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May 10, 2021 7:42 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 10, 2021 7:42 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Matt opens the show by asking for prayer for the Christian brothers and sisters in Africa who are being severely persecuted by Muslims. Questions then include----1- Do we have the right to tell people they are or are not Christians---2- How can I explain-defend Numbers 22-28---3- In Matthew 23-37 did Jesus have an unfulfilled desire---4- If you are praying for someone to come to Christ but they have not been chosen, is that a sin---5- Can someone not believe in the Trinity and still be saved---6- What does it mean that God shows no partiality---7- Are John 7-7 and John 15-18 a contradiction---8- Do you have any advice for going into ministry---9- Can you explain what Calvinism is-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found online at time for you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a map slick Y glances goals in responding to your questions at 87707276 pairs.

Matt slick me. I hope you want to give me a call if you do all good 772072276 is a letter to say periodically. You can watch the shelter interested in current Facebook or the car YouTube or we can do to screw up our websites, patients should be there big deal but it is interesting is fun sometimes and we have a good community of people who enjoy doing so.

That sounds good to speak as well and this will work on work on right now will be affordable. Lines want to give me a call 87720722762 loves of going on. Got a question about God, the Bible truth and all that kind of stuff I want you to call me to talk a good Bible study last night and I thought it went well. Technology honed in souls able to produce it online and I hope you will do some other things that I want to build doing to do later with two minute videos on Christian theology, a podcast, and other things were hoping to get into and by way of reminder, I just found out today I want to get you working is really ready for the debate tonight. What debate did the calendar like what calendar so they calendar so I go to look at the calendar and I went was not there and it's right there in front of me and like my goodness there is so big tonight at 8 PM Eastern time. Two hours from now will be debating. Is Christianity true and so that will be off provide a link on the current Facebook page, probably so that people can watch it jutted out and also having to to rush come in so busy after I had rush is still doing to putting something together as an opening and dealing with this issue topic on this topic exactly is you know Christianity is true. So that's what I'm working and today I tell you today's been 11 difficulty now. Aside from all of them do some important things to bring up really quickly. The callers we have our Friday meetings each morning here at the farm intergalactic headquarters and we just got from Africa that we've kind of adopted really great guys and they were leaving on for months and months and months and phonetically known for years and Dolby help support to help expand the kingdom of your good people and they're talking about the Muslim insurgents what you're doing is going in and doing two things they are passing out propaganda attacking Christianity and ignorant Christians to answer things they doubt the truth of Christianity within the Muslims come in and abduct people and hold them at gunpoint and forced him to say the shahada which is the confession of Mohammed's true prophet.

Islam is true etc. and I was only God and if they do, that the bees are Muslim. They don't do it, this was been going on and we got word about this today.

It is still happening and tapping off even more, more, so I'm bringing this up because of this, asking for the listeners to be praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa who are under real persecution. They are in a real persecution and are losing their lives to slip them up in prayer and even that those were persecuting the Christians would come to saving faith in Jesus Christ that we ultimately want.

So that's one thing going on and that's good stuff Laura says a thousand views on Bible study from last night if it heard the yesterday last night with my limited feedback to see the reason asking us as I don't know if some of the concepts I want to get across came across sufficiently and things like that. So big deal but I just asking for leeway three open lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 with Gilberto from George Alberto, welcome young year hello hello hello yes yeah you who might like. I Matt and a minister at the right a believer or where the beach Where the yet because eating one goal along with the one time that okay maybe maybe like all the love I love little girl, can you call up but can you allergic to give me more direct questions. Not sure what the question is actually having you yes I hear you just not sure what your question is directed to believe right now Christian will the issue of being worthy, you nobody's working to be a Christian.

But we do have a right not all people, they are or are not Christians depending on a few things. If a person denies Jesus Christ is God in flesh denies he rose from the dead is not a Christian.

You say that okay as you get hello okay with them on hold and seeping back on. Okay, then let's get to the next collar which is really from you, Rudy welcoming on the air anything from Jan that sure about them at all. They got you a quick question though you thought forthright more than last, and a lot of my friends are at morning okay, many of them become no borderline eight yet and they'll talk to Frank love a friend for a long time that I briefly come back debate about a year ago to the great God and you bring it up numbers chapter 22 verse 28 and yeah what You really believe that thought gets God had spoken to Balcom through and I just want to get better on my face… Nobody better than not going to say what you think like that. But also I plan on going down to Utah in June where you are in Utah building the Salt Lake City sandy area going improve the little bits and down the ridges and have become speak or meet in Bible study or meet other people to have questions. I want to do it. So just to let you guys know a date out when so all right, so the issue is, is this is a miracle or not. If God exists, can he perform miracles. We asked them if God exists and he perform miracles.

Yes, so can he cause a voice to come out of a donkey yesterday cause a voice to come out of the statute yesterday cause a voice come out of the sky. Yes. So what's the problem.

Are you saying that there is no God and how do you know that there is no God.

What you're saying is that you have the ultimate knowledge to know there is no God means you know all things to know that in all places, all time. He doesn't exist. So what were you getting all this from and why is it not possible that God if you exist can speak out of the sky or even through a donkey, or even through a wacko loser moron like dining that's looking pretty Matt expertly but not without what God of the universe with you what you God.

Corky can do whatever you want to go perform miracles, how you want to perform miracles and overall under his will and you don't like it will eat you think though, that's right, you know, I know a lot of my my friend here who are X 100 and a more than myself, but they're all borderline eight. It baffled me. If I get it. You know the kind of felted and light water live like that of hard to preach the gospel to them through the awful enough like tea what's on.

If you are seriously, if you're interested send what I would say is Caesar friends would be willing to meet with me thinking all of you coming down and you know you could be somebody's house we just talk and fire questions at me. That's fine and stuff like that I can asking questions we can talk on the rhythm up and chewing. I hope you and stuff so the city of interested thought of you all probably do that you cannot department public area that might be on the table. I'm in Ogden Ogden you excellent an hour north. Not a big deal though. It's all doable things are what will you do that I'm not even stopping cognitively what you goal is when I help people I want to give them answers so they can come to faith and is very common that people who were Mormons and leave Mormonism throw everything out and did a lot of become atheists because just put all their trust and feeling in this this false thing called Mormonism when they find out if it's false.

They throw the baby out the bathwater. It's well yeah right you might not but got your answer my call and answer my question. No problem, but all right talked about what all right God bless her height list going to let us see if Alberto Stiller had a younger Stiller buddy a little. Alberto Leslie still will they know their own risk losing him is heading up there because he call back the debt commission when it was all right, let's get on the air with Jacob from Wisconsin and Jacob.

Welcome in Matthew 2330 on elephant dire cans interesting.

Selena deal with that. So did have an unfulfilled desire that there are different aspects of the will of God is called addict creative will of God and that whatever he's decrees will come to pass, so he said B like it's going to happen. This also was called the prescriptive will of God. He says you shall not lie. And then there's this permissive will of God that he wills to permit you to disobey to disagree with him.


And so so that's what's going on, and so yet it's an unfulfilled thing in the prescriptive sense he wants to do certain things they don't do it because he is allowing them that position and can't there people like you. Stay well deftly.

Well, I can't be violated will. That's just the first of what is free will was in a divinely free will says free will can't be violated is all kinds of questions that come along with that got to do whatever he wants. Proverbs 21 one as he moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go so she can certainly bring us to that place of believing in him. He opens the mind understand Scripture as a says next is 1614 20 over the mind of Lydia open her heart responded thing spoken by Paul from God can certainly do what he wants this idea that man is sovereign, or even numbers on the will in front of God is just ridiculous. God is the sovereign king. He can move us where he desires us to go okay hold on every correct yet they both be right back after these messages Matt slick live call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick back to show Jacob from Wisconsin Jacob still there? All right will just move along. We have three open lines of want to give me a call 87776 was good to come from rural Hall North Carolina. Welcome your technical rate or three weight got to go to a lot if you want like what he had not been killed, with the right that I'm sorry, could you repeat that question.

It distracted Jerry lifecycle later will generate got to go well a lot okay only about right, but they have not been okay.

So if we don't know who was chosen by God for salvation and not the people don't think they were chosen for salvation. We are second Thessalonians 213 says God has chosen us from the beginning for salvation. So that's a biblical thing and a good Ephesians chapter 1 verse forward so she chose us in him before the foundation of the world. So this is biblical sleep.

We don't know who God's chosen me to know what criteria he has. We just don't know. Our job is to pray for all people and to ask for God is that God would save anybody and everybody we can pray for. That's our job. And that's what we do. So when this is our gospel is veiled is veiled to those who are perishing in his case the god of this world's blinded the minds of the unbelieving, this is what's going on to so many people don't believe the gospel. They don't want to believe the gospel in parts because the deny the God, the true God in their own right unrighteousness. They do according to Romans 118, but also because the God of this world is a good is for fourth blinded them so that's one of things that any written so that is going what we don't know who selects who's chosen who's not our job is to pray for everybody preach the gospel to everybody and if anything is the more we pray, the more he preach. Apparently, the more people are left okay okay when it paid you asked the person traded.

Pray and being what they do their thing at what nap would be staying because then that allowing. The job they are saying and after you get believe then you update is a preacher says just believe the one they all you have to do it your fate.

Perhaps that right just a temporary don't you feel about the Holy Spirit you this person what did God knee. They deface very well is thinking, but you see in John 644 and can come to business father draws you.

So anybody does believe is going to do so because God is drawing them. If there is a preacher, teacher, whoever who says just say this prayer you will be saved. Will this false is not just uttering words is a heartfelt desire.

Trust in the sacrifice of Christ that can't occur unless God's drawing and working on the theology behind so I think a question I understand a question I wanted question reflects accurately with the salvation procedure methodology, so to speak is of God in the whole scope. I think we are Trying to get at those that if a person is just saying say the prayer and that's it without relying on God and his work, then that would be wrong. Okay okay I got good are you buddy accomplice YouTube God lives right okay let's get on the phone with Anthony from Oklahoma Anthony welcome you on the right about Dr.".the Bible that whatever it people will one they are building model of the dock.

Not that cannot be for the court yes and no to it. I believe that people can be saved in different levels of ignorance and only God knows that condition of the heart and the mind of an individual by which it would be reprobate mind so you could have someone, for example, who doesn't know anything and trust in Jesus to get saved and there's a church across the street. That's when this church isn't the only thing disclosing the church or talk about Jesus and trusting in Jesus and he has and then they say the Trinity is not true he can really be saved and then got this. It's not true that is not true that this means not saved, it means he's just ignorant and so you know the Holy Spirit will work in such a person to eventually bring them out of a cult like that to bring to the knowledge of the truth so I believe that there's there's potential allowance for people to deny some essential things because there simply ignorant.

It's different. However, when someone is very knowledgeable and then in a purposeful disc decision knowing the truth rejects the truth that's different and so that's what I would say they can deny the Trinity.

In one sense be saved to deny the Trinity.

Another sense not be saved. I believe it deals with the issue, the knowledge and intention of the heart of how much the responsible for in because of new believer can be very very ignorant about what things are not know them, deny them because someone said that is not true and not knowing anything then believable to hear cc that from time to make sense of having because of you go right knowingly not you don't believe, like the one they believe me I know that up all I like that because of all the different you in a different gospel by bauble got out of the park for both some young anything about that about Mopar so you should know to 1100 children partiality also in James 2 to 3 for the partiality that God is talking about is the idea of looking at a person's qualifications money looks, body, skin color, gender, age, and saying I'm in a pick that person because of some quality he or she possesses that's denounced in Scripture. So God chooses based on the condition of what's in his heart and his mind, he doesn't look like for example is myself. He has saved me. He didn't look into the future to sale Mac and the PI can use Mac great off the deck over there.

Can't nothing to do with that. So my friends and I we always asked the question why God chooses. We don't know nothing good in us that the Ground Zero Park Dr. Krugman about will partiality regarding judgment. He he judges people fairly. All people are to be judged. Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christians are judged for their works, but not for salvation, because they been forgiven under Christ but the unbelievers would've judged. For the damnation in them to be judged. Also, with the failure to have done what was right in the works for the more evil they did the work is gonna be for them for eternity. So that I look okay I watch the fight particular about that but good luck. God bless God blessed by God's grace that God bless the folks with the bottle you call 877-207-2763 open lines mats like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back to the show we are going to be called.

All you have to do 772072276 right was good on the phone with Jacob from Wisconsin Jacob welcome and Jan that the world cannot make that the world will cycle but with it. Yes. Are you a Christian or atheist or what. I expect that what you understood and any we can be read David dated on how to answer were just curious where you getting this information these things swipe it from reading the Bible. I did okay and got that it says the world cannot hate you.

But in got 58 that the world hate you know that it hated you the context of both. Let's see if you think Jesus was walking to Galilee.

The Jews were seeking to kill him. The letter said leaf here and go when does anything secret and united as one for believing in him. So Jesus other than my time is not yet here but your time is always opportune cannot hate you but hates me because I testify that his deeds were evil.

Not sure what that means I cannot hate you. In that context, you but it does say in John 1518 hate you because that's when identified with him. Nothing on the research that and see why that is like that. John seven 677-1580 because whatever appetizer the contacts and see there's a couple of tricks I do plastic analysis and structured things like that. A lot of this makes sense OIC was going on but that when I don't know.

My head okay okay okay keep calling those questions though. All right, all right.

Okay. And so different senses in which it is used usually okay and what his buddy Rick posting a cult of Lexi 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kyle from Iowa Kyle welcome you here a not enough to remember me from day and about Catholic about apostolic yes I do know unfortunately we haven't had that question yet you then radio silent, trying to communicate with them but I will call you back… But I did have another question for you both are numbered year.

I have and it felt that God and a leading me toward professional minutes.

Three them for an apologetic teaching and I wanted at you like you had in trying to learn exactly what my ministry might look like holding you 27. Yet so you think about going into ministry or or apologetics or both.

Just get competitive teaching ministry. Okay if it's teaching ministry. You need to get an education before you do this and what backup you need to be praying and asking God if that's what his will is for you and if you're married, you want you to go to your wife need to talk to her about this because generally speaking will be difficult because you have to get an education in order to be a teacher, you probably have active at least a Masters of Divinity and so that masses of Divinity or either that or a Masters of theology, Masters of theology is two years.

Masters of Divinity is three of the three year M.Div. master the M.Div. is usually for pastoring get a Masters of theology which is a two-year program and then you can use that to get a doctorate and once you have a doctorate then you can apply for teaching positions in colleges and schools and things like that and if you want to just teach in a local church. You don't need all that education, but you need to demonstrate that you know stuff and you will you got a lot of studying molasses.

The opening statement so any feedback on that yet. I have looked at a couple different area that I think might be a good on I live near Eric by eight that logical seminary that no I haven't Baptist seminary or Baptist denomination, something South just all you do is find out what their positions are wing pastors and elders, homosexuality, you know, things like that go visit it asked the questions that you are legit you don't want to go to a place that's going to undermine your faith. This is one thing it on if you're not sure you can call me or to Mike that I can look over the website fact of the do they have a website called good faith that they do. Faith after January 5 faith study. The school okay all right faith Baptist Bible College and theological seminaries. As we have nobody waiting right now academics apply to faithfully choose faith, interest, requirements mission staff tuition financially, except okay I'm trying to find stuff that'll tell me with the position is on what they believe was when the statement of faith and you always also want to ask a specific question about what your position when pastors and elders. That's critical. Homosexuality good if you survive is available.

Plenary inspiration good God is one in essence returning persons good to see the Holy Spirit person to nature's good person Holy Spirit.

Six days of creation week that's good spirit room good vanity male and female all good really that human beings, male and female ritual created an image of God and salvation all grace to the substitution work of Jesus Christ to pay the full price good dictation to smoke their dispensational dispensational you have to act on what you are you sensational covenantal. I don't really know what I don't know the earth. I got up okay so you calm off to Carmen look up covenantal is him and dispensationalism will give you the basics, and then call them up and see if I if I worry covenantal list what I shall be welcome here or what I be penalized and if they're worth your salt intake now. Cordially, people just come on is the seminary I went to was covenantal, but there were some displays there in the work penalized down for for that civil governments good things to come. Rapture the church approximately be fulfilled only stably. The next prophetic fulfillment is in the is the rapture will be followed but yet so the preacher look at the pre-millennial dispensational pretrip rapture. Okay yeah so they are within orthodoxy said no problem there, but the premillennial dispensational with me pretrip rapture prebuilt so I'm poster rapture all know and covenantal. So you see, and be gone are going okay. When I be okay. Get out and most the time you have teachers like that in most levels.

They understand the differences and as long as you understand with your teaching. You could back up what you say with Scripture you even if you don't agree that that's fine with multiple tape they said knowingly penalize you better believe this in order to make bigger that the problem and I would say that if they were difficult. I doubt they would do anything to say you have to sign on the dotted line in order and believe in the preacher bliss rapture in order to go there. I was able see you because nonbiblical to require that they have a right to require a biblical okay so will they do believe everlasting great not art movement of the yeah they that one of the reason why I would look because they they think that more than empathetic, but learning the learning Greek and Hebrew in their program that I heard that there are seminaries out there that are not requiring that art there M.Div. are there at the Gallic degree. Yeah, I had Greek and Hebrew and seminary and because of what I do agree because become quite helpful and I forgot a lot of it of course graduated 30 years ago and but I still use it occasionally. In my opinion, you don't need it as much. As we went through. We went through was just deep and I think the thing to do is teach the basics of Greek and the tools to use them in the program is that you have long been your grade level on every post we had for the line you to call 8777 60 right back after the mass, like why call 770-7276 charismatic sling 87720722761 Israel next year. If you're interested in checking it out for the website and the bar at the top of the website you'll see a black bar information or click on that.

You can check it out and about the weight. About an hour and 15 minutes implicit in a debate on is so how do you know Christianity is true that what you will be debating tonight and look at the link information up on the current Facebook if you are interested in checking it out. Okay let's get back to Kyle for my way. Kyle welcomes children here so notified helping you at all, but having been doing this all it is terribly helpful. Good. Check out the sound asking those questions and tell you to tell you.

Make sure your wife is on board with this, and because if you want to serve God in your serious about it, life can get quite difficult and seminary can be very demanding. It was one of the hardest thing you've ever done three years of lots of work I mean a lot of work so just be prepared for that. I know you got another collar, but I really like the problem then call back Luxembourg, Orinda, and then try to discourage you somewhere. Okay because some guy sitting down and smiling.

I want you to do that but you just need to know you're getting into account the cost) yeah with that is to and if she's willing and you're willing is bite off one data time and it gets tough, but it's doable of people do it all the time and if someone like me can do it you don't good basically but right I think very much, all right, God bless. All right for the lines of what to give a call 877207 Roberta Salt Lake City area. There good, so what you guy one fine meeting is no John McCartt will be out and I think that there will only okay why you debated now have wear out. I yeah sure I'll explain. No one can sit overnight headed debate was on Calvinism and discussion and he didn't do very well in the reason he did not do very well is because he doesn't understand what reformed theology is and I mean this politely, but he just did not do well and that this is the latest so and I'm going to have their discussion come on his show or whatever it isn't and answer questions. All right, so let me give you on. By the way, I am a Calvinist or know if you know okay I hold right okay and I graduated from from a Calvinist seminary also. So I been defending it for about 30 years. Okay, maybe even longer. The next night I listened what is so Calvinism teaches that God is the complete ultimate sovereign King and Lord of all things and that from the foundation of the world. She's the one who chooses who is to be saved, if he chooses to be saved. The first, for that is Ephesians 14 just as he chose us in him before the thousand eight base of the work that would be holy and blameless before him. That's what set. Second Thessalonians 213 says he chose us for salvation so that when election is to choose it and it says in Ephesians 15 he predestined us to adoption as sons selection and predestination are biblical there are people who say no it's not true that God would choose people who were to be saved, because that would mean that if you choose people not to be saved so many respond to that with Scripture okay to go through this lightly and read some stuff to you okay it says does not the potter have a right over the clay to make from one from the same lump one vessel for honorable use in order for common use would have got all the willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory that was Romans chapter 9 verses 2122 and 23 so I'm saying is left of the Bible teaches.

In fact, the Bible teaches that God grants that we believe footage 129 he grants us repentance, and 2nd to 25 and that our believing is the work of God. John 628 29. In fact, he causes us to be born again of first Peter 13 and were born again, not of our own will, of the will of God.

John 113. To do this so long that I got these things memorize and bunch of other stuff and so some people came some legally keep going on the scooters but this quickly, but more so what some people say is that we have free will and that God would never violate our free will. Well that's the discussion altogether but nevertheless I asked him what his free will and that's you the discussion I ask against because I don't have a little time did Jesus have free will and answers will yeah course he did.

But Jesus says in John 519, and John 530 so he says John 519 says that the truly I say to you, the son can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing nothing of himself and in John 530 he says. He says I can do nothing of my own initiative, but as I hear, I just select what we know that Jesus came down from heaven to do the will of the father and so the will the father is what he came down for us with the Bible says so he came to heaven to do his own will but the will of him who sent so that man had free will and yet it's also subject to the predestination and the will of God the father. So Jesus is proving that free will and God's predestination work together okay with me. I know one of the more content are still things inside of Calvinism is that Calvinist decent Jesus only legally paid the sin debt for the chosen people, not for everybody who ever lived.

That's the one that most people reject and here's some questions about this is what you now you've heard Jesus paid for our sins right right right right well if if you go to a restaurant when somebody and you pay their their dinner bill does the debt of the dinner bill exist anymore now.

So Jesus paid the sin debt for everybody would ever lived. There is no sin debt left.

Is there. So having to go to hell. I think would help if you they say that Jesus paid the sender for everyone ever lived will then how can they go to hell will believe not believing is a sin's. Furthermore, it says this first Samuel 314 says this this is what God says.

Therefore, I have sworn to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli's house soon. Iniquity assume that the iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever.

So what God is saying is that there is no atonement for their sins. Jesus obviously did not atoned for everybody.

There's much, much, much more I could talk on this from memory for two hours. That's how much I've defended your note. I wondered why they can try this try this try reading the book of Romans chapter 9 Romans yelling.

I really Bible all is calm tomorrow toward our not wild and out many different don't really know (explain the split was going on. Think of this in very basic terms. There's two philosophies God centered in man centered. God centered in man centered, so ask yourself which theological perspective is elevating God the most in which one elevates me on the most. So if God thought it that's how it works. If God is a sovereign King. He has the right to elected predestined and but if someone says no he won't violate our free will, which they didn't listen to talk about.

Then there elevating man. This is this kind of stuff so you know God that the Bible says God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go. Proverbs 21, one says that in your and what must my customers. It's a good parent because he was a godsend, a man centered, you either start with God centered. This man centeredness. If the elevator man hands-free will man's free will. Man's ability man's choice. I'm the one who chose I'm the one with my freedom of my wisdom in my sinfulness on the chosen. That's how it works. Don't give me this idea that God chooses this for salvation because I chose him. I know, why did you did on them to did this. That's arrogant man centeredness that is judging the truth by their experience.

Glad these people on the Beethoven again on it and others politely because this for signs along the topic. The good people not home yeah absolutely time read is about that time. Okay I God bless everybody I'll be off the air on Monday back on Tuesday. Live every week. Bless another program powered by the Truth Network

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