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May 6, 2021 6:24 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 6, 2021 6:24 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- How do the two natures of Christ work---2- How did Moses see God if God cannot be seen---3- How can I best speak with a Catholic about apostolic succession---4- Do all physical events have a spiritual cause---5- Can you explain John 10-30-34- What does -you are gods- mean---6- Was Cain the son of Satan -1 John 3-12--

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the mounted residents of listed apologetics research was found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrines. Max likewise glances called and responded to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick, laudable, and welcome live on slick and if you would give me a call. We have listed three open lines 877-207-2276 new show was about. It's a Christian apologetic show that means or questions on the Bible doctrine all kinds of stuff related to the defense of the Christian faith with Linda for a long time and privilege to be able to speak God's word and defend it. And if you have questions like assessment questions or comments you can call 87720722761. We just jump right on the phones here. Let's get to see John from New Jersey hey John, welcome here, that so long John 640 is the father can't think being what does it mean by either only the monarchy and revert to the father except the one who was from God. He has seen the father, 646 and also the Old Testament when they see God is not the father is the pre-incarnate Christ.

This is important, particularly the issue of Mormonism who Mormons who say that Joseph Smith said he claimed that Singh got the father.

Jesus is no missing the father any time she got any time and in first Timothy 616.

Paul the apostle says that God dwells in unapproachable like no man has seen nor can see in first Timothy 616 Sola battles going on there. John 646 this verse or quote frequently dealing with the false religions filled. I think it you all faded out okay so when she said that said that what what what what what what you mean by that Kate and father can be seen how the out anything in that he's invisible will know what he says. Not that anyone has seen the father, God was seen in the Old Testament, and it's in Genesis 17, 118, one Exodus 6213 Exodus 24, nine, 211, number 12, six through eight.

These are versus were God specifically is seen Jesus is saying it was never the father so they were seeing the pre-incarnate Christ because the Holy Spirit appears to the logically and fire wind and things like that and so he says here.

John 646 but anyone has seen the father except the one who is from God. He has seen and what he saying right there, has seen it's a perfect of it in the perfect voice or 1060 m a past action and it's occurred in the past and that's when it occurred. It's not saying that those who are from God can see the father is talking the past tense.

He has talk about himself. So he's equating himself with God in the Trinitarian context because not that anyone has in the father except one is from God.

He has talk about himself.

Father, so he is saying that he is there one with the father to son John 10 so we just got John 1030 in John 17 so is that that was going on. There is versus no direct okay with asking again that they get not getting what you're asking what had okay that he had been the father. What did I mean it means he has seen the father but the father invisible. Give even understand okay on the back of the dock. Jesus has two distinct natures. The divine nature and human nature. We call this the hypostatic union is another doctrine called to communicate you to do much. This is where we can find the answer to this, the communicative leader Martin is Latin for the phrase the communication of the properties and what it means is that the properties of both natures are ascribed to the single person so Jesus said I am thirsty, which means he's claiming that the the human attributes. I am thirsty.

He also said I'll be with you always, even to the end of the earth because he said that then we know that he also is claiming the attributes of divinity.

I'm thirsty and I'll be with you always. So he's claiming is the one person the attributes of both natures human nature and the divine nature. This means that the attributes of both natures are ascribed to the single person so when Jesus died on the cross, though it was a human aspect that that died because the person was on the cross and the person died in humanity. The person has the attributes of divinity also. Then the sacrifices of divine value. So along with this we understand that in the single person of Christ two distinct natures.

Each nature has attributes those attributes are ascribed to the single person. Therefore, in intra-Trinitarian communion. The word in the father and the Holy Spirit have always existed as a Trinity so therefore the word of course has seen the father. And so when Jesus is saying he has seen the father is claiming the attribute of divinity. Therefore, his personhood is allowing anyway, that's what happening folks that for for theft.

I hope I hope it makes sense. Keep going. I website and you can look up the communication of the properties communication of the properties or ignore the Christian doctrine section and read articles on against the topic of Jesus, we go through these things and we tell you when you understand these things.

A lot of other issues become very clear and even issues you've never even thought about can be answered. For example, via Christi Delphian which is a is like a Jehovah's Witness it's a non-Christian cult years ago asked me a question and it was a gotcha question and he said while Matt is. He denies Jesus is God in flesh. He says so.

Geez, you said you had to nature such as you have ceases which one died the cross and I knew exactly where he was to go after that point I knew the answer. I said, while only the human nature. Atrocities will then how how is it that you would say that the sacrifice of Christ is only the human nature died is of divine value.

I said, here we go is called the communicative edge a lot and I explained to, and it was very useful and he had never heard of it before and there was an answer so tell you when you learn Dr. particular by the person with the Christ of other things become very very helpful and the stuff looking up fundamental and very Titus a call up on my show here. Call me up and explain what what you mean by the economic areas. Okay, it's a good thing. Folks are… Jump on the line.

Now let's get to from Georgia and other local or go to Matt. Now my question and one motor Oak got the faith that they of the thought of warmth God that I thought God. The Col., yet knowledgeable on where pleasant hot commode on the godly guy because as the Bible says. Just 24 nine 211 it says Moses and Aaron native and have a who, in the 70 elders of Israel whenever they saw the God of Israel, and under his feet and appear to be paving of sapphire as clear as a status of sky self. He did not stretch out his hand against the nobles of the sun with Israel and they saw God innately drank nothing but Exodus 6 verses two and three, God spoke for Moses, and said to him, I am the Lord, or Yahweh and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty so he appeared. But when we look at the whole of Scripture. What were saying is that group that was always and only the sign, the pre-incarnate Christ to appeared that was going on is how we answer that make sense until Bernard cried quicker into the lower end and a burning wood with a bed.

Note that the Lord Lane is flamed out in Connecticut right now the Lord is an interesting phrase because Angel this means messenger so the pre-incarnate Christ can be that messenger, and he would were to then be Angel we think an angel secreted being it is, but not necessarily when we understand with the word actually means, and how it's used. So the phrase the angel of the Lord can speak of an actual created Angel that represents God. They can also be taken to mean the pre-incarnate Christ okay for right now and sometimes on the way the cults try get out of this problem of Exodus 6.3 use this with Jehovah's Witnesses and Krista Delphian's and sometimes Mormons is that they will say that God can't be seen, which is fine and I will show them the verses where God is seen no Jehovah's Witness will deny the Trinity and deny Jesus as God as to the Krista Delphian's that the Mormons say that Jehovah is Jesus and Elohim is God the father and with the Bible says in first Corinthians is me first Kings 860 says Jehovah is Elohim because Jehovah or Yahweh to sit in the name of God and the word in Hebrew for God is Elohim, so when it says Jehovah is Elohim. It's an Jehovah is God, the one true God that was going on there and so the Mormons make this mistake when they say Jehovah is Jesus in the Old Testament and Elohim is God the father and the Old Testament is failed to understand Scripture execute now this is headed. Get that a little bit of background in order to get this receipt when it says in Exodus 2 echo six of the verses two and three, God gave this was that God is Elohim spoke for the Moses said to him I am Yahweh, I am Jehovah. Okay am Yahweh, and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty, but by my name Yahweh I did not make myself known to them the week.

That name wasn't revealed until Exodus 3. When the angel the Lord appeared, which is Jesus pre-incarnate Christ in the in the young burning bush and so that's what happening is and I'll use this with the cults is a who they sing in the Old Testament because they have to say God Almighty will who is God Almighty to them and also will God Almighty is God the father, then I think the John 646.

This is no missing the father at any time, so they were seeing God Almighty in the Old Testament is not God the father than who was it and then you're stuck because there's no answer because their theology is so bad and that this is one of the wager of exposing my did this with two Jehovah's Witnesses, Jacob girls once they didn't know the new stuff and I was very quietly leading them to Scriptures and I asked this question. I showed it to ask questions so member this this young woman looked at the Scriptures look to the Scripture, the Scriptures, who was it is God Almighty God the father. She looked and she looked and she looked at me.

She said well that will be Jesus, and she closed her book to begin to go and that she left because Jesus can't be God Almighty because they deny who he really is.

She was stunned and so this is that Saddlery found on the article number to Revelation 1 a and Matthew 120 good thank you thank your third outlet arrived and God bless. All right, that was out benefiting from Georgia. Let's get on the phone with Kyle from I love how lovely on the way are you get a break, that sorry but the diving pulled off the phone for feel the lines of what you call 776.

Matt's leg why they call 770727 such as Matt's leg. Are you alright man we got buddy so I ran. I don't know all about, but I don't really know that well on the very And NIR planning on having it in a couple days about apostolic apostolic out wondering if you give me thought it might invite her to go in the Bible at night okay so here's here's the thing they can explain apostolic succession. You have to insist politely that he show to you in Scripture. This is what you have to do if you can't show it to you in Scripture and uses say I won't accept it because you've not been able to establish from what God says that is true. So what he might do is go in to verses like let's see John. John 2023 know that the sins of any given authority John Matthew 10 lot of time to go to Matthew 10 in the Jesus on the 12 and gave them authority over unclean spirits, and cast about things like that and this was says in John Matthew 10 and so those AC he gave them authority and therefore we are the, the descendents of our churches this descendents of them. So we have the authority to what you do is disable women.

For example, that might uses versus a look please show me where it says that in this verse is that it gave the disciples and how many does it say 1212 disciples give them authority over unclean spirits. Next, 12's and save your priests.

Please show me where it says apostolic succession apostolic successes succession you have to ask right so you might might want to go to select 8X8 18 and when Simon saw that the spirit was bestowed to the laying on the apostles hands, he offered money and I suspect will see they laying there laying on of hands, and I want to have that that designate the authority or they might go to first Timothy 414 do not neglect the spiritual gift within you, which was bestowed on you through the prophetic utterance with the laying on of hands by the Presbytery that the eldership okay today might go there.

Do not neglect the spiritual gift was bestowed on you to the laying on of hands was talking to Timothy specifically so you always have to look at the context and see what it is that they're saying.

Ask him very clearly ask him show me, show me the of the verses that showed that demonstrate this and then Wednesday if he does list anything then ask you just look at it in context.

Read it and asked the question, does it say what he says@that's what you have to do a very simple right now.

You do not understand that they teach, get this, the task of giving an authentic interpretation of the word of God, whether in its written form or the form of tradition has been entrusted to the living teaching office of the church alone that CCC paragraph 85. They equate tradition with word of God.

They sit on the same level. If he says will look we just wiggled the tradition say show me that in Scripture. Now to put the thing is, I would recommend what you do is go to Carmen and go to the cut and paste section to go to Carmen toward board/cut and it'll distinctive the cut and paste section you would on the Catholic cut-and-paste stuff and you can scroll down it's in outline form. You can scroll down to the issue of tradition because they made he may go to two issues of tradition and he'll quote a verse eight show me the verse and what you do is look read this ahead of time and get ready. My go to first and is 11 to and I praise you because you remember me in everything and hold firmly to the traditions that I delivered you will know Signet my cc by the tradition that the Catholic tradition and the answer is right there. The traditions delivered in the past and from the context it appears that Paul was either referring to avoiding idolatry or is he's restating tradition concerning head coverings authority in prayer. There is nothing in the context of Roman Catholic tradition. And these are quick and slick answers, and so second Thessalonians 215 is when the new sickness of the phone is 36. They used so be prepared and take notes.

And what I've done is is provided a lot of of work already for people on stuff so that cut-and-paste section is for quick, easy reference in the whole Roman Catholic section is for a whole bunch of work right there. Sounds good and yeah yeah all right you yet. It's sort of like to do is give it a go take some notes and then call me back and tell me help with any problems you had whenever and don't expect perfection.

Okay I been doing this a long long long time and I always regret things I said or should the center Saturday in whatever and only debate I could on this matter that better if this is how it is like to hear how it goes when you have this discussion now sounds good but I okay there you go, God blessed. All right after the problem. All right, let's get to client from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. You hear how you do it all right hanging Internet what he got buddy all right though. It was like that. I need a beer. The lower flat RME to get accurate. I could lock the if you could piggyback off and it thought Bangalore might not help me understand how to Betty explaining that I'm not familiar with that at the arena battle if they can light my I do believe that how you could not state though, in particular light cabinets map that that everything pray they are. It had to have a bird before the physical and thousands like him, creating dire yet be aware bird or active start speak benefit though everything physical is a great visual of it. So I will actually we are saying is actually true because all events that occur are ultimately related to the single uncaused cause which is God. All events that occur. I have causes, and the cause has a cause has a cause it was back go back infinitely enters logical problems while you can go back and think there has to be a single uncaused cause. So all things that exist. All events in all actuality stand and causal relationship to God and an ultimate set of extra so I did have a question though. That dog I didn't really get the question that really at my belt with not long at okay… I think it is a topic and I will leave anyone you know a little confusion and save those that say you must be clear so think and write how you want to have the specific comment that you will be to comment exiting or hateful to field lines 877072 mass like why call 77077 pairs mats like 720722 Betty on their there though, so I take it from the verse where on the right hand of God, yes. You understand it in the way that you body the red light and record all things in heaven are representative of the power of God and if Michael was the Lord how and on the right deed is of the left brain controls not in the right brain controls create the empties of being on the right hand of the father. No, when you interpret biblical stuff you do stick inside of Scripture. And there's nothing left right right brain hemisphere stuff in the Bible, by which you then draw comparisons so the right hand leaves a place of authority and rights place of authority and approval on the right side right on the day of judgment on those on the right heart save those on the left, or cast of the judgment in the way acting at their fate yielded to create a cow logical outing got yelled at record you got you confusing me because what we said earlier this there I made a comment can include the Internet or some other things that you probably might be weaving into into biblical theology know me ask you, do you believe the Jesus is God in flesh. It okay and that the trend out about the Trinity is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons father-son Holy Spirit you ferment on it. I believe that guy like you got the lab at bay hourly as a creative thing they don't have full ugly understanding of that line and it probably that I don't want to stay Trinity because they're not in the battle birthday slate that is given understanding of how he moved and where he was from and and now he has a representative in place and keep moving spirit is that Ali was likely not always with I tell you what my sink. I like to recommend for you is to go to the con website depend upon the Lord. See now and right now that's my website and a lot of times you might hear someone on the on the radio say go to my website and it have a few articles there. We have well over 5000 articles and they are written theologically very precise. We don't just dump out hundreds of articles we are very careful about what we write and how it goes and this is why seminaries and colleges use the website with head over hundred 45 million visitors to the site. No reason telling you this is because I want you to go there see look up the Christian doctrine section and is a bunch of articles of it like 100 articles. There you can go through their and you can read up on the Trinity and who Jesus is, because you need to be little more educated about that.

I'm not knocking you're not whining or not. I just I just think that because of the kind of questions are asked, which are good questions.

I suspect two things. One is you haven't studied quite where you need to be. The other thing is that you have a good inquisitive mind and you're trying to relate things.

That's a good thing and so I want you to be guided biblically so that you get in the right direction, but I get that wow, Carl is made of it and that will develop my understanding from Janet that what we wear flat while in nine so though… Not even a commandment but you know what would make them go away by it to give it life.

If we do nothing of the song that you because were falling right okay so right side in ethics sections. A lot of information there on Carmen I think you can buy the review some of the article titles and regal guns under interesting to you and do some research because you're getting need some grounding. I can tell that there are several issues that you need to work on and unless I'm missing it derogatory sense. I just want you to get grounded and there's a lot to teach. I would recommend you go to the con website.

Dr. Christian doctrine section and look for the articles to start reading and stuff in the call back in a few days and let's talk okay okay so everything you do that anybody okay right right okay mental talk to anybody. Okay all right is gone there with Bill from California bill welcoming on the back are you doing I'm hanging in there when he got talk about your current… What God loved and thought well one thing in Leviticus that see the goal here right in Leviticus 17 I think something is at 711 1714 it says you the life is in the flesh is given on the altar to make atonement for your souls from the blood record numbers 14 for as for the life of all flesh is blood is identified with its life, therefore exit this individual.

You are not to eat the blood of any flesh is Leviticus 714 right.

Leviticus 714 got to eat the flesh or the blood of any flesh when I talk to to them. I think this is what the Scriptures teach and and this is Leviticus 1714 another generally can respond with what that's talk about just animals should just animals. Okay then I say okay then it's okay to eat the blood of people. Can you show me the verse in the Old Testament, which is located to drink blood of human beings and of course it does not there because a Texas life of of any flesh you got a great interest the Jews would never drink blood a few months.

It was just that one could do that at one point another point is real simple. In the Eucharist. If it's the broken body of Christ. When Jesus instituted the Lord's supper. He said that it was his body and blood. How could it be that if he was sitting right there. If this is broken body and blood. How could he be. How could that be possible to do sitting right there and what we have to understand is that the Jesus is a man can only be at one place at a time and this is before the crucifixion. People by definition a human being can only be one place at a time and Jesus was a man and so how could his physical body be other places also then they'll say that the civic that it's the Eucharist of Jesus set up when he set it up before his crucifixion was the crucified body and blood of Christ will sue them as a possible if he hadn't yet been crucified. How could it be he should blood you body and blood in the Guinness combat will gods outside of time into every once that's what they say. Was it really definite time. You know about them are using as an excuse for something and I have this on on Carmen my cup cut-and-paste session as well as a section on Roman Catholicism go in there you can check out some of the things that are said there and I got a On Facebook under language or conduct careful and don't really caught the goat. Now your old capital not we must cooperate so that the defendant capital exactly right of what her favorite was always careful Bartlett you have to do something to template yet. Inside is something and they can't answer the When you get that stock is because your theology is simply insufficient. It's just simply not good enough that's the case with their their theology is that the get closer to 14 to music killer verse because it's clearly states there that he canceled the certificate of death at the cross is not canceled when you get baptizes that Kathy would you believe The cross and so who's a canceled for well can be for those were now have to go to help if the sin that's canceled through. It's a bit of what they've always always given the likely that all the father killing me and I lose not that's right, the parties that it is the father giving you get back a little gun for Bob look in the cabinet is known on the lock… I'm gonna start group to walk away no more than little to do the father's will when verses are those when tested with versus all-around.John 37 through 40 on your possibly good stuff. That's right bathers break right Bill. God bless man is a good guy. That is got a phone lines 877-207-2276 right back after mass, like why call 770776 charismatic slave.

Robert will back to the show. Two outward fluctuating is Heather from Charlotte with welcome, I cracked it right now believer right now.

I think they're finding on the and a lot of different things that are not typical of her secret. Eric like Scripture and to take it out of my mind that your mom is as easy that you are God back your guy Christ consciousness actually came down I cry out financially… Our right so it also said Jesus is quoting this in Wikipedia which is a second Scripture John 1032, 34, he says it in verse 34 is not written in your law. I said you are God's. And so what he's doing. There's quoting somebody to six will be go to Psalm 82, six understand there's a was called an imprecatory Psalm to implicate is to wish a curse upon so imprecatory Psalms are curses where it says things like God, go get him deal with them and there are called imprecatory Psalms. So the context of Psalm 82 is very important because it will show you this in the Scriptures. There, this would need to do with the new agers because what they're going to do are quite familiar with the New Age because it was very popular in the 80s and I was making a comeback and I should do a lot with it. I've a lot of New Age information.

I just haven't had on earth in a long time but I have volume the stuff I got all kinds of stuff.

So when you're dealing with the New Age with the going to do is to gather to themselves teachers to tickle their ears a second to before talks about and they're going to listen to whatever exalts himself. They want to be divine they think the divine Christ consciousness.

They think everything is and this is important principle that they create their own reality through the cut, the cosmic consciousness and their awareness and union with that consciousness, which can be achieved through meditation through channeling through crystals of various other means. It is as though the base is not holographic. Yes holographic universe in which a projection of the divine mind and we are part of the divine mind so therefore we can cause projections to manifest with me right so when they go to verses like this you need to always look at the context, a word that say that and it's already two verse six okay I said your gods, and all of your son to the multi-nevertheless verse seven.

You will die like men and fall like any one of the princes arise. Oh God judge the earth, for it is you who possesses all the nations now the context of this Psalm was the psalmist wrote it against the judges of Israel who were wicked and mockery medicine exactly cry, interpreting well, that's correct, you're correct, they are going to the new agers are good and receive it. But you need to speak the truth because is a 5511 says the word of God without Québec empty at accomplishing what he desires and also it "the Scriptures you can also get Isaac.

I recommend that Isaiah 43, 44, 45, because in those verses 434-1045 44 644 845 five memorize all the chapters 43, 44, 45, both your Bible and find the versus an underlining it says one God is even over the other guy there will be no God besides him and this will show in the Bible that they are quoting that there's only one God and that they can't not cry cry I can exactly correct that Christ is a consciousness that they get in tune with exactly correct. Now I can give you only do this a little bit. I have this in a long time with people. There are ways to undermine their foundation. They have the foundation I spent that time explaining the foundation and the foundation is that they are also themselves divine. This can get a little more technical but when you talk about divinity also thought about truth and ask the question what is truth come from asking what truth is. And if you looking at this for what is truth and was a comfort because it New Age or universe truth is that which you did decide to be and that which comes from the divine mind and yet you can create your own truth.

So with that then is the truth that your friend New Age or says, which contradicts you and your truth are they both true, they will say the most part yes to both true because was true for you and this was true for somebody else but both true that when you have saved wealth and you are having true that contradict each other and you have to work with.

This is any sick so if someone contradict what you believe but there truly believe it's true that which is true and this is where you have to divide our work with them abide in this kind of an area and out work with them and take a little more skill and attending to deep your get to the issues of causation and the ubiquity of God's existence in the strict precondition for intelligibility.

What I mean by that is that God is all places at all times. He's a necessary precondition, and since he is the one mind that he is what is necessary to have absolute truth because of everybody's in the divine mind and were thinking different things and how is it we can know what truth is. If they contradict each other. The truth becomes unknowable, including your own New Age philosophy, which means you can't know if your liquid philosophy is true because it can within it are contradictions from other people that cast doubt on the validity of New Age thought, see the kind of logic that you have to go through with your heart light like there forgot how it felt like one of the things you can do is take what they say and work with them. So everything is light right okay so you know I'm holding my hand New York know my cell phone. Is it light the simple yes it is simple once because it light. You just work with explain to me how it is light what is light. It's a thing you see it can be broken up in different frequencies and ask understand the principle here that they don't make sense. All you have to do is start asking questions about what they've already said and you'll have problem they'll have problems. It just is very easy to do because they're not basing their beliefs in logic or truth or fact is in feelings and self exaltation, and this is what you do. So everything's like okay what I expect. So they say like a statement. Everything is light what you mean by that can explain what is mean everything is like that God is light okay recording the word of God, the Scriptures, I'm glad you are and now you say this for John for his love for God is like the door that is booked so what is it mean that everything is like if life is something that behave like particles and waves under simple problems in the quantum level that you get to that one is how is a dog or grass or cement light, and they certainly don't won't have answers they might say something like, well, it's the essence of life that's in the okay can explain to me how that essence of light is in the and then they're not going talk you very much for you to be careful not cry. Then the non-Christians just tell him sorry but you can't be a Christian and that that's what you do is say I'm sorry but nothing to be mean, but you have to understand that Jesus is the Christ in effect versus on this executive go to my section of harm and look up on Christian science Christian science is the teaching that everything is of the divine consciousness and that sin is error of thought and so they will say that Christ is a manifestation of the Christ consciousness of which we can all participate in. So, New Age and Christian sites are similar. Go through the Christian science fiction when reading you'll see some stuff there okay thank you welcome.

Please call back about this okay well on okay will God bless. Okay right now let's get to Carolyn from North Carolina feeling welcome you earlier. I grant that the website I can go back and read near what's going on on that the lack of a competent, phenomenal one for you.

I hear any thinking in first John 312 we find that painting is 98C because there's a way that he could be the son of the sons of the evil one cystic phraseology intelligence. Nothing is literally no where some people say that Satan had relations with Eve to produce cane and that and call the cleanup undesirable, and I was wondering about that paternal theater in Dayton. Yes, it's a false teaching that literally takes because look it says in Genesis 41 now the man had relations with his wife, Eve, and he conceived. She conceived and gave birth to Cain to get his phone number. What that every transport will it says there is the point some people mistakenly say that Satan the devil had relations sexual relations with Eve to produce cane but it says right here. The man had relations with Eve and she conceived and gave birth to Cain Genesis 41. Are you listening to shepherds Chapel background pattern back it's chattel shepherds Chapel is basically occult. I've written on shepherds Chapel and I've taught that an open standing invitation to debate them. They've never responded. I have a series of questions for them. I've been stuck I've studied them a long time ago. So much anymore because students we can build against the Greeks, but it's basically occult. I've a lot of newsletters I got information within seven should not be downright cane shepherds Chapel stuff first is for one that I am so excited I love to talk about what you want talk about tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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