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April 8, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 8, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is happening with Shawn Macraney---2- How far are we in relation to the return of Christ---3- What is Jesus doing right now---4- I am a working mom, is that biblical for a woman to work outside the home---5- A caller wanted to follow up on a previous call, dealing with speaking to her pastor regarding masks and the vaccine.--6- Can only pastors baptize- I was baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church, do I need to be re-baptized---7- Have you ever heard the idea that Satan was the high priest in heaven before falling---8- What is the ransom theory-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions or Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions as usual, the number 677-207-2276 look to hear from you for open lines of what you can recall, and remind you that were still nearby your support. If you're interested in keeping this on your own to do is go to and let's say we have for stroke preschools. If you're interested, there were/schools to find information out for those on the let's see what else I don't go to Israel next year.

I got great so if you want to check out the Israel trip harm and 40 to the website Carmen Israel CRM I think is about actually is always tough to talk about what we to do just jump right on the phone was good to John from New Jersey hey John okay on the my question was about time felt how helpful are far are we into the return of Christ.

Now I'm switching it up to.

Have you heard about Sean McCranie you know Sean and hung out with them before we did before.

Together, debated, etc. and he's going to depend just let out going off the deep end and he's basically plastic now. You can't but that's it would listen to okay echo the pilot you you had something the Bible part… McCranie I even got around to listening to it, but why do you think he is not like this believing in the Bible of the fourth. I don't know what's happening to them because while not a single tap into if he sees is going to depend a lot of people have warned him and try to call them to repentance. And he's not having to do with it and that's what this so sorry but that's that is what it is in Vista media page on him or something like that. So McCranie was a nice guy like and I like him but you just cannot the defendant theologically while so you're my second question why the hell you know how far are we into the return of Christ. About 2000 years. The end times right I know about that what you mean, how long before the other. Yeah I do yell yelling out does the temple have to be rebuilt or something. Yeah, that's that's one of the views of the temple needs to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. So in my opinion used to think that I was younger I would see the return of Christ on 64 and I don't think I will. I think I'll die before he comes back.

I think it's gonna go on for decades more, that's what I think is things get really bad, but the longer he tarries the more people can come into faith and believe and trust in him so no other Nana really don't to tell you I don't set up dates about what is good return. Nothing like that. The will to see what happens as I get really bad for first I get really bad in the Christian church has to go apostate. That hasn't happened quite yet is happening. The teachers on like a Joel O'Steen, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland or something are evidence of the apostasy along with the Catholic Church so you know how to understand exactly unknown, but the posse must come first before Christ returns. Okay. I will live in Philly?

I don't know you have callers waiting yet what you think.

Jesus is doing right now is interceding for us.

He was six 2725.

He's being a mediator and he's doing the right hand of God the father in heaven. That's been the place of authority, but other than that I wouldn't be able to just about yet in heaven forever. In our think or you what you doing forever. Are we going forever.

Now we will be in the presence of God and is going to join us rejoice and will continue in a joyous manner forever. The un-believers unfortunately will go to eternal destruction, which means the eternal torture in the fires of hell that they don't repentance come to Christ without end is can I haven't okay I met one of the event in question but I'm praying for you and I love the very thing that I appreciate I talk to you later okay buddy got bless all right thanks a lot a folks so we have two of the lines it will to give me a call 877-207-2277 Britney from Louisiana Brittany welcoming on the long haul.

I need it correctly brought out a copy and I'm thinking not perform. I think that that's the thing that uncle on my writing kingdom children and it really got in, I benefit on how many will route and the little girl on excited. The part that really struck the benefits and cost in ink.

Anyway you that I don't disagree but think that you know I wanted done that that the family and for the heart and providing a wanted to stay home with the children both thinking. I think that I just left but not billing. Saindon healthy and real in their own intention on a first on family and in, and get the planning and try to get my very hundred percent. I think it meant that you I'm working on my arm I'm wrong, maybe not biblically been working outside the home.

Very calm and less roast.

All right, so is for a woman, a Christian woman is married and has children's biblical for outside the home in the recent K Proverbs 31 she considers a field and buys it from her earning. She plants a vineyard who else that's outside the 3120.

She extends her hand to the poor, and she stretches out her hands to the needy. So she's working outside the home you go because I don't know problem. Note the you know, I might think long out and got out that I'm not a character like my guardian my heart back and let my father had since I need to think if you and your husband you walking with the Lord, and there is no problem between either one of you that the needs of the how I can be met sufficiently and you work outside the home. I don't see anything on biblical about that woman is I just read you was Proverbs 31 woman. She she considers a field and buys it. She's doing commerce and she's planning a vineyard. This is so that she could feed herself and others and you making money out of the vineyard this week. That's when things they would do. She extends her hand to the poor fitted outer hands of the needy. So she's involved with those outside the home sold is not a biblical requirement that no Christian woman mom only be in the home he was your husband? The salvation of their church that are like equipment lately, but I'm confused so I'm fine cutting out no no no. I'm trying to stem the document is a biblical free woman to work outside the home and talk about the salvation of children so yeah just got a thought about you know in order where you know for you were a dark look on her bill out into the world enable you to not become one with the well okay then I'm with you normal that the norm is it's best if a Christian woman is able to be home and take care of the kids. That's not chauvinism it's not gender realism is. It's just that the children are so valuable and so important that for a mom to be home to raise them is a complete honor and if the if sickens to stay home and do that and praise God. My wife did that for years and years stayed home and took care of the kids and I was I worked and I know if she have thought she wanted to get a job. I wouldn't have had a problem with it, provided the children didn't suffer inside of it. You know and stuff like that but you just did. Biblically it's okay for woman work outside the home. If that's what you and your husband arrange the children are being compromise you notice things like that. It is no problem with it and for their children, well, just with the Scripture just went to Scripture now is not something were sick of property was 16 and 20 with those of the verses that things go to okay okay thank you thank you appreciate that you call when you listen on the on the radio you two things all right okay let's get to Katie from California okay welcome. You are on the year I got a couple weeks ago. Am about my Terra-cotta math all coded situation and I actually really looking thinking him on Friday and she went to the tell me what happened. Yeah, I yeah I talked to him on Friday.

I began my thoughts run situation considering that now that impacted on the need and how that's going to be in society and are that they make you look sexy that's been corrected.

Oh you mean a passport that they're talking about when you get a certificate so you been vaccinated so that you can then buy and sell think yes travel was supposed very much and that you're going to leave your house or have a jockeying like that now gets his little finger. So I backed it abducted that the hand anything now where were we going in terms of our personal church lately.

Yummy project or anything in the work your thoughts on anything and thinking at the church about it and hear the answer lies that you now hit focus is on the word of God and that they're already making a statement with the church single thing in our church is opinion. We do allow people to a master now where math and I just kept asking questions and getting to the root of lanky really believes about this time and came up that and eventually told me that you know my concerns and my concern and Hickam started nearing the church in that there are people looking at church that are afraid that their problem and really not hit.

Problem is concerned is furious so that gas is 776. That's what I call 7707 okay so he was upset about what was it specifically very bad, why weren't we at the church about the effect directly affecting society and he told me he's not even neutron American personnel put it on and put it off again and put it on again to get off again to be around like weird still. So with this talk about. Here's the issue.

The mask is separate from the other issues that you're talking about your talk about the mask as a mandate from the left to want control and power, and the degree to use this to get further power because the secular left wants power in the mask in my opinion, the mask is a symbol of what they can get people to do that.

We're kind of getting it. He's not buying into that right yeah you drawn that on the matter and telling him pinky finger your blue-chip political here and were not.

You know I'm not about to get it correct the politics I'm going to focus on what is not what God says to be involved politics because Christ is Lord of the over all areas of life. And so it attaches.

Other listening right now you understand Christ as Lord of everything, not just your Sunday morning service and politics is necessary for the Christian to be involved with politics. Absolutely, if we are obligated to do so with this in the real, here's my plan, dumpster fire because while my dad, do you believe in the separation of church and state. He said that the church of about eight but that email Jesus reigned over and now if anything deliberately be involved in politics, but the weird part is that he said I'm not a doctor down the parent not about to eat about this in charge because I don't want to take off people because we do have Democrats in the church. It's weird. I did take a look today, there's Democrats of the church. The Democrats, the Democratic Party, which is pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion and pro-socialism is one of send them to come on he wants to lock. Well, that's not the Bible says do Bible says to speak the truth in season and out of season, and to follow Christ and pick up your cross and follow Christ crucified. What this means is that we speak the truth. Mr. people in the congregation that you don't offend because it might hurt feelings can be Democrats or Republicans will then so be it.

Let the chips fall where they may.

His theology if this matter. From what you've said no his position.

But if this is position is theology is weak is understand God's sovereignty God's elective work, the power of the gospel the reporter to preach and to equip the Christians not kowtow to leftists or rightists who may or may not like something were to save the pulpit and this is helpful to be the Christian man who does not preach the truth. The court of the word of God is the kind of man who will on occasion.

I consider the congregation and not offend anybody. And so I remember once when I was preaching at a particular churches in California. I was gonna broach an issue and that was on them, using the Lord's name in vain with a lot of them are doing in the congregation and preach there for about a tense time as a guest preacher and I had it were to stand up at the begin of the sermon and then I had every look at the exits at 20 with the just worry because all see them. Yes yes this is good now would only do you also know I said to preach a sermon and call you here to task and if you leave now you know gadgets are not to bother me not to bother me at all, but feel free to leave. I will think about if you don't like what I'm saying.

So let's open up our Bibles to and with such as 20 talked about using the Lord's name in vain.

With this means in the cold, repentance. So you see the thing is nothing on the great example of anything that I would tell you that the job the preachers to equip the Christians for the work of ministry, not to sit there and worry about offending somebody in the congregation. The truths that offends nobody is not the truth of Scripture and so I will say this, and original state.

Again, as an example, I mean the pulpit and I said it anybody if you're sitting here this contradict your listening publicity preach right now I'd see if you're voting for someone who is pro-homosexual pro-abortion, pro-socialism, your voting for something a guest Scripture and you ought not do it if you want to come back here next week. That's fine. I don't care tell you right now this is what you're obligated to follow God over man follow the truth of God's word over the wisdom of man and politicians in the leftist wacko medium. I tell people to hear it is because of this is laissez-faire attitude for the pulpit of these this misunderstanding of a church and state separation is that they say they don't want to get in politics were supposed to read the Bible. Those who the politics is all over and capitalism is taught representation.

This taught self pride of self protection is taught and says to to protect the innocent and the week and the widows and the innocent and the week are certainly those babies in the womb were supposed to be protecting them and not promoting candidates who promote homosexuality and pornography in all of the credit goes on so pastors gotta start preaching to please God and not the congregation's yeah right now in an environment where I can't really talk about any of it at all because no one backing up this this with this is normal. So what you do is you build this on your heart to go to Facebook can place your twitter good whatever it is and you use those facilities to kick you off because a gotta have free speech accord with. They say it is what you feel you can offend anybody. So go out there and just preach and teach us to this on the radio right now.

I'm sending and I would save the pulpit and say the Bible study I save my articles and because my standard is the word of God and I've studied with the relationship of the churches with with politics and were supposed to obey the government but were also posted this will be the government when it violates Scripture that the Bible says and when you preach the gospel to disobey the civil authorities when they violate Scripture that the Bible says to do. Then politics is a necessary topic inside of the Scriptures and so what we gotta do is preach it when it's necessary. Not every day is not the point will begin preach it when it's appropriate for us to preach it. Go to the word when it's there, preach it and when you get the socialist moron wackos who were brainwashed in our leftist schools who are producing children who who I can't think the way of whatever bag I think Marxism is socialism and black lives matter and the critical race theory and in white supremacy all the stuff that are buying into the leftist wackos they buy into that our country is in bad bad bad shape and Lick Creek to the church music is you worse shape so you know I just ate like this though, offend people, a lot of people and then I say to them why Wayne Lipke arrived back. Ironically in the check. I can't really speak my mind and then went on well-liked my mind that, living in and down.

It's only more people are liking the Navy I people my age and mining 930 and I work with people who are in nearly 20 anybody churches and warehousing for the where no line and you can see in the church. Open your Bible, and it's ready to infect my church. My Bible right that last bit open-minded. 772-0727's is not offended you, Matt slick, why call 770727 charismatic slave, your faith that we had a break so what I are straining the word of God is all and think I'm thinking tired of talking on here like I (I had a very simple medical issue that given a political issue than the spiritual warfare they made it very clear when the church is the quote and yet week and treatment strip clubs are open and then a target on the check in a wine and we have to pray that the mind exception leave the church and be the fault of the earth and the light of the world.

What are we doing feeding the corner praying because you for praying go we need more men like you speak the truth and encourage people to get up even silent again because I have terminated. He said that we are not to empathize with defendant night landing. If you do think though fighting today.

I'll leave it up there if you truly care but you can mediate your family and you know the truth don't fit any further by sitting on the truth he'd hear about it.

That done, I cannot going on the light even leadership that you want there to be an evening while this is a better good for you but we need in all Christians that we could change the world with his sister so good stuff stuff. Trust me, I feel your frustration.

I do all right Bible play tomorrow. Thank you. Define yet well dismembered. Be wise because you use wisdom and or times to speak. When I go to plywood Bible studies anymore because I messed him up, but I try not the same thing because it's easy to mess people up. You know that I will offend anybody since a lot of people can't handle a lot of stuff you to bring them along to get them ready as they mature in Christ is the job of the pastor to equip Christians for the work of ministry, not for the work of Helmick Pemex theology namby-pamby theology were called to be warriors for Christ that's recalled in a gentle and loving consistently that's recalled to, and that means a people, my neck of the church and type. That's what is, in fact, I was simply fast for the callers what you martial arts complexity you heard the owner was a Christian I was someplace to walk across the street and turns out she loves the Lord is been shot to skin from India all the stuff and he works very, very, very heavily with the youth inner-city under some gangs in our city.

At least he's doing a lot of work with them and so praise God and and she said that that there was a church that he contacted and they were though the cottage to him there very very interested in is evangelism approach and how he does things that he said that what he said to them, was it takes a lot of hours to work and to get with people and then they become saved, you know, only one in 20 become saved and they don't become tides of givers at your church because once he works with her or discrete people and youth and things like that and he said that they said all will okay will my talking to you by well is what he told me today so we we have a need in a church of complete repentance in so many areas, but you know what her Lotta good pastors after preaching a lot of good stuff and they are out Wednesday morning. That's all I got it going to take a hike to God bless. All right, I like her she's awesome.

Three open lines of you want to give me a call eight 772-072-2760 recalled folks Danielle from Tacoma. Welcome hi Matt, it's a real pleasure to speak with you.

I covered you today okay.

I'm honored to be on the phone with you right now.

Okay my question is about baptism and I found article you read, throw it on harm about who cannot type law, eyelids Chris and I can and Frank and my husband and kids that have never been baptized and it's really been on my heart is last few months to do that and they're really excited to do it and they want to do it in a local river and we want to do it, surrounded by a really close community and may have been has two mentors that are in their 70s they wonderful Christian man that little nap and when has had a lifelong ministry in a truck driver and his minister to truck drivers that the life and really wonderful influential man in our lives and would like to have my hat then and fun.tired by then in the river good and I guess I know your article says that believers can baptize each other and I just wanted to confirm the validity of that nonclassical baptism and also asked you state that this is Lynn's first thing okay so the Regis Scriptures in a first heater chapter 2 first Peter two verses five and six on the reverse nine so first 2 to 5 and six you also, as living stones, are built are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ for this is contained in Scripture. Behold, I lay in Zion a choice tone precious cornerstone, believes in him will not be disappointed not first Peter 29 but you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession so that you may proclaim the excellencies of him was called you. It's called the priesthood of all believers. This is one of the things that's of the cults don't like and Roman Catholicism is orthodoxy. Don't like the priesthood of all believers means we all can act in a priestly sense, in the sense that we can bring others to know who Christ is, we can intercede for them in prayer and other things because we have that authority.

We have that in Jesus, so an 80 of truck driver. If his Christian will the Lord walk will work. You can baptize your husband, no problem.

Nothing in Scripture says that is you must have it be done by a pastor or an elder or anything like that. Nothing in Scripture says is the case. Okay so if I'm there if I would've if I was at the river live baptize people in River.

Your voice is pretty cold. If I was there and listen. The truck driver is gonna baptize your husband and the boys are believers baptize him and some of Wilmette you're here. Your clergy want you do it. It's a I don't need to do it.

Have him do it that's fine unless you want me to I will but go for it. You don't that's right side right and do I need to be rebaptized. I was christened as an advance by a chaplain in the Navy on a Navy ship what you think about. I know you're not really do it twice but I know baptism is different from claiming your belief yeah christening is in Florida baptism. So the question is not easy to answer because her sociology behind it and give you little to theology, but I want to first say Ephesians 451 phase 1 Lord one baptism but it doesn't say can only get baptized once. Now I'm to be going. Lord willing to Israel next year and will you be going to the Jordan River and we can arrange of me to baptize people and I'm going to be quite confident that they've already been baptized. I don't believe that there so to speak. Second baptism in the Jordan is a denial of the first.

It's just that they will do it again in the Jordan. That's what Jesus was and is because they love him and want to go through that.

No, I don't have any problem with theologically.

There are those I could make the case that your infant baptism is sufficient because of the covenant sign that the chaplain knew the covenant sign appears there was a covenant sign and I believe it's a valid baptism, but if I were a pastor of a church and you work it all in the congregation.

You said I was baptized as an infant and listing what we I asked questions all seem to be legitimate. I would then turn you and say if you want to get baptized again.

I'd be glad to because it's what you want your heart. Nothing the Scripture says you can't get baptized twice or three times.

This is one baptism doesn't say one numerically can only be one, but only one Christian baptism is a given number of how may times you can do it one is sufficient. And since a lot of people don't affirm infant baptism which is fine, then I would say that if you want to get baptized as an adult. In addition, that's fine too.

I don't see God being upset with us for wanting to make sure we're doing what we can write before him in this which is not super clear in Scripture.

This area okay when I set you free.

You not under some legalism list to say with the advice I gave you was wrong to say that my heart that I okay folks for my calling 77207 Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic slave is a Okay. All right. About 1.5 that Baden was what you was a fallen angel in heaven.

He was the high priest and haven't thought about how you got it. With an haven't told Bob chest area and started correlating that the the Levitical priesthood.

I think that the bone and I was about like you know I'm I got out and fell right they did for Lucifer was the high priest in heaven and that you think you are the curtain on that I was on the bike with all the clientele you quite correct that both I want you to give me some contact to help you was talking about is out of Ezekiel 2812 through 14 and so when we do is read it to you. This is considered a a description of Satan of Lucifer. Before he fell by many people. Some it's not suitable just discussion and debate is what it says in verse 12 is the Son of Man take up a lamentation over the king of Tyre, and say to him, thus says the Lord God, you had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty and then asked if does this weird thing. Verse 13 you were in Eden, the garden of God and so when it says the king of Tyre and then switches to you were in Eden.

This is why a lot of people say no you can't be the king of Tyre and sometimes is the case in prophetic utterances in the Old Testament. This switch like this just occurs and then the New Testament will take this and say this would is why was there.

Nevertheless, you were in Eden, the garden of God. Every precious stone was your covering it doesn't say chest plate is your covering the Ruby the topaz of the diamond, the barrel, the onyx and adjust for the lapis lazuli the turquoise in the emerald and the gold.

The workmanship of your settings and sockets was in you on the day that you're created. They were prepared. You were the anointed cherub who covers and I placed you there. You are in the holy mountain of God, you walk in the midst of the stones of fire. So now you can see the cherub which is a type of Angel was in the Garden of Eden and this is why they say it was Satan because it was on. You were blameless in all your ways for the day you were created until righteousness and unrighteousness of Seesmic unrighteousness was found in you to do something else here. We got the this good. Isaiah 14 and the says this in verse 12, you have fallen from heaven. Oh, star of the morning. Some of the Dawn you have been cut down to the earth. You will weaken the nations, but you will sit in your heart, I will ascend to heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the mount of the assembly in the recesses of the North. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will make myself like the most high. Nevertheless, you be thrust out a shoal of the recesses of the pit. That's Isaiah 1412 through 14 and so some think that's the reason Satan fell because of pride or this Québec light physical 28 so to say that he was our priest is incorrect. He was not the priest.

The priest is the ordinal because of the priesthood yet to be male in the priesthood wasn't instituted until later was no priesthood issue there so he's wrong on that part. Some people think that because the names Lucifer light bearer might mean this this just conjecture might be that Lucifer was in charge of, so to speak. The angelic worship to God and that he became prideful and himself and fell. Now some people say that this has to do with music as well, and nurse. There is evidence for that because it says verse 13 of the gold. The workmanship of your settings but another rendering is tambourines and sockets can be flutes, so this is why some people think that Satan was involved with worship because of the music of singing and adoration of God and that she was used was to be. He was involved with that and then fell because of pride. The five I wills of Satan in Isaiah 4312 through 14 and so is this like simple think all this stuff because of that, and then have been people say that he uses of music of modern-day music to seduce people because he was involved with music being as I said before, he felt, there's that there's some of the information. All right the help you think your topic that you could feel kind of like every cell with fighting the same thing in directly with you through him like that because it didn't sound right in and out of the whole thing about the bone have been have you got anything about whatever a temple in heaven. Yesterday spiritual temple in heaven, you will be a need for a couple heaven… Don't have to know it's it's a good question because the Bible talks about about the rebuilt Temple, and some say that the city of God in heaven. So there's it, but it's probably not a literal something and this is a difficult thing I have not cited that much but I've never read through and come across. I don't quite get what it's saying is, haven't done a study on it, but I will if the caller calls up the same about this to the school wheel that sweetie gets the grease of my procedure but unable to see his offering in the in Hebrews talk about offerings being made by the Lord in the heavens, and so what's really going on. And is it, literally, and offering right there some discussion about because he's a priest and the it it gets complicated to say that is clearly alternate to us and okay I got really productive okay this is good, but all right.

May God bless. Okay. All right. Let's get to Manuel from Milwaukee manual running or there, man, hello, hello you on the air ever requested heaven with a brother lately. He denies election and also I've been walking through John fixed to show on but in all things there bringing up the ramp and theory and all because of election are those who connected and how can I refute it other than playing that ransom theory is is bad news and the song list deal with the issue of of election. One of things you could do is is get an old Bible and sit down with him and say dude you know the selection thing.

Obviously you know is not in Scripture, obviously, so let's let's go to those verses that that talk about it… Black market black about okay we can start to don't go through. You know math 2424 Ephesians 14 and the Romans 828, 230. There's all kinds of verses that that extra talk about chosen to get this phone is 213.

He chose us for salvation access that selection is good. Ephesians 14 that's best place to go, just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world so that selection to be chosen so he's clearly just denying of Scripture is denied as many people do not like the idea that God chooses for salvation is not up to our wisdom and our ability to God's mercy and also taken. Romans 99 323 and then if you're in the same room with the and you read through what you know you just as I get close to fish here to listen. The steam coming off the gaskets out of his skull. Okay, here like a exponents fund with Romans nine okay so every time I went through the Scriptures about election. He claims that that is arbitrary and why would God do that and got all the universal nominal God's never arbitrary to say that God is arbitrary is does not address the Scriptures nothing is arbitrary with God. He works all things after the counsel of his will.

Ephesians 111 so for him to say God's arbitrary say no district fire you, I'd look at it. Ephesians chapter 1 verses one through 14 title him, choosing us that selection destination which is predestination.

And then he works all accord was will verse 11. I know I'm a sadist of people realistically don't like this doctrine, you got a problem as of the Bible teaches you know I don't like it. My concern what is the Bible's that you're obligated to follow what Scripture says is as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, check this out. The second Thessalonians 213, we should always give thanks to God or for God for you brother the blood by the Lord Jesus, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation criticized as a friend mocks me is that so it's okay who teleported us to stop denying the word of God pretty much the point I met I might love what I don't know what else to tell you and not you did for me. But on the ransom. You theory I tell you what's the ransom theory is the death of the idea is that the ransom was paid to say to him. Okay and tell him that all the sacrifices in the Old Testament were always offered to God, never to Satan. Satan doesn't own us. We don't belong to Satan and that Jesus satisfied know what I would do is go to car and look up the legal aspect of of the atonement. Okay, that the atonement and legal thinkers exceed atonement, legal suit comes up with the article and think about and I go through their I could brought from Emerick does get a bunch of Scriptures, but so is: what is the penal substitutionary atonement theory. All right and go to that and you will see lots of Scriptures right there and that is plenty. The ransom theory is heresy. It's harassing her.

Okay if we didn't think Jesus would not pay a ransom to the death of it was in atonement to God because God is the one is offended by arson. That's how it works. So the ransom theory as is his surgery back okay thank you recommend God bless what I write is good, let's call her Jack from the lab that welcome you on your I don't like the dark you get, O God bless got one minute so that a hostile one minute real quick family conversation yesterday, mandatory back porch credit mark be worn pretty much left me all my thing is this know it is sometimes does whatever he can to get in people's mind with stuff like that. My question then became at that point. At what point you just leave people of their own. Of tell him about stuff like this for dear and Teresa Christian to go and I will write you choosing to buy things that will point you just let people who want but when you let sleeping dogs lie tomorrow. This is the Christian okay buddy okay Jack from Nevada evoked by thought right there tomorrow. Hopefully another program powered by the Truth Network

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