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April 7, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 7, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does John 16-13 mean---2- How would you respond to someone using James 1-5 in regard to getting a prophecy or hearing from God---3- How does the punishment fit the crime in Deuteronomy 25-11-12---4- A caller wanted to discuss the pretribulation rapture and the millennium..--5- Can you explain Deuteronomy 32-34 in relation to Hebrews 1---6- What is the definition of sin---7- Can Satan or demons influence Christians---8- What do you know about the Free Masons-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is it apologetic is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max what why branches is called responding to your questions and you match look, if you want give me a call as usual you do is dial 877-207-2276 and the talk with him. Perhaps next Friday. Hope you have a good day. It's a beautiful day here and really enjoying the weather out here in Idaho right just no humidity left or should say that because Idaho we series to be the best-kept secret of the Northwestern Durham now everybody's coming here man, only we couldn't gel you just by people from all over. Okay people to witness to read what you said 877-207-2276. This is jumped right on the phones and let's get to jump from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Chuck welcome you on here you know about. What about it. Talk about exchange with Peter did not believe you picked up at the foot washing got 13 eight lately. Maybe you have a question because I'm lost here? No, you asked to look it up about why the time I got your volunteer to catch up to you.

Look up what could be a lot of stuff going on here. You only the hundred 44,000 who all yeah that's right if you don't, and if you don't take it you have a part of me what verse was a John 13 that it never show you what you just as if I do not wash you have no part with me.

That's the washing of the feet might think what you're going to John six starting around verse 45. I think it was nautical yeah I couldn't find because I was misquoting it say that that that that can happen… Somewhere in your mind and yeah well you know there is weird because I have some verses I can't memorize addresses for some reason I go over and over and over again, but otherwise I just see once I memorized. It's the weirdest thing so anyway checking out. There is something that is the bread of life, but the walkway thing. This is a hard thing right through the Last Supper, where they actually represent but is looking at is John 653 I see you unless you eat the flesh of the sun and drink his blood, you have no life in yourselves. Now that's the verse I was thinking about now deleted the issue of Roman Catholic stuff going on course if that's the verses or something like that from the back of my head didn't you like that helped you really did not remember you working I like to look it up and down the well okay that helps capable thanks yes yeah I can't. I can't believe you do you yeah I will type it in Google all typing my Bible program.

I can usually find things pretty quickly, but not every time that I'm glad to help. As I slept less okay thanks all right, let's get to see Gabriel from Georgia gave the welcome.

You're on the air. I don't want quick question regarding John 1613, I wanted when the spirit of truth, he will guide you as to all true, or you will not only authority, but whatever he hears he will speak and he would acquire you the things that are to call now advocating that you know God speak outside of the Bible and audible voice or like what this is a lucky mommy. Stuck his disciples, and you sing to the disciples they will guide you into the truth listings initiative where he hears will speak and the use of these Holy Spirit is promised and the context is his promise oblivious to the speaking along thing about the disciples talk talk into and it could be the switching and going to another context. By that time because there's a lot of looking at how much you saying there's a lot there but you think.

John 16 1350 so you have the least make you outcast in the synagogues talk of the Jewish people was talking to his disciples and the strictly counsel guiding all truth. When I think having a good younger what I think is interesting. As he says he will speak he will not speak on his own initiative that's interested right because it also.

Jesus says in John 519 John 530.

He says he will do nothing of his own initiative, but only to the father doing and that is this is interesting to me because both the spirit and will. Jesus is about the spirit about himself thought initiative to do the will of the father who sent them. This is it gets really interesting and think about that summer but anyway, your question was about it because so look at the context of an interview question what was your question that mandate pretty much the Holy Spirit speak to you and audible boy. I'm right or the bank as far as like the Bennett agency in Scripture and I came across the life the so always remember with the context is always and what I do when I prepare for debate seem to be debating a certain topic word Microsoft Word out all the fine quotes. I also take the verses and I will find any no verses that they might use and I go read the context and then I write with. The context is that I can quickly cite what my researches, I recommend you do something like that you read the context here of what it is and what commentaries might say about it because in my give you different context, but that's the thing, and he saying to you, will guide you into all truth will who was that you and even if it does mean everybody in the church. It doesn't mean that God will speak audibly here, though I do think is possible for today. We got could certainly speak audibly. He's God we can give us words of knowledge and stuff. I don't have a problem with that, but you like these charismatic people who got told me something last night really and and how how are you doing after that God spoke to you.

You know your Facebook going and how many of how how long were you crying and weeping in his presence because it is incredible holiness.

Now it's a flippant kind of a thing that they do not, yeah, God told me about a bluntly tell you what he said you know it's a casual thing is ridiculous.

So, if God were to fire if I were praying and I heard an audible voice or God spoke to me and it turned out to be really him. I'll tell you I would be another boasting about it and being casual about it and even even when I speak about my conversion, which is very profound presence of God. Even then, I'm hesitant to just jump into it because it's such a reverential thing so I don't get how these people can the sight of God told me blah blah blah just communicating to me I'm hanging with all the time and worked with hundreds, the kind of laissez-faire casual attitude I think is very unfortunate right thank you question that a vehicle I'm pretty sure we have people unlock how would you respond to somebody you know first anybody like them and got my blue Ginger was fine just one five-year you in a config were talking about a guy, but it was you doing you speaking to the 12 tribes were dispersed abroad. That's in verse one so he says if any of you lack wisdom was already talking to the Jewish believers because he says he's addressing it to the 12 tribes. That's Jewish flat out just what he's talking about and he says if you lack wisdom, ask God is already asking are you talking to believers and sing as God, but wisdom. Wisdom from what was up with the word of God says it doesn't say ask God for wisdom and you'll get an audible thing or you will get up burning in your bosom in your heart that tells you something with them is the proper use of knowledge and the gifting's of the word of knowledge and word of wisdom are charismatic gifts in the first contents 14 and 12 and stuff that's not was being spoken of here is not what it is going on because he says he must ask in faith without doubting his talking to those believers you want wisdom about what is being spoken up and things like that. It could, and particularly in the trials after having need wisdom to deal with these trials was considered all joy, my brother and when we encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance, and let endurance have its perfect result, so you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. If you lack wisdom, ask God who gives you generously without reproach of the given to him. So the context is about being persecuted. How do you handle it what's going on is not about praying with the book of Mormon for those might be listening or you pray and when you get up you know God told me blah blah blah.

Have a blessed week two men got bless Gabriel right Gabriel is the messenger Angels in the Bible is the sketch of bread from Iowa Brad welcome you on here. They met I doing okay and inner young men of good clinical height wanted to ask in regard to Deuteronomy 25 first 11 and 12 object Friday I get come to an understanding of what's going on behind that minute, more or less. I guess if the blood down about frantically laid out the punishment fit the crime at the POSTNET scenario I just wanted to get your thoughts on that list read. It's interesting set of verses so that only lost Deuteronomy 2511 through 12. If two men, a man his countrymen are struggling together and the wife of one comes near to deliver her husband from the hand of the one who striking him and puts out her hand and seizes his genitals, then you shall cut off her hand.

You shall show no pity, that's pretty harsh in that culture.

At that time, sexual purity was extremely important and you hold on get back to that heartbreak more okay alright so I folks.

Please faith you 777577077 charismatic back to alright so this is a difficult passage because it's so culturally related, but also probably theologically related to civilian that sexuality was very, very private very very serious and in that culture. A woman would let her hair down only in the presence of her husband and there's some accounts of a woman with more than one thought the centuries back then letting her hair down and in public and husband would divorce her for because it was so considered sensual that she was advertising her sensuality.

We may look at that site. Are you serious ridiculous lessons with the culture was back the time. The way things work there might be something connected with that in the cultural thing dealing with the purity issue because if she's can be grabbing another man stuff then she's abandoning her impurity and this is a very serious thing and there might also be a connection to the issue of the organ the male organ in his stock for representing circumcision and the covenant promises of God through the mail and that she is usurping the position of five. Her womanhood and grabbing on to that there might be a theological significance for say that's out of place and can't do it so I know the exact answer, but I think that in these kinds of things. That's what's going on… I think that Fredericksburg, like a rock around her like an art.

I interpretation I think they said they look into the word. I guess like cutting up and that like the words that were used are like you Greg and with different words and they were used the same way and think I could be something that was no maybe one of them, like paying a fine up to my dad but I do try to get clarification was just trying to see how well it matching up… Only Methodist.

You know, to stand more or less into the punishment, and a crime and just anything on you know it's we have this culturally civil we are more advanced. We are more civilized. So let's look at that culture and and and judge will be to be careful about that. There's often a theological reason tied to it.

Some people call up in Alaska about the 42 Ladd's young men who were killed by the sheep hear that Elijah called on them because they were mocking him and he had them all killed. All that's awfully mean well.

They were called again. I called van which was a sign of disrespect was a gang of them there supposed to be home with their families working and in providing so they were threatening and reflecting the note, the person of God.

And so the judgment came upon them to understand culture and context.

Okay, I can see more why I personally think it has to do with the covenant aspect combined with the. The decency laws and that she violated both and sold and punished appropriately so that I would think we had at that. There Leah really barred by when coming across a topic like and I know John MacArthur at the differently. I think the only time in the Old Testament. I think that this kind of punishment was I get no commandant… I was just had a correlate of being the only time now with them like that yet, and would want to know is, is it if you could offer hand you better tell she's black and blue. I don't think it's in the attic, but there's some reason, commentary, and it says that some rabbis and take it seriously. It's converted to a heavy fine. So apparently let it happen so you know if if I'm struggling with somebody, my wife grabs stuff you know hum I say thank you.

Help me out with his parents. So back in that culture to do thing to talk her more research on right yeah… That's really out there. I got bless bread okay got bless hey folks you want to give me a call three open lines all you do is dial 877-207-2276, is the Adam from Utah Adam welcome here. I met thank you very much. I had it, but you acted last night and play back the day the day that very often as I figured I'd give it a millennialism be that last night without that bad.

Not and then it was the end of your show that I was open. I could tell you what I believe about that and then get that name, where I'm not of course I want to delete birthday that I believe in that miraculous birth life that resurrection and I from that and the holy Bible is my favorite book. As far as everything else does the millennium. I felt like we have a thousand year reign of Christ and where is that pre-wrath rapture of the things Elmont things like that to wrath. One of the nonbelievers, and then want to leave but at the end of the world. At the end of the day. That day there that unbolt better or out or the last goal is for people like them and I mean that that neither the pre-wrath rapture that that's how you have a bank. Why would I would do it with verses in Revelation chapter thinking it during the day old being poured out. It and then dry and excited all of you exact versus exec versus looking… You know and I'm I'm actually driving and I have you think.

I had K quoted and I'll find it exactly what it actually imprint the admin chapters. Think team. Everything was all black letter and you get that part where the red letter imprint you got and what supports I can find, quote I got it to be readily just try again Revelation thinking you like them might okay accordingly like there's persisting all right okay is blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps but it doesn't say that's pretty rapture anything, wrath, or anything on knowing that but that where the rapture would happen would be right before the rat were not appointed on the rat, though I might wait wait wait wait wait wait. First Peter 28 is a common mistake that people make with that verse don't know it's first Peter two get these verses in my head not appointed to wrath, but salvation is what it says right.

That's what I says salvation means your say so what if this is a juxtaposition not appointed them. Salvation, wrath, race, something that we got a call 7707 mass Y call 77077 Adam welcome IMAP okay so it will what is right with versus holding 59 God's wrath for the rest of their lives. Them nations was not a pre-tribulation rapture when liquid. I appreciate that correcting the area want to be careful not to give you the opportunity to let myself get off topic. I definitely want talk about the millennium though it when it comes to the new heaven and the new earth. I believe that that that same time that the rapture happened, but then after that, I believe that when the thousand years So we get the millennium on the new heaven and on the new word with all of that already being that what I believe that you were telling me that that actual view that I might be so well balanced sure you mentioned the end of the same 028 is in the Bible this age and age to come by and so the end of this age.

You look will at the end of the age.

The wicked are gathered is Matthew 1340 and 4250. The judgment of the wicked occurs. Matthew 13 versus 4242 the elect are gathered is Matthew 24 talks about that his and his angels have to gather them. The harvest occurs 1339 the return of Christ occurs 24 one through 30, the rapture occurs 24 12 31 so at the end of the age. This is what happens now, since, for example, you cross-referencing average fiber cable on this. You also were to go on, look at it. But since the judgment of the wicked and the resurrection occur at the end of the age the judgment of the wicked also was on the last day in the resurrection is also the last day, the day of the Lord is also on that last day on the last day to redirect all of that last trumpet do and so all of it points to the at the end of the age fact though you have them, not, not the thousand year millennium because Asia comes will have eternal life because it's live for short time after the millennium.

We don't really think about that one.

Yeah yeah well don't have the thousand year reign. I like Lou then judged and put in the hell so that will happen after the millennium will some of the millennialist position is that they'll say that Satan has been let loose and he's wreaking havoc, just like the Bible says nations against nations great deception going on. Apostasy is ordering millennialist believe they already current that is been letting you have a week.

Which is why we've had world wars effects and highlight yours and that he was down. My position is that he was bound but I suspect he has been let loose because of what it says he'll gather the nations to war.

The great deception going on. We can't prove that this is just one of the ways of looking and so I have thought that a lot of research on this. In fact, if you were to go to give you the article on Carmen examination of this age needs to come in support of a millennialism.

I've taught this article 10×20 times nobody's ever refuted is not me saying they have and I just want to listen no I five sat there and said anybody can anybody answer this and nobody house. Nobody said you overhears your submitted question that would convert me all and you know what, what is something that does me that there's not going to be raining right by the note that no no no no no gain of the real prices now.

Jesus says in Matthew 13 he says he will come and take the wicked out of his kingdom, and the wicked are taken before the glitter taken. According Matthew 1332, 42, right right I am one who is only one rapture of the good just one right never drank. So there's one rapture of the good and the wicked are taken first and Jesus said of the net taken.

First, you would figure that are wrapped fairly.

That's more like a reaping says a reaping of the wicked and the rapture of the thing and I believe that you it's a good week.

I like that was our use of that term, a reaping of the to reap them, but when you look the reading I like it in the rapture of the thing that might work now gathering it without the wicked because it's really get it. But anyway, here's the thing. If the gathering of the wicked occurs before the rapture of the good, then that would mean then that when Jesus says that the wicked are taken out of his kingdom. That means the kingdom has to be there for them to be taken out of it before the rapture occurs. Okay see so though if the wicked day. How long before that the rapture occurred 90 right now where not in it without delay. They like it. Everywhere you look out course and so out of the kingdom. He says that's what he says in Matthew 1330 and 40. Matthew 1340, for example, he says, he says, verse 40, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels will gather out of his kingdom all the stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, so that's what he's interpreting that and what he said earlier that the first was gathered are the tears.

These were gathering pieces gather the tears so that the chairs of the ones gathered and he says first gathered in the tares, and bind them, but gather the wheat in my barn. So though the week of the wicked are gathered and are gathered out of his kingdom, which means has been Jesus kingdom there taken out of that's cited means so the thousand year reign in the future is his kingdom, and the rapture happens before that thousand year rank that we got a problem because the Bible Jesus says that the wicked are taken before the rapture right as I'm I believe that the rapture of the thing happen at the end of the eight I grilled a reaping of the wicked back. It happened before the rapture.

Better area today. What will happen. It would going were going through it. So tell you what, go to website look this article up and printed up and then map out what you find this to a piece of background about Mark. Glad you to look at this. The this agent is to come in support of all mill and that this which is what you think and call me back.

I love it or do I didn't work. Whatever, that's okay, fair enough. I love you and Jay did not unite my friend to me. I got bless out right.

I like that you know he's just he's running through things and disagreeing and looking and I like that that's good. Good for him to Jonathan from California. Jonathan welcome you on here and you do another good conversation that I enjoy that he's a good guy. I know I had a question about the Septuagint.

I've been working through some things that my dad was a general witness for quite a long time to read about 30,000 on 39 right now so but one of the things I you you used to cross reference the New Testament with the. The Old Testament and one of the verses out you could be. Deuteronomy 32, 34, and I think Hebrews 1 on the Bible to me, but for the worship with angels are commanded to worship Jesus.

And when you look at it from the Septuagint and showed you how closely our wedding where he would getting that quote from but on about the purchase of Septuagint and it's really hard to find information about what Septuagint or what would be the best one to use. That would be the most like what they would you back in the time when Paul was doing well impressed that you are aware versus the Septuagint.

Not many people know that it's good and the second thing is I don't know which one is the right one for the betterment just don't just not something I've studied so I could when I recommend is that you go on the web. Just type out to you know compare Septuagint versions and just do some research and see what it says because are slight variations but apparently the New Testament writers did refer to Septuagint quite a bit and so what are different. Once, I don't believe so. It may did they use different, once probably not.

Probably had one main one that that's what I would check out the question now I'm just trying to work through it. Are you can have it all on her compiled an asset. Think of like 15 years ago I set down one time only fighter conference in LA and we talked about the cold on what writeback Messages.

Why call 7707 Jonathan's what conference was this your cop.

I know LA and I remember that part of it was done about the Jehovah witnesses actually got three or four TDs when all their network question and answer when you're talking to a Jehovah witness and in your speech.

You are one of the speakers and there is a couple other speakers that were there and ending at the end you took questions and he pulled me into the back room and we discuss different things I could bring up my dad about the Jehovah witness religion in one of the suggestions that you have that I get had a binder that had all the information collected through it because Joe went into the revolver. It's really if the Christian doesn't study the Bible and they go get cajoling assisted part away and they they know where to go so that actually help a lot and I was got all my years in two years ago. He actually came out of the religion and Christian know it would. It was really good but the problem is you you kind of drifting. Now laundry doesn't know where he be erring out.

He hadn't really peaked after church he kinda just fell away with this talk about this because it's important because a lot of times after people been in a mind control cult like the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons that after they leave some hundreds and enthusiasm but then the remnants of their own. Other ancient traditions and trainings still echo in their minds and hearts and they get a little bit confused and they don't have people to really talk to about them without being corrected all the time. They just want to voice a lot of stuff recommend you do is sit there with him and is having voice as much stuff as you can as you can and don't give an answer to everything because he asks you and just let him get off his chest, because sometimes need to talk to you know what it is you need to say and it's a way of administering you know it really work that I appreciate that you know you don't really good. I did have that conversation with one of the name and "people know until they've experienced that with the wind when you went through a hard time in and you went through a divorce with mine that mom and when that happens they both got excommunicated while she not so much but it's a cut off all the friend that you know all the people that you care about that you went 30 years for. They just turn her back on absolutely and and that was really difficult for him and I talked to her about it well because you're not hurting like you better than your your you don't have the be important in the organization is asking questions that you do, you'll like a lot of what they taught with reckoning. So now I'm getting back II the way some having a binder.

Now I'm trying to get everything back in place so I can have that conversation will tell you what you got to do absolutely is. You gotta start praying about this in advance and I mean not just take you know you know of them. Thanks Lord help me up and we don't know. Pray pray through it because he's going to need it and you're gonna need it. This is the cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses has a demonic presence and there might be still attachments so it's good to be on you to to work and to pray and to find the name of Jesus.

Any demonic powers and what I say when I pray I find you I don't do that I see with the Lord Jesus. Would you please bind any demonic forces associated with level block going to I find you I do that so talk to Christ. Ask him to work and prepare his heart and yours in the new prepare and and be very patient and very gentle very kind, because because psychologically to become too strong. A lot of times people will emotionally resist and they become more grounded in the error because roots of the resisting accent yet.

Okay okay II really appreciate the time that I really do thank you for taking my call. Good praise God. You are all right. Let's get to see Steve leave and how about Peggy from North Carolina, Peggy, how are you doing here and how you do okay, okay, we got good well plan for assignment for this liquid defined fan and I think I know it, but I think that I, where I don't have the right words to be things and comprehensive than all that that I was just wondering what the definition of fence. I wanted to make it big in math because it's what Christ died for that will to the Bible says sin is lawlessness is first on 34. Sin is lawlessness. So we hope you give us more information. Okay, so God is holy first Peter 116 and he wants us to be holy because of that verse also says be holy, for I am holy. I the law is a reflection of the character of God and Jesus says, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 1234. So, since God spoke and he spoke the log don't lie. Don't steal, etc. those are things that reflect his character. The law don't lie. Don't steal. Sin is lawlessness.

Sin is breaking the law of God and the law of God reflects the character of God. So the reason it's wrong to send out to lie, for example, is because God cannot lie. Titus 12. So sin is breaking the law of God. The log reflects the character of God is the codification of his more of his character in in words. So sin is breaking the law of God which ultimately is offending the character of God because of the codification the writing down of the law comes from God's 10 Commandments out of Exodus 20 you shall not commit adultery shall not have the other gods, etc. that because God is one speaking. It's a reflection of his character. Matthew 1234 and therefore we can know that the writing down of the law. Don't lie. Don't steal no adultery, etc. is some reflection of his character and we sin were breaking that law we are going against his character and by definition a law as a punishment so Romans 623. The wages of sin is death and Isaiah 59 to sin has caused a separation between you and God.

Okay, not there that I think that might that might be a way that I can concentrate the about making the event can't enter paragraph that I want to find what I gave you the info I could write it for you, but wouldn't be right. So there's an info to the verses to look at a first one for some 34 wonderful start with that. Okay, okay, thank you so much. There you have the legal and easy to godless right, let's get to and from California. Adam welcome you on the air.

They married right. We got so my question is a I know I pretty thought about the money not being able to be involved by demons there tonight.Christian district.

They then Aiden or Damon with for your ear and influence your action are try to guide you off slight math is not possible what the Bible doesn't say so, but this is a yes or no and I'm a suspected yet can happen but I don't know.

I'm always looking for Scriptures know you we see were Jesus says to Peter, get behind me Satan will tell me he was possessed.

Now it's a phrase so can they influence us.

I believe they can influence us. How much can the influences. I don't know at what ways do they do it. Can they whispered they hear something. I don't know when I wrote about this kind of thing. Believe or not in my novel called the influence and with him, but I have a you will you read it on.

I'm in the path of the reading okay when when he see Kathy when she said her father's house this to the terror demons whispering into her ear. This is just linguistic license so doesn't really happen.

I don't know I just don't know if it does or does not, but I'll tell you one thing I don't need any demonic forces whispering in my ear to do or think anything bad. I got plenty of that on my own so how do you tell the debtors at Natalie. The question that not in my my life. I have a I'm struggling right now. I positively know in my heart I walk in 2013. I can appoint a lot here though where I know what right in my mind that down and leave my family in prayer and work my moment that they can the church and Christian leader you know we go through a very curt know on Thursday until you have done this by a lot but I'm in a point right now my life where I know what what right do. But my content for my mind or whatever thing I want do that down and play with your family and I am in my mind like I want to get out like a man on the opposition against itself on what I can't tell you to do birth what I'm doing. Tell you I've had that argument with myself.

Thousands and thousands of times you know I don't want to do this and each night my wife and I pray together and sometimes I just want to do it but I do it and you just do it. You want to go to work but you go. You don't want to clean clean the garage but you do it is that kind of a thing that I would think check a suggestion for you that might help in the motivation and it is to psychologically prepare yourself for getting a day or two or three or four or five days in the future that you when you know you can be by yourself enough where you can literally go in your room, turn the lights out are going to do it on your knees, your elbows on your bed and pray, and you talk to God for however long he's want talk to God for any you commit to doing that you don't.

Three days in a row then see what happens. The reason I'm saying that is because in the presence of God.

The indwelling of God is awakened which speaks to your heart's changes or motives make sense that make me invite you will praise God. At least one person good good good good thinker marking goblins all right is good to Carl Shasta got less than a minute on the body. I do not arrive. We got buddy were you know you could get out of Freemasonry their oaths to other gods and it is not call back Monday everybody the Lord bless you all greatly hope you here on Monday.

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