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March 26, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 26, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Was Benjamin born before Joseph was sold into Egypt---2- How are we to fear the Lord but not have a spirit of fear--3- If one of the 10 commandments is to not murder but didn't Moses murder someone before being called by God- Isn't that a problem---4- How do Protestants and Catholics utilize the writings of the church fathers---5- How do you respond to the Catholic claim that the Roman Catholic Church compiled the Bible---6- Why have you used the term -forced awareness- when referring to homosexual and transgender issues---7- What do you know about the Church of Christ and their use of Mark 16-16 and Acts 2-38---8- Is emersion baptism the only valid form of baptism---9- Another caller wanted to continue the conversation regarding forced awareness.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found alive: you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches called in responding to your questions at 87707276 pairs. Matt slick welcome we met slick was much look like what you recall same as always. Olga was dialing 772072276. Hope to hear from you. McCauley five open lines, as is often the case, we suddenly have the hope which colors towards the end of the show so your available call now we have a car miserable trip going to talk to her Johnson about it today and what is remind you that if you sign up for the trip to purify fungal depositing due to insurance and if the ship you tickets cancel to get through 75 of the back, but if you sign within the year end of the year by the end of the month, then you hundred dollars off the sign of the tour price later on so that only through the end of this month to March just let you know okay so let's see what else are you people looking my shirt I'm wearing online and the shirt says so much heresy, so little time and so I thought I'd wear that for the viewers you want to be a viewer you can go to and on the homepage certain what is not a big deal just to get on the signature and the only thing I would recommend is to imagine what I look like if you haven't seen it before my voice and see if I fit if I do great if I don't think one guy's said so what you go I think is about that got a lot of stuff working on for Tanya and a lot of things a lot of projects simultaneously or Alyssa jump on the phone.

Let's get to Sheila from North Carolina, Sheila, welcome you were on here. Sheila hit the button on Wheaton hear anything I could keep stalling her little bit so you did hit the button again can hear me Sheila. There are are or study that will, to the left of the pharaohs. Ladies, I think he has multiple his younger brother believes so you remember exactly but leave so now what you ask. Barry rather their mother that I don't know that I would know that one look when Reed captures and stuff like that that's that's an interesting question for new ever or whatever. I'm sure she was loved. I'm sure she was there a lot of marriages back then and when I read about that kind of thing. At first it wouldn't necessarily love each other with a good love each other is how it was. So I would assume that eventually Hampshire okay will go black.

That was interesting call. We have four lines want to give me a call 87720722764 Polonsky McCall Rick from High Point, North Carolina you're here. Yes, I can hear you loud and clear air travel?

First off I want a quick you were told about about it about. I know all that is. I got bread which I got very bright, discuss it with you for a long time.

Good because it deals with different big anymore you're politicizing in any other administration shows were more about politics of the note card… And with that, but you got your okay and I got my so the Scripture.

They sit in the base of the socialistic wacko stuff that they're doing a government that's going to store country okay okay about your fear that you know you well you know what we don't know how screwed up fear proffered.

A lot of wisdom about talks about fear and doubt about not having fear, both because what seared since your God is his like your dad when you're a kid you seared your flounder but you know I me is a good dad because he had to pick you up and he could move move this and take that chair while so you trusted him and you had this reverential respect, fear of your dad.

That's what I think it is with God and so not to live in the spirit of fear that means that with the trust God for everything, shall survive a okay this is going to okay the Bible be okay right okay about what would you talk with versus stuff like that. You see, okay. When David okay. Got life I gets you I get. You see, but it's it's smart to be afraid of guy with a spear who can smart listener would not have fear. It means trusting God throughout our lives and you know it last week and a friend who's got lung cancer and you know he's not fearing yes he's he's not firing, life EEs, trusting God for I fact a friend of mine just told it a day. Charlie helps us out. Got a tell me that hey Charlie can I can only say it is okay not if you okay okay no okay so anyway we have thought with people who have different issues and different things that we have a deal with Emily Truscott about stuff that's the idea ever. Okay okay thank you ma'am it people is okay about what they were about to knock you know it got down should not Florida. So when you get past that. Okay the 10 Commandments with that – but not murder is murder got no so he murdered some of the four I can do it that he murdered someone before God called him and here's the thing. Okay God will use all God's people for his will.

You can use them. You can use ICT can use you can use someone like myself who was involved in the optional and pornography and things like that when I was younger.

God's grace is not dependent upon some good-quality innocence depend upon God in his great mercy his character that he is so can he use them like Moses absolutely can use someone like no guy name slick yeah God because of who God is. That's the issue so that the right me. I want to frustrate you want people be frustrated with the truth is with the word of God says no on the tell you that's what it says I know you you you you you you you you rather appreciate that all right okay okay God bless you likely a lot of people when we put a wife would think that's one way of putting it. And you know so well, yeah, I'm direct. Let's just say you know you like it not my problem was with the word of God says to the John from Florida John, welcome you on here about okay like I got your life may involve our artwork by Catholic Church on the thing like you I know like anything but you know we were directed. They say that, with the Pope's father just church fathers and Protestants believe the church fathers lived and existed as to the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox.

We just don't raise them above Scripture or equal to Scripture as those two other groups are very often to where they will subject the word of God to whatever church father. They like and the go with with that particular church.

Father says about something that's that's the church fathers contradict each other a lot in various topics so I was saying my church father can beat up your church father just means the kind of teacher you know this was going on flirting. Got it right to the point of trying bring up it with people is don't trust the church fathers above Scripture always trust the word of God is the final rule. It's the final work of authorities right derived arboriculture for good. Good for you if you anchor yourself in the word of God, you won't drift into heresy like to Eastern Orthodox churches done like Roman Catholicism has done him a question. I want no record. One on truck traffic to visit both that if you go there Catholic Church that they compiled the Bible what we have to think well I say did they compile the Old Testament as part of the Bible.

Majority the Bible say no and why would you say you compile the Bible is like. It was like saying you know there's a car that's out there and is missing four wheels and so it runs everything to us, and that wheels they some of those clicks on the wheels as a C.

I gave you the car I noted that the car you what it is not how it works. That's what they're doing to try to take credit as a we have the authority our church is the true church. Our church has the authority our church and our authority gave you the word of God. So therefore you believe what we say. But the word of God. Blah blah blah yeah I yeah I think are very day that I get fired to Baylor, Erin Roth was very impressed is a critic of the Beran Ehrenreich usually on the offense and verify but I think about you having acquired the entire band… Yeah, he was yeah yeah and that we've offered to have personally impersonal debates with them. You know, before he will having to do with me. Just frightened me either on the way folks are going to call all you have to do 072276 max Y call 77077 pairs. Matt's leg would walk mercy and that was quick note to the call went before open logically. Give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Martina Maryland.

Welcome here, that would never call me but I would call her I would call. I enjoy the program.

I live trying open area that may differ from IL and your space in your online website helps me to experience that I'm open-minded being one of being somewhat incoherent and very adding not because I you know anyone getting and how we don't count that we show towards one another. You mentioned to a radical follow and want to work there is me like the way to write awareness regarding homosexuality, ideology tried to read them and write that forced awareness 15 like that should be something that only he could be open feeling awareness, not so much to agree but understand that word. One thought. It's okay. Forced awareness is shoved down your throat and is forced on you, so I'm watching a TV show about, you know, let's say I was talking my friend but SpongeBob's got young kids to listen is watching someone jump SpongeBob with my grandkids which I don't have any booklet to say what all of a sudden there was a homosexual sponge that was there forced to see that and it's this cassette is being pushed in schools is being pushed in the news media's been pushed everywhere and I for one tired of hearing about the social justice often forced awareness in the same course we should be aware of from of racism and hatred and bigotry. Let's it's not the job of the media to shove morality down our throats, because the morality that they want is humanism. Humanism is a religion.

Secular humanism is recognized as a religion by United States Supreme Court and secular humanism is what is being shoved down our throats, get me think about something and say this so last night I wife and I went to one of her daughters art show and was placed at different artists different things.

It was great. You know what their loud music on and I was the oldest one I and on Sunday, looking at all the people who were in the 20s and tattoos and one woman had a shirt that said power and equality were tattooed. There were there gay people. There was obvious and you know, and so I start thinking about it in the way home I can from my wife and I said you know it's want to preach the gospel to them to stop everything and start screaming right there but you know I want the gospel. But here's the thing they don't have any absolute truth, the except to say the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth, the only absolute morality is there is no absolute is whatever you want. Whatever you feel whenever your you're saying is is okay as long as you're promoting LGBT Q you're promoting socialism you're promoting equality of all the genders and whatever they want. They can be whatever they want identify. It sounds so nice. All the Ollie oxen free you know and get ice cream and this is it's it's actually in an intolerance that they have for truth and so what they do is they think that they are politely bringing to the white privileged or whoever might be the need to know these things about injustices as they see them, so they're forcing it on capital and again I part a black female heterosexual button on the lot. I just need to be more tolerable and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and screen doxology foundation. It's pretty great at what I found a great battle about sentence turning from sin. We pancake interning from and it's something that God would deal with individual art. And why need to think you see if I was talking to some homosexuals which I don't care. You know what home social getting a hug last night because he's a visa room when I know, and we all greeted and shook hands and he hugged like they wife knows of the luggage to opine on care and so you know, we treat them nicely and it is no big deal, but but if I were to preach the gospel at safe. We are all guilty of sin and we have to repent of our sin. When you stop our sins and we also need to trust in Christ and so people you hear this, but in an up in a world of moral relativism, the idea of repentance from sin means of repentance because as an absolute truth and they don't want to want their own sin and they do this because they do that by by justifying their sin by creating a worldview of relativism. There's no absolute truth is ultimately an attack on the word of God is to be very bad because what ever condition that they look at the other side of being on the word of God when it should be no relationship and that what it really really bad and very tearful about because we don't complement each other. We need what we don't have toward each other and lack of you then get you know, if you say the ball were Dan Urich found whatever and Whatever type group by you asked where I'm saying is, and individually, in my opinion and whatnot understanding of the word of God and having grown over the years.

It relationship is that when we individually work with going out to work with our own heart and individually deal with our own individual and deal with Alcott because we are all guilty of something, but everything you need are not in one part then maybe they may be a homosexual. What you out where another one. Thank you both write that These messages, please, Matt Y.

Call 770-7276 here's Matt slick colonic and welcome brother worked on caller group of older like you stay with the bad news. What we are there.

Making a lot of noise in there.

They're doing well not everything but anything that bad.

Without faith you think Mark P and I think act 38 Route one, number well.

We offer you phone conversations I can do videoconferencing with anybody out there to help you and train you in all these issues that just you know no charge nothing on care for the glad to do that if anybody wants to to do that get you in the church and virtual whatever and I'll answer questions and teach love to do that deal with this for long time so Mark 1616 is so he who repents was believes and is baptized will be saved Nelson with a dorsal say that you have to be baptized in order to be saved but doesn't say that it is at next verse says, but he does not believe will not be saved does not say if you don't get baptized, you won't be saved.

The issue of salvation. Dependence is on faith, not baptism and that's what Mark 1616 and 17 are teaching. Furthermore, there are three endings remembered endings to the to mark the gospel of Mark. So Mark 16 92 20 is is the predominant and think, however, there are 17 nonmarket words used in a nonmarket sense and what that means is the entire Gospel of Mark, and then those of last 11 verses was last 11 verses are 17 words not found in the entire Gospel of Mark.

Suddenly, and scholars say that there's a good use of the different ways what it looks like is a scribe try to finish for memory of something close to memory. The ending of Mark. You are the Codex page fell off or was an abrupt ending or something and try to add that in the marginal margin stenciled like that and it got a put in pretty early on. Plus, in verse 12 of Mark 16 is a doctrinal error says Jesus appeared in a different form. And no, he did not appear the same for me. He died in after his resurrection in his glorified body. So you know I could tackle that very easily going through it you know Mark 16.

As far as acts 238 goes well do is I'll ask him. I'll say is that a port formula for salvation and negative say yes. Acts 238 no formula for salvation. Okay, great. So if the foreman for salvation and why is faith not mentioned that since this appears under them, repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you'll receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. So if if it's a formula for salvation baptism in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. There's saying that you had to baptized name of Jesus them and ask him, is it literally looked up taken what is in the name of Jesus mean but it actually means in the authority of her ask for seventh but the essay getting baptized for in order to obtain the forgiveness of sins, but no no you take an aspirin for a headache not to get one but because you have so this is the kind of thing is going on.

Furthermore, it says baptized and you will receive the Holy Spirit.

The gift of the Holy Spirit because of the Holy Spirit contextually here of the charismatic gifts that was going on and you can see from acts 1044 to 48 where the order of this gift of the spirit and baptism reversed from acts 238 so you know they received for the Holy Spirit and is becoming time to glorify God and then they get baptized so I could talk a baptism for a long time, and given the go back to when conflict, you know, I've always thought that was total of an inward you've already paid in and they put their third starting to make inroads.

The barrier can help with the past and with the what you are in Greensboro, North Carolina, so I'm dead serious.

If anybody's out there listening to this I can very easily we can very easily do a conference online and I can teach everybody about this and how to deal with them and get a strategy for going out to refute the can get material together tracks together.

I can look up a little booklet for people to all kinds of stuff because they're preaching a false gospel.

I would be glad to fly out all the way out there and do a public debate with their best baptismal regeneration is still false teacher report that set it up to debate the guy right was a good online will set up a little debate you. Okay you contact me at you get this guys information will this have an impromptu door whatever little debate on baptism. Is it necessary for salvation and will see okay what equipment debate.

Don't be what they don't let them almost leading away and it's adding a word have the salvation your parents illustrated by God like God right that's right you both about anything, though. Yet I agree with you on what I was saying to have to call for one will not be built but no no no no it's okay it's okay you know I'm good at this. Not good.

Basically anything else except making problems of a mess. Okay not have a gift.

Thanks for writing about the theological stuff that okay is my website just in email us at writes five mold Ryman okay but all right Douglas okay and the phones with let's see, that would be Mark from North Carolina, Mark welcome Ron here. Hey are you doing tonight doing well doing well by God's grace, that's for sure what will roll back off of what your last caller talk about baptism.

So my question for you on this is baptism or what immersion baptism is that a valid form or is that a trump form of lengthy infant baptism.

I was advised that an infant under the Methodist doctrine went to, you know, Mike, my children have all been baptized under a Presbyterian or Methodist doctrine and my wheelies started, I went to a new church that were open no matter what others… Gotta and they are pushing that you have to have immersion baptism.

I just been not born again but to find redemption that's that's problem with sign redemption.

You don't find a jump redemption and baptism you find in Jesus Christ and faith in what Christ did. If there's saying you find redemption in baptism than you need to throw mud balls at them as you're leaving the church. Good week and they were trying to within the church rather not get into it right now it's okay.

I like to name names and say is a false church is are teaching something only will do that but I like to not like to I think is necessary to do it. Identify false churches like Will Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, you know United Methodist unit apostolic Pentecostal you know I'm in the biggest issue that I had that they're pushing it online child going to the new class of the stuff in there that are pushing for this baptism that you have to have you know you have to be baptized and become a member of the church and you have to have a public baptism for your acceptance and I just a while even it neither does my wife. Okay several things here. You are the federal head of your family. You're the father you're the husband and automatically by simply being in that position. You were the one in spiritual authority and headship in the house. So if you believe in infant baptism not for redemptive work. II believe in infant baptism enough redemptive work as a covenant sign, covenant, theologian, I believe it saves is leaving covenant signs and that's it.

If you want a great that's okay. I don't care if I were your pastor, no. I agree with okay but if I were your pastor, you didn't agree on sales growth what you believe and that's because you're the federal head and soap. I believe that the father has that obligation that right to leave in the family now there's some issues you could email me more to what you write back after these messages, please select why call 770727 charismatic leader so that I have frequented so the question I mean were having a very hard time finding a church you know in the area were were not church jumpers and it's been extremely difficult finding a church that is then either off it rocker on how it's trying to preach the gospel or even teach it. I can give you specifics but you just get that feeling.

Yes, I'm quite aware of an idea for you, go to the and type in for research what to look for in a church just what to look for the church read to the article and then go through the Yellow Pages. Whatever it is online and call up the churches and interview them in light of of what to look for new ways of telling okay you do that and what well I don't look at trying to find a church is a waste of time. I just look at it is like trying to fill your way through a dark hallway with no light.

You know you trying to figure what door get tested to Harry Spear success Dr. in Christianity and seems to be right hand.

No reference letters on the radio. 27 straight so you know it that's the case it's desperate out there right well I appreciate it very much. Thank you so much you welcome so much God bless what all right okay let's get adjacent from language as we lost Jason.

Let's get to Rick from High Point.

They wreck welcome here Rick Peter yet on the rhyme and we got what oh yes credit card on the back of the light of the code you're looking] she talking about what's been on my mind in the ridgeline.

Please forgive but it I get the quote I get frustrated because sometimes I listen to you talk just like today and and and and I know you don't care but not when you talk to people's will notify the court about the most awkward about it. I did that.

So you have read all the personal planet is a house about a Bible which means you all will present this perfect and you can't know how much I should not not Gary. I'm a black man, my, what would you like homosexuality and abortion big abortion right I'm pro-life but by law is not abortion. If someone was running okay.

John Holt is not a woman's right to choose. That's a lie because it's not a woman's right to choose to kill another human that happens to be positionally in her body. So if you're a woman out there and you're considering abortion, you better think about something, you better think that the realize that the life that's in you the life that is in you is not a dog is not a cat is not a frog. It's human. If you want to destroy it. You be destroying part of yourself is that your body if it's not your body. It's another life and you need to protect that life and give all you can. As a mother to that life if it's inconvenient when you pay the price for your infidelities you would take responsibility for your actions, but the life in that room is human. If you don't think so.

It's okay to take it out and put in a dog that okay course, not in its is a human being and their benefits to state your body then do you have two heads forearms and forelegs notes different than you take care of the life and you write will move along quickly to love the colors white and that's what needs to happen and I be glad to talk about this greater extent was good to Russ for Michigan. Russ welcome you on your thinking that I was calling about that though the same lady that called for and you know in the spirit of exposure. I'm a secular. Okay, I was wondering about that attitude that you had about percentage representation in the media and things like that where you think it's in your face like there's a another 15% are to 20% back now sexual and stuff like that.

I mean as long as there's not too much TMI you honey because I to get offended when there's no romantic sex or the illusions of sex in front of me, but aspires representation in the media that seem to be just on par with like painting a picture with clouds. It's like, well, you club the real no idea what what your question is will I thought I'm sorry.

I thought that you were you would expressed a negativity towards having all having things pushed in your face like an older like the line something like that. I live in Boise, Idaho, and also driving downtown Boise Idaho last night for my daughter's thing and global hold little icy. I see a flag is probably 50 feet wide and I know 75 feet long via homosexual leg. You know, and is just hanging from some big buildings when we have across the flat with a cross on his income to Christ. I think you and I think that's not a problem at all, but I knew how many flag you on the way that were American flag. How many churches did you see both of you so swanky that I don't understand this homosexuality is a sin against God's side. I understand that that's what you believe and that's okay that you believe that but the thing about it is, there is a representation in their public is that Williams there's 10% awareness presented which Christianity represented in the media except you have some Christian who is a wacko he's a rapist he's a thief he's intolerant is a bigot full of hatred where you see Christianity represented III think that could be a problem when believe me want to do evangelical eyes against Christianity out there I tell you something very intensive when my wife and I watch TV when even the time.

A Christian is his freedom. For a moment for trade in a positive light. We stop we look at did you see that is amazing everything homosexual you receive homosexual LGBT Q person ever portrayed in a negative light on TV. Now there are always victims. There always the gentle one and it's the Christians with the bigots in the intolerant. That's how it is yours. I am around of law in order to agree with its own anyhow I don't watch that series know if it's got stuff Internet's current country.

What I'm saying. Okay, let's check it out. I mean, there are there.

There's definitely some unit.

It is about culture and counterculture myth on both sides and of course need you to go to the trauma of the Kaplan mediating. I really like your secular humanist highlight your religion being promoted all over the government and media. Oh, I'm not really as familiar as I probably should be. As the push for that kind of thing the union on it. Secular humanism is recognized as a religious movement inside the United States by the United States Supreme Court so much as I would agree with that but letting the sensor that that I'm not aware should study because you go it… Is it's that their thirst. Separation of church and state, which is misapplied but hey, you can't have's Christianity influenced the state, but you can certainly have secular humanism influence state wanted the sleepy. I for one will II would I would agree with that because I for one, and not one of those people that do not like the nativity scenes you know it.

I mean our culture are our government does express a certain culture.

In none of that really offend me is much as that it does offend others. I mean, I don't mind seeing you know Christianity represent it out there in the public's long because I mean I believe it is going to come down making more sense for a while and I'm really not afraid of this. The only thing that makes sense is Christianity your human center human. I know you made no sense. I I know you think that that headlight out there in the public fear. Why would love that you have no ultimate standard of morality of truth be able to ground on yes it is. That's not true or ultimate basis of truth will yield the ultimate basis of truth it well it depends on the topic when you talk about morality talk about one reality I mean morality with the text that was her ultimate basis for the ultimate standard of moral right and wrong when you got well. All all about down here want to do. We have two basic drives. One is to self promote and one is the self protective and so morality is all based on the balance between self protection self-promotion on created okay so you know this nuisance so you know your strong manning me know that I'd start there.

Self-promotion, selfishness, and their self protection. Now you gotta understand that when you're self-promotion is extending itself over somebody else's self protection Waves are going to happen that question so hand living just one sentence and health over time. We have completed strategy to balance those things and that ends up being the morality that you see practice since self-promotion and self protection. So why are those proper standards. This your opinion that they are no it's not an opinion, it's actually happening out there and so I know we all handle hello don't make a mistake just because something happens means that the moral standard because you could go out into a society in the world have tribes of various things work so she wouldn't agree with your moral behavior, self protection, self-promotion, something your declaring as the ultimate standard of truth how you justify could apply that to any tribe that you talk to the pilot to any tribe that you talk with us how you justify that that is the ultimate standard that everybody ought to abide by you justify that. I honestly don't think that you could find a problem with it in any tribe shrink. I can't. I'm asking the question, how do you justify that it is the ultimate standard of morality where you get it from the because it seems to be exactly how things work is called primary galaxy, not any not in some Scriptures are not in with the hook this point I don't get it is a promise you to some it seems to work as an assistant does not necessitate truth. Illustration a man's walking down the past 2 feet to his left is a cliff and 2 feet to the right is a forest is walking down this path and the Tiger jumps at him out of the forest. He ducks and the tide was over the cliff.

He saved his theory.

Now it's practical is that every time a Tiger jumps at you.

You discredit Doc hundred feet later the contest is 31 the second Tiger jumps. Lo and behold, it works is not true is ID is not true of you. Try to give this a simple illustration. Pragmatism does not happen over time. Over time that would work itself out. And remember, you have time to test how self protection bouncing up against self-promotion creates strategies for the what discredit a little deliberation morality. I mean, the guy could walk with one page on this you have any way of justifying the folks we are out of time.

Russ and Andrew about UPC call back tomorrow. Call back about baptism and have Rick tomorrow. Hey folks, another program powered by the Truth Network

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