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March 25, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 25, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- The pastor at my church says he is an apostle. Should I be concerned---2- How will the equality act impact the JW organization---3- Why do the Black Hebrew Israelites say -you are what your father is----4- Matt speaks with Eric Johnson regarding registration -one-third of the spots are sold- as well as what places will be visited.--5- Do you have any advice regarding witnessing at abortion clinics---6- Is it wrong for women to challenge men on social media regarding biblical issues-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is found alive at the time that morning you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches called to respond to your questions at 87777072276 on the want to hear from you okay with doing a lot of Q&A is busy last happy hour things because of the traffic pattern in place right you call and we can talk about whatever you want talk about the great keeping records on the shows you where you know, five days a week for 16 years will tell you a lot of stuff river, the first radio little bit nerve-racking but it was fun and enjoyed it is supported. You might want to give a call like us at 877207227 search will have a Johnson on the bottom of the hour you talk about so the requirements of the protocol for the for the break. The first break in about two more minutes. If you listen he'll do that and we talk about the trip because most of the calls are coming in about the work they were really going to Israel if you're interested in checking out his real karma. go to do. Check it out and Slotnik information your looks like my wife and I'll be going and you'll be popular on the bus and you can ask the questions and see how irritating I really am and you'll have a lot of sympathy for my wife it'll happen. It'll take about 2025 minutes ago while I get and shall be in a sale she's a saint. So, are you all right 877-207-2276, all with free online schools want to check about school of thought are working right now. I put in a request to have him checked out because they were down just a little going to be changing them. Let's see, and the retreat into a new format hopefully will be done by the end of the year. Looks like it's up and running so that's good. So check that out. We have three schools and if you want to learn theology and really I believe you really should study theology and I talk about this so you get 18 blocks and big thick glasses and that's what you do. I'm just saying that you should really know your theology is a disadvantage to because what happens is always listening to sermons but exactly the right way to say you don't start happening. I want people to bottom want to be judgmental, but so I don't believe that many pastors study theology. I just don't think so. I don't think they should study theology so that we can discuss the issues and you can insert them theological issues and the discussions and things like that and preaching a sermon. I believe all right forth in lines 87720720722762276 both see ARM on your phone, dial all right, so they will do just get to Patricia and Alyssa Rainier with Patricia. Let's see jump right in to get information Patricia are you there Patricia get there on your high okay I'm fine enough on what you hope all about. I think I find that when we meet with me to make you do sermons only when what is reasoning leading the Lord so that when I yell when someone calls themselves an apostle problem with that.

There are seven kinds of apostles in the Bible is false apostles.

True apostles are deposited right Scripture possible that don't read Scripture. Jesus is called an apostle. So there's different kinds so apostle. Generally speaking, generally speaking, all enforcement is 19 he's defending his apostleship and he says this in my not free. Am I not an apostle.

Had I not seen Jesus our Lord, are you not my work in the Lord. Now this is improve that you have to seen the risen Lord or been with them, but in order to be an apostle, but notice that Jesus says that he's an apostle and he part of what his qualifications are he seen the Lord Jesus. So it was a good case to say well in the apostles were those were with Christ. So when people start saying hey I'm an apostle really check your doctrine, just like chicken talk is talk to him as anything other stuff but I don't buy into it.

I don't find what number you said you know he was on the profits on some bishops owns I'm apostle so-and-so no I just just does not sound right.

As far as communion goes, is not required in the Bible is not required that only the apostles, she apostles. Only the elders give a communion is just not stated in Scripture. This is important because we don't want to go beyond the Scripture said that the first Corinthians 46 cents read this to you because it's important for strengthens for six of these things brother and I figuratively apply to myself and Apollo's for your sakes so that in us, we may learn not to exceed what is written so that no one of you will become arrogant to have one against the other receipt that warning). Someone calls itself an apostle messing if they do that through automatically arrogant, but it's a warning here don't exceed what's written and you, so that no one of you become arrogant behalf against another, so you know I've had people call me apostle because of my attitude.

What I do and I say no apostle. I'm I'm a teacher call me teacher and apologist and that's it.

I don't need any titles that are exceptional lame 01 more you'll take those titles but I look at UNICEF profit on the Bishop I'm an apostle. I don't want to exalt myself in any way shape or form.

I don't want myself exalted in front of the church either an apostle as it is a term that has high spiritual authority. So when someone calls himself an apostle. There saying that they qualify in high spiritual authority and for them to say what week it is only we could do communities I'm giving it or to get this in the Bible is just not there so warning flags playing warning flags already know I felt warning flag 20 preaching that out pretty.

I know I can ask him curious what's denomination with church with this mysterious Hispanic leftward plan. I did want Nancy with Cisco to below Greg an email because I want to look at her. I do have a website okay you don't you okay this is what is legal okay right okay okay so email me at the conflict on the Lord with all my info I gave him in Just email me say this is Patricia and the name of the church and the URL for the website. All LOL check it out okay this is I got one affects answers to some okay well gutless all right folks are going to be call for open lines 877-207-2276. The skin on the phone with Shirley from Jersey tracks. They surely welcome earlier. Shirley oh, wait a minute I have to hit the right, but is windows open earlier either all right with you. God talk. I'm okay hanging in there been been busy past few days we got okay after he left my clinic Light assembly for some time, but Jackie the vaccine okay no adverse effect injection. Thinking back, you know I get for now. I don't want any alteration yet no liability in that I did my job think I'm in a financial donation like network.

We are living in time.

I did get a falling away top of the hierarchy call different religious organization have a ready bow down to marrying you break hold question, write a post right back after these messages, please select why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg. All right, Shirley Shirley, are you still there listening to everything you know anything call or put you on hold reader okay okay so will. So what was your question are I might have a background map and many churches that on down at me now to one where religion my brother Heidi unfolding with them at that point Mark 11 say that homosexuality is acceptable. I did 20 Whitley Mayor Jehovah witnesses with the Jehovah's Witnesses so that the homosexual is okay not yet all bending their ground rightly so it which I'm sorry I was in questions. Try one more time.

Now when my brother, I really had a conversation with you where equality act of why my primary focus is on that other religions have a ready bow down to man, and you from Julie in a God no Mormons no longer there. After my morning to get a friend and are they now will you going and a lot of stuff here so I decided to question but no, I'm not sure what your question actually is so what is your question just ask a question and also they can try and answer it either. Hello there, how are you okay okay I don't know. I don't know what is with this organization is going to do the quality active with an article on this is really bad. It's dangerous to form same-sex marriage. It would make sexual orientation and gender identity, a protected civil right support abortion has rules and, therefore, forced compliance and it is has other things of hope is to be attacking the First Amendment's Anderson to be lawsuits about it so I don't of the JW going to do.

You can ask your mother was a Jehovah witness organization to do or you might want to say what earth they could tell you to do this like to ask him what's the organization going to tell you to believe until you do. Just ask him gladly do is a call to Nick Bayer derivative watchtower says what was believed. So I would ask about what what's it's intelligible to okay no I'm now born again so I understand the hierarchy being part, controlling the relative felt. I get that thing that one day you might walk and then they might fail out. We got about down it might happen the Colts to bow down one more pressure comes in but you never know some will somewhat nurse.

I don't really follow up after them with problems, but you okay I can happen with them and him still knows something to ask to see this watch can tell you right off and buy a product In Revelation, the one where religion when a company is full eventually with okay okay all right okay will God bless Shirley thanks okay all right it was Shirley Liska to Josh from Texas Josh welcome your near and it's not take any risks on that slick but I got a quick okay you question you who want to. My question is mainly why would the lives of the Black Hebrew Israelites reminded me of the tell me like why they save this for the phrase or they believed little say you are what your father is believe in the ascendancy, and that through the proper genealogical records. This is who the true Israelites really are black people in the true Israelites from the tribe of Judah and Hispanic sins.

Also, Native Americans are also real Israelites. They say white people are not true Israelites there. The guy been called white devil by supply keepers and does some black Hebrew Israelite group CEO see white people as being demonic this because her weight is an extremely moist racist organization route. I remember the good you want to call it a debate with you and Andrew get that one fella it is. No other agenda than to use it as an opportunity to vent his anger.

I guess is a lot of anger and a lot of prejudice. People don't realize their own sin and the black Hebrew Israelite group is sinful, its cultic and it is highly racist and to say that black people because they're black with a true Israelites is so wealth is not true to say white people are evil because they're white that's true either to understand biblical theology is just a racist organization belief system. That's what it is right sending you we would kind of explains on the matter. Like Hebrew Israelite and is trying to explain to me you know like all the scientific things he is trying to tell me that every person is pretty much 100% of what their father is an you. You're in no way felt like the sharing. Yet much about that because I just don't know that much about it.

I do know that's a colt and indoctrinating the DQ Christ and salvation is required by speaking the proper name of Jesus, which they say they know so you just are. It's bad is it really okay I say folks like McCauley 777 60 right back after these messages. Matt's leg why call 77077 is Matt's leg and Eric Salt Lake City Eric idle body. How are you doing for this thing in their all right but is Eric from the Israel trip stuff you just give a little bit of info lifting absolutely.

Hey, I'm so happy that we are selling the trip now Sunday and I just want to let your people know that we are about one third of our spot so though we had a very really good response from North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Idaho among the state who are going to be joining and that I just want to let people know that they can register now by going to harm and that trip is in March March 10-22.

The 13 day trip and that has all the information that they go to that website. But what you can do is look at each of the day. There is hotels that were going to be staying at either four-star hotel you can take a look at both hotels. Their little clips from some of the places were going to visit but the a lot of things and I'm excited to be able to go with you. You can give devotional all the way through the land of Israel and the that's really awesome. We have a video that we did a week ago and that's on the top of the website have to click on there for that YouTube interviewed about 45 minutes if anybody has any question. Then they can. They go to the website and if they sign up in March.

I wanted people to know that there's $100 off. That is the price is 3895 land only and so is 3795 forgot to figure out next month. Where will be flying from but for right now you just need to reserve by by going to Carmel. and clicking on the registration button and you can actually sign up and that I get yourself ready to go and give you a year to get ready. In fact, will be leaving a year from yesterday. So work within a year now going on the trip really the 10th March 10 today's the 11th and so we're going to be leaving on March 10 from some airport will figure out where that airport is we might have to places that we originate depend how many people sign up but an eye you've never been to Israel you been at the Israel back.

I'm looking at your picture right now on the website, you can have as much gray hair.

I guess it is almost, I'm looking at you on the video and I'm looking at this and yeah you have black hair back that but anyway I watch as it looks good though, so this place you like the gray area. She says I'm distinguished looking and she hopes every every day they look more like Sean Connery but this is not well anyway. I mean you're going to be gone with the niche she's never been to Israel. Your kids are going to go going to be fun to have the look there in the I mean people who I know are faithful listeners of the show as well as people from the website were just trying to let people know that if they want to sign up. I know you been hearing about it. People of been hearing you talk about the trip but now it's time to take action at the $500 deposit and that deposit is all but 125 would be refundable if you cancel, for whatever reason by Thanksgiving and and and so this is one of those deals where you want to get an you probably need to sign up and also if you get the insurance policy.

There's two different insurance policies. It covers anything related to COBIT so that's really nice to me like you for taking care of you with one filling in the blanks here and there to be done so Alcorn Check it out and I still have Joe Kramer and archaeologist going to be with the three of the day they get the places that people don't get the go to something like Jacob's well check out Bethel.

I fight like that. I'm in Jericho were working to send you a DVD with the Jericho on earth that he did that really proved that Jericho really is the biblical Jericho and in Dayton if people sign up by Thursday next week. We have a second DVD of Joel, well, you get a book, the holy land for Christian travelers to DVD welcome packet and that you'll be getting communication from me throughout the year that I do some teaching and give announcements on email really having the trip that's really trying to equip you to be able to read your Bible in a way that you really can't read it the same way unless you've been there. That's right, I really was affected by so somebody asked in the chat so does the trip including the Palestine with the question this yet. What were going to be going to the West Bank. A lot of the Old Testament like this specially or so we will go to that Jericho will go to Bethlehem go to Shechem very important place right between Mount T-ball and Mount Garrity will have a chance to go there so it will be doing will be doing some visitation there that a lot of people don't like to go on the West Bank.

It's very safe and and and if you're wanting to be some of the sites that are not usual that your friend I will even have a chance to go to Qumran and Joe will take us up to K1 at the moment of the hike. You have to be steady to get up there but will actually have a chance to lock the caper that Arab teenager found the great scroll of Isaiah and K-1. That's pretty incredible because nobody really gets to do that yet the nor the cave. It is hard to find and that we didn't see until the right basically on top of it. He knew where to go yet. I just wanted to call and assist let people know that we we done really well. This week we do start on Sunday about 1/3 of the spots are filled, there's still plenty of room they want to get the hundred dollars off that you'd need to sign up this month. After that it goes away. So I'm being that a bunch of people on the radio you regularly will want to join you and you're going to be talking all through Israel and you said you do some teaching of doctrine through on some of the long bus ride over and all the little one is that Matt yet people want you to ask you questions of mostly people just talking and sharing about this all that's fine you know.

And when they spend little time with me will want to state a force on the bus so that you're going to communion will have some baptisms that will take place wherever I have a really neat place near that data.

Where the river is rushing by little jetty and the perfectly baptism the other that there are so many things you can go on the galley boat ride behind the Western Wall going to go to Masada. Hike through Hezekiah's tunnel me like I said drinking water out of Jacob's well not the fountain of youth. But it is pretty incredible when you actually see this well that John chapter 43 that the Samaritan woman at the really impressive when you get the well itself, patient, good to you. Anyway just wanted to let people now so go to Carmen and hope that a bunch of people sign up sounds good right now but he my friend. Thanks, Eric was a wreck right and someone asked can you swim in the Dead Sea. Yes you can. I did just recent goggles because you don't want any of that stuff to getting right is extremely painful. You think I had to get out go wash my eyes out and get back in the water was still fun to me. Just it stings bad things about it all right for open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 Seth from California South welcome near chemical sure going down 20 at what's going on here are a great church and here in Southern California and upcoming cancel ministry starts revolving around witnessing at abortion clinics very much in early stages of a meeting coming up this Sunday with one of our elders and pastors to discuss what you want to look like what I'm doing is just, you know, seeking some research and wise counsel. I was curious that occurred in the past. You said that you had been a part of a number ministries like swap meet ministries and one not so notice. Any experience in witnessing an abortion clinic sorry was done my hair for me.

I got several things I would recommend I would get a sound recording device on your person I would have somebody off-site in a car with the camera running and I just guess it's just me okay because sometimes the you the pro reports of the get rather difficult and is better to be safe than sorry. It's not very often anything happens but it's it's a good thing to do. I also recommend that you contact the police before you go out and unless you don't think the please is friendly but you don't call that the police is what I want to do and this will be on the sidewalk and one let you know when what's the name of the supervisor or whoever or whatever in case there's a problem when actually looking for new properties.

We just want to know you and really appreciate that and so that's a good idea have had your name please contact someone so you said you can't be here.

Guess we can be here. You can do is ask what is acceptable for folks 77 mass Y call 770776 charismatic sling Seth still there. All right of course I forgot to mention, pray right so when you're out there is potential of being assaulted. Assault is when someone puts you in a state of apprehension, assault and battery is one step further and it's physical contact and this is you can potentially happen and so we'll talk just different things are for little bit because this is important, but you not head of Temple opening Temple opening here and I have some signage and I distilled out and him one God, one time was literally 6 inches from my face and not yelling but very aggressive and he was threatening me and so I just backed up and I said Sir you putting me in a state of apprehension and this is called assault.

I don't want the police involved. But if you don't stop your me to get over the please please leave me alone.

I backed up and he kept coming forward, I said Sir I need you to know that I suspect I was very calm and you have been a martial arts. I could take an amount of 11 short stroke on the could do that, you know there for that. So I just excellent.

No don't want and he finally back down and then some Mormons came out and to their credit, they helped one warming to look at this happens again just come over to high G inside the really nice winter. Not that people in the so that kind of a thanks again he protected really do believe in having some recording device of some sort on you.

I prefer that you have something across the street with a camera in a car so much as ready and it could just for a lawsuit if it ever happens. I've known of people who Christians who things happen to them and to say that is one of the things something happened and was on film and let's say it made a huge difference of huge difference what happened, what was said to also recommend you watch the women, your women, if any women go with you you you don't want to have a I would not have a bunch of women together generate lesser tubes a few feet apart from you because of her protected by the lady so if there's one woman and just you, that's fine. Got public fitters to women about the site you can get to woman and if anything from the conference talking to them you will you will interject to make sure things okay that kind of thing gets violent. You have the right to defend yourself, not the obligation, with the right to defend yourself but don't be the aggressor right now as far as staying on the sidewalk sidewalk is public property. They can't tell you to get off the sidewalk and to leave Sonoma public property and you have the right of some thunderous grass between the D street and the sidewalk so that you can get on that some of you can't see why recommend you contact the police and save where can I stand etc. etc. something else. You will be careful about is sometimes there's a driveway next to understanding and cars can and if you have a sign that can block the vision of their the traffic coming in that we potentially dangerous so the situations I've been in where that has arrived or arisen when I've done is moved out of the way and took my sign and putů Naegele didn't block anything so they could see very cognizant of that.

And when they're gonna go back to doing it. You can't block any pedestrians in the traffic not intentionally do accident groups. I didn't see it but that kind of thing you don't block any pedestrian traffic or vehicular traffic is all you want to speak careful. Don't be yelling and ends screaming in a crazy fashion of the thing is, though you can yell that's not yell as an screaming, but like I've been at Morgan openings wears it.

You know hundred to 300 people there and I'll raise my voice to preach and that's what is okay. Then you have to ask about the issue of amplification using small microphone with a battery-operated amplifier. If you do your talk the police and say what's acceptable and they may say there's not permitted. Otherwise you just choose your invoice.

That's okay if if it becomes necessary.

If you have signs and things like that and then what you do if someone comes up and asks you questions, and they want more information you have follow-up information got in his lasting edge of thinking of the seventh is slot pond is really good to have a meeting afterwards where you just get a debrief when you're done you quit a certain time you meet in a restaurant, or someone's home. Whatever you talk or if you don't that's okay but sometimes nice okay you know I really appreciate you taking the time to share that note so that he really good stuff on your really like that about you protecting the court. Women also ourselves from any allegation is the one that you think I will could come from alike were out there this guy been slipped off. I've been mooned. I've been cussed at I had eggs thrown at me. I've had a physical assaults very gentle but aesthetically physical.

I've had people threatened with arrest. I've had people get in my face block my walk. It's it happens, just remain calm so great Matt, your ministry, and that I generally ministry and I allowed those that do this so that think that's the one last thing to remind you have a prayer team praying for you print and stuff like that and you have your phone number to the police ready just in case you know if the question is clear: it is very talk to the pink stuff like that. It'll work out fine. Okay, great, great, much call back let me know how it went right say great thank you God bless right that was. Seth is in California so Young People's Republic of California. So pray for Seth and what is good be doing. It's a good thing to do is a good thing to do. Let's get to Jill from Pennsylvania. Jill welcome here.

I and you hear me okay just yes I can use them for my situation where I was invited Bible groups on faith and I thought that Bible started generic, and I knew very well because we were the, the administrator of that we were in a cult. About 20 years ago where we were into everything that and I was hoping maybe say perhaps live the Christian but anyway it turned out he was waiting for Swedenborg's yet to call yeah and I looked it up on your way right, but I heard he knew about going by, but I just cannot believe I just knew it along. No you so wish I could actually which which a question, here's my question.

I contend with the private method's area and I honestly was trying to be really concerned about it all and and based on what I knew about Bart and I had Bible over the thing that Jesus led God and that would get there was no other. There was some training. The question felt the reactant a started thinking maybe I should not even attempted or content that are challenged think I because my client is okay. Women on wrong for women to challenge like that guy on one of the quarantine. Okay whatever that I thought very very bad. After I just went on on on comment about this issue.

Can women correct. Yet men in yeah and the church absolutely absolutely if the man had said something wrong done something wrong and some astute woman is listening and she happened to learn something that someone else hasn't just fine and she comes up and says do not agree with this or that or we look at this is our pastor and woman did that I would that would treasure rectifying good to me. She feels comfortable enough to come up and challenge and or say what about this. What about that, that's fine. Roll call to do that just because you're women doesn't mean you can't get up there and ask questions and challenge stuff. Women can be pastors and elders, but so you know this finds no problem with federal bailout really can you give me because I doubt well maybe I like when I empty the queen off the farm. I couldn't go back to rebreather and make sure I would in a dotted all the I think he you know you but I I would really be looking at all that and I think I would coming from a good faith yeah and sound organism is is a non-Christian cult just flat out cultic Trinity denies the deity of Christ, right, so it's difficult. That's it. And so you have the right to say hey you problems if you don't, that would be what's wrong not because your female challenging some mail. Forget that the thing I'm worried about is not challenging somebody there speaking heresy and leading others to damnation in their cult doctrines. If you don't speak up well for the Sichuan Macquarie great arm as I have before I going back and forth like not ladylike you know. And honestly I do I do the log out of my eye before you II knew and thought I'm prayerful you know that I am grieved because I would call and nobody got faith that many cult and I'm no very bad, like maybe I should be reaching out more people in here. I had many and granted that would go and he was very copied by I will often do I go to a cult place on Facebook or some thing before I start talking. I will look and see who people are there get their names so that if I do get kicked out. I can contact them in private. Trying to witness how well okay you do that so that's one of things I'll do all right. Okay God bless. All right, I could buy right so but at a time here, folks. Just to remind you that we have the car miserable trip to go check out Carmen We also have some schools to go to school. School Corbett or type in the schools look around the homepage you'll see the stuff on the schools and often want you to learn what you be theologically grounded.

Truth is great. Bless you greatly

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