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March 27, 2021 4:00 am

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March 27, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt discusses Judges and how it relates to what is happening in our country.--2- Why is Enoch only mentioned so briefly in the Bible- Why was the book of Enoch removed from the Bible---3- When you speak about the pretribulation rapture, what beliefs are you meaning---4- How do I respond to the JW claim that Jesus isn't God because he isn't sitting on God's throne and that Jesus was sent so he and God aren't equal---5- Who should we, as Christians, write to or contact regarding these issues of morality---6- Matt talks about the need to teach politics from the pulpit.--7- How do I discuss transgender issues with my children---8- How did the American revolution fit into Romans 13-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found you have questions about Bible doctrine serves a max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877 showed a recall. All you have to do 772072276 I was always of five open lines give me a call let's say we are working on the school's room to be your next few months. Just a heads up training to new formats new will. Lickety-split kind of stuff. And for those of you who have signed up patient with this please go to work through that. All that stuff is still there now and let's see if you are to come out good/work harm/schools are believable.

This then it should do is bring you to the information you need to check it out to be rearranging a few things so that the log is a lot easier and things like that Christmas I still knew and were modifying and adjusting.

We had trouble with with navigation menus. Many of you are aware of and apparently there's a company that produces this menu and only on car is having troubles in the said this just can't figure it out, so made moved to the menu altogether and over talk about that today with Webmaster. Also folks are going to Israel Israel… See a car from for check it out if you sign up by the end of the month in March. Then pay think Leventhal deposits, but when you do pay for the final trip later then you get $100 off. That's if you if you sign up by the end of this month. March good DVD.

I think it also does remind you have Joel Kramer. You save very knowledgeable archaeologists to take us around the show stuff not only we can have a very knowledgeable tour guide would have an archaeologist. This doesn't happen to me. George get his archaeologist so because Eric Johnson is a friend of his is arranged so if you're interested in that my wife and I should be going.

So plan to Mary Gump genetic harm okay give me call you a call and we can talk 877-207-2276. Alright so as some of you may know, I've been writing on social justice and I've written either. No, maybe 20, 25 articles of a social justice dictionary. I got an article called sliding toward Sodom and it is about the fall of our country and its degradation is movement into moral apostasy and there is in the book of Jude 6 to find the book of Jude that I'm not Jude but judges skews me. I'm setting. Jude and it says I think it's open up and if I let me see everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Yes, it's just judges. 17. Six. It occurs and in Judges 2125 no talk about this for little bit away, give a call okay for open lines 877-207-2276. I'm trying to call the Christian body in release of the listeners that I'm able to influence into prayer about our country and what was going on. We have a man in the office of the president to obviously has maybe some early forms of dementia, the next in line is, the Harris who was a Marxist and we have hello see who and what was wrong with her and good with all kinds of of of stuff going on were left socialism being pushed taught all over the place and skipping and I know that a lot of you don't want to hear me talk about politics.

Loneliness is latest politics is in the Bible so we talk about it scripturally because it is there now get understand something that there it's already revealed in Scripture.

There's a phrase and everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Now if you go to judges and you do a search for that you can find out what's happening. Basically what you're seeing here is that is that I say this without being too too strong. When a nation's rules the nation when a nation turns its back upon God. Usually what happens is the nation dies and become subject to foreign powers and that the people inside the borders become very oppressed. The ones were then taken over the reasoner taken over is because God is removed the blessing from them. Our country was founded on Christian principles and has turned its back on God is now the promotional pornography of abortion of homosexuality of moral relativism and that which is good is considered evil, and that which is evil is now considered good. So our country is in dire straits and it's not were not pre-trash preacher raptor data here folks. I mean I will debate anybody on that but you know it.

Just don't put your hope in preacher raptor. Alright, I don't see the Scripture any place I looked at books that taught it and it did they think I got up at a context and read stuff in the text doesn't say you know it, just not as associate being there at all. Go through it. This is Jesus warned when you see these things run for the hills. Is he talks about it that way. Don't put your hope in pretrip rapture.

Don't put your hope in getting money at the end everything Scooby nicely YC and all this kind of stuff. God wants you healthy and wealthy.

Let me tell you, persecution comes the Christians and the Bible warns about persecution and it fully manifests and in death in Lotta cases for Christians. The reason I'm talking about this is I'm want to make you nervous. I want you to understand that just because we live in America doesn't mean that were immune America is an exception to the rule were Christians. Real Christians, not those who are posers are Christians of the big allocated to Christian and they watch porn in and do drugs and get drunk on a regular basis and then by the church and in nothing thinking about it at this kinda stuff you don't know what about real Christians. Those were born again, those were dwell by the Lord God. Those who believe and trust in Jesus Christ to war against her sent to seek righteousness. These are the people who are going to be attacked by the unbelievers and the unbelieving country in the unbelieving way of things is on the rise on increase now I live in Boise, Idaho, and a couple of days ago my wife and I mentioned it yesterday, but it couple days ago I wife and I were in Boise town and others a gigantic rainbow flag hanging from a building any gigantic analyzing how big it was but it was it was 50, 50 feet wide by 75 feet long kind of thing was huge knobs they can, why can't we put a cross you don't repent and be saved. Now turn to Jesus and put up on a building with that happen of course not known noting that Dr. to have that happen. Turning to Christ and leaving the Lord Jesus Christ know.

Instead it's a homosexuality LGBT Q that is what is good. That is what is righteous. That is what is healthy, etc. and it's the exact opposite of what the truth really is. So our society is one of the examples.

Our society is promoting ungodliness and it is the codifying and making him to law ungodliness in the practice and supporting of ungodliness to think God's going to support our country very long.

At this rate know he's not. If you think you get a get out by some pretrip rapture well albums go so far.

So you think you deceived the issue here is what we can do is Christians in the here and now Jesus is to occupy until he comes back. That means to keep busy with the thing you're supposed to be doing now in Judges 2125 it says and it would, it was right in his own eyes what that means is they turned her back against God, and they had their own form of truth their own relativistic idea of truth and morality and destruction comes upon them. This is exactly what's happening in our country we have leftist wacko morons, and political control of the borders were open wide now are being inundated with her there, passing trillions of dollars in debt that's going on. Try to take away our guns and restrict them one way or another there trying to restrict our freedom of of expression and religious expression, freedom of expression and I know I've been doing the research on the quality act and religious freedom bill. I have read them both.

I ruffle my website. Go check it out combat art. I think tenant analysis on the quality act. It's dangerous. This is what's happening. So why might fix it. I want you realize you need to be praying you need to find people in your church to be praying you need to find friends on your phone that are part of the country to be praying that God would be merciful to our country and that he would raise up people and raise of the revival we need a revival of the Jesus movement back in the 60s was the last great movement that we had in this country need another one. We need the spirit of God moving through we Christians have got to humble ourselves are praying for our country. These are praying for our country that God would remove the ungodly people from office that he would get rid of them and put good people in who believe the Constitution believe in the book of principles and will promote ungodliness. This is what has to happen for country to survive, it cannot survive. It cannot survive. The way it's going with super increased debt with the opening of the border so that terrorists and illegals and everybody could just come in and then their pay, get free education and free healthcare and we citizens who have been paying taxes don't get free healthcare and don't get a free education so the leftist with her doing is making those who work hard, pay for those who don't essays on humanitarian need. Well, there we can enter that to their waste to take care that they need to care that in own country should help the mineral country. They can stay there and turn their countries and is in good and I think her socialist ideas here because of the Democrats want is more votes is what open the borders would get more votes and keep themselves in power. This was all about power.

The enemy the gospel wants power will use the servants.

They are all over the place are Democrats. Third, Republicans are in all kinds of things all kind of places all kinds of waste anything. I'm getting no I'm not.

This is not what you normally would hear a Christian talk show Christian: Angeles question show, but this is kinda stuff that needs to be taught from the pulpit and politics to be addressed in the pulpit when necessary. Not every day looking as you go through Scripture and then there is you talk about, it was necessary should not be voting for anybody was pro-abortion, the pro-homosexual on care who you are, each claiming nutrition shouldn't be doing this is not supposed to be. As a Christian. So II say the people at claiming a Christian act like one. If you claim to be Christian and be one then vote for someone who's godly then pray for the ungodly to be saved and pray for God's mercy, to be on this country. Pray that God would act would raise up people who would fight for righteousness sake because when the good do nothing. The wicked prosper. We have got to be the ones who do this. It's a call to arms spiritual arms spiritual pray for and writing emails, writing letters and things like that to do what you can do is focus. We lose our rights there slowly happening in the reason I'm saying this is because I keep myself informed in these issues get a lot of information sent to me on top of things. I have a lot of new sources and we just tell you there's a lot of stuff going on and is not getting any better right now at Iva probably aggravated you listed on the phones to liability from Durham North Carolina bill welcome your earlier everyday overview map but the question I have operating my grandpa felt great about you. I don't understand the problems of the labor rate longer get a break.

I break the hold of that right buddy break with the right that folks have these messages through open lines 877-7276 max Y call 7707 is Matt's leg still there. All right.

Sorry about that break there. When we got buddy boy that read that Enoch dog 300 near and an alchemy and artwork, but not Nathan in the Bible more than the federal court, second question is the book of Enoch was removed from the Bible backwards. The book of Enoch was never removed the Bible. It was never considered to be Scripture with Scripture was removed about the book the book in the about bookstore.

It was written the book of Enoch. Yeah, you know I'm gonna get it back on the one more verse because God didn't ordain it to be mentioned sending a test for God is not about because it's a it's an issue of inspiration.

What a God want to be there for not be there for her.

Mention only certain number of times I can't tell you that tank under than this guy did not arrange it that way okay Boca so that's that. Now the book of Enoch is not Scripture who is not considered Scripture. It just is not Scripture else got outgunned and that when I write to get mad at its seat, and that the Bible is quotes many books are not Scripture quotes the book of the war.

Joshua it has references to things like this just like the Bible could use a reference letter book.

This book enters this quote can do that Paul quoted pagan philosophers if amenities manner restless and there there putting the New Testament does mean inspired, so it is all it is not so just learn and the word Enoch occurs 13 times in the Bible in English that is 13 the number of sin of interesting books of Exodus. Okay Boca back in my welcome God bless.

Okay, let's get on the phone with John from North Carolina, John welcome you on the air.

In Matt and Art: because you're really out there about our patriotism is I want to stay on here is about the only question is about the wrap up your talk about pretrip. I was just wondering about what directly talk about right that you have pretrip views but basically what's being taught in America today is that were going to escape the wrath of God that can be moved upon people and that is not for people, and the goodwill verse.

For example, first Thessalonians 2 late Lexington's right nuts night maybe second best list, but they were pointed not to wrath, but salvation and yeah and in the problem that we had a problem with that verse with him quoting that verse is is riffing at a context make us this is your pointed to Rhett not to wrath, but salvation the wrath it has to do with damnation the wrath of God on the levers and so's it's it's like a is called juxtaposition what God will often do is say I could light and darkness. Peace. Calamity, wrath, salvation that this is the pattern that God uses to speak and so a lot of the pretrip rapture people and God bless him, but they just take versus context all the time. They did not grab about how people talk about the great tribulation year which would actually make it, but in my mind exactly pretty wrath because whatever yeah and I'll revelation ever broke revelation. The church didn't even mention revelation, but were not here yet, but neither is justification mention justice by faith alone. Chrysler not mentioned either in the later pixels doesn't mean it's not no longer valid course not.

Revelation can be understood in different ways. They can be hepatic, which resists a cycle of seven. Just because the church isn't mentioned which I do not necessarily agree with doesn't mean that the church isn't here going through persecution because gimp could be in hiding.

While it's here.

One of things I talk to people about. And if you've heard me talk about this is Matthew 24, Luke 17, two men in the field one is taken when his left. That's the call capture right out of my mind.

I know you and I pretrip myself but I love studying the word that one is very behind. So if you studied it you know it's not about the rapture and all it's about that with the right ones were taken and the rapture occurs when is occurred as that's the issue, and no one even Matthew 1330 at the first was taken at the return of Christ for the wicked, and is only one reality.

How that's the question that's a question and into pretrip or rapture. So how one doesn't grab that we don't know how it could be in as else in the Revelation 16#3 unclean spirits like frogs going out together than the gun for Armageddon. And when asked Jesus where there taken these as Armageddon hoping to assist with the body's vultures gathers one of the theories is that these unclean spirits are sent out together people that are transporting to divide Armageddon and are destroyed there, but that not Uno's. Just a theory and on. So is all kind of stuff, but I'm really concerned for split this way either of the spiritual gift or not but I believe I've always been able to see truth from error in the force of Christian in relationship to God or some stores have never talked about their just things, and I recognize and yeah my wife certainly doesn't have much would you marry me so I have this disability, I think, and I see it as clear as day that our country is in serious trouble far more serious trouble than people realize, and that the Christians had better wake up better unite in the essentials of the Christian faith and start moving forward and start marching. I mean that metaphorically, but marching against unrighteousness and not causing rights of the items we be praying and the pastor need to get off your lazy arrears and start preaching the truth of God's word in totality and's, you know it's you absolute and the man is the responsibility. The manager should do this and too many man I think, or are just weaklings and are afraid to preach the truth because afraid that the conjugation might leave little belief preach the truth and just let the chips fall in doing his math hydration to please God, not people in the world. Yes valid world had a negative impact on you and hold anybody with direct eye Of these messages, please state line 7207 mass Y call 770776. Here is Matt's leg. Okay, let's get to James from New Jersey hey James, welcome your help the body mind will start and that we are safe today. I think the only thing think God not waiting on care sitting on the throne of God.

Therefore he's not God, what you do is say show me in the Bible where it says that if your not on the throne not God does want to add you with today, but you know does God sit on a throne literally a throne asking that as he literally nice and I and not so the next one. Jesus what from the father not equal to the father.

If I send my wife does it mean that were not equal right were equal exhaust sent light will now be were equal, not equal to see an article that equal what way but anyway you can click I see I understand what you're saying you know you and there told the slabs that are brainwashed into this thinking and it's hard to to convince some by saying will this verse can mean something different because he argue against something that they been trained into what often do is say what your your logic does require that Jews not be God, because nothing in the throne of God because he's a man right now and as a man. He's got the to be on the form of father because he is here to make intercession for us. It doesn't mean he's not divine because the Bible says he is in many versus Angels versus ending the confuse one to which I think is one of the best ways to do this with Jehovah's Witness. It will be prepared for you to read the article on but what a great lot area, but he doesn't really identify anything so having Cosmo will have him call me heaven: the shade I called him a value a little.

They reported on the lot, calling the light will I know why he doesn't want me to correct it is going to be corrected. That's what it is he's afraid I felt the God you will not need to be authorized group worthiness fight temptation are not acknowledged that the father could not sit on the throne will not lack knowledge because he said that no one knows the day nor the hour and I've answered that many times on the radio.

This means you didn't know you wouldn't.

Revelation 1912. Jesus has a name that only he knows it says that no one knows of himself as having the father isn't gone then because he is know that that was literally saying this only comebacks to this is gonna stop with a say they don't think they read one little thing the draw conclusion and they can look to find whatever they can to make their conclusion be promulgated all over the Bible and John five 2223 must honor him, even as you honor the father he's prayed to enact 75 to 60. He's worship John to SK Matthew 222-1140 3329 John 935 38. He's called God by God. Hebrews 18. He's called God he was one successfully and you don't, skulls and goddesses, cochlea, smoke a healthy hospital in the Lord mean the God of me.

John 2028.

There's so many places where Jesus called God in flesh and the beginning was the word the word was with God the Word was God the Word became flesh look among us. You know that I go to classes 29 and go to flip is 25 through eight is a so many ways to demonstrate to Christ is what this guy is doing is using these verses that are weak saying all the other verses mean they can't be divine because of this verse you don't like the thought is greater than I. John 1428. Will that Ms. Got really why I'm greater authority to my wife is in the family this mean that she's not human anymore than me, so they don't know how to think properly and critically and and I would love it if you were to call up and I can run through some stuff and corrected you got you got you. I know you can stop brought out a minute of being in a very nice he's a heretic is an area ripe enemies. Jesus is a created thing and in good ask his particulars and the Mattel you go to go to Carmen and look up call upon the name of the Lord just looking up that article call upon the name of the Lord. It has stumped Aryans left and right backwards, forwards numerous times. I just use it a couple of weeks ago on and on Aryan and he actually admitted because I have a study that that's that's that's interesting.

You know they couldn't answer and I would hammer okay and Vermont. Yeah, sorry you John 520 Devon gave him authority to compute judgment targeted because because Jesus was made under the law.

The late make License for for the Lord and the angels. Hebrews 29. As someone under the law, who was made lower than the angels, then he would have to have that authority given to him because he was completely under that law is a man no problem. Now I have to do yourself a little more are believers that are written get all kinds articles on this stuff. So okay a regular agree.

I read your article. I haven't talked in a while and we went. We went from being God who we are.

We were actually talking about something else and then it came to back Jesus being God. I don't know it it it it brings up the day.

He is very yeah I literally looking at the Greek. I asked him to parse me parse a cover beneath parse it and then they don't do doing in the Greek is something you learn in the first two weeks so thing on and say something will assist declension of the noun date of accusative genitive. So anyway he should be careful about using Greek a little by okay buddy yeah colored waiting to be up word of God, mean that he created from the father. Yeah so Ascom it is a term son of God, meaning is not God and he'll say yes and is a woman was a term Son of Man mean the same set of God means is not God, Son of Man means he is not man asking you to relate right now. I think that will now okay all right but Douglas all right was going to fund with Jeanette from North Carolina.

Welcome you on the air yet. Good afternoon. Again, I enjoy your amount let you do things look what I what you with bad… Immorality and all of that and I totally agree about not questioning what you write you about the conference because he was talking about, you know how immigrant the criminal you need. I was just a year and while they all the different Latino credit unions that populate, right where the money from illegal immigrant and they didn't credit you with all of the plate and it's going to open up. I counted a credit union have good credit I get back into the rigmarole. I mean like I'm some now you know I mean trouble you like. You will not be because it seems like they me about it and not even talk about it and need money for their chart. We know that no matter I would pass Richard candy dressing in a decision by the waiters exits over there if you like it you know, no problem. Love you Sia but you know he never talked about you know you really talk about it probably talked about the morality a lot actually. Even my typical house, but he only wanted if you like to thank well with you about it.

Well now about a bit.

What do you do when you want to talk about it and I know you know what is exact thought about doing is developing a section on farm where it's contact information for different states. Different offices email addresses and things like that, you know, just means we do.

Doing our research is where my direct folks.

Please stay tuned as Matt's leg.

Why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the show what I was during the break I was actually looking at developing a webpage listing out different stuff and you were going to go to work second and point people to it will have a list of the capitals and addresses and phone numbers and everything so much to do. Let's get to manage dropping like flies okay if open lines going to give me a call 207-2276 and begin to wonder, is there a problem with. I'm asking the tech guy I thought Steve a call 877-207-2276 okay so sisters no problems could be just coincidence. We just lost three colorfully fast right away so have five. What about line folks. Give me a call and we will blab about everyone I talk about so please give me a call correct so you know, politics is something that not not a lot of many pastors and supports each bounder to comment on and I've always been bewildered by that because politics is something that is taught in the Bible.

In his talk about the biblical means the biblical governmental system is representation you have private property ownership.

You have the right of the presentation you have the right of trial by peers. This is biblical stuff and I have an article written about it. The form of government. Socialism and communism are not biblical you the right to set up private property ownership to below. Do what you want with what you have. This is the kindest of its taught and so you know II do understand why pastors don't talk about politics, I think, is because the 501(c)(3) thing I think is is a noose around a lot of people's next and that they don't really think it is appropriate to teach politics in the pulpit will why is that since all things by definition come under the purview of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. All things so every person in office is obligated to do what is right before God.

That's with their obligation is now are they gonna do that will course now we have a lot of people who deny the Lord God denied Jesus Christ. Still, it just like those who deny God exists still under the moral obligation to not lie, cheat and steal people obligated because God is the King, Jesus Christ is the Lord there obligated to be able to act in a manner that is consistent with truth and truth is not a commodity that sold were exchanged between CNN and MSNBC or whoever or whatever and the liberal side that dissociates everything and even the conservatives do this to say that only the left. We can be very very careful. Truth is something that belongs to God truth is what conforms to the mind of God and the only way to thrust and no absolute truth is a trust with the word of God says because the word of God comes to the Bible and comes in Scripture and everything that God says is always true because he knows all things.

So the only way to know that you have an absolute truth is if an infinitely knowledgeable God reveals it to you and he has in the Scriptures is why we know to centralize what we know that homosexuality is a sin. We know that pornography is a sentence when we know that abortion is a set we know these things because God has revealed these kind of things in the Scriptures so the pastor should be teaching about this kind of stuff.

I think that pastor to be very involved in politics very involved in the community very involved in teaching theology and equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

It does not mean that we sit around and do nothing at that's my opinion. You have always been a cookie-cutter God will do something when there is a crisis. I run to the crisis you notice car accident. I'm the first one running out into the street to rescue.

That's how I built you know if there's a problem. I want to go address that I want to go deal with it and I don't like the idea of bearing the head of the sand while the unbelievers coordinate using the soul and squeezed rules for radicals and learning how to manipulate our country and promote ungodliness and overthrow our country, you know, it's just this was happening, how much they posted a call 877 what you guys so to give me call this a test to see the lines working because we've lost a bunch and wonderful. I don't have the lines working right now so some could call you want to just test 877207227601 hear from you all right soap you I think I may do some work on the current websites on the issue of political activism in the sense of. Here's a phone numbers. Here's the contact information. I think that will be very useful and so I can work on that actually tried a little bit of it already and see everybody in the in the look and read some text of Gus Grissom text questions in the chat room but had not got a call at the chapel. Give me your check with you and I don't know, this phone systems working right that many people drop off that quickly, so will just say read the text. Conservative is what we all noticed two genders at drivers only two genders just to male-female that's out works of God created all right sauté what would you do… Get on the phone with ants when that Antoinette here on their there, okay that's all right her grandchildren, telling the truth tell the truth that God has made Adam and Eve, male and female God separated the genders, male and female he separated the light from the darkness. He separated the good from the bad is what God does so male and females how God has made it and tell your children don't listen to the people who don't trust in the truth of God's word don't trust what they say because they're working against him.

That's what you gonna do right now I think it's so far as to even say the parents don't tell your children a Santa Claus is real because it's not true. I believe in truth really do not not of rude cut truth, but tell people lies even about Santa Claus. I couldn't could tell my children thought true, so I wanted to be told the truth. We work with truth, not with our lies and half-truths arrival, now okay thank you all right God bless all right is good to Steve from Iowa. Steve welcome on the air and Matt think that they can I call her you are on the subject of politics. I was wondering how like the American revolution or example factors entered on 13 and the idea that were due commit to authorities and the government like word was the American revolution and then Mike should founders that just endured the mistreatment that was coming from Britain, wondering what you thought Brenda well, I've not studied the issue of the issue of the Revolutionary war to know the true issues of her going on. I know those tech taxation without representation is oppression.

There was the jailing and persecution of people unrighteously so robust 13 talks about our obligation to resist assuming two things are Romans 13 talks about our obligation to obey government government but the Bible also teaches resistance and people don't know that so I recommend they go to Carmen to look up the Christian's duty to obey and disobey government. The Christian's duty to obey and disobey government so next. 529 but Peter and the apostles entered, we must obey God rather than man. They were ordered by the people in power to not preach Jesus name the Jewish midwives disobey the order to kill male children.

Exodus 1 is a form of abortion of killing the newborn's and the Midwest is not an act of faith that Shadrach me shack in Bendigo disobey Nebuchadnezzar's order to worship false gods. They said nope they disobeyed Christians disobeyed the. The king's order to seize Paul in second Corinthians 11 3233 so the Bible does teach resistance of evil resistance of that which is ungodly in my opinion, the pretrip rapture combined with the blonde hair like location surfer Jesus and we have to measures spiritual truth in a church by how many people come in. This is has hamstrung the power of the preaching of the word of God in totality is Christians are obligated to obey the government except when they disobey the government goes against the word of God. It needs to be taught and needs to be known by Christians and what I teach is what the Bible says the best of my ability not say always get it right.

But this is what it says I teach people what is the word of God say what is it say is why get irked when I go to a church and listen to the pastor open up a sermon, but give me a five-minute illustration or five-minute story before he gets to the word of God.

I want to hear the word of God as to the word of God says this obey the word of God. So yes, Romans 13, we obey government but we disobey government when it goes against the word of God. It is our obligation as Christians to disobey government in that case, it is but most Christians are not comfortable hearing that because then it puts the responsibility on them to do something if it's easier to turn your cheek and wait to get rapture out and you don't want to do anything and we disobey government be submissive.

Then we can just go about without any qualms in any worries about everything river bricks that were responsible for and what I did was call people out of laziness and apathy and said come on. The Bible calls us to be disciple makers and to resisting full and it doesn't say in the Bible.

Your best life now it says pick up your cross daily and come after me. That's what Jesus teaches is in teach this idiocy that I see send your seam gift of 2995 and the Lord will bless you such just blasphemous idiocy taught from the airwaves.

We need to be studying the word of God.

This is why your country is in such bad shape and regular job pastors are doing the job to say like it is. Judgment begins in the household of God, the Bible says no there yet I am.

Thanks. Second question sounds good complex.

All right, let's get to K for California K welcome you on the average about two minutes maybe a big one that we got what is there now, I kindly cutting it find you think that often about California no money down and really didn't like cranking out in underwriting you need me. My mother's belly can be good thinking time.

I'm usually I'm the only one in the thoracotomy act and think like that in my Bible think I'm going about 30 minute talk about a think about it. Act. I'm wondering how do I go about how you can about how I personally feel that as a church we should be ample and learn about and how they're not working, and how to search all of the people living here have about thing that you come back to meet the question that they didn't want to hear. We went and I first bank email me notice at this ridiculousness is left is about this is called practices going on with leaf litter time tomorrow all right evokes the Lord bless you. God bless you tomorrow by his grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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