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April 13, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 13, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the forced government closing of Grace Life Church in Alberta, Canada.--2- A caller wanted to discuss the Covid vaccines.--3- Was Adam a son of God---4- Did Adam kill the animal to clothe himself or did God---5- Is it ok to have money---6- Another caller wanted to discuss the Johnson - Johnson vaccine was from aborted fetal cells.--7- If Satan was already bound during Jesus' ministry, how did Satan tempt Him---8- If church buildings become illegal, what about meeting in small groups---9- Does it matter that God provided a ram in place of Isaac rather than a lamb-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a Matt Slick Live branches called respond to your questions at 877207276 pairs.

Matt slick. We have five open lines 877-207-2276 and to let you know that we get in the works early stages of the works morning things just wouldn't be converting the schools to a new system would be involved and go working on that with a web designer about this today in the work shall take a few months but so were working on that and also the change in the homepage a little bit in the navigation a little bit because a navigation thing is turned into a bit of a debacle's code of technical stuff I'm working on that as well, so be some changes there a little here and there.

Not a big deal and let's see let's see let's see if I'm open lines.

What you give me a call 877-207-2276 now so the newbies this is a Christian apologetic show talk about anything and everything here mainly Christian theology, biblical theology person and work of Jesus Christ of Trinity hypostatic union to me to cut you into my tomb, justification, imputation, Roman Catholicism, Islam aliens UFOs women pastors and elders all kinds of stuff we just study our study a lot and getting ready for long long time and love answering questions and talk about what kind of stuff so wanted to give me a call 877-207-2276 now want to say that some of you may be familiar with the Graceland church in Canada, James Coates, who had a service in spite of the ridiculous laws in Canada to not have church services have church services and he was arrested and spent a few weeks in jail, but I understand. And then we got out the first Sunday. They had a church service anyway and I watched today on a video I watched the live presentation of the breaking news James Coates church dated and closed in Alberta. So apparently what happened was the government hired a fence company to put a fence around the church and hired security to be inside that that perimeter fence to prevent Christians from going into their churches. Now, pretty serious is pretty serious domestic question you think this can happen here in America you corset if you think that when the secular leftists getting controlled at 30 to play nice CYC with Christians and the freedom that we have in the freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble, and to disagree with the by many names by different face.

A man and a woman" you know I say it is just blasphemy the.

The leftist agenda does not want us in our schools or in our society to know Christian influence and Christian foundation of the early foundational fathers of our country and they rewritten history, they reinterpret a lot of things and you are country is precipice of self-destruction and reason I say that is because 20 2020. According to bag here in my opinion 2021. Even worse, I got reasons for saying that. Talk about can I believe that God's grace and stinging hand is being removed from our country and there are some things I know about heard about something or verify to be very, very disturbing, as is our leaders abandon the true living God. As it happened in the Old Testament was Israel would vanish with okay I guess were back on analytic tech problem.

I don't know how much you guys heard or didn't here subscribe again grace like churches, located in Alberta, Canada, and they put a fence around it and they block that the Christians from going into their own church and they put armed guards inside security inside the gates of police are inside her everything. The Christians are outside and you can condensed so I have actually have the video and the link to it loaded to get that link harmed during a break or some like that just put it is a is a link to the video and see the big deal, but for those of you gorgeous it up with after the break and Philip is an article and it will be a nothing article just as will information link.

So here's a thing is, it is this kind of oppression that happening happens there can happen here to my question. You heard this before little tech issue there.

Do you think that when the secular leftists gain even more control. They have now you think you can play nice with the Christians you think that you're going to say hey you disagree with homosexuality or abortion, pornography, adultery, lying, cheating and stealing guy disagree with that woman is silent you for your conservative views you think that's going to happen more than it already is happening. The answer is, of course it's gonna happen more you think the secularist who don't serve God, but serve your own flesh and serve the ultimately serve the enemy of the gospel. You think they're going to say hey we want Christians build to have their views to find ways to you not to mask the issue is that having a plan for pandemic of a plan that you know they plan it out and it to get control of people so is likely to happen because I know human nature.

I know the Bible says about human nature and is not nice. None of us are good. None of us deserve salvation and we need to be saved by nothing more than the grace of God in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross so grace, like as being walled off by two layers of security fencing in a black tarp to obscure the entrance to the church RCMP relocated meta-police and private halogen security are here aren't CP have no documentation to present to the church regarding the closure, but are keeping members of the property so this is this is important. This is in Canada and as it is, we know you know crud rolls downhill. It's common to us just can take some time little bit more time and Christians I'm telling you don't sit idly by. Don't sit idly by and lose our rights.

I've been warning people. I've been telling people this is what happens do nothing to do something so let's read one person said in the chat room leftists would hang us in the public square.

If they thought they could.

That's what one person said three neatly a chat if you want to participate in the chats we have a live radio show. We can also watch online. Just go to Carter, architect and and you'll see on the home link on the homepage you'll see that the video there you can watch and in this video address for twitter and some other stuff and wait for but I did want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jason from Iowa hey Jason, welcome you on here I met going your general guy to get a hold of you know that every time I called. Have you had to get out and you know you get your little beef line or whatever. That is what you is that is not you. So I just yells. That's right, you just continue to ramble and I don't getting it on the mound that that's right is right okay I know no that wanted to touch base with you yesterday at your talk on the back right you and you are talking about, like mRNA and what you want. Those that did my life that BS than she ever need microbiology, virology, and basically the reason the mRNA it bad first audit gets given trial. There is none of that done before the vaccine was put out and I had a video.

Maybe I can email it to you at info.Carn but it was basically a published research scientist that was talking about the cause of mRNA because it not necessarily bad in and get they did not remove certain an affair on peptide proteins or something like that and it eventually the base roof is acting and though the way virus receptors work is it like a flat surface with nodule that have it right in the virus can come in. Attached is receptors are those nodule and the mRNA vaccines tricks your body into the cause of the only producing those receptor nodule. However, because they lack the peptide proteins in from the deconstructed buyer. Life is a and somebody probably more scientific could explain it better but it has the opportunity to change your DNA and that's what I can turn it.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not bad yeah J&J's what I've been hearing about is a good one.

It seems to be the old style which I'm not against backgrounds, though I do suspect that my autism might be the result of vaccinations. We got it in the military as a military get vaccinated of the laws. You and so we think that might be part of it that whatever is on not against vaccines just vaccination too much too soon drank with looking stuff night hearing with J&J heard that it's it's pretty good with the other ones are DNA altering.

I don't want to mess with my DNA. It's already messed up as it is right yet that the thing that I find interesting is what they said like 150 million vaccines out of the J&J factory not know another that actually been acceptable by the public.

Whatever quality control or drilling. They they yeah yeah Agathon article on it last night. Morning like that though J&J's actually stepping in and they're taking complete control of their factories because I do not.

They think I am a mad thing like that are violating quality control back to the fact that whatever makes my side effect out interesting that you talk about that. Yeah, that. But you know, so why would the one that's not DNA altering. Suddenly be in Onyx inaccessible the dealing altering one has to yeah right J&J that basically it like that. I don't know if FDA like quality control issues, or if it will factory quality control issues something like that, you know, you think something like the devil interfering in the garden a lap could see no know what you know what you're so much crud going on. You don't know what to believe about anything in spirit. I got conspirators. Is it just legitimate hoops like like that I could do this I mean you no wiser than walking around wearing face diapers when when the you don't basically leverage herd immunity and people, but 70% of population has already experienced coded walker.

Why have met on the you know, as I as I throw my mask on to walk into the medical building because I can't get in without it all right in Maine and I would like to thank Dr. Leah could come back. Reason 33 cents worth. Love even better and your life you wife knows that all his genetics and stuff like this.

Yeah, she's a nurse. She has her RN CFN and studied microbiology, virology, or data they let the doctor while he's a Catholic aftershock to be coming up. You know your permission wife would get a break coming up but I want to study this different different reasons as well for video and then that to you to talk about it a lot. Okay to break okay now but okay all right hey folks, if the lines you may call me Rick Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt slick horrible the back of the shoulder, but we have three lines 877-2076 Araiza set a do it in a brick and I did. If you go to the Carn homepage is put a little link see the link for the Alberta church, think on what watch the video and this did you watch a few minutes of accident.

He could see it link up a little bit and take it down for a while the artists on the church closure fencing and so people can go to church because the unit that the lame coded restriction laws and inconsistency is attacking the conservatives. Let's get to court from Ohio. Courtney welcome around here are you I'm fine how are you I now find what is that whatever I went outside depends what you mean by son of God like length since God, yeah, it would appear the son of God will listen to God by the spirits and so we would say that were saved and so therefore by adoption were sons of God. The question becomes, was Adam saved and my position as Jesse was because the pre-incarnate Christ was in the garden and shed blood and was covered with animal skin was his atoning sacrifice, and so I covered him and I would say that it was safe. So in that sense, yes, he was a son of God. The term son of God is in reference to Christ in God in flesh.

It's also a reference to angels and Job one ethically six talks about the so well him, knowing that's what was I before he was saved. Yeah that's a good question because that's an interesting will because we thought about this way but it when Adam was first created. If you died right there begun with the Lord because it was no sin, and so then he did sin so is not an issue of salvation because salvation means to be saved from the judgment of God due to your sentence. The wind applied it to Adam before he was following. But after when he was during his fallen state, it would seem as though he is interesting? Think about that that seem as though he would have been lost if either died maybe would've gone to hell, but the Lord stepped in and atoned for him, made a sacrifice and oh so then he was okay. So it went, or what he was was using the state of righteousness. He had not done anything wrong so he was okay child of God, depending that's how we define the term child of God because of the means by adoption after the resurrection of Christ, that it wouldn't work tell the God in the sense that he's the offspring of God in a generic metaphor can then yes it is using different IMAX you know and has received them to give the right to be called children of God.

John 112 talks about so and did Adam receive the sacrifice so it would seem to be the case that he did because it was applied to him. So then what and that's actually the child of God is good question.

You know it's something to think about all like I don't like that you people just one person waiting for the lines Jos McCall 877-207-2276 okay okay with that. I heard that that God that sacrifice it with Adam. I know I like pathetically guys that got right back up site yet that verse and there the Lord made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. Yeah, so the Lord who did it would. I God literally like the wind that yeah yeah and that's all you can do is what it says son where the guy got the information that it wasn't some Scripture and I quickly considered child of God you look very much like a big like you got your neck: I think the folks if open lines want to give me a call 772072276 yes make people uncomfortable. Yes, with all the controversial things because the Bible addresses everything, everything is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. So all kind of topics are fair game and would have thought you discussion on biblical theology, biblical issues, topics, and click that you McCall 877-207-2276 is the mark from Virginia Martin welcome that I was right by God's grace we got good for our pilot hadn't been online with your form yet, but I cannot get online is good like 50 people right now all night though.

I think it first Corinthians. At the very end. There were all talking about the wealth of the rich want to get your thoughts on that they would like the last, the very last see Campell prescriptions might be, in which the context which is about the rich but having money away that we should or should not do anything think so yeah I was thinking one thing as a side note in the final cut led me to a different ending but to get your will, you know it is okay to have money I think is the dishes are to be a millionaire is a Christian absolutely yes. Nothing wrong with you. You have God-given talent that's all I am not working to live that's true or not good or poor listeners might not be either. But you don't that that not I really haven't lots of money. This is fine, but you get lots of money you make more money so that you can support ministry so you can tie to support the work of God, that would be the reason the primary reason to make money going to provide for your family and provide work for other people. If that's possible, and to build a tie and support. That said, God gives us. There's a verse for scripting, saw it as a tenant dove articles 2019 20 2119.

I forgot is his to build the temple, says it's from your hand.

Lord to give back to you and I love that because this that's true. We want to give back and what God is given us so we have lot of money then support us and also Austin amino support ministries and stuff like that in time of yeah yeah got got low thing in on you good to pay a lot for the lot back right right and you know there's think different things people can do to help other people. You don't have to just tithe the church that we get back. Please let is very good to hold on to Martin right all right hey folks, if you would like to give me a call 877-207-2276 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 pairs met all right but what about the show. It'll type problem during the break of time to do it. Rebooted the calm Rex back onto hope of things okay if the people a chat room panicked because the sound went dead. All right, so let's get back on the line with Martin from Virginia all right you there yeah I'm here all okay yet about the Canadian character allocated in their your you're right, you are you McCall that the common this company be prepared and invited within organization here to be organized to fight a lot people don't understand something in every single world war that we Americans being and there's always been people few W-2s escaped except for one war we were hand and that was a Korean War and it was because of the Koreans did is a simply took off the leaders removed and every was just much cheaper.

They did not to do didn't organize so much happening in a sense the conservatives are being ousted and not allowed to rally the troops so to speak. This is one of the employees that the secular left is using as a stylus conservatives we can get organized so we need to be organized in order to to fight against the onslaught of secularism, how people think you know what you think that met your job as a theologian you should be talking about this kind of stuff. Let's wrong because we are theologically were to be involved in every area of life. This is what the Bible tells us to do make disciples of all nations all nations. Jesus is Lord over every bit of life, not just church life in your Sunday morning so we Christians are obligated to do not just pray. But to pray and do I have a saying trust and go you trust God you pray, you work your pray and go go do and got out the door generous to do something so that's what it was was redoing that you have that fate got great and if you have the work to back it up hard at work when you don't have the faith yet and you all a lot living in a quick example of the because years ago I was my roommate before I got married, and especially with a Christian science lecture and pass out so literature gets criticized as non-Christian cultists in Southern California. I forgot to get the the address in a city called Tustin the night we lived in Anaheim which is where Disneyland is anyway so I said I don't want to go anyway and the trust God get in the car on the go down there soon I can find it in the hundred 50,000 people in the city was going find the one small building that having a meeting in my room. I said well I'll go with you and the long story short, we have to found the place very quickly. Even before the they got out and it was just weird how things have let you closer before you know if you not trusting God and going to mirror the miraculous things don't happen that will happen later. Without the got connect with the and and pray ardent truck in front so the caller okay crackup was yessome of the other ways to help people out is you can go pay people's bills don't see a mom who doesn't have two jobs trying to make ends meet and you know you just go pay a bill that she's got things like that. There's things people can do and it imagines that in all kinds of ways of helping people out. We talked with for the breaking in different ways to help. All right anyway, look at the Denny from Richmond, Virginia. Danny welcome your on the year hello Matt, all right survived and I got a good start. Yeah, and you are aware that Johnson & Johnson properly developed by fellow art unit heard that and not to research it and here there's an ethical issue. There because when I turned violent lab call yeah what I heard was that the cells that they used are from the 60s or the 70s and even growing them and distributing them, and that really did this once again heard there was a woman who had a tumor of some sort is so vague like a member in the they have. They grew this tumor. She passed away the glue. This tumor and has distributed around the country because it has certain properties. They run tests on and it helps with vaccines or whatever it is that you do so. Okay, so what you do don't do not cease. For example, experimented on the Jews and the group gained a lot of medical information. So what you do do use that medical information is used, they gained from that kind of stuff or do you not if you don't then people could save this much helped yet. If you do your benefiting from the torture of the people for what you do and these are questions that ethicists have to deal with in the Scriptures don't tell us exactly to do those kind of cases so the J&J I get out I got a researcher to find out more and see the tocsin or theologians about this because you my initial reaction is I want to do with it. If it's from sacrificed babies. No so that so then what you know and then what you do with this. I think you can buy yourself.

If you have your vaccination passport and alert it.

So I would rather fight it out fight my druthers, I'd rather have a DNA altering one then using one that uses sacrificed baby cells, you know. But then it would just bring in a rock and a hard place.

This is the way that secularists organizations but was going to happen that people are going to have underground asked vaccine passports, but you can get these can happen, you know that well defined paper did not favor the passport thing requirements writing like a press secretary that when you know parents, I wanted to my parents and yeah I do my parents or something very interesting. They told me because my dad was in World War II. My mom worked on B-17 wings and factory and they said the Social Security was developed during the war to help fund the war effort and was promised that I would only be temporary and entry numbers and all the and here every heart that we have to have this to do everything. So when they get power. They don't give it up when they control they don't give it up right now and I'm really worried see on the pessimist when it comes to human nature because I believe that the Bible says that that I believe the Bible says I don't trust people unless they love Jesus and the will to die for Jesus, and will trust you.

Okay, but are not met to fill you right now.

From what I understand I would if what you say you reminded me about that but I do find out more so I don't see nothing and I've had covert I had it so why do I need a vaccine right my immunities in place so that I 64.

I don't have a route that it has a five bottle right and you may have a very few really obstreperous and irritating, like me, then of the germs don't like it was much I might be good may be may be my life how to shake your head right now not the case. No right or I will God bless. Okay. All right.

Let's get to Matt from North Carolina.

Matt welcome you on here.

Matt. Think of a conversation Earth's crazy. I don't only think a lot of people are aware not.

My question felt like a second that I couldn't help but to piggyback on that conversation. I don't know if you've heard of Dr. James Lyons well prominent scientist to petition the FDA to remove the danger episode out of the vaccine.

I'll be back thing and yet the eight that fell on deaf ears likely still not a lot of people realize that number one the vaccine is approved for use has not been approved by the FDA everything and then while the dangerous epitopes that are actually in the vaccine. You look that up off back but not been removed. They skipped the pathogenic priming phase with the trial animal. The critical phase they skipped the best interest in the market is a lot of things that the planet educate about how scary I don't think the thought of acting control center of anyway, my question, which is now last week I heard you saying that Satan was bound. I guess I think about you when you break people get to this. I love to sit on. Or so will get back. They falsely write back after these messages to open lines 877072276 Matt slick. Why call 770-7276 is Matt's leg away by the waste.

I just remembered something.

Prayer ministry and if you want you can if you need prayer for everything just to this email is and we have prayer team that will take up your prayers and pray for all right

Let's get to Matt from North Carolina. Matt welcome you here again my question is I recall you last week thing was brown, but I was little confused because when he appeared to Christ tempted them. What was that it allowed with the not found that the better question would be is when looking back now I don't know exactly when he was down but Jesus is Matthew 1222 232. In order to cast out demons to strongman Satan has to be found when Jesus was casting a demon so you're duty-bound that that's the life that have been a temporary constraint on Satan, one of the demon out of the dome and earned him out and says his strawmen has been found solicitous of Jesus it and is so and then again, here's another question. What is it mean for him to be bound because I heard one commentator, Satan. You can bind a dog on a long leash and he's so to speak, bound to a certain area, but he still freed in that area and so what does it mean for Satan to be bound and I don't have the answer anymore than I have the autonomy to be outside of time. I have no idea so as the Telus doesn't mean he can't do anything, not necessarily mean the demonic forces can't do anything that is Satan is bound not necessarily so moderately accurate, very important. So some people think will and I think this is my mom Bill. I think the Primo position comes up a little bit stronger on this issue and that if Satan is bound during the millennial reign, a literal thousand year reign.

Then he can't do anything with everyday but Emily's happy onion we have blue skies all the time. That would make sense but if if Satan is bound or that time zipping all the demonic realm is bound also because Satan is bound. So then the Primo doesn't seem like another certainly doesn't announce some of the mill camp say that Satan's been let loose because they view the millennium is a figurative length of time because, as the context is used in Revelation 20. Abuse and so they sink something and you look like you might might've been let loose 100 or so years ago World War I old work to get all famines, plagues, earthquakes, no rain cats, dogs, and so silly both think this is probably what's happened is things are getting worse and worse. Faster and faster but I don't know for sure one.

Thank you Matt crusade argument.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

But he got blessed. All right, let's get to Bob from Salt Lake City Bob welcome here are ever question for you interested in the church. They locked out and I think about John Whitfield. How they had liked. Quakers and Protestant and somehow John went to get all the colonies united together to make United States Creek colony became a state. And so that saved but it wasn't Whitfield. He was a preacher he was involved with the loss of the river was got all these religions unite together and they were able to put their religion together to make United States Ellie call me when life I found a good thought that lyric be able to unit unite, but then I got thinking that another guy that was a restaurants like Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and the like.

Your talk about. This church is being You yet by three, 405 or six people going to church but what he would do that. I start going to church the way that you put people like groups of five or six family and they show them how to preach the gospel to another and how to learn the gospel and want to go to the church. They basically start off thinking about themselves because when they become mature enough to start thinking about other thing they send list to start their own organization. Another qualified family got a thousand people up down some old small town Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, that the going to church without, I think we should do that you know you can go to church.

We should put ourselves in small groups what you think.

I agree with it. I totally agree with that.

In fact, I was thinking what they could do as I was a pastor. The church again. One of things I think about doing as a defense from church. Okay, everybody will be to do is Sunday we have a church service out in the field and everybody bring a chair and I went to get it out loud speaker in the stencil of a car back of a truck so that it will preach a sermon can have a service there and preach it loud enough so that the security people can hear the gospel being preached and because we don't need a church building to building. We can preach anywhere within with the probably do in Canada's sorry you killed a decibel by problem of hurting the centipedes still five blocks away, who held no doubt leftist rack read or look about women like women like in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Russian. When they were determined to go from town to town on my small little groups of where they went. I thought that was pretty cool to be pleading for their faith and courage.

After the up if you go back to all amazing back in some countries, if you become a Christian. You expect to be killed within 10 years saw countries you can expect you will be tortured and murdered your face. I heard a story once about think it was in Korea I don't know for sure one of those probably wrong but it does matter where the bad guys found in underground church and they had a great outside and they got some sewage human sewage out of the area and get a cup to the pasture is as you drink this and will let your people go and he drank it was going to stop you know it's it's so got a lot to be thankful for than this in America that were not persecuted like people are all over the world the way of faith is thick at the cross and follow after Christ, and most Christians in the end of the countries around the world to history have been persecuted and we need to stand up for the rights that we have and stand up for Jesus. The freedom of speech, freedom of religion. The freedom to preach the gospel that we need to do as Christians.

Okay. Here are the goblins not let's get to Mary from Des Moines.

I will marry welcome here. Normal yes I can.

Loud and clear. Raquel my cracks. Jennifer and I forget where, but I think I'm Abraham, and they were dying back. I just and Abraham that God will provide a lamp.

They thought that on John the Baptist you got the Lamb of God and methylation thing is that man.

However, God provided it ran and I don't know what you owe it and I'm thinking like Chennai at the New Testament. And about that Catholic family. I can pop that godly in Christ reconciling the Belden and that man God can doubt you see a lot of things so I'm not sure which would flatline like God provided a RAM rather than land.

Oh, it was just a God provided the sacrifice is Exodus 20 because it's a typological representation of Jesus because Abraham is the father and Isaac is the son and Abraham and Isaac took wood upon the back on his back up the hill, as did Jesus hangout. Now I'm not but I didn't understand what I think I'm Abraham that why they were expecting Lamb yet it says godmother Sarah Lambert, Lamb, and I'm wondering why let Landon Beckett ran it got a new thing and I'm wondering oh, you mean that because in Genesis 22 eggs, that's the question we look at might I think the answers you Lamb for the birds offering and down Isaac Toffler would nicely son the reason I broke the hold of RAM and 30 right widely adopted by the ramming RAM when everybody but in the Old Testament battleground is our path of death and I request I get what I godly in Christ reconciling the world. Though I ran them into error. Lamb.I thought maybe God that I don't know what it people that I wondered what people that Kathy thing you need Them might you might have been well what is it say as it looks like the last just a young form of the RAM is the same kind of an animal that was offered and do some research on and see the particular relationship there. This looks like something like I didn't want to share ever occurred on Friday talk and I love public radio that you have fine dynamic mighty fine in early, aren't I fancy dad and I'm not sure and I really prefer people (when me say something that you might want to check on that that when you have a shot or coded you're not automatically there either type of thing that you can delegate that and I'm not sure but I think even if he had cultivator shot you can help the carrier cast out looking day that you had coveted year. Okay things I do want to see the website and read up on and see what they say.

I got so much research to do the books in my second book in quantum mechanics the past week and studying that on the night I go to bed so so yeah thereafter I got dying their body between midnight and I lamp my brain. Now I want to be in that novel lacking well lacking. I don't check that out to you. So okay with excellent appreciate that. Okay, well, interesting topics lately, so the call is waiting, so folks, this remind you the usual next year.

If you work seriously want to attend with us all you do is click harm CRM harm and I can check it out and appreciate that we are working on the schools that's coming up to and as usual, we have lots of topics to talk about. So if you have other tops going talk about all he did was call us tomorrow and we can blab and yes we got time October 2 if you know links, in particular information. It might be necessary or relevant to the topics we were discussing lately sent to me at info@karma.organism always looking for new information. I collected and then when I do a research project. I want to stuff the Lord bless you and by his grace will back on the air tomorrow and hopefully will talk events of the letter but have a another program powered by the Truth Network

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