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May 24, 2021 7:28 pm

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May 24, 2021 7:28 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about the work of the international CARM missionaries.--2- Can you explain the free grace doctrine-concept- Is repentance necessary for salvation and if so, isn't that a work---3- Matt and a caller discuss Daniel 9 and how many years should be counted.--4- Is election a major-essential doctrine---5- What are your thoughts about Daniel 12-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the car and got more you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what Y rises goals in responding to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick May 20, 2021 broadcasters as usual. George McCauley 772-072-2765 open lines of original was waiting right now so hopefully will give McCall all right to catch up on a few things.

We have a prayer ministry. My wife reminded me I forget to mention things sometimes with a prayer ministry.

If you're interested in being prayed for, or maybe might want to join the prayer ministry, you can just email us at and you can do that check about.

Also we always use your support. Look okay on user support good ministries and opportunities out there on the web so what we do here at karma which is different than other similar based websites is that we make sure that everything that goes on the site is theologically very precise and that's why it's used and approved in some seminaries and Bible colleges for use in research and we can always use your support in an effort so you pray for us that would be great because we certainly do need that lot of attacks that occurred on karma against the server and things like that but also we do some financial support to accept gifts usually during the summer months.

And if you're interested in supporting us know, five, 10, $50 a month is great like go to the website/donate information naturally easy and you can quit anytime and all that kind of stuck wheel that we just like to be able to know what we've got so that we can establish budgets so we do have. Just by way of Justin informing you just kinda yawning right now can happen sometimes, but this time the day because so much.

We have we have a missionary and full-time missionary in Turkey and he's going to seminary supporting them was going through some in order to get his degree and he's gonna be establishing and has been working in part time to time is full-time, but it was a school and also are supporting them and that he speak Russian English and Turkish, and in another language, and so he'll be doing a lot of work later on and prepping him for that. We got a guy in Brazil that's Carlos he's teaching one more Spanish go to his website which is me a MOI and we have a Portuguese guy and he's in Brazil and I can remember how to pronounce the defending oath they dots,.br something like that is on the current website.

The left-hand side navigation is granted international tell you to start work. okay thanks and for me, peek, we should and I and we have a full-time guy in Salt Lake City meals, which I hope to be get down there. I think were narrowing down and I'll be getting down there probably probably is not sure if you're the first or second week that was going to be.

There's a UFO convention. I want to go to in Laughlin Nevada which I think is the love 12 or the 13th through and I can check it out. I'm working things out and a lot I'll announce them to go down to Salt Lake and spend a few days down there and and go down there.

From there over my friend my micro with me as well and let's see what else we've got to missionary in Africa and were developing connections with other missionaries down there in Africa as well leave of vetting them very well.

So things are done with submission or an African exhaust or great guy is so the bottom printer that is so that he can print up karma materials and other materials and distribute them and he goes from place to place that he's teaching pastors and then working to have a guy named Moses look like you be doing the same thing up in Nigeria is her first guys in Malawi, which is the southern part of Africa in Nigeria is at the upper part so you were working and I just getting a little bit heads up on that solicits you believe in UFOs and what are the slick star Rob says people submit even when they look like slick start Mr. from a response. So if he wants to refresh Chris alright so because of slicks or something that a lot of people will say were mocking me and I that's just one of the things I lot of unbelievers will say that I just don't respond to that he will decide minimum anything but that.

That's okay. Hey we have for open lines would give McCall 87720722761 to give McCall let's talk to Smokey from California smoky welcome. You are on the air about how you doing today I'm doing all right. By God's grace now.

We got but I am absolutely pretty… Yeah I'm Smokey saying I popped in your room a while ago. Not sure if you really remember me not that big of a deal. But anyway to get right through it, but having some debate by channeling other people's channel lately around three grace doctrinally karma familiar with long talk about you. Okay so I without giving you too much of my position monitor cardiogram arguing I was just curious if I could get a credit get your take on it. You know could link them with the O South. The once saved always saved, knowing there's there's a couple channels out there that a particular spin on this where the idea is if you do any type of repentance.

All believe that any type of repentance is needed for salvation or part of the path of salvation, and that therefore you are. I'm a heretic going to hell by workspace salvation. Now I'm one of them has posted a video and I should you not as I'll need to release the name people to go searching Google is type in the title of the video. You'll find us on the tile videos literally live like the devil and go to heaven obey God and go to hell. So I was wondering if I could hear your take on this goes to me that well.

I probably reveal my bias now, but I got insanity, but if you could give me your take, I'd appreciate it. You when people think the understandable theology and then don't learn past a few errors and then they could challenge what they do is they the they embed themselves in that error as a trying defendant and become emotionally, mentally committed to and then it's very difficult to work with them so let's talk about the truth is and will will related around so the Bible teaches.

And this is Ephesians 14 that God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world that we be holy and blameless as what it says in Ephesians 14. This means were chosen by God and that he predestines us to salvation second test on his 213 talks about this Romans eight 2930 so people may not like it. That's what it teaches. Now am another issue that is part of this this discussion is the talk of total depravity in the Bible tells us talk with references with the verses. This first time through, but assessing fricatives to 14 of the natural man cannot receive the things of God for the foolishness to him for the unbeliever cannot receive them. Cannot and Romans 310, 11, 12, says now altering a condemnation for Nancy for God Nandu good and Romans 614 to 20 talks about those were slaves of sin in Ephesians 21 talks but those were dead in their sins. Ephesians 23 says we were by nature children of wrath, and so when the Bible says that people cannot understand the things of God to receive them that they cannot either get in their sins they don't seek for God.

Don't do any good works are slaves of sin cannot receive understand the things of God.

Then, this is this is the issue that we have to understand is true and the corollary to that, because those things are true, then we have versus the Scriptures that say things like, what caused it to be born again. First Peter 13, born again, not of her own will. John 113 work we can come to Christ must been granted by the father John 665 were granted the act of believing thickens. 129 and I go on and on. What we see is a set of verses.

It's that speak of man's incapability and another set of verses that talk about God's work and bring us to faith now within that issue of faith and regeneration which precedes which so if we parties. Five seconds is a is a time differentiation in the temporal priority issue. If someone is a believer in five seconds later becomes a regenerate person then we would have a believer who does not regenerate for five seconds and I say five seconds is the right number but I'm trying to illustrate the idea of a response in time where if a person believes without being regenerate house it possible because the verses that he cannot, will not cannot cannot cannot write so doesn't make any sense. So if we reverse it and say this is regenerated by God and then later becomes a believer, say five seconds later that we have a regenerate person who's not a believer or short period of time and both these are logically problematic.

So what I teach is what reformed theology teaches is that these things are simultaneous, but one is concomitant and with logically necessary or logical priorities will make explain you see is the illustration of the lightbulb use of the light switch on and electricity enters that lightbulb and is and when electricity is there, the light is also there. The light is not the cause of electricity.

It's the electricity that the cause of the light. So the electricity is logically prior to the light. It must be there in order for the like to be there but both are simultaneous. That's the illustration now if I could. It is the foundation which one are you saying is logically prior priority prioritize Department of the electricity is logically prior to the light because I told her simultaneous the lot with the light.

I like knowing the right thing which are not in the egg and an example your putting analogy towards which is a priority. I got over the regeneration or the regeneration of all I get you. Thank you. Regeneration is logically prior to face because God must regenerate us so that we can freely believe and I like to traverse them for a check tomorrow? If possible, I think it would be Matthew 13 store the fugue parable, particularly the portion worth being exploited and I've been using this as a point of reference actions will my arguments list of the free glaciers is there is the person being described who has accepted the message with joy and is elated by it, and then the cares of the world come out to help them out. That's all you basically that they never reach a point of of of any like I got what it in terms of the parable. So got the deep pits, usually ice year as well like we go out for wedding and when we get someone to proclaim Christ or accept Christ… You know, their soul was saved and I wonder about the idea of this in the parable being presented of a call of I guess you could say perseverance. You have a follow up on that work on the foundation annihilate cell because our truths must always be the foundation upon which the principles that are not a Calvinist is just that Jessica got out of there is dark at our Holland voted to break right everybody we have for the lines of what you call 20776 max Y call 7707 is met 877-207-2276 right smoke you still there, just try to do was was sort through that some things and get the foundation laid, because you have to understand it. In order to be able to correct them and at the point of Scripture to do it right now when we talk regeneration, proceeding, faith, regeneration is the logical priority and obviously the temporal priority problem is as evident in unbeliever for five seconds not regenerate vice versa.

If I could still medical little bit from your perspective. Would it be that the choice of their regeneration would have been chosen before all time. Therefore, timeless decision. Okay, I know none of their choice not don't make the mistake of thinking that God knows the future choices of people and that's what he bases his election on don't make that mistake a tear out okay okay I know I see what you're saying okay are okay. Yet he chose us before the foundation of the world okay and is no partiality with God. Defeat that's in Romans 211 and also I James 2234 so he doesn't look at the quality of the person in order to pick that person for any reason right now IIII okay so when we talk about this issue of free grace and hyper grace that free grace is absolutely the different definitions here and there. We need to define our terms for the viewers of free grace is the idea that you are saved without any works whatsoever. It's freely by the grace of God. And that's true something a little too far. It will be called hyper grace.

That grace just overrides all of everything you even need to repent with the thing is, Jesus told us to repent and God commands everyone everywhere to repent. Genesis are acts 1730 now can unbeliever was a slave of sin, a hater of God.

Repent enters no because he's a slave of Santa hater God he can do no good.

You can receive fertile things, which is why the Bible says in second Timothy 225 that God grants that we repent now.

Now the more so you don't feel like when not when God is saying's desires all men to be saved is a connotation or losing Jim. Actually, at some level, reaching out and that maybe all men don't get in the quiver to amounts of reaching out. But God in his mercy, to want to save all at some level, was attempting to reach out or or is that different from your view.

II got its set will you you go jumping around okay, but we need to talk to Scientologist if you little time. Second Peter 29B the conduct of 390. The context okay right and as it says he's talking to the beloved in the previous verse rights under the Christians or tooth to those who are not said God is wanting to be lost much mold, repentance, and not giving other issues that the you know if if that ball is meant to be. Every individual who ever lived. And why would Jesus speak in parables, and the reason he says in Mark 410 to 12 or so people will not be saved right so there's rights it gets our deep, so back to this issue. Now if they can essay that hyper grace is there and that repentance is not part of salvation there right and the wrong there, right in the sense that it's not what brings us salvation, but they're wrong and that it is the result of regeneration. Salvation is the saving of a person from God's judgment.

Justification is the declaration of righteousness.

Regeneration is making us new creatures sacred is 517 so that are related to each other their simultaneous – yet they're not the exact same thing justification. The legal declaration of righteousness with the righteousness of God is reckoned to our accounts imputed by faithfulness of flipping 39 Romans 51. That's what justification is.

Salvation is being saved from the judgment of God is, who were saved from logical think it was safe for the devil on one since we are but were actually safe from the righteous judge and his righteous judgment that would salvation means that you are going to help and so regeneration is God indwelling is John 1423. No segment is 517 John 33 through eight talks about this kind of stuff I'm doing this slowly within laying this out if I'm to go through and listen to this again because you need to understand the Scriptures.

In these things in order to differentiate in this area at the level that you go talk to them about because it's a more difficult area to explore new well you know you know and to present your request. Basically, the quick line of what I've been arguing is that some may finish okay so here's the thing. What is repentance but it's the turning Smith Noel with me to have a change of mind, but it also is a following of the law where you were lying before now.

You don't lie where you were committing adultery before now. You don't commit adultery. You stop will that is keeping the law in that sense, repentance is not what saves us. It's not what brings us to salvation and doesn't grant us salvation because that will be keeping the law, if that's what they're talking about. Then there correct, but repentance is a command of God to everyone everywhere. John seven coming at acts 1730 so therefore everybody is obligated to repent, just as it was obligated to be holy first Peter 116 but God grants that we have that tentative second Timothy 225 just as he grants that we have faith in John 150 applicants 129 so having said all this, here we go worse freely saved by the grace of God, not by anything we do. Repentance is part of salvation to God grants to us in some manifestation of our regenerative work, but we don't repent. In order to become saved because that would be works righteousness because unbeliever can't keep the law anyway and it would be turning from the law in order to be saved but we don't keep our salvation buyer keeping the law either. So the hyper grace. People fail to understand that regeneration justification salvation all occur together and that was it for saver obligated to repent, which is an evidence of our faith or trust in Christ. James 214, 226 but repentance is not the thing that saves us because it's a compliance with the law's with their feelings to do was understand this differentiation and they are not did this detailing what they mean by repentance in which context to bring salvation or the result of regeneration because are different does all make sense. It is committing a bit together.

Yeah I hiked. I think if I could summarize a bit late, similar to what I've been arguing is that while repentance is not your war you know action choose salvation.

It is the demonstration of your strength yes it is that I guided my God answering the start granted by God. Second, to be 225 just as our breathing is granted by God applicants. 129 and so were able to repent. Once will regenerate the art looking at the real reason I want to hear your take on those strictly told and if you don't mind.

Maybe if you would allow me to quit this out and put on my channel job because I wanted to show the actual Calvinists you know perspective on talking. This is why you left finite images. These people are generally not only non-Calvinists anti-Calvinist thought so hearing the hearing unless it is a break. I want you would like me to that group. Hold on okay folks, we have yet to break up it up and call 877072276 max Y call 770776 here's Matt's leg back to the show. Okay. Smoky ointment on this long time but it's worth it. So, by the way that I was a pretty good answer, but anything else you want them out here not, no problem.

Just want to lay this down because of people he to hear this stuff seat which interesting people say will Calvinism this or that when I quote the Scriptures and I just tried FM to include a Scriptures. I get that response a lot. My question response often is was not what it says what it says and people will react negatively to announce those people in that room if you want you can even invite me and maybe I can get a conversation of real countryside with probably no you debated in the community before it actually obligate the community where I have the debate was upgrade.

I am that I am channel that you debated on standing for truth channel their child part of this group yourself.

While some nicely illustrated in for truth we agree on something that grants something to be free grace, but she almost takes a close position like what you and I have concluded sure so I know I will see what email me the context of the check out to be a lot of people can never who who left your silly name that you forget my wife's dear debated snake was right on his channel out there about a month ago or month ago. Yeah, I think the members of Mike Denton. He didn't do well you didn't do that great and that all that was going. You know that I have diet but without the date of the guidelines, guided yet email me the contact information for the with the stuff is tickled to hear. I know you channel got a friend. I think somebody greeted him and have a good day about you to goblins right now. Hey, let's go near with Orlando from Greensboro, North Carolina. Linda welcome you on the day when I met quick deals would have you ever heard of 2528 and its no I haven't. In fact, the producer wrote that upon the on the things I was looking at going to break and is clinically economic and I think about it. Sure, okay. It's like seven years of the width Daniel chapter 9.

We talked about 490 year Daniel nine and then 480. When the keel led by and then you left. Which of the tribulation. Both now and if you multiply 77, 360 biblical day you come over the number 25, 20 now most of them announced the nomination will be true that when Peter looked keel and when you resurrected week enter into a great. Okay you get the question are you trying to just affect the question.

It deals with that deal if the if the possible that the time did not stop at all and it being intended that there the last seven years been counting and team artifacts gave the decree and he said as they is year yeah it was suddenly looking at talking about. I Daniel 924 to 27 and is for the issue that the tree from Artaxerxes which occurred on March 14 445 BC in order to all 45 or 57 4445 March 14 for flaring in one of 457 okay, ready March 14 445 BC. That's when the did the crack from Artaxerxes went through with the two haven't out of the temple Jerusalem rebuilt the head Jerusalem rebuilt so that's when it began March 14 445 BC, and prophecy. As you take this as a direct and more than 1° one just telling us what it was okay led nondemocratic not adequate will be when I hear another hold on let that different decrease out of Daniel get from what you talked about in those years a chef gleam being out a week of years and is correct is on 360 days, not 365 is correct that it was a change in the calendar roughly around 700 BC.

All of the world. Something big happened. But then, nevertheless, so from that day when you had you multiply the days out times the year, which is what it talked when Daniel it's 177,000 hunters of the 2880 days okay hundred 73,880 days from the day the issuing of the decree until the Messiah comes in and that's when he came into Jerusalem on the donkey. That's when he did that so it's also filled there.

They will be cut off. Now the next question then becomes the fulfillment of that last half of the week and some say to great tribulation.

Some say might be seven more years.

That's what it is. So it's not gonna be this 5520 years going on and then leading up to.

I think some save some say five efforts of research able to quickly that's in that this letter this year, especially the rapture something like that right.

You know, it will ill it will end up on not 2028 coming back on 2029 depends on which night you okay with Ethan was now some Adventist movements talk about Jesus entering into the sanctuary in the heavenly's in October 24 second 1844 and some will use that as part of this date, stuff, and they need it just All of this stuff to stop because first of all, if the rapture is going to occur. They have a problem because with her to teach is and they all teach this diverse research.

They all teach this if there's then get to be a thousand year reign of Christ as they teach, and then the wicked are judged at the end of them that thousand years except that the problem is that the wicked are taken first and taken the judgment before the rapture. That's what Jesus taught in Matthew 13 complicates a take that air takes the tears first you get first out of the tears and bind them to be burned and then gather the wheat into the barn and then he interprets it a sit at the end of the age. I'll say the reverse first first gather the tears the end of the ages, the reap the reaping and it happened at the end of the age of the first was techno the wicked out of the kingdom out of the kingdom that Ms. King Christ kingdom is here. Some say has to be a literal thousand years.

In some states, a figurative thousand years is worth thousand is used figuratively and so this puts a big big problem into the lap of the 2520 people. 13 everywhere you can't fail weight gain over yes. Don't put any credence and it the guide. Read Matthew 13 okay Matthew 13 of the tears also Matthew 12 2437 and following, and Luke 1726 and anthologist started those verses to men in the field.

What is taken, one is left. It's the wicked who were taken in that context and whether taken NIST is the irate W okay and are taken the place of judgment.

This is consistent with what Jesus says in Matthew 13 is liable to go together till the end of the age and the reapers will take him out of his kingdom first out of the tears for the first was taken of the wicked, they have to fit all of this into their 2520 ideology and this could be a real problem.

Okay, okay, I think my okay right.

God bless a rifle to pharmacological you call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Peter from North Carolina, Peter welcome on the matter, how you doing all right and anybody would get good I just heard you talking about Daniel and Jacob again at just as an aside for my question. Artaxerxes areas 38 major appellate quit writing lately lately is that Darius Minka Greg McCain disabled on a weight lately. I have a question you said they are appellate as what is that mean right in a collective a day designates a king he could have to Artaxerxes you could at many good at Artaxerxes and Artaxerxes. The dark name that you will find on any inscriptions in Babylon or any other group.

These are appellate that named but they don't hear again. I want cannot talk on the that I have will act as the whole time. So what are you saying that these different people named this that that the decree marked 4445 BC is the wrong date. I think I think it take your aunt and I got it out and satisfied back down I run every number I cannot come back before I start at 404 BC with the anatomy of the garden but weak against what I may disagree about an awful lot of things in a nylon diner. My heater down and when I want to interrupt the death okay hold its all right hateful stuff they post for the life-giving call 877-207-2276 the right that mass Y call 770727 is Matt's leg back show have for open line. So what to give me a call right 87720776.

Let's get back to Peter and Peter there yet.

All right, I did little bit of research during the break, and is only one Arctic Trixie got mentioned in Scripture and the so I'm not can it go with the I do this is to give different ones the commentary to suggest the same as one so I know what I'm telling you what I understand is that, again, I got about gardening from getting out clock know I can get to the question I wanted to but go ahead, trust me deities with the king's main and this again is a myriad like varsity was a dealbreaker by Nebuchadnezzar with what you want to lash out what inspired when the Babylonian Babylonian Empire pallet because it is a cause Nebuchadnezzar belief Daniel, can you believe what Daniel told him you have a question you believe that it Empire what Volga children want fighters. Peter could not heart it Peter any broker nadir Peter, I Peter I just keep asking what your question though. Okay well it promises again for 16 bit that Abraham give and he passes them. I met Catherine Isaac to give Jacob the tray were instructed right. I don't have a glassy what now we see the promises not to list them out, and with reference Monica given to Abraham.

The number the stars in the sky in the sand of the stage or descendent elitist ascendancy right in his descendents. That was the right right right but again, but this is a particular promise which, again, it didn't it didn't make the field and Abraham. I think the field was not built in Isaac, one of the field, and Jacob was a failed cake.

I again by the time they leave Egypt prompt this past year.

One particular per Jerry Grimm correct Peter in a vastly greater Peter you need to provide me Scriptures to look at your saying I got a slight can't very fast and I'm not able to look at to see this.

I thought okay so we had bought. Again, this is pretty common knowledge out words can move sorry but those had to move along their right because there were just having a lot of problems even communicating so let's get to John from North Carolina, John, welcome around here. I got let go God's grace anybody. I was wondering if you give your opinion fire position at all. Whether or not they like, then, is a major or a minor nap because I've been engaging a lot of conversational people who are advocates that group with but then felt that day that Don Bailey is not forget that that all men doubt that you and Alisa still be on forget about me like a major unbelief is forgivable because there many people who were atheists and unbelievers who then became Christians later on.

Unbelief is not the unforgivable sin, unbelief is not unfair and not unforgivable. Okay that they'll say what they want to save unbelief.

When you die with unbelief, that's unforgivable that it's worth to say unbelief. When you die in Scripture know the issue is the unforgivable sin is Matthew 12 2232 would say that Jesus did his miracles by the power of the enemy. That's what I'm blessed the Holy Spirit is decided that unbelief itself is unforgivable. This is not true to their saying is unbelief. When you die won't be forgiven. The other thing is you died without receiving Christ and that's it.

Go into triggering the election of the major issue you are in good hands away. It depends which context I have it ventilated at Bento are not nonsensical and it hard on key it's a nonessential regarding the solvate regarding the essentials of the Christian faith is not listed as an essential and I've done research on this. The Bible I categorize, and to areas primary and secondary essentials primary essentials of the faith are those essentials that are declared essentials. For example, Jesus says in John 824. Unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. So it is unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sent is an essential doctrine you believe he's got an flesh you don't even diner sent and so there are several like that, that the Scriptures have have an article on this essential documents in their final figures of the one true God. The gospel message Jesus resurrection justification by faith in Jesus is God in flesh.

These are the main primaries that have a statement plus a warning.

The secondaries are like the doctrine of the Trinity. For example, there is no statement in the Bible that says you must believe unless you believe that there is one God in three persons, you can't be Christian in the things that say that but the Trinity is derivatively essential because it's describing the true nature of God and his attributes and his nature. The virgin birth is the secondary essential because you can't justify the incarnation without it now. Election is never said to be an essential doctrine, and nor is election even hinted at is part of my studies go as being a secondary essential in that you derive its necessity. Now the Bible does teach it made flat out does anyone who denies it. What you doing blitz is what it teaches, but is nothing in there with a warning or derivatively necessary to say that it must be the case. Unless people want to put it under the category of justification by faith alone, then you might bulimic the case and that being gracious right now.

Okay for the clarification. They did help then with certificate yet yet okay all right will Google got us all right. Let's get to Mike from Utah.

He might welcome your new year I met a doctor on Daniel blind thought by the end of Daniel chapter 12 where it talks about the thing at 1290 day right after the abomination of desolation as directed in the holy place you believe that was filled with the Maccabees or you believe that is something yet.

I suspect this could be yet to be fulfilled.

Okay as I lean toward stats and the reason I studied eschatology is because people asked me so many questions to be honest it's not one of my interests. I just dislike whatever impaired up is Bill yet is so the question it because is that the is 1200 and see with his daughter 90 days right so take that 1290 days divided by 73.0 right, it comes out hundred 84, but it's it's 3×3.5 and that gives you the I think they say that major jubilation issue correct so it's really an idea that I got murdered thought is that they know Mandela. Our link and it interesting how got cute really numbers and I do still like that when you want to understand the week, month or year is the way electrocuted, but you know that it day in our out a response to try to understand what were getting really close with your word and those white yes we are supposed be preparing and in that phrase.

Newman does not.

The hour has the wedding feast is an idiomatic expression he doesn't. He didn't know the Dean or the hour but it is talking about the father's sovereignty and write to say we nuke the bride, so there is that. But here's an issue if we don't know this was know the exact day of the rapture, which I think is biblical position. If the rapture happens to be in the tribulation. Then all you do is just add seven years to that you get the return of Christ below the date of the return exactly and invest nothing as we know, so that's an issue by John Foster. Good for you. Will you know so that nobody waiting light on what you think of the stuff about the first was taken of the wicked. Okay so that's really what you're talking about that when he met you.

We think there's that. So that one reflection it out on that if you talking about the children and the way that he talked about it. You think people but I find it puzzling how you talking about it of the parable just before the parable of the sower and the but it is these ideas because there's no people that were alive at time of Christ giving that parable that girl life the day so I've looked at that Apple technically not correct in teaching about incorrect ideas and correct ideas being gathered and burned it out through the power the Holy Spirit burned out. Well I don't see that as being just the fact that is less alive today technically but that achieving me physically.

Life's so Jesus presented another parable of the kingdom of heaven may become a man who sowed good seed in his field, etc. in her enemy's life with cemeteries and there he says in verse 30 let both go together until the harvest and the time of the harvest. Also the reaper's first Of the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them up, and then he goes on and interprets it in the says what he verse 37 one who sows the good see the Son of Man, the field is the world the good seed are the sons of the kingdom and the tares of the sons of the evil one, and the enemy is a devil in the harvest is at the end of the aged reapers are angels of the tares are gathered up and burned with fire.

Verse 41 the Son of Man will send his angels will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks to commit lawless assault and settlement of in the furnace so that seems to be when it's can occur when their deponent with the judgment at that day with me and the guys I met that I like it that I write as I read that the thing that strikes me that the funds of children in the world. When you relate it to the other parables that are given right book and that parable were the were the places that the speaker being planted that the good things. The bad thing planted is just further illustrating that Satan also plants. Incorrect ideas there's good seeds which is good idea with the word of God. This tares are the sons of the evil one that the city are the sons of the kingdom.

Those are people that 38 okay yeah I get your regular time that I got last rescued to Jenny really fast. You got to know 40 seconds that I got the right hustle here. We got quite the thing about that guy at the, the area being an outburst or whatever. Yeah the idea while at least being as thinking the debtor actually not alive when they die, that they would die because where it is a show call back tomorrow to talk about okay okay sorry what is a photo at a time of the Lord bless you by his grace back on their tomorrow and tonight. He survived baptism 9 PM Eastern time. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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