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April 9, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 9, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- When did God make the laws against incest---2- What, biblically, is a eunuch- Does that have anything to do with homosexuality---3- Are homosexuality and abortion the only things-sins that should matter as a Christian or conservative---4- Can you be a democrat and a Christian---5- Do we have to sell everything to be a Christian---6- How exactly do we make disciples---7- Why do we have to hate our parents to follow Christ---8- Can you be a freemason and a Christian at the same time---9- Have you heard of the idea that only minority groups the true Israelites---10- What do you know-think about Psalm 119 ministry---11- How will we see-perceive the Trinity in heaven---12- What's the best way to talk to a homosexual person about Jesus-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was written found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances no call to respond to your questions at 877207276 pairs.

Matt slick want six and Israel were going so far we are and you never know what happened in the world but plan to go in March next year, and even multiple fools today were serious. If you're interested, just check out car your room and you could feel the information you need.

All right, I think that stimulus if you talk about loss of helping the news and theologically as well.

Your call is coming and that's always good to Bible study tonight and go to the book of Jude and enjoying good versus now versus 670 stuff to be doing some eschatological examination on some things missing people up as I usually do quite good at it but wife says I'm good at irritating people and the big obnoxious so you don't use what you got for the glory of God. All right to feel the lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get the call from Orlando, Florida. We lost we lost you to call all you do is dial 877207227604 open lines give me a call to talk to Rick from High Point, North Carolina Rick, welcome your near what you all again. Yes, I can hear you fine okay I enjoy talking to. Even though the gorilla okay you first talk about this biblically.

Did it come after the float question so sure what's good?

I have to look into that. To see did have Curt flood once sure.

Did you know I'm I know what did I mean, was it sanctioned at that point, when was it that God is out with the rules and about not doing that thing was it was after the flood could include in the in the Mosaic law.

Yes, it's right.

What did happen after the flood. Yes okay okay I know you know about me only logic I will know.

Ground a while for Bob on the concubine, no matter the okay to say which is near going on talk just a chauvinistic joke. So… I know all those lies. I/sandwiches, so the trouble would be comfortable like that. Now okay okay and you hold the unit and her mother could not not know that there thing but the difference want to know your biblical different then it's our unit was a man who castrated to work for the Queen all other women in that right yet to be chosen for that or they worked volunteered for it, but the procedure until the removal of those so that the masculinity would not progress. You have heard her arm up a direct yet nicest people were born with the gentility that can, so to speak, go with the way the why.

Okay now horrible, try to come. You have to do it, figure out will that homosexuals like to say so, but homosexuality is an attitude and connected to the heart of the fallen heart was born a hermaphrodite near some genetic abnormality that results in ambiguity in the physical sense but I do know curse but not very often if they use that as a justification from sexuality dinner there is nothing logical category mistake and that there are two different issues in camp one over to the other, but homosexuality is a rebellion against God, even though they may not acknowledge that, but it is rebellion against critical to this dreaded lot lot but almost became a problem. Thanks thought of Michael Moore and Vic and bandit and then lot on the left and his wife so so that when it was really convenient and he would condemn one day and all MRI. Well, it was.

It was deftly condemned in some more at issue blitz you know it it's it's also condemned when it says in the garden and not be lonely critic. God created woman for the man. That's how God could think so. That's against homosexuality right there, one with a little different little bit about open okay okay okay now all of the that we listen to the right stuff. The Democrat ticket out the way I'm independent I know about the conservative bar like brother and is a big bottle so much now because so much to the extent I will let religion. Religion is a joke but Christianity made what I think that all would control the cost of two major all the Bible talk about that we should grow is always homosexuality and abortion. Now I don't thought far right condemned a lot more and I'll get on with your own. It unit but is it auto dictated the rest. I don't work, then the other. Those are the only ones biblically speaking, the Bible actually teaches against socialism against communism.

It actually does say it speaks about biblical representation six with the right of self protection. And a lot of these things are and are woven into the Constitution that the early fathers of our country understood the depravity of man and that's why they developed three branches of government. It was never intended that the people who would occupy various roles like judges would be there for the rest of their life and that politicians were going to make a career. The idea was understood you going for one or two terms. And then you went back to your farmer back your family because you went into serve you with it largely to serve God in ways not that way anymore. Nelly, the politicians, I believe that a mental problem and I'm witnessing this to be mean, I believe, is a mental conclusion that articles about the issue of what happens to the physical brain. When people get in Palmer, the brain actually enters and it becomes problematic I believe is there's actually problems we just just just in way I do so speaking would talk about against drug abuse, pornography, abortion neurotic you out at the right socialism drunk, drunkenness, violence, all these things which are society now is promoted and because of it. The judgment of God is coming under the ultimate question number that you go, it is what I see mapping in my mind. If you would Democrat all else, quote all the people, liberals mouth, not a Republican, conservative, but I'm a Christian. But when your media and we spent some time talk about talk about the issue. It occurs to me that they far right thing being that if you would Democrat a liberal you can't be a Christian. The lack of what I know you can be divided Democrat and Republican and W Christian. I'm just saying by sitting like he was on automatic. A true Christian should not vote for anybody who's pro-homosexual pro-abortion, pro-socialism, things like that. That's true pornography. Of course not way because other things are against God, and we can't submit the word of God to our politics.

It's our policy to be supplied to the word of God, which is why preachers should on occasion necessary speak from the pulpit politically well that I thank you so much. I don't know how I'm on the gravel thought you will know. I don't think I should think about doing what and you out LOL out with your work for one reason I'm a black market, but it felt weird.

I grew up in okay and not: I mean it being self I'm familiar with the client. They live in the neighborhood had to go. Go to college and work every day or there will not nine but no, when I began my professional career I was always the only black in the room because of the trade I chose was a structural engineer and ended well. Don't rely so much that it must've wiped out all will grow well and I don't get along with the new black culture for reason you keep talking about the black glass matter and I get up. Talk about the real Nana movement, Joan would give him 10 but the problem I held last matter is in pink. But I think we are not cropped good time if you want will not back down. The problem I have not been here in and in your world that you if you don't talk about Blyleven matter about the black on black crime is not an everyday, and it dictated in gang and drug and drug given out like becoming black.

Last matter that you set it under. I'm glad you said it, that's been an issue, and a lot of people talked about that. Incidentally, I wrote an article back in August 2020 black lives matter. I went through and analyze what it is they said what they taught and it is a very dangerous organization. It is very, very dangerous, absolutely. This is all black lives matter to matter who, what, whether they are and I got quotes is talking about. They want to dismantle cyst gender privilege. In other words I'm born a male.

And I believe in being male own equity privilege to dismantle that this is the kindest of that. The talk about making space for transgender's against man centeredness a dismantle patriarch practice to disrupt the nuclear family support of queer affirmation and then it in and I updated that they modify their site and have quotes and there's other stuff and the cofounder Patrice con coolers on the breeze act and in the breeze that was. She is absolutely for limited federal programs and agencies used to finance and expand criminal legal system make recommendations to reduce the Department of Defense abolish mandatory minimum sentencing laws, ending life sentences abolishing three strike laws goes on and on repealing laws decriminalizing drug offenses. You don't removing police armed security metal detectors etc. from schools and governments abolishing state gang databases in thinking against knowing what they have across information about how bad they are. The only reason this only half of it is a bad thing.

The BLM is that bad. Do I care about black people. Of course I don't care what color you are just here a really good person.

That's all it is not a black skin people matter.

It's people that's it. In golf, the same people fairly.

That's what I do qualify that. Thank you so much Matt you enjoy your day. They think a call and then appreciate you, but but about right on the rightness of the phone with JT from Virginia JT welcome your arm at the foot for a timeout with a Herman select your second," on the been bothering me recently. All in regard to the Bible versus on the Bible you will not break coming up okay with every get back folks to open lines of what you call 877072276 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave 72276 go with get to JT again go their own without the first in the gospel for God's work.

Aren't you earn. The young British ruler and the other problem can the mainland.

But really bothering me all family that you give away all of the we do in order to have been more whatnot so shall ruler had asked Jesus what good thing must I do to enter the kingdom of God.

So he's appealing to his works with Jesus often does as he speaks to people in the area that they themselves want to be judged by Swiss is okay go so everything it all and is getting way said couldn't do that and I talked with the law but was a loss.

I do this do that.

So what he was doing was condemning the this man for what he was not able to do because he wanted to live by the issues of law can't make sense and select but we are justified by faith alone in Christ alone. Romans 320. Romans 328 Romans 41 through seven of Romans 51, Galatians 216 to 21 Ephesians 289. There's all kinds of verses that talk about us only being justified by faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not by works, and false religions and works of salvation so you better cooperate with God were to be saved and cooperate with God by doing good things were not doing bad things in order to stay saved this up to you and your goodness this is. And sometimes potluck churches can go on earth believer word. What are the note not to go and make disciples of all the nation will work with both the really don't like because I was offered with different people have different abilities, and I'm hearing a radio level large website do lectures teach etc. well somebody I have a friend, for example, whose mechanic and what he does is he helps people do work on cars so that they don't get ripped off and he serves God that way I know another guy who does doors and windows, and he does a good job for the Lord he does.

Always good. Work is trustworthy and he gives a fair price and he will drop the hints every now and then really know at church this a church that is trying to be a witness. There are different ways of doing that. It can involve a mom. Being at home all the time raising kids if that's what happens or dad the same thing and being at work and giving the employer a good days of the day of work and get the right time when it's appropriate sharing the faith about the Lord so we could be all kinds of things depending the people on the good things that they have been reading like different articles online, heart like no I Catholic home still is not José but whatever. Stay with Catholicism. It's like the Christian it's a serious trigger for your lot number. Do I have to do all the beauty you raise it, leaving about whatnot.

Nothing the headworks to salvation.

And this is why the Roman Catholic Church is apostate and so end of paragraph 2068 in the Catholic catechism. It says that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments.

Well, the Bible says that we are justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

Apart from observing the commandments.

Romans 328 and so this is just like go into it a lot but Catholicism is not a true Christian organization. It is a pseudo-religion because it adds works salvation promotes the idolatry of Mary among many things. So stay with me, you won't get saved in Kabbalah bike believing official Roman Catholic theology right so the okay so let's if I were you know I just read Romans chapter 345 read Romans three foreign filing and to study what it says you see that justification explain justification is biblically indicate when we sin by breaking the law of God. First John 34 so when we sin, we have a legal problem before God and by the law as a punishment. The punishment is death. Romans 623. The room is since death, and so we had to be justified definitely to be declared right before the law and we receive that justification by faith, not by faith and works because we aren't able to keep the law because the standard of the loss. Perfection.

Romans 310 James 210. Deuteronomy 27, 26 talks about these things so justification me to be declared legally righteous by God.

According to the law we receive this righteousness. Righteousness is not our own. The righteous come from God by faith that's flipping 39 okay 3-345 all right all Wednesday. What about the profession home. Why do they if you don't get it but you're not my disciple. Like aiding your mother, father has what it meant was in comparison to him, you hate your mother and father because the guy said before and said they go bring a mom and dad were braver than my parents and that was an idiom in that culture to me to wait for Billy died and then you buried them, then you able to be free to get it, you're obligated to articulate parents in Jesus, but that that there is a dead and he said you don't worry about it going take care of the stampede to come follow me because he's more important than anybody else that's the point, 30], you're welcome so much).

God bless I write this get to Carl from Orlando Carl luckily on the air. No mom came in and get in there I got a buddy for you. Think like we got all got up to court court cannot call you buddy like a minute, in part a month doing the bond. One of my friends believe you know and you can be a man there be a remake. I would like them the question what that can you be a Freemason, a Christmasy time.

Yes, you can.

The higher up you get into Freemasonry the more secret oaths are required in rituals and so it's doubtful that a true Christian could remain in and that very long and stay in it so but there are levels at dark branches of masonry where people can describe this without approving of people can be in and still be saved because the don't really understand what's going on, and so they can still be saved at the technicalities norms that you know we should be involved. Freemason evokes me right back after these messages, you have three open line give me a call 877207276 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 charismatic sling lines watching the call 8772 server 207-2276 which OR 87720-7227 six back to Carl hi Carl, welcome your equipment goodbye were back we got your youth cannot make the big got theirs levels of awareness of people that have knowledge and ignorance about varying levels of Freemasonry. I recommend people don't get involved with Freemasonry doesn't mean that someone who is a Freemason automatically is not a Christian because you are different. There are organizations within it where it just the club and so let this make him nonbeliever, but in the higher levels. There are oaths that are taken, and in the real upper echelon the sum of the aspects of masonry.

It gets into some demonic stuff. At that point any Christian approach is that they went on we can do that so just some just issues there since I can't a safe know you can't be it. Or you can be Christian and be one at the same time.

Technically you could, even though I recommend that people not join her get involved masonry okay are, of course, there was one of Mark like a good buddy basically believe that is right. Black people monopoly my hand like Dominican that he believed the life of the true Israelite and the rate you matter based on Micah on the authority of the study and benefit. Hebert as Jake and that right is called Black Hebrews like this and it's false, it is the fifth of like like it will like the delete like it like minority it to Israelite. It's yeah insistent. It's a racist thing is what it is.

The non-Jews and if you look at the Jews go to Israel, the people who know their ancestry for 2000 years. They deserve answers to come back into the land.

You know nothing Caucasians a true proper race on my saying that all understrength. They don't look like Blacks or Asians. You know the clock is late in the and that and that their distant descendents of what Israel was. So what now is not is not the case that that the true Israelites are just the manure Nordic groups okay right to have the entire regular grid for the no black recorded live a safer environment take to his racist and sexy I would never say white people are the chosen people see I would say the chosen people are are that there's two sentences. One is the elect from the foundation of the world. Ephesians one form or the other is the people of Israel, the people of Israel can be multicolored. Who cares how to say no.

The white people of the chosen race that's racist but they say the black people are chosen race that something is not only this, so it is racism right right right but if the favored commitment to stay with that stuff you know it it's just I could tell people is only one racist the human race were built differently.

We look different. That's it. There are sins that have been committed by one group of people upon others in the Blacks were enslaved a lot, but a lot people don't realize. So were the whites. They were enslaved to, and not as much in Indy's America, but it is a truth and okay you know what we do what we what we do is we learn with perspectives 13 says love does not remember a wrong suffered, and if we are to look back at any of our own ancestors and say this other group of people weathers of skin color or a nationality oppressed my ancestors therefore that other group of skin color people or that other Nate nation. Whatever it is has to punish me punish this ridiculous my ancestors are from Germany and not go back further and further in, and a history I can find out with the Germanic people were persecuted by other tribes. You know make a case all you know you owe us this is what happens when racism rears its ugly head. We start becoming divided resentful to read something here. This is important. At six. Ephesians I think it's Ephesians 4, yes 431.

There's something important here. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ is forgiven you. And this is a slick bitterness and wrath and anger be not be among you. When people perceive that they are wrong.

Whether it's a an actual wrong or just the perceived wrongs that really really wrong is think they were. It doesn't matter.

People perceive that they've been so they suffered injustice they get better they get resentful and we can save resentment is not as bad as bitterness.

I would say the present. What's happened I'm I know. I mean, when estimates slick and nice to wake up at 67 estimate 6 feet tall with 117 pounds and I moved 26 time to for 12 years old and I would've 12 different elementary schools that insert having to stop having nightmares being murdered till I was 35. And guess who it was this what you race it was that worthy people treated me the worst. It was the white people that I was hanging around with all of them were I was in Southern California and I telling you I get treated so badly but it was because her white is because are morons their idiots and slide to let the might resentment against these bullies go so that the bitterness wouldn't follow so that so that anger wouldn't rise so that I could be free when were wrong.

What we do with it is important. Do we let it go or do we hold onto it and feed it so that bitterness arises in anger follows that because when anger gives rise.

It leads to murder and murder can occur in our hearts as well as minor hands.

This is like God says forgive, let it go. If I were to have remembered all these things and purposely dwell in all those people it did all those bad things to me and I mean I was traumatized which to get into.

Learn to live and learn to forget and Linda move on and I don't look at anybody by their skin color look at them is are you good person or bad person, you bully are you a moron when righteous.

That's all that matters because they're the same everywhere and I'm beat it around. We got a learn as a group, as people to let things go and to unite as people not be separated by skin color or ancestry or what you perceived was done wrong by anybody learn to let go. Learn to forgive them to move forward with all have to do that in all areas of our lives not easy with this we gotta do right.

I said that right. But this is okay right Mark Riemer got the right, plus the cliff organizing a call 877-207-2276. The call for bloodlines with a brick coming up.

She called in to let's get to Sharon from South Carolina.

Sharon welcoming on their out my call on you Michael.

193 And out pouring are an outgrowth of the movement you have any word about well, not about during the break, and since I was I was so do some research on because it's the and I can't tell you it's good or bad when I go to their home site. There's no statement of face and that really concerns me when we have a site that does not have a statement of faith.

I can't trust him. I don't know their teaching, and often when someone doesn't have a statement of faith is because they have some aberrant views.

They don't want to be manifested. So we made her letter link to see if this is getting very light is looking for on the documents and driven very much like to tighten one look at that clear that they have on keep the entire lot and provocative block on what you break and I found the state of faith is a little out of place and all the better to break a photograph or call 87720776 max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg. McCall 227 all right just written one last thing on this website.

Interesting. So slick to Sharon and Shirley still there for okay so what you have to say and then I'll make my comments every look for a few minutes and looked at the site teaches the go-ahead.

What were you thing about A great help quite a little taken back by pressure people and that I now that whenever making our calibrating the capital of Leningrad and John Thales of talking about you back in and there very strict.

You on Saturday. Is this topic and you know and then when I tried to gently bring up that that the law that what we are to keep all of the Commandments to break any part of the commandment. If you break all of the law.

It just didn't seem to come take into an account.

I'm get take out that our salvation through the economy felt like he required for fire did it require Saturday as a Sabbath keeping for the for issuance of a gap could be saved and elevate they saying not by what you ate what what they say what they think it is. If you are here if you in our salvation in our salvation by faith.

On the cross that we are all to become how we are going to be obedient to all of the Torah as well. All of the minutes and easily teach that you can have worship on Saturday night in the park, not as a not not for salvation, nor any of the first salvation but as a Christian as they hit commandment know letting the Lord with our own mind and turn left one another and other amounts that comes up that command that they take it to all of the music. All of the Old Testament practice picking and choosing the like that festival of the 11 bright and wonderful that you celebrate that you know but you it certainly didn't celebrate Easter celebrated for. We are commanded to bandits of the felt that if there very forcefully, thumb, body language and how would think that the thing cut off another talking about, you know, mercy and grace and holy and Mike spoke about calling Galatian loan with peers and think if they live mentioned that I didn't want to think that these are the people and our relationship. So I looked look at the website during the break I spent a few minutes on it and pretty pretty adept at scanning through things pretty quickly and discerning a lot now and when I noticed a stick sent. I know that okay and that's I went through the statement of faith and I couldn't find anything heretical in the statement of faith.

It's not very well, is never sufficient.

I think a statement featured should affirm and deny and be more involved know what it's about. Baptism was a civil security wouldn't say about that. The physical resurrection was a glorified body you need affirm, and so with God. There is this is our desires up and prayers of Jesus become the greatest desire of every heart through the study and application of Scripture. I love that statement.

That's an awesome statement and says I'll yeah the founder that's right, the founder teaches a weekly Bible study for women and enjoys every single minute of preparation studied teaching so that's good to teaching women. We believe that this would assess though we believe that results in statement of faith. We believe that for salvation of the lost and sinful people regeneration by the Holy Spirit is actually central. I agree.

But what's not there.

This concerns me is it doesn't say justification by faith alone in Christ alone. So pill because that's not there. I don't know if they affirm legalism or for affirm baptism regeneration and they don't want to publicize it. This is why I'm saying that that statement of statements of faith need to be precise, because otherwise we but what does it mean and often time I'm not saying this is the case with them. I did, I don't know the half of the time what it is is they are hiding things by not being sufficiently clear that's that's very frequently what happens a lot of sites but it could be that she's not doing that. Not intending it is just that this with the level of understanding that she knows okay I would certainly have recommendations for statement of faith they wish to write an article how to write a statement of faith, but here's a question I don't know if they affirm patent women pastors and elders at doesn't seem like they did, but nothing said about it so I don't think I'll think about it and what I've seen, I see nothing cultic in the right I would have to interview somebody just to make sure everything picked up what little I write is that it is the Hebrew movement. Hebrew roots movement is very interesting if it is Hebrew movement with their ticket. There are many up. I forgot today, but I remember it like it dictate. I thought this would be a good question to bring up.

Dr. Michael Brown bonds because they get thoroughly to a day thing it today but and I get that I would probably fit person to ask. I don't know night you think you know my love and appreciate skills when Facebook page and looked and I couldn't see anything. I was looking for heresy didn't sing any.

That's good and also distinctive artist tonight.

Women writer Google Jim that and expel it with the 193 ministries exposed.

It was, you know site after thing after thing after thing after thing by different people, but I don't know who the eye could they see you now that I knew who Dr. Michael Hogarth live in the ministry about this East you do some research and send me an email with links and some stuff and I can write a you maybe try and contact him and write a little piece on we do a whole section on, really be doing divisional ministries like this just doing a quick assessment in a lingering orthodoxy around negative and talk about blood moon didn't even know what they're looking for help. I don't know Mark name name by name Mark Glick with me. I don't know what will I so writer write me an email the emails on karma and info at condo Lord and in with links together and take a look okay. Thank you. Thank you for your continued good work will think you and your wife and daughter appreciate that I write okay, let's see. That was Sharon and let's get to Matt from Dallas, North Carolina. Matt welcoming on my way don't land all right hanging in there rights so we got a question for heaven always see Jesus God and all his spare almost a long war now doesn't tell us, but except it does say that God speaking of the father.

He doesn't, unapproachable, likely no man has seen nor can see first Timothy 615 1617 so most probably will never see God the father and plus we look at this there's there's a couple of issues.

What is it me to see God.

So what would it mean for example, to see if soul the human soul. We see a human soul. We don't know what is a soul look like blues, it spotted that have stripes as it oscillates we see through it.

Is it even visible. We don't know that. So God is spirit, and we know what spirit does not have medically for the nightly 2439 does not have a body of flesh and bone to see Christ has easy smokes about his own body's we don't we know what spirit is not.

We don't know what it is.

Since God is spirit.

John 424. We don't know exactly what he will look like now. In acts 755 to 60. Stephen had a vision he saw the glory of God didn't see God with the glory of God the father.

So, would that look like the light listed.

That was just emanating like that which is spreading everywhere. Let's call that his glory well that would be seeing the glory of God, but not seeing God, particularly since God, the Trinity indwells the entire universe as well as so to speak. Outside of it all over the place. How do we see God. So the question is, it's a great question. I don't know how to answer except to say I don't know. Probably not can see his access know you and Jesus is enough. Jesus is enough use express representation of nature God.

Hebrews 1123 talks about and so we need to focus on him. That's only way to know God is to know Christ through him. It is Mother's Dayall praise God praise God. 12 is a good number more to go. Praise God man almost dollars that I okay will thank you God bless. All right, let's get to Mitchell North Carolina Slocum you're on the air I married on the right-hand minute we got got a quick what's the best way to talk to a homosexual about Jesus because they cannot touch you got the first thing they say is now well Jesus you know the amount of taxes that you doesn't love me and I was wonder what Scripture can I get will good. Matthew 540 248. He loves all people in a generic sense some knights do not talk to homosexuals, you know, I don't see how you're going to hell no I just say a distributor friend and get to know them a little bit and I wanted to see Christ in me, and then at the right time will talk about what sin is that they like anybody else to trust in Christ for the listener since that's what I focus on and focus on homosexuality anymore and focus on anything and just focus on.

You need Jesus to forgive evolve your sense. If they say will is homosexuality sent. Yes, it is this dissidence and need to be forgiven of that in God's gonna call you and have requirements of you to repent of your sin.

If you're not willing to do that is Luke 14 $0.28 you cross daily and follow after me if I think of no assorted 20s count the cost and if not want to count the cost to follow Christ, then the luck of the Christian know not to say it lovingly, kindly things like that much.

You welcome so much God bless you folks tomorrow is good writing, and so not have a live radio tomorrow will be off tomorrow via replay and by his great grace was back on the talk to them.

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