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June 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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June 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- There were technical difficulties.--2- How do you interpret the 70 weeks in Daniel 9---3- Does Exodus 21-22 prove that a fetus is less than human---4- Why are there no female angels---5- What is the unpardonable sin---6- Can you elaborate on Judges 11---7- How should pastors prepare to preach-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive et al. more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what why branches are called to respond to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick. What will the show that slick it is to look through June 2, 2021, and if you want to give me a call. As usual we have five lines stream numbers 877-207-2276 also make this book to catch up on stuff so we have a prayer line just if you are interested in praying or being prayed for you, contact us at prayer comparable be great and we can go to Israel. So if you're interested to get the Israel trip all you do is go to karma and that alone is always mission should picking the one next year in March next year. March March 2022. Looking forward to it and bigger before it really is is Nate. It really is awesome.

So if you're interested in checking it out.

Karma and you can check it out if you want to watch the show sitting here in my office with my headset on glasses every thing else and you can join in the chat room as well.

All you do is go to the website.

See website and do just about halfway down the right-hand side a link blog box lunch bucket that you can do that.

Not a big deal.

The people do that then we have 6070 people in and become a national community. So that's a positive. I'm going down to Selleck city over the weekend and I'll be there for a few days UFO convention, but it looks like is not to happen and drive by myself another eight hours going south and goes people to go can't make it, and are just things happening that that there is life, no big deal, so be from first John chapter 2 verse 20. Can you read it in conflict for John 223 okay sure, there it is with tinnitus and does not have the father confesses the son has the father you talking to move first, let me get this yet another friend, the one model and yet you worship the son of and and I give him the Scripture and Coptic negative for the sun. I know that they worship but in my correct word thing.

If I have the number should people spend so deep because of Scripture else out that be correct. Yes. And with TC's question was a false question doers of the sun or the father false dichotomy, we worship the son he is worship. Matthew 222-1120 3329 John 938 Hebrews 16, the fathers also worship because Jesus is worship and serve the Lord God.

This is not a method for we do both of his question at the wrong question. They've pointed out a wrong question, and eggs. And I also offer the state of oneness people. If you understood what our position was you wouldn't ask that question so it's telling me you don't understand what is we teach them a midnight of things comes from Scripture. Scripture but his interpretation of Scripture. I read him God. 14 and I replaced the father publicly send the fun using the name and that not make that story said that the extent of the fibrillar said that I will I will leave you or think I will pray the father and he will give you another comforter that you will be with you so I said I will I will pray to Jesus that you will give you another Jesus, you will be with you makes sense and so I got you that I got a way for you to help you write so I need to do is take a look at John 630 N. 3838 638 and this is difficult verse for them to deal with and what it says there is CME, let's get this in here. It's great that there we go direct so this would assess for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me this is a very interesting verse John 638 if you're oneness person Jesus as I came down from heaven and they won't have a problem with that. Not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me, who sent him from heaven.

He sent me even say I sent myself sent me the will of him who sent me this is John 638 recognition heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me this is talking about before the incarnation I've come down from heaven. That means he was in heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me, that means while he was in heaven. Someone sent him asking wasn't to set okay. I'm not.

I don't pretty well. You say that this is the mystery that you have not been revealed in a God revealed to you. This is the mixture that is talking about is this a spiritual thing you need to understand a lot about I got just because I say so Jesus sent himself right. Say what you decided to self is a Jesus sent himself right then why do saith of him who sent me. Why does this say he sent himself, and I felt that what does that say that it doesn't say what you say it means it says the opposite development tell you something about people call in cults and cult mentality only show you how you do this.

This is what you gotta do you say John 638 over and over again and you say the same thing over and over again while he say while the father is theirs and that in this verse will be here in old testament that you think would John 638 says Jesus is I've got nothing heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. So who sent him from heaven.

Could he says he sent me in John 638 Nozick that he sent himself. That's not what it says in John 638 in John 638 it says the will of him who sent me while he was in heaven. That means someone was in heaven with him to send him in John 638 so please answer how you answer the John 638 to have doing repeatedly is say that verse I want him to memorize it and you complete repeatedly answer asked the same question in different ways about that particular verse. If he goes well says over here.

John 14 six or Tessa is one, three, or it says whatever I guy got that big attack that later, but here in John 638 it says this is what you do is stick to all writer but hey, so get this so all of a sudden going to show my Internet went out. This happens went right out and then another call tech guy, and of all the days to start having problems with my phone this morning about two hours ago and I wasn't able to make a call so I had to go out and find another system. Another way to do that and I'll tell you it was a little bit embarrassing to talk but we are taking care of so there you go back on the air going to be call 877207276 when I hear from you. I tech stuff happens you know so much you make out all right. How many angels can dance on the head of him don't know I let's see you look in the text here to see if anybody is the guidance good questions are going yea he's back yet. I don't have the minor just quit to reboot the router and and my phone today phone.

I can't make calls out of it says a Sim card went bad or something psychical.

The store after the show and you know when it rains it pours all right, all right going to be call all you do is dial 877-207-2276. I don't know how much got out before because I was talking that I realized that the unit was back when I did a new a patriot video last night and I used a different set up in a different backdrop and different stuff so I was just curious if anybody had seen that and what they thought about that. That's a big feedback and go. Healthy people have all right we have broken lines you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 was his jump online.

Let's get to Jamie from Seattle, Washington genealogically you're on the air. Anybody okay I want to know what your update on how you interpret that well II think it's so at the 70 weeks of Daniel nine to see Daniel 924 to 27 I believe it is from the building and often lead to the issue of the decree to rebuild the temple over the rebuild roof that happened on May 14 445 BC, and it says 69 weeks in seven week or six to week for seven weeks 69 weeks and in the middle of the week usually cut off so look like the first set of weeks are literal. A week of years, a shoveling of years and on the review docket in my mind so hundred 73,880 days is how long it was to be before the Messiah was to come in from the building decree to build and he did. He came in. He marched on the coal the cult the full on that day So I suspect that was can happen is that Jesus was was to cut off halfway through his of your ministries and a return but I don't know How this can work. I think about additional house can work the last seven years at Bill so when you go I have.

I am ending without the decree with 450 that would be the I know that people get that other date of the date that 444.5 work days out may work out three or the day year. I believe that right right right understand what the different are your thoughts let me.

My understanding was that the project not a lot on what understanding it, so that you go to work the seven week q. week of years and that would mark it back on. I grant 2780 at think though you cut off halfway through the 70th week like that in the rendering that your mentioning a bit happier at the 70th week are future.

Basically, that the idea that some will think that I really don't know the situation is because my mom and I know and I have change my view the past few years. The first listing of the without a good so I'm not sure how to fit that in there that aspect yet, but I do know archaeologically that Nebuchadnezzar should his decree of 445 BC May 14. That's the calculated and sought, so you he came in SF and it says in there. They can select the text.

See capital 920 C deficits two weeks from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Prince of the Messiah will be 72 weeks, and 67 weeks and 62 weeks so that's the thing right there out of Matthew 925 but I understand that decree occurred and no tell you my house every they voted right back out have real blind call 87707 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg that's all right, go back to Jamie on from Seattle.

I will probably hearing your grant though the I've heard that on that rendering really worked. Work back from the date that they think that the entering appears on the right right you are slightly variations as to which date to use their insurance of the date I gave some say in my few different things referring to substance like variation is not universal executive if epic. I think it might decree an epic qualified bike back to that one in 457 Arthur think that you get out the best candidate out of by four but I do not do that, put that we did that, but Christ being cut off that that you can repeat the 52-week you included that if you having come before the you and I suspect we'll get a seven and the 62 the problem with the 69 total obviously but it's the last week. That is the one that's tough because as a downer. Which, it looks like it is and he would have his ministry for 3 1/2 years.

So the implication is this to be another the continuation of the three to half your ministry and you can figure that if you can't get the corporate have anything you start the 70th week and then you cut off halfway through that we then you have as ministry starting at baptism and then he got off halfway through and then if you look and act the sea disciples keep preaching to like your respondent even get stoned and then it goes.

The gospel goes to 10,000 year that you delete that an elected active dog house is just like you said, I know that is up for debate.

I know that said scholars of justice agreed to have their reasons and so would diligently confess concerns were to do yet is he's cut off well that the other three and half years needs to be completed so it is that because an attribute yeah. He's not ruling in that strict sense statement of the presence like he was when he was in Jerusalem so and then the second. Yet the tribulation is the is the evil darkness so when executor work and I don't know I don't have an answer for that. I thought that will I don't get what you got it you know if anybody has an answer that because of his have assigned that in death but that's the problem that's commencing good thing I have a little trouble you're in bed on your bank you think that you have years after he got off would qualify without in but going a kind of idea that I just what is was can happen on the on the three and half years.

He didn't complete what happens to that dizzy completed or not, that's the question yeah I got a good or become connected like a future event. I actually do think that I just don't know. Daniel right if you ever delete all my people, and finally they like that going to think that God would break if there in 30. The brakes are all to no sugar. At the decree of the filming of the decree and ended the interview.

Intermittent time between then that after that and then the Messiah come by last week 70 burns the covenant yes is this is too much to charts and stuff and I'm just not convinced you know what I medical capacitors of the work on Bill is gone but appreciate amount okay calculator agenda blots all right, let's see. Is waiting is so rich from Des Moines Iowa rich welcome you on the air in the afternoon we got. I get back. I'm not sure why. Chapter 21 verse 20 20. Basically, explain to me that this that is considered less than because I is that would a woman is when she is pregnant and the baby is born. Now there's three different versions of ESP. I believe it, but then again I made it a stillborn. And what they're trying to say is that that that that money to satisfy that that loss or injury. It justifies people's true love evil means to justify evil the killing of the innocence of their own convenience's evil so the metrics Lexi would verses that again 122 if men struggle. The children struck woman with child solicit his birth prematurely get. There is no injury. That's the key. There is no injury in the doesn't specify the sum not aware of. In the Hebrew doesn't specify which the injury is due to her or the child so because what it does say that Hebrew is just as woman with child so that she gives birth. I'm looking at an interlinear legacy you know I get yet there is no injury.

She gives birth.

Yet there is no injury to the word prematurely.

So, just as it would literally says is stricken woman with child so that she gives birth. Yet there is no injury, he shall be fined, so no injury. I went with well known in the know and it basically was that the baby premature meant that it was born so the wording for your apologize for that but I know different translations were showing that yeah there was a stillborn baby or whether it will born alive. See versions and says that he is the citizen her child come out that there is no harm. King James the part number, and yet no mischief follow RSV out woman that there is a miscarriage and yet no harm follows LED RFA is getting in the NIV and 884.

She was working the truth there is no serious injury and so many children prematurely. But there is no injury that's deceiving. So it just doesn't say this is a that's child dies or anything, just as some birth gives birth. Yet there is no injury so they can be used for close to God. This is one of the line calling 77 Van Slyke why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back on air with rich from okay rich back in the military where perhaps at night.

I'm not sure what I do know is that there saying that the compensation for either is merely just money so that way, where's in other examples that and noting that while my dad you that's you curse his father when the 10 Commandments for men. Corals strike that the stone is not die rings and then he walks around to be killed.

And so there's different rules like at the very least hear what we see is there is a punishment for causing harm to the woman and/or the child is the new pro-abort on who want I just I just hate the idea of abortion.

I really do and you know it's just it's the taking of innocent life because it's inconvenient and people are irresponsible and honest when the judgments is because of this, is one of the judgments are before the great sense is one of the reasons that the judgment of God for the coming of this country so horrible, yet it is and I know there are people out there who have had abortions and I should read my story on Carmen about that God is forgiving Jesus is forgiving and we have hope in him and that's what we should be always looking to his son is Jesus Christ and him crucified his great forgiveness that that's thank you from all right good work right. God bless methods calling all right was Richmond, Des Moines, Iowa. Let's get to Keith from Virginia Keith welcome around here. Gary Kinney, Aaron yes I can. Second okay well I will I have three quick question number try to make it fair okay admin talk that there were no female angels is that because adamantly have been created yet. No, I don't think Simon angels has been created. It's just that they normally appear in males form, but there is a verse I forgot where it is. Were talking of a female form of something and I just gotta find out where that is another nerve almost always absolutely male presented as other do with Adam and Eve order created okay okay well looks like it's bearing that I use and mylar my all alcohol rehabilitation glasses you is there a lot of people break their big Darrell give Gallagher fit orchid horns from real ardently allow what not tell people for no good.

Darrell is beautiful because you want jobs right beautiful creations of angels yell and rides he makes everything look beautiful.

You make everything simple look beautiful. You have a question related to this my question is about the unpardonable sound okay not a real Bible reader I was with you every day. He looked the unpardonable serum. I don't quite understand it. I thought that it was the did not and that Jesus Christ was God's is saying that Jesus performed his miracles with apparently double. That's no yard, 12 2232 okay casting out demons. They said he was the parent bills both of which usually relates to the devil, that's the unforgivable sin. And I don't know the people and kind people who think they needed performed a miracle. Roosevelt that's with you for the descendents. Yes, you go to Matthew 1222 232 to read up on that. Okay okay without a collar so I have been on the radio. The transit time over okay little keep listed okay for okay buddy, God bless. All right, all right, let's get to Carl from North Carolina. Carl welcome you are on the air go ahead. I about the fact that some of the unit by Philip and ask eight yes what I know, the unit went back Okay the word of God, but when we looked at with the unique fate after a great read in Isaiah 53 anyway and going through that but can we take that that that unit and have salvation believed in Christ and then back to Alaska soon so that you type and it wasn't the baptism that saved him with his confession he would got baptized. It was probably had water poured on at that point you read what it was, had asked incidentally, going because people say that they went in the water will they both went into the water since Philip and unit with the water and they came up out of the water well if going in the water means immersed then Philip was immersed to make any sense so you can walk in the water to your knees or your hips or whatever it is, and I'd be dunked or I have it be poured on or in the case was often the case with with the flowing bodies of water them to kiss up branches, which is housed on the Old Testament I hyssop branch has lots of leaves on it. Branches take a little bit of it off of the plant and the different water and sprinkle it on people that I was done in the Old Testament why people don't know that that's that's it.

So either way works in this baptism thing here next. By the way they are questioned where that person didn't bow to God and in the first person coming out the door when he came back victory that God granted him the bed offer at the burnt offering and one daughter who questioned him that I do they still practice that in Hebrew. All right, Israel and the federal women who are getting yet married a glop for two months and then the last question is that ballot that they pulled out and I don't know if the woman was offered up his daughter was offered up as a burnt offering or not, but I realized that the ballot theft was at about simple about ask God for that elaborate on that sure things just just as was yeah things is that it says that she went away and hundreds of memories went away and mourned with her friends mourned her virginity and so some commentators think that the sacrifice wasn't a burnt offering sacrifice with the killed her but that she was then chosen to be barren. And this was the sacrifice.

Because of this issue of her virginity and that is morning forgot she was a bit to lose it you will be blessed in order to have children and that's actually a pretty good explanation and arrive written on this. Did research on the number was interesting that when when people said that you commenters are so fun in exactly where I got on Carmen my doing this to look at here.

So I did that research at CHS, you did just the sacrifices daughter to the Lord and so anyway that's resident never got it I think is probably that was for the virginity issues, loss would not be patrolled and that she would Judges 11 that's right. Okay.

Find the stuff you know find the stuff 1130.

If you'll give me a sense of my hand over command of the dorsal house. I will return in peace to the Lord and will offered up as a burnt offering. Okay, burnt offering yeah you know it's a tough one so well. It was a sinful thing that he did it was that she was offered up as a burnt offering in the sense that she was actually sacrificed, then that would be a wondrous thing that he did. But unlike the commentators who said it probably has to do with virginity. I know it is.

Remember hold on these messages, please man's leg.

Why call 770727 charismatic slave children still there. During a break. I was reading up on a little bit and on the text Bible verse 38 so he sent her away for two months and she left with her companions and went in the mountains because of her virginity at the end of too much return of her father who did recording the valve which it made and she had no relations with a man and that's the key right there. The valve and so she had no relations and you wouldn't have relations just to quickly have it only be in marriage. So that's why the commentators seem to think that that was what he was talking about what what he did was capture a verge of the rest of the life and the ambiguity of what burnt offering because it alludes to her, but it doesn't seem to be the case because these are the virginity so it's it's a little unclear. I hate when I read that I love about like that that plate down and got back by people on that and in and in yet mine and that I didn't think we were both at 805 God's name in effective swearing for God's foolish pride cover that we don't have to think about like that and right. This is submissive worth discussing a little bit because it's very important that Christians understand their guest needs to be used or known to be no that you are committed by the statement that you give so if you see you can do something you're obligated to finish it because your as a Christian you are saying what is true intentionally before God as we are obligated to follow through on your commitments. You can't back out and this kind of truth has to be understood by Christians. Now he what he did just that.

What he did was wrong he'd made a vow.

He should not have made a promise of a bargain with God should not and someone else had to pay the price for so it's difficult on multiple civil just don't do it. Just in just just going break your vow to bring a vow to God is a very serious time very seriously. So the long debate discussion on this particular app.

Scripture. No one truly concludes exactly what the right answer is on the site since it is not a consensus idling towards the issue of the sacrifice of her ability to have children. Was it because of what it said in 30 to 40, that's his name], I wrote when I read your writing. Don't make ballot God can't eat and don't make out that her nature to try. If you do make a promise for God either take care of their dinner done. If you make a promise for somebody LCS I'll be there all do this unless something happens to you work is out of your control, you need to be there. Do what you say I have friends like this who are here and we all hold our word to each other, convince each other very seriously, very seriously and so can count on each other by what we say we all thicken very seriously. Okay buddy I appreciate your ministry. Matt Ryan, God bless. Thanks all right, let's get to the birth of liberal welcome and you're on the air me this you Alberto Conrad yeah good evening Matt click my questionnaire and corrected claim they have a personal they didn't cry, but most the time is always based on their own. If them their own way up Regular Christ not based on Scripture to create their own eyes they their own religion sometimes do that you not based on Scripture that with what they get their plumb line. They their relationship with Jesus Christ now. Thank you.that does happen. So again question about my collection letter creation create their own their own statement right and not bad but not based on truth be there plumb line with our guide guiding right there like yes that is not a question but the US, but you're correct you do that, they make you call the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus. That's the image life will have you know they have him under their own ideas their own liking their own sensibilities instead of who he is revealed in Scripture and then study the Scripture in order to find out more about him to go to church and does whatever they're told and that that sufficient your lazy and they need to study the word of God. This is what has many problems in this area. But you're right it does occur.

When you know who Jesus is and we are called into fellowship with him for strength is 19 says God is faithful, to whom you called into fellowship with the son Christ Jesus fellowship with Cornelia and it means real common enjoyed relationship and semi-intimacy so not a physical sense but but you're welcome Mark moderation in real fellowship that would have to Jesus Christ with him and he can do that easily you prate you talk to him by praying to him and he talks to you in the word. In between those two. That's the main way that the fellowship can occur and then he convicts us of our sins.

I've certainly experience that a few times man and other issues and things discipline and comfort in all kinds of stuff that goes with real interpersonal relationships yeah and also add something out in a minute. They like to read the Scriptures. But what if what comes out of your mouth is notů Scripture makes every other all a lie when I say the went to all of the duties and I answered, I think let a mentor that the band out your elevated Scripture is correct and then it was like a better mouth authority.

Contrarily, Scriptures with content that could teach what they young thing a lot of pastors I've seen a lot of pastors do this on TV and they will take a passage of Scripture that they can preach on the don't get to it for five or 10 minutes and because you're too busy giving illustrations and making people feel good and the good of the work and then they don't use the word sometimes a scene at Laurenti they don't don't execute the actual Scripture that you're looking at their using it to accomplish what they desire and that is a sinful way of reason because it is submitting the word of God to their desires and their wants and expectations is tentatively around were not above the work is why the preacher what he preaches the word has to preach it carefully and you were going to be preaching this Sunday in the church in and solid city area Pro I think it is. And I always take it very seriously. It affects me even now before I get down there before and I'm there and affected by the. The knowledge on to be preaching his word and very, very seriously and you be going to the word of God to the Scriptures of explaining some things and going through stuff, but this is how it has to be with pastors. They can't just use the word of God to suit their own needs. This often is that sometimes is the case not having my pastors are good pastors. I have not found a yellow thing picked up the Bible and that they would INI you with a link. I am for that battle it out there that are opposite problem now you want on the Bible. What about at that and did the research, I attended the service once I have some film for my camera on it and I so when I played it recently someplace I should among computer summits at a rock concert you're an naturalistic church have like laser lights going out all this big stuff is second notch entertainment value and the weakness of the preaching was just profound.

I wish I could've just gone up there push my stages are preaching the word of God to people so they can understand the truth really is because all Joel O'Steen does the bottom of it all he does. In my opinion is just make you feel good is not frictional counsel word of God and I heard him give the gospel message.

Once the just called absolutely appalled.

He said if you would become a Christian. I'm paraphrasing what he said will become a Christian just asked Jesus in your heart is pray this prayer Jesus the Lord of my life come into my heart, forgive me OkCupid of her now your Christian walk.

It was ridiculous and yet it is not a bad teachers out there.

This is so many I was a bit on TV, and weekly show go through stuff and explain things to people you want to one month. Thank you my good man, good knowledge of the loan having your of your program to my family in Puerto Rico been right. So they can know about excellent, thank you God loves God bless. Let's get to Pearl from Rockville Virginia Pearl welcome here on the Lord God Almighty through God the Holy Spirit, to the glory of the light gauges Christ has led me to pray that he will abandon me break may chat on the end to numberless pieces on how my heart is wrapped with nothing but like a learning inferno conflagration of passion that allow for the night Jesus Christ because the ligation affairs and Mark 1231 and 32, that thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all my heart all that shall all thy mind and all thy strength and I felt like the Holy Spirit had said to me that he used his marriage relationship. Plan a husband is to love his wife like the church like Jesus loved the church and the life is to love her husband like she does. The light gauges Christ and I would reason that in this spirit, they Christian should stay pregnant all the time with like God the Holy Spirit is doing in our to bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ and a saving faith. That's what I mean by being pregnant all the were supposed to have that intimacy with the Lord in a great fellowship and a great way the Presbytery divines in Scotland.

I cannot hear you yes were supposed to seek that's the kind of relationship that is correct right right out of the like is like a honeymoon. None in the spirit well if the light Jesus Christ that we would stay pregnant all the time should have that kind of relationship with no II don't I don't like the these physical analogy, I'm talking spirit.

I understand understand the I would not use those terms. That way because they could be misconstrued by others course and so I stay away from stuff like that because critics will use anything that they can. But what you're talking about is a deep relationship with Jesus. And yes, this is what is God will not right folks there you go out of time.

Lord by his grace will be there tomorrow. Hopefully another program powered by the Truth Network

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