally people gather nothing out with what town it was a do it yearly and the leftists media called it a vac, a covert spreader but yet at the same time when they have concerts of leftists, music concerts, people gather that's okay in the hypocrisy. The thing about hypocrites. Are they hypocrisy another form of lying, and if the leaders are hypocrites of meat you can no longer trust what they say and do because they don't have a standard of righteousness and they need to be removed from office. This is why it's important to vote, but I know how it is in your country, but a lot of people have suspicion about the reliability of the voting system.

Now you know I was there, but that's how I'm not sure about that but I don't here in the country don't know many things are going wrong.

Hold that heating up in the not 15 month old: that's right it is today. And maybe I'll call back another time. So heaven I think YouTube okay alright alright cool this get the micro my love, Mike welcome drawn here. LOL third, I love your I absolutely love your show today I'm going to let looking for.

Kudos here, but about the order. I love what you do and one of the boldest followers of Christ that I I just really appreciate what you do though you not to the court under my question. I have a friend who I have a lot of respect for for a long time and I think part of it is maybe the denial but he had assigned to practicing homosexual but is that both Mike that are different than the fact that you've been married, divorced, married, divorced, now you married my 20th anniversary yesterday and spoke and but it I don't know how you compare those who decide that I was devastated by the North will is not the same thing I was actually guessing things on horse as a heterosexual divorce which is not the same thing. So he's made a false comparison.

The go-ahead well I really you know what a positive there is any positive development code that, by the way I attic Scandinavian. I think I have the culprit gift progressive pulmonary fibrosis because of: 19 reload my mind. Okay, yeah, yeah, and I'm the and I don't dwell on it that you hopefully it's something that will and order get a phone but it may not look into HI IT high-intensity management training you get your heart rate, breathing rate up high and you see the doctor to permit that course and then looking up HI IT is been known to really help out in breathing and cardiovascular just a thought. What well one thing that really and currently with Dr. you know that you did say I located it will continue to be active in absolutely, that's most important thing to fight anywhere within and with all this covert I get I can handle it in your head like to do that and when the good when they could do nothing. The wicked prosper and we need to resist what is going on now.

I believe that more people and put in the public eye, like myself, people on TV and radio need to start saying we need to resist.

I'm not talking about violence.

I'm talking about vote right and getting people out of office.

I think we should be doing is mailing letters to political offices and mailing letters with the pebble or something and it just make a little bit more to the point I don't just this.

We need to do something and I believe in and assembling outside offices protesting and I've tried to get away from rate rattled on it with right back folks have these messages would open line 87777 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show at the bottom of the hour. Get back to Mike for my Mike back on record.

Posting on Facebook.

You get here get it taken down, but I haven't yet ordered you, but I could go to the silent majority, silent majority can't remain silent right we can't. We have to stand up.

We have to stand up.

It's time that I master, I got your I think you are Christian art of loving and kind me in my now college yes it is.

Jesus overturned the temple tables made with corn. I know the people out to the call to whitewash the flickers you father the devil, Jesus did not tell the centurion to did Paul tell them to stop being in the military. He told Peter to put his sword away not get rid of it when he was defending Jesus in the garden that was because he Ross Jesus says in Luke 2236. He says sell your cloak and by the sword and up on the 12 to them had swords.

A civil that's enough so the idea of self-defense certainly seems to be there and the idea of strict Christian pacifism is not the case is not biblical. We have the right of self-defense, but not the obligation, we have the right to defend yourself some comes in my home to rest assured I will defend my home and my family.

I will do it down the last rest of my life. I need to and we as Christians need to stand up for righteousness and instead of stopped listening to Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagan and Joel O'Steen and Joyce Meyer and others who preach namby-pamby crud theology need to start having piano in the pulpits are preaching about the necessity and the cost of discipleship.

Jesus says follow me and that means Jesus is Lord over every area of life. It doesn't mean just on Sundays and in your private home in these every area of life. And if Christians all over the United States started behaving like that, then the country would change very quickly because could you imagine if all the Christians are saying at work. Not long ago your almost pro-homosexual pro-LGBT acute indoctrination seminar you will learn how to be more sensitive to do that and they get fired and if everybody's getting fired all over the place.

I noticed taken risks, trustee folks, I've done it, taken risks of cost me greatly but somebody's gotta do to go to do because sometimes it standing up for righteousness is what you gotta do is to the setting of your job. Do what you're obligated to do don't do just the minimal and too many Christians do the minimal order to get by, but they don't realize Jesus is God in the world and make disciples of all nations. He didn't say go to church on Sunday.

Sit down and be fed. So don't get a whistle to be out there that had Christensen been doing with what we do when we wouldn't be in this condition. That was a very kind not to stroke you told RA for what I preach is a look at the exits.

Feel free to leave on preaching the message of the preaching isn't to be uneasy when I a few times every time I would sure love to find out where out you have sermons on your on your card fight no live sermon outlines and I've done over the years. I see pastor but okay when I was guess preaching a great deal in Southern California. There were times when I I literally member one very very strong instance where I was going to active preaching at a church regularly helping out and am found out that I discovered many people to review the Lord's name in vain. There just joining with the world. Christians work in Almighty and ended the Lord's name in vain. Whatever it is, and so I had everybody to begin the sermon.

I think that every standup they didn't but nevertheless the force look around you and hold that I said I see the exits.

Yes he could exit down. Feel free to leave during the sermon.

I will not be offended and I said hello. Let's go and I gave him the riot act about is the Lord's name in vain. I tutor people here I've met several times worth name in vain that you prepare this right now. I called on the carpet.

I thought there never to have a back and they afterwards many of them came up and said thank you for saying it like it is to hear it. I think people Crowell want to hear truth, they want to hear confidence and boldness for the preacher, not namby-pamby milquetoast diapering in theology.

Okay so what I say holy smoke that okay the name of the Lord is God. Lord Jesus, Yahweh, things like that holiness is a quality of God.

And so it's too close. In my opinion to to use with with anything I wanted was a holy cow or holy know things like that and things appropriate. I will gather's name in vain and I might say you know dang or hack or things like that but that's that's it. All think I get that I understand exactly okay. Thank you so much.

I really appreciate all you and your audio guy at all. He's great. Keith is awesome and I'm really really try to make yesterday's case he's really great guy and I have to say that because he coming out anytime. He's a good guy. I got less tired okay fabulous. I think the kid is a great guy.

All right, let's get on the air with son Leon from North Carolina Lee unwelcoming on the air, but a little right in the minute we got both a quick question along with the first caller Eric comment about the great day that the poet I'm not eating at.

At that the concept I think was in the 60s when the tax exempt status thing was instituted by the government and the churches and could have less taxes applied to them and in the process they were not allowed to promote any political candidates concept that was within the church. The church separation of church and state was the phrase was used by a blueprint in Franklin in a letter and after the context but that's where what is not in the Constitution it's not in the Bill of Rights.

It's not in the Declaration of Independence, and so the idea of the separation of church and state is wrong. I remember years ago here at invoice eat. I've been asked was I know I've been asked several times to do. Go for the with other pastors to do public prayers once a year than for past couple three which I did it for several years in a row, but any rate, after one of the prayer meetings that we had rivers gather to pray and across the street to meet some protesters. There were atheists and they said separation of church and state. I said you that means, and this woman looked at me and never really thought about it and she was low, but you know you did keep the religion can't influence the state. I said, is it okay for the state to influence a religion until the religion what to do akin to and I could see the shock in her eyes when she realized that it worked both ways. But she's only forming one that she was being hypocritical. I could see it.

I said we gonna say about that and she did have an say is it's okay for the state to impose its rights and restrictions on religion, but when it comes to religious people say now we want to vote for Christian candidates. That's not okay soup why the hypocrisy whether double standard and she just walked away.

We need as Christians to stand for righteousness. This is why I do what I do for a living, largely the restudied apologetics is to defend my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ is why I've gone to seminary its why have five had death threats. It's why I have been swatted. It's what I've been followed in cars it's wife had legal threats occurred wife in the head bumps in the nights his wife had all kind of things happen to me over the years I've been chased and persecuted. I've almost been physically beat up because I wanted stand my Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the cults like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses the false religions like Eastern Orthodox and and on Roman Catholicism.

The come against the true gospel of Jesus Christ and in the Christian church to many people's another pews afraid to do anything afraid to risk anything they want to say they serve Jesus, but they don't. They serve him in their hearts quietly but they don't serve him obviously said to to show each other your faith by your actions. James 218 says got make disciples of all nations.

This is what Christians are called to do. And Jesus is pick up her date your cross daily and follow after me not on Sunday mornings every day. Why is it were not doing this, the pulpits need to be preaching from the strength of God's word, not a weakness. No hammock theology. No diapering in this anymore, this time for the the pulpit people the pulpit to wake up and start preaching the strength and the clear the church out and start stop preaching to get people in the church he start preaching to equip those who are already in the church for the work of ministry. Ephesians 411, 12, 13 says that's with a pastor supposed to do equip them for the work of ministry not make him feel good in the hostile world and I'll go back and get your nose bloodied do something to live for Jesus. That's what I say that the good I like that you know that the work of the bank that not a need that is not right. And you have the spirit. Have a brother who you know that there's no dynamite to break Leon started with you that the rates are like that of your lives filled up folks like that man's leg why call 770727 charismatic slave show Leon quick comment on the church, reading on that talk about statement that was made on the exact word about the molarity being whenever we write it's okay doesn't care for the children while they were at the wall separated church.

They don't appear in the fifth. Separation neighbor Kate, like Delano, Emmett, then Bert everything first reported patient back evidently you and we do want to religious people work anyone church is running the government yet, but Christians need to be instant and not involved in it. That's #yet and and that preacher may be preaching politics at the when is that you reading about object that they contrary to God. I get my meaning is that a believer Christian my folk salvation young thing. I think that estimate that the high-priced article of and where we can get on a slippery slope sometime when we try to get a little felt right about unknown a political right, then we should not get involved with iMac about my community and whenever I think that need I get involved with what we need to be in the any to have a national organization of resistance, somehow, somewhere, some literally organized peacefully properly and make your voice be no we need to write is outside and also I would. Things are not as it would lose her right now tapping yet and I will not be done that I will call you, it whatever you might but my heart in it.

I was speaking with our brother last night about you nobly and you know you as well. Are you feeling what you got to get the evidence for Jesus to know that the net make. Now when I'm thing you know I'm not Jesus I about writing regarding my favorite not believe it or not I get on the any the focus.

That best understand that spiritual element where we don't try to play God yell because the heat confounded before you compound again and coming in and think okay what you thought you were right. This is how I'm going to do right always I always like leaf but I'll tell you what we do have callers laden, but you're right, we need to trust God in the gospel. This is the most important that we get a priest people, but we've also got to be involved in the world. A minute that I arrived right before you pray before you say that you hate everyone have a YouTube and God bless. All rights listed over to little me from California. I don't what good how are you doing fine right. Come on you know you are.

I got questions, I have a question about basically delay God judges people I know like in Romans 911, 13, you know you hate eat now without having denied a good or bad, and I also know that God get it.

You based off your heart so what what what I'm panic.

Initially Scripture were city basis judges you based on your heart because I don't know when is good for the sense that we have passed out of condemnation.

Romans 81 says out of condemnation because of a patent and what Jesus has done their trust in him, so there is no condemnation for those who work in Christ Jesus. In Christ Jesus is a term of federal headship, but there will be a judgment upon the Christians for his works good and bad and reward will be granted or removed, and that have now their status. It looks like forever with worse rewards and loss rewards in heaven, but will excuse me, Jan, hopefully sorry that so anyway method is depleted but works okay to go ahead with your next question or part of that so so for the reprobate are they yeah and damned from like in the beginning I guess without having that like having done that are bad, they get ready. Nobody's done good job nobody's done good Billy persons ever done good is Jesus. That's it.

Everybody is by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 2, three, and has had that we have fallen and send in Adam salt fall.

Romans 519 so nobody is doing the 16 for God.

All have gone astray. Romans 310, 11, 12 so people say they want fairness want God to be fair is not clear if he picks one picked another. First of all who are you to answer back to God and see what he can and can't do as far as what is fair and if you want fairness or city people then you to be going to hell is not fair for Jesus to bare our sins in his body and the cross and so people don't understand what they say the time to understand the are insulting God inadvertently current nuclear yet Emmett and Karen no weight. I am still very confused on on how I think I did at my question related that I don't want that or the other of the other people back thousand meet online. And though we don't so you can ask thereto, and in discord right yeah will be a God. Let goblins all right is get the check for North Carolina.

Chuck welcome on the air was thinking about it. I had a question about anything to anyone about what can be entered right but I thought about it and what she thought we went we would have to betray the course correct. I don't know these two conflicting it's I think the ideas of one who just takes it. The implication is there willingly, knowingly receiving and AFTER doing is identifying with the antichrist that point she wondered about that, what, what if your ear in a coma and someone comes in and give you the market you even know what you wake ARE you not to be going to hell and I wouldn't say so you know if they accept that Mark that's the issue right on glad all right let's get to Carrie from Boise, Idaho. Carrie welcome you on your power, you doing fine voice he kinda question about the vaccine.

Carmen don't want it because they don't want it forth on them other people don't want to kick it because maybe they have a medical condition that would bear the interference from start.

Thank why people not want to take it off community and it's experimental it's not been approved by the administration yet.

It's still under emergency approval. It actually alters DNA. It's a permanent alteration of your DNA and there plenty of cases of accounts of of women who been pregnant who've had problems in pregnancy right if you're taking the coated and there are accounts of people dying of when they take it to. I think okay and if it's so uneasy. Here's a question. If it's good for you know that. Why is it that so many doctors and nurses don't want to get. I just didn't realize they got what you yeah there's a lot of information about it. Reducing fertility theirs and it is a certain heart condition. Now that's related to taken vaccine plus some of them understood and used baby aborted baby material in there, and so you know there's a religious exemption right I want to do it that I want have my likely benefited by people killing the unborn. I think I put my name not okay RA is carriers have a great day from you I listed to Jared for Utah. Jared welcome your on your body. How are you doing all right these eons. All of a sudden the okay boy all, may conflict so I'm from Utah. I live among a lot of LDS Mormon people here find I don't have any of you if I have several friends that are believers of the Mormon church.

So my first question is one of my friends and I get to debate something about repenting Mormon pens that believed that that repentance that they call it is not acceptable by God's. So for example if you were on your deathbed about the die and you try to repent for you then that God would not forgive you, but I wanted to hear your opinion on that asks you that is widely seen what's the reason they're making a statement that trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins and asking Jesus to forgive you is not enough. Which means that they have to do something so there denying the idea of justification by faith. Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith in Romans 45 to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies him godly his face is credited as righteousness, so that doesn't exist in Mormonism because his second Nephi 25, 23, the book of Mormon. You are saved by grace through faith. After all you can do so there's a works righteousness system nest because they were false God. That's what false gospel.

So they're assuming that they can do enough stuff to be saved wanted 1032 if you deny yourself of all ungodliness and then is God's grace sufficient for you, but in D&C 82, seven is for the Mormons were listening. If you repented and you commit the same sin later. All the former sins come back upon you, so Mormonism teaches a false gospel, you can saved from your sins in it.

I don't got on another planet, the thing, but that's another topic so if they say no you can't be saved by trusting in Christ and sick with a can you give me a list of the things you gotta do and then to give you listed in use are witnessing to be doing those things well and trying also. You're not doing it and then you can go to W. Kimball's book of the miracle of forgiveness. I forgot which page number but she says and they're trying is not good enough yet to do it. So you have another in theology education. Erica though. I've actually bought several more men why they believe that that repentance is not been at the back by that that usually get it because you're repenting out of here and not out of a dance that I've always got will state say since in fear.

You know when you call that tomorrow I'll give you something that Jesus said that's courts. The idea that even fear is a good enough reason. Okay it is there in Scripture, okay okay writing okay photo at a time. The Lord bless you never had a debate in one hour. And if you're interested in car Facebook page was a another program powered by the Truth Network

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