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May 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is the name -Jesus Christ- pagan in origin---2- What is the difference between a Hebrew, an Israelite, and a Jew---3- When we get to heaven, will we see all three persons of the Trinity---4- What is the clearest, most concise way to explain -grace alone----5- Why did God cast Satan down to earth rather than some other place in the universe---6- Does God have faith-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances called in responding to your questions at 877207276, charismatic, slick listening to what you call, as usual, all you do is garlic. 772-072-2761 of those days. Busy day. Busy day. Busy day.

Also thankful that my age unable to work and work pretty hard for long period of time.

I'm grateful for the Lord for that to cure my body when I was younger and 64 don't have many aches and pains not bringing it all. It's great.

So my mind seems to work still. My wife is no scrutiny. That's okay, here's what you might know. And that's about it. So papers got a call to open line 677-207-2276 when I hear from you and we talk about all kind of stuff on the radio show. Here we talk about cults, religions, atheism, you oppose evolution logic information we talk about just about everything and if you want to join us. All you do is call 877-207-2276. The Israel stuff for those who might be signed up to go with us to Israel next year.

Were still going nothing to worry about things good and be taken care of by then the problems that Israel has every now and then and do the work so we had a whole year before we go though the Lord blesses you. If you are interested in checking out what is wrong with us you to do was go to Carmen and it will forward you to the right place. That's all you. All right, let's get to Darrell from Texas Darrell welcome your phone with me again how you been busy tiredly, little one. Yeah but other than the Mililani. A little stomach bug that has three days trying to get over mountain right click my call question is regarding information given to a close friend of mine is a strong believer in the Lord, but regarding the name of Jesus cried this guy you met nothing and a Jew from Africa, but is not an teachings regarding the five claims that a lot of pagan idolatry situations with that name Jesus Christ says that the font you will name it with been corrupted from the Greeks and Romans. In the Bible. Later, things that I did read an article that you have. I was wondering if you go that will sure just to to Cecelia quickly. He has no idea he was talking about and he's just gotten out of false information. It's pretty bad so when we do is do a search for the word Jesus in Greek Jesus and it occurs 914 times in the New Testament.

914 times now and understand that the New Testament documents were written over the earliest maybe 40 A.D. range 290 A.D. so but a 15 year range and the letters were worse were sent out in different directions, and so they went out to the training area. Now, who wrote them. Paul Matthew Mark Luke John Peter Jude. So what is your body would be saying is that all of them use the wrong name or denial of all the manuscripts that have ever been uncovered were somehow manipulated all of all over the Mediterranean area when they were copied and distributed all over the place.

So what you have to do is get the say to him is you have the evidence for this to be the evidence because obviously the Bible teaches. But with the evidence you have for this will be the God Allah, codified in regarding the original name of my in Greek and not the Bible was written great so I want to get your take on it all bandaged up about that a lot about.I look at in fact it says another 21 you can call his name Jesus was inserted of the transliteration 1J really became not not not do what you do is you just have them do it to three steps that you say take your right hand and put it on your face look to your left slap upside the head. The word J got J is not in the Hebrew and Greek that that's correct so select what we do might my name is Matthew. But in Spanish it's McDaniel and in Greek is my DS will which is the right one. Well advised if you it is what it is and so we can't transliterate what he didn't transliterate Yahweh into the Greek they can do that had asked him why did they do that into alchemist transliterated and yet Jesus is just the Asus EA suits. It's a Yoda ETA EA sports and I a EA suits and that's how you pronounce it in Greek. Okay so but nothing email suicide.

Okay why is that how it has to be pronounced in the Spanish is Jesus.

Nope, I'm sorry to be Chris because you can pronounce it the right way to you. It's the Asus it's the guy just being legalistic. We whacked okay and if you I everybody what you do is what you get behind him on all fours and you push them over you like that, say so. There were done in the front and that I wanted something on it. I like it here.

Your take on it, manage it, I thought of this template that I love to hear your take on what you did.

I'm glad to be wonderful part of man clich think you really appreciate what do we do think about it.

Thanks for all right there was Darrell from Texas we have three open lines. It would give me a call 877-207-2276 Alberto from Georgia welcoming on the board but I need Matt Lake to my? What significant Hebrew Israelite and I do, there's a slight difference in how it's used as the Hebrew nation is the everybody but the Jews can command what of the northern tribe, Judah, and became Jews but there's a uniting in them and so these colleges of the Hebrews is just more of a technical term for Jews is just at a Judah that became order was absorbed in the Judah tribe when Israel separated few hundred years before Christ. Basically that that's what it is okay to Israelite nationality or law was from Israel is a guy named Israel and so these are just different words like what are we doing on American, US citizen, right. This was the same thing so sick or could even seven North American orc nor by European descendents who lives in America.

Different ways of saying the same thing.

That's was going on there son Israelite was a descendents out of Israel and then the Jews are the word came into play with Judah, the nation of Israel was divided and the kids were Jew and he preferred with what he would Hebrew came from but it's just the Hebrew people. That's what it does couple goblins. All right hey folks, if you have the seal.

Any questions give a call with flip in lines for lines 877-207-2276 is to Mike from Virginia and Mike welcome your earlier think they caught on so sure I buy. I believe in the Trinity, mind around it and I've got a question I thought it might question but only get to heaven will see all three. Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit on the Bible doesn't tell us now as he specifically conceal three but it does say that God dwells in unapproachable light.

No man has seen nor can see first Timothy 616 that's in the context of speaking of the father. So Jesus is the one single person of the Trinity.

The word that became flesh and had did human nature was joined with human nature, and that happened 2000 years ago that we call the hypostatic union so Jesus is the manifestation of God. He was 13 exact visitation. The nature of God. He was 1123 would you read about that and that's why Jesus in John 16 this on succeeding account number on the seam using the father is the representation of God.

In fact, he's the one the pre-incarnate Christ is the one who appeared as in human form in the Old Testament and is many places where this occurs, since 7118, 16213 Exodus 24 nine 211 number 12 six through eighth is places where God appears and was in the pre-incarnate Christ manifestation of the spirit of the players in flame or wind. Things like that and so if we were to see the Trinity that would be problematic because the father seems to Be seen in the Holy Spirit is like a wind or a flame will hold we saw flame.

It was a lesson Holy Spirit. And so what we do is we recognize who God is, to the person and work of Jesus. So he's the one with whom are called to fellowship as first John will not, God is faithful, to whom you called and fellowship with his son Christ Jesus, so he is a representation of God. He's our mediator.

First Timothy 25 and he's the one will be seeing them and dealing with it. I want to see you soon, so that's the best introductory offer, said that the early in your take on it and the question, my We using the Trinity is logically Trinity God in green the form of God. Jesus was there. The me help you what we say is the Trinity that the property to the Trinity is one eternal God who exists in three eternal simultaneous and distinct persons. The father-son Holy Spirit.

So God is eternal as a single being. That's what God is, but he also exists eternally in that state as three so I thought was a three.

Eternal simultaneous and distinct means of father-son Holy Spirit have always existed as a father-son Holy Spirit for from forever ago there distinct and at the first of the fathers of the same person as a son is on the same person is Jesus, etc. if you're all simultaneous and they're all divine and neural eternal. And so that's with the doctrine of the Trinity us like I am a very visual person and a revival you say I do a job.

What here with your visual. They falsely right back after these messages, please see Matt's leg why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg lines are going to be a call to roll 7226 Mike there. Okay so your visual person for so long. No arena in the Bible about the right God that that the guy get you pregnant means that doesn't mean God doesn't mean God has a right hand because in the culture when it was a king. Those on his right were in the position of power and authority and on the judgment day the sheep were on the rights and the goats on the left and when Jesus told his disciples to castanets to cast the fit to catch fish.

The beginning and in the ministry.

He said casting on the right side so the right side deals with salvation, judgment and authority good good judgment and the left is damnation and judgment in a bad way. So on the right hand of God is talking about the authority position you go flow book about the going got okay sounds good but you can go to Carmen if you have or not it looked up the doctor, the Trinity, I have been on the and I defended many many many times and I can go through a logical reason why God must be Trinitarian not buying a Chilean or Unitarian or quadrant. If there's in the step necessary efficiency and minimalists necessity on the ontological essence of God's personhood's as a relates without any impersonal aspect being part of the nature I didn't know all that I teach a so different ways and I love talking to the Trinity because it's true is biblical okay on that research that nothing bothers you to go to the shoeing lid of the Trinity chart on car Trinity chart will help okay that I do that, God bless you, thank you for your ministry and technical all right hey folks, we have that C4 open lines to give me a call 877-207-2276 when difficult lines mark from Virginia Mark welcome your ex parte anarchy will Artie okay that my question about great you have the grace alone crowd, which I doubt you and I are members of, and that you have the great work.

When people that believe the great work and explain it very often they're pretty.

Think about it and the people that are grace alone. I have noted have problem I'm blaming it almost to the point where they almost down like they believe in grace with work. I don't think they do but I was hoping that maybe I can get a clear explanation of you as did different sure not the issue here is that technical go slowly to introduce concepts, make sure it's all on the table. Grace is the unmerited favor of God and God is gracious to every person who ever lives and so God's grace extends to the believers in the unbelievers and graces the unmerited kindness in favor of God. So the unbelievers enjoy the grace of God and that God lets them breathe, eat, have families enjoy life. Have fun. He provides for them in that way even though they deny the Christians enjoy the grace of God in the same way pluses and so to speak. An extension in the grace of salvation are justification is a legal declaration of righteousness is according to the law. So Jesus fulfilled the law perfectly never sent. First Peter 222.

Matthew 517 and his righteousness for the righteousness of God is imputed reckoned to our account. When we believe that's the Philippians 39. We have a righteousness is not our own, and so this is obtained by faith. Having therefore been justified by faith. All right, now faith is the issue is not an issue of works but let's go to James James Hennessey were justified by works and not by faith alone. That's what people bring this up all the time, and what they fail to do is read the context, because in James chapter 2, starting in verse 14 is as if a man says he has faith but has no works can that faith save him. The builder says to a friend it'll go of the want to be filled with doesn't give him what he needs that faith is useless suspected of works is dead and he says you show me your faith by my works I will show you your or I will show you my faith by my works and so faith is in James two is manifested with works and so before people. That's how we justify our faith. Our faith and our works are necessary to justify before people, but not before God is before people because one person can say he believes but doesn't act like that so how do you know if I'm a believer.

For example, well hopefully when I profess and what I do are the same. Profess Christ as Lord and I live for Jesus in varying ways defend the faith right do all the stuff professing Christ teach about him etc. so that I'm justifying in a sense justifying my faith in God by my works before people, but I'm such convincing people that I have those that have the true faith by my works. That's on the horizontal justification before God. The vertical is by faith alone, without any works. We know that because Paul says in Romans 45 to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness. So he's clearly stating no works is faith alone.

All right, that's the biblical position unfortunately was some people do is say that faith has works and that faith must be proven with works and that without the works you can't have true faith and so you can't be saved. So what they're doing is mixing the idea of faith before people in faith before God and saying that even the faith before God must be justified by works.

We seek this foolishness.

God knows our hearts and particularly since God grants that we have faith. Philippians 129. He doesn't need any justification or proof from us, the works that we do.

According James to earn the horizontal between people and the faith that we have with God is with you grants to us. Lukens 129, by which were justified without any works. Romans 45 so when people sometimes say faith and works to be very careful what they say because they could be teaching damnable heresy if they are combining faith and their works in any way before God by which they would be justified okay yeah I have one more thought that if I get you a shot at like could also be bifurcated could also be that will abscond on all manner of Jew got a break. I want to hear you right back okay faithful to what you make all of you to do is violate 772-072-2764 the mind maps like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave Marty Virginia bought timing of the great work great alone. Crowd believe great then work and they are great with work caught up with the work before the great I don't know that clears it up. When you cut them simultaneously to say that Grayson will try to go together this week. Mormonism teaches Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, they deny justification by faith alone in Christ alone. That's the problem because her justification is not without any works and the reason is because our faith is only as good as her as the person were putting it in and so we put our faith in Jesus Christ and therefore, even if our faith is a little or a lot. It doesn't matter is faith in Christ and that's why so good, but our works are touched by sentence or can be no works in any way shape or form that can be contributing to our salvation or the main maintenance of our salvation. Otherwise, it's blasphemy. And this is something the Christian church is due to no need to be taught from the pulpit that anybody who would say that it's your faith and your sincerity, your faith and your continued goodness your faith and your continued resistance of sin that keeps you saved in your false convert or this agreement need the truth this week and repent faith alone in Christ alone. Okay Are you to be a filthy rag of burial.

Very often you need to know to talk to so I like it matters. There's nothing I've done. It's ever good because everything I'm gonna touch my sense so only in Christ. Only in Christ. I don't have any neuritis, even good only in Christ.

That's it. Okay you dark okay but God blessed them all right by me up to a three open lines. Excuse me 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jason from Charlotte, North Carolina Jason, welcome here. Hey, thank you. Appreciate you showing your perspective Motto, really, from your point of view, those thing. The project involved my question all is around basically think getting kicked out of heaven. I was the best rate years have at this question asked me a friend of mine at ethic to me the other day and basically you tell me if I can tell you my response to him was that I didn't know the exact Scripture, but I was I given what I thought that maybe God created free will.

He created it universally, that had been too late. When it did not want there: no editing like robots all at the created principal of will and that that enabled the beat thing to go against God, but the question was asking me what it basically did it. God just in general kick Amada have been chose to come to the earth all was cast out the fake goat ghost of the earth. You know like what was the deal with coming to the earth like a cat fell into the earth. What were and it question was lighted by that got them anywhere else.

Basically though didn't know why no place else, but he was cast down to the earth and so we don't know why it happened in the wind happened not there. People have different conjectures or ideas about it. Some say right away after he was created. Some say no.

It took a while how long we don't know. Some say that he didn't fall until he tempted Eve. Some say he didn't fall or he fell before the foundation of the world. Some say he fell after the foundation of the world before the temptation of Eve. So what we don't know when we still know but does say he was cast down and saw success when I saw I saw Satan cast down. Sorry I misspelled Stan Sakai just reading that a couple days ago. Matter fact was cast down to the earth where is the that's it that's it sure some scriptures are like like we get just tripped up on the way there were dated like yogurt all Jesus went into the wilderness to buy the devil so it can't elect to get tripped up on the to be tempted by the devil. It was just like the court treated Ed to be because you thought you would kick it with the same thing like he taught on the private life. What are other thing on the whatever the three things were that he said the dark temptation that was empty temptation are what I mean, that's with the enemy to fight but into liquid like they gambled over his lot with God so that the Scripture would be fulfilled.

So I think it filibusters the tripped up about the way things are worded, you know, could God is looking out to like-minded God of the God of faith in any of the change. What you could be based on fear, like for instance to make this make that my general perspective on it when I was that God the why question the public that the me get me questions that will you want to have children go to it but we got you don't think that way you think that you not cannot operate your think I better not have it because you know something evil might be a mature phone because you spent most of my target is not have, yes, but most of which you question relationship to that one assume I can figure this out will know that my point is that God is the God of faith, the love folks both delete the best no record of wrong so it is that it is that they got better not make something good because something people might be more powerful yet total faith that it did, and it's not a good enough and that the good father he takes care about light beer thing on that's okay, what's your question, you're saying things but I'm not sure what you're getting out some causes that needed that makes that makes it what update my response to my friend was 20 about think about all like with psychic that have been like why did come by with thing allowed to come to the earth but I don't know why God allowed it. The Bible doesn't say why he was allowed and according to Isaiah 1412 through 14. He was this product prior items found in him, and this is why can fellows own freedom you chose to rebel against God, and consider himself to be equal to God in that sense okay thank you so that that was it because you said similar things though defendant with it were, but the room for clarification and are in lesson you did badly on the sink could become a little banal about things.

That's all you know what that word index of that word list, etc. talking about with him the idea of our freedom. We all have freedom of will, which means we have the freedom to be able do what we desire to do. And Satan desired to rebel against God, and he freely did and God knew this would occur, and yet he created and you're in the right track when you have children, we know that there gonna there can rebel against this is not a reason not to have them forgotten right okay yeah my point all outlook that we be know that our love strong market.

So What was my answer to my friend with that God cannot let fear or thought of something bad. Note not let it make the decision because he got of faith that yet. All cockpit that what you doing in the crop to be about that would to God would not have thinks God in the chance of not have faith in what he can do is just true that he does because it can't be any other way. So we have faith because granted to us by God. But God is an exercise that in his own self like that make sense. I think I would hear where you're coming from. Get hope you know God is love love hope you know no record of wrong yeah, but that's not talk about God's nature in the sense of God's love is true for sinful rate but that hope doesn't worry you know that was he's doing is talking about loving first 2013 about us and so we can be careful when we talk about the nature of God and what is essence is because he's love and just and holy and righteous and nothing among you is just what I would do is just refine a few little of the words you have a little bit and stuff like that that's what I would but you're the right track her.

I get that would display each knock on every require of us to get something to eat, not what I say to me that he's not what I'm sorry you document required to give a setting that he's not and I didn't hear what you said you thought thing if he requires us to have faith to believe you got a faith that one thing I don't know hold on his appointment as God will require, is that which we can't not necessary for him to explain the relationship. The second hold a photo right back after these messages, please state the mats like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg to the show. Let's get back to Jerry's Jason Stiller here right now is what you're doing is good you are thinking things through and you relating them the reader want take a little bit of extra time with you is because you need to have a little more precision in a couple concept.

Concepts that that's it just it just to help you along and stuff like air through doing great so it was a Gaza got a face. He's not a God of faith in the sense that he has to have faith in us, but he's a God of faith in that he teaches us to have faith now God will require of us to do what we can't do is be holy from holy will know to be holy first Peter 116 so God provides for us the holiness that's in Christ.

This is because God is holy as part of his nature, but faith is that Hebrews 11 one says faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. God doesn't hope not in the open theist sense, which is another topic and that he Dean knows all things. So is not an issue of things not seen what faith is described as is the human perspective of us looking to think we don't know for sure were trusting God in them. That's doesn't apply to God because he knows all things equally all the time is things is actual as well as potential was ordained. Whatever shall come to pass.

Ephesians 111, so that's not an issue.

He's not faith. He doesn't have faith like that he's faithful and that he will never break his word, and so with a be careful that we don't mix an attribute of having a sweet and essence apart is how to put this a is essence with a characteristic is essence is holy, but in an action is talking so his talking is not his speech. For example, is not his nature, his holiness is is is nature's life is his nature, but his speech is an attribute of his nature, so faith is something that we have in him, but is not an attribute of his nature in the sense that he has to have faith in us. He doesn't, okay I feel it out what you're saying. I wouldn't say that he would update the note that I get what you're saying about the I guess what I'm looking at when we from your perspective, it almost would thing what what I say.

He hopes her as I got out of me. There is no possibility of it not happening. He has told there is no mistake about you, but so I'm to think he had this deep trust I guess is a better way to say it. He trusted that it is done is efficient and he has well it yet. Total confidence in Yaqui careful always work trust, but you're correct. The father does trust the sun and that's correct because he knows the sun will never fail him so he trusts the sun to do what is necessary in that sense, yes, yeah, but we also know that it's impossible for Christ to fail to do the will of the father.

Sure I'm not insecure like what he did and continue this on the cross needing totally key yet total confidence that that was efficient at that and that that's good enough for us to live by and to get through than others. While I like your allies, because when you people call and ask you questions about great works.

You're basically if I could sum it up what you're saying is trust is the opposite of trying. If you're trying your an error in the wrong doctrine.

If you went took it to the extreme. But trusting it. Basically we trust what you did I think me you are on the same page and I get what you're saying but I'm not.

When I say that that God hopes her husband faith. I'm not thinking in the possibility that could all our our mindframe were thinking when we have faith that that there's a possibility we could fail with him.

There is no possibility nobody got a computer up there like it. I may need.

He did an actual working Christ on the cross and I'm to think he has confidence that that was efficient yeah I know it's been that way. He's confident in himself, that is sufficient because nothing greater than he exists. But you okay I appreciate it okay, but will God bless man thank you all right you to, all right, let's get to. I guess it's a fail fall from California welcome.

You're on here you know what it helps if I hit the button that's lump that was my bad.

Sorry about that clear on your buddy up. Yes, sorry, I thought of writing that I all right felt. I just wanted to get them prayer from you and from your audience because my wife and I plan on moving to California were leaving California after having lived here my whole life. My employer by college and they are mandating the shop which I refuse to get so were leaving California but it's not easy because my wife has her first granddaughter here. It was only four years old and she's very attached to her daughter. My and it cannot hurt. It's really bad though I wife is taking extremely extremely hard and we been arguing a lot and I did try to stay out of his argument because I know in others there is no claim Understand though, I mean what we would like. What then my will, if you will, is for her parents to go with us. Her dad is a heavy drinker and we been praying for him a long time than we like to get away from California get away from his friend started life out there that's my will. That's our little but I don't know what God's will is so hopefully that can be revealed to us for hopefully God can work in a different way. Help this man out so that it's better for the granddaughter.

Overall, the ground is Bella the dad name is Adrian. I'm about an elected Angela's prayers would definitely be appreciated. You ran so what you questions bought me my question was basically just a prayer request.

I wanted to get prayers believed I difficult. I get maybe a question would be a noetic II think I'm doing the right thing. I prayed about it, but I like this for sure I have what I really don't think about what doing the right thing getting out of California and moving anything I think so. Where in California are we are in Riverside California which is about Norton's soul is Corona Dr. Moreno Valley for a while in Ontario okay you know exactly what we are Riverside or anything.

You have 90 went downhill there yeah and dad were at that merger with a 91 and expect in the 215 minute kind of chaotic would not do that. Corona is not yet sorry been a while so I think leaving California is a smart thing to do average from California is moving here to Idaho and people leaving our housing is guy rocketing, which is the eye thing, but to bring the liberal wacko politics are with us.

They don't like with a cause of the mnemonic.

In fact, everybody else but him how it's it's loading of her Tennessee is a good place to go. You get a good house it and if your elderly side depending on where you are in Riverside you should build to sell your house, depending how big it is a suck for a lot more than what you pay for. Oh yeah, we bought it during the crash of I was fortunate enough. I mean, I like they got blackmailed got a believer back then. But God can control everything so you definitely blessed me with this. We bought it at a very low price and out much more so, where were in a good situation are buying a home. However, we did look at Arizona we looked at it I Idaho the first place became mine and I noticed that the price is out there are not as bad here, but they're hiring infinity.

Yes, reason this is not that bad in Tennessee is because they play country-western music over there and it's torture and not many people can handle, so I strongly dislike country-western unlucky people they like it okay is just you know I'm into anything, but it just whatever right, anything is that my flavor it sent to me it is sour grapes and that just make okay the people I got friends who like it.

I do say I don't still never hear that's I will yeah I'm the same way. For some reason I just like you not like I'm not that I didn't live in the connect LOI we connect with me, usually in the end, and some in some nerve thing, the nerve and kind of fingernail mixed on the chalkboard kind of connection that's how it is with me and I remember years ago when I was nobody wakes all skill levels in the shop. I rose driving down the 22 freeway going east and the yarn by the city of Orange in earaches, so I would country-western the tribe really be open-minded. Give it a try it out but I thought that the stations that I will never forget. Love that I live so the lyrics it was good to completely fill the stuff of the guys literally said it is sought up like but either bold.

You this on the radio for visas. I was driving down the road by a pond full of toads.

I give my five cents if you can't take it with my wife like country music leader, Gallup's inner critic forget it. Sorry.

No, that's okay.

It's all right, just teasing, but so you know it they're great people out there Tennessee in the California literature for the most part. If you diagnose I was out there last year for the national religious broadcasting network Nashville and the people are just sweet, it's great.

Nice player in southern hospitality. We plan on moving technique. You are you even more that down the mountain valley out how I know that I like that I'm I get good I'm doing how I figured that it is not my will that act of God's will.

Yeah, good question.

When you figured out I have only okay if she looked hard on for me. Oh it's hard for me to what I do is like I said, Lord, I want to do XYZ is that from you. I don't know what I've learned from George Mueller reading his stuff is from the 1800s is that if there's an impression on your heart when it what he recommended you do I think is good advice is to pray and ask God to strengthen it. If it's from him make it go away from you, and pray this for weeks until you get that confirmation. Yes it is from him.

Did talk about it with her spouse, and you pray about God opening the doors for whatever it is he's desiring and that you move forward and then the doors open to close as a direction of God's will becomes more evident.

And that's how we walk by faith okay okay okay God bless you, folks, we are out of time most Thursday by God's grace, then great, and powered by the Truth Network

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