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July 21, 2021 4:00 am

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July 21, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Did God choose certain people for salvation---2- Is John 6 just talking about the apostles---3- Are the people living in the current country of Israel descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel---4- What is you definition of charismatic- What's your opinion of the charismatic movement---5- What are the 2300 days mentioned in Daniel 8---6- Can a nonelect person think they are saved but actually not be---7- Are babies born in sin- Do they carry the sin of Adam---8- Do you think conservatives will be considered terrorists---9- What is the correct translation of Jeremiah 29-8---10- Who are the dogs mentioned in Revelation 22-15-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of Christian apologetics. Research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a map slick.

Why glances calls and responding to your questions at 877207276, charismatic, slick map, slick look like July 16, 20, 21 for the broadcasters if you want to give me a call. All you do darling. 772-072-2761 her predicament call and let's see olio becauseof the sword calling about it. We had an interesting Bible study last night I taught on eternal security and afterwords, so we had some discussions and apparently people really enjoyed the discussion I talked to guy for about an hour to have two hours people stayed here at the study till like midnight and so well. If you are if you saw that if you want to ask questions or comment about love to hear from you by the logistics and so well with work lines give a call 877-207-2276 is good run with Patrick from Charlotte, North Carolina Pat looking on here. No one will write anything in it what you about the Bible study last night you had mentioned a group of people that Jesus told was that people okay God shows the elect actually is kind of a redundant term to choose is to elect and God elected people or chose them for salvation and a lot of people just flat-out denied it.

They say no, God would not do that. Let me go to second Thessalonians 213, but we should always give thanks to God for you brother loved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 and if you go to Ephesians 1 verse four it says, just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we be holy and blameless. So it's the choosing of God or the electing of God for people for salvation. There is a Scriptures. That's what it is so workable possible empty them out well.

Of course God did absolutely so in John 637. Could he be speaking about the apostle that shoulders and they came to him no and not just the apostles look a lot people say that John, six and seven all the fog as you will come to me but if you read the whole thing.

It says this little to submit that always given me. I lose nothing but raise up the last day for the syllable of my father, everyone who holds the son and believes in him when eternal life, and I myself original last day's was talking about everybody okay but according to John Monday dear Bill, was not you the 12. I told yes he did but I'm telling you the context there in John 637 through 40.

Jesus says, everyone who beholds the son in verse 40 that's not just the disciples.

Furthermore, in verse 35 just a few verses earlier on the rental and the life of life you comes to me will not hunger, and he who believes in me, never thirst. So you think he who comes to me.

He who believes in him and then just in five verses later is that the equitable holds and will have eternal life is not just about the disciples okay will benefit everybody that would be every human being, not just the elect, no, no, I was giving you the response to the idea that the was given to the son by the father were just the apostles.

The waves were given the current infection at the electrical thought. Patrick pulled on. I'm showing you that that prick could be is not just the apostles. I just showed you long okay which says in verse 35 John 635 he who comes to me will not hunger. He who believes in me will never thirst. Is that just the apostles will know that everybody everything in Vietnam and when the governor keep reading but I said to you that you have seen me, and yet you do not believe all that the father got a will. Patrick continue to read the Scriptures are all that the father give the will come to me and when it comes but I certainly will not cast out who's the all that the father gives to Jesus tomorrow. 313 okay who's the all who the father go to sleep okay Patrick, I'm ready to hang up on you.

I don't want to do that but I'm asking you questions and you're ignoring I'm asking you it would look for okay I'm asking you okay all right what I done folks was just asked him to look at the actual words that it actually says in the actual context.

He does want to do that number tell you that that is a technique of cults and false teachers and brainwash people when you ask a question. Is it what is this text right here safe and they refuse to look at of a go someplace else. What they're doing is trying to get a different context. A different place in order to make a certain text essay with a wanted to say and that's an improper way of doing exegesis so I was patient with him repeatedly and asked them to look at the text and he didn't want to do that you want to go someplace else and when I repeatedly asked him to continue to ignore that and that he went on okay time to move on so this is a common kind of a thing that people want to say that when Jesus says all the father gives he will come to me and those come to me, will certainly not cast out. It means only the disciples but that's not what's going on as he continues to thrive come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me this is the will of him. You sent me that all that he's given me.

I lose nothing but raise it up on the last day. Now if you want to say that was just the disciples, Judas was given by the father to Jesus in the context of being in is a disciple of an apostle, that doesn't mean that Judas was already saved because in John 633 John 653 64 Jesus talks and he says that he knows who from the beginning didn't believe in who was with the betrayal is less talk about Judas was never a believer to begin with.

So if you want to say that this is only about the apostles that it can't be the case because would lose none.

And if you want to say that was what apostles Judas was given as an apostle, but he was lost. This can't be about the apostles, it has to be about the save the elect. That's why Jesus goes on for this is the will of my father that everyone who beholds the sun. The everyone is not just the apostles, the reason people will hold to this position that they do, which is incorrect is because they deny God's election and predestination and they should not deny it because the Bible teaches it, and the reason I believe that they they deny that is because of their humanistic philosophy that they are imposing upon the text and they don't like. I hear that God is sovereign. They don't like the idea that God Alexei don't like the idea that they themselves are not. The arbiters of ultimate salvation truth when they themselves make a decision. That's what I believe we are for lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Jason from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Jason you're here today. The current state of Israel got through. Are we confident that needs are the actual or possible that they are what some people tell me our counterfeit not really directly from who who would say there counterfeit groups well there couple different groups, or consider the conveyance account. I have a hybrid rocket group name that I'm aware of.

Like he was now start Black Hebrew Israelites were the groups and know is that that would be one that that would be one that upper another would be actually and I don't know if you observe more, but I did know the right rights.

The what what would you things that I'd say that the Jews themselves know if they are the descendents of the 12 tribes you see the Jews of the ones who would keep their own genealogical records and traditions down the centuries they will be going on, and so when a group comes along later and says no you're not, what gives them the right to say what you who was born along Jewish lines has kept their records, their knowledge of what tribe they may be from etc. how do they were to get off saying that the Jews are wrong. Groups that hold to this and found our cultic just cultic and do not agree with a lot of your audit is they have, you know that the bloodline is been pretty pure from what were understand from the beginning.

Now but yeah they would know and decide let's say that God that's the sum the Jews didn't know what exactly lineage. The for whatever reason God certainly would know. And God has prophesied the gathering of Israel and his people in the nation, and he's prophesied a 12 tribes and things like that. So either way it's going to work with the BHI black Hebrew is like groups and other groups do is they come in and they usurped the authority belongs elsewhere, and they say that they are the true Jews, and that all the other Jews are imposters and that they are the ones who will have the truth and some BHI will even go so far as to say that white people are automatically damned because they're white because there is a devil soak extremes within that one of the individual with an know that the current state of Israel is controlled by the cabal which I'm sure you're familiar with. You just asking to show the documentation for the people will say all kinds of things you could have someone safe the reptilian new Nike from hell outer space or controlling Israelites chosen documentation was the cabal. How do you know the cabal to this. Okay you think disprove that they have to prove it to wears information can flip think Matt appreciated the day today from the goblins but that was Jason from North Carolina once we get on the phones with herb or herb I should say herb herb from Charlotte North Carolina are welcome here. Are you there. Okay, I hear you and the connection was bad, but I forget your debt. Radically, what are you thinking of it registered will charismatic gift comes from the Greek a response it's empowered by the Holy Spirit, their charismatic gifts listed in first contains 12 Romans 12 prescriptions 14 speaking in tongues word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy, things like that and eternal life is also a charismatic leader not. Romans 623 the free gift of eternal life, and that when there is charisma there. Anyway, we have three of them was given call 77776 right that mats like why call 770727 charismatic back to the show here with Richard from Stanley North Carolina. Richard welcome around here. They out at all in your chapter 8 Daniel chapter 8 work talks about that evening and morning Acrobat in its 2300 days or a resort or something. I remember something about it not think that it is 2300 days that specific. I my family would lay ahead of it. What yes yes I'm not familiar with a particular thing, but it was dealing with his detailed prophecy of the Babylonian Medo Persian Greek Roman Empire aggression and is an appeal period of time when the sacrifices published in Antioch or some states was the one who stopped the sacrifice claim to be God is a period of time for 200 days, which I'm not exactly sure what that is about 20 of them. People of faith. It know people say that it got eaten and morning Acrobat didn't take to make it day and night faith 1100 feet. The actual day, my hand, but about 300 S. African wild about yeah and you know could be evening and and the Genesis is one day so yeah, evening and morning, and so the cat so you know it would be something worth us discussing and studying but know it is you. Anyway, it's a prophetic issue of the meter Persian, Greek empire rise, rising to Alexander the great and the oppression that followed with through it know that is the case, there are some details that people go through history about the stuff that I use it on to form their own prophecies or whatever. And now we pierced the no you know what your comic book okay and I like you have a good and if it's 1150 days.

Here's were things I think about because the D. The year was not feeling 55 days, as we have. It was 360 that's what they were using right then and this really interesting theory about why it's change, but that would be you know just over three years. So, some think it might be representative of the tribulation. First have to break there's theories all over the place. Yeah okay what know what your take was on it and expedite like I'll have a great day YouTube God bless ride the school of phones with let's see Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina Michael, welcome your on the air. I really I can edit on the radio to my question was, I understand that the elect and Calvinism are drawn to Onyx that their Savior, but I had a question off with the nonelected is awful for not like birth and also be drawn and then think there's Dave but not actually be a good question.

Candy on the like to be drawn they would dependent how we were to define draw because it says here in John 644 Jesus says no one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him and so that word is sought out Google in the Greek and not to draw to, not necessarily with force, but it can be also to drag so there's an element of pressure. There are action that is a dry like ruling he come on we hear there's a stronger than that.

So Jesus says no one can come to Melissa father draws and so does he draw all people will there's a sense in which he does because in math in John 1232 Jesus as if he's lifted up the earth. He will draw all men to himself and that's John 1230 to go check it out as a culture that one verse right and yeah and the word right there. Draw is the same word so didn't get into the issue is who is the all because we could say the all means every individual. Okay that's interesting because we could make a case for that. We could also make the case of the all is a limited group and I can make that case is not a general reading of the text is how the word all is used by God in reference to salvation and he references it in limited senses.

It's really kind of interesting.

John Romans 517 1819 talks about this as a desiccant is 514. His mother stuff and so when I got rhythm. Tony, this is because it's a good question and I'm not sure how to answer it because of how we can understand that were draw in one sense, I would say you can't come to Christ unless you specifically drawn in the always only the elect, but in another sense he can draw everybody recent grant everybody come to him so that his ramifications both positions make sense yeah I get that the reason I'm acting it because I haven't really made on 9.whether or not I think Calvinism at the crack like interpretation of the Bible, but my fear it would through was what if somebody like was interested in being faded but it was not them in the kind of like Dan is a fearful thought will let me say generally that case is that if you want to be saved is because God is working on because the unbelievers, a slave of sin doesn't seek for God etc. so please if that's happening is because he's being drawn by God. And so it it makes perfect sense. Inside the reformed camp to see you and reason are interested in that it is got does get interesting when we talk about candy be drawn and not saved because in one sense God says in first and I think your 39 he wants all to be saved, yet in Mark 410 through 12. Jesus speaks in parables, so that not all will be saved and so this attention here and talking with people ask questions like this in your questions a good question and then I'll say well it hears of you, and here's a view and each person each of you has ramifications to. I'm not trying to dismiss or or obfuscate.

It's just that we don't have time to go into the nuances of different positions and show how they interrelate and with the related issues to the Scriptures are as it presented to the because your question is one of those it's just a great question.

It's not easy to answer very quickly and and I've taught on things like this for an hour at a time and then the conclusion is a good hold of this process listener that position of strength and weaknesses with both because I wasn't isn't super clear choices. John 1232 draw all men to myself. Does that all mean every individual who ever lived. Can't because we know Judas was given by the father to the son as an apostle, but he was an unbeliever for the beginning and Jesus speaks in parables of people will not be saved and Romans 922 9023 talk about people prepared by God for destruction so listening to draw all people highly relate the altar that and we know that this is Romans 518 that the resulted justification of life to all men, will justification major saved low. How do you have all people be safe. You can't just buy will obviously says the holder saved. So who's the all in the group that all men are justified, they can only be limited group was at a fair thing to say yes it is actually the verses that you see the question I meant. Thank you. Something that my leg and as we have everything you write back after these messages. Michael Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic sling had a question about inheriting the sin of Adam is a great question calls back we can talk about it. Let's get to OJ lately. We just lost must repent to be saved from not having connection problems let's see Harry from Salt Lake City, very welcome running or I'm doing fine how are you doing today I learned that the car that brought nondominant Eric not been made about Friday morning all loving God and God will guide you during the, the land of Canaan for the baby oil or sell any question I do so question so let me be a good Romans 519 and minute actually rhythms 518 and 19 go through this and teach one of the Scripture.

This would assess so then, as through one transgression.

That's the sin of Adam. There resulted condemnation to all men, some say, well, that this was due to resulted because they became centers. Okay, that's when view and believe that the escape they could say that it was on, even so through one after righteousness. The resulted justification of life to all men. Okay well it's interesting stuff I could go to the quite a bit, but I'm not verse 19 for as through the one man's disobedience.

Now that's obviously Adam's sin is. As for as through the one man's disobedience the many were made sinners now were made sinners as the aorist passive indicative aorist generally in the Greek means past tense different kinds, but it means for the most part, past tense. They were made sinners in the passive means that it happened to them. They received the action so through Adam's sin the many were made sinners. The words as Adam send people in him were made sinners by his sin, because it wouldn't like that manqué don't like it crossed that your Bible, but that's what it says right there so there's a doctrine called federal headship and federal headship is the teaching that the male represents a descendents, not the female in Adam all die. That's first script is 1522 two in Adam all die in Adam is a term of federal headship. He represented all people, and so all people in him died. That means babies to so they were made sinners, babies as well as the literal babysitting leaderboard cakes were made sinners. That's how it is. It didn't become sinners by doing sin. That's the error of Pelagianism condemned by every counseling, history, and it is.

So yes babies are that made sinners and Ephesians 23 says we are by nature children of wrath, so clearly were born sinful born with fallen nature's babies are included. Okay that's what I thought about what I've always believed my one good Scripture study with them and help me get the heaven called the show don't tell you little bit of something else because they may say we don't like that don't agree with them. Initially something first print is 1545 it says the first man Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. The last Adam is Jesus is the second Adam with the last Adam, the first Adam was Adam that the last Adam is said to be is Jesus. Now this is interesting because what it's saying here is, it says I've cortical disbursement is 1522 in Adam all die in Christ all shall be made alive. That second all can only be limited group so if there to say they reject the idea of Adam, representing everybody and therefore babies are not sinners because he didn't represent them, then they must be consistent and reject the last Adam's representative work also works at the reject the representative work of Christ. Because if babies I had a son. My wife and I had a son who died in our arms. Right after he was born. Now I will see him in heaven. I believe that, and so had a birth defect.

That's why folks and so he will you had this death that occurred to him.

But you don't die enough sin is not upon you. You can't die because there is no sin upon you yet. He had this effect of sin upon in a birth defect. This a manifestation of sin is so Adam represented all people. But Jesus resented his people as was called the first and last Adam. So if they're good and reject the idea that the first Adam representative body and babies to then at the represent reject the idea that the last Adam. Jesus represented everybody and babies to as well. Otherwise, we can have a major problem.

Okay that's great that's great like like after no one's one God. I will get you, all the baby died in the flat hand. They are bent and vomit out and now that I'm got an I fully believe that maybe there, and I fully believe that every felony. There I did great and mercy of God, not of the great mercy of God, no one in the human and just looking for the Scripture to back that you think the right.

God bless very okay. There was Harry in Salt Lake City. We have two open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina welcoming on the air if their map I was talking about late the night and I'm not really curious how I want to thank thought if I could, you know, the military week now like Great Bend by And probably don't do that with the police department and expect me that the government plan now in the way in the back of the mind are not fit this they're going to take over the country somehow, and states that everybody thought, I'm looking at them, armed conflict. Now I'm in the vehicle. Donna Tauscher Clapton with which question well what my question is, what is your opinion on the night you think something like that… Literally. I literally right before the show and during summertime turn the brake work on articles on the website when I literally am working on today is a listing of information dealing with the condition of our state of the state of our nation. And so it's kind of interesting that you're saying this because I literally working on and I'm not to to write about it a lot more and am our country is in a great deal of distress and it is evident in the Communists.

In 1963 listed out the things that they wanted to have happen to America to take it over and because of the fall and the rise of homosexuality.

The increase of abortion, the acceptance of socialism, the rejection of our own history attack on the Constitution to control the schools and liberal thought to control the media get liberal thought these were all listed out by the communist what to do to take us over Ansell. Not only that we have the attack on Christianity. If the attack on integrity with hypocrisy in a ruling oligarchy.

We have techno oligarchy that is censoring truth does not allow dissenting opinions on varying topics so we have a degradation of truth, the degradation of integrity and there are talks I've heard people locally and in other areas or talk of revolution to come as people are armed and are sick and tired of what's happening in the capital and you know for his morons to say things like January 6 was the worst day since the Civil War is ludicrous insanity and right we have and I'll be writing about this and gathering information that literally am looking on my screen right now and I will be doing research on what the government says is necessary or student with counter with the steps are taken for counterterrorism and who are the terrorists. Terrorists are conservatives largely believe in the Constitution, all kinds of stuff and I got information and the problem were having in our country is multiple multifaceted, the schools have been taken over the media has been taken over another are beacons of light. In light of this, say this after the break. I recommend everybody go get conservative, pro-and bravely stay tuned folks be right back after the mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave okay so where were talking about about possible arm, you know that if and fight with the government, but I believe there's a tobacco redneck like we are. You know will actually been a study done by the governments if there's a Civil War who will win.

How long it'll take in every scenario the government loses everyone allow the writing is because the armed population in America. There are enough conservatives to rise up and say we've had enough of this and the police usually normally is conservative as his military fire in our own people in the not I don't not advocating this.

I don't want this to happen because it's yeah not a knock on the fire line and a lot of fire not only good in self-defense. I had to in my own home, but I don't get out and yelling things like this, but I'll tell you that I believe in my opinion, a lot of the people in Washington DC are guilty of treason, satellite or line I don't drink break. They hate hate hate the people that vote there got I got know you probably could care less if there all that terrible what the face the power of the body and out off and I recommend that people read the Declaration of Independence. Look it up and read it and we have to decide how far we can go and let the and let the ungodliness of an atheistic socialistic Marxist regime continue by distorting the stuffer for quite a while in the tell you the way the Marxists take over the way they do this in a country in the minority that can take over what they have to do is set the population against itself.

So racism, white supremacy, BLM. All of this is part and parcel to the.

The practice of setting people against each other so that if there's a an internal physical conflict in writing a problem with this expense all over. Then the people who have been waiting for this can rise up and take control. This is how it works out history, and so the letter problem is the social the youth millennial's majority that would vote for socialism. They have no idea of the terror that in the failure that it brings and I was just chatting with a guy who said communism is better than capitalism. This is just a few days ago and that I civil. How many people did communism kill. In the 1900s.

I didn't want answer the question over hundred million so what needs to happen is a church first needs a repent and be writing about that and we need to be voting petitioning and calling and emailing and rising up to raise up kids and adults to fight back by becoming professors by getting in the news media by becoming teachers and you'll find that the teaching teachers are in my opinion, the majority of them back and said majority of the study. The statistics on that, but thousands and thousands in teaching unions want to set up promote Christian critical race theory which is anti-quite which is racist, which is the cause of the vision they wanted taught, what is wrong with me. I wanted 80. They hate on their merry way. They hate America been brainwashed and if Jeff America so bad and socialism is so good why are people fleeing socialist countries and coming here right yeah one other thing that you know what out talk about what I would fire God, but hopefully if my wife didn't leave me if I did, but I would like.I picked some guy thing that out in the road with a Molotov cocktail ready for the window. My out hopper check my out that what yes like I said, that were not going through any I'll never do any great Bell Thermo burial here were not going through that were not in oh murder don't do this to protect his rights as that article I could finish up as in research is called the principal the lower mat of lesser magistrates and it's a biblical position that we are not to follow the state when the state asks us to do that which is contrary to Scripture, we are not to support abortion or homosexuality is Christian and right are those are just two examples were not support socialism. Socialism is not biblical. And I remember I remember Matt went in the pool that staying alive long time ago not to renew my remember to the government that govern that govern least and and that the founder believe knew that man work and not what I thought oh no that that's route because it is very out with all the truck born five. Now we need a revival writing about this as we get to look a knack for your management Matt all right, let's get to Courtney from Ohio equity, welcome around here. I I'm fine how are you out and I know you are very good at everything he really have, near you know now that I'm not good at and I've only had no barely survive in Hebrew had Greek for half years and quite rusty at it but nevertheless I do know the rest of the league of stuff so okay you have great cool okay I grade out. Jeremiah 29 where there were prophets that were cunning. You pick people and telling them that they bear their time there outline the short and they were prophesying apart incorrectly fellow. When I look at like that different commentary and different translation. Don't know what to write something that may come a time looking specifically at birth 829 eight). The dreams that you can't be dreamed it is supposed to be right back at the you Chi something something they caught I will.

It's literally says in mind with my Bible program missing is literally says your dreams so I'm looking for and your dreams which you dream this is an expert says is literal.

What is your type that are translation and commentary Sunday that the NTSB which is attempting to be lit as little as possible so if I go look at the interlinear which is kind like a cheat sheet. It's use. Use interlinear slots and say your drink the dreams and go and so send in plural is the word their dreams.

The dreams to which the dreams to which let's listen and listen to the dreams look at interlinear which they dream which of these implied dreams which dream okay it was on the committee, not because at the study of in-depth more, but some issues with that. Anyway got me looking like 5 Different Announcing Different Way than anything either. They were telling Veronica.

I got a good way to understand that happening there. Yes yes no actually know what I can do is look at the Greek Septuagint and it looks like it same date yet they dream the dreams of them. So you guys look like this is correct so that they Septuagint translation says, which was done by the Jews, but 200 BC. Okay tell me that you were dreaming and that is not on our nonaligned Murano who was doing so I do not let your profits here in our midst and your diviners deceive you, and not listen to the dreams which they dream is that I see what you're getting it now so literally your dreams which which you didn't listen to your dreams what you dream is probably talking and it a sense of your dreams. Few false prophets inside the group of you don't listen to them. So in other, so it says the diviners are among you do not listen ESV to the dreams that they dream the King James dreams, which he caused to be dreamed the RSV listen to the dreams which they dream the LED. Listen to your dreams that you are causing them to dream is a tough one is like that. Sometimes it was like that you can be difficult for shortage. I got an angry scholar so okay all right okay welcome, all right is good to Roger from North Carolina. Roger welcome you on here. I do all right hanging in there, but we gonna Revelation 2215 Manchester dogs outside the gate. I delivered screen evangelism here. The guy asked me about that dog/weekend so I don't not like the question still exposed to light, but he wanted to know what the dogs were wide and warning like a barnyard. He was already a believer. This was a question that was bothering I told him I just took the doctor's opinion on site people on undesirable yes at Reagan 2215 it wasn't showing in the lake of fire is because it not all Revelation is necessarily chronological order.

I told him I would try to dissuade give an answer phone call you I think your answer was great dog is another trailer for Gentiles yes and some 22 says is a prophecy.

The crucifixions is dogs have surrounded the evildoers and encompassed me were dogs that the term derogatory term for Gentiles outside was dogs and sorcerers or more persons talk with the unbelievers. And yeah, you're right.

Revelation is not necessarily chronological order could be hepatic and typological in the judgment into the lake of fire has occurred yet or outside this this the gates of the city and so it could be said or outside the place of salvation there lost and so when people look at this, you can go with its literal or outside and on the lake of fire is literal. Dogs know is so that is going on. Okay, I asked for more fat question will tell you aggressively waiting while to get to them okay because a call back Monday. All right Art Deco back Monday at five. Thank you all right good, let's get to Jason from Virginia really about less than a minute. We gonna die got back I was on recalled that he is a good question to some good stuff that we're at a time. If you can get into it. So get a call back Monday little earlier. Van Bradford done to construct I think I can get you on Monday. All right sounds good buddy goblet is not okay will see I got all right hey folks that's in the shows got about 20 seconds left and I hope you have a great weekend.

Remember to go to church to pray ties do all that stuff intercede for others.

Study your word believe the word of God and to pray for our nation because I'm telling you. We certainly need to mark our country is in real distress. I know some time to talk to you. It really is stressful and we start with the church and our country is both will have a great week in the Lord bless you by his grace with them on here on my another program powered by the Truth Network

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