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April 6, 2021 4:00 pm

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April 6, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Were the details of the prophecies in Acts 11 and 21 wrong about the famine and Paul's capture---2- Is the office of prophet, that Paul mentions, different from the gift of prophecy---3- How is Jesus God if he was subservient to God and didn't know things that the father knew---4- How can I respond to my Jewish friend who says that God is the only noncorporeal being that the Messiah was never promised to be divine---5- If a Christian is addicted to porn, are they going to hell---6- What does the church teach about meditation---7- Is it wrong to play video games that involve killing---8- Are all dreams from God---9- Why do so many churches have women pastors- What's their justification-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Lorenz is called responding to your questions at 877. Welcome to the show rush job I've had today. I got on the project and to tell you about it when you if you're interested go to the Karma homepage and check it out for just be literally a minute ago released an article talked about a little bit because I think it's good be interesting if you ever wondered you ever wondered what time of the commands of Jesus works is it always got me you know Jesus is if you love, you will keep my commandments, and I've always wondered what what are those commitments and periodically I would just kind of do a quick search, I mean you just really fast and so what is she say what I did today because one article led to another article led to another article I really got involved with doing a bit of research and that's what I did. I spent hours going through was called the imperative in the Greek and imperative is a command and so what I did was I went through and found the imperatives of Jesus, so was able to find out whatever he said and I went through and what I did was I compiled them into an article and then go and what I did was just released its our children if we don't pose a couple of things but I was thinking that maybe some of you might want to check it out. And the reason is because I was really surprised at what I found and honestly I was surprisedof the commands the imperative in the Greek the four Gospels are such things as abide in Jesus because Jesus is abide in me abide in his love. Ask God for harvesters, the merciful. According the parable of the good Samaritan he is this what you do, be on the alert for the return of Christ from skipping through a lot of stuff did not yourself and follow Jesus. Don't judge it. Don't judge according to appearance, entered the narrow gates give to him who asks of you have faith in God and don't doubt you has ears to hear, let them hear the parable of the sower, a detective commanded listen to the parable is already set.

The sun going through and finding all the stuff on this is really interesting stuff and and my wife came and I said to her, guess what I'm doing and I was told her some stuff and she's literally said to me on glad you're the one doing it, not me.

Got a kick out of it because of some of the things that are said by Christ are rather convicted and so here's a more let your light shine praying and asking trust in God, pray in secret rebuke of brother in Christ. Remember lots wife seek first the kingdom of God, take communion, take Jesus yoke upon yourself and learn from them. Treat people how you want to be treated. Turn the other cheek. These are some of the things that came of this article, no you may not think this is exciting, but for me it really was a treasure trove for discovery and I really enjoyed doing. I really worked hard on it and so I found over 60 things I on my list have 62 seek go to the Karma homepage.

If you want you can look up the article just click on the link. What are the commandments of Jesus. What is commanding us as Christians now tell you there are other commands that it can put in there commands like we said. He committed Jesus to become when Jesus committed Satan said to be God love this would apply to us but I didn't try to put things in there like that or middle Butte and see what he said to the paralytic. You don't pick up your pallet and walk.

I didn't apply to us. It specifically to the specific individual. So I excluded those I want to find the ones that deal with us on what Christ has for us. So anyway that's what I did and the if it's only going hopefully if it sounds interesting only go to do was go check it out or just go to the Karma homepage and look up click on the link the commandments of Jesus. If it's a podcast or listen to because this is March 24 of this podcast week or two later little it'll have moved down by then and you can just look up one of the commandments of Jesus there you go. Really interesting stuff really convicting to so hey look, we are for open lines of you want to give me a call.

All you have to do was dialing 772072276 look at the John from Wake Forest, North Carolina, John year you do not look okay by God's grace sorting one. I have a question that came up in a discussion in our small group last night that had to do with passage in acts where the prophet I get this game and gave Paul a prophecy about what was going to happen to him in Jerusalem. If you look a little further war that actually happened. Some of the details are a little wonky if you if you willing father.

The guy I guess the controversy over the years I get this wrong in his prophecy.

So my I guess my question is, first, what's your take on that if you if you're familiar with it in once the two questions always forget the second one was the first one depends so what's the issue with Agnes looking at the text in acts 11 and get closer to 21 not unfortunately I'm driving at the moment so I don't have the text in front of me says stood up and began to indicate by the spirit that there would certainly be a famine mold all the world. Okay so that's the first time there is one neuron I think again it's been 21 about one through four something like that again.

I'm guessing by its he's on his way failed sailing towards Jerusalem, and now coming up aligned else runs, feet and hands in English versus this way the usual blind you okay right now and turn you over to the Gentiles. And if you look learning. It may be down in 30-ish people really have been his ears really wanted to kill the guy rather than turn them over and if the Romans, but find not now. The overall shift of the prophet becomes truly end up in the hands of the Roman but those couple of little details, raised the controversy about what GE could I give this be the wrong and what what what does that mean for prophecy in general.

In the New Testament surprised I don't see any problem. I don't see you know if I knew more specifically what exactly what the issue is an exact which versus because I had a lot of analysis over the years of Bible difficulties have a section on Carmen called Bible difficulties so that people will send again to say exactly what verse or two verses or whatever it is and exactly what's the issue and that's what I always need technical I can focus on like a laser beam go this is the issue so so it says Oedipus said in and versed in acts 21 eight and coming to us.

He took both Paul's belt and bound his feet and hands it is with the spirit says in this way, the Jews of Jerusalem bind the man who owns this belt and you're saying that right at it. It wasn't the Jews who did it, but was a Gentiles that would back the first one and I don't have anyone I know that okay that's the first. What does that mean that's the difficulty or does that mean that's the first verse know that the first statement that gets made by agate Beth which when we compare to what happens later on, where he said the Jews were going to find him if the Romans who actually find him later on. Okay, but it was the Romans who actually did write yet they they they found their way into where they're beating all and when did you see that there there they stopped beating him the Roman take possession of Paul and they bind them with two chains okay. Let's take a look at something. Okay so can I ask a question Vanessa? Good morning working on an answer, and submit to think about who nailed Jesus to the cross. Well, eventually we all did. We are sinners okay and what they believe only guys who actually held that a guy that actually help the hammers and the nails were the Roman soldiers.

Okay, I agree with you and this is what it says in acts 223 he's talking Peter talking to the Jews men of Israel. Verse 22. Listen to these words.

Jesus the Nazarene, a man tested you by God etc. this man delivered over the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross by the hands of godless men putting to death.

Now start a prophecy and so the question is was Peter correct when he said you did this answer course it will yeah but he knows that they're not the ones who actually had the nails in the hammers in their hands and did it but divides their work. They're the ones who arrived at and achieved the mailing of Christ to the cross and their guilty of it shirt we have in the Bible of a means of understanding that's to be said that you've done something but actually is done by somebody else right there in Scripture that principal so maybe that applies overly agate this thing as well. Just think of top my head. Here's a possible response.

Okay, I am American by that I don't think there's anything somehow in the in the end that there's anything wrong per se right God is sovereign even over his own words and if it's up to us to interpret it properly with no insurance matters with our understanding and so there's a pattern in the Scriptures that shows the word for and it's called is called Schenectady. You have these weird words were something is used in place of something else like cement salami, salami similarly and I think is not in my meadow that was all it yet so it could be that that's what's going on but I'm a look at it okay because now I've got it written down my notes with Yeshua's second question, it will before it before I go there there that that the proponents of such high gifts are Bruce and grew them and so that's kind of where I first looked deep.

Maybe you will with something here sitting question question about no I haven't before we got to the second question I was going to clarified that the thing about is I get this wrong. The proponent of that is Wayne Gruden and I think FF Bruce so I think they're the ones you originally Hannah came up with that. So the so that may help you in getting your your your search for answers that question is a post we have all 720776 mass Y call 770776 here's Matt's leg. 7227 Dr. John from Lake Forest.

There appreciate your taking my call. Sure with me over the break. So the second question I had them was from mom trying to explain to our small group kind of the whole thing of, say, the office of prophet as Paul Reginald are apostles and prophets in their given for the equipping of the pain in the church. So there's the office of prophet but then there's also the spiritual gift of prophet fee and that obviously works a little bit differently. I think in the New Testament age Old Testament age because, well, first, not too many of those guys actually had the Holy Spirit now every Christian has the Holy Spirit besides Ken wanted to get your you maybe your thoughts on how that all works and maybe you could point me toward some good resources to do some research on what to say that to say they did not have the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament would not be accurate. Well, not the blanket statement. Obviously the prophets themselves didn't and perhaps a few select others like Saul, but in general it wasn't until after Christ had been resurrected on hold on hold. Okay okay I'm backing up, so to say that the Old Testament saints did have the Holy Spirit is is just not a good thing to say this to say, okay, that's it. You can say that because the Trinity is there in the Old Testament as well as the new and he and the Lord Jesus indwells us in the New Testament exists under some debates about the work and extent of the spirit, but he's definitely an annual test but nevertheless so Christ is considered a prophet, and there are prophetic witnesses. There are the course, the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament.

The question is when Jesus is along the prophets were until John.

John the Baptist says this in Luke 1616.

What he was saying is that the Old Testament divisions of the law and the prophets were proclaimed or taught, or it was about and all that up to Jake to the time of John the Baptist.

He's the last of the Old Testament saints, the people say way to minorities in the New Testament know he's an Old Testament saints, and I mean is that the were testament is actually the word covenant in Latin. And so it's old, new covenant in in Hebrews 813 and Hebrews 915 to 16 it states hold them for my throat. It states that the new covenant starts with the death of the testator Jesus.

So technically speaking, Jesus was baptized under the old covenant or the Old Testament time now play with words a little bit because we understand New Testament just to mean you know Genesis through Malachi with the old covenant time still extended up through the time of when Christ was crucified. Select just a pair of clarifications so the old covenant aspect of John the Baptist was the last of the prophets. You didn't performing miracles and he didn't write any Scripture. Yet he could take the greatest of the prophet because he proceeded Christ is really interest so that Old Testament style prophet is done with because it was until Christ and since Christ was crucified.

The new covenant is in effect in the new covenant is includes the charismatic gifts in the charismatic gifts manifest different ways and some of them are in the gift of prophecy. In that context on people who have the charismatic gift are referred to as prophets, we don't want to mix them with the Old Testament style prophet because are not the same kind of the same styles are in the New Testament where someone who utters a prophecy is considered a prophet to a minor extent.

So as an example of this iota prophecy. Once I actually really did and was very detailed and it came to pass, but it happened once I've not had any prophecies like that that were detailed except the one time it doesn't make me a prophet that had a bright knowledge on someone before, but doesn't make me as one who has that gift of the word of knowledge. So God moves as he desires in the context where he desires more the people he desires. So this makes it a little more difficult to define exactly what a New Testament prophet is because, well, there are those who prophesy in their judgments or prophecies are to be judged by the church elders so it's really kind of summers with them except oh, absolutely nothing. That was one of the issues that I was running into their email again. Paul said later that office, a prophet in the church. Yet there is also the gifts and how how they how they work together and all that was well computed is a little confusing and and the prophetess and a prophet now in what sense were they just becomes half this does with all that I think is to look at every single word prophet in the old New Testament due to analysis of how they're used in all the contexts and then see we can find divisions and characterizations of different kinds is like I did with the word apostle than others. Different seven different kinds of apostles Jesus is in apostles as apostles, who did miracles apostles who did not do miracles was false apostles, etc. so to sink in with what I do in my many hundreds of other assignments I get. Okay a part of that last question got any resources you might point me at the good authors that you are familiar with would be able to shed some light on get to be honest I don't because it's not a topic unfamiliar with. As far as reading books on it goes, but I always do seriously is the base of the first thing ever do a list of your topic is not go to a systematic theology or commentary. Another book I go to God's work.

That's what I and so I recommend is you can find Bible program online and just look up the word prophet and do your own study and the sink don't read other books on it saying we be surprised what you can learn and and how interesting it becomes. Sometimes we do that, that's what I do so, but I got will start create your your time and all the stuff that you do and keep up the good work you will think salon goblins are when I was Jonathan Lake Forest, North Carolina. Let's get on the phone with Adam from Utah Adam welcome your own ear. I met I had. I hope you and your safe and healthy. Well, I am much as God's grace while I was young for you.

I have a friend Jewish friends and I'm kind with an where actually talking x-ray E and I have different opinion when it comes to the Trinity's. He thinks that it polytheistic mentality.

I don't see it that way and that we been texting back and put actually was hoping that maybe I could tell you first. All right hey folks like that These messages, 1770777 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back will I have my body about and then Cleveland, arguing that there are likely way to go. Actually, I brought up Elohim, the oral form of God, and I want to incorporate that with and that you basically took it and that that evening that day that didn't know think the father knew and that was subservient to thought on technically on those accounts. I couldn't delete a long but he was basically the literal and gave it I told him that dad see the guy that he said that if you've been in the father and that is also called the word, so I started filling names out there and effect I think is really what I I like the state you feel like you had maybe help me argue that the me that the Redeemer problem. It is not divine in any shape or form. There is only one divine being and not being has never been not not ever will be sorry. God said that if there any other God. I know not any Trinitarian polytheism or try trying to avoid the issue made by mono. Okay basically if the want to help me out that I love them and I'll gladly let me jump Yahweh a non-corporeal church so he's he said he's he's what's he saying you. At a very devout queue, and I love that that's I want to know that so he's a Jew. All right, all right. So I went on some stuff now. You always have to start with definitions asking what the Trinity is defined with the Trinity. If you say the Trinity is polytheistic than say please define it. If you can't define it, doesn't know what it is, then why would he save polytheistic, you have to ask him to start demonstrating that what he believes is correct. So when people tell me that the those accused meit will you believe in it, and three God's sake.

No, I don't guess you do know I know what I believe I said you see the Trinity. Three.

God's sake. Yes Isaac show me or defined with Trinity is accord with the Christian sent you because it's with the Christian safe, not what you say it is what you say it is isn't what it is we want you know what is a Christian site so this is a very critical question because the Trinity is a teaching that God is only one being who existed three simultaneous coeternal persons definition.

The Trinity is monotheistic by definition, and if you deny that it he's just not arguing the click is to go to Christianity and what I do.

I have done many time to say to them, will I agree with you that polytheism is wrong. I agree with you that three God's is wrong but I don't believe in that. I don't believe in the three gods with Nicholas what it means is not what it means and I guy go back and I guy I argue with a thick you don't understand what the issue… It's not three. God definition it is and I had to hammer it in into the over and over and over again right is what you had to do it. I I wanted about the Redeemer living in Iran chastising them that I let the run-throughs enough okay you said some things of the cleat.

I got some notes for you. All right, so he's a Jew, taken to Genesis 1924. This is what it says in Genesis 1924. Now the word of the users Lord, which is Yahweh, to say the word. Yahweh, this was is in the Hebrew then Yahweh rain Sodom and Gomorrah on some of the more brimstone and fire from Yahweh out of heaven to take a look at that and don't say anything to say.

You read that verse Yahweh rain on Sodom and Gomorrah, brimstone and fire from Yahweh out of heaven see what he says if he says are you trying to show the Trinity. Then you gotta you say so.

You then see this verse and you conclude the Trinity got a bit and say anything. That is, you know I asked you to read it.

The Yahweh rain Sodom and Gomorrah on some of the more brimstone and fire from Yahweh out of heaven that could explain what was being explained and if he says it's a figure thinking say well that's what you can say that's not what it says. Then you want to go to Amos 410 through 11 which says this I start speaking I sent the plague among you, after the manner of Egypt Eissler young man by the sword along with her Horses, and I made the stench of your campers up your nostrils, you have not returned to be declares Yahweh I overthrew you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, but limit Yahweh's talking and he says he overthrew them what God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. You were a firebrand snatched from Blazek you have not returned to be declares Yahweh what's going on. Why would God speak like this, God speak like this in a plurality there's other things I can show and asked Jews in the Old Testament to explain and they have problems. There's others, but these are quick all right with me so far. What I can hear you speak of their lack yet.

Actually I was building that you can give me that address payment again. I miss Alan I have a message for Amos four 1011 okay you want to go. Genesis 1924 and cross reference it with Amos 410 through 11 okay, it's your health, why did Jesus not know certain things well if he were a good Jew, he would know that when Jesus says no man knows the day nor the hour of his return if he was a good, knowledgeable Jew, he would know that that is in reference to the wedding feast give that the British context, the wedding feast was when a father and another father of two different families would arrange for a son and a daughter to marry each other, and the patrolled will take about a year and then they would have at the end of this time they would have a wedding feast. In the meantime, the sun, who was was engaged now was to build a new room onto the father's house.

The custom was that everybody would know when the wedding was going to be because they had to travel distances prepare wine prepare fatted calf, things like that but the idiomatic expression was when the friends of the groom would say when will the father tell you go get the bride because was accustomed for the brought the father is a look at the bright and he would say no man knows the day nor the hour it was an idiomatic expression used in respect to the father.

It is a Jewish custom ends. This is why he said that it doesn't mean he doesn't know it, showing the customary reverence to the father and this is what Jesus is alluding to in the wedding feast and you can bring this out to him and say you don't understand even your own Jew used history. This is why Jesus said what he said now he was under the law. Galatians 44 says, which is why he had to obey God the father and you go back to Genesis 1924 the Lord rained fire and brimstone from the Lord, Lord's, and you can have them on this. Are you polytheist using the two Lord and what he says.

He says builders no no place where the Savior is divine.

But Isaiah 4311. I even I am Yahweh, and there is no Savior. Besides the now we know that Jesus is considered to be the Savior and God says is no Savior beside himself and he himself is divine. So therefore you be Jesus claim to be divine. That's a roundabout way of showing a right have him call the line that a lot yesterday heaven call me I will discuss things have in common the show. All right, no, I actually took it to the covenant that God made with Abraham and then how he made it with himself that Abraham wasn't part of that covenant and that God is the one that does that any bill that covenant all the way to David and King David made more unconditional covenant that there's more to talk about because their logical issues with God not being a plurality if he is a plurality that we can, he can manifest true personhood, but is not to Manifest true personhood is another discussion going. Call back later tomorrow we can talk about that connection issues.

Thank you very much. Thank you and headache you to God bless. All right there was Adam. Let's get on phones with James from Philly, a James walking on air questioning him to check out his hands okay anywhere on my dad.

Years ago to break your legs a hold on okay all right God bless like that line so that I call 770-7276 charismatic slave Philly James walking on air. My question was

I checked in our ministries international accounting out a work call. I checked them out during the break and they don't have a doctrinal statement so it's hard to tell what to believe but they do have women pastors and elders all over the place. I would not trust them through an elephant when you don't have. You have a statement of faith in you have a link on dream interpretation and then you have prophetic words all the time and you don't declare what you affirm what you deny any of women pastors and elders, then it's it's potentially cultic I missing it is, but I would just deftly stay away from that IIII went there I was younger I went over what you per year for about 4 to 5 years I played on the works of the American Hollywood aware stuff going on there but with your opinion on that part of my life.

If the line is addicted to porn are they going to go to hell. You can have different addictions and still be saved but you will lose rewards you might be taken out by God.

Early just because some is addicted to it, doesn't mean that saved we could have someone who is an drug addict who's addicted to something and then get saved and you still addicted. He's going to deal with the consequences. So I wouldn't say now you could be Christmas okay to be addicted, not saying it's okay.

I'm dissing technically speaking, just because of that doesn't mean you're not Christian, but it does mean that if a Christian is addicted that he or she will be struggling against it and doing what he or she can do to resist it and gradually of God's grace will work through that person will manifest that salvation is in the person okay all right that's all I have right now, think about appreciating your library right now. God bless. Thanks all right. Let's go in the fold with Christopher from you, they Christopher welcome dear hello hello so I have a question waived by the secular was the first one is a I was talking to somebody on this app that I used in my much ideal learning about God's and so and someone called me why didn't that shirt lighting the church teach Christian about meditating years practically. Even past and the Bible teaches meditation teach us to meditate on the word of God and meditate on the things of God.

Let your mind dwell on these things. It is in the Old Testament different assaults so person the snow around okay and my second question is like what you think life is that it took daylight and video games that they like that shooting at home less good question, and so can you play a game where your your killing other people guys the Bible is really Telus hustlers general principles and so we have to be careful when we use violence as a form of entertainment and select the gladiatorial stuffer they would could have Christians be killed or people be killed and kill each other for entertainment that was sinful. If we have a game where it is tough. You know it's a tough one because it can we just just with her just do that kind of thing.

I think for some people it might be very sinful for some people it might not be the take, for example, if I if I get a game I got to do research literally literally the research I play the game for a while and Mayan sin well know, because I'm doing research on this would happen. To do this. People say these things this what happens. I don't recommend no type thing. What you do if someone just doing it for entertainment is a tough one because some people are affected by this is if it were not affected by this salsa unless questions would you do this of Jesus were there with you.

Would you want him to participate in this and I at that point, I'd say. But I don't think he what and so he wouldn't should you and so is like him USC of Habakkuk, a Christian friends who love to watch UFC and they like to see the violence and people beat each other up and I say them. I can't participate like I don't watch it I don't want to gain pleasure out of seeing another person injure another person, that's for my entertaining value. That's a personal thing, but I don't impose it on others. Because the Scriptures don't speak about this thing and so I have to be very careful and not speak with doesn't speak so I just who this is why I will do that and had a few Christians be convicted by my statement.

Not that I that's what my goal but that's just my position.

I watch boxing might see a couple highlights here and there and say we don't some skills eclectic martial arts for years, but I did that for the purpose of self self protection. That's biblical so if there's some gray areas in us and it's a tough is difficult. Not sure exactly how to okay right other callers lies out of the ghetto them.

Okay buddy call back in the church.

The call to convince him to call back tomorrow okay I will. All right, all right, folks, we suited to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome Ronnie or yeah I'm okay. We got okay no I you Christian interview shall mean and all article recorded are from God. Therefore, all three are from God. It's a false false conclusion is the stabilizing all all the ones recorded are said to be from God, it doesn't mean that all are said to be from God just once recorded are said to be so you know what, if you're in a drug-induced bad trip and you have a dream that from God will anything from right so yeah that's a problem okay right yes it's a false conclusion.

It's a not a logically necessary conclusion just because if it's the case on nova's case, but all dreams recorded in the Bible are from God, it doesn't mean that all dreams anybody has are from God. The logic does not follow as a necessity, and somehow got a little logical error to say that okay okay thank you. Welcome help. Thank you.

Okay God bless.

Let's get to can some Charlotte North Carolina can welcome your item that you got lately a lot a noise behind you. All right soon okay I'm out. Very you and here's what I got it all hang up on me again if my family out there just just to switch question my question of what I have Michael question, but right now, about when you said you didn't know what line Wednesday asking when you will you missed her, I know I hate not. It not even if it was your question I'm familiar with. Which question okay if you God, why he didn't know I did you hear me talk about this long, there's the answer I got a project dream you said great times can can can one thing the time so I didn't say dreams were not from God. The cat I said you can't say all dreams are from God can be logical here so if you heard me talk about the wedding feast issue. That's what Jesus was referring to the and that's the answer. Okay Character Map all right so global do now is go to Ethan from Philly again.

Ethan welcome your on the air. I remember every yes I hear you with somebody that I did and I know we got format that will make it quick. I'm getting ready to add questions to one of the female pastors from a black surgeon and I'm really had about attending the church I went so so my question is going to be with their opinion on blighted why about that, why they think that, do they believe that that Dr. Millie correct and I wanted to feed what you think I should ask that. Not Dr. Millie correct okay what you need to do is go to car right and living off. Look at the look up under. Let's see, where is it. It's in Christian living. I believe know it's not a lot of stuff within pastors and elders so many things going on of the stipend within pastors, so you define there's an is something I got for you to be able to print up I'm trying to do it so this okay here we go. Email this to churches or for women pastors and elders, which is an email but you can also just printed up and what it does is it lists the Scriptures and it quickly states with the issues arts very brief so I would also note that you emailed is called email this to churches that are from women pastors and elders but you can print it off.

Of course, and and bring it with you other articles because it has to do with women in ministry under is in the section apologetics okay that's what I meant to apologetics section and be ready because they are wrong for doing that for having women pastors and elders and I have found over the years that by bringing this up with people I've discovered that people get very upset about this and I think they don't like to talk about it and why is that link not working properly.

Women in ministry women-in-ministries with car veteran/women and you can see a lot of the articles are written there. Okay, the second women in ministry and there's a lot there will be nothing pastors and elders need to hold them accountable to it, since he hears the word of God.

Could you please give me an answer.

First Peter 315 says given entered and would ask you. I'm asking you to give me an answer why you do this when the Bible speak clearly speaks of the contrary, thank you. The factors that might be. There's a video that's when around a couple years ago or a man went to a church and some consummate a video link and was women preacher and he got up with this group of women and said that it was not her place to do that, according to Scriptures, and they physically assaulted him. Women sickly were hitting him that that they could damage them but they were doing that it was you.

Have a blessed thing that was a folks is that the Lord bless you and find his grave back on your tomorrow.

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