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May 26, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 26, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt will be hosting two events on ABN Satelite TV on 05-26 and 05-27, dealing with Islam.--2- What are your thoughts on pre-trib, mid-trib versus post-trib rapture---3- Who was Jesus talking to in Matthew 10-28---4- Did God allow Lucifer to fall---5- In Matthew10-28, what does the word -destroyed- mean in the original Greek---6- The first caller wanted to continue the conversation regarding pre-trib rapture-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live branches called respond to your questions at 87707276 pairs.

Matt slick show live and it is Lucy May 25, 2021 for the broadcasters now think I think we are scheduled is this coming Monday with the authority in the following week after the total producer and pup taken a whole week off because are going to go down to the state and Google UFO convention and that lets you bring some back back some of tinfoil hats of the funds never been research with those for decades, so I figure it's time for computer go to convention and see what happens sooner like to be fun and the way so that he we have five open lines. What you give me a call 877-272-2760 tomorrow night on EB and sat TV satellite TV. I will all be hosting two events, one on tomorrow night one on Thursday night. We were discussing what Islam okay were discussing about and the women in Christianity versus women in Islam is one of the topics and is Mohammed prophesied in the Bible and I guess he is, prophesied the Bible as a false prophet.

So there's that.

And let's see. Will wait for caller to command 877-207-2276 the second week of June. That's right second week of June. That's right first week of June 2 week and so I just thought Lexi were working on the school's okay now for those of you who are already signed up with the schools we are in the process now of moving over to a brand-new system is good take us a few weeks and all the all hopefully all the old information. People sign up to be ported over.

If it's not we'll just have to go in and manually add them should be up deal, but we have thousands and hopefully was imported over and should be fine either way this could be a brand-new system to build add all kinds of stuff in videos and graphics and all kinds of different interesting information to those schools.

So if you're interested in those of us go to sign up now if you want, and really make themspiffy.

So that's been in the works for a while and I told you this avian sat and had no colors waiting. So when you give me call 877-207-2276 I'm being asked to be the debate on September clear wait in September with a Unitarian dock of the Trinity and other people want me to be using debates or forget what they are gotta get that settled. So whether you go and also we have four prayer ministry. If you're interested in joining in the prayer ministry just emails prayer card and work. Check it out and regarding the Israel trip. Everything is still on the go average looking good, we have that he go to Carmen it will forward you to all of the relevant information. This website and I spent half hour 20 minutes on the phone with Eric Johnson. He's the guy who heads up the going there he goes there a lot so he really knows his stuff is been Israel. Many many times and I get to go with him about four or five years ago.

It was great shortly. So for those of you who are signed up.

Praise God. No problem Israel thing is not a problem.

All the violence that did happen is down in the southern area we were going to go near that and their inner torsional going there.

There and others there signing a one year of peace accord with Hamas so whatever the word middle and check it out. Okay Jade is going to Carmen and you can check that out and also if by any chance you find any problems with the current website. Just email us at and we can check it out and we also have the ability to tell you here it ability to broadcast on Facebook and Odyssey and Pinterest and YouTube and things like that doing that. I would think about doing something here for a while. We finally got the bugs worked out among my many other projects I'm interested is the feedback. Something about doing was called a one minute seminary where do one minute video paying a one minute minute 20 range where I try get to just a video explaining what something is, very quickly, very succinctly, and then that's it done and I'm to do 3040 5060 maybe 100 topics I don't know and arrange them in a categorized set up and I want to educate people and I like doing things quick and slick. I like getting to the point and I've Artie practiced one and it turned out to be perfect for one minute that you give answers in one quick minute so quick and slick stuff in there and said that you not getting a good idea and will be free beyond the car website when I can chart a course want people to become equipped to become equipped with the word of God, stuff going okay for open lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the Shirley from New Jersey welcoming on the air you there.

Shirley I go I'm fine. Fine.

Hang in there that night about firm or icon that yeah well let's see if you want to give a dialogue on it. I don't see pretrip in the Bible at all and I and post-trip, and I have stuff I could run by you very quickly to really shake you up, which is what I do to people they want. They don't, I won't deal okay when you know those versus here watch this. You know those verses assist two men in the field. What is taken, one is left right next to rapture right now. It's not. It's not the rapture because the ones were taken of the wicked and when you go through the verses like I go to.

For example, Luke 1726, read it to you just as it happened days of no social would be the date of the coming Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.

So the ones who are being given in marriage and eating all that with the wicked people right okay and it was a same is happening. They have lot.

They were eating. There were drinking their buying members and etc. what went out and fire and brimstone came down to destroy them.

Okay Mrs. every two men grinding women running at the same placed want to be taken into be left when a B2B one that will be taken out of the left and asked what taken any answers with the body is also the vultures will be gathered so the rapture occurs that's for settling for 60 project fivers to this verse in Luke 17 also. Matthew 26 Matthew 24 3736 okay not really parallel there for they thought no one knows okay for the coming Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah for this.

In those days they were eating, they were drinking. This is the wicked people right right.

They were married. Giving in marriage to Bud until it no end of the ark. They did not understand until the flood came and took them all away social with coming the Son of Man for nearly 2 men in the field will be taken will be left to mental women of the grinding would be taken when we left so was taken, the wicked if the wicked were taken. What gets me is that people show something even more interesting. What gets me is that 100% of the time when I've shown people.

This over the years when they read it. They come back to me they don't wrap your breakfast wicked were taken % why is it that pastors all over the place or reading these verses and sayings pretrip elation rapture would has nothing to do the rapture at all. Just read context well great alone eternally. According to chapter 30 absolutely love our Lord. Amen Ella fight the ship elation rapture because I know great tribulation. We take the market's not have eternal life nullify) then you know that we have the then you become to see what Jesus said when he said he would lose none is we have eternal life.

We cannot be lost. Jesus Esalen John 637 through 40. Will the father is that Jesus of all that the father's given him. He lose none.

The reason of the last day. So Jesus saying you can't lose any so therefore that that scenario doesn't work show something else okay watch this. So the parable of the week. The tears right of the week that the good and the tears of the bad enough, the field is the world right and then they gonna tear them up. And Jesus says the parable, not don't do that in my chair of the week. Also for Matthew 1330 allow both to go together until the harvest in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather up the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them out of the way to my barn's recorded Jesus was the first one scattered recorded Jesus. I did read it. He says first gather the tears so who's the first one scattered. The Christians were the wicked Christian Jesus has first gather the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them up, but gather the wheat into my barn. The wheat are the Christians the tears of the sons of the evil one. Jesus says in Matthew 13/31 gather up the tears for the first one scattered of the tears that's best Jesus word I'm written exactly. I can read any version you want to go to it yes and work that you are alive. Rapture is not appreciably's record is just kind rapture is rapture. Okay, so we can be careful here is that I show you a verse and then you go someplace else can set Scripture against Scripture and Jesus specifically said that the first one to gather the tears. Matthew 1330 and then he interprets the parable later, he says, just as in 1342, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire social would be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels in the gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those you commit lawlessness, so the wicked are taken right out of his kingdom, but there's only one rapture was out.

All I can say that 12 Santa phone weakness.

Second, this loan is to it doesn't say that and you're not. When I notices I give you the information and you don't say anything you don't comment about it.

You just go someplace else okay. Second Thessalonians 2 says he who now restrains and in the Greek to restrain means be taken out of the way.

It does not mean to be removed in the Greek what it implies is like I could be a doorway prevents him from coming in I could to stand in the doorway aside and allowed to go through a person go through so doesn't mean the Holy Spirit is not there wrinkled and more stuff okay, wrinkled off take your find your best stuff with the LS is more questions okay for folks to write back. After these messages, with proven lines 877776. Be right back, Matt slick, why call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show.

We have three open line 772072276 Shirley is still there. Okay we just more stuff that'll really mess you up some more if you what you are actually there around the world well but got back on the right children go both the father well tell me with my he did poor wrath out on himself on the cross.

Okay you have a verse that says when that were not to go through anything 159 for God has not with the salvation right is that verses of the one that they the use of contributors usual time the sake were not appointed to wrath, but salvation. That's with the verses wrath is damnation versus salvation appointed to wrath, but salvation is not wrath about a tribulation it's wrath juxtaposed with salvation is talk damnation. So wrap. Nothing or after. Second Thessalonians 9 wrap. 59 okay what version are you using okay liquid. The King James II Thessalonians 5 not for Thessalonians 5. God is not it. I'm reading it for God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. So that's what it is it's wrath is juxtaposed with salvation wrath is damnation.

That's with this witness during know it hundred 44,000 mention of our… Essential 1100 44,000 are male, virgin Jews, so that the just, but nothing the Bible says the Christians can't be here in the beaker to save no what you are up popped out of the church upon the bride. I agreed and can read that with you read that section. Okay, you're looking James Wright area is first Thessalonians 416, chapter 5, verse two asked. There's no chapter breaks you know about that right. In the Greek okay that's all right this is for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout in the voice of the archangel. The trump of God, the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. This is a rapture problem and so show it every with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words, but of the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I write to you, for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord cometh as a thief in the night, so the rapture is the day Lord to come like a thief in the night right Lord, you go and so we would know then and I'm sure you believe the priest and the premillennialism that there's an idea pre-tribulation rapture seven years and then Christ returns in a thousand year reign and then a new heavens and new earth after the thousand years right right now to go to second Peter 310 but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will shall pass away with a great noise and element should be melted with fervent heat so second Peter 310 says a day. Lord, conduct a thief in the night which the Bible says is also the rapture is the same day the Lord says are you coming up. It says that they are going aren't they liberal cometh a thief in the night right and it says and that's available to them at a thief in the night the King James second Peter 310 and the phrases also in first Peter met him ischemic for Thessalonians 502 when stucco the rapture yourself know that the day of the Lord cometh as a thief in the night the same phrase the day.

One day I got a question for you. You've been taught stuff and I've shown you that two men in the field want to take and what is left is not the rapture director does occur, but that's not the rapture because the wicked are the ones taken. I've shown you for Matthew 1330. The first was taken to the wicked not the good.

These are the words of Jesus.

And now I'm showing you that when the rapture occurs with complected.

They had a little collected data says they liberal cometh a thief in the night the same phrases used the day of the Lord cometh a thief in the night of the new heavens and new earth.

How can there be a thousand year reign in between them that you made good Talking about right. Some people think it's the Holy Spirit. Some people think it's the church. The church and if you read verse three. There must be an apostasy coming as a deposit has to come first before the Antichrist can be revealed to the Christian church as apostate.

So, some think it might, they'll say almost the Christian rapture and that's why there's nobody left. That's what apostasy but nothing in their says that because it says you have to watch what was up with some states a church. Some say the Holy Spirit we don't know for sure until he was taken out of the way.

Probably the Holy Spirit, but it doesn't mean the Holy Spirit not there because by definition, the Holy Spirit is God who has to be everywhere all the time. You can't not right. It's probably a Holy Spirit okay yeah and it involved some things you just you all you're doing is trying to make it fit pretrip rapture did nothing that you have set that is not all. Right right here.

About then how can the then how can the wicked are taken first. According to Matthew 1330 Cory Jesus where the wicked Place of judgment are lasting at the end of the age okay after prayer for the church is no longer present.

The article judgment will be poured out on the bright right carefully. You must be careful and don't assume that the book of Revelation is chronological. Plus, you have to be careful because just because a church is you think isn't mentioned, which is the case, it is mentioned the prayers of the saints that is the church to go up next.

Later on, but just don't make the mistake of thinking that because something is mentioned later on. Is not included because justification by faith is not mentioned in the later epistles. I would suggest you actually look at these and don't read into the text but actually see what it says and start with human appeal was taken around to go to literature K all right, folks to open lines 877207277 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg. 276 Mark from Virginia. Welcome here. I think I grew you not have a lot of water desire logic political height will I got up everywhere just intertwined later melt very, very good, very heavy. I like that stuff you just think that a caller color and like your previous color. It got kind extended which could have that debate, dialogue. I think there is one point that I was a little hesitant to decide with you on that.

The color I noticed up and made a point in Matthew you wear not your body and your soul. I apologize I'm driving, so I don't get quote that would help set the table where I my mind. You were going to be describing financial and how you talking I didn't find the verse I think is maybe 2546 rigid notes nice. Matthew was 11 or the sick, got both body looks.

If I spelled both right. It might help okay and those destroy me. Okay, so all students find its also got it before me.

I have a lot of verses memorize, but don't have a moral time subordinate so I'm looking for but that I had a good night. Currently I'm a winner grew up was referred for warning all warning where to find a context is different verses about and know when to Susan verse 28. At the end of but I don't know how I can find some in the final general. Now I don't to say until I just don't know. And so what I don't know my gawker quite okay. I want to find it so I can give you an answer be witnessing Unlimited to suck his Matthew 1028 Darren Echo I knew that was it tense about I knew we had 28 and it here.

You so thank you see Bobby in the chat room. The meeting discipleship so you do some his 12 disciples yelped and told us at ease and amounts okay. Beware of the one who can destroy both body and soul and help okay so talk to his disciples, all would seem so you don't know. Knowing that it wouldn't go so logically. Your logic is pretty logic you but yet migrated public sale on the house not who says he's warning them not to lose use as well just fear. They decided not to be aware uses fear him who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell should rightly fear God in the sense in his disciples in the group. They're not all, of his disciples were saved as Judas was, as evidenced so if in the beginning he wasn't saved John. John 663 so that you feel like that one, or that they will.

If that's the case on a scale where you if that's the case, and to be saved and then be lost, then that would mean Jesus lost Solomon Jesus is, you can't lose any problem. Well… Correct know because he says in John 637 all of the father gives me will come to me and those who contradict certainly come know it says that over this so many times in this prick.

If you versus John 637 all the father give me will come to me so it's not where it will auto the great stated in that Matt verse 11. It clearly saying that you have something where you are not okay it did he say that your reading in the text where I am removed. I went out today and I don't think it is about a wedding feast is historical context where in the Bible is Kate Gillard hold on… Hold on don't ask me a bunch of questions and only for finance from an acute talking, but okay to do will move along if so as to be rude like that and will just move along if you want to come back another time when he could be more polite and that's fine.

I was going to show him that you don't have to have everything revealed in Scripture to understand certain things. For example, the Samaritan, the good Samaritan what it meant in the culture. That's when you understand the severity of the good Samaritan and things like that. And so it I get into this stuff, but when people can become combative like that. I don't want to discuss it with them. Okay, so what you call back. You can be polite. Next time, and parents… It's good to Pearl from Rockville, Virginia for a welcome.

You're on your thank you sir, should you a very learned man and I'm not just saying that the field you up you a human being.

But God has given you a great mind and I was just wondering second Corinthians 518 – all things are of God, do you think that it's possible that God Almighty, who is uncreated, uncreated, could have allowed Lucifer to fall.

She did could be his greatest servant will certainly letter in the fall and I wouldn't say his greatest servant, because a servant does the will of his master and Lucifer's not doing the will of the father in one sense not to introduce some of the theology at this point is was called the decree to will prescriptive will and permissive will of God.

The decree to will of God is he decree something to be it's going to occur because he has said so like, let there be light.

He decreased creation commands. It is his direct will.

It occurs is prescriptive will is you shall not lie. You shall not steal his permissive will is he lets you lie he lets you stay so he he has a prescriptive will, which is the moral right and wrong. He wants us to follow, but he wills to allow us the desire to allow us to disobey. So Lucifer fell because of his own pride. Luke having that's Isaiah 1412 through 14 talks about their following God had not allowed him to do it course.

Eli God is Almighty sounding. I don't mean to sound, but God is God and think that he can do anything in a campaign expanding monster.

That's correct. And God did not direct that's correct.

God allowed Satan to fall.

It was God's will to allow him to fall that he did write an easy using the sin of Satan for his greater good. So from well what I'm not at all like Romans 828 God is able to make all things work together didn't look good.

Those who love them and I just wondered if you thought because I really do believe that God allowed Lucifer to fall. Use EM as one of his greatest when Satan's servants because it in this greatest servant because it is the word servant in the Bible has different meanings in different contexts here, but he is certainly using the sin of Satan to accomplish his greater okay that's what I would go all right. Well, honestly saying the same thing in a different way not try to resize all right, we get a break to go okay for all our okay thank you so three lines 877207 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg every Eric from Canada.

Eric welcome here below. The second oh yes I hear you fine. You will get a big proponent of only one I'm going back to Matthew 28 where to start.

When Jordan got that only annihilate the great North doesn't go all the goodwill will the Greek word. The Greek word is it's it's a balloon okay oh and the Leumi has a semantic domain. It occurs in the New Testament, and I have happened to have studied every single instance of its occurrence. It can mean a cessation of biological life only okay the demon possessed boy example of dying prodigal son was dying of starvation and were dying is what was is off the Leumi, it can mean cessation of biological and possibly spiritual life.

The exec meeting is not specified. In John 1712 since kicking in your name I guarded them and not one perished of the Leumi but the son of perdition.

What was it me. People who were lost but still alive. The lost sheep people, the sheep of Israel who are still alive.

Matthew 1524 okay Jesus as I was sent only to the lost sheep without a house of Israel. That means the people of Israel that that's one of the Leumi in their loss but are still alive and lost coins. She lost sheep and less coins are still alive and there out the Leumi so you can't just say it means to be destroyed nonexistence good record about a friend forever. Now here and if it can be destroyed, destroyed and agreed that I got here.

It's it's on the Leumi is many words that are translated. I've written 182 articles on annihilation is hundred 82 articles and if you're interested you go check them out. You have done a great deal of research on this on on these things and the. The annihilation is in position is simply wrong. Flat out wrong okay it.

It is all yeah it's wrong kind of guy. I figure word for it, because I've got a dog but in my writing a book that of the word hell a Ghana evolved and interpreted wrong and times are mostly going out there. He told instruction.

God no longer yet he's incorrect using different words for destroying up allele of the Leumi DFA rule. There's excellent threat all catastrophe.

Lugo ole Santos lace Ross is hard to pronounce Thora worth set oh assume Trina soon. Tremont excuse me to follow. These are words, it just doesn't this the Greek words and exited every single one of them and I have I have for articles like for example of the Leumi user. In Matthew 1028 and I have every single one listed in an outline form under categories and then I the table of every single occurrence with the word in the Greek and green so you can see it will be online tomorrow and watch it again and again and you know it, and the idea that I found it let me take a quick thing.

After ask a friend that does work through them. I only do one more thing before you go. Are you still there asked if we got John and okay he's gonna say that the person or destroyed until find out if he also says that once you die physically. The human ceases to exist or goes in the soul sleep find that out because that I can show you from other if you call me back later to what his answer is I can show you why it's a huge problem of very big problem. Okay.

All right, everyone died we go to great but my memory wake up again give you wake up right away like North to be absent for the body to be home with the Lord segment is 58 we go straight to be with the Lord Jesus were conscious and were awake. Okay, that's what happens right. Okay go much. Show lot all right. God bless you bye-bye okay, alright, let's get to Shirley from New Jersey surely welcome you here on the line with you before Revelation there hundred 23.God of judgment is on the earth, and you'll also notice that people Christians went through all kinds of judgments of God. The people in Noah's Ark went through the judgment and lot was taken out of Sodom and Gomorrah, but he was still in the region because it wasn't just Sodom and Gomorrah that were destroyed, but all the surrounding cities. He was brought responsive out of that city. He was still there in the area when they were destroyed.

Part God's wrath on our believing it's the world's physical and this thing is that a lot of people don't understand the thinking that this and this does politely and it aggravates me because of what is done to the church. The idea that God's not going to let Christians suffer and that's just not true… I mean the commissioning and persecution that whatever you got work with the client now book of Revelation that wrap port on whistle about I would have to know the exact verse you talking about revelation verse 121 children you like. It's hard to read that looks like it's coming down some people like it real versus right now and tell you with a lot of times as I read commentary system about revelation over the years the listener. It's the wicked who are going to be destroyed. The succeeding servants, those things that come up that they could sting them for five months. They suffer it's not to be on the believers because it's all things Christians are to be correct and that he will wrap on the unbelieving world out his wrath on the believers doesn't yes or no. You see he's playing his wrath on the unbelieving world and we are going to be involved with that and have to flee to the mountains and run and hide and things like that is he wants people when the judgment of God comes upon the world seek naturally to some degree. I note to what degree when, how and what exactly were going to be here by Bible notes, not because you're not to wrap that said excuse me. Excuse me x-rays leading like excuse me. Excuse what you just said is not appointed to wrath the first universe that is right sick of this phone is 599 has not he is not appointed us to wrath, but for obtaining salvation. What is wrath mean in context of not wrath, but salvation was the wrath mean world works early early June. I asked FSS wrap Shirley I asked you but surely please asked you first Thessalonians 594.

God is not's deafness for wrath, but for obtaining salvation wrath is damnation because is juxtaposed with salvation. You're not getting the verse you took it out of its context, and Paul, we are not to damnation.

That's what is talking about. That's the wrath that's justified juxtaposed for salvation, could not appointed to that were not destined that first meant expert by you.

You not listening listening to the word wrath is not pre-tribulation stuffer wrapper tribulations of its damnation will not appointed by God for damnation but for salvation. The verse can't be used, so it can't be used for that. It doesn't mean we cannot go to tribulation, just as the people and during Nero's time were burned and then they went through a very hard tribulation. They were in it brought appointed to not appointed to damnation. You cannot sleep early wife Shirley. Truly, you keep ignoring with the verse says you've refused to listen to what it says that verse is not about rapture.

It's not about tribulation. It's about damnation. God juxtaposed because because I'm trying to tell you that what God does is juxtapose things in many places, for example, he says in Isaiah 45 seven. He says the one forming light and creating darkness to one forming well-being and creating calamity. So this the methodology of God is to juxtapose good and bad light and darkness, wrath, salvation so this is what he's doing now. I got a question for you okay because you believe that the rapture can occur and is needless to be prickly tribulation rapture right you believe now. I did this earlier on the show notes on the Bible says is not reliable says let me out read something notes not let me read this on the shirt. Shirley read this to you. Jesus says Matthew 1330 allow both to go to get until the harvest is the wheat and the tares. Okay the character write it down.

Matthew 13 Matthew 1330 1313 verse 30 read the context after the show. The wheat are the what are the good, the tares are the bad people in the harvest is the end of the age read read the whole chapter you will see Jesus interpreted this what he says allow both to go together till the time of the harvest and the time of the harvest will say the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles together the week of the barn whose the first ones gathered according to Jesus, the Christians or the unbelievers.

Matthew 13 letter. According to Jesus first gather up the tares, and bind them in the bundles that would assess I'm reading if you first gather up the tares of the first ones gathered of the wicked.

Okay so if it's pre-tribulation rapture.

How does the wicked get together before the before the good new, and also you might want to check this two minute if you want to take a one is left right that's the rapture right yes Matthew 2437 in Matthew and Luke 1626 and 72 Matthew 24 to 70.

Once taken the wicked go check out calling back to Matthew 24, 36, 20 front of her. Says tomb in the field with his left to go back tomorrow.

Folk about that time Gubler another program powered by the Truth Network

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