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April 30, 2021 6:39 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 30, 2021 6:39 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why did God allow Antiochus to even enter the temple and slaughter a pig- Why wasn't he just immediately killed---2- Do you think God will cause foreigners to overthrow America---3- My mother is a Catholic, is it biblical to have that conversation with her- Will that still be honoring my mother---4- Can men read Christian books written by women---5- How is Isaiah 65-17-25 fulfilled in amil- Would those of the amil persuasion say that the great commission was a failure---6- Why aren't the LDS Christian-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and recall for lines 877-207-2276 and is will you guys know the work on the homepage of the car site and if you are to new navigation you can. It's not finished yet with working on it. Even right now.

So if you bureau check that out. That's why that's why it's so is to work in that direction work you don't got excited about it was a slow process.

The site is a huge site on the we been doing some more research on auto kind of stuff with. In fact, in fact get this if you were to go not just a thing if you were to go to see Google and type in what is the Trinity. It turns out that Carmen shows up around the third page. If you go to being in Yahoo and… Go and check it out is like number one or two of the first page. We suspect that Google is penalizing Christian sites may be Carmen because I say some non-politically correct stuff like homosexuality is sinful and stuff like that so you know, why would the other sites all have a better reading and that when his or something work discovered addicts it with you when you call for lines 877-207-2276 and will look for the laundry going to Israel next year.

If you are interested in checking it out. I'd love it if you do go all you do is good karma. Israel see ARM Israel today, regions of the carbon and check it out if you can see was going on, but it's a great trip because of that to what I did. I went before and it just really is.

Let's look like it completes the Bible going there and being there. Walking the same road that Jesus walked being in the same garden. He was in seeing Bethlehem, seeing the well going to the very well that Jesus was at John for things like that. We even witness all of the very room that was in the Gospels were they let the man down the paralytic through the roof and Jesus was in that room itself on its site and has Plexiglas over it as one of the few places this again. This is absolutely the it and am like 90% sure.

Can anything and got in the room you know Jesus was in there in that room. It's awesome to see stuff like that. And of course were to see Galilee and I try to walk on the on the water. She got older I get a shot and we ventured out about C 12 inches for sure put my foot in the ghost. It didn't work for me and thought you hey you don't even try actually brought back some of the stones from Israel is very small… A few of you, these are some of the stones of the not cry out and if you know the Bible says about that interesting.

So anyway, a lot of fun, karma, for check it out on this week is the last week offer hundred dollar discount if you want to sign up to do that. Okay, let's get to see Alberta from Georgia.

Welcome your on the air a little easier that grieving now Martin Mike Whisenant aldehyde create whatever you want to hear you and do it all, but a nation of Israel out of the completely right or God will doubt no thank don't know, in the amount Janet entire long rope going to fail yesterday… The guy will come out… The people of the mouth got out of the holy, holy, bun tent cabinet that they put me went well and only always went right through the courtyard went fine. For example, dental, holy, holy, and desecrated the holy, holy, with a pig blood.

Why backbiting kill him before he reached out barring the old meaning right before got on with the name is Damon. He fair at all. To hold a little you have a question just that my right heel camp white.

Why would I feel that that the devil get to kill a high degree okay once again I sit all year and an elderly elderly get a hold on you.

I don't understand your question. So why didn't guys a wagging tail and that they couldn't leave Florida. All Antioch is Antioch is okay when he did that. I don't know because the spirit of God had left already and so because of Israel's failure and the desecration was already going on God's presence was probably only gone out okay. That's probably what it was right so God spirit lap that make you angry about of the family values or not. I don't what will know I didn't say let's nation of Israel said, let the holy of holies that would be the song slowly own right because Israel was blowing out and they were not not doing was Nick needed to be done.

There was sin in Israel and home. So when Antioch's came in and did what he did there were destroying the people of Israel and God sends people in to destroy Israel.

When Israel is bad when Israel rejects God goes into idolatry and various things he sends people into clean your clock so that would mean to be consistent to say, the Godhead is not occupying that place of holiness right there. Okay, so that you are benefit day painting out of the America of all the commanding abortion and reality both e.g. document that you the week featured at each inherently and later got to leave America, but allow the corners over what going America think I would say that God is very displeased with America measuring research on the chronology of America in the past 60 or so. 70 years on how they got rid of God the movement toward secularism, humanism, and the rise of mayhem and crime, drugs and pornography as they got rid of God and then the problems that are rampant in America right now and then they blame conservatives in the hypocrisy of the lies of our country can't survive. It cannot no country ever has survived so on. Why hasn't God destroyed America.

He's in the process of letting it destroy itself, that's for sure because we've turned her back on God's whole so there are Christians within the nation rising up and praying for this country and so God is holding back his more severe judgment.

Okay, I think the same way. Would it be what you whenever the Daily, Babylonian, Malaya, and America at that one lab or make them think over America taken away Yeah it's it's God's patient's okay.

He's very patient and so God said to Israel by people will repent. He's talking about covenant, Israel, and God is very patient he doesn't want us to suffer, but if were going to turn their backs on him at the Christian church becomes weak and anemic and start entertaining the doctrines of demons as it is in so many areas with so many false teachers on TV and in then he's going to remove more and more of his protective work against against evil and were going to reap the world so this is why it's important for Christians to be united in essentials of the Christian faith of the Stanforth and to pray for revival and also stand up and resist the evil that is approaching because we know that this is happening fact, rambling a little bit but I'm working on an article dealing with the similarities between cult mentality and cult practices, and the secularist control efforts that are going on.

I got this table and working on and showing the similarities and you're definitely there. And so with understand that the people in power. In my opinion, aggressive mental problems affected was Tucker Carlson. A couple nights ago said that persistent statistic. My wife copy of it that selects 34% of people on the left or the secular certificate was. I have been diagnosed with mental problems and considered one of the magnet from the lecture got many problems but as a high percentage and and it makes sense because of the irrationality the illogic the agenda rising that's going on so I see it in cult behavior and cultists seen it for decades recognized the same thing in the political risk regime with people who can't think the way to let paperback and care nothing about truth, but only about agenda.

That's part of what it means to have skull staffing snapping is a psychological phenomenon that happens inside of Colts were some of my prey. But the book of Mormon. Pray about the watchtower Bible and tract Society of pray about whatever it is the Roman Catholic Church of the next snap they become emotionally committed to that group or that that theology or that person or that whatever it is.

And once they've snap you know snapping. It's very hard to get them out because it is give themselves over to it. Well the same kind of thing happens in the secular realm and do it happens in usually the political realm would help has a sports team speak of the is a good place to to recognize that this is sovereign tests on this and seminars were estimate of the show you guys something in and on the city which were sitting on it also looks up your best baseball team or football team going and will follow the following sports and that'll tell me now say oh that's email start insulting the team and I can watch the people bristle in the country in the chairs. I said I just did, I did on purpose because I want you to feel what it was like to emotionally react to get something you're committed to is not an issue of rationality to initial emotionality and watch this now only to start saying the opposite was in the row.

Great are the best team ascertain all the stuff is it now what you think it will not really. And people have emotional commitments and to the date with all do is they will then gather teachers to themselves to tickle their ears. This happens in churches and it happens in the secular realm. So the leftist wackos will only want to watch far leftist wacko news information that gives them what they want to hear the same thing can happen.

The far right so when you have wackos in the far right and same thing so the mentality of the cults and psychological manipulation which is happening in the secular realm through mass wearing eyes. I believe it just now just a mask. It's a submission marker for the secularists. How much can we keep them in under submission of your thumb will keep telling the gutter where the masks even though they been vaccinated, even though their meal even though we know people aren't fewer people are sick from coded that there are from a other flows around right now we get will tell them that working to keep them under our stump.

This is the kind of thing is going on in the it does remind me so much of cult stuff okay okay think is there evidence you click on the great work RMS I read it was Al Berchtold. Let's get to you Julie, please hang on and we will be right back up his messages both went over line 877207276 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show only right now on running your weary and it kind 9L about eight years ago I went white again pain in my mother.

Gary did not know that because I'm going through great in my life, but it lacking in becoming both died in my life with you at all know you cannot happening is my mommy thing that can though and my in my getting these day in the debtor and then I and my mother told me that her dad rocked her and felt best thing I think Dan Billy diving here paid by arm on an open I'm learning.

I did like about and I don't know even if I said it or even if I conflict okay so it which question the Mike song you had birthday thing with her or a bit of night on the way, which is the importance that preaching the true gospel to somebody or having them comfortable. I think it's not just for you.

It's everything the gospel is is thing you don't want your parents to be comfortable on the way to hell. We teach the truth against Mormonism. Jehovah's Witnesses criticizing the Baha'i Islam, Roman Catholicism speak the truth about soap note, that doesn't mean we just going with it was coldly told 12gauge doctrinal shotgun blast about what want to do is be patient and kind. Much as possible so I'd recommend you do is ask your mom and I went was appropriate to say what you pray to Jesus. Don't talk about Mary because you don't think their idolatrous and customary youth energy. The sinus is he got inflexible gas can he forgive all your sentence when you live. If you asked Jesus took to forgive all your sins, will he forgive you a letter sent and this is when you find Catholic start say well the Catholic Church says you gotta go to the priest.

The Catholic Church says it is weight that are done talking, and ask the question, but if you pray to Jesus yes and he forgive evolve your sins, will he forgive you. Well you see that it was dependency. Gotta go to you when you can talk an innocent question again, the question needs to be repeated needs to be in their head. They need to realize the Catholic Church is not the true church, the Catholic Church is not the true means of salvation is just a gigantic religious false system and that they need to come to Christ and the Catholic Church is actually standing in the way of that and the evidence of this is when you ask this very simple question when Jesus says come to me all who are heavy like they'll give you ResMed 1128. He says ask anything in my name and I will do it. John 1414 and he forgive sent 520 so he does this and pray to him first confuse one to that he forgives.

He calls he does all the stuff and the fact that they will turn to their church. Church says is proof that the church is standing in the way between them in Christ because with any church any false religious system will do one of the Jesus is nothing, will the church says or our prophet says or are prophetess says or priest says or whatever and is going straight to Christ Jesus, that come to me this is coming the night of the go priest of the good which earth unsafe go to all these things rituals don't say anything just come to me. I'll give you rest.

Jesus said so Satan what he will do is use any group and use the name of Jesus, as well as other Christian type things in the Bible and use them and twist them just enough to get something in between God and that person that person so that you're not going straight to Christ. The real Christ the going through a mediator to get to Christ, and that is the church prophet, the prophetess, the priest, the sacraments, and this was going on so it's the proof that they are brainwashed and in a false system when you can go straight to Jesus just as Jesus said, and be forgiven of their sins and so he went back to actively appoint disaster. Can you pray to Jesus and asked him to forgive evolve or sit just like it in the Bible to first confuse one to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus that I phrased call upon the name of the Lord in the Old Testament is prayer.

Zechariah 13 nine. Psalm 116 for and so it's prayer and that is applied. Jesus and Stephen praise to Jesus next 75 to 6 technical through all of it any rate, that's the whole point and just slowly work in this and tell her you know what say I've done, I prayed to Jesus, not through to Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins and he said in Matthew seven says if you ask, he's not gonna give you something else, but I tell one people count the cost because of your occult Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses or false religion like Catholicism and go to Christ.

He's the required follow him, not a religion can cost a great deal, but it's something I night find all know is Heidi Ewing, Jesus, you and Jesus again sighed great not right you are right you are right statistic you have to go things and answered just disappointed to Christ. Hey, I got a Jesus enough to forgive the and ask him. Was it wrong for me to do what I can ask the same thing. You're welcome. Please let us know what happens okay okay thank you and on your website. There is another allow, myself and tell her how great I am that you need to look back.

I did see Dr. list look okay. All right. Okay. John Douglas was a cutie that was just there on the summit tried you pathetic during the cutie that was the cute little girl the picture. After this, a little cubicle family pictures are Eliska to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome Ronnie okay I have an so sorry about that would typically smell a little bit mad why call 7707 show curricula.

In the meantime. Okay, let's get back to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome you back on here back okay in my rain like Christian counseling, written by women sure when you see why not. A lot of women have a lot of great wisdom and insight problem at all and see the reason for you and now what man I like that impact over them right eldest pastors in the church. That's the context of a woman wants to write a book and you know she has a good thing to say, I wouldn't have a problem reading as long as she's not trying to play the pastor and getting around and say his tune with God says us wielding to do an etiquette that we had a problem then she's moving out of their shoe.

Okay, okay, thank you for making that okay will God bless. Okay, alright, Lowe's Kelly, you know, the producer wrote in the stack is that there was a caller my patrol but it was someone advertising for fortuneteller site and it just occurred to me will you think they would know that we were Christians ministry radio show why would a call just to get all puzzled. Let's get to Avon from Richmond, Virginia, which we won't let's get to Jacob from Wisconsin and Jacob.

Welcome your requesting it while I eat 525. It is in our millennial is a what eat five verse 725 slots who have to read it all could knew him as the words forms things Glenda Joyce I behold, I create new heavens and new earth, and former things will not be remembered as one of the infinite list but a few days old man tells you it's a blow a lot of premillennialists like this better than the millennialist millennialist would say that it's more figurative because of infants living.

For example, for hundreds of years doesn't make any sense so they think that was going on. Here's a real hyper hyperbole and exaggeration and so the new have an order certainly made from both perspectives, premillennial milk and also reduce rejoice in Jerusalem. I will also rejoice intrusive and be glad in my people no longer be heard of weeping and crying and plant plant vineyards and eat their fruit, they will not build another and have it yeah so so yeah that that's just it's a lot of people think that the it's not to be taken literally summit because I think it's it's figurative and just talk about the the blessing the sky becoming as is think that the line will lay down with the lamb, is it really can happen. Maybe, and it could happen to new heavens net worth. So that is I think kinda suits better for pre-building on Mill book the milk don't have far from so is it bad, they did it, but it ate well. Both sides will look at some things literally and other things figuratively. The premillennialists will get a gender agenda leaked to become to Isaiah 65, new heavens and the work and save its literal and the line will lay down with the lamb, if its literal one of the main question I asked out of this. It will no longer be in it an infant who lives but a few days or no man who does not live out his days for the youth will die at the age of 100 and one who does not retreat 100 beats but accursed and so if it's during the millennium.

Why would soon be saying Christ ruling that your curse if you died 100 years old if you expect what's going on and so there are definitely figure 2 things going on and how to tackle this is a tough one. It's it's tough so I will infant infants only live as infants just for your to imply without even know not hundreds of years. It just makes sense. So you know it's it's a tough one to get to the condo and dust of the serpent's food.

So there's a lot of negative use of their counselors really mean I'm not exactly sure they would get David Bolick had been well it could be because there is to be a new heavens and new earth, and it can be a place of heaven, and a place of the new heavens and were official of both sides will say this is something on on earth that can occur don't have a problem with that. So the millennialist's could very well say and I'm really not dug into this of this issue. I just stuck my areas of of expertise of Isaiah 65 use other things in the support of a millennialism, but the issue here is that it could be for both views because there's going to be a new earth, but even then how is it that babies are going to live to be that old as babies as infants just doesn't make sense. So that's why I say it's a lot of figurative language we ought to look at it as figurative of utopia kind of of work utopia kind of situation condition. Okay that's that's how I look at it that's right for all novelists look at two okay well not necessarily because there's going to be a new heavens and a new earth, and this might be the condition on the new earth. I can't tell you which one it is. If it's a very figurative form of representing heaven or a figure 2 for representing the new earth. Either way from both perspective if they want to states the millennial reign than they have a problem saying that babies live to be you don't infants hundred years old type thing.

It's a problem or that the curse if they die whose everything accursed. So there are just difficulties within the text to go to see exactly what it is but it works in both views of all-male versus pretty Mill evening supposed Mill views that they could be talking with the new earth. And I think it also could be understood to represent heaven as well. Don't worry about the what talk about it in her would verse and about death, right. It would verse that I need to look at the verse know exactly what is a big chapter and so without knowing exactly really can't comment easily for national director of those who die.

It said youthful, died at age of 101. He does not reach the age of 100, we thought accursed sold youth will die at the age of youth will die at the age of 100 and the one who does not reach one age of 100 thought accursed. How could youth the 100 years old, or does it mean that the youth are going to live to be hundred years old and then if I don't live to be hundred accursed what's going on there. I'm watching verse 20 talk about. No longer will be an infant who lives a few days will normally infants don't let all interest dying in infancy. So I was a no longer will be there. An infant who lives but a few days the sender will be more death, but that's the case why is it say they feel they died, 100 that they enter his death sweetie really look at this. Just a lot of questions that come up which is one thing we don't have a good answer for that. I don't have a good answer for this. And no matter what position you take their difficult questions to ask. Answer okay I heard it one of millennial people on this millennialist would like because they say that to the preaching of the gospel will be converted to the gospel and then to Chris unity that is and that will usher in the kingdom of Christ, the return of Christ, which I think is is so not supported in Scripture. My view but now people disagree that's fine. It's a debatable issue right okay want to buy back will fast out millennial talk about the victory of the gospel and about the ratemaking being billed as a nation being thankful without all the it expected they fit a great mechanical failure, no assets affiliate of the gospel is always powerful, but the Bible tells us things are to get worse is critical that that's what it says is to get better okay if you want to talk tomorrow okay both with two lines 877207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic CRM Israel one Check it out. Let's go to Gordon from Utah Gordon welcome here hello and thank you for taking my call. Sure we got right then that not a lot of time driving and when I do II left looking Christian radio station and I enjoy so much of what you say they think the problem is why you would not consider people that are members. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints not to be Christian kind of baffled my mind so your Mary right, correct okay if someone came up to you and said there's a woman with your name, your drivers like with her driver's likely heard her name her driver's license, her car, her everything and so this is your wife and you look to what that's not my wife, and they said no, everything fits you know something was amiss because you be fake in the the gospel in the Bible is only one God and all existence and all place and all time best the real and true God.

He's never been a man on the planet or star called Columbus. Mormonism teaches. Mormonism does teach that the Bible teaches.

To the contrary. Therefore they cannot be the same God Mormonism Elohim is the name of God the father that reading that really not what you suggest. Take it right. I know that is writing it along that line. But if you ever have a meeting held on never comes up never use of this morning Dr. McCall could know 21 there's a mother goddess articles of faith by James Talmage page 4:43 PM skin can write what you want. Let me test you rightly want, not the beach. I ended up at church.

Let me test you okay do you affirm or do you deny that the God you believe in your Mormon was used to be in the man. Another world became exalted to get to become a God you believe that our firm permit or deny I would.

I wouldn't deny so you ever met a okay so you affirm it now know that I would pay for that. Beyond my comprehension. Okay, so you don't deny effect if I if I spoke hold on, hold on. You asked me questions I'm trying to help you, you affirm. Do you deny that there's a mother goddess, seven, 811 okay so there may very well be a mother goddess and that your God used to be a man of the world. Okay and you teach that you have the potential of becoming a God potential right well that that kind what the Bible never never says that ever, ever, ever done how we become sons of God, and we felt we shall be like him, for we shall meet him at the does it mean when you become a God like this mean we are a God like him in redemption for like like him and cleansing cleanse cleanliness and holiness. The Mormon church is simply little what is out. How can you let me finish out when, how come I try to tell you I don't think Gary what about what I your an item that I point out and I point out what John that try sure go ahead trying when I prepare okay that when he praying for the apostle praying that they all may be one legal thou art in me and I am in you.

Yes, that we all may be one good eye was that implied. The third level of unity and end and camaraderie is alike thereafter, yes, but nothing warm and so okay so where you because because Gordon you believe in him, falls, God your God is not true. Yes, it is the God of the Bible has never been a man on the planet. How do you know what happened because God tells us that in the Bible.

Psalm 91st two Psalm 91st two from everlasting to everlasting you are God. In fact, he says you are my witnesses, my and my servant whom I have chosen or that you may know and understand that I am he.

Before me. There was no God formed there will be none after me. He says in Isaiah 4644 six on the first on the left. There is no God besides me. He says we said that is black to verses like this in Mormonism God has a goddess wife that's too God's Jesus is another God and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost is another goddess for God's right there you don't now for the true God.

When there only recognition that Christ with none of God and where to date heart from that believe that Christ with the thunder God. They didn't Mormonism Mormonism start out as easily think right, God, you mean the literal son of God were God the father and his goddess wife had relations and produce the spirit offspring in the heavenly scent and became human and Jesus is the firstborn in the preexistence. Brigham Young in doctrine and covenants not Dr. covenants but in the Journal of discourses, volume 13, page 95 said Brigham Young said everything he taught in the pulpit was as good as Scripture.

He said that instead of letting any other man do it God the father came down and did it with Mary in order to get her pregnant is the justice amino Brigham Young taught you know I do not like conjecture on the thing I bet it and it gospel now. It would deny right wing.

Let me know right he would kind of God that when you baptize your father in heaven. Thank you, my beloved son at the contact that I think that Christ the son of God. It initially since the Jesus of the Bible is a true Jesus. Would you agree absolutely okay so if the disciples and the people in the New Testament behave towards Jesus a certain way in a good way of course we should emulate that we should do the same thing right I think so.

Okay. So if they pray to Jesus is okay for us to pray to Jesus is okay for us to pray to Jill.

We pray we pray to the father through asked that and that's that. I said if they pray to Jesus. Is it okay for us to do the same thing that got the pattern. I don't think okay I'm asking you a question you not answering if they pray to Jesus in the New Testament is okay is okay for us to do that. That's my question. If they I can show you in the New Testament. They did it. I can show you the book of Mormon second Nephi 1918 dated pray to Jesus calling him their Lord our God, so the book of Mormon to GRC the final week in the Bible to pray to Jesus, can you do that, I would certainly pray to thank you my Lord my God that the carrot and I absolutely would you ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins absolutely okay. Have you ever done that absolutely so you have prayed to Jesus or so that he is not Lawrence could Mormon gospel to pray to Jesus death was a pretty well just battled witnesses don't pray to him either because you only pray to God the father is that your prayer support a week follow with the pattern that we follow in the church.

If the pattern of the Lord.

Prayer command and we do pray that the New Testament instructor.

Would you be willing right now because Jesus says we deny me before mental deny you before God, would you be willing right now in all sincerity, not not mocking this is all all you want to pray right now who the person of Jesus and ask him to forgive you about yourselves and you do that right now and asked Jesus to forgive you of everything to reveal the truth of who is you. Would you believe that right now. What I do that right now I have your mate made it made. May God bless.

When George got would you pray to Jesus right now. Right now okay dear father with our hit before we get a thank for the Marriott blessings. We repeat that I had mainly receive forgiveness of art and to thy beloved son, Jesus Christ our Lord, our Savior are God marking his name. Amen. So you didn't do it, you didn't. Jesus, I said could you pray Jesus, you won't do it. I read through Christ.

I imagine my asking you I'm asking you to Jesus. We only have a few minutes left on the shelf. I'm trying to be straight with you. Jesus is prayed to in the Bible even in the book of Mormon which I don't agree with.

But the book of Mormon. They pray to Jesus, you can't pray to him because you don't believe who he truly is the Jesus of the Bible is a tab Jesus like no you don't, because the Jesus of the Bible's prayed to theirs a phrase in the Old Testament to call upon the name of Jehovah in the Old Testament it means to pray Psalm 116 go look it up after the show, they called upon the name of Jehovah will Jehovah like the seat you save my life there praying to Jehovah and you know that in residence was we Jesus.

Well, that phrase call upon the name of Jehovah was translated by the Jews into the Greek call upon the name of the Lord and applied to Jesus in verse 20 is 12 to the church calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus. That means they can pray to Jesus, you can't pray to Jesus. This is proof you don't have the extra Scripture and it can limit it if it eight. Pray to wait the look instructor to pray. No, it's not the father.

And if you are getting the father that is made is okay but Jesus also said I can hear your your bra Jesus also said ask me anything in mind my name I will do it. John 1414 and the church calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus is in the Bible and when Stephen was being stoned in acts 755 to 60. He had a vision of God the father and Jesus and he said, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. He didn't pray the father befriended Jesus just this is fine by me. See, here's the problem with one minute. Jesus reveals the father. Matthew 1127 he sends the Holy Spirit. John 1426.

If you have the right, Jesus, you won't have the right father, you won't have the right spirit. If you can read it if anybody felt like a good fit. I believe with born of Mary in Bethlehem who thought a great repeat word in the New Testament dying on the cross for no inch Mormon in Mormonism. The atonement occurred in the garden of Gethsemane when you sweat blood.

There is so much about knows we don't even know I have the documentation. Further, an awful lot.

I've never heard anybody lately only in the garden.

The cross and the Glenarden which denies a sufficient end of the cross.

I'm telling you you you don't even know nine Mormonism drink workboat. It was in the feeding stripe everything for our thank Gordon it would not just on what brought it with. Please call back tomorrow. Love your style understand God's not man for the world was a goddess wife is not very just not Dragon. I don't know anything about my website.

You have got to go to the folks, sorry, I don't like hanging up on want talk more, call back tomorrow okay I got another program powered by the Truth Network

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