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July 27, 2021 12:37 am

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July 27, 2021 12:37 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Will we know and recognize our loved ones in heaven---2- What do you think about people calling Jesus a socialist---3- If someone was saved but then openly rejects Jesus, what does that mean---4- How do you deal with Genesis 5-3 in response to the -serpent seed- doctrine---5- A caller wanted to discuss white supremacy and racism.--6- What do you think about books like -Heaven is for Real----7- What is the difference between Calvinism and Lutheranism---8- Did Christ die for Hitler's sins-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart born you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a map like why branches called in responding to your questions at 87707276 pairs.

Matt slick match will live news slips through July 23, 2021 broadcasters if you're going to be calling you to do was dialing 772072276 the last four digits spell CRM on your dial to do so.

You recall, there are right.

We have followed several lines and look for to hearing from you.

So last night less than I did a Bible study I taught on the theology of marriage so hopefully I didn't something right you hopefully you hear me by now.

Okay, good. Hey Jerry how you doing Terry and Laura enjoy almond Joy undoes the prayer ministry. So if you have prayer needs you know you want to be prayed for all you do is just email us at prayer at Carmen dot org and we can purging like alright so last night I taught on the theology of marriage.

I'm kind of curious to know if you heard it, and what you thought this and I release the notes. I put the notes out today been developing notes on the theology of marriage for years and will continue to add to them. I started doing this. Developing this notes and things like this because over the years I was doing counseling married couples double-sided table and it was interesting because I started realizing very quickly that the theology of the Scripture was a solution to marriage problems and let me theology, I mean things like the doctrine of the Trinity, the incarnation, the hypostatic union and I could relate those to what marriage is and why marriage is what it is not because it's a human institution because it's something God created and why did he create and how does it reflect his character and his essence and so I went through that and I would look for years now that I've taught on the theology of marriage and tell you if my wife were brave enough to come on the air should say will try and but the way to go before we I get down because I certainly don't have it down, but I do know what the Scriptures teach about my teacher did gets me so badly. But nevertheless, I enjoyed teaching so maybe you did. I don't know.

The next week. People what teach on the unsecure rheology so well on the doctrine of salvation that will be interesting as well. Right there you go for you to call 877-207-2276 is good for Anthony from Oklahoma Anthony welcome and there that's what you wrote.

The court that all of it all.

Hopefully they will know love one making you explain that we well nothing in Scripture says that we will or will not know very thing we know that after the resurrection, Jesus was recognizable now. Initially, he wasn't, and we assume it was because he didn't look 20 forces arise or be held from recognizing him from seeing him but he retains crucifixion wounds and so this is the first resurrection so the recognizing him and he certainly knew they were after his resurrection. So from that model we would say I could conclude that we will also be able to recognize others and in heaven. I don't see any problem with recognizing, for example, my my present life. We can only be raised in the same bodies that we died in though their glorified bodies and so it makes sense to say about the recognize her chill recognize me will be married you more because at death the covenant is right on call. I know they will know will be present with each other now pose a hey how are you doing and choose a great number not married you don't know I'm in heaven and so who knows what will happen in heaven. I know like right you know love will related what we know that they can make most probably I would assume so. If we have family members that we wish were here in heaven with us when were there and we can find them. I guess we can be aware of it.

I want to say will just know because Bible doesn't say so, but I would assume that we will recognize recognizing a lot of people we know who are not in heaven with us in our eternal damnation. We will know that our love will you make nobody Scripture specifically says that I can call conclude that we will know they would be if a person is married to his or her life. He's a Christian she's not a Christian you go to heaven if you can be unaware that he was married when he was on earth, and knows that she didn't make it.

For example, I don't see that as being a reality that I can think about you too brother God bless. There was Anthony from Oklahoma. Let's see, let's go to Jamaal North Carolina. Jamaal welcome you are on the book you click no program and also you are all you gotta order okay are you want to. I cannot talk about it black in color, but I called Mark I want to be free, quick little good things to learn about how you gluten-free your healthcare treatment toward all that I wanted to see what your thoughts were all people. People want Jesus to be what they want Jesus to be. It's very common and so you know this is a people will find varying things and I'll say hey, he was this, he was daddy's like me slick what what I want and I can tell you, Jesus was not a socialist.

The way they have social is now in the Marxist ideology. Socialist Democrats are critical to resurrection Marxists.

There is no way that Jesus would affirm any of that. And the reason I never of that is because with the Scripture say and I remember the Bible is inspired and Jesus God in flesh inspired the word what is the word teach us. It teaches us a representative form of government. In Exodus 1821 to 22, Deuteronomy 113 says choose wise and discerning and experienced men from the tribes.

And I will point to measure heads. This is is that self-governance governance better since go to him and if you get about a month to three witnesses every fact to be confirmed. If you have the right to go to your people your friends in and out of the church and get things settled on the right of private property shall not covet your neighbor's house. Exodus 2017 is more versus I'm just going over what a representative with the principle of liberty and freedom is Galatians 51 was for freedom that Christ set us free. Therefore keep standing firm and do not be separate again to a joke of slavery, capitalist principles, 2133 through 41.

This is the parable of the land owner leaving out servants in charge of his vineyard.

He owned a vineyard and required proper treatment of his people and his property, and Matthew 2030. Also witnesses and a fair trial, and 1950 a single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which is committed on the evidence of two or three witnesses, shall anything be confirmed in the right of self-defense and the right to be able to to own weapons.

Luke 2236 Jesus said, sell your cloak and go buy a sword.

There is absolutely no way Jesus was a socialist.

The Bible does not teach communism. It does not teach socialism.

In fact, most people are so woefully ignored a biblical governing theology that I can say this, that it was the Puritans, the Calvinist Puritans who came over from Europe to America and what they do good is they asked the ministers to go through the Scriptures and devise a governing system based upon the word of God and what the ministers found is some of what I've said from Scripture and other principles which is why we have the government that we have today because what they did was the forerunner of our present governmental system. For example, the total productive total depravity teaches that men are basically bad, Marxism, for example, the stupid hippity of Marxism says that man is basically good and the problem of society is society itself of the governing system and the system has to be torn down and rebuilt. So the way to do this in Marxism is to cause division between varying people. Blacks and whites, the rich, the poor, the legal the illegal whatever it is and they cause division and problems well. The doctor total depravity school woven into the system of our government because we have three main areas of government we have do the judicial and we have the we have the take. Thank you very much work for the presidency. I couldn't. It was stuck on that we have these three branches because they're not to be even the odd numbers because two out of three, and the idea was to have godly people in those places. So what they could do is hopefully with wisdom govern appropriately.

I discussing this unfortunate we have now for the majority of people in our government are our people who are socialists who lie repeatedly who are not there for the of the people, but the betterment of themselves and that's what that case I so I recommended he read the Declaration of Independence and what I just said what I just said what I could. They will use against me if they want take me to a FEMA camp later when if the leftist take over that with her trying to do what Marxists want to do is destroy any dissenting of people they want a one party system and they will do whatever they can to get power to be able to keep control why you think that there opening the borders, because the people coming illegally victoriously vote socialist because they don't know any better, so that's why they're having them come in and they can to get them rights to give them all the benefits that the people who work here. Don't get and the Democratic Party is the party that supported the KKK and it supported slavery in the 1800s and just you people to do the research so that is one thing that you are on the Corbett but will try to cut down American coconut that you will not find it is the policy of the lines you call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg at the thought do something on the stack.

Sorry folks, okay guess. Are you back over here. Okay, let's see. Jamaal slowly describe those who can explain. There you go right so if you want, it will find the article all you do is go to harm on the left-hand side you'll see the menu secular issues go to government and you'll see the article socialism at the bottom.

What is socialism and I document. It's for example, Venezuela and socialism have that it is. It is so bad. It is so bad.

Socialism is in Marxism are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in the 1900s alone, so that question, a water you know any code. I wanted Eric I know you believe that the caring are they believe that there are workdays only Great Britain okay but I wanted Eric would what about somebody openly reject Jesus you know they you at one point they were staying.

They say okay will now I don't believe Christianity Christianity Christianity at all. Are they still think it would never say to begin with. They went out from us because they were not really a bus for if they had been of us, they would've remained with us, but they went out so that it would be shown that they're not really all of us. First John 219. Okay now God is the Lord God's will to make this born-again first Peter 13 now, if theoretically, some can lose your salvation is problems. It would mean then that God has to make a person on born-again. It would also mean Jesus paid for their sins and they still go to hell. But how could he pay for their sins, they still go to hell. It makes no sense.

There's other issues as it does nothing about this imaginative courtesy, the theology of the idea that you can lose your salvation. We have a guy who's going to be saved at 30 and he becomes an atheist at 50. Let's say that okay and he dies at 70 so far the first 30 years of his life. He's an unbeliever that he say for 20 years and then he's lost for 20 years dies and goes to help when Jesus saved him did Jesus forgive him of all of his sins will the answer has to be equal, yes. Will the question and asked if he quickly died for all this and you pay for all of his sins, then that must mean he pay for all of the sins even after rejected Jesus to get out but he was a will now know he didn't. He didn't die for those sins. If he didn't die for those sins that how could the person be saved. With all of the sins without all of his have been paid for that if they record. But I've heard that he pay for all good for all future market and nothing says that but it does say in Colossians 213 when you were dead in your transgressions and the on circumcision of your flesh, he made you alive together with him, having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled out the certificate of debt, consisting of decree was against us, which was also to us and he has taken it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. A certificate of debt is a sin debt, so he did this at the cross. So for a man is born you know in this century. 2000 years later and he is saved, then gets unsaved did Jesus cancel out his sin debt are not 2000 years ago didn't get it.

See it raises problems to say that They Lose Their Dr., Asian and it becomes incoherent to hold that position when you apply Scripture and logic to the situation. Okay I will love you Herman for a minute.

November are you two goblins. All right, let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield us in welcoming on-air Michelle but they'll think it's only can you get us will follow up from left them in a cold burn about that one preacher preaching the doctrine. By bad and I called Megan Shelley's pin that verse okay and he basically told me that he right away jump to Genesis 530 together from that work that you know that the Adam was the father that and him and this listed and you can see, and so he takes that that PAC can feed from the serpent and then I asked more questions and I he said.

Notice what he did what you said he did yet you brought out the genesis for one and he immediately went to 53.

He was sending Scripture against Scripture that it's what you have to do is to say hello to Leslie five photos one.

That's what they do also. So you do as you say will Leslie 53 later, but can you please tell me what 41 means is it says the man had relations with Eve and gave birth to Cain.

Does it mean that the man this would all do a site visit mean that Adam had relations with his wife, Eve, and she can see the gave birth again is repeat it. He says that whole if he says no I just read it again and like I would you do if you do it. He probably familiar with the versatile co-diverse peoples… Or interpretation. They don't realize including a verse so anyway 53.

This is when Adam lived 130 years he became the father of a son is unlike physical news image, and named him Seth doesn't mean that he and Eve did not have relations and produce cancel this pastor could not argue his way out of a wet paper bag with neon signs and pulleys pushing him out with the bad greased and open on the downhill that click going back. The man hardly get accurate drilling that you get on the them being so adequate he basically I have neglected that the that only one God and become interpreted Motorola so I whacked the father and his new bed that you and so then I left my quota of it on the floor about five and and I referred to them that and he thinks he got I got like it really threw them off my floor never heard this before, and then that I said referring to the Hebrew what is the original eBay you think that it was. That is a part of the all but this is mostly right back after these messages. Mass Y.

Call 7707 charismatic sling so yeah so he's a heretic all around. Okay 26 through the end of the tribulation began and so much as it was.

There was work that well. I would think that I'm gonna heretic category, but not the one that they believe the more lifting situation but you got it think that they like but it is too bad that the youth is not God you season is a false prophet false teacher falls everything and soundly rebuked Florida is complete heretic to condemnable doctrine right what so much mad letter to know the update to let you know what okay let us okay will see you back.

All right, let's get to Rick from High Point, North Carolina Rick, welcome and new risk.

See you there. Rick want to talk out yet how you got it all right on the number we got what I will go to compensation. You gentlemen will have an old socialist only on the government and socialism are the Bible and a lot of times I agree with you, but I'm a moment that you want to. The problem I listen to you. Basically every day but I don't get the route you would have found out that minutes okay we can do that, but it appears to me that most of the people at Holiday Inn and is mopping up both trained in the approval from Matt click us out of the Opal peoples was like all pro se and like that's okay because well they met that it is okay but a little you talk about the right way driveway be conserved as all-around in his left liberal in the prayer committee that, thank no one would believe you think we already know you don't do what you say you're not biased which I will leave your course that I started so that I okay to stroke but is just like averages like people can make the Bible get whatever they want and just because it met Reggie mean that the only way they want@that's why I give people the scriptural references is going to check it out for yourself. So what the issue is not something what is it you talk about about blackboard wife and I you feel that it your mobile Eagle White right right of them all.

All like the premises. I know you will. When you said because I know you believe that have to be such a thing of white supremacy with the current date that you think I read define like Gramercy define well pump the bacon side of what I think it's critical back back to the white race look great like the premise all TV lately.

Okay one thing okay fine TV define it. What is well supported me link Bella and someone at the all about mouth so feel like you are better like install and stuff, well, it's just a lot less so than out about Alonzo in that way.

Click solely premises the attitude that those who are whites are better than those who are not white and on our personal stop. One thing at a time that definitions will know one thing, would you agree with the declaration of what I drew okay that I quickly stopped and STOPPED stopped for self we gotta get something down first. You always define the terms I was debating this publicly.

I say but what is it mean you can't argue something if you don't know what it is like a crammed remainder of my book okay great, the main crane are better than another part of another right okay alright so that we would say then that is the attitude that those who are white are better than limbs were nonwhite. Right. Okay, I didn't find out why people are like that at least one thing at a time. Once we get a definition down there we contact like that. So, are there no I people who think that the white race is better than the black and the brown and everything else. Of course there are there black people who think that there the black race is better than the whites in the browser bills. Of course there are postaccident there is such a thing as black supremacy, not just white supremacy correct okay so everybody's equally sinful man what people say, well, is in a single yeah this may be true. Technically, mapping understand that that the culture of America was developed by white people who oppressed black simplest oppressed Asians and they have built America up on the back and the toil the sweat of those who worked as true that the NSA and I'm an asset questions I'm asking questions about it. When asking questions document that show it to me. Show me that that's the case was not a marker built on the on the back. The black people were not.

I do know because companies got what you mean you don't know and it will real Rick Rick, I just recently read a statistic that something like 2% of the population owned slaves back in the 1800s. So if that's the case, can we then say that the that America was built on the back that 2% is that without either correcting the say that point is that at that particular time yet yet since I don't want to know. Did you know that there were white slaves also in America. You also never letting okay good. Did you also know that there were Blacks who owned black slaves in America yet and I also know that most right leg that came from or what slaves actually in Africa all time. I like maple is right and who will not outlines who the ones who caught the slaves in America. The other blogs out of the market. The British allowed them to America and I said in my did not elicit slavery is wrong on that approving and justifying it unsafe. A lot of the Blacks themselves in Africa caught other black people and gave the slivered largely because so much.

There is bad people and want to get rid of them and sometimes they were corrupted. Well my granny so that it happened look at everything is not just white supremacy because the reasons I'm so I'm saying this because he could be careful because it causes the vision indicating I can cause resentment and resentment was when resentment is not resolve it leads to anger. Anger leads to murder lying dead.

This is a man stop if it's true, and I ran percent of the population owned slaves.

Black slaves in the end of America, which is wrong. Flat-out wrong. Okay, I can doubt okay well you can't say then that America was built on the back of slaves because that would mean 98% of the people were doing the work you see okay these questions are never asked.

It's just that we can talk about course, we can you know. And now, the question of four-year grounds on make you opinion on the insurrection at the White House. It wasn't in the Sonoma capital, Wellington it what it was.

So what was I know what I would call it the word insurrection is something the lowest to this again. I don't know what I would call it, but I would not call it an insurrection because that is something that the left is using to justify an abuse of power. There are people who were just there at that protest. I'll call it it it was at the very least a protest. They were just there and are in jail and they didn't do know that no so what they did was okay. I didn't want it when I wanted to let you literally enter the white into the ghetto into a wideout installed and Rick I would call Rick Rick your stance and this is where specificity is always necessary during discussions questions have to go back to the left is not the questions.

Let's just say those 1000 people who were involved in this Pro protest… It was 1000… A 1000 let's just say that 100 people of the 1000 went into the capital list to say that so then we all must say then then you have to your wording is important when you say those people who win and that was the hope that with that group was wrong the whole group was wrong. Seated misrepresents the facts. This is what the left careful about what I direct that Kathy's messages please mats like why call 770727 charismatic okay one more thing you do for insurrection. No, I don't know the model.

So if you're not overloaded leg of our it is looking. I looked it up. Okay, just to get good enough. Everything we basically know what it is. But let's get the formal definitions.

The active rise against civil authority or government restraint. Specifically, the armed resistance of a number of persons of the power of the state that that's not what happened or the capital Notre Dame and I asked well. Another definition is the act over the instance of open revolt against civil authority, or a constituted government.

I think that could be used because it is reckless as a variety of meetings in one sentence in armed rebellion.

Another when it's not.

Now did they want to rebel you know I have my own opinions about them will sit on the ear.

But what about the rights that were happening all over the place where violence is occurring. People are dying in people and weapons were being used against the police and against the civil authorities in varying areas that one has insurrection and yet the news never calls it that. And what the news calls January 6 is insurrection. Their hypocrisy is there and their hypocrisy is the servant of an agenda.

Their agenda is socialism and societal control and insight… I'll control their control markers are needed and you one of the signs of the social of control or wearing masks. We don't need to wear masks we don't need to wear these things. If you've been vaccinated.

I shouldn't have to wear. Plus I done studies the virus the cold virus is smaller than newspaper mask cloth mass things people wear and it's basically useless, but they want you wear them in the way and have certain distances. It's a means of control its cultlike and NOW there's all kinds of stuff going on. I do disagree with you… But there were two cases that I follow all the new national notes and whatnot let left is right at all of that that will be called F that of the Delta variant that has already been vaccinated like an empty or die if the vaccine is what well I had it in our house break I defend is that he had the right wing that tested he had it and he was with.

We will do is put together the whole bit in the sick again.

Enter my family so so it is about okay now… I'll get out and let you what Rick, look what letter I like to learn you know what organizing the top you all day long and I enjoyed it.

Disagree with I don't mind you, so call back Monday. Let's let's going to get a little bit okay looks like I arrived at.

Enjoy your weekend, but YouTube YouTube of the Blessed are about okay I like Rick Nate from California Nate welcome or you hope you understand where I'm beginning that's okay.

Thank you all just like to know why do people buy books from I forgot their name their authors name that there called book titles are manageable.

What the hell back. Also about multiple one or one Wednesday have any on their car are very very and back and also a little more than a little kid who believes that he wants to have my when I think about those. I don't know if they're legit because the Bible says in second Corinthians 14 verses two through four says that I know man when you're out in the body writing. But I do not know what such a man was cut to the third heaven, so it's possible for a person to go to heaven and be back to the Bible says so. So can it happen.

Biblically speaking, I don't see a problem with its nothing.

The Scripture is 12. I believe it is 12 224 so anyway I think is possible that each one I think would have to be examined in particular to to see whether legitimacy are all about Walmart actually arm that let's get back I would like to know if you don't mind about Luther basis: the difference between the basic difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism is in the area. The extent of depravity and extent nature and extent of the of the atonement.

I went to a Lutheran college and I learned a theology there and went to print a Calvinist seminary.

So a good smattering understanding about your very similar lot of various reformed theology of Calvinism would with as it has a deeper doctrine of total depravity with individuals completely incapacitated and cannot come to Christ on their own unless it's by the incredible grace of God. Lutheranism basically said this is the very same thing except not quite as much of an emphasis they frittered more teach that you can lose your salvation, but is difficult to do. You have to really work against Christ in order to lose your salvation. Calvinism so you can't and Calvinism would say that Jesus only legally bore the sin of the elect. Though the sacrifice is sufficient to save everybody he legally only bore the sin of the elect for the I believe the number correctly.

The, the Lutherans are. They hold the position that he legally bore the sin of everybody and it becomes efficacious upon belief which is what most Arminians belief which I deny the efficacious nature of the atonement is not based on us is based on the work of Christ on the cross were the sin that was canceled per Colossians 214 for this, a general desire. I understand you and for both of them there that say that you're a Protestant young Protestant Blessed divisions in Protestantism and that's good means to protest against the injustices theological and social injustices of the Roman Catholic Church in the 1500s. As with the Protestant means protest okay okay how about that out loud for my apologize, but always liked you spraying there apologetically apologize for everything but can a child be three.

You baptized in the Catholic Church but always as apostates and his doctrine of salvation is an baptism is X apparat which means by the doing. It is done that the that it actually removed by the act of baptism removes original sin and all sin of the point which I absolutely deny flat out denied because of who I am as apostates so that's what their view is there just flat out wrong Bible not does not teach that the invention of the Roman Catholic Church.

Okay now all I have also begun in reserve there. I nursed anywhere in the Bible is there when he was born he was baptized known right. But I think they would come back with East in a different System and things like that. There's there's ways they can get around it.

But then I stop those arguments, but he we go to callers okay because begun stacked up on my buddy, I thank you for your questions. There were great and God bless and pray for me to go up the guard all Park and Sartain right night so it's in your name because people all over will be praying for you right Nate with epilepsy preforming folks and you can also email us at the email address. People prefer either too hard. Okay Nate thank you so much got black and have a great weekend.

Your entire family to come blocks. They found about us.

All right, let's get to Martin from Virginia Martin welcome and 1/2 hour wait sorry about that but here you are the I you're on the air.

I met Matt for a flick. I also cannot face on lot by pushing them so we got buddy remark on what you have your partner with our once saved always saved?

And still like one of them to call back on Monday about the other one. So Christ did die first that I did did Christ died for like like Hitler extends to well what is defined in terms was and I asked this what is it me to die for someone sends what is that mean biblically, it means that Jesus bore our sins in his body on the cross. First Peter 224 he can bear our sin because sin is a legal debt because Jesus is our father when and how they forgive us our sins forgive us our debts, he said these and so sin is transferred to him. Will the wages of sin is death. Jesus died so that's how he paid for our sins by dying. That means the sin debt is taken care of and it's canceled right Dr. Margaret so then the logic requires us to think if he canceled the sin that is Colossians 214 says by dying, then can you go to hell if you're sin that is been canceled. Even if you don't believe in it because you problem because how can someone go to hell if the author sin is been paid for and canceled by Jesus. What I believe but not believing is also a sin.

So what Hitler hell I don't know. I would assume so but is always high. I would also myself. Not great about what we offer and we don't know if you reprint the last minute or two, or five, whatever, but the blood of Christ is sufficient save. Even Hitler even stolen but what weeks zoom in heaven.

I doubt it. I don't believe I got it out by your right.but what I will call you back on Monday about Scripture about 150 in order that sounds good, let's talk about okay, alright, let's get to Bob from Salem, Utah.

Bob locally on the air. I very direct in the New Testament were so large armor covered your layout the apostles as a proper right to the Savior and I'm wondering if you could help me find that reference. There is no verse it says that it is possible to pray to Christ first contains one to everyone everywhere who calls upon the name of the Lord. The phrase call upon the name of the Lord is from the Hebrew call upon the name of Yahweh, and it means to pray and worship to him and is applied to Jesus. So yes, Jesus I call back Monday for slowly okay buddy all right member first gives one to sorry about that. Matthew California will to do before everything fellowship members of the folks have a great weekend. You another program powered by the Truth Network

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