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April 6, 2021 12:14 am

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April 6, 2021 12:14 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt talks about his newest video on Patreon.--2- Matt discusses the basic beliefs of the secular social justice movement and how religion, particularly Christianity, gets in the way of those beliefs.--3- Why do you think the black community has had such a difficult time here---4- Can you explain the Nephilim---5- Do you think it's a valid concern that those opposed to the left, do not have any actual solutions to fight back---6- Will the Jews be taken up in the rapture---7- Matt talks about why the Christian church is weak.--8- If the wicked are taken first, then who is left to do bad things to the Christians-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrines, maps, what why renters called the respondent 770-7276 Matt slick one want to 72 also watch the show exciting. I'm sitting here much here in the office on camera you can watch all boy will iterate through and do that, that's great. There's a chat room also associated with the two of you can participate with the chatters right now let's see if five open lines, no callers, 877-207-2276 and a couple things like talk about. One is the clock do you carve Israel trip. I got the package in the mail all the stuff that's good to associate with individuals that are I'm looking forward to going next year the car miserable trip a bunch of us are going and this could be blessed if you're curious about it go to car and check it out if you do that all right. Let's see. So I do a thing called patriotic and you can check it out if you want Petri type in my name which I just released a video and their patrons of thing where you pay to support video production things like that and things like that so that's what I do.

It helps curb some of the costs and things like that. Well, talk about what like I released a little bit is an opening statement here you go through everything looked good in the video but I've been working on on something for a while now. As I've said before, when I study a group study a topic. What happens is first and I just died in and I learned and the right notes to write articles and I understand this particular thing I read an article about a dog bite that I learned about that particular thing, I write an article about and as I do that I start seeing more and more of the overall picture so in the issue of social justice. I've written articles on black lives matter on being woke to cancel culture.

Critical race theory. Dr. Singh, gender equality, gender identity, intersection Valley reproductive Justice 1619 project the equality act, the Lincoln project. The social credit system, the social gospel virtue signaling white privilege, and I've even analyzed the book of rules for radicals by Saul Linsky which is used by the left to to foment change in society accidentally rules for radicals was dedicated to Lucifer. This is no joke.

It's dedicated to Lucifer he can check it out.

I've also written on social justice in Christianity. I've got social justice Bible verses transgender is limited to the gender pronouns war and that that kind everything that's going on so if there's a lot of things that need to be discussed and even written something called the new society so I that's worth. I think checking out working on something else and this one of those things where when you're reading and you're studying something that the coalescing of what it's about. Starts to occur. And that's what's happened finally in the social justice area and so I'm working on an article based on the idea of the police goals danger of the secular left, along with its social justice unless the working title so far and I want to go over a couple of premises about this man. And that's right Eric, yes, I have gained weight so just saw the video dried up 220 pounds so I'm 6 feet tall to the social and chat rooms by the comment so you kick out of it ice to use to be 6 feet tall like 120 pounds so any rates of okay to back on track. By the way folks but give me a call 877-207-2276. You recall five open lines so you can tell what someone believes by with a do because beliefs are what lead to behavior you base your behavior not on what you don't believe that one. You do believe is basic principles so you can learn without social justice warriors the secular left believe I based on their actions so having done that in writing an article about it, but nevertheless there you go anyway. They basically believe there is no God. Now this is important because the a lot of on the left believe there is a God there's a qualification that they believe in a God made an enrollment image, not the way around it that the true living God. They want God to serve them in their ideology. They also teach that man is basically good that this is a hugely important principle man is basically good. It's society that is bad.

This is a fundamental issue for the basic principles of the leftist secular movement and social justice is that man is basically good and society is basically bad. Why because society is what foments white supremacy racism. The unequal distribution of wealth, rights, etc. and so it's society that needs to be fixed now though they acknowledge are actually bad people. Of course they do.

But society needs to be the thing that that needs to be changed not individuals could individuals are basically good. Which explains why some money on the left example, the, the covert relief package in hopes that a lot of hard-working people don't get it, but felons, child molesters and other gift guilty and convicted of major crimes and who don't work they get the leftist packet right because what good health amount. This is why the left will release prisoners from jail who've committed horrendous crimes is why they have no problem with letting in illegals who have been committed of crimes at in their own respective countries because people are basically good or just trying to escape an oppressive social system governmental system folks don't underestimate that principle that people are basically good and the social justice to ideology. People are basically good. It is society that is basically bad that society produces inequity which produces injustice, which produces people doing desperate things and becoming bad and so society needs to be fixed. I remember this what is Christianity teach that demand that people are basically bad.

That is called the doctrine of total depravity that we are sinners we are fallen we are enslaved to sin, etc. I get all the references for the and so religion stands in the way of the social justice warriors who want to affirm the basic goodness of man and the basic badness of society, religion then becomes an obstacle, particularly Christianity, since it teaches that men are basically bad and that certain governmental structures must be in place to guard against the rise of evil. They don't believe that the Constitution is why it has the three of governmental branches become.

It's because of that that the founding fathers because they knew the fallenness of man they put these safeguards in place and the government will vest.

This means that the leftists don't believe in, nor do they trust the constitutional arrangements of the powers. This is why they they manipulate so many of those powers in order to get what they want and do what they want to do because they think they are inadequate. This is why the Constitution is now said to be a living document, the living document can be reinterpreted to anything they want and they gate they gain control in the house and the Senate.

Things like that when they gain control and in the judiciary have liberal judges and executive branch with a liberal president to the liberal vice president. They are then in control and have the power and the ability to force upon society. Those social changes through legislation and if we Christians don't stand up against this, we are going to be persecuted all the more.

This is a serious issue, and give you another principle here. This is a principal if people are not free to speak and are not free to act that are not free to defend the freedoms if people are not free to speak and act than they cannot defend the freedoms of this is important if people are not free to speak and to act and they are not able to defend their freedoms okay. You understand this, what is the left doing the left is restricting freedom of speech and they want to take away our guns and a right of self protection to ensure the freedom of speech, and if we don't have the freedom of speech and the right to protect ourselves and to enforce the idea of the freedom of speech, we will not be able to defend our freedoms we have now. This is a truth in this is important. The Bible tells us that we are sinners by nature, and that is not society that's the problem, but it's people who are in society that is the problem.

The only way to rectify this is through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Only through Jesus and the indwelling of God in us the regeneration of our soul can any society work properly.

The problem is at the basics. It's in the heart of man the heart of man is desperately wicked deceitful cannot be trusted this with the Bible teaches we are by nature children of wrath.

Because of this we have to preach and teach the redemptive work of Christ, we have to preach and teach the need to coming to Jesus, but this means that there's an absolute God. It means there's an absolute truth. It means the absolute validity of our depravity and it means the absolute necessity of redemptive work of Christ who said the absolute truth that he is the way the truth and the life and nobody comes with the father but by him without this basic truth premise working through our society.

Our society won't function properly. The left the secular left will move in push us out and replace us with secular values. Secular morality and its occurring we have in Hollywood. The promotion of of pornography, abortion, violence, bigotry, LGBT Q and the denunciation of religious principles, particularly Christian ones. We have our schools that are teaching Marxism and socialism and are producing brainwashed individuals who couldn't think their way out of a wet paper back. They want to get our children and so they don't want us to have the right to homeschool reporting more restrictions on that and they are then trying to brainwash our children into secularism by having values clarification ungodly principles. Non-degree there is the upgrade coming up with five of the modular call 87720727 mass Y call 7707 when Israel next year.

Check out Carmen want to hear more of what I do and teach us a bucket of Petri on/Matt slick's patron type and mess with you.

Let's get to all the fun of Ralph McCall folks 87720722763 open lines in a call with get a ride from North Carolina. Ryan welcoming on the air.

A quick question regarding what you just like monthly, weekly with the black touch and the inequality they debate personally, do you feel as though it because of the people or because of society.

I have my opinions about that's in and what I do is I compare the history of the Chinese and the Blacks here in America. The Chinese were treated very very badly.

Also, the Asians all say and on. I believe that you choose your destiny by dwelling on past the past. If you dwell on past failures. It's like an anchor and it will prevent you from moving forward. I would just tell you that your move 26 times before I was 12 I moved 40 total times told different elementary schools. I was anorexic as a male was very rare had buck teeth. My last name was slick. I didn't start having dreams of being murdered 1235.

I had plenty of reason to present a great deal of people and I lost my pastorate after years and years and years of schooling at work in preparation and a lot of pastorate over a simple issue.

The charismatic gifts which I believe continued and they said no.

This cost me a great deal, and I mean a great deal and saw a missing that there's things that have happened and so I've learned that when I dwell on those failures.

The failures that are often because of others, as well as some the things are just way things happen that whenever I would do that. I found myself restricting my own freedom and thought and attitude restricting my ability to heal and becoming narcissistic and give me give me II me me when I started to get rid of those things and focus on the issue of the cross what Christ has done for me, I became far more other centered and caring was able to release a great deal if the Blacks if the Asians if anybody in my opinion were to look to the history of their people and dwell on that history and that's where their identity lies. Then they themselves or injuring themselves and not moving forward any people in any nation in any group needs to set the example of what they want to be, not what they used to be and if they decry the present situation. They need to change it by setting an example of what is good and instead of being stereotypically that which is bad. The Asians have changed that image so that now if using an Asian image in school. It's because their hard-working, intelligent and capable they've done that because that's what they've gained for were the Blacks doing well. The Blacks have suffered greatly because of slavery in the matriarchal system that's come out of the.

The blasphemy of selling husbands away because they were strong and breaking up families were reaping the whirlwind. Because of that great sin, but we can't dwell north can they dwell on the past atrocities and say give me give me know they need to wake up and stand up on their own, like anybody does like I've had to do people say we are white you had white privilege. Matt, I don't know what white privilege is all I know is I've had to work my tail off to get where I met.

I have worked so hard for so many decades that I probably could take a year off just to to work out all the vacation time that I've not taken over the years working 5060 sometimes 70 hour weeks, working hard going into debt to get an education. I mean I can go on and on. But what are people doing well. If anybody looks to their past and that's where their heart. The reminder attitude resides, then they are doing the damage to themselves and it's her own fault. Move forward, change things by changing yourself and group together and seek righteousness and judgment. Stop whining about the old dirt moving towards the new. It will take time.

It takes work. It takes effort is not easy, but it's what's right that's what needs to be done at the problem it when they do come together though it still suffering from any quality you have any experience there in China a more inflate get van blackcurrant plate here so you might as embodied on people with the bike I need to know the dyskinesia relating to any know that the less they were actually in China and many of them came away from that lot, but any rate, this thing is that you know the Blacks that they suffered greatly in the past because of the inequities. I know it's is shameful. It is, but what week they have to do with all people have to do is throw off the chains of the old-time stop having a slave mentality and a look at me, look how oppressed I am mentality is moving forward.

If you if everybody in a particular group starts doing what's right and it was good. That's how they're perceived eventually it takes time but that's what happens.

Both sides of the world. I went to majority flight school. I was literally my brother was only black kid in the entire school and then I went to a completely black school whereby about two or three white children activate experience with my currently rated and if you shall get guy I've never I didn't even like my came into the school world at war, I would do so by pertinent that what they're good people. I didn't create any quality and element of the site on that right but that was with me. I'm with you. You know I used to live in the military. My dad was in the military and when I got out I was persecuted heavily by whites and the white guy because I didn't fit into the secular mold. The nonmilitary lifestyle. It happens that I know there's a lot of injustices but what's the solution. The solution is to is Jesus.

Jesus is a solution is what we need is racism is wrong. That's right, oppression is wrong you don't white supremacy is wrong.

Black supremacy is wrong. Black lives matter white lives matter yellow lies matter. Brown lives matter. That's how it should be zero. Look considered equal. Though I don't like that matter situation that fortunate that chocolate… But what I do understand it is like nonminority.

How can they take up the majority of the crate bandit and I defended a black iPad though. I think that the black community has suffered from the effects of slavery, even up to now. They destroy the family generation. Yet the weight of the fix-it Jesus Christ, amen, brother and I made the right as I got less, they thought he right that Is why call 77077 charismatic slave you're doing well and you grew up very was it was very traumatizing, certainly. And I thought even all of it, but that's life.

You are not the but I empathize with hey I have a question. My wife and I are going through the Bible in a year and I had never been aware of the net and I don't know where I met that been a Christian for a long time. Part about you not not limited it and I want to find out that's true I got when calling the nebula myth that when God cast the Angels Apollo program have been there here on earth. They intermingled with human and produce offspring that were almost half man half spiritual and if you read on and Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

I think were in there. They reference a king named Ogg that was like 13 feet long or something. So there's this concept. The giant even when the Israelites were crossing over the river Jordan there that the idea of giants, but there also mentally spiritual being in her knee. It changes so much of how I look at it.

The old testament and the spiritual warfare that was going on there. I didn't know what I was hearing out the right way or not. I thought you would know that right.

The methylene were taught by the Jews and the early Christian church always unanimously as being the offspring between fallen Angels and women people say will house a possible house possible but it's the Scriptures are teaching and so one of the theories about the flood is that it came in order to destroy the propagation of ethylene, which were apparently an attempt by the evil one to destroy the messianic line to go to Genesis chapter 6 verse nine this with Nestlé were talked about, etc. since these are the records of the generations of Noah.

Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generations so there's a hint there that his genealogy was not corrupted and so the flood came to destroy the ungodly. Incidentally, Matthew 24 Luke 17 Jesus is at the West in the days of Noah social taken on two mentally taken, one is left once were taken by the wicked in the context of Matthew 24 Luke 17. Just as when the flood came, it was the wicked who were destroyed in Genesis 6 so he saying that this was going be like in the present day when he comes back now. So the flood came and wipe them out with the methylene and the onyx team are those after the flood, who were also a giants supply understand is that the methylene were translated in the Septuagint into the Greek God tests which wicked gigantic from and in that they were huge. There were big people and so it looks like that's what it was. That's the position I hold to accidentally because I get your view, they were done they were very being, that could be possible that they would interbreed. Furthermore, with with with other women and so they to be 1/4 methylene kind of a thing. I don't know how that would work. I've not heard any discussions about that but this seems to be was going on and it wasn't until the 1500s when this theory with his physician was marked by a lot of people that the Seth site theory was then propagated and I don't do the Seth I theory that the Seth fights the descendents of Seth were the ones with the onyx team in the methylene with great people were now so I don't buy that at all and it looks like Goliath was also one of them because he was huge right and David killed him. And, incidentally, is just trivia. He picked up five stones and at the first one is what felt Goliath so why did pick up five stones because were there were two brothers and two cousins that would've come after all, Sophia was at all really asked with bloodletting transferring that if you ever have commentary on what's going on with the more broad rubbing than others. I don't yell at them time on how you appreciate Ravi the bullets and you know what he did was wrong and it's unfortunate he brought great disdain upon the name of Christ and his hypocrisy. So we had to get the PSS and we move forward. And there's another apologist whose left apologetics so I can bring great recently.

We don't know what reasons but anyway the elders of said your down and so apologists, myself included, need to be prayed for. Because we are often under different kinds of attacks than most people similar better or more valuable just a week when you do that kind of a thing.

A lot of people pray against you, Mormons, Catholics and the Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims and thick and consequent demonic forces with inadvertently and send them and it is a lot of things that happen this spiritual battle is sufficient success. Okay okay thank you not like it on Michael from God bless what I write three lines 877-207-2276 Marty from Virginia on the air like I have a question. I guess my question is I have a complaint and I wanted to know if you think my complaint is larded. If you could just comment on it. Now you you earlier did talk about the problems that were happening right now and it and did offer solutions that is reliable and correct Christ and everything like that now II think there.that is a little broad but I but I agree with you, I listen to a lot of conservative talk radio and I hero at Anna and I love it.

I get a lot of cleaning and really not a lot of pollution by almost could picture the Democratic Party guiding liberals to listen to all the stations and get back to them and let them know what's going on in the liberals would would would get back to them and say hey we do speak a lot of complaining on about how bad we are, but nobody really come up with any motion as to how to fight back. I do you do get that feeling. Yes when I'm actually working on is elected officials and federal and state contact information of an article on good karma lookup affected elected officials just below find it and I been doing research and continue to do it.

This was a contact Biden locator senators locate your US representatives find your state governor state legislation that links for how to contact your elected officials links and I've also got stuff done Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas where am I finding a particular information and links that are there.

Just click on it opens up had it for example Alabama email the governor you click on the link it opens up so I'm trying to do is provide a means by which people can quickly and easily list voice their opinions and personally I'm a little bit more aggressive I believe in doing things like bailing a know know a slug, a positive piece of metal or a nut and a bolt to elected representatives by the millions. I believe in doing everything with a note that says and whatever in-house rep and the representative are doing a small stone in small packages that get sent in different kinds of objects at the way announcer. 2 ounces and you get mailed because you know we they don't only to do is okay got the email. This was dismiss him. I believe that I also believe in, and this I let I don't have the ability to arrange it that I like the idea of somebody with a lot of influence who has the means getting a an organization together where people who are conservative can stand up for the rights they do it by standing up in front of the capitals of their respective estates. So we have 26 letters a through Z with people whose last name start with a start with being in the first day of, say, September 1, whatever would be all people with letter a start with the glop assigns next and I'm from the capital. The next day. It's the B next-day C and they do this kind of a thing, and people sign up. They do this from five dollars a month is put in and it's for lawsuits and defensive of lawsuits and things like that and the signs point to websites we want our rights back. Don't do this you'll give us our religious freedom back and and if this happened all over the country and every capital, people start to do this people unit unit is the cost if I'm proposing to do that. A lot of of groundwork enlightenment racially lawyers involved in the holdback.

I believe if organized, we can do things that we can change this country. We also need to stop in Christians who just sit on her hands away for the blonde hair blue by Caucasian surfer Jesus to come back and rescue them to get amount of pretrip rapture celebrities fine. I don't believe in that we need to be like Christ ends. Luke 923 says the cross daily and follow after him.

Why call 770727. Here is Matt's way back online. What you give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get the boys but his question was with the Jews be taken up in the rapture with Christians to me after that.

But for me the phone number out to get you to call it a last segment of the show 877-207-2276 chemical with the Jews be taken up in rapture. No, not if they don't believe and trust in Jesus Christ.

Just because a Jew doesn't mean they get a pass. The only way to salvation is through Jesus. Anybody was Jewish anybody was whatever believes in trust in the Lord Jesus Christ when he returns, then they will be saved.

The enraptured that's how it is that the Bible teaches so well you got now about that rapture and I know I said I step on the toes. I know I was think about this because some of the colors wakes on the ramble a little bit. Sometimes I think people would say that my worst enemy because of how a lot of callers coming on the phone. A lot of people are following what I say and do that I need to not say some to constant controversial thing. Well you know what Jesus did it.

Paul did it. They taught things, they mention things that were hard to hear, hard to understand that made people unhappy and I either take their lead. Jesus went into the temple and he overturned the temple tables. He called people whitewash sepulchers, and he also sat with people and and love them and fellowship with him the whole of who Jesus is, is what I try and ambulate here in the radio show and other places every time from speaking when it was very compassionate very patient and I hope very kind and then there's is needed, but there are also times when you gotta be strong and say no that is wrong.

That's blasphemy etc. etc. I know that a lot of people are very comfortable in what they think and how they feel and that they identify with certain past problems. Certain past or present expectations – I could save and they identify with things.

A lot of times I will step on her toes and they don't like it they don't want to hear okay. And this, for example. This was so, let's call the issue of the of the pretrip election rapture now I know that the majority of the Christians in America believe that we are to be rapture out of here before it gets bad.

And that's a great idea. It's a great sentiment.

It's wonderful to believe, but the question is, is it true and when I talk to people about it and I say please show me a pre-tribulation rapture verse they can't do it. When I asked him show me were these verses are show me where we get out before all the problems. Show me where you know it it's just silly Scripture and to be honest, I've not had anybody show me anything that demonstrates that the richer black rapture is true. Maybe this okay but I don't see the Scripture. The reason of, focusing on this and try to kill 234 purchase one stone is that I believe the Christians need to be united and I think they need to be united in the essentials of the Christian faith and the essentials are such things as the deity of Christ. The doctrine of the Trinity, the virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus.

Justification by faith alone in Christ.

These are the basics of the Christian faith and those I call them like a fence around the truth, the home of where we abide truth and inside that we all belong. As Christians, but outside that fence are the things are debatable, like what did you worship with the musical instruments are not charismatic gifts or not. Those on the outside and unfortunately those things on the outside is where most people focus and they don't want to unite with someone on the inside the fence. Unless they also unite with them on the outside from to say these things that are debatable or where denominations occur, and because of her fragment. Our eyes are often on the debatable issues not on the essential issues I can work with someone who doesn't believe in all millennialism like I do this I believe the charismatic gifts like I do believe I can work with them is not a problem. I'm not challenged by defendant.

We have a common enemy and that con common enemy is is the devil, and we need to be united against him, and against his workings in this world and we can't do that if were not united.

So when I step on people's totals.

It's to wake them up.

That's what discomfort does it wakes people up are people so comfortable or do we get so comfortable in ideology and a philosophy in a particular theological doctrine that we identify with that input. Our hope with that instead of in the person of Jesus Christ to the amount that we do, then we are committing idolatry. If we were to put our hope in the rapture. It will get us out beforehand and that's where hope and faith is in that's idolatrous because is not Jesus but it's in an action if me as a Calvinist were to put my faith in Calvinism as it way the truth and the life will that would be idolatry to put my faith in my faith in Jesus Christ. And when I do I'm free then to work with others who don't agree with you and debatable issues as we can move forward to promote the Lord Jesus Christ. That's where I should be and I think we as Christians need to be united in our doctrine and our faith in the essentials that we all dwell inside that fence of the essentials of the Christian faith, and that we show charity and love and patience with those with whom we disagree in the debatable issues in Romans 14 says don't pass judgment on the debatable issues on those people who hold different opinions about you and is debatable's and if we can get this through our head.

We can start saying you know what what is Jesus want for us to do in this country and if working to have a national influence on the country waiting to be nationally united.

This was his needs to happen inside of Christianity. And if this were to happen, we can make changes in our country. But if we don't unite and pray repeatedly for the revival of this country and for the strength of the Christians, we don't do this, the secularists will continue to win we will continue to lose because Jesus even said a house divided will not stand. That's how the Christian church is largely today is divided even among the Orthodox, the true believers and it's also invaded by the false believers. The Christian churches week because it's not strong enough to get rid of the people within its own doors that are false conference, but it's also weak in that it does not seek and demand the unity of the faith which is what the pastors and teachers are supposed to be building the Christian body up for Ephesians 4 $0.11-$0.12, we need to start repenting on her own inside of our Christian house so that we can start moving outward into our society and promoting Jesus Christ and him crucified in the redemptive work that occurs in the soul because it's the changed heart that guides the hand we don't need more laws were Jesus Liska to Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina. Vicki welcoming on the I will count toward) I sure hope to be directed into backing is still my sorry love. The question my my view is that we go through the tribulation.

And that right at the end when mankind is not to destroy itself that Jesus will then take the wicked move them maybe to Armageddon. I don't know. And Chris is the enraptured in the end structure will occur at that point of the wicked, so I thought you got a great director.

Thereafter, articulate you and the reason I say that is because two men will be in the field. What is taking on his left.

The context is the wicked are the ones were taken in. That's pretty obvious. And then what gets me is what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 through 40. The range of those 30s and 40s.

Note that chapter. He says you know the wheat and the terrors allow both to grow together till the time of the harvest. Also, the harvest first gather though the terrors and Jesus's birth was gathered of the wicked and ideal to do with that for a long time because this is what he said and I don't believe in to raptures.

I don't believe in two returns of Christ. I believe in one return 11 rapture and the rafters at the end of the harvest, the resurrection that the in of the harvest and so logically for me. I had to conclude that the first ones taken when Jesus comes back of the wicked is he says, first gather the terrors and then after that you get you you gather the wheat. That's what he says and what gets me is this which worries me how come no one else is teaching that worries me because when a minute. On the one teaching this that that's scary how come on only one teaching this really bothers me that you bring that part where my brother pulled back on early enraptured risking anything that can arrive.

I was asked people show to me in Scripture. And here's a verse that they'll use first Thessalonians 5. Nine for God is not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and OCC that speculation rapture right there when a company and wrath symbol was diverse about God is not dismissed for wrath, but salvation. Salvation means going to heaven. Being safe from these acute internal damnation right is not just the wrath of God's judgment but for salvation is not talking about the tribulation is talking about the redemptive work of God, damnation, and salvation versus context that reminds miss watching a woman on TV verses out of context. Talk about pet your seed faith and she actually took a verse so far out of context that the context was asked about the wicked, and she applied it to God. It was incredible verses that are out of context all the time just as people show. Show me you humans to take and was left in the context of the wicked and no great. There's a God blessed Lord bless you all. By another program powered by the Truth Network

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