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June 15, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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June 15, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What is a new Christian supposed to do and believe- Should they be in a leadership position---2- What's your view on the rapture---3- Can you explain Galatians 5-16-18---4- Is -go and make disciples- different from preaching---5- Is it ok to lust after your spouse---6- Do you believe that homosexuality is a sin- Are you aware of something in Leviticus that condones or promotes homosexuality---7- Can homosexuals become Christians---8- Who is Jesus speaking to in Mark 3-13---9- When did Revelation 12 -the red dragon being thrown from heaven- happen---10- Can you explain the word person in regard to defining the Trinity-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 Matt slick show, usually through June 10, 2021, and we have five wide open lines of what you call 772072276 for the newbies you might be turning three and right on going or what social about Christian apologetics show the call in, driven, and we talk about basically everything, and so will give a biblical perspective best I can.

We do so, the number 877-207-2276 it's going there all right if you want to watch the show. Easy to do what you have to do is just go to the con website and the homepage you'll see the link on the middle right inside.

Oh, and let's see what else we have a prayer ministry. So if you're interested in participating and being prayed for, or you want to help do prayers pray for other people. All you do is contact us at it's all you do and that shouldn't be a problem. And so what I'm hoping is there we can get that in there to change that good what I'm hoping is that you become right now have five open like you because usually what happens is towards the end of the show we get out of just a plethora of calls and inundated so if you want to be called out for the Lodge 877-207-2276 were working hard on the US the schools is taking a lot longer. We thought because of technology were converting it over to is precise and the it is what it is not a problem will get it done probably maybe a month maybe a month for six weeks of thinking nicely to have a look, testable scores in all kinds of ruling things with it. So it's good stuff were working on the site quite a bit is a lot to do open five open lines. We lost somebody. I guess you know if organize 877-207-2276 so I'm working on projects. I'll be writing an article pretty soon on on how much self-defense we are to be able to do as Christian somebody to some particulars about weapons and martial arts and passivity you what we can and can't do working on that and I think an article to do on them on another socialistic totalitarian regime that is slowly developing country and it'll be interesting. A lot of information on that and I would write an article related to that on what we need to do as Christians in the coming persecution.

A lot of people don't think really persecuted. I believe we are just a matter time 129 God actually appoints us and grants to us persecutions. Believe it or not that's out. That is a statement that a lot of people would say that was never be in the Bible, review the verse right now and prove it to you that it is in the Bible.

Philippians 1 uses first lot 29 for to you it has been granted for Christ's sake not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for his sake, and a lot of people in Christianity teach a therapeutic kind of view of Christianity. God wants you healthy. He wants you wealthy want you comfortable and this is what Christianity's become which is a way to weaken it than people not will eat really willing to suffer for the faith which is normal for the Christian for the apostles the disciples for the Christians throughout history.

For Christ himself not saying hey love, not something I will Christian on the site that we've been enjoying here in this country a great deal of benefit and safety and the leftists. The progressive leftists are moving against Christianity against God's absolutes.

And we don't have transcendental's you don't have absolute to have universal truths then they will replace it with their own means that the there will always be oppressive. That's just how it works on you to do is look at atheist societies throughout history, the tip of the past, 1900 and you'll see what it brought about oppression, enslavement, and death. That's is what it is.

So there you go there you go there you go really pleasant opening line it statement of rights through politely call 877-207-2276 and when to give me a call.

All right, Alberto from my Georgia welcome you on the air.

Matt, what about apartment… Right and I got a cannot conquer knowledge, apology, delay, ID get the idea, not again. In all, God, you may not, I got that market would happen to become a… I've cried that then I cannot do it. So even though I'm a new baby cry, not a not on the knowledge they can't force me open up his vision of leadership or to alleviate charging the hikers they can gauge a lot of people because I'm a new babe in Christ not to behave like a new baby cry… The knowledge of Scripture of an analogy that I ask which question my question so I got that I am not that I become a cry labor cry out to behave like a newborn babe in Christ medical will ask a question… To be a… New babe in Christ. Even though… Knowledge of Scripture. It could not argue knowledge babe in Christ will hold is to believe it's in Hebrews to leave the elementary principles Hebrews Convenient place he was 12. I think before you know the Hebrew 61, therefore leaving the elementary teachers about Christ, let us press on the maturity. They don't want you to stay babes in Christ. They want you to become Christians and then press on to maturity. Hebrews 61 says not sure what the issue is what my part that even though I'm immature, but that have not… And I felt that it other Compostela… But that mom born again you mailing cry court… Conquer knowledge mature Christian has a 20 and you come out in my brain okay will welded on an important clinic important a position of you mentioned is times you have tons of knowledge and things like that. Are you telling people you have tons of knowledge in your church. No, no, but I'm not a map that got knowledge more than that there are people been laundering charge culturally much maturing church that there more babe like right church netted Christian. They cleared the domain immature never going to bed. My thought about that we should be teachers by now. Yet he can unite you milk the that it might be human cried yet have been mature in Christ are ready not going yeah knowledge Scripture, yes, but Albert got his momentum okay so here's the thing. Okay, that's knowledge is good, but it puffs up, it can make people arrogant and a blessing you are noticing that the knowledge is good, but which really, the issue was his humble maturity in Christ and that's what you need to be focusing on no humility patient's kindness of the fruit of the spirit, things like that and so that's was was to be happening okay so my question at that point in the prevention of leadership.

The guard above delete from other people, new babe in Christ the Lord God found that connected Kent Ackley to do a big upgrade then I'm coming to bed and cried. Jan thing and I don't know. Nothing much of the Scripture. Even though out. I will add no plenty of Jan Frank no point to make that you going 80 miles an hour okay you strolling sentences out left and right and not able really to fall you to understand what the real issue is are you talking to when it is great no no no no no gravel make me ask questions you talking about church you're going to and how they are with you with the church and youth. Alberto Albert has request. Are you talking about how you are the churches with you. A particular church is going to now. Right now you throw church side.

Okay, now make an example Alberto Albert to other okay to special so I would suggest is that you pray and ask God to deal with you in whatever area you need to be dealt with in this and you need to find a church to go to and humbly wait and and moved to be able to be used by God in and things like that. That's what I was suggesting I go to church. This is kind of a moot issue you do to get to a church and attending their trunk under a year that they don't grow or if are going with anything on earth or during their time in the manger being taught by the one been laundering.

Yet… They get no money laundering church did not point, I think so, but I believe is more mature in Scripture than the old believer is to obtain circumstance or knowledge of good and right side checkouts for Sprint insight big chapter study. Okay.

Robotics IS there around 11 complex right okay to open lines of what he didn't call 877-207-2276 this is a mark from Salt Lake City.

I was just there a few days ago a mark welcoming on the air.

The Internet get here early.

The only question my question is on the where you are at and I feel it wrap up this right is my view yet. Okay I'm on the lineal, and I believe that when Christ returns. The first ones taken of the wicked and the rapture will occur in the new heavens north of the short version. Before that it wrap well be the bad.

I believe this to be a tribulation. I Christ will manifest in the digerati. And Christians are in the house of the world where you yes Christians are to be presented before update your not blessed Yolanda.

I believe it's coming out okay anything else, not a polygraph. Okay, here you are glad I'm glad I met you, I find that you know are you okay, so that when you were you there Sunday night yet all you the guideline guy the big guy not right next to me. Yeah okay yeah you don't buddy. You got there to pass abortions into good for you there are you there is a way out there again today as part all right they vote. If you live what you call 77 mass Y call 770-7276 is met, roughly because we start on hours between 77 30 restart because we people coming in teaching her the house so you know about that if you want to do that it will rejoin its V. The parables are very interesting when clinically cultural context when you want something over is the unrighteous. Stewart was praised why is on the unrighteous steward a liar praised going over that the prodigal son. I'll be going over the good Samaritan and I'll be going over the issue with a woman their hair down and not just Jesus feet. That's a very powerful and very powerful curse is likely to make all three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to see that will beat Nelson from Bakersfield, California. I Nelson walking on air in my well I can't wait for your study tonight, correct yes and I pretty much have to get to enter all you do is go to open on the Carmel Facebook page and that if they shall be done outside my, my, put in the lives of the late by the couple of birthday. You could help me to understand matter what I like. I understand it more about him by phone but referring to within the body of believers and how to overcome the simple life and then we'll talk about okay versus Galatians 516 through 18 but I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. For the flesh sets desire against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, for these are in opposition to another so that you may not do the things you please. But if you are led by the spirit not under the law of some theology in here as well as succumb to devotional material was a me to walk by the Spirit was not in any place in Scripture. This is this is what it means, walk by the spirit we can conclude it means to avoid sin, to seek the Lord Jesus Christ because the spirit bears witness of Christ and what is talked about walk by the Spirit is talking with the Spirit in Galatians 522 of the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, love, self-control, etc. now that's incidentally people don't notice what the breadfruit in the Greek is car costs, which is a singular word not carport in the general health was like saying the single fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, all this belongs to us because the spirit of God lives in us so, but what how we manifest them. That's the issue.

As we walked by the spirits do not care if the desires of the flesh.

So if you are loving and joyful and peaceful patient and kind and good and faithful that you have self-control, or gentle, the knock of the inner going out committing adultery and doing drugs and getting drunk and fornicating into Northeast and as Christians we don't do those kinds of things that we have the site less visible genital sex and Christians do an instant right of course. But we have for a struggle more internally.

You might have a lust or covet never dealing with the orcs will bit of anger or whatever might be and pride, selfishness. You don't and so when we when we set up an analogy kind of the thing here. What would you do you know if this is a glass and you want to take all the air out of the glass if I said okay. Take the air out of the glass. What would you do you seal it you put a tube on it you get a machine that that causes a vacuum and is one way to do that, but a better way to do that is just fill it with water. You fill it with water and the air goes away, and so the desires of the flesh are that in that glass and to disperse it. We fill ourselves with the spirit of God and so is working to get rid of something, then work to get the spirit of and willingness to work in that sucking something out put something in solicitor to work in opposition. All these things would which is located to work in opposition with the main things be filled with the spirit is when you feel the spirit these other things just move away. This was going on talking about units is for the flesh sets its desire against the spirit, the spirit against the flesh, and I know that one on about immortals out there and ready lamb, but I sure know that will, for these are in opposition to one another so that you may not do the things you please that's the case, it is me. When I saved what we don't do what we ought to do. It means that were were sending were failing doesn't mean we lose our salvation.

It doesn't mean it's okay to send what it does mean is that we recognize within us that war, the good and the bad, the flesh and the spirit were trying to do was honor God and yet we fail and so what we need to be is led by the spirit of God. For safety and one in that case, if you do that you going by the spirit and not under the law and what it means me under the law is spoken of in Galatians 44. Jesus was under the law will to be under the law means you to do the things of the law in order to have that right place with God. But we are not under that there is no obligation for us to keep that law. The reason is because in the doctrine of federal headship with the male represents of the sentence that we were chosen in him before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 in him is a term of federal headship and we died with Christ crucified with Christ. Romans 66 Roman 68.

These are the issues of federal headship and so because were in Christ and Roman 74 says that the one who has died is freed from the law, and since we were in Christ, and we died with Christ, therefore, were not under the law were not obligated to keep that law in order to be right. So a set of keeping that law will be have the ability do now would be filled with the spirit and we can be filled with the spirit by seeking the leader not the Spirit himself and sit and talk to the spirit to fill me with your love and your joy, your peace, your patients are kindness, the dedication of the Lord Jesus, open my heart fill me in as you are filled with the spirit that other stuff is pushed out of the way just as a glass that fills with water. The air is removed, and this is so basic analogy and way to make sense to the my life struggle struggling a lot with lower left and on it and I know that nothing good in meaning (and so is this, but I know that the Lord had for his glory. At the battle's battle, let me tell you something, though this is a word of encouragement.

We all battle and we all fail so when we battle and we succeed and we battle and when we fail we succeed because of the grace of God and we fail because of our sin against the grace of God's things in involve the right answers.

Committing herself is better to live a 7707] after mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave packed but that they would stepping in the chat room. As we have a lot of people there and Charlie Charlie's find old friend of mine. He's the guy got me started apologetics 41 years ago and that he's in the room and what he does is he listens and he puts in the links to the current articles from where I'm talking about so I was during the break I said you know we got a shirt that says link man for Charlie was going throw around and Charlie is a big white beard didn't end up the glasses. I said, better yet, we should call it missing link man because we were all laughing about that lot of fun was.

We have good time and that's all right let's get to Mike from Boone. I would like to welcome you here.

Oh my goodness I didn't and I digress her just like it is secure from it okay to lust after my life goal you have absolute latte on my wife so much so I asked okay I'm to try to focus okay so you Matthew chapter 28 where it says I thought that goal and creates but if those go and make disciples.

So is it still okay the late like there's a particular bar in town that I just love the going to. I don't go in there and drink.

I have quality and they call me preacher man. My question is not I? Oh yeah, so it is go. Is that still a command from from Jesus to go was share the good news.

Absolutely. I hope so people are doing it, but you can do it in all kinds of different ways just go therefore and that is a wrist pass a participle parole nominative masculine so I found just about a terrorist event is past tense in the Greek passive means receiving the action participle means that it's an ING were going eating plural is obvious nominative me distant.

It's the in the case of Greek or non-nouns decline. It's the main topic or subject that is of the masculine gender so we would say get to learn a list of the degree caters passive participle parole nominative masculine energy passage for real. So go therefore and it's actually convicted because it does say it's in the aorist and I would think would be the imperative imperative is a command go but it's an interest passive and this is interesting liberally check out before interest, passive participle, which means is is like saying in the intention aorist past 10 to slits like think having going, having been going.

Having done this all because it's a participle which means ING, eating, walking, thinkings participles, but aorist by the Cypress for second Harrison aorist mean just basically past tense.

So it's past tense going in doing so.

Go therefore and make this interesting.

Go is the Greek word to rule my swindle, so go there for light kite I'd give it podcast every morning when you know it's really all behind a microphone, but there's this gentleman that I know that he's on the sex offenders, last-minute status of the last week or two. I just been really really is convicted going share not here. I'm not he is okay sure will go share with them and exactly I don't yell I don't know what this new what's going on is that it's like I feel like I've been born around for a while like Hosea did what will you know the and know they are, where you got to go marry our bristles and you said that you love so hello it's me it's just it's just if I keep coming back to be who is supposed to be in that I'm betrothed right okay I'm a little Christ a little less talking with this guy that you know yourself for what I'm I'm a lot I'm going all over the place they are not focusing this is part of my problem right about this topic at which a question okay. I love that because I grew that first guy that you talk to and I can sure relate to where he was coming from.

Well I was for the position of teaching confirmation two weeks after I had my come to Jesus moment and I was like what you want me to what you don't know that it was in eyes and through the puffed up knowledge.

Thank you and I probably go there so you should not go to this about go and also to make disciples is in the imperative case such a command while going make disciples that's basically what it's saying.

So with this is the last thing is that as Christians are doing with what we doing the VA should be making disciples bow and I don't have to have a special certificate from the universal church, California. You take them knocking like a flush so okay see you flush, you need a degree you just do a payment of the Lord, and you ask him to use you to prep you to be used audio so use me, Lord, and they will they wait in a while 24 hours later, nothing's happened, or you has to be used.

Also in 24 hours later, things get really bad in your life you have to be use he's prepping you shaping you is what how okay okay that's what I really was hoping I would hear from you.

Thank you so much on the monoxide out one more thing till you get a far all right.

I have a problem with that person okay and you go there but but if you go there to witness and it's an opportunity to meet people in order share the faith. That's a good thing. Well think of this morning when I walked in gentleman next to me. I need to find for me about the podcast I do and the first thing he asked me I did know what the gap.

I don't a gap there is. I don't know what you know the legal regulation. I followed the gap.

There is a good tribulation. You have the right school.

Thank you sir, But thank you very much all right look hopeless. All right, the school phones with Jean from South Carolina Jean welcome you here?

Sure first one is the belief that homosexuality is a fan absolutely yes it's a sin you know or are you aware of any Scripture in the Old Testament that condone the span of homosexuality know there's not.

I have about stranded that there was something in Leviticus, Philip, not monster that we are not Old Testament Christians that I did not know what they were fixing to stay with the truth or not but I have a better strong… Not one reference in the Old Testament, I thought maybe you might note that your knowledgeable well there is nothing in the Old Testament that promotes homosexuality in the Old Testament, for example the second 22 you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female.

It is an abomination that Leviticus 18 2290 to tell you that Arafat that the old King James or that the NMP Odyssey NASB you see any nasty okay you'll have to have patience with me. That's okay, it's the new American new American Standard Bible. Right now I don't go to the King James which says that thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind. It is an abomination, a ride now. The Bible does not contradict that's correct. All right. In the New Testament does it confirm that statement yes it does first Corinthians 69 is one play and you did not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived. Either fornicators and adulterers, adulterers, effeminate for homosexuals etc. etc. will inherit the kingdom of God not meet on Dale King James had never seen the word homosexual and milking.

Yes, I want to get a word in here and Kenneth going okay so the word homosexual in Greek is specifically tasked and it means male better man, better, the word did not appear in the Bible until 1946, and the reason it didn't is because the word homosexual did not wasn't coined until I think the early 1900s Homo mean same and such like a K same sex so there's a movie coming out that you're trying to get produce called 1946. The movie and it is an attempt to its attempt to make the Bible approve of homosexuality by going into Greek by going into Hebrew by looking at various things and working on this. To do this you hold on a little slip to open lines 877272276 right back after the mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic all right so Matthew you slick SMIC case my real name is already on LI a K that's correct some people's notes on what you minister Matt Geiger character on the next pastor Jennings masters that you don't have a congregation or church that I could and my friend okay I have a huge website with a bunch of@and the web. I did with such command that order CAR dislikes approaching 150 million visitors this week CAR OM CAR M ARM Carmen got dark CAR room or just type my name in Google, you'll usually find all kind of stuff that's that's slick right and he got mad at how old you are sure I'm 64.

Excellent okay all right if you want to continue to say that the homosexual community is produce was called the Queen James Bible, the Queen James Lord you're getting now and I have a harder and I haven't gone through and I've I've analyze the texts and by the section on Carmen on homosexuality and it's a great sin and is can be used more and more to oppress and suppress Christians, and it is definitely a sin and a need to repent of that likely repent of all other sins and homosexuality is loose and I'm aware of in Scripture where when you commit your given over to.

It is a judgment that comes upon the person read this and Romans chapter 126 one of the goddesses. For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions for the women in change of natural function for that which is unnatural in the same way. Also, the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men competing bidding indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper problem. Romans 6:6 Romans 126 27 2850 read Romans are admittedly do this, we Romans look for the sin and the judgment the sin and the judgment and that I will not get something if they commit what alternative if they want God's if they want if they won't get if they won't they committed the act.

They do not know that it was a fan I don't look expectable behavior. There still on that judgment and excited that sin is does not become real or not real if were aware of and are not aware of it, sins based on the character in the mind of God, not in our ability and knowledge. So, whether they know it or not it's a sin and its improper and every knows which right in their own hearts, because God has written the law on their hearts. Romans chapter 2 talks about this letter without excuse and solicit judgments of God gives them over to the deprive your heart a miserly believe the lie if you go down to the last verse of Romans 132 and although they did not they know the orbits of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same but they also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

This is exactly what's happening the soul in the social community is that they are getting hearty approval and so in the foolishness of our nation celebrating pride month pride. The rainbow which is the place where God coveted with that with know what not to destroy the world anymore by water so that it works, symbol of the judgment of God upon the sin of mankind and the pride people use that symbol as a symbol for their unrighteousness is a move for it's an insult to God and so the judgment of God is upon them to believe the lie and we Christians better stand up against him real tough because they are going to win. I'm working on information about all this stuff are great. What might make what I what I think that's are not selected for no man can can look at the fifth person being swept away and I know that they're not there. Not like the fact that they help that got beat latte what's go to the website okay and is a lot of information there and you can read up on this on stuff. What I do is stick with the Bible and I stick with it as closely as I possibly can. This website is 25 years old been working on for a long time.

All right, Camelot patient Matthew you believe that a homosexual person can be converted back to Christianity asked why would not back you'll lose your salvation, but can homosexual become Christians absolutely I've met in NJ who flew left homosexuality become Christians I.

The judgment that still comes upon them because of the fan at that right. Once they have repented and come to Christ then dies. This is gone, but it's talking generically about those who don't repent. Don't acknowledge the true living God.

They are the ones given over to judgments and they believe a lie.

They are oblivious to their own incredible sinfulness.

And so it's really an interesting judgment that occurs now that, in the sense guarantees or damnation. It's a bad homosexuality is no outbreak of very great, thank you so much, he will God bless you, bless you to come to basically thought that like that cuckold sweetie. I like that. All right, let's get to Patrick in Charlotte with a lot of Patrick welcome you on the air and mad. Thanks for taking my call Sir for not allowing like none in nearly the second is Mark 313 who is Jesus speaking to, and what is the content that birth Mark 313. Well, he's healing him look at the headlines in the.

The Bible questions on the Sabbath healing on the Sabbath is withdrew the C disciples of the boats with clean sports saw him in the synagogue. He earnestly told not to say anything, he was healing many look like he was speaking. Some of you answers and that will then he went up to the mountain and solicit a change in scenery and thus some of those whom he himself wanted that came to him being appointed 12 to look like a close knit fellowship of phone disciples and he appointed 12 apostles and okay so he closed the 12 and then they came to him, now can we go to John thick, 30 7K yes about it and you can read that not all of the fun again. He will come to me when it comes miserably, not just out okay so does not make that that Jesus in John 637 was speaking about the apostles and not us today.

No way. It is on them and explain why parallel and explain why what you did was you went to Mark 313 and see that he appointed 12, there when he summoned certain people would you admit that in Mark three that Jesus is the one who called them that's the case, he called them, and then he appointed the 12 out of that so that's Jesus work. He appointed 12 in John 637.

Although the father gives me will come to me it's different, but the father is the one giving them to the sun.

The sun is not appointing them and notice what it says all of the fall.

The veridical thing all the father gives me will come to me what it comes to me. I certainly will not cast out for. I've been up in heaven not to do my own will but the will of him, sent me this is the will of him who sent me that if all that he's given me.

I lose nothing but raise up in the last I excuse me.

Actually, Patrick, would you be polite enough. Let me finish reading of God's work. Okay is okay with you Patrick. If it's not, what is move on three I'm not thought to move on. I asked him a specific question, I said is okay and what he was doing was was being rude and he wouldn't answer a simple question and if you want to call back and call back.

Maybe tomorrow we can have a discussion. I was trying to explain to him the context now. Unfortunately, there is somebody name flowers out there who is teaching against reformed theology and uses this kind of argumentation. I know what it is I know how to answer it and I'm finding that his followers are so impatient that they don't listen that they just proclaim and we don't want that on the show we have conversations so he's welcome to call back but he needs to be polite to Randy from Kentucky. Randy welcoming on the little red midmorning on Monday and I rarely think 12 or talk about making or the red Dragon bank think he got out of you think that it happened in the past that going to happen work will see pre-mill postmeal mill might have different views on this and when the Dragon gets kicked out of heaven.

Not able think that is before the for the creation of the world and some think it was right around the time of Adam and Eve in the fall because the Bible talks about forgot where I saw Satan falling from heaven, and so they think that that might be that it is this debate on that some solute is just different views and so when it says he slipped 1/3 of the stars in heaven with him of the earth that seems to be the place where 1/3 of the of the demonic realm fell and that seems to have occurred before the, the, some say before the creation of the earth, and some say right after it, when he went into the garden to see the vendor just different views. I don't know which ones the clack like one can already something real quick laugh… But the person on the Trinity… Let on that that body or person. I'm having trouble with that person is a theological term in the context of the Trinity sink in the middle to this quickly because we have about a minute left, was borrowed by the early Christian theologians from the Latin Latin's persona which meant a facemask kind of thing that actors would use the grace of the stick a facemask on it persona play that part to use those lines to borrow that word to describe what they're talking about doesn't mean person what you and I mean person. That means person is in writing a sense of locality, awareness of yourself and awareness of others. This is demonstrated in the dock of the Trinity with the father speaks to the sun and vice versa in the Holy Spirit speaks and things like that. The analogy that I use is time is past, present and future, but the past is not the totality of time, there is the present etc. throw three different aspects, or all three combined this one thing, thrall time, use analogy, if you want to write thank you write it RMA goblins arrived at a Starbucks at Chris from Dallas and the Thomasina from call back tomorrow folks by his grace back on the air vent another program powered by the Truth Network

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