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July 1, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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July 1, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How long has God granted humans to live, 80 or 120 years---2- What is your view regarding the promises related to Israel- Does the church fulfill those---3- Does God use foreknowledge---4- How much time is between when the wicked are taken and the Christians---5- What are your thoughts on the book Faith Undone---6- What is the best way to do apologetics---7- What are some good Christian responses to critical race theory-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research what is found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances goals responding to your questions at 87707276 is Matt slick call wide-open lines 877-207-2276 if you want to watch the show. Watch me sitting in nature.

My office with a headset on it. That's really throwing to your curious to see my voice matches my face. You can just go to car metalwork On the right-hand side to build the page of the homepage that is you'll see the the option to watch the show on also. I keep saying this every now and then that Google is suppressing conservatives and Christian sites.

We I know the other Christian sites or traffic is really going to and I say this periodically that you can do a search you can just put in the word call from Google to CAR and then type in whatever it is you want to search for you'll find articles related carbon you don't do this testing with Google and type in what is the Trinity and look for work harm shows up to be like the fourth or fifth page, but if you go to and search for dog or what is a Trinity is on the front page. The top half and this is how it's always been a card. It's always been like that always recognize that somehow someway only in Google it is going down and got it down so to counteract that. We just ask you to. If you do searches that are not put in CRM and then then type in what you want to go on and you'll get some good stuff. Hopefully okay with a prayer ministry and all you do is contact us so be a prayer warrior. I will bet you a little bit to go to that and you can also have prayer requests and of course, that's assuming that we want to do is pray for people, so let us know and also we stand on sale nearby your support. Please consider supporting a Cisco to whatever you want, that's fine. You don't want, that's fine too little, you will know that we do need that because I was steadier to pay the bills of rights for open lines give me a call 87772276 and if you of you watch the Bible study that I taught last night's muezzin feedback audit. I went through some material that is very uncommon as far as pulpits go. I went through and presented some information and you know the seekers of the Mac mini, but like or didn't like it, or whatever, and you will talk about that too. If not talking to call 877-207-2276 is good Anthony from Anthony walking on the I marry you today there I'm doing okay good okay to sing dinner but we got but will my question Matt and I don't have both Scripture ever but I know that you do in your head from Genesis 63. The Bible bellowed that God has a lot of the hundred and 20 years of life and and I can't find the other Scripture that I came to recall from my memory that it says something about rescoring and or by reason of strength 80 years that and I hope that I'm stand that right. But my question is so which is it. Are we are always look forward 70 or 80 years are weighted to look forward to the hundred and 20's host that looks like were given hundred 20 years potential life which I believe is the case if we take care of ourselves and eat properly know that connecting shirt later on in the other stuff.

With that in the other stuff I get this considering other issues and areas of problems that occur in our lives that shorten our lifespan. I think it's all this going on there in the thank you you just reminded me of something I saw years ago, and I've forgotten it for the longest period of time and it was back in the early 70s and they were interviewing a guy who was ex-slave and he was 127 years old or something like that is really up there a lot and he was in front of the launchpad for Apollo when they were going to the moon and just remember this and the guy was the interviewer was interviewing Mr. so-and-so so you know you are graduates lay back and he did. It was a good yeah that's right. Any civil you seen so much what you think of this launch to the moon and forget it. The guy turned around because I don't know what that is but they ain't going to know that everybody was correct because it was just slap that the sled never forgot that the interviewer was laughing that lack the data you know it's just, you know what it is they go to Nobu ghetto and that he was so sure of it and it was never that it was he was he was ancient.

He was really old is also the story. The guy was 160 467 years old in England about two 300 years ago and that the king of England found out how about him how old he was and invited them into the castle to meet him in the palace whatever and give a great meal and it killed him.

I remember this stuff and then there's people who like it in the Georgia there in Europe. The mountains near some real high up in the mountains is a guy the work he they said he was in his hundred and 40's and but they couldn't prove it. Please, that's old, you know an Intuit interpreter and the asset when you retire. He said that's you retire you keep going but it what you cost me remember all that stuff hundred 20 years old so anyway. Go that's you know you when you are tell me that this worry about that gentleman in there and then ate lunch on our forget I'm sick, years old.

I never wear over my grandmother's out my dad's mom and we were watching the first lunar landing on Union's grandma at that time. She is 8586 or whatever and so were watching that and Grandma's then I don't believe that that is that there gabbed around that's-not talking about a physical honey you got remember something she came from a time when there were no automobile. There was no aircraft. He came back from you and Bucky days and South. It's just, and she was not seen. Now my grandma wish I was at back of the day the Lord there grew away, but she just could not comprehend that that technology you know how I advanced EAA and in those years and and she's thinking there they're talking about coming. Just think about it when we were did you know Buck Rogers and face that we watch on TV or space travel was even a reality in our science fiction course now it's science reality and that it was kind of astounded, but another thing that and I'm gonna let you go get another sloppy way to talk on my theory and my belief is what we read in the in the New Testament, when people lived for hundreds of years for a long time way back when my opinion and I'm not a scientist or doctor, but I believe that the onset of sin and its effect on healthwise and and so on.

In the physical body. I don't believe it had been made manifest yet where it was causing such as the Verilog life and the entities that your lifestyle. Things look, you know there's certain there's more chemicals and there's more things that bombard our body, the date and thought I personally believe that people actually did and luckily well they counted time a lot different back then when it is that that's it wasn't in real years and in fact there is one it will say stuff like that but you notice is after the flood came, that the lifespan everybody really decreased and the scenery is that before the flood was a canopy and pterodactyls apparently could not fly in our present atmosphere is not sick enough to provide lift enough so the atmosphere was different. I think it was a lot a large water atmosphere and that the rain loosed it from the top and the ultraviolet light of the race got in and shorten lights because it affected her DNA as were the series is necessary so yeah well it's interesting to consider but but any of that, where I met one time or the company of those I was working for the gals that she sentiment for my benefit that you want life insurance. Now I don't need life insurance. Instead, why I thought to be alive when Jesus comes back and looked at me like is not that I I first I'm 60 years old not say what I'm looking for another 30 or 40 years and people might think.

Years. Well I work out I tranny right I mean I'm not a health food that are anything but I believe the good Lord sustains us by his Spirit and timing when it's time to go it's time to go. Only only he knows going, but I believe that our duty isn't until that time is when when when that call comes, I believe that were take care of ourselves. Our body at the temple of the Holy Spirit and to forget that I think God blessed us for that to appreciatively right well appreciate I appreciate your keeping your knowledge and I enjoy your show. I recently lost my TV. But you know it's been a blessing in disguise because now only have a radio and so I Christian radio off. To confess a little over the country music once in a while let's not that I don't have okay okay alright well at. I hear you about click guys like you, I appreciate it. Matt and II just by looking or should I not say what I learn something every time I listen good. Glad you already mailed you did. Thank you so much Matt I Gubler my brother okay thank you all right, let's get to rest from Utah Russ Ross, I should say welcome around here call sure my client knowing that you're about reform persuasion like your you in regard on the direct reports Israel although our faith. Don't be so five is a student now will be performed on mostly a covenantal list and notice and consistent covenant list and I don't believe that God is done with Israel, because Romans 11 2526 says for do not want you reckon to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise in your own estimation any partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullest of the Gentiles has come in and so all Israel will be saved. Just as it is written the deliverable come from Zion. Ungodliness from Jacob.

This is my covenant with them, with equator since so God is not done with Israel, and I don't believe the church replaces Israel not totally replaces Israel in the evangelistic truth and message that Israel was supposed to accomplish by recognizing and receiving the Messiah, but because Israel rejected the Messiah with the Gentiles are grafted in, and then when the time the Gentiles is done Israel a guy will turn his attention once again to the nation of Israel over the break, where I appreciate okay what a blessed day folks.

We have five lines give a call 877207276 Matt slick live call 770776 is Matt's leg.

Seven. All right about or knowledge of God body got what nobody or new. Okay because God is the only thing that this whole born out to be something that rewrite. If you don't think that it don't mean the expected client exactly correct. That's exactly correct pitch out of nobody.

I mean me it based upon God doing something within three right now with some people say is that God for knows who will do what based on their choices and that's Melinda's are called middle knowledge were deals with what's called counterfactual's that God knows who create people and because they have libertarian free will. Not compatible us for libertarian free will which I can go into Q1 and God knows what they'll do in different circumstances and so he will then choose what will happen based upon what he sees people doing their free will and that's a heresy. Well, it's got make somebody need to rake them where they're at today are there attribute what all their you know that make them a part though God knows what great grace and anyone exactly though you you would know that born you there that have to be like a personal knowledge of the clinic that both the authority that have to be like God, knowing them first by cooking on Matthew seven that I never got another body, but different, no yes is exactly the tree that's what I teach regularly. God says I never knew you. That's Jesus is that in Matthew 723, the day of judgment, and the board for no K and W Greek is good.

No scope so he says I never knew you. So you'll find that Jesus never says to unbelievers. I know you except in one place were subject to the Pharisees. I know you your of your father the devil you don't find any place were he just says one thing I know you and leave it at that. It does not happen, except to believers, because to be known by Christ is to be saying so to go to. For example, John 10 2027, 28, my sheep here my voice and I know them and they follow me if you go to Galatians 48. For example, says this. However, at that time when you did not know God, you were slaves to those with certain by nature.

No gods, but now that you've come to know God, or rather to be known by God.

How is it that you turn your back again, etc. so he says now you're known by God. So the issue was if God knows you major saved, if you doesn't know you major not saved.

Now that's the word good. No scope so sometimes people will go to Romans 829 those who before knew he also predestined so what they think it means in this is the wrong view they think it means that God knows what people are doing different situations. That's what he knows are going to come of their own free will and so he predestines those people and that's a heresy to false teaching that violates the doctrine of God to see a team which means his independence God's choices are not based upon forcing choices of individuals. He knows all things and decrees all things, so he doesn't make his choice based upon what we do and then save somebody based upon what's in us because that would be showing favoritism and Romans. Assuming James 22 through four says that that's not what God does when he speaks about that.

Favoritism a test.

You have someone sit your tables Fine clothing and money and influence power. Whatever you're showing favoritism by quality that they have in themselves.

For some people mistakenly think that God looks for the future to see his ticket and he picks them. He works with them. That means that God's choice is favoritism that the Scriptures can down. That means that God would be looking at a person's quality or ability, and choosing them based upon what's in them. And that's exactly what the Bible says God does not do. Furthermore, if you go to Romans 829 it says those who before knew he also predestined. It does not say of everyone he foreknew some he predestined it says those who before knew he also predestined so the four known ones are the ones who are down for salvation. They're the ones who also predestined, which is why it says in Ephesians 1, four and five just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us to adoption as sons of Jesus Christ himself. Okay, that sounds great and operate. Think about it. You watch him that you enjoy the one unless not tied it did a messianic area and picking out the map go back over that got to ponder on.

I got it on it's good that's good. This wouldn't usually people do is they hear beast teach that the think of what and there is this right there in Scripture that he can afflict the Guardian figured out so good for you okay I all right about that already too. God bless. All right, so I threw up in lines 877-207-2276 to get to Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina Vicki, welcome here.

I like that you might name like that. Like here on earth to get cracking (like I yeah that's about it as well. Well, it's what the Bible says Jesus said that you want with the Scriptures last night so you will be followed along. Matthew a lot of people I like that might not like I will as soon as then assumes that people are flying and driving because if is was I was teaching last night. Things are so bad because if you remember that Matthew 24. Jesus talks about wars and rumors and of love wars and nations against nations and false prophets and everything and how bad it's going to be and then the tribulation and then it gets even worse. We don't know what condition has not been so could be that that ecological stuff generally utilized my regular hold you folks would be right back after these messages, please match like why call 770-7276 charismatic sling welcome back to the show of metal lines give me a call 877-207-2276. Vicki is still there. Okay oh well, live event be liable because when we may quickly have questions like that. We always tend to assume certain things and what I like to do is say well maybe that won't be the case may be, it well, but we don't know, such as the possibility and so within might be the case that if there taken and their other unbelievers flying a plane all this trouble okay and if you believers are on that plane, the other falling out of the sky.

Then the believers be taken so I don't have all the answers, because about this and say it does say that the wicked are taken first is what it says at the end of the age of the heart and is Matthew 13 clearly is what it's asked so the good or take it so it is happen within a minute of each other over an hour to our same-day next.

I don't know but it seems to happen pretty much simultaneously or just don't close to each other. But then again I just don't know for sure it's and help you find your hair HIV-2 I put on YouTube and the notes are basically the from the article on Carmen to to H theory to each model in support of a millennialism I went to the Scriptures and did everything and every single time I've done it over the years and years and years. Everything I've done it.

People have been very challenged and took some who already been challenge and believe it, just wanted refresher course, but it's it's my fit in very solid printer that can write out a script or bath everything to get there. Before that really Helping you pick like that but I never met you I felt like if you would like. No yeah no lawsuits just don't know. But the other is a lot and he was a talk last night about it. Of the I've always been kind of person who steps on toes is not that he just like doing this to that s'mores. That's not it, but what is it say and that's what it says. So that's what I better teach you how does that affect other doctrines while trying to answer that and I know that it upsets people know that it upsets people that I teach what I do and especially I say that the pretrip rapture view just my opinion doesn't hold an ounce of water just doesn't so my view that they don't believe that you're excepting your sharing best of my ability and I would have to say that II certainly realize I could be wrong. And as I said last night in the study of someone has far more knowledge than I do about this topic and they can correct me. I'm open to and I sincerely M and I am because I need to be fun to be a servant of my Lord Jesus, I don't have all the answers that I want to be able to correctly but rather be prepared for the worst and try not to pray for providing for traffic, prepare, pray for, prepare for full post strict exactly and I think the damage okay. She took a couple of rather new to me. Posting a call 877-207-2276 this is Stephen from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome around here. I like what about a book with your thoughts on the book by Roger Oakland 89 done making it at give me your thoughts on that book and its validity today, and it is been a lot of changing in the landscape sociopolitical landscapes and on the clock. The even blocking the change. Our religious religiously that I just wanted to get my get them thought that book and I thought that maybe another good you're probably a writer with the near like maybe today now because I found you on yet that maybe it give me a good idea, but I can read about apologetic and that the lab for apologetics, but to list tackling the sold faith and done so I did a little research to break about it. I don't have the book, but it deals with the emerging church problem and emerging church was downright about 10 years ago 15 years ago emerging church has good in it and has bad and it just needs to be walked through right and discerned, but not having read the book. I couldn't tell you too much about it. I was wish I could. Okay.

So sorry about that.

My dad let out the pastor and I brought a lot of it brought a lot of your point and I get that I was near you know you talk to the intelligently and pretty, very well versed in apologetic on your show last couple of days I just I have read that is been a bottom of the department.

The Reddit battle I can't really discuss the point invite the book, but maybe you could get given .00 more direction. I guess now emerging church website section of that song is a lot of information there. Okay and I didn't.

Each of the top people in getting back in the day in your website is CAR Harmon current network if you just type in Carmen and then emerging church, you'll find it and thinking to do that right now, and then Nugent emerging church doesn't matter the you is what is emerging church is a biblical not go see that we have written their lot of writing: what okay, but apologetics you will apologetics you on yet I me I forgot that the master level apologetic church in Virginia liberty liberty University good and I got added at the to get my master master degree in current health communication went not north and International University was going but it didn't then been replaced by Northland Bible. If the teeth but then not done by Wisconsin and glad I had taken that and I found the good peaks books that you're interested you heard of John may know about John frame his mouth cancer from Westminster seminary and he's a very good apologist. I'd recommend that I'd also recommend you study Van Til Cornelius Van Til K.

Van Til and Greg Johnson Greg Bonsall BA H and SDM. I'd recommend going Greg Monson past when the night recommend that you go on the web and look for Monson Stein Monson Stein debate and Monson's Christian apologist, Stein STEIN and listing the amount of PAH and eight and SDM so it's it's Greg Monson and Gordon Stein and they had a debate Gordon Stein was a well-known atheist and the argumentation that was used against Stein by Bonsall and was stellar need to study that presupposition. Realism is the best way to do apologetics and go to Carmen I know you look up apologetics. You can look up the section on Carmen you can look up presupposition realism is evidential is him and there's rationalism there's classical apologetic approaches, but presupposition in my opinion is the easiest and the most powerful to use in the defense of the Christian faith as well as an attack on the unbeliever have written quite a bit on on this practice are quite a bit. Matt one more question, I know you got a lot from it, and I got one person waiting radio, no problem.

Could you maybe give give me good defensive point how critical race theory against critical race theory and how whether or not it coming though. I guess do that break okay right of every right to vote right back after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770-7276 charismatic slave critical register deal with right there multiple Avenue they attack greatly within the theory that I feel that way and maybe in their Agway and narrow down the. Four point found out that I can begin with critical race theory written on it. The critical race theory is basically the idea that the white race has implemented naturally within society. Governmental justice systems, prejudice, and oppressive methodology. Upon nonwhite people, such as system of oppression and also with critical race theory automatically does is accuse white people of being racist and basically evil does automatically, and its interest in which ridiculous and this is faulty because it says something about the left groups are what are needed to understand reality, not individuals. Group mentality groupthink group speak group because if you can identify someone in a group then you can say so many generic things and then you can say that your offending people within the group. There's no specificity there and it's difficult to nail the super critical race theory does is it says white people while I'm not a racist.

And I got three daughters and and though they've expressed interest in the dating black guys like bunker bottoming before the wedding ceremony. You know that when my daughters as he is a very good friend. They might get married. Who knows reality is he's Asian we don't care Cecil write what I want so I'm I'm racist and I have also just oppressed everybody for my races because of my whiteness and this is a kind of absolute stupendously stupid idiocy that is right promoted and so making noises in the background or body. Okay sorry about that. I apologize okay and so what we have to understand is that's that the enemy uses lies is the enemy of the gospel, the enemy of truth uses lies. He wants to divide to Matthew 12 to 32 Jesus talks about a house divided against itself will fall.

So what Satan is doing through his servants, is he is causing racism to arise and divide the country and divide people and cause more problems. This is also a leftist technique used by socialist regimes and Marxist regimes, and communism. This is just a technique so the biblical truth is were all made new creatures in Jesus segment is 517.

We are not stuffy races. No I will caucus avoid mongoloid Negroid, not three races.

There's one the human race, and we look different and that's the attitude that needs to be had. Unfortunately, there is truth in the fact that there are white people who don't like black people and black people don't like white people. We know that these things are true and they are all sinful and the solution is found in a changed heart that comes if you don't make noise. There are certain about that young sorry I had Roland up my bed. Okay yeah I get distracted have autism and I get distracted by those kind to settle this with this so never, never was okay so anyway I have an article on this deal is critical race theory on on Carmen you can go reject American sister that hurts a lot work in the site for 25 years and have written literally thousands of articles okay check now right thank you very much for cancer appreciate out right you listen Steve okay okay sounds good all right is get to Alberta from Georgia Alberta. Looking back at the show but neuron yet a map. Click my question is why the click and select time and think that you clearly the Scriptures that got clearly they should a man as I can hear you got it you call a friend, complaining you caucus observing you call regularly just fine. Keep listing keep calling and you say the basic kind of same things are not getting curious about you is you basically that wise a church not they were supposed to be doing, focusing on the wrong things which I agree with you, largely, the church is doing so may ask you for it off and ask so what motivates you to come up with this that you see this on curious that I agree with you what what's doing for you. I guess I get my name on it it up as going will not only our hero figure quoted Bible programs like yours or the one in a bit much anything that made that important. No doubt, focusing on and I think the best Republican Lauren on court issues that we didn't expect it to bang with going on. Knowledge that the countrywide condition is going get people like the paperwork Bible break do not affect my work liquidation, about that right hand to battle for black country for our children and future and this country's future.

So patient becomes more what what's what's at hand.

Right now, not a lot of advice is not know the patient think that churches must not now.

Thank you. Yes, yes I do is you and I collided respect effect. I'm working on an outline which I hope to turn into articles and some more information on the. The outline of developing its 10 pages so far as outlined on the state of our decline in the United States and that within I have spoken of bullet points and things like that the outline within Christianity had the greatest threat to Christianity comes from within.

With narcissistic back and centered your tickling therapeutic teaching that is replace the great commission and picking up the cross and following of Christ.

Because of that is the biggest problem and I see the second biggest problem is not believing in the power of the word of God that also last night's I was teaching on how the kingdom of Christ is here now and teachings of Bible study last night and if you believe this, it will change your perspective on everything because a lot of people think that the future thousand year reign is when the kingdom of God will be here.

That's when Satan will be bound and that's when things will be okay and now we just have to basically can run and hide is seeping survive through this audibly this the Scripture teaches the Scriptures teach that the kingdom of God is now because Jesus is the king and he said the kingdom of God is among you, and he said turn them the kingdom that the set, Satan had to be bound and he said Satan was bound to Matthew 12 and we are kings and priests and Jesus says that at the end of the age that nothing age to combat the present age Warren is that God will take out of his kingdom. The stumbling blocks.

We are in the kingdom of Christ.

Now if people had that attitude within the Christian church they they would be far more bold to go forth and say when the Met, it's because Jesus is Lord and is the king in his kingdom, and it is now and the reason things are so bad were not supposed to be doing the he is delusional and that's the attitude that I have is whether to and I also believe that the failures failure the pastors.

Not all are some good pastors out there but unfortunately too many the pastors across the scene are babysitting Christians, giving them therapy lessons for sermons given narcissistic this and comforting songs and comforting messages hammock theology is what I call it you know, and milk theology and diaper. I call also called diaper Indian theology.

You don't get the diapers keep us in diapers. Don't tell us teaches with to suffer for the sake of Christ is not to please people don't tell me to pick up the cross and follow after Christ is Jesus.

And if you don't want to do that. You're not worthy of him is what Jesus said or when Jesus says grab Glenn if the all the world the disciples of all the nations. He said to do that what we Christians doing my bank account to make sure my fridges felt I got a mixer picture my kids and these things are good in themselves, but just as Jesus said, let the dead bury their dead and you have to hate your mother and your father when he's talking about there is to follow him, is far more important anything else. Your mom, your dad and your children if he's more important than even them and you have to get your priorities right. Christ first spouse. Second, children third family extended members.

After that, etc. because the Christian church is whacked and not teach you what is supposed to be teaching then.

That's why were so ineffective in this don't think that is our kingdom, but it is you're thinking this is Lord, but he hesitantly the power. The word of God, but it is powerful when you get out in the rapture is a blonde haired like occasion server.

Jesus is going to keep us safe from everything yeah and so the world decays at our feet, and we don't kneel down and lend a helping hand with the truth of the gospel like you. Okay you say the same thing I do, just different ways. Yet, thank you all right, brother will God bless thank you.

Okay God bless continue with this for the next minute or two worth another show here. Overall, the churches failed to equip the believers. According to Ephesians 411 and 12 in verse 11 God gives an apostle's profits, pastors and teachers in verse 12 says for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

That's was supposed to be happening in the church to equip the saints for the work of ministry, slimming, asking about their you go to church.

Do you feel as though the pastorate is equipping you for the work of ministry, because that's what they're specifically called to do or do you believe that when you go to church on a Sunday morning, you get a comforting sermon and that's the extent of it connects the weakening of the Christian church is because of therapeutic theological babysitting idiocy with the power of God's words been relegated to a multistep self-help book and when it doesn't work.

People leave so we have to start preaching to please God, not need to start sending the church out. Not on purpose but accidentally, by equipping the saints and calling the saints to study to learn to learn apologetics to learn the ties to learn to support missionary work to learn how to evangelize to do what can be done at the varying levels of different people are able to do that every can do everything that's okay, but this needs to be promoted, how many people go to those churches. Fewer and fewer and this is what's going to happen as the persecution increases to respond. Truth go I will have a great weekend Christ appeared used by him every week and everybody by his graceful back on here on Monday, another program powered by the Truth Network

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