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June 29, 2021 1:32 am

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June 29, 2021 1:32 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the issue of suicide from a Christian perspective.--2- How was God justified in telling the Israelites to kill everyone in the conquest, including babies---3- I was divorced and I want to re-marry- she was divorced previously as well.--4- Do babies who die during or shortly after birth go to heaven---5- How is infant baptism correct if only regenerate people are in the new covenant-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max Y branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 is Matt slick all right it would walk back. It was submitted to take care of my talk about that little bit of if you're interested give me a call.

We go from open lines 877-207-2276 you give me a call. Hope you'll have a great weekend and see some of the stuff we took care of. Normally we have four prayer ministry. If you are interested in joining us in prayer and if you have something want bring about super. We want to join in a prayer group, then all you do is email us and that's it. Prayer start doing two things at once watch me, which is not a big deal.

You can see me when I'm sitting in my office the headset on and just do that by going to CAR room.O RG, and you watch is not that big a deal.

But a lot of people do and we have a nice community in this community to both people who are coming and chatting things like that so that Celtics going involved with political check out the website CAR in the front page about middle-age. To the right you'll see a link or big thing to mess with library click on that you can watch all right so let's see how you talk about this politely and and easily. It's an issue of of suicide so I have a good friend and Nathan and guy. He's going up with committed suicide a few days ago and so Mason this is that name Nathan and his wife went out to where it was and a lot of gathering there was a memorial service on Saturday and so I went to support my friend and I met this guy who committed suicide before and spent some time with them. We did various things together and the note was a tough time a few years ago, my wife's niece committed suicide and you know when we talk about this lot of people don't know what happens if you commit suicide you go to heaven or hell, if you're Christian will this touches on a lot of topics because if you're a Christian, can you lose your salvation. Well, my position is that you cannot lose your salvation. Jesus paid for our sin debt on the cross. Colossians 214. He didn't cancel it conditionally depends on how good we are.

We believe or not the sin that's canceled. When Jesus died on the cross and this necessitates certain theological conclusions out of it because Jesus canceled all of our sin debt. I believe the sin debt of the elect and those were given to him. And so if someone is a true Christian and end up committing suicide. I do not believe that they go to hell. I don't believe it's a mortal sin as Roman Catholicism would assert. I believe that people who do that are not in the right frame of mind. There are there always circumstances about this kind of thing because we know that there are demonic forces. We know that they can oppress the cat possess Christian, but they can oppress Christians. We know that people to become clinically depressed. We know that there can be biological imbalances in the body at hormones in the brain. God is the one who sorts this out. What you do about other things related to this kind of issue is to know a guy in San Diego and he said that cancer saved his life. Like 20 weeks after save your life, and he told me that he had a kidney cancer and that he took one kidney out and have another one is able to make it.

And while he was in the hospital and ran some tests and they found something else out in this other thing would've killed him pretty quickly and they did not they would not have found it is not symptomatic but they would not have found it if they he had been in the hospital and so he says after save his life. What was interesting as I talked to some friends who knew him before his surgery and that this thing that would've killed him was in the brain.

There was something going on of the brand member with the details work. They had to do some brain surgery. They did save his life and afterwards they said. His friends said that he was slightly different in his personality and he ended up giving up Christianity and he became a Jew and he gave a Christianity interesting. There are people who have had brain injuries and their personalities change and what you do what I was driving up and back with my friend Cameron to the place we had discussion about this and the conclusion is God can sort it out.

God knows all things. He knows the condition is what you do if someone says they believe in God. Maybe they were real Christian had a brain injury, and then deny Jesus were going to remember anything about it afterwards and dies.

What you do that well.

The Bible doesn't talk about such things, and I know that God is sovereign God is the King, God knows all things.

Whatever happens is right and so if they are ultimately saved, had been saved, then I believe bills stay in that state of salvation because they can have injuries they can have things now. I believe it would be interesting to have some theological discussions like it was some philosophically minded a very astute Christian theologians because her certain issue with deal with and that resume talking about this is that I know that there's a lot of people out there who have loved ones who have died and some of committed suicide and you wonder are they with the Lord, are not with the Lord and made a profession of faith. But then the fruit wasn't there… Well individual cases need to be weighed on individual circumstances, so we can't say if all people were were not saved but we can say this, but if they were saved. Christ will never leave us or forsake us, and he's faithful even when were not. I'm not saying it's okay to say you're Christian and then abandon the faith and do all kinds of evil things and you're still a Christian. I'm not saying that I like I said things need to be dealt with on an individual basis. My hope is in Christ and this this person who committed suicide: J set his real name: Jay had made a profession of faith and had had had deep interest in the word of God and the things of God in the person of Christ and lived with a bunch of unbelievers who worked on him to abandon his faith never denied Christ, but was in that place that he killed himself and I can say is God knows and will trust will trust God and for those of you who are out there. God is faithful God is so wondrous in his love is so good that I believe that all truly trusted in Christ, though they slide the backslide, though they can venture into things that are not very holy God often loves them so completely and totally that he will never forsake. Sometimes he lets them die for reasons that we what we just don't know. But my hope is in is in Christ, I hope your sister so anyway talk about that because it's his life. Grateful to have several Blodgett want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to John from Georgia hey John walking on air abatement doing all right so we got a little mad I'm not a believer but my cot.

Believe it or Samuel 15 three. You probably know better me where God is telling me lots were no going to take over land could kill everybody including the baby. My question to you is understand that that's a different time. They're going through stuff you know, but Apple justified PICU baby. How do you well let me ask you, are you an atheist say I grew up in… Look… You in the middle reason I ask is because something to bring this up and one of the things necessary to discussion this to say, why is it wrong for God to order the killing of babies and atheist will symbols is wrong will and also will why in the plan. Try to get to is that if it's wrong there has to be a standard by which some could say it's wrong now. You're not doing that what you're asking will why would you have the order to kill infants as well. Babies look to be several possible reasons. One, here will just talk about this.

The Amalekites were very evil people and they were infecting. They were infecting Israelite people with a false God's false practices, and God guards the people of Israel in different ways to make sure that the Messiah Jesus will come in. So what he would often do is clear a path out so that the people who were then a problem and the people who would become a problem would not be problems. So when God access to the Israelites go kill all of them will one thing he's doing is removing a present problem and preventing a future problem because of the future problem persists in the Israelites succumb to the paganism and etc. the risk of the Messiah not being boring and every goes to hell. So why babies though. While babies if they grow up were several possibilities, or if they grow up and know their heritage might be might raise up be raised in order to fight against Israelites later on and then to the Messiah line would be threatened again and then to wipe them out again and if they didn't kill babies, then it would be a cycle that would continue this way it stopped. Furthermore, there's another possibility that babies who died in infancy seems to be the case in Scripture that they are with the Lord be with the Lord. The schedule more complicated about predestination election will get into but the thing is that if they were to grow up and become Amalekites and follow the paganism they go to hell. So it could be very take very good case that God is destroying all of them so that the youth the babies go to heaven with him and the threat to the Israelites is removed in the future threat is removed, so got figures of regular hold on John-John with your response.

A vote for field lines give me a call 87772276 chemical mats like why call 770727 charismatic slave right another point is to bring office in regard to this is called federal headship and that's where the male represents the sentence and I will get with you too much. But just as it is the case per Romans 519 at the many were made sinners through the sin of Adam, where he represented. This is a proof of federal headship. It could be that the judgment upon all the people Amalekites was due in part to the issue of federal headship and representation of the leaders that's another topic is more complicated. One more thing to make mention is that the key knights were not destroyed along with the Amalekites and that verso there was a special reason, apparently with the Amalekites that God knew and ordained will be taken care of.

All right, so 20 McCall 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the phone with David North Carolina David, welcome anyone here a minute McCall sure, but just wanted to go to Coco good for quick quite well, sure, I'm getting you well. I am getting remarried and I just got a couple questions for you about that or they must beckon Mary Mema. Why second marriage and I just won't do know your thoughts on getting remarried. Okay I want to make sure that my marriage is biblical and it is just I God I guess that's my first question. Let's deal with it is that your fiancé is your Christian yes sir that's what was the grounds of your divorce was the reason Justin one sentence.

My first marriage I was in America that children will and it one with all from one very troublesome that that had nothing. Well, if it has a lot was at work due to adultery, yet that there was on my part.

You Christian at the time mad. I'm very thoroughly that I was not an all though I may not get maybe I just answered my own I got I got that I and 2018 encounter rededicated my life to Christ. Okay so you know did this adultery occur after this baptism disclose third note before people. How long before his service roughly many years before it was it was it was about 3 to 4 year okay Nellis go talk to your fiancé.

What was the grounds of the reason for her divorce from it up in a nutshell, very very very bad situation a lot of things there was adultery think that that there there was some emotional at the trio are part okay, so she was involved in the guy yet that there there was communication there was another guy, nothing physical mono physical notes are not the nonhealth.

All right home how long she'd been Christian to Christian all of her life like me.

I get out of work.

They were both obviously and back Lydon conditions. We were both very miserable situation.

So the state the massive church.

Oh yes, sir Wesley involvement.

Are you both going to the same church. Yes sir okay. We are at sea than we've been dating for okay theme and the church with me every year. I really hate you and Leon grounds of this and what you do want you to go to the elders and lay all of this before the elders because I'm sure that the elders someone in their church will be performing the wedding ceremony. If I was to perform the wedding ceremony. I don't know if I would do it. The reason is because I have to have more details and I don't want you to to give all these details over the year.

I do however like to err on the side of grace rather than legalism. If you are a Christian that autumn with the with the Lord, and you committed adultery. This would be something that would have to be severely dealt with before you ever got married again because there's could be the case that you are not eligible for marriage because you have done this and but then again it's not that easy to say it's absolute you see the thing is you backslidden your walking and now you're walking in your repentant Weldon.

If Christ forgives us of all of our sounds and you are aware of it. Then this is why the elders need to be involved and they need to weigh it and then you need to subject yourself to the elders in the church because they'll spend a lot more time with you on the radio. Then again, I would hear or could hear so because there are people who would say you cannot get remarried and your wife could not at your fiancé could not get remarried, or people who save absolutely not. Adultery your Christian so you're ineligible there would be some who would say you are eligible to be remarried because everything is under the blood of Christ your repentant confessed that the Lord's forgiven you. And as long as you're not messing up now and fornicating now and everything else. I hope that's the case at your being sure that way right know absolutely nothing about the current transformation about light. I don't like you know when you when you coming up. That's what grace and mercy is all about me.

So when I want you to do is is contacting elders and tell them everything and you and she probably have to meet together with them, and whoever can perform the marriage ceremony to make sure that everything has been dealt with. Everything's been confessedly before the cross of Christ and then I tend to lean like a said tend to lean towards the side of grace and say once that's all taken care of.

The elder sates okay then get married and then write on them up after your mother. Fully aware, we've been we've been counseling with the last three years anything the transformation.

I what you have unit wealthy you wanted to marry okay I and so then what I would do if I were you, is this I would get on your knees and you make sure that God is preparing your heart to be a good husband not that necessary has to be a good wife.

One course but that you're a man will matter what.

Be faithful and stay with her stick and stand before Jesus and you that that's how it regularly and I got 1 More Way you hold a folks are like that that's what it is we write back Have only 770776 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave back everybody with David North Carolina eight liquid diet is the week about truth about, I believe the proper term, what with an arm on an object seem to be struggling with that Chevrolet is in well with what an intrusive thought, okay, right, and found out it's been yeah I am on the phone on someone. I have a struggle with anxiety and and conduct some OCD in my past and I would like you not been done pretty wrong in my job a bit about the three years and this past March I was the day done pretty well wrong within within the office there and so I've handled it a lot differently that Outlook would have three or four years ago, but I just found out oblate China battling thought that I know should not be there in bonbon and I really I really don't like it.

I just this really bothered me all you do not prayed about it about the Holy Spirit guide me what I should do last God to just remove them from him on and sometimes it is almost a daily battle but on not heard you speak about that that one or what your cell phone is anything I could do to just get out of my mind. Well about getting a manager mind. I know you will write because you are depraved or falling in because were falling there to be having struggles and you might be driving along and all of a sudden the stock company might look what the heck where that come from that can happen right be working to be triggered because our thinking things. Let your mind go with figures like no should be thinking. I understand what I recommend is that you memorize Philippians 48 finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things and it literally is is ponder. Let your mind beyond them and so if you have Scripture in your mind. The Holy Spirit can bring it up the mess on an essay is not to say that you don't have a struggling bad things can come to your mind but if this is your can help you focus on the things that are good, true and pure and so I'd recommend that you memorize that Philippians 48 and when I like you.

Nothing comes up and you mess up because hey your human prime acumen.

We mess up you reference that in your mind say Lord, what can I think of instead how can I pray for them.

You don't let my heart have love for them and things like that. These thoughts, I rebuke them or whatever it is and this is a battle that would have to go under undergo. I should say the rest of our lives because it's just how we are and Paul struggled and he dependent Lord that you need to do as well.

That's what I would say hi. All right, well appreciated the best you pray for me and give you your prayer and you know what I would suggest that you email us at and people with people ready to pray what they do.

They love it all right if there appreciated man goblet unless you are sure I will. Let's kill the phone with Nathan from Virginia Nathan welcome.

You're on here that Jake?

I would agree to read the Bible from cover to cover and I would again go yesterday 93 verses 11 through 19 bring it up it for you when I rec.them alive that infants that are just died in childbirth or shortly after. What are they if they go to heaven on don't know about the correct context of a person, but got out of them. I want you reading home yesterday yesterday think it's good why the monies received. Why did the knees receive me and why the breasts should I suck that I should talk for now I would have lain down, been quiet with thoughts left, then I would have been at rest with kings and the counselors of the earth who rebuild ruins for themselves with the princes would gold or like a miscarriage which is discarded. I would not be as infants that never saw light it's Job's public yet very figurative yes and so sometimes he will go to the Old Testament particular nears of the poetry and try make Dr. Adam and you can sometimes but really have to remember that inside of the poetic flow. This unit has I think is rhymed in an prose style in the Hebrew not sure that that's correct.

I think it is.

And so what is it like a miscarriage which is discarded, it would not be as infants that never saw light annihilation lists might use this essay you will die don't exist anymore and there could be the pagans who would use this and say that baby is not alive wealth that that would be problematic because what it was miscarried one day before a regular birth. You know in underserved logistic issues/look at this Job is pretty pessimistic. He is gone through a lot of crud. He's whining and complaining, rightfully so because of all the bad that has come upon him and he is lamenting and so what he's doing is speaking from a human perspective because he is under great duress and that's what he's doing and he's speaking out of his great lament and his great sorrow that I wish I'd never been good baby doesn't know anything and that's what's going on, and so inside of that, I wouldn't say that it's support for abortion. Really like that but I don't see it, saying that they go to heaven. Maybe the SV has a better translation.

I don't know, but the having looked at that. That's excellent never met so far that makes me see what is the where he went from talk about it and are not thinking six… AutoCAD figurative getting figurative at yeah he's is or was I not in the SV as a heads stillborn child as infants who never see the laughter there the wicked cease from troubling, and there the weary are at rest. Yeah, it's like Ecclesiastes from a human perspective just seen just how things are on the earth. That's what it looks like you because that's what he said the wicked cease from troubling, yeah, and the weary are at rest. The prisoners were resting at the voice of the taskmaster. Yeah, it just that I get the impression of what's going on is a speaking of of human perspective is not a theological treatise on what happens after death.

But what happens to think from the perspective of seeing somebody in that state. Now we see our I know that much I love Rachel. I later all right man goblet side.

All right hey folks, Wendy McCauley of the open lines 8 772-072-2760 McCall Liska talk to Thomas from Florida tonsillectomy on the air out of other day about that seat is always so we got all like to add that last car broke up Amanda that context that this happened after Joe's lot. Everything I think our chapter 3 even have the physical ailment of leprosy thing at a time so that poetry form is basically lamenting like I wish I'd never been born ill all these tragedies right now. Sorry.

By God's wish I was never born. The carry with you that Mina build a theological thing off that, but I am anyway I digress. I was challenged by some theological experts in the comments section today on baptism I don't know.

Forgive me Matt, I don't know what position you take on anything. Baptism in my life just became members of a reformed church and we were born Baptist going in and then made challenges your book and then I think we've gone over to infant baptism, though not as dogmatic on as I am other things in Portland is not as well educated and Baptist objection to it was odd that repentance precedes baptism as the first argument that can't only regenerate people are within the new, and I was hard-pressed to find any double call so okay folks, we have read my view McCall 877077 sexually like that matters like why call 770-7276 charismatic leg. Thomas right so just so you know I affirm infant baptism, not for salvation but as a covenant sign and that's not a very popular position, but that's what I see in Scripture governmentally and so if you would like I can lay it out to be some some foundation for it and it might help you to respond to them some good.

First thing is when a covenant is a covenant is a packed agreement between two or more parties covenants always have signs – the biblical pattern so and Adam and Eve's case in the garden. The tree was the sign and God promised after they fell that he would redeem them and he pick up the scent was the shed blood. We have we have no covenant sign was a rainbow with Abraham the covenant sign was circumcision with David. The covenant sign was future prophetic fulfilled in Christ which is the result the wine and that the bread and covenants have signed so when you're married, but when you get married you have a covenant sign's wet wedding ring. This is how God works in you can talk to them.

You could say do you agree that God uses covenant signs with a covenant and say well yes of course.

And are you would you agree that he keep his always using covenant signs with a covenant yes do you dedicate your babies. Yes, where's the covenant sign because a covenant sign represents the covenant if there dedicate in their babies what they're doing is dedicating a covenant making a covenant agreement of promise before God is there to do this where's the covenant sign this is what I asked them in their stumped because they don't have a covenant sign. Even other making a covenant and they agree that covenants biblically have signs. So where's the sign that's one thing.

Everything is the Abraham a covenant was in Genesis 12 three God says to Abraham in you all the nations shall be blessed the Abraham a confident commandant God to have infants in it through circumcision and the females were not circumcise for obvious reasons because they left obvious risk, but there's also the obvious thing about the shedding of blood and the male representation of stuff and how to get too detailed here in this, so the females were counted in the males, and particularly the father that when the circumcision of the heart occurs it's related to baptism in Colossians 211, 12, and so Paul relates to Mel circumcision was a sign of the seal of faith that Abraham had before he was circumcised and so to sign of the things in actuality, Romans 411 is what we're seeing here is that God works covenant totally and that the infants were commanded to be included in the Abraham a covenant. The Abraham a covenant is begins in Genesis 12.

Three. When God says in you all the nations shall be blessed. That means the all people groups not just the nation of Israel, but that all nation groups will be blessed in Christ or in Adam because Christ is coming through them and Paul quotes Galatians in Galatians 380 quotes Genesis 12 three in you all the nations, shall he blessed he calls that the gospel so the Abraham a covenant is still in effect. So I asked them where is the command to the infants to be excluded from the same Abraham a covenant is still in effect as of the minute covenant commands the infants to be in it.

It's still in effect. You have to provide an ache testimony of some sort in the Scriptures that demonstrates that there not to be included anymore. That's what I say to them they can't find it because it's not there. Sometimes they'll say you know they have the new covenant only has believers in it.

So how do you know that how you know what show me where in Scripture where it says in the new covenant that only believers adult believers are when you go to Hebrews, which really interesting is that I'm still going to have to study this but in Hebrews. It says that the new covenant is for Israel for Judah at the house of Judah and the house of Israel and when God promises the new covenant. Jeremiah 3131 he talks about this as a context of the house of Israel, which means the national Israel. My question then becomes, I don't have an answer to this yet to what extent are we, the Gentiles included in the new covenant because we are to some degree. But here's the thing.

A covenant to Israel included the children. There wouldn't be any Jews to be walking around the hoots thought that God's covenant faithfulness did not include children because as the father was circumcised the whole house was circumcised as a father went the whole house. The servants were circumcised.

The covenant meant that the father. The house was the leader in all people in that house followed suit. That's just the covenant and they would participate in the covenant sign so servants and children. They were converts would be circumcised in the Old Testament covenant and they were required to bring up it doesn't mean they were saved they were required to be in that covenant sign the new covenant they have to demonstrate that the new covenant excludes infants and excludes children because a new covenant with Israel naturally would include children.

So were the illustrations I have is our to Jews to Jews or walk along the road. They do this once a week after the Sabbath, they walked to a certain into a certain job at the we talked other families and one of them heard Paul the apostle and became a Christian and then says to his friend whom he's been walking with for years like this.

He says now I understand that the Messiah has come. Now I understand that God excludes his infants from his covenant faithfulness to his people. It would never be that they would say something like that so when someone says it's only for the adults.

Please show me the Scriptures.

What we do find in Scripture] equities on this for I have for two hours at a time we find, for example, in acts 1615 woman from Lydia, the Lord opened up her heart to believe things about my Paul and then in verse 15 when she and her whole household been baptized. She urged the same, etc. so her whole household was baptized. All we can say that there were no children in that household is possible, but the fact that it says her household had been baptized will then it's logical to say well it's certainly a possibility that the young were in there. Is that not if they say your if your friends they know it's not possible with don't have any grounds to say that they could have thinks it will in essence say that that there were babies there. You're right, it doesn't but doesn't exclude them either so it's impossible to logical possibility. Now they're stuck because of the logic logical possibility than they are arguing against her own position during review for to say no. There were no infants but they can't demonstrate that.

So logically, they have to entertain the possibility that the problem is a problem now. I got into the mode of baptism which most people assume is immersion but I can show you where baptism means pouring in baptism, the cystic sprinkling back I can I can do that and I have done it with people before if you were to go to Hebrews 9 in your to read about the issue of the covenant that is there and you read about what the context is in Hebrews 9 you'll see it speaks of sprinkling. Various issues and it calls the washings about the sprinklings. The Greek word is Baptiste Moss now I've been talking on this for years and I I'm convinced that this baptism means it can mean immersion, but it most probably mean something else that's my position. I don't about the dinette hill but this month, including as I look at Scripture that a lot of reasons for this.

I teach people about it. The rise is bug open, because her like I never thought of the stuff I know, but nevertheless the new covenant. If they say that the new covenant means that it's only for the adults a minute.

I want you to ask the question what's the sign of entrance into the new covenant. What is that sign because Jesus said that the sign of the covenant is the new covenant is communion. Paul and I believe Paul will Hebrews in Hebrews title new covenant for Israel which logically would would include the children so if the covenant participation element is communion, what's the sign of entrance and I would say that that side of entrance is baptism. Just as circumcision was a sign of entrance into the Abraham a covenant.

There were covenant signs within the covenant that Israel will to participate in. For example, the you jump to make Passover okay which is a representation of Christ's atoning work degree to get the bread and how it's done. So the entrance into that's that covenant was my circumcision. What's the side of entrance into the Abraham a covenant that still ran for today I would say it's baptism, then you have to ask them does.

Can you give me a place where the same Abraham a covenant which commanded it in this to be occluded now excludes infants.

Now the onus is on them to demonstrate it okay that help out why it is very fairly. I am married and my daughter was baptized out about that are left all that a man a man want people I respect a lot of games like area where jobs he would disagree with me real yeah the divide I never change in the bondage of the man I highly respect to reform faith and want one argument you will be getting a believe, or use the youth in the first emerging just by that and the decay of Bracero are that that immersion but that's not really I was just going on out how to get that I growl out look at the did okay and see if it says emergences baptized. Baptism may or may not mean immersion and I have right good arguments I have shown some people stuff recently and the they are very surprised by some of the things of the Scriptures actually teaching reference. Think about this the whole the Samaria, Samaria, Galilee, and Jude all the areas were going out to be baptized by John the Baptist says that I'm to do more research on the whole area. They were all going out will not every single individual. How many thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people to be baptized by immersion. It doesn't make sense when estimate low with 10,000 people do the math on that problem to go to what I started like that cake you recall, I know what I'm saying is not popular but you another program powered by the Truth Network

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