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April 9, 2021 4:00 am

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April 9, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What is Daniel 11-37 talking about---2- Is America now like Sodom---3- Is sorrow required for repentance---4- Who is Jesus speaking of exactly in Matthew 7-21-23---5- Does God use foreknowledge to determine the elect---6- Why did the crowd change so drastically from Palm Sunday to Good Friday---7- Did libertarian free will end with Adam and Eve---8- What tribe does Peter come from---9- If someone who is not a Christian, or filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with a demonic spirit---10- Why don't Christians worship on the Jewish Sabbath-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances called in responding to your questions at 877207276 is Matt slick rematch look live… Leaders are March 31 lastly of March made no full order was super cool tricks. If you would give me a call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 and begin to show people calling on the producers getting things ready for the first couple minutes let you know that were planning a trip to Israel.

If you want to check it out.

All you have to do is go to Carmen and all information will be there to check it out if you're interested and let's see if schools you gone can't type in schools and picture for that, what else it is a lot of stuff going on. Pretty busy today.

Busy so I think that's good right there. Alright, so if you want to hate you know what the thing to do is if you're curious, you're able to watch the show connect to get in the chat room with us by going the Karma homepage and you can know you chat with the people who were in the room chatting is good questions and they're good people work fellow shipping friendships have been made. Believe it or not about that. All right to open lines 877-207-2276 look at the John from New Jersey John Locke I'm running here?

Daniel 1130 yes it's okay show no regard for the gods of his father or for the desire women.

Yes, it's one of the prophecies of the things about the antichrist. Okay, so what do you think that about about the antichrist.

You think that talking about but I don't know for sure, but it's one of the verses that is used that way, says the king will do as he pleases and he will exalt and magnify himself above every God, he will speak monstrous things against the God of gods will prosper until the indignation is finished for that which is decreed will be done.

He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire women, nor will he show regard for any other God, for he will magnify himself above all, and the so so it that's were the verses that some theologians think that might be in reference to the coming Antichrist.

So sorry, not really sure don't know. I'm not sure. I suspect it is, but could be wrong.

I work I have an article on the antichrist on Carmen.

That's one of the verses I go to is also stuff in Revelation about him and the blasphemies he utters in things like that is works against people of God, the truth of who God really is. It's got he's got that which can happen. I don't know is happening yet here now or could be good. He could be here right now you might not be born. He might be a teenager might be adolescents who knows. So I just don't know. I would suspect it seems like the way things are going in the world with the decline of righteousness to apostasy within Christianity. The rise of Islam on the rise of the new age which is coming back spiritism is coming back, the cult, the increase of violence in the people's hearts grow cold. The rise of of all kinds of glyphosate moral issues that have raised their ugly head are now codified in law like abortion and homosexuality.

So this know as Christians, stand firm, and saying no to Christians being persecuted more. This will give more rise to power. To the left, the far left. The secular left, and they will will persecute the Christians in work when the Antichrist comes here, he will persecute the Christians even more so this could happen. Okay, so do you think America fighting. I think approve of abortion and homosexuality.

We are we like Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, I think about what a country approves of. Now, though the lighter end of things in approves of socialism which is not biblical law.

People don't don't think about it in those terms of the Bible teaches representation the right of self protection. Our governments working against both of those. The Bible condemns homosexuality. Yet it is being promoted and uses a standard of righteousness that if you would agree with them.

You're the intolerant bigot, abortion is the killing of the unborn, and it's the attack on the innocent and this is codified in law and people of particular women which really just blows me away how women could advocate for killing what's in the womb of their own bodies, the mothering instinct I thought was was a good thing godly thing about that is a turn away from God. All the more become self-centered and self-seeking.

The neck kill the life it's an inconvenience within, and the hardness of their hearts is a judgment from God and is a approve of these things when they approve of these things that it says I go to Roman someone, the last couple of verses SCU 322 930 32, says some just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper being filled with unrighteousness, wickedness eat, greed, evil, full of envy motor strife to seek malice their gossip, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, to me, that right there you how many genders are there know there's a real disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful, in verse 32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do this saying, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them. This was happening now is hearty approval is being given to those who practice these evil things and in the context of Romans one homosexuality, lesbianism of the stuff is is the is there in the judgment of God is upon them, for it is a believe the lies are given over to the depravity. So this is codified in our country are laws is that of righteousness being defended. God is marked abortion is promoted LGBT Q is promoted as a standard racism is now whipping with that used to to divide people so that the left the secular left can use it as a means of gaining power is a twist the facts to their own agenda. So our country is in deep trouble and the Christians are the ones who have the solution. The Christians need to be praying for our country a daily basis and we need to be involved one another with dealing with the issues of discouragement and thing my mind to think about this many right to deal with the issues of thought righteousness in our country and to not to not bow to the secular idea of separation of church and state is not in the Constitution echoed recommend people read the Constitution a preamble and the Constitution read it you be surprised since reference there is to to with things of Christian influence in there and for real. But as our country turned against even the Constitution and turns against other things as literature and continue to continue, it will continue to turn against the things of God which would be Christians, and so as you may or may not know Christians are being penalized fired from jobs that are not allowed to have a Bible in a lot of places it goes on and on and on where the Christians are being persecuted. I just tell people if you allow this is the bullies.

If you allow a bully to keep bullying you will continue to bully you gotta stop it in a way to stop it is as a Christian we first pray and then we do will just pray and sit and do nothing because Paul the apostle, for example. And Jesus, for example, in Peter for example, in John etc. they prayed and then they went out into the world to do and to accomplish so we have to understand is a twofold approach we pray. We ask God to direct our steps and then we step we go do it by the saying trust and go not just trust and set trust and go you trust God and you go forward and he will direct your paths and won't always be easy but this would have to happen. Okay for little while you you have other callers waiting to morning I called back in line.

Yeah, maybe I will. I appreciate you.

Thank you for your time appreciate in the sledge on call that the deadline for our faith. All right focuses on a call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 Oliver, welcome to the show. You're on your meritorious I'm okay for the men.

So my question for you is is sorrow required for true repentance you see is the incident.

No, but mostly yes what really means the Greek word for repentance is met in the well and it needs change of mind and attitudinal change. So if you're doing something that's wrong.

The main idea is we understand intellectually.

This is sinful. This is wrong of you to stop. Sometimes there are people who don't have a sorrowful attitude when they realize they've sinned, because they've sinned so much in a particular area that they are are calloused and they don't feel that sorrow and they may know what's wrong but don't feel the sorrow, but they can still be repentant because they can then decide to follow God and pray that this conviction. She had a hiccup. There is a conviction in the in the work of the Holy Spirit in godly sorrow will manifest. So, normally speaking, I should feel sorry for what you're doing in and repent.

No, absolutely, sometimes so hard by their sending feel that sorrow with a short and sold to do with a different way I acted. I don't personally mount all my five I've been struggling that way like I scripturally I know it's wrong and I repent and I you know I I just I struggle curing the Starr report is auditing up, you'll start yelling like my tongue Everts is just and actually like telling you that I can't feel sorrow. Well, you know, I think for work but okay so people are different now. For example, use myself as an example here. I have asked for been diagnosed professionally. So that's part of last murders people tend to not feel as much connection with a lot of people were not as emotionally needy as a lot of people are right. So when I go to pray about something other lifetimes. I don't have any sorrow, you know, for a particular sin, except to say what Lord I'm sorry I'm doing this and I know what's wrong please help me. And so with me. For example, it's more intellectual but for a lot of people. It's far more heartfelt will. Which one is the right one. I would say both are because were different in the Bible says it says this in Romans 12 to do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so God wants us to think, understand these things, so it could be you just as sin so much about particular area not convicted bite anymore but yet you know it's wrong and you want to struggle. It could be you have some governmental problem like I do the my haters are going to take that segment repeated sound clips and it's so you know what I say is trust with the word says if it says it's a sin.

The next your attitude is sinful and you talk to God about it to remove it from your life at the provider for putting up was that was all over for main lines 87720776 max Y call 770727 charismatic back in 7776 all right on the phone with top from Raleigh, North Carolina Tom Matt I have a question regarding the beatitude here in Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 through 23. I'll read it out loud, fearless earth, Jesus is not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons in your name perform many miracles that I will state them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers, though we know salvation is by faith and a little puzzled by why he would say these things that our works are being discounted are these people consider to be a wolf in sheep's clothing or doing anything says there it says that he will say to be on that day of judgment, Lord, Lord, to be not the list three things out that they did and condemns him the day of salvation of the of judgment are appealing to faith and works in the contempt's okay I know I know you're your millennial you believe in one event.

I believe in it in a pre-tribulation rapture and then a day of judgment, though looking at through the day of judgment and not the rapture notices the day of judgment is only one of the day of judgment and its sorry to come up on screen to be sold as of this one judgment in one day and into different judgments occur, but that's it.

It's just the day of judgment.

I got no gobble raises up on the last day different things happen the last day. So close going on is that new middle city on that day. I did we do this. Did we do that they're defending themselves to Christ was the thing look at me, look at me that I didn't know nothing.

Lord Jesus, we acknowledge you for what you did there focus is on them and not on the Lord yeah that's that's one way of putting the focus on their ability be saved and be right with God and be with Christ is our faith in him and their works and Jesus condemns it so it's justified by faith alone in Christ alone, not by faith and works, that you going on on what I thought that they were adding work birthday yesterday work in order to be saved and were supposed to do good works. We are, and I headed to our discussion with Roman Catholic last night online and were arguing back and forth and he kept saying that we do the works with the grace of God to not really our works if they are your work is what you do when escorting graph 2068. That is, you obtain salvation. If I succeed of the Catholic catechism asked to obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments for the back under the law and the sky worked very hard to stay under the law and also have it be by grace. And he does understand the difference because of the adjustment, the Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Eastern Orthodox, or to say hey will we believe in you and look what we did to prove it.

Look, we did on to be staying the day of judgment is I'm here because of Jesus, and even the faith I have is granted to me. Flick is 129.

That's it. He's all I got is it you got a really good interpretation and that's exactly right.

My notes from my pastor sermon on that day was we have to be born again and ethic is here that were born again believers were not trying to work our way into heaven right and we are not to even try in any way to earn salvation or cooperate with God in order to be saved.

And this is really important because a lot of Christian churches, Protestant churches that teach the heresy that what you do to get saved is you cooperate with God in your sincerity because it's up to you and your wisdom to decide to believe in God.

That's not biblical. The Bible says he grants us repentance and we can even come to Christ. Let's been granted by the father he grants that we have of faith's we need to give God the glory for that. And a lot of churches are also teaching as long as you stay good and you don't do too many bad things to be fine with God, and that's works righteousness, the words you can't go to this movie or that movie or got a word long dressers.

Whatever it is he can't say this, you can't look at that unit of the good good if you don't abide it was going to happen is you lose your salvation so you maintain it by your goodness in this letter. Heresy taught Christian churches today. The same thing and cut into going a little deeper into the first 23 that I will tell them plainly. I never knew you though with significant that we know God, because were doing it like Tuesday will work to the author faith. But the important thing is that God knows the right note. Can you elaborate on that little bit more what is that mean that they that she knows okay. I'm so glad you asked that question is a crucial question. This is what Jesus says in John 1026 I give eternal life to them. Verse 27 John 1027 my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.

I in Galatians 489 Paul says when you did not know God you serve by nature's, those which are not God said now that you've come to know God or rather are known by him. Now you come to serve the true living God. There's a teaching in the Scriptures were God has to know us. There's no place in word is the Bible where God's word. Like for example the Gospels where Jesus has to an unbeliever. I know you is one place he says if he says I know you year of the devil suite that's a statement. He sang the context of what it says whatever it says I know you.

That means your saved you because I don't know you means you were not saved Lisa's. I never knew you. Matthew 723 he saying they were never saved. They were never believers to begin with true regenerate people which is the case, for example, Roman Catholics because they're not to believe official Roman Catholic theology. They're not Christians are not known by Christ because her in the religion and they add works to salvation.

They're the ones you give us a look at. We did etc. etc. we believe in you and we did the same thing.

So this to know we know God's will is more important to be known by him. It's a pattern that God uses in the Scriptures the pattern that God uses to be known by him for real. It would be like when we were born again and we received the error which is a deposit guaranteeing which it seems like when were born again that the point at which God knows the that the accurate yet he knows us now. There's also something else here. He does go to Romans 829 for those whom he foreknew he also predestined to become conformed image of his son. Now foreknew is the Greek word of pro-good. No scope Croghan Osco the word to know in Greek like heat because he knows you is good.

No scope. So here in Romans 829 is Pro can Osco. He foreknew so read this and break those whom he foreknew he also predestined for known ones are also not the non-effect right back the okay for folks who left open lines 87720776] mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave, there are mere rights.

What brought this point of about four known a lot of people think that that means that God looks into the future, so to speak. Knowing who will believe him and him and he predestines them, but that is that a false doctrine because it means that God's choices are dependent upon what he sees Amanda doing that would make God's choice contingent. Instead of sovereign and this is a violation of the society and similar doctrines concerning the nature and knowledge of God. Rather, the issue of the four known ones.

If we understand the consistency that God knows only believers, just as it says in Ephesians 1, for he chose us from the foundation of the world. Okay, that was it and I'll go to that right now. When I read this, so some this is just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that would be holy and blameless before him.

Well, those he foreknew he also predestined because it says you don't of the relationship of predestination with the foreknowledge of God and go back Ephesians 1 for he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that would be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us to adoption for the choosing and predestination are are related by Paul in Ephesians 1, four and five is the doctrine of election predestination taught in Scripture in this issue of being foreknown is consistent with God only knowing believers that he's knows all things.

But when he says I don't know you means you not saved and I don't know you and I are friend of mine that kind of thing and so this is also related to predestination, so only the chosen are the four known ones. This is knows me foreknew he also predestined, he just does not say though some some of those 24 knew he predestined, it doesn't say that has those whom he foreknew he also is the same group for this is another evidence that God only knows believers okay Matt, I appreciate your comment. Thank right. I love theology okay. God bless Tony so folks that so this is what happens when you study word studies. These are finding out a way to minimize God's it this way when I think that weight and you will study and you learn these things is great.

I love the word of God. It's just this. Let's get to John from Wake Forest, North Carolina John, welcome you on the air and I met you doing all right and in there that's good to hear.

I have even the question more of curiosity even than anything else.

The answers that were not recorded fourth in the Bible, but I'd have this curiosity about you know Jesus enters Jerusalem and everybody laying their cloaks down in palm branches in their real excitement that he's there. On the other hand, you got the Jewish leaders who want to kill him but are afraid to because of what the people's response would be, and yet he still ends up getting crucified very shortly after that so I you know I don't you know of any extra biblical sources or whatever. That said, oh my gosh these people rioted for no, I don't see how the 90s. The source of the deal with that particular issue you can forget areas there. I was just curious how the people who you know were excited to have their profit come into Jerusalem, suddenly find out that their leaders took them off and Gilman while they would like launch and I don't think they would, but I was just curious if you know fountain somewhere who thought he recorded that you know my gosh the next day there was a big rioted and you know they they are the leaders. Are they fed them, left us what happens. Yeah, I mean I know what area of the biblical stuff think about is Josephus you may have heard something and wrote something down but I wouldn't know that okay well now that that that was the that was it. You know panic. They, like you're watching a movie in the front map and then you get will they then explained that right in the movie, you know. And if you like there's a plot hole kind of thing I know know it's not that Jermaine per se to the crucifixion and resurrection story by things like what happened here is not your okay okay well I greatly appreciated all right and so came and I a nice day to go bless you. Take care okay, that was John from Wake Forest North Forest, North Carolina through a difficult one open line open open lights you got a hold on now, let's see. His weight in person is written from five point we lost and and it's now we have an open line 20 McCall.

Let's get to Timothy from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is that lost Timothy my folks.

Let's see now, let's get to Michael from Pennsylvania. Michael welcome you on the air format they radio has gone up.

We got buddy and are so yeah I look at you. You say that libertarian free will and did look bad in many know well okay with defining terms all right returning free will is the idea that a person this is free. Okay, strike this way compatible with some this is this is always not that easy to do compatible is in is the idea that God's sovereignty and man's free will are compatible and that we can still make free will choices that are compatible with God's sovereignty. All right, so libertarianism would say no, that's not the case that we have to have a measure of free will. That's not absolutely known by God because of his known by God and how is it that we can make a free choice when it's time to do that so he libertarian free will says that a person is at liberty freely also. Also in this to be able to choose good and bad and is not restricted by sinful nature.

So this is one of the issues of that and so I would say that returning free wills is not biblical.

To begin with but compatible is free will is and the reason I would say that is because Jesus is the model of a human being of what it means to be properly human in Jesus. John nine John 519 John 530 says he could only do what he saw the father doing can only do with the will, the fatherless could do nothing but his own initiative. So, he also came to fulfill the will of the law, to redeem people's Matthew and John 637 through 40.

So what were seeing is that Jesus, who had free will was perfectly compatible his freedom of choice was perfectly compatible with God's predestination election choosing and sending of Christ so compatible, as was demonstrated out of the person of Jesus right there so it's biblical and he is the one who was without sin, so he would be like like Adam.

Before the fall. So libertarianism isn't really an issue compatible is an is the right one because it goes with Christ.

Dr. yeah got a Christmas with compatible character site materials Walmart they Phuket Back Bay to check email. I responded to email about a debate and adding Eddie that I think your back leg and if you possibly just that. Maybe send a message love note to check email to my Michael today about Java several things. One was that guys challenge me to a debate when three topics was as we talked about you know what topic of the resurrection went debate deny that that somebody else yeah what debate debate you on it does element is real and I sent them I thought I sent him a bid you a good glass debate on it, whether or not the resurrection is a bodily and not and that he does not affirm that bodily flame inherited okay so I think I sent him a video debate on the day that it let me know that you know what pedaled like I let them know if you just stated that he's actually that's not let them know I sent an email back yet. I do want to debate the issue, the physical resurrection of Christ was prophesied fulfilled and if he denies it, that he's he's a flaming heretic, nothing with the mercy of God is letting him live right now he's denying the truth of our great good. What right. I folks to open logically. Give me a call 7777 mass Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg arrive at back to the show.

Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California Nelson welcome mat. I got two questions were excellent and they got on the gospel of you see anywhere or maybe it can find a mustard. If Peter comes from the tribe of Judah will handle someone does the curtailment.

Let's see him look into a commentary really quickly, because I do know that the significant scanning is background reason Galilee brother. No I am not the same thing. Okay what you ask. Just wondering because the I'm doing a study on that computer. Chapter 1K a good one. And so I was wondering because I googled it and that it some of it there that it be eight went on for the yet and I'm a little of that that make it do not reach her, though… Get all at least they try that if you you can't because of the tribe of Judah.

Another all come from the tribe of Benjamin will send references if you would give for for whatever is researching so yeah exactly so that that's what it is called an active you everything that anywhere like that. Don't know good question and then get up study and then the question is the way.

But maybe Amani correct me if I'm wrong.

A person of the holy. And up recommended not build up of the spirit. The person that is not idiot, elevated, a parent, a demonic spirit.

Well, no, I wouldn't say that it is not a Christian list is demonically possessed can be pressed but we know that Christians are our are indwelt by God John 1423 topics about this so but as for some believers go now it is nothing in Scripture. This is all unbelievers are possessed on TV you wonder if something does my wondering okay. Go back but I think you right is Timothy from Winston-Salem North and welcome you on the air rights agenda Mike that was a speaker down back there in the Rainier Timothy hello yes yes all yes you on the air. Okay I got a local out of my questioning of what is market God commanded Chris and Kate both got to manage people worship old habit which will look at the settlement date in the Catholic Church and get a birthday cake quirky but static. Y first idea why the question Turkey still practice that would have the knowledge that will first the listlessness and correction. The Catholic Church didn't change started doing this before the Catholic Church was was even present and I have an article on con about this, but on the first day of the week X 60 nothing. It is her first content 60 talks about gathering together hearing the message tithing and things like that so was done very early on in Romans 14 2012 said in verse five that in particular says someone in the guards every day alike, and another band one day above another. Let each person be fully convinced of his own mind.

Furthermore, the 10 Commandments, only nine of them are restated as valid in the New Testament the Sabbath is not the reason the Sabbath is not validated revalidated is because Jesus is our Sabbath and work.

We rest in him. Furthermore, since were in Christ first 2015 22 and we died with him, then we're died to that we died along Roman 7124 so therefore not obligated to keep the Sabbath as Christians on this. On that Saturday we free to do anything okay. I bought was a second question Turkey malpractice celebrating Easter incorrectly went about possible good out correctly. There also and I and ocean Rick go on a holiday Bob go back to pagan worship. Do you do you do anything on Saturday do I do anything like that same value something that Eastern that there yes I understand. Saturday is the word from the pagan worship of Saturn announce on Saturday you use that pagan terminology so why would you use to pagan terminology in reference to the Sabbath day and also the get you complain about Easter a celebration of the resurrection and Christmas a celebration of his birth, yet you will use the terminology of pagans in order to do it if you want to do. Are you consistent with what awful celebrate 1/3 interim site you not been consist of the point and did they celebrate well you know the church was forming and we don't know what they did or didn't celebrate is nothing wrong with celebrating it's like you know Mr. questions him you know about like the little theology to freedom in Christ, if you will not were in the town and some faraway country and were both and it was a temple, a pagan temple and the sacrificed animals in the pagan temple and they took at sacrificed meat to the pagan temples and they still in the marketplace. Could you and I buy that meet and eat it be okay even though it's a good idea of God like you because of first contents 10 is nothing you're allowed to eat and put into your body the very thing that was sacrificed. Demonic forces for free in Christ are we free to build a celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Christ. Yes, we are, what about the web but what about producing aware Easter go well with accuracy of the rear after all, which would pagan worship.

All about Scott Eckley is taught that they know that's what they say but I don't find that so yet you will have. You will call the Sabbath by the pagan name of the front portion of Saturn when I don't act on the backyard would have asked what they called in and ended that you they think their calendar was totally different. Static data bigger ball will be heavily debated. I'll use my point. You said that it still with the word Easter. The word Easter submission targets pagan origins. Why would you celebrate set as on that they were real. Celebrate Easter as a pagan word. Well, why do you do the Sabbath on Saturday since Saturday is a pagan word. I doubt that I got you I got you will just try to show your inconsistency. That's all okay because you your status okay worship and practice babe that will practice back pagan. Give them give them recognition have built.

God commanded the all but one of will. You know, I'm just not because of your inconsistency in showing you that you are inconsistent. That's all I'm showing you you haven't thought the issue, but I know that I am imperfect. You are your very you know like me okay both are but I'm disfigured consistent so if the unbelievers a celebrated a certain day of the resurrection of something and then the Christian church tried to commandeer that pagan day and change it into a good day by saying hey, this is will submit the resurrection of Christ, which is pretty accurate.

What really occurred then is that okay. I don't think so you don't think so will fly understand Jesus so walked into road in to Jerusalem roughly in the first week of April. I will exact day of critical sticks, but March 14 at 445 BC is when the decree went out from Arctic 60s to to have that the temple of the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt the prophecy of Daniel 924 to 27 was that there be hundred 73,880 days until the Messiah came in and into the city, which is exactly the day that he rode in on the dockets we know that it happened in right about April 1, give or take. Because of the calendar that he walked in and because a few days later he was crucified became meant so we know it's early. Now let me ask you, is it wrong to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the crucifixion and resurrection of which were redeemed want to celebrate that because I went out with. I would have to appreciate. I really don't know maybe it may or may not be that would likely also. What I don't think would be wrong to associate pagan worship things will Christ and it is biblical. I hear you, but if if it is to say that was a certain day that was pagan worship day and that the Christian church tried to take care of it and get rid of the pagan aspect and said no we worship something good on this date in… Say to 300 years later, the memory in the population of that pagan search thing is gone and now they're worshiping on that day is. Is that okay yeah just because the pagans that is also the same day doesn't mean it's bad. Super free in Christ were free in Christ, we were free to worship anything okay but very glad you said about that and automated logic Turkey command that you have to do the tab when Jesus fulfilled the law that will flee from that law. I don't want to get back to Canada will will only wackos religions that bring the deal. I don't know if it right and only the wacko churches require typing false churches and cults require it because are still under the law did not.haven't died with Christ to that law. So I tell people felt obligated to tithe you're free to ties.

That's it… But why did you but anyway so I'm glad you did wacko churches that require all along that command and women Christian high Recipient that does not know the fostered the wax, I would internationally false because condemn everything about them.

But the idea there is that you know you don't have to type you for your time and that's right for each. If our pastor again. It's a look at and I'm not going to go but thank you for that. At the deck that cleared up all the thinking that if you know that the church when they do that there of the law. I needed that required you're free to you not required to pay rent time free. Either way, please God, right. Okay folks, there we go right at time of the Lord bless you and by his grace will be back here tomorrow will be on Friday another program powered by the Truth Network

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