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April 26, 2021 8:36 pm

Mat Slick Live

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April 26, 2021 8:36 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt discusses the need for learning and understanding theology.--2- When does lordship salvation become heresy---3- What do you know about deconstruction---4- Are Assemblies of God churches orthodox---5- Can I give to a ministry outside my local church and consider that tithing---6- A caller disputed Matt's position on Joyce Meyer.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network that's like why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research was found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Rimes is called responding to your questions and you'll have a great weekend.

As usual, all you do is dial 877-207-2276. All right, we have five lines waiting if you will give me call now with reminder were going to go on your trip to Israel next year and I just talk to the main organizer guard that is going well. We got a lot of sign-ups and more people are interested and if you want to go, you go on the veteran again towards her to show the next couple weeks we have, you don't. By the end of the month. If you sign up. It's $100 off the whole trip. Okay you check it out if you want more information just go to Carmen CAR M one work all right, all right. Five lines give me a call 877-207-2276. Working on the new Carmen navigation for those of you discovered a little bit of a different system weekend you'll notice is quite different and this could be change. The next hour to again so we need to do to get everything working right quick and slick and so people expect. I like and see. All right, so that going and you can watch the show if you like watching the show, you can just go to and on the homepage. See the link of the main page will end up thinking that later but for now it's good and you can also the ones on Facebook and YouTube and not to mention it because there's a really good community of people who become regulars except for except for one guy. Andrew is a type cola from Wales. I mentioned him on purpose because his is his name.

Cola and I was once a gesundheit of times in so doing I teased him he's a good guy.

We have people from the parts of the world to get him and it's got a great we have to become: I think it is Ukraine, where the sky from Wales. We got people from Australia. Sometimes a nice community of people going to join us and you can do that. Just go to Carmen check out the link information is on the homepage all right. Hold on one second clear my throat. All right, so you call five open lines 87720722760 I just found out that some to the board members are to go to the Israel trip to I'm going they're going to go my wife's going to go and smothered. It's pretty well that's right so Andrew could I gesundheit you cola you in Vermont hey Patty how are you scared can see, sorry we have a lot of people there people from the Carolinas and Florida.

It's great okay now so been doing a lot of dates for now not official Impromptu discussions, and this morning I had an interesting discussion with someone and stuff a big deal but I was once again reminded of the necessity of understanding biblical theology and learning with the Trinity is learning what you know who Jesus is learning what he's done a lot of people have this mistaken idea that biblical theology is not really a big deal. All you need is Jesus. That's it, which I get you as I watch TV on on on Sundays and I watch the religious channels and I see the charlatans on TV it just it.

It's upsetting to watch them con God's people, not all of the course or so.

But if the love good people there but a lot of them con artists and you can you can watch him watch them trying to sell you trinket for the jewelry amount of money and its blessed, and if you participate in getting it. Then you your life will be better like it was called a talismanic of people don't notice callousness and salinity was his talk with the select talisman is a kind of an amulet object that has magical or significant powers. Also measures religious powers religious significance and people often where the talisman in the Roman Catholic Church. Does this so with the little I know the word and I forget to remember to say it scapular is essentially talisman you say this scapular. Thank you very much and you put the scapular on and will help protect you from evil, etc., so it's just a it's a form of the cult is a form of of Satanism you where this this thing is can protect you from evil. The Mormons do it with other sacred garments and on the Catholic student with the scapular and a lot of times Christians are con did do the same kind of thing now. They arts often and are not often are not saying this will protect you, but they'll say you receive your anointing and prosperity come to you and so they don't say it will bring this to you. They imply there's a connection and if you get it. It's a good thing and so this is a huge problem and on. As I've mentioned before, is it become has become my new favorite stupid thing to see the urban Thummim was a was on the breastplate of the high priest 12 stone symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel and I saw last week I saw a guy on TV I was but just for some it was for $77. Send in your seed faith money the kind of thing and I will send you this key chain with a little 12 stones like the government. Some of the high priest and the guy just sit there dumbfounded really just dumbfounded by this and I was watching yesterday. I shouldn't do this because it really irritates me. So you know it was like single why do you hate yourself and in the head with a hammer. I can't help myself. It's like that when you watch these shows and help it and watch these guys. It's a good few girls mainly guys I I'm just appalled.

The gimmicks that they used to bring money now. I have been thinking about seeing if I can get on the on TV networks and a video room almost set up and on a half-hour show maybe once a week I got a couple connections and you just answering questions are teaching theology and naming names, I think that people leave the name names like that the heretics like Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland name names in sight why their heretical and the question of how would last very long on TV that way because people don't want to be offended and you not supposed to condemn anybody host was get along with everybody and putting your seed faith. But when so I was thinking if I were there and we had a need financially keep the arrow the show on the air.

I would to simply say we have a need financially give the air the show on the air. That's it. Would like to send you a magic this magic that you don't, we might say well here's a book I've written and we can ship it out to you know it like three toddlers over cost or some might have to pay for this or that we just need things like that, but that's it.

I'd let people know we don't need it or you don't need it to get to holy water or what was its oh yeah someone where it was so would get from Israel carved into a cross with a little dove and you can send your money again and will send you this. I couldn't do would not be able to do that in all good conscience wouldn't want to make merchandise of God the things of God, particularly the place where his blood was shed so that I could be forgiven of my sins, I would not want to say hey for 5995 will send you this cross from the land of Israel.

The actual would've Israel see you where to feel close to God. It's it's it's a charlatans gimmick and I I wonder if the souls of these people. They would do such a thing and think it's okay.

The very place where Jesus God in flesh died on the cross dirt using as a place of merchandise to get more money so I was thinking if I were ever on TV that such a situation, I would just tell people we have this need to keep us on the air and forget it will stay on if we don't, we won't. It's all up to God and letting you know when I could give you anything. Not gonna try gimmick are waste into your hearts, but this is our need. If you like the teaching. Please support us and then move on and if it goes off the articles of the air in a Christian gear Christian gear right anyway. So that irks me a lot. It does so gimmick all five open lines of install 20 McCall 877-207-2276 is also said of the three schools that we have we have written them and they help us keep the show there and keep the staff paid and things like that are $23 for them as I always like to say that if you can't afford them. Just email us so you can afford what the school gives you for free. Okay were not you just make money with her to get the gospel of Jesus Christ out.

We want Christians to be trained and to know what the truth is, so they can stand for the truth and to defend the truth and that's were doing. So if it sounds good, and Jill Baxter says the schools are great thank you very much that you got a call up and say we think the schools and how they felt that they give you one you talk about that, but those schools we do help on how they would pay the Internet to go to pay people not just how it works in on the register the realities of ministry and things like that. But if the schools are something you're interested in the check amount.

We do use and help keep the lights on but if you can afford them. Just email us at segments in the radio that I would get it for free if you can afford McKenna for an exit. We even had some people to say here pay it forward. Here's a scholarship for schools is whatever whenever whoever an exit such origins that it is equipping the body of Christ and getting the truth of the word of God out there want to do all right. Let's get to. Let's see, let's get to Dave from Kansas City hey Dave, welcome your on here. I like breaking up a little break and target area. Okay, I think you and and contribute your show. Thanks average. Now I have a question when the Lordship salvation crossed the line into heresy because I know some people called one of the famous American creatures. Eric taken I never saw him as a heretic, but think that he crossed the line into heresy with Lordship salvation. I don't know exact at Tulkarm website on it but I just need some clarity on ports of salvation becomes radical when it comes requirements to be obedient in order to be saved so so all right, evolve right back after these messages you feel blind to give me a call 770-7276 Matt Y. Call 770777 Dave still yet x-rays overthinking here anyway you there okay all right okay so Lordship salvation is the teaching that is variations in it but basically the teaching that you're the subject of both Lord and Savior. You trust and by faith. But you also have to repent of sin and be ready and willing to do that and make him Lord of your life in all areas. If you don't do that you had a true Christian. The question then becomes, is that correct so here's the thing is repentance is following the law, so the Bible says thou shalt not lie. If your liar. If you're a liar or thief, and you want to become a Christian, you must stop those things stopping them doesn't make you a Christian would make sure Christian is trusting in Jesus, so it's not our repentance and faith that saves us. It's faith that saves us and repentance is the result of regeneration will expand on that a little bit. So regeneration is a change in us and something that moves in this from a new creature second Corinthians 517 were caused to be good again.

First Peter 13 right now I hold the position of was called total depravity. Total depravity is a tutoring that the unbeliever is us is touched by sin in all areas heart, soul, mind, body, Bible says not give the references this is a the unbelievers, a slave of sin, a hater of God. It does no good doesn't seek for God etc. so he's not able right. Repent because he still a slave of sin, so he will only be able to do varying degrees of sinful things less or more. So my position is that he cannot have Jesus as Lord without regeneration, and God regenerates a person, and is simultaneously a person believes and so upon.

This regeneration were then enabled to repent, but I would say, repent, and Jesus Lordship as a result of the regenerative work of God in us, not something that we need to do. That's the thing of emphasizing emphasizing scheduling. I did not become a Christian because I chose to repent of my sins and then walked up to the orator and received Christ that will be works righteousness is we don't was so if someone in Lordship salvation says you have to believe and you have to vehicle and stop sitting breath of perfect perfection here, but you know repenting intercept. Now I don't in order to be Christian and that's a problem now, but it could also not be a problem because if they mean that as if it's the whole package that a result will is true. If they say it's good. What we mean by visitor to become a Christian, you have to make the cognitive decision to repent of your sins because that's what's to be combined with faith in order to do it then that would be heresy access yet yet.then and it goes back actually. Then, as you mentioned you might have any but the very thing would fall along that line of once Dave Dolly) yes, perseverance means that God will will bring the elect in place of a place of salvation and they will persevere because of God and OSA us right so that all that that means that God will perform the Lordship of his salvation in your life that's correct. He will be the one in my life and I'll tell you right now. Do it by July, when Otto long ago argue quickly that sorry I fell in perseverance, then it God who keeps you saved by our ears the Lord of your salvation, though. The Lord right with Lordship salvation thing comes down to the issue of you have to make Jesus Lord of every area of your life in order to be saved as a cognitive decision that you millions Lord but now I default and we don't make him Lord of every part of our life. He is so if you were the one making him Lord, then reminds me of that song was I gonna get the name of it pretty song with heresy spoken.

Lord I give you permission.

It's the Airgas that is there market information to do this, that it was at this heresy expects with bad so Laura demolished me Lord of my life is the same kind of thing. Well, you and me and he is part of the Godhead, so he is Lord, and he didn't make a try.

Your Christian he's Lord of your life. No manifesting it properly. That's the thing you know to hang out to grab the Latin struggle yet we both talk about the failures were trying but you Arrived. But regardless I write folks to open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 Chuck from Burlingham rock 'n' roll in your ear you mapped out. Your what I like your know your deacon and you probably already addressed on your radio show to deconstruct what people try deconstruct the Gospels, the book of acts of various Riesling soap and with respect. Okay well but lady who is on YouTube a link chamber and then there's another girl while the left, the chamber barely popular contemporary curtain is the thing or and he went through the big truck and pick her up with in a family of New York about the family of God, boat gone by then.

You know all different thing.

Young girl her whole life and then her what their character are not going to that well but if you give me, let me give you we want to go back to one now and he got in a number of other people. And if that look, I don't believe the Bible never and it just growing her faith and reconstruction just get that sense it means to undermine something's reliability and truth and right. I would love to give you a little sibling debates and deconstruct their deconstruction and have Christian see how they can be destroyed, but they need to be needed to be dealt with because they are as Jude says wild waves you have your grandmother's travel and I not liking like that about somebody having I believe they always say, but right now they're coconut the devil when they're doing a try. Just for some of the 41 talks about last days to sexual coma and things like this. We have people to the church were getting Christians to fall with the faith and the standards that news yet yet you're there at the one of the seminary, either wet my but what really I'm not your and you wrote a book and that the deconstruction of Mike that he wrote the book another draft but now that is okay. Thanks a lot. Not you, fellowship, organizing 772-0776 remedy side of why call 77077 charismatic slave might call sure the quick little background I got a great Catholic and got away from pretty much all I write who will join the Marine Corps when out there is a product will live my life away at the right you know later I would like getting married and I wound up on 18 years ago getting getting anything in a wonderful church in Michigan and then shortly after that move down to North Carolina and I found a wonderful church down here that I became a member of. In 2008 and state a member there until about a year and 1/2 ago and I joined what it was then called Valley family and the family got church for me and magnificent churches now called prophets that weight under the leadership of Patrick Harvey and I never felt like the true gospel of Christ to be more I'm I'm filled with the Holy Spirit.

When I listen to worship their you made it last week. You called that something love you were saying that you want your whether or not yet family got word preaching false gospel or were they. I like it clear that tradition is God churches within Christian orthodoxy in a broad sense, and by that is a from the doctor, the Trinity, and the two natures of Christ.

His physical resurrection is the atoning sacrifice and justification by faith alone in Christ alone there charismatic, which I'm the problem with charismatic.

I believe that stuff from speaking tongues or whatever so that's that. The teach to serious problems.

One is that women to be pastors and elders in the Bible clearly says no.

Paul said, I do not allow a woman to teach, I've never heard that I go to. I've never would know Elder, but I know that I go to after all the factors that okay I'm so the denomination affirms it, and that the dominate net that affirms it. It's it's bad so I did a lot of study on this.

I don't know if you been to my website at but I do not a great deal of research on the issue will be pastors and elders and I spent weeks going through various denominational websites and looking up when they adopted within pastors and elders for those at it and I noticed that 80% of the churches and denominations and adopt them. Pastors 80% within say two generations start adopting pro-homosexuality is not to say that any church that affirms what investors will go that way is just obviously it's a it's 80%, so to speak 80% mortality rate is not a good sign.

And so the sellers of God adopts this position and of women pastors and elders and they do so to render your statement on this and they couldn't not make on the consent state they are. I challenge them publicly.

Right now I will debate the issue with their best person you give me the very best person on within pastors in your right right right found you with Truth Network) you're probably an error in another pastor from the church that I go to get out of the air yeah yeah radio program and I know I was nice. He said I really love your program.

I really love listening to your program. I love listening to. I found it Truth Network I think like yours ago like okay well I you can go and what is this previous person say, but this issue wouldn't pastors 100. You did say one thing to look at you for go to library at the church if they have any books. Oh I hold hold up your chocolate different finger jumping around just your jumping restless the last little bit so I just tell you one of the issues.

It is bad and it is bad in the Sims of God is the within pastors alter system issue which they affirm as a denomination and they should not. They have no right to contradict Scripture because the Bible teaches. To the contrary, and I was saying I write right now. I will offer debate to debate at Assemblies of God, pastor, minister expert on this issue publicly that I have you know I don't have people take me up on it because I'm to go to the Scriptures.

They're not going to well they would try the context you know I've done this for 16 years radial five days. We have offered this many many times and never had anybody take me up on okay so that's one thing. Everything is eternal security.

A teacher can lose your salvation.

A lot of great ministers in and people of God to teach you to lose your salvation.

I'm not saying that they're not Christian at all, but understand that yet to be careful of that because Jesus said in John 637 through 40. Recommend you start reading the cricketing John 637 as I can often have enough to do my will but the will of him, sent me this will the father sent me that all that he's given me.

I lose none to the will of of the father that Jesus not lose any. The dissent was a God teaches you can be lost which are saved. That means Jesus would've lost which means or curricula. Christ himself said, and the worry and I have for this is and be careful to say this is not saying that everyone who believes this will do this but this is one of the dangers is there's a danger in eternal security also explained the dangers of of losing your salvation is try to keep it by being good and that's that's a heresy. I live fully under my salvation.

I think that the great God alone wrote me and asked, not that I thought that I was a God that Dr. now you are so correct he chose you because of you, absolutely, but is not notice it was a good doctrine, teach predestination election. I am you got your spirit is good and bad that you know when you said something about you an idea that the very next time I went and I checked the library have anything but open. Joel but they did have book, a book from Joyce Meyer library.

That's it. That's down the eyes go to Carmen and seriously good karma.

Just type in a Joyce Meyer and go and read through some of think she's taught and she has taught that Jesus finished the atonement and health on the cross. She's taught that the demons were literally on the chest of Jesus jumping up and down lines in hell suffering. She says she is even sin anymore. She says you can't be true Christian if you accept what she says about the atonement and Jesus going to help these raw heresies are very serious ones, and I've never heard a repent of them.

She's a publicly repent of them. We cannot call her Christian we cannot call her sister in Christ.

This is very strong language and I be glad to talk to her in person about and I have an interview with her.

I III have a mind like fire. You know that a friend of mine for everything that going to church every night doing your North Carolina and talk to him about that that you never want to ever claim the pastor or elder. She just you know that you teacher got a lot of stuff teaches heresy. Just as Jesus was born again. Jesus paid for Sam's, all hell health listening message.

Jesus is not born-again born-again means your sin is natures following to be born again is a spiritual renewal from above. If you don't leave Jesus when I hell you got a piece I like, she says, and she also says that Rachel could be called little gods anyway.

I know that a lot and I really you talk about your topic and I cleared up a lot and I don't I could. I love my church. That sounds good. I don't get church there. You have a good turn it back will great find out if he teaches that the pastor affirms women pastors and elders and see what he says just to see if you have going back is in it, and ask him in good karma. Look at the Joyce Meyer stuff, bring in the printed up and see what he thinks of that and see if you teaches, but I did lose your salvation what's necessary to keep it. That's the lose of the questions to ask. I know what questions to ask, then all that is very solid and you can lose it. What you do to keep it as you keep it.

God bless. They voted right back after his message is one of the 98772077 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic reminder were going to Israel planning to go to Israel by God's grace next year in March and if you are interested in attending going with a lawsuit go to harm will forward you the right pages. Carmen CRM Israel when and it'll give you information and for the end of the month through the end of the month. If you sign up to go. There's $100 off for the final cost is accepted in the month to let you know karma is good to see Joe from Greensboro, North Carolina. Joe welcome you on the go to the prom.

We got got a question about this occasion, yes I can out great. Got a question about tithing Christian. For well over 15 years all away from my church and getting back into the word get back in the dirt. But I haven't found a church that I want to connect to get what I want to get back to Kylie in and given back to God.

What I meant was rightfully his. Got a couple of churches amount of also got a ministry in mind that the drug and alcohol rehab center that's also a Christian-based wind that baby something that would be considered a ministry I was a minute you would consider that hiding I would think so. I don't see things in Scripture that says you have to give to a church in order to properly ties what happened was the vexed tides were given to people that were then dispersed among other churches and other people different geographical areas to help them out because they were didn't have the food or whatever was this what part of the giving was for and what we've traditionally come to believe is a tithing is for that particular church you go to lose wisdom to say you pay when you get fed you know you don't buy McDonald's hamburger go over to Burger King pay their own inner hand, if you're not in the church and the healing between that happens it's okay you know what happens then you might want your money to someplace else… I know people who, for example, I give money to a automotive place where they can give money and say here hello hello this is for people who can afford to have the car fixed uses towards that or you could give money for week you don't wish to know a woman who her husband left her, and commit adultery and had kids the whole bit and she was struggling so is it okay then to say support her have a few people say we know it were to come alongside that of tithing to the church we give our type to you. I see from that either because that's what the church mostly doing anyway that's I think is better for the church. Ultimately, but I wouldn't die, so if you think is a good ministry to tides to go for it is not in this church volunteer work for quite a while and still do not want to try to help even more. What I'm coming back in.

Then I give even more.

I did a work so I did fill fencing you confirmation what truly felt was corrected like so tithing is coming good tithing is between you and God. No one has to know you tithing not some people put checks in and get a tax receipt. That's fine so people just put cash in. Not once, but not better than the other.

Some people say I don't want to type your church because it has so much money and doing a building fund that I see this little lady needs a wouldn't you know roof patch while training someone help that you don't do that and with the glory of God. Fine. I see a problem with that in Scripture.

Well, that I do enjoy your show will follow good as we like. Thanks.

Love you, but it all right that was Joe. Let's get over to July letter Joel from North Carolina to welcome you here hey Brad, I hope you are doing well. Grant by God's grace I met a man that wrote hey I got a archaeology quite glory. The caller that Dave not here thinking I like where did that come from ET call what you think it was Cheech and Chong Daves that you got rattled my brain and everything will likely come from or along the way she'd taken Daisy's list and that this elitist became it's funny but so there definitely not Christmas and I was just joking I should set it to that magical thing about the kind of stuck but the any rate it was fun from brother's for sure that's right red letter that it God bless you.

You have a great wrote you to go bless all right, let's get to Sarah for my wife Sarah. Welcome you are on the air half our thinking and you shall not hate actually week spoken before, but I'm writing all day and night.

I love that your theology you know via worry that something you don't share acquainting and I really I really appreciate your and your knowledge with the help for something that God the bank.

In about 2011.

I had to experience that I felt like I was to cry like a pleasant first doing the I love you diligently thinking I Kind of answer all I'm 20 think I'm going to get you know I do have bargaining and peeling and I finally know I can't. Mary and TV Hank Aiken tell you that I'm talking her and my life is grown. I don't like you like to think I church here in Iowa, get the pack. All Bible-based straight meat and potato and I am learning and growing Bible study and may make it a strong I'm going here in the Lord. My love for him and down and I don't know if I could pick out without her encouragement and I like how I defend her, though, that because I'm just so grateful for the message it really enlightened me light on for me and it gave me awakening. Thank you. I owe it to her to get me on the path for whatever my dear.I'm to go to bat for her little bit because I am you make grateful for her. Well let's just say that God can use unbelievers, heretics, false teachers, godly people unbelievers every in order to accomplish as well so what I think. Think about this he could he could have helped himself up until the point where he Jesus said, I commend my spirit into your hands. At that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. He had become. Soon he was no longer the son of God. He was sent when you think it was no longer the son of God. That means use the I don't I edit it and come greatly. I mean I got a question that's damnable heresy to what we call damnable heresy is that if you teach it and you are you affirming believe it that he stop being God you can't be a true Christian because it negates the sufficiency of the atoning sacrifice in the resurrection some seriousness kind.

Now I understand. And I understand she said at work and I don't write and I don't know. I guess I haven't heard about ever though I'm not Asian, but she has said okay great is that in.

I do believe that, but okay. He held accountable for she has said this.

This is such a serious heresy that the that the elders of her church should bring her up on charges. This is that bad.

It's equivalent to saying Jesus is not God. She said that Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again okay. She said Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place, and as God promised it was Saturday God rose up from the throne instead of the demon power terminus is a God of the sonnets in the synagogue and go and he says, she says, his spirit went to hell because that's where we deserve to go. There's no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth that Jesus with the help which he means is he with her and suffered. You can you be a Christian unless you believe what she says about this, say right now right if she does not repent of this. She is a false teacher. I don't care how much nice stuff she says because even the Mormons teach that God could let her plan is a goddess wife.

They can help you by saying nice things and have truths in them. We as Christian men and women need to collect the heretics. The same sorry you may be good and a lot of other areas but you cannot you cannot insult Christ Aiken agreement and I've never heard her say that like I've never heard her preaching that I only hurt her on her contact of her own inequity and I know it's fine. I don't know that you're right and I've got this evening are added that his document from the books right also cans Copeland has said heretical things. Then he said heretical things.

Joel O'Steen has said heretical things understand something the body of Christ is weak and it doesn't know the Scriptures and so false teachers and teachers that tickle the ears will rise. This is the Bible prophesies. I think this is what's happening and if she were to repent. If you to come up and say look I said these things in the past you know what they're just flat-out wrong. Recanted to praise God. All right, I've never heard her recanted anything like this. Note ever told me she has I think this is so serious you can't call her a Christian. Okay, let's face it is hard holiday night and I said I like about you Matt you really are like I'm not sugar coat and put it in her trick going to think I need and I appreciate that you're in. You know that your business and I'm soon.

I love your. A lot of want to continue that would sound good enough to go around here on about a road appeared in Christian work with the real deal and it is not always easy, but it's real and no on is not easy for reality. A sailor casino studies is to say it like saying is not a pleasure is not your cocoa finally said. She said there this, he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not state that he was in the great three days in a time he entered hell were you and I deserve to go because of our sin, he paid the price. There will most important decision you'll ever make. By Joyce Meyer second printing May 1993, page 35 that is damnable. Heresy is benign, the sufficiency of the cross for things a lot and I love all right.

Jan from Virginia please call the once saved always a REMIC call the Lord bless you hey folks, we write back tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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