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April 8, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 8, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt discusses recent news events.--2- Do you think the covid vaccine could be the mark of the beast---3- Why isn't Matthew 24-37 talking about the pretribulation rapture---4- Why is flat earth an incorrect theory---5- Will God hold us accountable for not sharing the gospel at any given moment- If someone refuses to listen, is it ok to stop or move on---6- How do you know when to take Scripture literally or figuratively---7- Is there a difference between paradise and heaven---8- A caller wanted to comment further on knowing when to interpret Scripture literally or figuratively.--9- I get so angry watching the news. What should I do-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a Matt Slick Live Lorenz is called responding to your questions at 877 Lico alright so folks will be a five lines if you want to give you call. All you have to do is dial 87720776. Why don't you give me a call to Coso blab things like talking about one this reminder. The car miserable trips coming up next year. It's got a ways to go check it out and don't want to go to Israel with this with me, and what some other people only go to do was go to harm Israel CRM car all the information need is there and let's see we have three online schools, your check those out all you do is go to Carmen/schools and give you some information you need and we stay on the air by your generous support. So what will – very often our need to insist that we do still near.

We do need support sucks.

Let me know if you like what you hear. You want to have it continue going to do is go to Carmen/donate and you can help us out yes five dollars a month. $10 month not much. And if you get that enough then what we can do is some we can make budgets and things like that. We can do all things you do in order to ministry stuff like that in our missionaries and all kinds of things. So there you go. That's that's dumb so you'll build inherently. I forgot to flip a switch so I got that done thing you're already folks. Nobody waiting on line when give me a call 877-207-2276.

Barely making people mad, which is nothing new by saying they should not vote for candidates who support abortion and homosexuality and socialism. And that's my position and that's what I hold to your change channel now what had saved the Bible says the Bible does teach against socialism and teachers believe about capitalism and go through that. If you're interested I would get the Scriptures and things like that but there's that. Now let's get a little bit of news items because this is worth talking Nike sues wrapper little loss X over Satan shoes that have real blood in the souls you talking to Keith.

He's the producer of the show before the showing the word about this yet. My wife and I were talking about it and he reminded me, so I think it might be worth mentioning on the air here so this guy little rapper own sex loss X he was get rid real human but blood in the souls and others of verse which deals with Satan. Luke 1018 by Satan's fall from heaven, and it's on the shoe and is only 666 pairs of we made available and other selling all or cheaply thousand $18 a pair and were sold out. Shortly after going on sale now what if I had some sneakers holy water sneakers.

You know I think he's done that already, but I couldn't do it because I don't merchandise in the end trying to profit off of for the work of Christ, looked at this guy will tell you sees I'm sorry I'm laughing because it's funny but it is must that something associated with it anyway never left to get on on topic here in the thing is you don't win the world get so bad that that this kind of stuff is a marketing ploy. This kind of thing is so sellable people bought it. It's really bad it's it's idiocy you and add to that help homosexuality, pornography, abortion, or just promoted violence or promoted in society and things like that Christianity is maligned that which is good is evil that was evil is good, watch movies and and I know superheroes usually are the bad guys. They're the ones who do good and the good people are the morons. This is the way the other world. This is truly shameful is bad this was happening and that is what it is and it this doesn't surprise me in the slightest way to give McCall talk about that you can 877-207-2276. Alright so you formalize give me a call okay list on the phone with Mike from Greensboro North Carolina might welcome your earlier that what you meant calling it.

There are a lot of talking about how it talked about it… It would be your forgetting that RFID chip planted in her hand. Whether buying it out.

I don't know what about your paranoia are what you think now is the beast, but your subissues with the daily alteration procedure when worried about is that focusing our DNA on one particular strain of the virus and and becomes useless against other strands could attempt to become more dangerous I will my DNA altered want things like that happening. I don't trust it just been too many cases already of people getting sick and some dying from so you know I will be forced to take it in the thing that that people are talking about in relationship the mark of the beast, you're forced to take the market or to buy and sell well now what that New York is talking about requiring a vaccine passport.

Whatever it is to do whatever it is in in New York to travel into New York or some other things I don't know exactly I to read the articles on been really busy today. But this kind of a thing. It is what I'm really afraid of is that you can't buy or sell unless you have the vaccine as signature you can that the card you know his and Kyle don't be bound to the state you not to be don't you were lacrosse over starter lapel. That's the kinds of onward and I could talk a lot more about it, but it notes off the mark of the beast. Your right forehead or right hand is when the mark is in it could be in the mind and or the it that the head parts of the mind and intellect and the hand about what you do could be symbolic in that sense that's to entertain, but generally speaking, the prophecies of the Scriptures are literal so you know I would be the left-hand because the Muslims consider left tend to be dirty in the right hand to be the one that you eat with left hand you clean yourself with. So it would be left-hand to be the right hand, which is why if the zone of the right hand for your four head so you know that actually look at it happen a lot right out of the American company that bought it years ago where they were basically giving people the option to get the implants that hinder what their right and that how they would get in the door that my eventually that what were going on no profit or anything like that. What I you what I can get the mark of the Bible that I don't yeah and seven in the chapter on Kelsey middle comment, which is correct. Does the antichrist need to be here yeah this is concomitant with the arrival of the antichrist, so he is the one who requires this be this mark in order to buy and sell so now here's the thing. Could it be that the antichrist is alive and well right now, or does it mean that history revealed and or and then saith we don't know we don't know but I feel that it market that you're going back your right so the questions I've been asking for is what if you don't know what it is your attrition and you just get this thing turned out to be the mark of the beast you not that's not the issue. The issue I believe is you were knowingly taking it as a means of vinification with that antichrist.

Figure you're doing and I think that's the context of Mark of the beast is a public sign or sign of affirmation that your following the one world leader kind of thing.

And that's not in place yet. Though I believe it's before moving to towards it and I'm certain it says think that there needs to be a global-ish kind of an issue. A plague would do it.

There are other possibilities that could generate a global response of global submission so plague could do it. Also a worldwide economic just decay just the duration of our economic strength of all almost all nations just gone will you what you do them at work, you could be aware that you don't like the Muslims all over the place good to start fighting and killing. Because of twitter's nine cells as her doing that and then to appease them antichrist, who else it could be some people said UFO invasion enact your posting, it'll unite the world so there's a lot of stuff while the Democrats take over could do it to well our art got back got back they need to get back to you and the brownshirts of Nazi Germany will come the fine juvenile no turn, you win.

If you will comply. In this way you know you should read the book 1984 I have a shirt that I wore to church yesterday. Make 1984 fiction again before the dystopian novel and the politicians are moving towards the left. The secular left. The Democrats are leading the way the Republicans are following but with little hooks in your noses and is are falling towards the left and you know it is just this just is horrible so you don't have to I believe is a two-pronged approach we Christians should take one is we should be praying for the movement of God in our country and not only should we be praying that we should be on her feet doing something and that reminds me on Carmen, the Christian apologetics research ministry car network website that I have.

I released an article which I need to work on the today I been really busy today certifying to be able to something else gone so much going on but it's see submission does its newsworthy news items. I guess only things I written, but the other. The I'm trying to get a list of governmental agencies that seek government worries that government agencies will fight to do it is and I had it in awareness you have read the equality act religious Freedom restoration act of read that all elected officials and federal estate contact information is what is so if you go to. Carmen looked up just elected officials that will get you elected officials and federal and state talk about it. Check it out, they might formalize the call 877072276577077.

Here's Matt's 7.there that I was watching people think about the ship and had she had sex trafficking on the this information and your new alive heard a lot of things but you know if you have documentation on the consent, but if enough people in different places start saying the same thing then I'm like CNN, MSNBC, Fox no Federalist if they start saying the same basic thing venomous or paying attention because generally speaking, a lot of mouth to stop you but even then you gotta be careful so II recommend that people be careful time that they do the research I think is necessary for us to do that and so I've got to do this right here. I got on the city states and territories give ago so fix that right there, save it, I would recommend people go to the federal think the article elected officials and no missing something here because a lot of people think that all we should be doing as Christians is to just turn the other cheek do nothing. Wait for the preacher militia rapture and we get to go home, and because the unbelievers are really bad or not nice and so will distrust God wait out our time and that is not the Scriptures teach to do is the opposite of what the Scriptures teach that the Bible says occupied. He comes back, means were to be busy to fight unrighteousness and Christians need to be united in what they are obligated to do so. What I started here doing is so good karma. Just type in elected officials will find the article look officials and federal estate contact information so I have it categorized under Christianity and governments of those articles there about that and you can read up on various things related with the purpose of government where the Bible is socialism biblical widths of the local view of stuff like that and find your federal elected officials. I have the links for them about do the research finding them find your state elected elected officials and so I have that information there of a general link, but I also believe in a step further local elected officials. Federal government agencies USA government contact center at the phone number how to contact her left elected officials.

Another one and try to go to state-by-state and provide documentation on on the link so people can just go to the respective state and do this I will obligate Flickr for Don to take a lot of work and the idea is to provide Christians with the ability to have quick information so they can email they can call hard to do but Christians are so beautiful about not being able to do anything that they don't do much we can make a big difference. All you do is do it we can regulate rapture on I'm not pretrip that make you feel and you will be so I don't have you explained that the wicked are taken is not good if you would Matthew 2437 and following. 1726 and following that were those verses are if you read the whole thing read the context of both of them read all within the chapter. You'll see that the once were taken of the wicked it's it's it's not just a week I can look at it this way if no, what it sets because the with the once were taken once were destroyed. According look 17th answer to middle be taken will be left in the asked Jesus where they taken any answers the question is where the body is the voters gather it's not to heaven is to a place of destruction. It's the wicked were being taken in that context is not the good and what bothers me is that it's easy to see.

It's easy to read all you got to look at the context and you'll find out those are preacher militia rapture versus they're not. But why is it the churches all across America.

Pastors all across America. Just to say it's a pretrip rapture, and haven't even bothered to read the context that's disturbing that's disturbing and it just tells me to not doing biblical exegesis they're doing biblical repetition denominational repetition will come on get in there do some serious study of Heidegger.

I'm you will commit God bless, Mike and I okay that was Michael Greensboro, North Carolina.

We have three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 John welcome around here made on Matt Little Rock Laura Woody Guthrie wanted that.

I am 26 about to be 27 and when I first became save my father in the faith. I call now, father died. He showed me your website a lot almost 10 years ago. I not use it as a reference when I vandalized probably over a thousand times, and I want to give a big shout out dear and thank you for your website about the now you you think calico recently and looks like you know you're still preaching the same thing and now that that's really admire ball you not changing.

Just stick with what the Bible says an area on the first. My question why the earth is flat.

That's a bogus theory, natural about their jobs. Natural why you think that this Bible doesn't teach if one thing, and physics doesn't allow it for another 1 Very Quick Way to disprove this flatterers okay. So imagine a 3 foot diameter table that around and that'll be the flatterers and then put a dome over it. The dome is 2 feet high to an FBI doesn't matter if you dome over the teachers a dome over the flat earth and the stars and everything are embedded in that dome and then the sun and the moon are either embedded in the dome or your suspended just below that the center area of the dome and are the same size as on the moon are the same size and above the dome above the earth underneath the dome near the top it with me so far.

Yeah okay now. That means that any place on the earth on that table on that thing can see from any location can see both the sun and the moon because it's inside the dome a flat surface absolutely necessary that straight out of sight or yeah) your your your I can't be that far.

Most can see that far because we see stars that are thousands Montello thousand thousand.

Okay will your brain on either the year where the thermodynamics I am a folks lines give a call 8770776577077 charismatic slave 776 John still there right so in my little construction there.

If you take this table 3 foot diameter table with the dome sick to her feet and you put to balls up there represents on the moon. All of them all over the table you have clear straight line of vision with the cloud and we can see with the ideas you have straight vision so if you can see us. The million nine taken the across their sequester for set up to where the sun up to with the moon. So you see that the moon in both the night and the day.

Why don't you see the sun in both the night of the day was ago on and the right now in order. Yes, I know. So during the night. Why is it that this you'll see the sun's because the sun is moving but it's above, it's in the middle area about our dome area so you know the finer things of that letter and under the note in which view your say no because I dying of the elders and that I think that moved around me. That's really stationary and were moving around it, you're not listening in this online thing is visible by state. I have a question. The six straight line of sight all over the earth. Why is it that you can't see it all the time.

You can't get out far you think the ship that then you are over the horizon and why it's not. It's circling you. I guess you don't know what you think I said disappear over the horizon, or do you think they disappear because of the your law perspective. When I was younger my vision was twice as good as 20. I'm not a question I'm going to answer the question when I was younger my vision was twice as good as 2020. Okay, I was tested I still live in Southern California I would go to the beach.

I would see ships slowly go down over the horizon I could see half the ship was below and have a was above wasn't an issue perspective that I questioned at the mere thought of not questioning the hallway that led along the 58 mi.² you not make any sense look, why not making very modular on my question John – and you demand.

In my question John why is it you can't see the sun. All of the time if it's above the earth which is flat up in the dome area when I got all local light and it note okay violate what is a blank to where does it move to have the Ninth Circuit like the word work is added added that I hop in the Bible I not moved took a job. John, where does it move to the sun that you can see it all over the earth is flat as it unpacked the circle of their John it it's it's the court of the model. The one half of the earth is lit up. There is a bladder model to go online. All right, sorry, he's not listening is kept interrupting, not seeing the problems with lots of problems let's get on with – so there I think writing an outline of nausea and also Toronto, Canada. Are you there like that about you. That's difficult you don't like.

I like Frank I think share I'm straining to hear you. It's like is also something so going the you try to get good at night? Basically I will not hold accountable for bond when it's time it will God hold you responsible for not working to save souls. Yes, if he's called you to do it and you don't know if he's not called you to do it. You don't do it generically speaking were all called to do this to to share the gospel one way or another and for the most part most every Christian does, but there are going to be circumstances where no see her mom is at home and and just has what we have in San Diego.

The moms group which was all Christian moms and you don't really come to get out of that circle for two, three, four years and so you don't really share the gospel because you're only with is that exceed excusable.

Of course it is normatively speaking were awful to share the gospel and if we can great if we can't we understand the legitimate reason for You. Kinda like I don't think the course is okay to move on and refuse to listen you said to the disciples. He said you one was city they don't receive you and wipe the dust off your feet and keep going on Scripture literally or like ring context as you read the Scriptures you get more of the flavor of that overall context.

So if you reading for example the book of Romans. There's nothing really figurative in their there is live in a figurative stuff, you were all true Israel.

At the end of Romans two spiritual Israel, but for the most part it's very very literal and the Gospels.

For example, or history book of acts is history of Revelation is very symbolic. Psalms has history and poetry and symbolism written so it just depends on the overall context of what is your reading and sometimes you can have a very literal area and all of a sudden the figures of context in it for little bit neck that's okay we just can't discern to the best we can move forward no deal will God bless you. We have five open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 so as summer approaches calls often drop down a little bit just because people are doing other things. So like, and that's fine. Reminded Bill some neglected callers reminds me they not like when I say which reminds me of Osama say this again if you in our present sister. You claim to be a Christian and you are trying to walk with the Lord you want to be a Christian, you want to live like a Christian, you want to think like a Christian neck like a Christian. Then, politically speaking, you don't have any right to vote for people who promote the antichrist teachings antichrist teachings would be such things as of pornography, abortion and homosexuality. LGBT Q the pushing well and those of the really very very bad, very bad.

You can't vote for somebody. Seriously, you can't vote for somebody who pushes and advocates those things. How could a Christian to face God, and God says look I gave you this this right to vote and you voted for someone who would promote homosexuality and abortion. Why would you do that because I vote and so we Christians need to start thinking biblically and stop thinking, and so to speak, practical terms about how you think this might be of that might be. If you do this or that means that you're submitting the word of God or dismissing the word of God based upon your opinions and your circumstances monitor how many radio commentators who talk like this, but it needs to be more we as Christians need to stand on truth and stand unrighteousness and not stand on every wind of doctrine, whatever way it's blowing whatever direction it might be going and we want to appease people know were not here to appease people were to be at peace with all people. Whenever possible we are to preach and teach the gospel and defend the truth of Jesus Christ and him crucified is the most important message there is in the entire world. Jesus Christ got a flush die in the crossroads of the dead three days later and justification by faith alone in Christ alone. By faith and baptism, not by faith and sacrament stop by faith in your sincerity by faith and good works by faith in Jesus Christ. This is the message that we need to be teaching as Christians, and we cannot be diluting our walk and diluting our walk with God if were to be promoting governmental systems that are antichrist that are working toward secularism the reduction of Christian freedom. The working against the rough working for the rise of socialism as some of them are can't do this folks. Some of this is because what one my true call five open lines 8772072276577077.

What I have to get on the air were talking the texture and sort of talk about various things. One guy's head: Carter Mander ever thought of that. I'm the commander figure to go to a well done Don.

All right, it was difficult to open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get the rust from Detroit hey Russ, welcome around here are you doing I will never be out talking about morality. I love talking to secular humanists, especially about morality. Okay, not my call to go to the wonder how or the and there was the topic or I was reading the topic of the different paradise evident in the June kind of try to clarify getting paradise I understand correctly paradise where the dead would go way for the second resurrection body having his one view.

A lot of people think that it was the holding place until Christ had been crucified and then as assistant fishes for roughly 8 through 12 that he looked captive a host of captives of you looks like he may have gone down to paradise and the people who were who had died in hope with the expectation of the sacrifice of Messiah.

He went in and proclaimed not preach or proclaim the truth and then ascended to heaven with him. That's when another theory that my question should be, Jesus turned to that one.

The guy you know I believe you, today you will be with you. I was kind of thinking. Why would Jesus be going to paradise he supposed to shoot right up to get out of paradise free rate of it on the right-hand side where is it strictly put that Jesus went out of paradise. Like the popular thing for something like that willing to say he went down to paradise.

To do that but I know you are trying Ephesians 4. Roughly verses eight through 12 is that correct P and also first Peter 318 1920 the proclamation spirits now in prison so there's within Christianity there is debate friendly debate on what these what happened during the interim of Christ's between the death and resurrection and my position.

I lean towards neck and die on the sill but when I lean towards is that upon his death.

He went may proclamation to the spirits on judgment for judgment on them and took people paradise up into heaven, and came back down is my position that I know that is really written about it! Like right because the man would die and what's interesting is that when Jesus died, according to Hebrews 915 16.

That means the new covenant began, so that the thief died inside.

Technically, the new covenant and were testament to Ms. Latin for covenant old covenant.

New covenant Old Testament, New Testament. So Jesus probably went there, probably went down to paradise went to paradise. Robert is and the. The thief died a few hours later went there and met him with me in paradise and then took a mop to heaven, so that is kind of what I will will then Jesus would a man that you are you are with just a little bit. I got a little bit of reading or ate well. First Peter 318, 19 and 20 that range is what those are actually very interesting Scriptures that you want something else to read this very interesting is the book of Jude which is only like 25 verses that will get you thinking about other things that are related because it's full of what stuff like that. What is interesting like that. I Russ Colligan writes let's get to Mark North Carolina Mark welcome around here lately have a quick stop that 27 letter to understand God's excellent so many young people nowadays still not lift to the total list.the beach Ohio State spiritual from the middle class to correctly careful Bible study is in the context of the two past that will help save show health preparing my client as a millennial kingdom if they can get your 2533 they will get a package and this shall be at that day you shall not be in alignment again. They should be done upon the grant. The young lady well Downing was look at him. That's certainly certainly doable so I appreciate the work you fighting the good fight. You're doing a great job so much she's little time. Thank you Matt Marais.

God bless you to, all right, let's get to Vicki from North Carolina, Vicki, welcome all the time and follow the angry at what all the angry… People in a knowing care about and I get it near the position that the thing that I think right in thinking that will have a guest workers at Caesar's really I think this looks very compartmentalized look better than most and some nasty you know my more robotic set up a little bit without pleasant to deal with heresies my whole life will Christian life and so I just got use to just there's just more heresy more heresy more here. Six. I do get upset my wife said to what was it she said she said he will listen to something it'll make fire come out of your nostrils. That's what so it did. I forgot it was. I was so mad because of its government's stupid government, dairy soon one guideline it right now to the leftist wacko moron Democrats and let the stupid wacko moron Republicans.

They don't care about the Constitution. Some of them do, but for the most part they don't and all you know and what Ted Cruz is good is a couple hundred that I know are good listening to all man what were countries being sold down the river and we got a guy on Edison Pres. office who's in bed with China and his son is light on federal forms for guns and they don't do think about a federal crime. The hypocrisy is is incredible and held at the left and the family ignores all the stuff that Biden is doing and then the I was reading with the weather blaming Tromp for the border crisis now finds the just. They couldn't find will find a way to let the bag it was pointed down the hill with an arrow and was oil on the ground and couldn't get out, yet CPC upset you. So what you do what you do well, you just kinda move on the to throw rocks at something, but that what I do. I have an outlet radio and I have the websites and I can teach in various things so like between the brakes literally working on on the webpage government contact information I met in the California information is next in line put up a lot of stuff and multitask walked because I have to. There's not enough of boiler needs to be more that's right onto my wife. Anything you want me to just stare look at your right casino everything some great except my wife is too smart for that.

But you use a good woman, except for tasting. Back again. Yes, I did by activating the mothering instinct Jean and the bewildered filter. The girls health notice of my 19-year-old Alps and Sita Joe yeah I know I have Avenue 34 years were still married because of Christians we have some serious problems early on and we would've a divorce if you were Christians who were to look at else I know you can't mount nurse counted I tell people this is how it works. You stick it out.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, and you go forward and things work out you don't. I work for people that I know right okay will thank you are thinking for his anger could be righteously angry is not a sin to be angry God gets angry is called righteous anger all right. I get that I now attract and preform okay if there actually all right. Thanks all right, let's get the Billy from Charlotte, North Carolina Billy walking on air this are you doing good hope okay by God's grace is what marriage are very good and I wonder how they can stand any more difficult will want to hear the truth, but it sure couldn't double up on Matt to be solidified only so much and then that's it is right for Clark on top of the local background Christian, but that this don't want to hear the current lot of Christian hope there's a break pedal if you go back tomorrow.

I can please the government inheriting God's salvation is interchangeable.

Inheriting the legality tomorrow okay folks, God bless back on the air by the month. Tomorrow is another program by the Truth Network

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