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April 28, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 28, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Are there differences between Oneness Pentecostal and just Pentecostal---2- When will the 1000 year reign be---3- My son has rejected Christ and everything I taught him as a homeschooling mother. What can I do---4. How can I best witness to a Mormon- How can they know the origin of their religion and still believe it---5- What should I look for in a church---6- What do you think about weed---7- What do you think about the Legacy Standard Bible done by John Macarthur---8- If God will blot out your name from the book of life, does that mean you can lose your salvation---9- Can you explain presuppositionalism-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max Y rises is called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick Matt slick day and starts writing a few of you recall, we have three open longings 877-207-2276 and forwarded to the callers last night. Treatment of Facebook was entered or deleted. Interesting will go to Facebook now seems like it is working okay whatever else would like less.

I taught a Bible study and I did something it never done before by mysteries I I taught doctrine and spent two hours if not two hours just on God and his existence. Not even getting to trinitarianism.

So what I did time I had a good time with you and really enjoyed it and the participants did to the city. Never anything like before.

One girl love once… Her mind blowing like three's. I enjoy teaching and though it was a lot of fun. So we do that on record basically right just to splat a logical want to give me a call 877-207-2276 John from North Carolina, John welcoming on the date the last thing the black color would not go to Pentecostal Kurt for the most part you expound on that and generally speaking, Pentecostal churches are into the charismatic gifts which I affirm, but they tend to overdo things to such a large degree that sensationalism and emotionalism tended to become the measuring stick stick of the prayer of thumb, spirituality, and so this is bad and a lot of Pentecostal churches are firmament pastors and elders. Not bad, and love them affirm that you can lose your salvation and for the reason I do this is because your experience is so much related to your spiritual walk. You have lots of experiences going on.

Then that it basically means is you not resaved this kind of thing so I just generally recommend that they people avoid them. That's not to say that some Pentecostal churches are good because your client be some but this is just a general kind of thing. And as I said last night in the study.

I said, few Christians really understand local theology, and we had a discussion last last night when the guys after our study was done is take another half hour.

We got talking and he was talking about the church, the local church is going to hear and click connect and how the pastor was saying to them. One job that he's full to have was, not equipping the saints, but reaching out getting people into the church which never lost it, which is the wrong, wrong, wrong thing and so you mentioned. This is because churches just really don't know what biblical theology is a lot of degrees and the Pentecostals are kind of like that and the candy problematic oneness Pentecostal is something you absolutely stay away from because oneness Pentecostals occult is not Christian, but some Pentecostal okay, so Ryan is that after the rapture and the tribulation. Yes, the standard view of the premillennial position that the millennial reign thousand year reign will begin after the rapture. After the jubilation. That's with that view.

Okay okay I'm getting something of your uniform millennialism line right right so you just say away in the thousand: yeah the word thousand is used in Scripture's use of figurative context, not like the other 40,000 network with the battle or some like that but just the word by itself thousand and so God owns a cat on a thousand hills and the days the thousand years and then in Revelation 20.

As I saw an angel coming up in heaven I think is little holding a key. The key of the of this. I think it's figurative and a great chain next figurative in his hand. Angels don't have hands was a manifest in human form on earth as that would be of figurative and neatly told the Dragon that's figurative the circuit to bold that's literal who's a devil and Satan that's literal and bound him for a thousand years, so the little figurative and so some people to say was automatically literal will have you know please say it is what is needed is what you have to do is look at how God uses the term and how he you have speaks about a thousand. So second Peter 38. No, he says, the day of judgment and or this could be but that the Lord with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day was at a literal thousand now okay so there's things like that, and thus says the Lord is Amos 53 the city which goes forth a thousand strong. We have a look hundred left. Well, okay, and all and anyone who goes forth 100 strong.

We will have 10 left the house of Israel. So it's a poetic kind of a statement and that so Belshazzar, the king held a great feast for a thousand of his nobles is literally a thousand good date, but generally you're thousands nobles means that's the general number and here's what might be literal and measured a thousand and led me to the water is Ezekiel 47 water reaching the knees again he measured a thousand and led me to the water.

I was the going to. That's what distance was probably literal. There the whole point of trying to say it's gotta be careful with with that and plus Jesus said that Satan was bound when he was on earth and that's what he says… In Matthew 12 2232 is casting out demons in order to do that strong man must first be bound while he's doing it. So therefore the strawmen must be bound is a stuff like that and I am good tomorrow but no okay okay and then click on find certain articles about will be modifying it even more about the search engine in the upper middle 30 page will do that in a week or so but it on the left-hand side is the hamburger menu click on that and you'll see the. The menu open up the search bar and there, but another thing you can do is real simple, distorted to the just go to Google whatever type in the word Carmen and Tycho are searching for and it'll get right to it around. Okay, sounds good around with a backup less all right we have for open lines. If you want to give me a call. Folks 877-207-2276 Betty California welcoming on your plate.

Some I cannot find who Ray and anti-Christian and I act I and me with pretty much a very apologetic and apologetic mind is a welfare Bible and now completely woke and believe everything that we never tie off the boat else and I need a little bit of understanding about that little little active out to I have a daughter raised with the things of the Lord went to church confess Christ and is now in the new age and so I can completely sympathize with your and its distress to the heart and so the difficulties the confusion, the hurt, the worry you want to help. They don't listen can't listen does not work so I understand. Trust me, I really and him.

It is very difficult and I wish I could help you with great wisdom, with a can tell you is that because your mom you not able to say to him what needs to be said that someone else could say the stranger that that's okay, but what we do as parents as we pray for them and we ask God to be merciful.

We ask God to convict him. Ask God to draw them to grant them belief and be gracious to that's our job.

There's no guarantee of salvation with the children raised in a Christian home and our children were also homeschooled and the ways of the world are extremely powerful and I personally suspect that God has allowed this the right way, allowed his spirit not to be as active in the world because of what's happening and because of history were supposed to go and so I don't know that the Christian church. For example, is extremely weak and uninformed and heresies are taught in most churches and the secular realm is on the on the rise and is connected with demonic forces and so it's it's all alive and well and Ephesians 612 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood because party principality, so there's a real presence there. So what we have to do is trust God with her children and pray for their salvation on a continued and regular basis and in the meantime we grieve and hurt and hope and that's what we do it much and I wish I had this great, great, but in no no I look not actually rent a little my part to bring information that I needed to continue to pray and hope and great, and though the way I grieve possibly different in the way have been green other children grieve and no way other people relate to the no thank you very much for bringing me my deep question and you know we have a prayer ministry here, contact us at and are there to pray my heart just aches with you truly aches with you. I'm sure you and I and my wife you know and maybe her husband to sit and talk and just commiserate. You know, children just God bless you folks. We have five white of the line. Call 7777 mass Y call 770727 charismatic and want give me a call for open line line. How are you I'm fine how are you crack that you plan on talking to me knowing that people are listening when I'm in the middle. As you know, faith is not that way you have great marital conversation restaurant and now in the middle and comment thin thread that anything completing a basket and from the Mormon faith and the national poet with that out the heavenly mother and now all the stuff that I had never occurred as I did find great resources on your website but I'm finding it difficult to get significant none of my lack of knowledge that KE Siebel I went Scripture with if I correct him.

He tells me.

I lack knowledge and were bumping Hensley can't get anywhere is an oncoming or and I get his address and email the paint bomb testing bomb that opens up anything or what you could do is just to take this as an opportunity to teach yourself how to learn and teach yourself how to witness. It's what you can do recommend is get us an outline on you like were derivatives that you can use any computer and take notes while you're doing this and I'm there's a basic rule basic set of rules to tell people when it comes to doing this kind of thing first his definitions and next is is soon sentences in the next is Scripture and logic. First thing is definitions what they mean by it and was asking him to define your terms and then number two is using those statements or those definitions in statements and then three is using Scripture and logic to validate or invalidate this process.

Statements so it's a narrative to broader area but the most important aspect of this is definitions of terms don't assume that he thinks the same thing you do commission or Trinity you can use this as an opportunity.

For example, if you got a Carmen you Brett okay no little bit that they teach Trinity three separate gods and so what I would do in a situation were so this is arrogant like that is also a is a true that Mormonism teaches that there are three separate gods in existence got a God the father, another God the son and another God the Holy Ghost.

And then there's the mother goddess was that for, is that correct when what you've done is you've asked a question for him to affirm our deny, but you've also taught with the teach so anybody watching little what and if you go to the cut section on Carmen's documentation for this from known sources and so you can use it as an opportunity to let others know how wacky Mormonism is and if he says your ill-informed thing okay on perhaps I could you please and tell me what specific area. I'm not very informative and I would need some documentation pipe. I don't check it out. You keep doing this kind of thing. What happens is they you will find out and they will find out that they're the ones not very well informed. Because with their often do as Mormons do. They don't not an intellectual group there a group based on emotions and testimony and feelings and submission to their church submission to their profit submission to their bishops all discussed and so when you cross-examine them yes them to demonstrate what they're saying is true from Scripture official always go to find that they won't be able to do that now furious over the sea with them to become gods, they might go to, for example, Matthew 548 horses be perfect father in heaven is perfect PC that means becoming a God and I knew I'd say things like, blessed be perfect and say, becoming a God bodies who become means becoming a God. Now they have explained that and if you the contact is not about becoming a God is not loving everybody's God loves that's was talking about. So it doesn't take much to be able to get the person in a false religious system on the back of his heels moving backwards because you're just asking the right questions of the right time.

Strategic drawing them request and making them feel like they're keep me yet asking the correct questions in order to trip them up.

I should already know what they're going to enter you for your no editor that you have right you can go with that insula time and with this for four decades, so I've got a couple looking upon you to go to the cut-and-paste sections and compilation of a lot of stuff Mormonism with quick cut-and-paste documentation that was designed for this design for specifically cutting and pasting and putting into Facebook twitter whatever this was for a little a lot and it's very useful as it is this true to say these things. True literature and so they say. And were you getting this information well Unitas. I would then you get sick just search the web for what is Mormonism teach and Erebus could do it. So you see what you're doing here is witnessing to one person while you're talking a whole bunch of others paying attention right asking question absolutely so it's that you have one you have one question online that pertain to what might the it with a veil in that memo.

Yes, that God regret I haven't gotten to that land that I'm interested to find out what the answer there. Anther tonality yeah it's it's it's important what's what's Matthew 2751 and behold, a veil table 22 from top to bottom and the earth shook, the rocks were split of this happened when Jesus died, the veil swimming on others know the veil was in the temple and was dividing the holy place in the holy of holies in the holy of holies is where the presence of God was in the high priest would go through their once a year on Yom Kippur and he would have a rope tied around his ankle, because if he died in there was good going against is a ritual purity, necessity, and they will be with you winners for the blood on the mercy seat.

God tore the veil which means no more separation, God and man Mormons that they got destroyed all the folks after these messages we have one of the line 87707 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave we are you still there okay so did that help her again didn't know where to go. I felt like we were getting funding had not fight like are not informed on my lawyer following a fall golf ball and more than that and I felt like Matthew where we were back and he told me I had no great and I understand that there didn't definition of great different than our definition and ID for like I need to attempt to learn more term and their definition as to where there any lookup on Carmen morning words or selected members don't mean the same thing worse is it big-city terminology I forgot which written so long ago, but you understand the morning definitions of salvation of them means basically universal resurrection Trinity is three separate gods and that's say salvation will end the gospel is the laws and ordinances that you perform and understand these terms.

So Jesus is the brother of the devil become from God is goddess wife given a plan with all the rest of us. The preexistence know their terms and get to speak in terms of definitions used definitions to don't say do you believe the Trinity say do you affirm that there's only one eternal God who exists in all places and all times.

As the eternal maturing being with three simultaneous coat eternal person's that's what you gotta do and the and also seek to know how many gods are there those that are just one, with a mean is, of all the ones that exist, they only serve and worship. One of them so they have a form of doublespeak and the it's not intended to be deceptive and has trained this way, but the terminology my horse is is some bad news company that no how can they know the origin of their Red Lake Amico that Matt and Bill believe that they don't care yet understand something. There's a great deception of Mormonism. There's a huge demonic force involved with and so when they pray about the book of Mormon to see if it's true, the prime listening, false, because God did not author the book of Mormon.

Joseph Smith said he saw God the father, which first Timothy 616 says impossible and you said your same aggressive faith. After all you can do 75 2523 which is false and it just so many errors in Mormonism so when they pray to their Mormon God directly praying to demonic forces Ansell because are opening themselves up to demonic forces that could demonic response and that's a confirmation because are there not regenerate and because of this they have a psychological phenomenon skull snapping. It also occurs in snapping is when someone snaps they believe something is very difficult to get amount once they snapped is what they look for is a testimony course only talks about pray about the book of Mormon is pre-sorting to pray, to see if you think you are not true and on. So what I do just to did you pray that you pray to see if is not true. That's correct consent so it's not true because they say when you perceive is not true. It really means is see if it is true, but in my opinion it's a demonstration of the demonic authorship of Mormonism and the fingerprint of the devil through that work. The understand Joseph Smith was heavily involved in the cult and it was during the whole time that he received as he claimed these revelations, but he didn't receive any revelations.

She was a con as his family was a calm con artists and Mormonism started in 1830. There's a book written by EW Howell, a true WP and it's called Mormonism unveiled and dispelled a I a set of EI veil without spell Beckman and it's full of of affidavit sworn under oath before magistrate for judges before ministers were numerous, countless people were giving oats and statements about the Joseph Smith family and they basically think you can't trust him. They were con artists are so this is how it got started and I may be more details, but Mormonism is done as whitewashed its own history and that you've never heard of the Mountain Meadows massacre right massacre you heard about that mountain occur now to the mountain is massacre is 9/11 in 1857 I think it was where 124 give or take a men women and children were murdered by Mormons working in concert with Indians. The attack electric and killed, and this is it's not that I have met the fact and is the Han Mills massacres and problems there. They've altered the doctrine and covenants. They've altered the book of Mormon. It when you start look at the facts it falls apart very quickly, and you'll notice you can ask them when they last Mormons were obstreperous us online. All six wives at the Mormon church is never agreed to have a formal debate with anybody who qualified individual both down, they will not absolutely not, because they get your rear sanded because history doesn't support it, and the facts don't support. It's an effect.

Another thing you can do is go to Carmen look up the book of Abraham, the fiery I have I condensed a book on the four pages of a ramp up. I read it proves it's proof that Joseph Smith lied about everything is proof the car up, get pepper do you become a rental fiery and you'll see what's going on in the right okay Matt, I welcome God bless.

Okay. All right, that and don't forget to call back living. How goes let's get to Chris for my what Chris welcoming on the mat and I would wanting you think talk a little bit more about the optimal on what like exactly make them a call jerk oneness Pentecostal denies a doctor the Trinity and says that God is one person in different forms are different manifestations and because of this there can be no true incarnation of the person of Christ, which then invalidates the sufficiency of the atoning sacrifice. Furthermore, they require baptism for salvation. You can't be saved unless you're baptized in the formula for salvation is not ending with a father-son Holy Spirit, but in the name of Jesus, and you can lose your salvation so because they deny the true God. They therefore deny the true price and that you deny the true gospel is a non-Christian cult.

Oh, and that art hung up on. I got would be like if there I mean if they're still working that the worshiping and and that is not the worshiping God like directly.

There can be some oneness Pentecostal people in spite of their winter going to church and in their ignorance. I believe they can still be saved but the official doctors more of the oneness Pentecostal is not Christian. So then we have to say will have on the average oneness personally saving us that were limited in the particulars of what they know with a firm with a deny if they deny the doctrine of the Trinity and they knowingly deny it.

There's some serious problems there and then we have to get into the issue. Christ will is a God in flesh will yes he is no say will dent who sprang to. Here's the logic in Luke 2242, not my will but your will be done explain the father solution praying to.

If he is the father was a deficit.

Sprinkle himself will and how to say our father who art in heaven.

Matthew six will find himself in the father is in heaven, but he's on earth and housing in heaven. What is on earth and in incarnation while you see the flesh was playing to the spirit really so the net denies hypostatic union in a different was called Nestorianism. It denies that Christ is one person, it would say that there's two that the person of this, the flesh was plucked. Praying to the dispersion of the spirit and have and so this would name and then there's no true incarnation, which means that the atoning sacrifice is invalid. So you see, to settle work okay. Thank you for are you in that group. I was quickly my wife right on my lap about a month ago but I would.

I would like to be born into a fight. My life that we can break only here with you going now. Hey folks, we stayed to the woman lives there but there will be right back Matt slick live call 770776 charismatic so dog. I want people signed up you want to go to one artist get back to Chris from Iowa Chris, welcome on the air.

I think were talking about what church I am currently going to float around trying to find and actually looking for recommendation for I am not sure what church I would like you denomination. What is your a good guide on cardio or something you go to Carmen look at what to look for in a church and gives remember generic thing to to look for and avoid notice. General rule is staying away from any churches with the word United which is for some reason they got whacked except United reformed is good cover chapel is a good basic denomination that will help you evangelical free is basically good. I sleep along the Presbyterian PC USA but she was seen as heresy, PCA and but I've heard few things got into it, but any rate, that's what I would say if what I would recommend you do is go to the harm site go get that article which look for the church and then go through read through it give any questions about call me for the show next week but I would recommend you actually call up the churches and interviewed them you hold this to hold this to hold this like you don't want to go to a church. It is a woman pastor or elder. It's on biblical and if they teach you to lose your salvation that that's gnaws within orthodoxy.

I'm gracious that way. But do they teach you to be good in order to keep it than this works righteousness really feel about how do you feel about evangelism. The support missionaries and things like this so that's what I recommend. I think it's all right you welcome okay all right slip to José from California hey José, welcome. They met, I did a quick question regarding recreational marijuana have Brent in the church to believe that it's okay for going to get your perspective on it.

I don't affirm them. It's called gateway drug and no people my life.

I think about you got into marijuana and you had a great deal of potential and lived in the backyard of someone's house in a trailer. After a while, so I don't see one should have recreational use for drugs and the word in Greek for sorcery is for Nokia to be very careful about this kind of thing we should use things medicinally and I don't have a problem with aspects of marijuana being used for medical reasons that that on from certain aspects about a better or for equal and on and are good and so under recognitions and problem but just penniless cotton loaded and do all the stuff recreational use legal driving things okay thank you I appreciate it out. I have another quick but the fast open.

John MacArthur recently came out with translate to call the leg of the standard Bible have you been able to look at it when you think of it I haven't looked a little, so if the checking out Providence commentary stuff like that in their was going on. The big deal is a good guy some ugly word about it to check it out okay. All right. Thank you very much all right God bless all right is good on the seat next collar is lately. We lost him.

Let's get to Lynn from Ohio Lynn welcome here. I are you I'm doing fine abstracts so we got out wondering I got a complaint with somebody that bank that I met the Eric because I don't believe in losing your salvation and depth 15 level VIII and that God will blot out your name in the book of life's ask how do I articulate that link that when I don't this just a bit of lightning or saved Ascom because it's in Revelation chapter 3 verse five he overcomes us to be clothed with white garments in the race is name for the book of life white garments was a symbol of innocence is one of the series about the book of life would be is a book of where everybody's name is written in it. And then when you die without sobbing saved your names wiped out. This comes out of the practice of the small towns and things like that would have the at the gates of the entrance of the city or the town had sometimes a book that was locked up.

I had people who would take the book out there surmise with book. It was a list of the people who were in that village of that area and so when they die did cross her name out and so the book of life and crushing my book of life of Egypt died and made you perished, and so will not erase his name for the book of life.

Some people think that we might be, is just that names are all right there already alive when they die. Then there are not a Christian at the names erased from the book of life because they don't have the white government.

This is one of the possibilities and someone stood with someone so they can lose your salvation. Ascom will you do to keep it going to be asked and Eli singular, negative, pencil, paper on my gentlest give me say top three things gotta do to keep yourself right with the instantly holy God. Because I want to know things are going okay this arrogance to think like get much all right with you fully holy God that what I do and how sincerely and also go to John 637 through 40.

And it's very important there because we won't notice that Scripture can Scripture this principle when something is very clear and another something is not very clear, then you you would have have a single topic and flexing eternal security, or to salvation, and one verse is very clear on the other verse on it is not very clear. You interpret the not very clear verse in light of the very clear verse so I know relational three bus route in my book of life. What does it mean if he means it, it means you're not saved will then show me that me should I say because we have places where Jesus says he came have enough to do his own will but the will of him sent me in virtually nine this little puma sent me that all he's given me. I lose nothing.

The will of the father is. It just was not so Ascom could just lose right and if they say yes. Linda just called to be the center, as will the father said he does not lose any if he loses something you calling me accusing him of failing to do the most fun with the sinful unity to harmonize a revolutionary five and just six Carbonite so I can okay you and that you know and and just one time I remember asking somebody you know if I do testing matter. Yes, well it's okay make. Still, Claire, I'm not, that's okay. All right. Is Ascom.

What is it mean to be the book of life. Actually, Scripture and how do you deal with it in light of Jesus clear teaching of John 639 – he says I will lose none so people say go he can lose up what it always gets me the arrogance of people who think that they can lose your salvation and they keep it by their effort. Their sincerity, their ability with that well-liked out. I'll sleep. I'm glad that I know the knife that know that God don't make that date he does. If you're an open theist guy doesn't know everything and then you get on the got open season can make mistakes but nothing on the vibrate, the God of the Bible has ordained people from the foundation of the world's assistant X 1348, as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed in a minute if God appointed him for eternal life and the foundation of the world. How can they lose it.

There's all kinds of ways to tackle them but usually the people who hold that position if you don't know very much not knocking you know very much if you don't just just ask him what he can do to keep it in. Are you doing and I had a conversation with one guy gave me a list and so he's doing all these things I think you do me one favor. He said sure what we want to do as it could you pat yourself on the back because I just want you to take credit for your own salvation that you're the one wise enough to keep yourself right with infinitely holy God, you are able to do it, proud boy it we can even do it in our dream that right that's right that's right I can go to my dreams unkept Christ did.

I'm Because of the blood of Christ on Because of the grace of God. It was left up to me it have been God that is right right I thank you for helping me out like that you marry your program thanks and let you do. God bless our lives you're new to all right this get to Kenny from Mississippi Kenny welcome you here. I also learned a lot from you. Praise God that imprint no apologist good but I'm having trouble communicating explained that people simplify this event, other Christians, like trying to get them to get excited about it that grow with it for about phone on that easy to find it this way presuppositions listen is the practice the Christian that he presupposes the truth of God's existence and the truth of God's word from their everything falls in place and for the unbeliever. Everybody has presuppositions you asked for justification of those presuppositions if they asked for justification of your presupposition symbol. God revealed himself in the work.

This would satisfy position. So basically, due to sites you presuppose that God exists a Trinitarian God and that he's revealed himself to the word of the person of Christ and you just assume that when you do, everything falls in place everything will make sense where we come from God. We have absolute morals God because every event in every truth stands and causal relationship to the eternal God brought all things into existence by the exertion of his will to muster. Does that help what what you think about what about but never really thought about it and think through the hardest partners understand from a person from our point and I can acclimate him about the reality of how we know then my job without talking about out of the attitude I do know know when I'm actually using it to try to get a break in the show started and we got a go. I love talking about this time, all right, and Karen, my family Monday and sorry folks around the time of the Lord bless you.

I hope your grades. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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