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March 30, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 30, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller asked for help and resources in dealing with substance abuse from a Christian perspective.--2- Does God expect us to stop all the wrong things in our life at once---3- Why is Acts 16-14 different in the CSB---4- How can I explain to a family member why she cannot be a co-senior pastor with her husband and that she is not a prophetess---5- Where is it in Scripture that Christ is in the flesh in heaven---6- What exactly happened during the transfiguration---7- What do you know about the book We Will Not be Silent---8- What do you think about the medicine used to treat covid-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y rises one. If you recall, we have five open lines all you could do is dial 87720722761. All right, just to remind you. Let's see, how can we get to this. Let's all give Israel trip were still triple this would be mentioning it. So periodically her, but we are going to Israel a year from this month. If you want to check it out, is go to Carmen and you can check out the information after people signing up and let's see we get schools if you're interested in checking out the schools. You can go to carbon work/schools and you can get information on those as well. School of theology school apologetics in the school on critical thinking and if you like to think or want to know how to think a little better about some things you familiar theology and stuff like that. I recommend you get one of them get a theology school and learn what your theology is good all right for lines 877-207-2276 if you want to watch me, which is not a big deal but some people like to you can go to the Carmen homepage and the homepage will see me sitting in my chair in my office talking with a headset on and that's people in chat room. Usually we have 3029. Right now, and we get got 60 usually have the next few minutes, and people chat can become a small community.

So if you want to join us chat and talk to people of like mind or even a different mind go to

Look at the homepage all right and just do this very often at all but isolate you know that we stay on the air by your donations on that begging. I'm just telling you what we yet we need donations astounding year of the Lord has blessed us for many years to do radio and if you like what you hear and you want to see me or Stevie hear me on the radio more stations and things like that.

Then all you do is just go to carb/donate and to help us out. Every bit helps, I think that is it what you call for an open lines 877-207-2276. Get the Ramon from Utah. I welcome you here how you write God's grace and so on that.

So I've been looking at in years I was in prison when I first started. You have got me connected to the reformed theology to pastors, I got out of prison in 2020, and I got out of the halfway house just recently and I'm now backing out but Scripture says to confess our faults one to another, so I'd like to know if you can pray for me on your own time or whatever beneficial whatever. I just started falling into certain types of drug and backsliding quite a bit. Okay do is get access to the Internet yes I do a little bit okay there's a guy I like you to contact that's okay with you. Chad Craig Moore he's a friend of mine is a pastor and he's an ex-drug addict, alcoholic, and now is a pastor and he runs everything every program, but it's not the 12 steps will estimate it is.

It's a good program and recommend you bring recommended you with a lot of people a lot of pastors have recommended me to celebrate covering but I understand the idolatry behind the so they were happy. I wouldn't. Let's just say that I would recommend Chad.

He uses the Heidelberg catechism and deals with the issue of what sin is an island confession and repentance in the steps of of sanctification and things like that and so you know I don't know if you're doing injectables and telling him like that, but I did tell you something because sometimes getting scared can help you. The word for sorcery is confirmed, the Kia you know that already. But there's a demonic connection with drug abuse.

I also had a friend who was a paramedic and he told me that on 11 he counted them and among counted 11 different occasions but if you heard the stories are, but all the same. Anyway, I when he was a paramedic in New York he would go to the drug houses and people be dead and some alive something in a comatose state and that they would rescue people through all times of their job as paramedics. I said 11 different times that dead people would set up in the strange voice say variations of the sentence he or she is mine you can have him while he's working on somebody else and the purse would just flop back down. This happened with his partner saw this, too, and it only happened with injectables set for something connection there. But the issue of drugs is a demonic one and if if you don't submit to God in that area and in and get victory over this, you will end up back in jail just was going to happen and sometimes God you know he lets it happen and no boss of mine told the story to further his who was backsliding and so something happened at the end of breaking his back, literally breaking his back so he was in the hospital four months was a pretty bad break and flat on his back. He looked up to God and he started praying and repented and he healed up and for two years was working in ministry stuff and started to slide a little bit and got casual again and lo and behold, his back was broken a second time and so that's when he got the message is okay. God sometimes like how we look up his room reflect her back with him was literal so if you love the Lord, I need to tell you that he loves you.

He won't give up on you. He will let you have your sin and it will be a consequence to you and he'll deal with you but in a loving way, as a father would love this child and that he can discipline you harder and harder. I know. Trust you have received the holy slap a few times in my life and got Alyssa night and being good.

I mean good. I'm glad because it means God will now is you he loves you and you're in Utah right yet I am. I don't know where Susan you know where the 15 freeway and the all the scar not IKEA. I know what you are you in Salt Lake at city area or what I'm in Ogden right now okay on your North halfway out okay now your North is a somewhat younger some friends down in the in the solid proper area have good churches and things like that but the morning art.

Churches in Ogden. I do know there are some anyway. You just can't help it try contact trip. Chad and I moment before we go off the pray for you and really appreciate it. Sure another quality you spoke about sorcery and with the drug that I was using.

I was connecting that with the dark arts because before I went to prison. I was really into this drug and I was practicing a lot of the dark sorcery and with me falling back into drug.

I started getting involved with that again up until just recently, and it's just that they had to throw the comfort that I felt everything else is like starting to come back to me and so I'm glad that I'm back in the halfway house. Okay, I know that he is helping me you don't repent. If you're really Christian would sound like you probably are no not excusing the Senate.

But if this doesn't stop.

He may kill you to take you home and is serially not what I really want just to go on but I don't want to test so far but you know what money going out realized that when I say this I'm I'm reminding myself of me but you don't think center full of sin struggling with her sins. Okay I'm there with you and on and when you're at the cross, you could just look left and right you'll see me there with you know, kneeling down, confessing, but sometimes what God does is he lets us go through stuff so that were later shaped as he shapes us through our sin as we choose our Senate… Have that but you can use it anyway you sometimes will will prepare us for something greater. So that's a possibility with you, but it might be a possibility that if you don't beat us, you will lose the tremendously blissful ability and experience of helping others and I say that because you know where I'm at now on the thought about me but I was involved in the Colton a lot of bad stuff that God saved Lena's a lot of struggles with a lot of failures but now having gone through so much the place of the joy that I have on it daily basis of serving God. I look back to the old man and there's a verse you might want to memorize the addresses.

Romans 621 it's a great verse Romans 621. What will benefit were you within deriving of the things of which are now ashamed for the outcome of those things is death.

That verse is when my favorite verses in the entire Bible because all your sin in my center different than a lot of errors have never done drugs, but I was another self okay now Colton out to sleep at that I look back, what benefit was. I then deriving the things which now I'm now ashamed for the heck of those things is death. As you only praise God in his great mercy that he condescended to let me live and to serve him and this is what I hope will happen with you as well. God will condescend to use you even through years. If you don't repent a mic to answer the question about the question I had about his father.

Provident I'm you kind of answered it within the same thing thing that you just told me about what you can tell me about and that's one of the biggest issues that I had like dealing with the father thought that he thought sovereign over everything he does what he wants what you want, how he wants when he wants, but it's just that I mean how could he allow me by his permissive will to do the things that I did that goes against what his divine will is all about and I mean I believe in the reformed theology and I don't want to: man's free will is him because I don't necessarily believe in it, but it should have a hard time dealing with this problem with sovereignty versus my free will or whatever you call well break up next week to talk with us after the break before the year but we are free. We have free will.

We are free to go to do what we desire. That's what free will is being forced reformed theology teaches free will and you just God is sovereign even over our free will. He knows what choices you make in you. The weird thing is I don't get it. Why would he choose you for the foundation of the world to love you and save you while you do that for I have no idea where you held no idea. I don't have any idea either. But he knows the rest of that folks rewrite that Is best to call you for the lies McCauley 77207 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg show you still there yet yet is calling Matt okay, sure. So I hope what we talked about us is been helpful and I do want you to contact Chad okay. He really is a good man. He knows his stuff. So if you can't attend what how do I contact well, let's see. His website is it's hard to remember. I wanted to get a different one. It's the way. Romans 12 to 6 of the way our 12 to got to work the way right they just don't get contacted don't tell him that I told you to contact Julie pray for you okay okay Lord Jesus looked up on to you and ask that you would bless him, you give him the unction desire to strike the will to resist sin and look to you and asked for your protection over him that you would do what you need to in his life in order to bring him to that place of full repentance and trust and strengthen you as Lord for your protection over him, and that you would introduce to him godly people who would help them out and help guide him towards you'll Lord asked that you would bless him and strengthen him and that you would even prepare him to be used in your king, Lord Jesus give you thanks witness*your name Jesus. So I do have a quick question. Sure, though I know the Lord OR burden in iron healing light get rid of all the behaviors in our life like right off the bat.

Favorite, but that he really expect me like quit all that part of the working when I would do it is not way but all those things I would worry about one thing at a time. He puts on your heart. I know Christians who smoked and that's between them and God. That's still whatever drugs is different because it's dealing with pharmacopeia with sorcery with other things. Yes, mortgage is not good for you but at the right time, when you're able to know that is upon your heart deal with that and and stuff and also if you can give it all at once, great.

If you can't with nexus of God working through you right okay I will. I appreciate you not all that you're doing what you been doing here about those first.

After that I actually had back in 2012, 2013 I've been thinking on and off the bench, weightlifting, that I'll let that ministry will exceed abundantly bless others that you have blessed by God's grace. Linda remember I think I pretty call back in a week.

Let us give us an update okay how I felt.

I felt all right thinking that okay all right Mia for open lines of you want to give me a call 87720722 we lost Lynn from Chapel North Carolina which means we have nobody waiting right now want to give me a call other time I tried Chad for more little bits of his website up here and this wasn't planned or anything, but I do know Chad is a good godly man and he was into drugs and alcoholism. It was an addict in all of that and now he's doing mission work in Africa and he lives not too far from me, you know, he comes over every now and then and I will do stuff together but he knows a lot about this issue of addiction. If you want to contact him. I would suggest that you go to the way our the way it's Romans 12 to but this are 12 and all you can check it out and check out what is dots and I think the the email is just the way ministry the way ministry and I tell never down and Heymans plugging you in on your site using drag so-and-so together contacted me and hold so it does and ideas is a good guy like as if I like what you may call for open lines 877207227601 hear from you and let's see roadster reminder were going to Israel next year and if you are curious to check it out to go with us.

All you do is go to Carmen CAR M

Let's get to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome you on here I back I didn't want to say felt no one really that young feller bring.

My hero dear little brother. Well I got Daisy yet another great God right back working everywhere not depicted standard Bible of the Christian stand while using any as being I'm quite familiar with it versus great versus no, no, I know. I believe the end of the bat like the auto about the 2020 20 and so we wanted you to sign this very is at it. I don't have the status yet but the the and I worked late and you might be a glaring date this the CSV or ESV earth Christmas Vanguard Bible habit like we did good on remodeling for Bob Henry the week to give me that.

Okay, I don't have it on the back by dog but let's all right I just tried to send Christian standard version. Okay, so I can find it 0550 Christian standard Bible CSV presented Bible debate yeah I that's okay. It's all right with that I have that I have the CSV, a God-fearing woman named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth from the city of fire attire was listening. The Lord opened her heart to respond. What Paul was saying okay B number. I will say the Lord opened her heart says that is was is the CSV yeah and the Bible.

Well, they can then Matt a mistake. I thought they took away the Lord opened her heart and I thought well you know I will ESV size of the Lord opened her heart.

The King James says who's yeah Lord open all good stuff using a Ivy look 64 to me neck 6014 God opened up her heart. Yeah, I did necessary to open for her to believe stuff is just another free will with somebody, etc. well, yeah, you know, maybe I think you know that remark, but you're actively right the Lord. I had every right is a good cubes are hard to grant that the idea that some offenses there's a break.

Okay thank you very less all right voted for the lives you may call 87720776 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling lines. I want to hear from 772072276 Oscar to John from Florida John, welcome your on-air grabber so we got okay because the my brother and father. It became after. Now there there book senior pastor then he also failed to be a prophet. Now I know I discovered them, but I know that will written out and I have authority over man but what would you say in regard to where she a cozier pastor have authority over managing your profit yet even though I give her the Scripture about that glorious you. She doesn't accept it will cease in rebellion and sin against God as a teller flat out, she's in rebellion against God. She's sending against God the Word of God is revealed.

The issue she's contradicting the word of God and just got a B upon her. The judgment can manifest in getting her over to the depravity of her heart and mind in that area and will probably happen with hers to start adopting other heresies and things like that is will the husband because he doesn't have the discernment of an onion okay so he's the both of them are failing miserably. I'll be glad to talk to them over the phone if you by any chance listening on the air. I'll just tell them that they are in sin and rebellion against God for disobeying the clear teaching of the word of God on this yeah deftly offended that I'm to we had where he had.

We are correct that my wife and I with famine. Now we had a bit of an I want argument by night and we had a discussion and where she got that.

But they know you get this settled my get upset. All she wants to say what is the word of God safe. You always had to say what is the word of God sake. What is the word of God sake and end but I meet people like that and they don't care what the word I said you are in rebellion against God's word. You are in rebellion. You are not qualified because you're a woman you're not qualified to be a pastor and I see the men I say this, the men who support women pastors are failures.

They need to repent and stick with the word of God and stopped going with the politically correct idiocy in the church and outside the church. This is what they need to do is stand up act like men. The strong doesn't mean being mean, but they need to draft a court I met by the standard of God is laid down in the word of God. That's what it says that they can't do that. There disqualify from any ministry. And they should take their diapers and they should go home now for my quick trip exactly right. Payment is mad about this issue because I know what damage it does to the Christian church when women get up there. They pastors and elders 80% of the churches and denominations adopt within pastors and elders within two generations 80% of them start adopting pro-homosexual stuff if she's claiming to be a prophet, a prophetess will she does understand the Scriptures, because it says in Luke 1616 of the law, the prophets were until John. There are no more prophets, not like that and she's claiming this title for herself. She's claiming to be a prophet. She's claiming to be a pastor. She's in violation of the word of God. She probably will be espousing other false doctrines as well. I mean I get another cross area all men I might try to find Al Qaeda heresies on her on her and him is he the husband's failure to give proper husband in a proper manner of God in their their failure to deliver failures in your spiritual walk. They need to repent.

Yes, I got angry at the summer. I think that I know you are.

The Bible says no exactly right. Well, I appreciate that failure after my okay John arrive.

Men tell them to call me or we going I'm probably online debate all but advising her. She ate the bait. Oh, with the Bible says contend earnestly for the faith. That's John Jude 3 and four. Jude 4 believe it is Outlook. You contend for the faith and to give an answer to everyone who would ask you first Peter 315 so I'm asking them to contend for the biblically they won't do it they can tell you quick start before he got this. I always very serious.

I was just about this because I thought roughly 5-ish seven-ish years ago, five or six years ago the members. I just started Krav Maga.

About that time, and as a marker. Anyway, there was a church in the him sitting near me called Meridian and I went to this church and become.

I contacted them because they women elders and I said we have a meeting and talk talk with the elders there talk about this and am in the said sure no problem sitting on top of issue within pastors and elders said sure what they they agreed to do that then they changed her mind went back on your work.

They gave me you let your yes be yes or no be no.

They said no, but we decided not to be with you, but I said but you said you would you're going back on your word and I said I want to talk to you about this biblically, and they were hit one another do with it. I said okay and I was in a church right so this unit could have a meeting and then he said he is willing said no cannot do it, that's okay. Will the court of the Bible. Vance I've gone to you and you refused I'm now to go to the body of Christ to go outside and stand up for the church on a Sunday morning pass out literature is are you threatening us. I said in my threatening you just tell you that you failed to do your job in a medical got her body was with the Bible says so. It was during this it was snowing and I went out to their church and the first rheumatoid regular church and otherness.

No passing out literature on this topic and I wasn't being mean.

I wasn't blocking traffic of any kind is very calm. I had a couple people helping me they want, they were interested in health and so the the church call the police on me then to call the police on me and the police came out and they said your gear fine and I said you said that they called on the other called right so literally. I came home and I'm back at the freeway driving towards my house and there's another church was a with the pastor and I had called and left a message and so I thought I would stop in to stop down and went into the service and and and they were just ending to the service is just and it was just the timing.

So long story short skits and details. I ended up outside in the parking area with my hands in him in the air. It's a picture have to put in front of you like in a fight with your fists Claude get a lucky hands but open Craigs that we do improv and just open and I'm backing up. I'm literally backing up because I was afraid for my safety because the pastor was was very upset with me. The mail pastor for ask Jerry to ask the question what women pastor and this guy came up and he starts yelling at me and he does what you doing what you doing and I made the crowds looking at me. They don't know who I am and I'm going to ride this is getting out of hand and he says, and so I backing up it in the Krav Maga stance them that I'm sliding backwards of his leaving. Okay.

And this guy start approaching me and if I put my hands down. At that point and was now it is backing up slowly and he started. He leaned forward and walked towards me quickly to put my hands back of the cadets. The him and to get ready to fight stance to protect myself and he's 10 feet away and he yells out he he shoved me he yelled out 10 feet away from me. Everybody looks at me. The pastor looked at me as it did you shove him every look at this guy lied and I said I did not and he lied in all the stuff that has backing up to my car because you had a here and and so you know I just got the car took off. This is it to Christian churches on the same day you will have their tip over there there little idle about women pastors and elders. You can't have that. You can't have that. And so these are the these are two of the experiences I've had due to this topic, and both of them to work just horrible witnesses by the so-called Christian churches.

Horrible witnesses broke their word and call the cops on me and I was physically threatened another church that is not what I thought about it, email it with the word of God see there while you have a very old American mentality, believing the word of God. So it's is it magic is with what God says, can you answer the word of God. First of many to 12 and 13 I did not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over man but remained silent for Adam was first created is not is not due to cultures through the created order.

Can you please respond to me and tell me why I'm a Pharisee if I'm courting the description believing what it says yet about how have you not, how are you not a Pharisee was your denying the truth with the word of God really is about and you are a fallen teacher like I get on tell you I appreciate your the night that they first got what we have regularized somewhat yeah folks.

Those things really did happen and I got her stories in late May the Lord bless you right back after his message magic like why call 770773 battery cry last evening you back. I don't know. I never knew that until I heard you say probably 70 years elegant and big and are because of not teaching proper theology letter churches are teaching the babysitting sermons and and how to use the did teach biblical theology during the sermons talk of the Trinity, the hypostatic union. Jesus, the eternal priesthood eternal generation of the only begotten with the means application imputation. These all need to be taught regularly from the pulpit, not what will help you when you think what happened transformation will transfiguration it in Matthew 17, or in his resume. I we don't know exactly how to take Matthew 17 the transfiguration. He was seen in a glorified state that was the rejected body was a glorified state's light was there people were there witnesses and stuff like that so that's about it.

But we don't know what was complete. They tell us about taking care of my little one if Boeing 988. We landed out, Randy and Alice trying to explain his BMI back hello children end up again.

Everything and down you know G end up 80 Ralph and Pat mean I get a G effect when I get no good to me. We would see why not.

I would love to be able to touch them.

Maybe all this had my face to the ground near him no.

But if these flat also become the kind I like wanting more people to come to school for great questions was a great questions ask Mary and pick it good but not what may come back tomorrow. Or maybe I will get back hello wait to be sure that I did not. When I told her that she can to get it that she gave Mary look at both what their life will just remember, allies of purposeful deception. People can tell what they believe to be the truth.

It is not a lie but it could be an error so you didn't live technically in the on base and that as you but the thing is you be my villa touch them. I guess so because he is in flesh, and he always will be. So be awesome if we could don't know if it's going to happen, but certainly it was a little possibility.

Okay well I will learn my going to church back and remember you never heard before fortune but okay will good praise God praise God, my wife heard you say that, all right. You will don't worry about your life will give me the look, so they say stupid things with money frequently so I believe that all trust me, and I guess you're real fast.

The book we will not be what you think. I think I don't know. I haven't heard of it will not be silenced out email today from and avid guy began my way saying that every Christian should have it. Book and I didn't know what it really is will you know I don't know either. So what I'll do is check it out okay. I just finished another book on Knox and dog kennel now and just finish finished my phone social justice. No not that one. Anyway just finished a little about the that the deception of the left things like that was happening step my phone figured out the right day out before you think you will. God bless. Okay yeah just finished dark agenda. That's the book I just finished Michael from Utah Michael, welcome.

Thank you for taking my call. Matt picking up on something you mentioned last week about the drug you are not drug under Medicaid for hydroxychloroquine that used you for COBIT 19 you and my pastor mentioned that if it was standard treatment for missionaries going over see it with inexpensive yeah my wife and I had a's consultation with experts in this stuff and the doctor and she said it says a lot of promise and a lot of things combined with zinc and something else. It really is this the evidence showed it resisted covert very well so we both got COBIT I had it for one day. If you prefer. One day, very mild. My wife is her condition's weakened but she had a fever for nine days and then she was okay. So is that a prescription that only a doctor can sell it over the counter you I don't know if it was prescribed, so we took it along with some others so imagine that it inexpensive but Trump used it. So he recommended so the left tested to negate it automatically and they'll say there's no evidence but there is evidence also and I must say no and no doctor under sink – what we did and and with me as I we had college one day and took a sip, lightheaded and innovating give you know that would make perfect and give you something you don't have respiratory work is not just just died. I always drink a lot of fun regularly sick or have fun out of pure vitamin C and I take megadoses of vitamin C mixed with a little baking soda and this is something I I've learned years and years ago and I swear I read that my experience of doing every start feeling a little bit of something I will take in all 50 times the recommended dose twice a day, 50, 60, 70 times in her chip and within a couple three hours. I got out of outer yeah you can go online and look for a pure vitamin C crystal like $40 a bag and it lasts me about three years for four years and I mix it with a little bit of baking soda, goodhearted, though some chemical thing it's good for your system.

It does not taste good. Just warning you, but the taste like vitamin C with baking soda unit and no. It's like I only like sushi and only is Sears and eggs and people. So was it taste like well it taste like Sears and eggs… As as weird to say so okay all right God bless. Okay, let's get on the phone with Keith from High Point, North Carolina. Welcome hello how are you God I'm doing okay. We got strengths we got quiet when you are speaking earlier about the want of the characters you got it back physically, but a kayak not speak about the Raven pastors the people who were coming at you and yell and in your opinion, would you say that they want. Influenced by humans or under like a payment good/and I like the experts disoriented by now I would just say that you they were being were nothing biblical and they were in the flesh work so willing and able to defend the physicians from Scripture when people have views that they hold dearly and someone like me comes along and challenges them and can challenge them, they don't like that because they've built a little wall around their idol and they don't want anybody to come in and knock it down and they get upset. Is it me or not Christians but it does mean that the rebellion against God, and part of the judgment.

I believe of God as evidenced in their lack of of Christian love is that of coming out in the snow and see if I was okay and give me something warm to drink like a Christian should have done. They didn't do that erotic polices that if you dosing it will be disagreement.

We don't really want talk about it now. I was threatened almost physically assaulted so one person and I think right and when Jesus is speaking to his disciples about why I am a graders that we are the Christ. Let's write gold Michael God told you men just probably an hour later in Jesus and talk about our you know this is what happened to me in the bed thought with what happened in Jesus good get behind slight speaking of Peter that Peter was not the Titanic are not missing Ryan about great influence, like right, he wasn't possessed. It was just just an examination okay I'll likely good. I learned I learned there's some five I agree with them. I know that somehow my goal in the Lutheran welcome message here is you out on the Lutheran well I and I like it when people listen and I'll selectively don't agree because means are thinking. That's good. Maybe nothing here you agree with my bill. That's right.

And you don't want to listen to a guy named slick on the radio lots, cassettes, assistance on so you have a blessed week lately like yours much will God bless okay okay look about a minute left the show, and nobody waiting. So the me just remind you that we are going to Israel by God's grace year. If you want to join and call and see all the sites in Israel, and the bus to a lot of people and see some awesome stuff like Jericho and Jerusalem and going to shops and it's a blast with dinners is great if you're interested. Carmen Israel.there is abuse is going back on there tomorrow

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