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April 29, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 29, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Why do Christians seem to spend so much time debating over unimportant issues---2- Do you believe that Jesus chooses America's president---3- What happens to babies who die- Is election true for babies---4- A caller who claimed to be a Satanist asked what Matt thought about the Illuminati and the Luciferian doctrine---5- What is Paul talking about in 1 Corinthians 9- What does it mean to run the race---6- What does Romans 1-17 mean---7- Are Calvinism and Lordship salvation related---8- Is there evidence for the Trinity before Nicea-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive, the more you have questions about Bible doctrine. Max likewise glances goals of responding to your questions at 770-7276 here's Matt slick looking. The show, it's me Metzler and Dr. McCauley of five line 772072276 and was always hope your friend to talk about all kinds of stuff.

Of course we talk about Christian apologetics and everything related to Scripture and the truth of God's word rock to promote is God's word is truth. The person and work of Jesus Christ God in flesh and the cross. If you don't trust Jesus lost. You can't trust the God of Mormonism, you can't trust the gospel of Roman Catholicism can't trust the God of Islam or the God of Job's witnesses yet have Jesus to real one, so I want to hear from you if you want to call 87720722761 to jump on the calls was good to Roberto from Georgia. Welcome your on their what it might find no patent to other knowing that every body of Christ, how they worship or how they each know what it meant everything to me grateful to the dumb people out what the net out there no not not doing other my instrument of the method that wanted on it. That includes limited in all our Diane is okay for I know for people just to worship the God of Mormonism you know that God gave the planet has got us life is okay. We think, no not on I find that I know that that is just about the note though, Layton Harry, now that you didn't bring up the political will, biblical Christianity. I got to know that I tackling say Joyce Meyer and her false teachings and all Like the elevated lead Roman Catholic claim to be Roman Catholic like again even at most couple Roman Catholic that they know their own history on the woman catalytically did Midori probably don't bottom think that joy in life with a cauldron live music on the going will pleasure 11 woman If they drink and smoke but I'm not glad that met Ng that I get along so charting what different cultural question. It looked like and it will but a believer does not the biblical truth of Scripture, but the crazy nucleotide of the Christian how they worship God in the method with English of God, or to criticize everything with teaching at and I am a denomination and believe core belief of their denomination and and at least one clean side to the other one that's all set off. Sometimes they and engineman, but to get such a question. So sometimes they do, don't just depends on the issues you know we should be united as possible and can agree on the essentials and to selected nonessentials, slide by and not worry about certain things and and I agree with you on that, but of passion for teaching heresies that need to be addressed. So I would say that we think that you are greatly you'd like like like gardening Internet normal ability of the name of apostle you again. If this is the path to meaningfully God not all that I have not climbed out of the way.

He really said it was only among the last two questions.

So are you saying this guy teaches of the Trinity is three God's.

And that is at least as Trinity is that they that believe in, please. Okay, back to you that that's not true. So she should be corrected. In fact, I wish you would call to show up and we could just have an impromptu debate about the nature of the Trinity and what it is but yeah, you know, we should always tackle things like of course another good thing to tackle the overflow that the Christian is really going about that name is on all residents of Kazakhstan got the cult's oneness Pentecostal stuff. It would have you baptized Jesus 91 John the it's oneness. That's a difficult reason is occultist teaching mingling thousand new Internet email me want to think about alerting if you could email me this guy who this guy is and some stuff. Maybe I can submit thousand and 11 something I yeah if you send me some information I can expose on the guy will challenge a video of it others you can hear you.

So yeah yeah send it to send it to the concrete website and the bottom of the page you will see the link for the address should be in fluid content work okay okay so it's not thought a lot is project okay all right yeah but like they Roman Catholic that you know know claim they live in today. They like Roman Catholic, they think the going likely they think the worldly pleasures going like to Beth separate from both of the moment Catholic eloquence, Catholic, or that are not extended to long to know but file they themselves Catholic, but the number 20 Nine.

Thank God that the captain. But I think that that you go to Record your little duty to Catholic. Pray mechanically. Then after that Google party reason smoking affect going like Levitical style of world thinking that I yeah I'm I'm with you I'm with you.

So Jeff, that a question or order well and I want the main one about the mother to critically conduct other patient great at each other about the day that the billing account together at Meijer in the mine and all that but importantly to make the day to spend my time. I think everything much lip about the more I thought about that in the world. Nothing thinking about it over and over. Yes, I understand this understand.

I definitely understand that these be unified in the essentials and against the rise of secularism in the scope country and culture aren't yet yeah what is detergent nothing. I mean I cannot fragment 5011 we ultimately got targeted day. I'm not I can get but I very rare that you like to get it on the third call home on Sunday at yeah I'm with you, everything leave anybody in any bargaining.

What about training the routine monotony is not limiting a lot. Yes I I stand that trustee. I do a talk about the lady frequently run. I do so I think you my call. I with my question in my mind thought I don't recall analyzing the length of the video in a slow info it can work okay in silicon the info yet the stinking phone that today. All right. Thank you. All right. Luckily, God bless crazy folks look inside and logically give me a call 87720722760 want to hear from you if you need to show what we do here is take calls you can see or hear and discuss all kinds of things so it's will you guys know that I do Petri on videos and I'll be doing well tonight and supports that way will you be looking into getting webinars going and the question verse people out there if you know how to do Facebook advertising. Let me know and you know good technology and stuff webinars. Let me know as well.

You just can't contact us with will be a lot of help from experts who know how to do certain things, certain ways a very good theology apologetics but not all that great in other areas could certainly use some help for that again a number 877-207-2276, and thereby way reminder we stay on the air by your generous donations. If you want to help us out. All you do was go to and you can check that out right there and also going to Israel next year. If you want to go. You can check that out as well just go to karma CRM Parmesan and for the rest of this week is $100 off if you sign up for the trip and all information it is right there on that website all right for the lines give a call 877-207-2276 something about talk about Catholicism.

I mentioned yesterday and hope that it is some discussion on that during a break or something like that between callers is in the Lucy iterates Africa lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Alan from North Carolina. Alan welcome your on the year hey Matt, call sure problem. Daniel chapter 2 that God raises knocking and then I believe he opposes king based on that, and any other person that you may know about the party is the Bible do you do you believe that Jesus chooses America's present. There's a definite yes and Anna noted that will be talk about you respect God's ordination in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will. When nations go bad, he will often raise up kings that that nation deserves and they will get punished, they will see the depression that comes from bad leaders. So God will sometimes intervene and directly raise up someone for that purpose. Other times it is let that occur so to speak that is directly involved and this would fall under the verse with 11. He works all things after the counsel of his will. So Biden is an example would be at least a candidate for the Daniel to reasoning for the judgment of God upon this country for its refusal to bow to God for its denial of truth for its hatred of Christ for its idiocy and that we are getting what we deserve with Pelosi with John Kerry regarding with, Harris with Joe Biden getting what we are deserves as a whole as a nation so they're part of the judgment upon this country. I think that initially that part of the answer your initial answer was yeah God chooses America's president that correct is yes and no.

Sometimes okay can directly intervene and raise something up for specific purpose, but we don't know if he did that was sick, so to speak by what we don't know what we do know that God ordains what service will come to pass and there's was college accretive will permissive will prescriptive wealth God can allow certain things to happen as natural consequences of our rebellion against him, which is forkful of four hour of bogus profit is invite and I do know got hold of a break. Okay I'll have a blessed folks for the lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770776.

Here is Matt's leg and walked back to the old with Laura from Utah Laura welcome Laura. There hi I am Colleen for Catherine and Carl ran a couple day work now believe and you are not in a rack do not go to heaven if a darling baby is southern not like you can go to heaven is only elect individuals would be redeemed because election means of God's chosen those people for salvation. Unfortunately, some people think that our salvation is completely depend upon our free will is not because of free will of the unbeliever is enslaved to sin. But when another like babies or not.

We don't know.

My personal opinion is that all babies that die just go to heaven. I can't back it up in Scripture, but that's still having lost a child in infancy is my position and I like to think that anyway.

And there are other theological issues that get into but if election is true in regard to infants and only elect babies would be redeemed in nonliquid go to go to help the people civil that can't be right whenever suits serve a God like that will and don't serve a God like you pick whatever God you want. But the issue is that election is something that is biblical Ephesians 14 God ordains that people come to him and over chosen in him before the foundation of the world as the Bible says that he predestines us so he election is choosing predestination is so is actualizing a choice to God is made from the foundation of the world. Does that include infants we don't have the information on. So if God elects all infants who die because their infants they died, and he does that then fine. If he doesn't, then that's fine too. It just depends on what God decides, and we don't know what you decide. So we really can't clean much further then that one and and that's a good question, but we don't have an answer to the Bible doesn't tell us if babies who die go to heaven or hell or whatever it is, tell, and I'd like to think I found it is a baby guy, Rick, Mike, electric, not now. We can't now only now that guy think I in my heart I like to think that now he knew only 8930 can bring you and that they sense and I hope that's the case, I don't know if it is or isn't Bible this is and tell us so I can do is see if election of individual infants is the case then those elect to go on those who won't won't. But the question is are the elect are not that we just don't have the information on Texas would know who the lack.

Right. We can know about ourselves though right now because the Bible says for us John for some 513 these things are written so you may know you have eternal life. Lucy Lucy rightly will knowingly get family. I know in my heart absolutely's from foundation and I'm going to be with him and Bentley to only question I have. This is why depicts I don't get this idea and I know what I fear the man let alone my mind not wanting to say tumbling all now I'm not you every that they don't know that you know you work with, but so is your wonderful Charlie is an estimate and I'm was that make me crazy to work for you want to work with great asset to push well. Thank you Aaron. It had been a blessing and will that work quickly here landing and is the art of Chretien and glorify God in God's thank you Matt Seelig a blessing.

She stretches help us a lot.

This letter also forced to call, forming lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to the gym for Massachusetts Gen. computer on the air.

I how are you are high in any given yes in our theory that what you think about the how the country are not a Christian but what you think about the writing to like from illuminati perspective like the Lutheran doctrine was evil. Lucifer and dismissed his evil that's a great deception & foreplay.

Some people believe it and hopefully the pain great price when they meet God for judgment something. Eric Eric dear are you coming from our Calvinists earning you all understand my theology.

I'm not Arminian but that's a biblical position is that Satanism and ends feminism on the kindest office is evil to the devil and it's a great deception. People want it because they want power. They want influencer spark personal gratification in various areas very bad thing and there's some evidence that there are elusive variance in our government and their some evidence for is a true don't know. It's don't how much did the information that this information. There's a lot of stuff going on here. Look at all the women are going to do a great role. There's a lot of stuff. There's a lot of stuff the makeup of your street layouts in DC.

There's so Freemasonry stuff next to the capital. There the Grove that there are other areas and I you know in your books written on this stuff is an influence who knows but I don't generally talk about it because it can be substantiated when you start seeing the same information surfacing over the years, beginning to wonder. The Bible does say that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities of darkness.

What are you doing more and more of the tonic will just so you know I used to be involved in contact going.

Dr. what it is that I would let you know that I should be involved in the call for became a Christian and contact the dead sances, various things energy work orders crystals I've seen manifestations. Let me just tell you that if you die believing this.

You don't trust in Christ.

The fiery torment that eternal hell, you're going to suffer will be really you want. I you hate Jesus. Why would you hate the one who died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later and by faith and trust in him you forget to prepare my bill.

Is he paying my bills and not know he gives me the ability to pay bills hold only a break. Let's hold on him was conversing after his messages still on and have a conversation with two of the lines are going to give you a call 87720776 max Y call 770776 charismatic sling back to the show 720776. Let's get back to Jim if he still very still, there are so so why do you hate Jesus. Like it a lot.

Are you are just curious or not thinking drinking right now though your silver okay will look Jesus is in here just to pay your bills. He is one who died on the cross and rose from the dead, and he defeated St. Irene know that there are like in the fall. I know very well tonight. I okay so if you have a high IQ than my. Would you be involved in something as bad as Satanism ago asked you what you want yeah you fleshly desires so that you will join them in hell when you reject God so that's foolishness. That's not smart out of them.

They were right area. You will with no signal is defeated and he's losing and that we Christians are with Christ, and were the ones who are going to be with him with the Lord and all who reject Christ are going to join the evil one in the lake of fire proof the truth that this is a Jesus roast the dead three days of the grave. So you have to make a decision or even a server to serve the true God, even a server as follows evil one. I and I could share how many doctrines of the Christian and I were the examiner. I didn't like it at either the failure of the related like 100 hundred grant like 100.well the issue here in time for is nice what his plan name mean you know Hebrew. No other really educational without the long Jim but I just want you to know that you dislike and what else needs Jesus, and you need to trust me to trust you better count the cost of trusting him because he's not just some blonde hair blue like what I fretted and what was she trusted well.

I would recommend that you read the Gospel of John. In the New Testament, see if your able. It see if you're able to read it and believe Jesus Bible that are well Jim appreciate the call, her time. Okay, thanks.

Appreciate that all right with you to Bob from Clinton Utah Bob well looking on here and well, okay, so go with my questions that gentlemen like to write it down and pray for all. I forgot Jim, I think I think so. And God knows, okay, I've got it written down to pray for will will get right to first Corinthians 9 wondering if you could go, sir. What typically hold me. We know he was speaking to the Corinthian Eddie was saying that we should finish the we should keep our eyes on the floor with you talking about running the race in such a way that ever eyes on the prize and sort of set everything aside and focus on right that what you talking about finishing strong yes that kind of a thing is he saying here when you run the race you're in Christianity.

When the race of Christianity, you run hard you run well run so that you can win stuff that you're waiting at something. The idea is that you give your all to it and that's what's going on is in it was.

I know I agree with that. Absolutely I don't understand how Christians cannot be more involved in seeking to expand the kingdom of God and they could do loving mothers at home raising children for the glory of God the could be applied by the mechanics you know and doing honest work and not lying and not cheating and doing things like this and when opportunity arises to preach the gospel so this is what were supposed be doing as Christians taking it seriously not be comfortable in her Christianity and then worry about other people evangelizing, so there likely answer. I have to wonder. I mean look at the church today. I look around people and lay in older than my early 60's, but people that are healthy in their 60s, 70s and that are not serving the Lord now not disparaging anyone. I'm simply saying that for healthy and I think Paul may have been talking about some of the thumb of the elderly in court looking strong even though more often are your absolutely you know what I'm I'm 64 and am just thinking about retiring today and I was thinking about going to think about. I'll never be able to because I have the money. I mean, we don't have much. My wife and I but how do we retire from serving God. I don't get that and the people who do retire from a regular job a normal job and then they retire, they they've earned it. They can relax. No problem.

But if they have that ability ability they should begin getting involved in a church and seeing what way they can use their gift and whatever is in order to further the kingdom of God. It is not to be radio in writing 80 articles if you could just be something small going visiting patients in the hospital work, you know, writing pen tile letters to a prison or whatever might be different things well your friends out here like enjoy the show and I'm about all the glory, glory or not. I do think the Lord is using you and I do enjoy the show so no retirement there is. I just can't see it. I can't see it. I can't see not serving God. My wife said once that I have it bad and I can keep quiet about the Lord when I go to the store I listen to people talk so that I can see for talking with the Lord or anything to jump in and witness. I look for shirts to to interact with. I mean, just as it just when I think it's the way I am and if I have the opportunity to take it. I don't push it open and force it be rude but I'm always looking for opportunities.

This is the lifestyle that I lead is my calling about other people's calling and how to do it but recall to use or get things for God and I do know this will will stop what you him and I'll be your guess where is Clinton was Clinton, Utah.

Where is it a little alarming.

Nor felt like a falcon 50 miles out by the great Salt Lake in Florida.

There's a lot of farms out of your dock at the mall area some 50 miles north of what what side by the lake. Okay, I will discourage you because I like going down to Salt Lake and in a few weeks and hang out there for a few days to listen stuff so secure was no will see a big obelisk.

Okay. All right. Let's get on the phone with Cameron from Idaho Cameron on the air.

I just got it man yeah yeah I know I I thought and then I realized on the air. My climb up that bad at math.

That's right, you II and not robust. After 100 been okay going on at all as guided revealed from faith to faith, laying looked at me basically I haven't understood that.

I know my wife happy. I did well is the idea of faith to faith tonight. From what I understand, it means is the whole history of the faith of in God is been revealed to the Scriptures the very beginning to the all-time that's how I see it now. My right now, but I think that's what's going on from faith to faith so the total encompassing of the righteousness of God revealed in the word of God in history of the people live by faith. Hold on let it answers it done like well-done, not finality to you. Okay see you later tonight.

Okay Kim and I go over somebody's house and I stuff they fall to the right back after these messages, please translate why call 770776 is Matt's leg back to give a shout out to Carrie Anderson because Flora forgot to faith and carried her husband just for and I felt really going to Israel next year. This would give you heads up that if you want to check it out to the end of the week or this week as last week for hundred dollars off the trip.

If you want to go. Just go check out Carmen is real see ARM Israel, and check all information. Let's get to date from Kansas City.

Dave welcome you on here, I argue not trying. My own follow. Getting on Facebook and argument that basically a friend of mine on her part is something from John MacArthur and a friend of hers posted that John MacArthur was a heretic line now because he teaches Lordship salvation and I'm on the fence on it 3 1/2 point colonist. Some days, if I click on a Saturday. That's about it. I don't see it as date when I tried to post what this is not dates within the central argument. It is outside the central it's probably in more than debatable issues argument going and he came down on me like a ton of bricks and said I had to take a stand. One way that her then. He eventually accused me of not being question because I I'm on the fence about it. What Cincinnati Lordship salvation. Calvinism will the two different issues because they're not well let me tell you exactly how the seminary for three years so there two different issues and I said he doesn't know that the related but there are different so reformed theology courses was what it is but the issue of Lordship salvation. Always ask people when they are so critical as to what you mean by that. Can you please define it is not just being obstreperous, it means what you mean by about a Lordship with your definition of it at and see the one that the recusing of it is teaching that because one form of Lordship salvation is that you have to make Jesus Lord of all your life in order for him to be your savior. Let's get you not yet right and the other view is that while he's automatically Lord and his existing knowledge is Lordship in which we should get it right right right so that's unpromising what is she mean or disperse and mean. Who was a Lordship salvation and exactly how is it is so this is he guilty of that so that you tell me that that that I don't understand Calvinism in total depravity because he thinks that you can count on your own. In other words, you wouldn't have it understanding of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, you just calm and that kind of thing coming up. I'm not. I got a scar and I don't think that I thought I can't figure out theology at peritonitis and is systematically a university yet that's what he said to me that are getting good are you not able to think for yourself.

Okay, hold on, hold I got to he sees that he's been very very uncharitable lease by leaving Colossians 4, five and six. For one thing, and also a city to be two 2425 so I would just, you know, I put the Scriptures up and say here's the Bible says you should know about these verses.

When people get like that because second Timothy 224 says the Lord's bondservant must not be quarrelsome, but the kind you all able to patient when wrong, so he's not doing that is a call not on that. Look, I know you disagree, but you're obligated in Scripture to behave in this matter and I prefer that you did that you have a discussion and then say can you tell me he defined to be what Lordship salvation is because are different views of it. This I called my show.

We can talk about it because you happen through this a long time, long and not thinking maybe were all in your eyes. Not Eric make my mistake. You're obviously unable to discern such. Thank you MacArthur to tell you what to believe. I'm done here yet. He's been getting condescending and insulting and things like that so he has not do apologetics on Facebook well know this is what you do. This is this is the nature of apologetics in a world where people often are anonymous but he was not. And then when the they act in an bad manners and so will fail but that's that's something that you just recalled out on a night by the college weeks that man was, but he still had a spirit of God and throwing on a frame trying to reach you and I will. You heretical reticle not down and see if this is it is that I that that cake with his heresy by different levels to get down to is Daniel harassing his non-Danica so like that.

Is this why you know, I was asked people get obstreperous I think you define your terms first of the I know that work. We both know that were discussing the same thing and not talking past each other like I do and if you won't do it.

Say well I'm sorry I've had people I've done this with it and not try to be clever is just what's your definition and it had assembled you tell me yours not know I asked you and they won't tell he wants anything and then I feel here's the view I hold to and we think of that and you draw it out of them.

A lot of times it just the way Atlanta go away but that's probably cayenne and secondary issues that are important, but they're not points of calling someone a heretic right at me, not even not over reformed theology that's correct their people okay complain that Calvinism is heresy to invite you to call the center always and again other than absolutely all I was of the debate these great Catholicism. I like what challenge you to contact me for debate that I need to think of myself in the great insight I don't dislike you debate the sky that slip you debate lessee often balancing that on the radio said you list the stock is going theology call the aggressive dental heresy.

I'd love to have a discussion with them in Susa right now will you yeah I would just ask him what you mean by that and see you in the area and went that but that his theologies weaker than than what is okay. I think you hardly all right.

Let's get to Salem from California. He sent welcome. You're on your plate.

Thank you for taking my call. Sure a quick question I'm I was raised well to have family in know that the liquid my question is, basically, I'm a little we were told that the Trinity, the origin of the began starting at the end making creed in its policy by the eight beers from thousand. My question is if there is there any evidence like pre-making creed that maybe I told my family member. What you do is just to go to Carmen and I typed in early Trinitarian quotes Lexi and early Trinitarian quotes by the church fathers just shows that that's a switch recorded I get a list of them there and is not defined the Trinity, but they're saying things are deftly Trinitarian and electrical union died in 215 we define that there are to the father and son and three with the Holy Spirit and his numbers made by the pattern of salvation origin sent some stuff missing that say about Justin Martyr for the name of God the father and the Lord of the universe and of our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, they can receive the washing with water that is not really very Trinitarian, but it is but is this a safe ensuring thing like one God in three persons saloon at the thing when your family member says this Brad recommend you do, say, could you please I would love to see the documentation for that class I gallantly would have it, in that it is false. We don't measure without agreeing with them, but your encouraging them to do the research.

A lot of times what happens when people do research and occult groups. They find that the culprits are accurate and causes problems. Okay so that's one thing. Another thing I would ask him is defined with the Trinity does ask him to define it. A lot of Christians don't even know what it is and I've had Jehovah's Witness tables 3 separate gods are started by the pagan Council of Nicaea in a safe, well actually it's not correct. The idea of trinitarianism was before the counseling go to Carmen we the quotes and in fact if you go there this with the rest of that," says Bright nitric tule and who died in 215 with more than 160 we define that there are two the father and the son and three with the Holy Spirit and with his numbers made by the pattern of salvation which brings about unity in Trinity interrelating the three the father-son Holy Spirit.

They're not. There are three not anybody degree okay yeah are not a thank you will. What would work equipment where Greg Stafford the apology yeah I talked to Greg before, and we've had interactions before night and the last thing I said to him was that so he's extremely bright at twisting things and looking for little details in order to make the Jehovah's Witness theology as good as possible and give an example of anyone but you. And he wrote a big book and we had a discussion and left the witness were given a place like that. Her debt to worry is now going on. I think you going California yeah III thought he knew to be arguing with him and I think it was black and white jeans like games like making pretty good pretty long hiding feet all through but I mean I know my salvation secure in Christ are called out of that that belief. You know what I mean come to China help my family members as this is a can you tell you what I got a lot of information on Jehovah's Witness stuff on Carmen that I'd recommend that you go to Carmen look up a phrase to see the article upon the name of the Lord, call upon the name of the Lord is an article that has dumped Jehovah's Witnesses but cannot get around call upon the name of the Lord is it's it's an approach of using with the Scripture says, and they don't know what to do with and I could teach you under means there are things using their their Bible to know that that's good for now. I'm in the Lord God. It look like thank you so much my body of rights that are okay. Well, that was sampled California and the Lord bless you and by his grace by his grace back on there tomorrow and hopefully talk you then say the questions were then and last five powered by the Truth Network

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