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April 13, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 13, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the three main strands of annihilationism.--2- Matt discusses cults, covid, and wearing masks.--3- Do you think mask-wearing is preparation for the mark of the beast---4- What do you think of the long-term affects of the vaccine---5- What do you think about Franklin Graham saying if you love your neighbor you'll get the vaccine---6- What advice would you offer for someone going into ministry full time---7- Is there ever an appropriate time for an -altar call--

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a Matt Slick Live branches called in responding to your questions at 77 Matt slick is not a radio name is my real name public health worker plus Matt slick because of a golf you will give me a call. We have five open lines 877-072-2761 to hear from you Michael and you a question on the Bible actually know just about something we do this, think before Thursday (I don't have gun shows like to go to them and just check things out. And every now and then will get there and someone will have a booth promoting Christianity and always thought it would be cool to have a booth there at this time but where you have a sinuses asked me your toughest question about God, Jesus, the Bible existence, logic, evolution no salvation, heaven, hell is a list of things asked me questions and I enjoy I enjoy doing. Enjoy answering questions like that and I just ask that if you're interested you want to ask questions along those lines were know what's going on. You have questions give me a call. Alright, so if you do without. 877-207-2276 and the largest of the sound fixed. If you want to watch you can do that.

All you have to do is just go to CRM.O are and how you want to shows no big deal to me, sitting in a chair with a headset on and the office we tickle calls here so maybe you will get a call. Folks 877-207-2276 so annihilation is and has reared it's it's in my opinion, ugly head, and I'm working on an article on taking a while to go through it so's guy I know became friends with Ashley. Recently he was in debates with 212 debate and I think it went really well for the traditional view that your eternal conscious torment view and the annihilation list viewing the good very well. It's my opinion and on so I watched the entire thing and I'm going through the annihilation lists of video where they where they can debriefed on what you think happened and the Bob for me, which is damage control that that's what I was saying it was there some interesting things that are coming up because of it. I'm writing an article on writing an article where I'm to get specific last list of specific questions for the annihilation list and an attitude annihilation is list of articles of Artie got unharmed but annihilation is an is the position that you will not exist anymore. Upon death are three main views that I've discovered are found, and maybe some annihilation.

As we know something different to say more popularly can correct me that's fine. What I've seen is regarding human nature is one view that says when you'd like. Nationalist annihilation lists will say that when you die that you continue on existing and that you will you wait until the day of judgment and if you're a good trust in Christ, then you to be going to heaven, and that if you did not unity annihilated you be wiped out nonexistence. The other view in and say that view is not heretical.

I believe it's an error, but it doesn't. The nine essential documents. The other view is so slick that when you die, the human person doesn't exist or does exist it's a stern state of unconsciousness that has problems as lot of problems with it and that is depending on on the view held by particular individuals with impact position. It can be really dangerous or not as dangerous and leave the third view, which I consider to be heretical of flat out heretical is the physical list you, which is when the human person dies, he doesn't exist anymore and they could be resurrected and judged to annihilation or and/or eternal life, depending on who you are and so that's the view that I believe is damnable in its heretical viewing his reasons for it. Sometime as to the personal Christ sufficiency the atoning work out how to fix hypostatic union of the two natures of Christ.

And so I'm writing an article where I'm going through dealing with the after show or the review the conditional estate annihilation lists.

I went through and Chris date and Glenn Peoples are talking and I'm trying to understand the view that they have on human human soul can't.

I can't figure it out either. Not very clear. And then also one of them on the dock of the Trinity.

I could keep listening. I'm now what happens with I can't figure out with the doctor. The Trinity is this is problematic in my opinion, heresies, voltages are never alone.

They always have bedfellows and depending on the initial heresy. It will affect other areas of theological precision and cause problems. Alright, well you went from working on and will be ready for day or two, but some working on them as well as other articles if you want to give McCall folks five open lines give a call 877-207-2276 and if you don't call. I will pick a topic and go for it and I'll probably make people upset because of what's going on out there in the world, particularly in the country with the coded with so many other things that are going on so it's the right mixture. So we have people in the chat room if you want to call in on over there.

They have questions they can do this very rare we don't have questions right away.

So what is going on in the society as a sister with with covert and mask wearing and I've been doing research to be writing some stuff on it as well and I'm still surprised the people wearing masks so readily and so easily like I've had covert and my wife is had it for me it was no big deal.

She had to suffer through nine days of fever forage for growth me. I had one day of fever done moved on a lot of people that don't even have any symptoms at all life that it and been through it.

So why do I through her mask.

Why do I have to go out someplace where mask when I've already had. Furthermore, were little people were vaccinated, they have to wear masks still. Also, why is that what's the reason for this I think about this. I'm relating this to cult a mentality because in cults are various kinds of cults where you are supposed to adhere to the system of thought that is within that theological system in one of the things that they do is keep control over you through varying requirements. If you submit to those requirements than they know they still have control over you and so this happens in Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. It happens in Catholicism. It happens in Christian science unity.

Islam has various things with each of control. I say control versus freedom because only in Christ are we free and were free to be able to do we want to do and not do it. We shouldn't do and things like that in freedom, but cults always put a a fence around your life with the issue of control they don't have the doctrine of regeneration where you are changed and 12 by God where your natures change and made new creatures, and contains 517 your born-again Roman Cecily John 33 through eight don't have that may have religion and so religion has the parameters of do's and don'ts. That's all your to adhere to in order to keep yourself in the faithful group. So what's happening out there with the issue of business mask wearing.

I've been reading material on on stuff and on the sink don't wear a mask saying that because of the official here messing don't wear one.

I'm asking the question, why is it that we have to continue to wear masks when people been vaccinated and are immune because it already had its in an empirical one. Why is it that the mask wearing is still in place all over the place and this is to me very disturbing because to me is reminiscent of mind control of person control.

If you wear the mask out in public. I see people in cars by themselves wear distinctive mask you don't. I just don't get it. So I'm thinking of the terms of of mental control of societal control now in my face in my sink too much and you think I'm right. You think I'm wrong. What would you think I see this and I'm concerned about.

I think there's a loop in my control going on. I that's my opinion. I do it on the sink wearing masks during a pandemic is not a good idea. I think it is a good idea if you have a good mask, but you do it properly.

You can be touching it with her hands all the time because it just spreads germs on the outside and you breathe those out. The air goes through the masking and the germs are removed from the outside of the mask out and you should always use a clean mask every time you touch it, you should if you will go home you trash that mask or wash that kind of love even exist and use of the mask is reading up on how it's will to be done. In fact, they've discovered that in the areas where they have a lot of mask wearing. There's no difference in covert cases than what I don't about that and furthermore I discovered that the majority of deaths related to covert or people 65 years and old over and the average age of the death. I think it is.

This was at 7078. And that's the average age of the summit dies of coded I hope I'm remembering that correctly read it's a couple nights ago and yet coincidently, the average age of a human being in America is 78.

Also, it looks like the getting this thing when there you Dr. McAllister anything with her towards in the lives anyway, that's callous or not important corsets, and it because we all get high from something our last sickness or last something. Whatever is before we go and so they're counting this as as information and then say now everything where mask it just you and some is not right and so we have the leftists secular leftists in control of our government and they're all wearing masks just has me worried when you think I can write.

Let's hear what you gotta say let's get to Chris from Ohio Chris, welcome you on the air you brother update you on the spot all the light like about the repeating out there and I don't like playing with covert you like only 70 something covert on the right thing in their covert letter "they got whether the matter but did not give you like it on is more to it like they are on the repair of the mark on this on the mark but I cannot but believe you are nobody.

Eventually Mark opened the bottle be more than it was about the numbers and everything like what about this like only 6% type covert was completely healthy.

Though the 94% listing that underlie his food.

Not like our role and how you break so hold on my call on this topic or any other topic 77776 beers and renewing your mind with Dr. RC scroll persuaded Christ is the vine and still not be awakened to the sweetness of we still may have not gone beyond intellectual recognition there still may not be any affection that has arisen from our hearts are from parcel the awakening of sensibility that sensitivity to the excellence of the things of God to the sweetness of the things of God is something that is done by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit works in word with word and board today's special offer is renewing your mind.or why call 77077 pairs nicely lined give me a call 877-2076 Chris from Ohio back on here but are you your number one, so with the latter part of the mind is not what you think about all with tiny kind of wobbly other earners notice almost normal morning on the go. To make a stronger I've heard that particular Garrett you know that I have heard about certain drugs are being administered and experimented on.

For soldiers that cause them to be. Melissa say, better soldiers I've heard about this and all that was good.

And that's okay. Now it's this is a concern that I've had and the research.

Check this out that we shut down our economies for the Hong Kong flu back in 1968 from 64's. I remember these okay when AIDS came out in 1981 the SARS virus in 2003 and that was a coronavirus SARS West and Merce of 2012 that was current virus also the swine flu 2009 Sica in 2015. Why is it that this one we get a shut down everything it's it's I don't know if you know it's it's a problem because everybody they shut down economy basically millions of people lost jobs, the economy is in bad bad shape. Now, got the leftists a $2 trillion stimulus package.

You don't you don't just print money causes inflation, which means we end up losing our money value and this is a solution that they've got for 46 why didn't we shut down economy. For these other things we didn't.

I went through these things. If you are interested you guys out there interested. There's a book that slipped through on Amazon they didn't examine I will most probably want to get rid of it but it was it became the number one bestseller very quickly called the Faustian bargain FAU North Ouchi Faustian bargain really interesting is a lot of information in there and so the the the overall clinical consequences of coded 19 may ultimately more of a can or can to those of severe seasonal influenza, which is at fatality rate of .1% and while wearing masks, wearing a mask may also have unintended consequences.

People who were masks tend to touched her face more often to adjust them, which can spread germs from their hands that are coughing and have the adjuster met and I hate II did I were mask for a while, and I'm constantly adjusting it and I had trouble breathing so I was constantly moving it and touching other things to go shopping. It's just ridiculous what they're doing anyway.

I recommend people to research the on the kind of person and I cause problems this way on the kind of person who believes in trusting God and going out and doing something.

I don't believe in just trusting God sitting around. I did swap meet many a virtue and half years I should dress like a punker good on the beach of California. I did phone ministry went to prison ministry for nine years of done you know, website, radio write books to debate something going out and doing that's that's me and I don't if you don't do all that I just got it just me.

I believe that Christians are obligated to do something, whatever that might be in your particular case that's all but the thing is, how can we sit around and and we have to be aware of what's going on. We are called to be aware we are called to know truth and called the study. Don't just follow whatever he tells you, especially some guy named slick on the radio. Do your homework and you can do kind of slick and radio that just talking to a guy today who is it was Keith that with names and he says he's out there in the Carolinas.

Every now that I called donors and say hey thanks for supporting so many I can't do it all, but to talk and he said to read a listening mask as you go to the Scriptures you go to the word of God like a membrane or trust the word of God.

You know all okay movement. It is no let you go but will overall whatever but how do you both think about the loan like is very nuts on the go to guy your no wagon wheel know what you'd like to hear it. We don't we don't know what they look great together center to research on the go to Israel next year and it looks like it's going to happen and looks like all Israel's going to do is require a quick test when you arrive naturalist necessary which is very quick.

Now there are.

I've heard the Johnson & Johnson is what I've heard maybe people know more than me. At this, which I'm sure is out there. I'm heard of her that that is not the one that causes DNA alteration and so that's what concerns me and all my DNA altered but I've heard also that there are past vaccines that do have that effect. So which ones you know you are to God and I don't know you just got a lot more research and I'm in the middle of so many things Barbara God bless you all rights we have two open lines 877-207-2276 Cliff from Florida. I I don't go near that I don't do all right hanging in there what you are great at what I think the big bag.

The what people were gonna do, and I think they faded with the ad states that the statement as people have their client yeah yeah but it like you can't you can't you can't get the money out of it and I think that by the way, about you can read it that they came through by the way of the most so you know, like from the higher up your they're looking at in there like that all the people of the everything that we face based on know that we can show that back in so not really deadly or theft like the flu that you cared nothing about.

But if you do everything we thank you notes to turn for the I'm with you now. One of my interests is UFOs. Their interest is quantum physics been reading some books on quantum physics lately and another one just yet is weird interests.

Another one is Nazi Germany and the only reason I'm really interested in that as I heard that years ago I heard that the Nazis were involved in the cult lots like I'm interested in studying them over the years of other things and so the propaganda machine of the Nazi socially were socialist party. What people don't know the Nazis were socialists that were socialist party gets what about other socialist and so when they got an absolute control to get the so the propaganda machine when you can control information, you can show the population and that's where home to both you write back of his messages with Cliff after the break of one of the line 877207276 max Y call 77077 people come up tomorrow where Matthew more loudly with the software near Matt and Mark, why do you think about where never be but they could properly people will admit that we can show you know what I'm thinking but will biblically speaking, this issue of quarantining and shutting down economy biblically.

It's only the sick were quarantined is now Leviticus 13 and I guess you want to dismembered Leviticus 13 chart reading through it and you'll see that it's the sick were quite obtained. Where do you ever find that youth to quarantine the healthy.

It doesn't make any sense and you shut down economy to do that which causes far more problems anyway. There's there's a liar in the world. That's right, you know, why do people sit down and agree to this. I don't understand we know when it first came out okay. Did know was going on but now we have the information wise a continuing doesn't need to so and are part of people hate because Trump was one way on it. They have to go another way on I am not something political but I know a lot of people like the witted because Trump would write would, but left hated Trump so much as all you heard some people start believing the media into believing everything of which happening is there's polarization going on America conservatives versus liberals using a distinction going on and it's it's not a good thing.

And with my buddy thanks a lot Cliff. Okay they are dormant. YouTube got blessed are the to Giuliana from Raleigh, North Carolina. Julie welcome around here too.

And thanks for taking my call to share and really everything I feel exactly the same way and not charged and build the same way and I guess I don't understand, and it seems to me that you know God as a Christian that we can file things and what really hobbled me deeply that I've got so many brands to you know claim to be Christians in Maryland and the church at that you talk about that you know that are fairy ministries and the feel good if they don't think biblical principles and a target and they are starting with all of the candidate and it's horrible heard me pretty that they are blinded and can't feel he and Dan I was reading an article today unlike you have researched and read everything I read the last articles in the last article from the right 88 website format and conclusion with my limited knowledge cannot find it, or Dr. but formatting and the thing that we hear what you're saying is spot on and not make any day now nuclear plant site.

Franklin Graham came out and I probably won't get the exact quite right side. It was something to the effect that Franklin Graham was quoted as saying that if you love your neighbor and people to get a vaccine either 14 or he would tell you to get back and like the former, however. What concerns me here is not cleaned RNA technology is very new and we don't have any historical data on it and I got members in my family, debtor and biology and in working vaccine and they are recommending that if your bank line that gained a vaccine if the old traditional technology. I quickly backing the thing around her in a decade, but you know I don't at me as a Christian you know God designed us perfectly for our economy to find this thing and see your point. What you said earlier the a lot of people that are succumbing to their ear half predicting commissions or have rates alike yelling my dad was here by the government is not yet ready to eat angelical community and my light Franklin Graham is stating their publicly yelled out not to hear your compound that bothered me today.

Every day I think I can't read anything new that can about any of its right to quit everything because I want her to discuss anything you know now, me literally just can't read when really think that the burden me like about my light Franklin Graham because I think he doing in community a great disservice. Good luck with that statement's if you got a lot of you and if you know and I'm proud to say that he's a brother in Christ and that he preaches the gospel of every opportunity. Praise God any more men like him but to say that if you love your neighbor to get a vaccine. Well, it may be true, it may not be true depending because we love our neighbor is to put him first or her first you know. Above ourselves is 2125 talks about this kind of a thing, but what does that mean well you know if if it means taking a vaccine. This can alter my DNA, and maybe make me more susceptible to something later on I like like to do. It is been all of my neighbor, but if it means taking a vaccine that will stop the spread of the disease, then find out a problem with lungs is not made with aborted fetal cells and alters DNA so you understood it just hello it is not an easy question to answer, but you know where are you thinking what you are not on your headline in a really crazy day at work that may be taken in our country and maybe he talked about don't, they are in her closet the barn with aborted fetal tissue. You know what is there more to that story that I didn't see me because that gift currently get everybody you yelled out my terrible Christian I'm not getting back to help. I don't agree with that. I agree with you.

I don't plan to take it if I am forced to for various reasons. We'll see what happens.

I don't want to and I had it so my body is already done its job and by God's grace so you know okay what would life the ticket for why they want at all, you do want submission by the population. This is what cults do. Cults with a do is control the people. They do it in varying ways summer. Moreover, some are less over to the more overt or the Jehovah's Witnesses difficult the Kingdom Hall got to be involved with the church. They tell you the truth is, and yet the study of the study and study their material that is an overt mind control you have lesser kind of that without cults that will teach that they are the restored gospel of the resort truth. You gotta be in their group for the troops.

And it's always about the truth and so what happens is when a governmental system or society where the. The information production is controlled by people or certain group with one mindset that's how they control the population by saying what you have to have this all the news media outlets are saying the same thing we don't know if it's true or not, particularly since the news media it doesn't it doesn't know ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, they do not into the issue of truth. There into the issue agenda with a sizing of whatever can be done.

This is very obvious it's been there for long time so I don't watch them a lot I do I do my research but effect are I recommend you will get the conservator was its conservative Pro app for your phone conservative Pro app's are great and a lot of that when I looked out certain conservative news.

I like the conservative boy then I don't feel like it had an absolutely cancel and there's no real only trade and your show that important to me because I feel like you do your research, where not in our monthly donor to your program and I would really really appreciate what you're doing and being a voice reason and all of the entity and an average which everybody would look in your show and I was able to get an agreement you would do research with an open mind because it you know how I would like. I try all right to open lines 87720776 max Y call 77077 with Adam from Oklahoma Adam welcome mat Dr. ministry offers converted about three years ago I said in all a lot of your lessons on a disk with server and you want to be a more typical direction on that ministry and second question was going into Opelika above the long version. Make sure that I do good job about a family wife. At the same time I'm looking at going to become more involved directly ministry after the great church and what what advice would you offer someone if they are looking going into ministry not like, but definitely going to ministry full-time.

What if I offer to someone looking at them thinking is different levels advising you for different functions but generically speaking, if you want to going to ministry your wife has to agree and it's not up to her. But if she's not willing to suffer with you through it, then you can't do what you shouldn't do it.

Ministry picture this ministry is like seeing a brother in Christ and you go pick him up. He's hurting and you put your arm around and you're walking him to a better place and he stabbed you in the back while you have your arm around him and you're walking him to better place and he continues to Jeff that you know my singer so all believers are. That is something you have to realize you're going to face because Christians love God but their sinners and you'll find that there are situations in which in ministry where you have to be the one injured to protect the sheep and you know I remember it was a church split that happened in San Diego when I was back there and I knew the pastor and people wanted me on on their side of that side and the passion I had lunch and he couldn't tell me anything I'd already been through so I'm an ex-pastor right II said the only things you can't tell me right. He just nodded. I said is probably things that if you did tell me it would defend you, make you look better because it is true, but would injure somebody else and you can't say anything right and he just nodded said I gotcha.

I know exactly was going on me generic sense, but this is the kind of thing you can be ready for and what's even worse, that's nothing that's nothing compared to what God does to your heart will tell you.

I thought it was pretty spiritual and I found out that I'm a miserable wretch saved by grace By grace used by grace, not nearly as good is humble and wonderful as I thought I was. God has a habit of putting this in situations where our own hearts are exposed and we have to deal with things down deep that are difficult and sometimes it means humbling yourself before people somehow to be just before your wife is under 20 means you and God are having it out and of course he's going to win rights. It's all kinds of stuff like that. The hardest thing I found about ministry is not the people, but my own sin is know for example pride you know and I know a lot of stuff and so we have a lot of knowledge well that can bolster pride will hate.

Don't worry, I'm humble really you, and when I write so start thinking that God has his way of smacking me down to put me back in my place in this is what you go through, over and over again and then there's the financial problems that usually occur and then there's the people who are needy and want your help and you know you'd rather not. But you got to because it's the right thing to do is it and then late night calls ministry is hard work.

You talk your wife about this if she's willing to participate in this with you okay if she's not and can't happen because it'll it'll wreck your marriage if she's willing to then okay and you get a pray study of and I keep a journal, so that in 20 years you can look back and you can laugh at yourself where you were now and say boy was I ignorant, stupid jerk. I'm glad God decide use me anyway. You know that's basically what it is and you still can't believe I could use you as I heard one preacher say I'm glad God predestined if the foundation of the world could look at me now wouldn't pick me. That's right.

Thank you very much and La Habra that help it… Now let's try something else. This was called the internal calling the external call the internal call is you feel it, it's there in your heart, your mind, I would do is pray about that with your wife letter letting her know about all this you pray about it is from God, have him increase it if it's not from God. Have him decrease it in your heart because we don't want to have this be a sinful fleshly thing that you're not even aware of is the case, nothing, it is or is you know just how we are so wrapped and so that's the call. The internal call. The external call is the body of Christ recognizes that gifting and calling of God in you, and externally calls you to to serve so that there's more to this soap ministry is hard but is worth.

I've never worked harder in my life than in this ministry and I'm 64, multiple retire at 65 and I have no plans of retiring, none you don't keep going because that's that's the calling: the answer it and you walk in it right our brother God bless you know what happens okay alright let's go the calls with David from Florida David, welcome around here Dave here had to yet at a quick question about that. What you thought was an altar call that a lot of the reformed circles are are quite a fan of the altar call the general observer time that appropriate and that they work or should we avoid it altogether.

I see nothing in the Bible that prevents altar calls I got say that an altar call myself, my wife did to that doesn't mean that our experiences would validate something. But the idea of confessing Christ. We want to do it publicly because Jesus says if you deny me the two men hold value for God is a public aspect to this. So is it wrong to walk up front to receive Christ course not the river I'm very reformed. Okay, I've no problem with altar calls. I was in a preacher of the church and I felt that you know it was timed at that moment in a sermon or whatever it is to preach the gospel and to come forward as a's public declaration that your trusting in Christ. I would have no problem doing it's not going forward. That saves you. That's the important thing is not the prayer that saves you that appeal to God for clean conscience first Peter 321.

That's what the true baptism is. And God caused us to born-again first Peter one, three, and it's that working confession that he gives us the faith of Philippians 129 so she's the one who does this irony probably people walking forward. I don't need you might reformed brethren would take umbrage with that book should I say show me the Scriptures that says you can't make my socially were just as you can well they went forward in public.

Did they not in various forms in the Old Testament and New Testament. The did not go forward. I get baptized from apical proclamations got do things yes well is for an altar call this to so I read the problem with, just remember I think your mother helps a lot. Thank you. Okay just never though it's not going forward that saved you is not just praying that saved its trust in Christ what he has done and that can manifest in different ways and one of them could have light with the original trickle okay okay I met thank you. All right, but I got bless alright, let's get to interesting okay paroles from Florida.

Welcome dry all right all I wanted you about Scripture verses what you think about Genesis 1. What you think about the firmament had a flat earth person out of the mouth.

I don't believe the label but that that point. Don't believe the benefit of the ball without a container and watering – and eventually water link there that you long time anyway and he didn't answer my question so I could tie with this is going to so also some notes we know about.

So when you wake up this get his heretics here as a heretic guy named Braden from Twin Falls. Your complete heretic understand they Braden are you doing with my brother.

Incidentally, I know.

All right yes that's right you. You gotta know you're right that's right that's right, you cannot reminisce on and now you're right, you got a call to a pastor should what's in Hagerman yet either.

Yup absolutely yes. Think about your ministry is an acute blessing.

All well in spite of I was think about going out to Joe again. And while you're preaching to slap my four head a lot you know and just try would happily love that you met last week.

I think I got your text with it that I use your common man got a lot about the illegal debt being canceled at the cross, though you really good really really good at it with the gospel centric technologies are minute with good stuff. Good for you know you you little you so great to see an idea about.

That's right, I had a quick question for you. I hope I can get out before then your show but with the Olivet discourse of the Matthew 2590 24. Do you hold a historical review and idealistic. You futurist or a predator. You partial plagiarist was on the lineal sale and I am in on the good so that works within that in Matthew 25, which is eschatological and it's technologically talking about virgins about the various things in the winter, the go to the left and things like that some partial progress on the up and that's within orthodoxy course full plagiarism isn't that question yet. No doubt I would. About how you do those go chapter. Don't you know that's how I how I am. Well, that's because you're smart man that's good you're smart. Yes that's right very humble very very multiple but I know that you're the most humble, though I know I like to let you know so that I pretend not the I IBU it very similarly. My note the reason little brighter is because there question in factories leaving the temple and their questioning him that in two different question about the end of the age in one of these things come to pass and when the confirmation and so there's two different questions being asked.

There is though I see it is rhetoric article writer's answer as well. You cool cool man got left and have a good rest the day and age, and I would love Joe and I talked about the literature about their conduct is hassling you submit will do that.

Please feel I was the gospel all right. The goblins got black yellow light but all right. He's a great guy. Let's get to Brian from Richmond Virginia really fast. Brian welcome all the time. I'm sorry, but even that was your best life they physically call back tomorrow and we can talk about effort will all right now that I will very you. Sorry about that all right is the focus tomorrow. I hope you great. Bless you.

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