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March 24, 2021 4:00 am

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March 24, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What do you think about the Equality Act---2- What does the Bible say about having our own businesses versus working for someone else---3- What do you know about The Block Church---4- What're your thoughts on Tod White and do you have any articles about him---5- How does Matthew 6-14 -forgiving others or you will not be forgiven- affect or impact us as Christians---6- Is it ok to transition from the KJV to the NASB and if so, why---7- What do you know about Michael Heiser---8- I'm divorced once but have been married to my current wife for 25 years. Can I be in ministry-

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Why is the founder and president of the apologetics research was found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine was always 87720722765 lines nobody's waiting so we have a trip to Israel coming up March of next year.

If you are interested in checking that out. All you have to do is go to harm forward you to a different website world information is there of the registering tonight. Couple things will work out first in the registry tonight and I are going up and that would be going. Looks like it's gonna work out really nicely. So there you go if you want to check that out. You can announce what is let you know that we have we have with your online schools.

If you're interested in checking amounts. All you have to do is go to, online schools, and information is right there you can check it out. We have school on theology of school on apologetics or school on critical thinking. The goal is to equip Christians to know what it is they believe why they believe that it is the defendant and out to help in a low-level waste not with super logical problems but to help people understand the basics of critical thinking and thinking through some of the issues of negative modify that one sometime as I've learned new things over the years and I'm think about running a school on presupposition realism. The one on hermeneutical principles interpreting Scripture and the like. So there's that.

So again we have for the lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 also does what you know you do have a prayer ministry. If you need prayer or if you are interested in praying for people to be on the prayer team.

All you do is email, prayer, work and check that out there. And of course we stand. By your donations. We do not and I don't ask this very often were not any financial strap physician.

Nothing like that. Just let me know. Periodically, that if you like to show and you want to help us out five dollars month $10 a month. But if you want to do. Setting it up to Skoda/comp/donate and quit anytime you know about it helps us to make budgets, we know how much is coming in for the next few months, things like that to be having actually board meeting tonight got to the board, guys. So the three of us total in their here and tonight's artificial annual board meeting and discussing all kind of stuff including radio efforts to renew efforts in Africa is coming up and will be discussing that got some connections there. Unfortunately what's happening in Africa is like a positive confession new apostolic Reformation idiocy and false teachings are prevalent there because as we been told that if you're from America. They give you a lot of credit. They just listen to you. Well, a lot of these people have a lot of money will go over there and the reason I have a lot of money because I teach this name it and claim it wealth prosperity gospel, and so people want to hear about getting more money so I listen to company rate. We have a guy with doctorates speaks really good English is in Nigeria. We were discussing. We spent some time this morning discussing radio stuff, according vetted him theologically to make sure he's okay with really need about his names.

Moses was a neat is that he's interested in promoting the truth of God's word of the Scriptures never asked for anything. He's not trying to snake us for anything he wants the gospel message for and against the blankets and grab it. Heresy, name it and claim stuff. So praise God or I think it's about. It's either something to pray about it and I guess I will be on there tomorrow. I think I said I will be in your life tomorrow. Good doctors appointments this life and let's see for the lines. Give me a call 877-207-2276 Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcoming on the air like a map that you hear about the Fort 81 that Crichton later the dog collar while yeah I think I only want them was a dissenter against it. Yeah Jan Robert yes only check it out little more and that's good that will actually spread Christian literature on a public campus will yeah that's significant is now.

I am wondering I know you probably were in the all that were in a long time ago, yet you you you that it's in the October 84 view of the readers start their own faith.

49. There was Nate from the front and had lower that balloons like you turned around blooming without a paddle and I had a state about well I believe it was about my honestly I that board my February 8.

My direct dog right like know what you startled and then I yell you are getting our government chaplain and I hope I like you know I don't like the highlighted part. You know the Christian related to that you ever heard of that working at a want that now you want to buy what you wondering what you think about the report that the house is having looked at it yet.

I didn't ricochet and there the other stuff and it had been hitting one day praise the Lord and had meetings. I'm doing a lot of research on on the quality act read the entire equality act and think about using it publishing. It's on harm and significant time regular from an article and I'm telling it.

It's his yeah so really come down and all you arrow is really the character well.

She was going to happen to finish up the word and go going to make me like that guy through a preemptive yes is right where will I will make right on. I work out. That's right okay Matt great all right we love you thanks appreciate rights.

Okay, let's get to the next caller let's get to have you eaten from Pennsylvania.

Ethan welcome around here hello Tammy yes I can.

I want before.

Again, thank you so much website. Everything I typically do my reproductive I think using a website I'm enrolled in your school get paid for the all of the classes. Maybe I'm drunk right up to like them.

But you know I have a question concerning you know, I guess how we as people of faith to disclose employment and you know I'm I'm gay and I got them gently employee but I know from my research I get to the Bible that were supposed to, you know, honor our you know basically about to do everything I'm doing everything I can't damage up.

I don't know what the Bible says about opening business, even as the input enzymes approach like with the out like what you said what you have to say for people who know biblically speaking, should we aspire Christian to you know begin our own ventures in business lies in or should we know how we live in the school but not yet.

But I guess what you have what you have surroundings that what you do is you praying you ask God to bless the open doors are closed doors. You have an idea of the venture that you want to get into then you know if your wife agrees her youth you're married, you know you talk to people if the thumbs are out. There's nothing in it on biblical yes not like being a drug smuggler's are not doing that. Obviously, whoever is in you selling healthy widgets. Tuba really well-designed with just people. Okay what you do on your own to do it on your yet understand it's her, it's risky and the problems and it might fail just because it is famous, but if it does is mean God wasn't behind. It doesn't mean God is was about using it. So you have to understand that that's that's the way it is in all and the industry I run know I employ people and it's my own business so to speak. Officially, it's a corporation or nonprofit corporation, so I understand there are ups and downs, their problems in the hold that and what you do is you tackle them as biblically as you can. You treat your employees. I call the other fellow ministers of the gospel in the broad sense you know I treat them that way I treat them as individuals who are called by God. And I'm thankful so what if you're the start of a venture of some sort, and someone comes in the way things are in the world. Now what if you have a transsexual homosexual LGBT person identifies as a Venusian with a Martian accent when you going to do though you figure out how to how to deal with things and so at least in the religious situation were still protected by the First Amendment. Even though the left is wacko morons are trying to got First Amendment so that we don't have a flaw expression, religion and speech, but that the LGBT Q will take dominance over everything. It's perversion of righteousness. It's the average truth is what's happening. You have to take that in consideration and you need to talk to a lawyer in on certain rules, regulations, we can and can't do. So I will not, never, never hire you know someone is violating Scripture and his eyes were good in this way, I am going yeah I mean I agree with your vision because I guess that in a way I see that if you did that kind is getting into the ring to the realm of Sodom and Gomorrah, and I understand equitably and that's what I mean it like we don't know when those on the father. He described and (except for the father go sort of you know I don't want to base my my future on speculation because you know I know Christ our Lord and Savior Jesus said that you know let tomorrow article itself right and so I thank you for your word and I guess here is that I get. Thank you for that is the suggestion about praying to the father in Jesus name, because that's the most important stuff I got at the night ask you what your see if it's even make that which was just curious what church you go to credit card so I just I just got invited to think on electric idea. Normally, when you collect the black church the black church.

The LOC gate a block. I don't really know that I normally only do Bible study alone and a lot of my research is been from your website. I like the fact check a lot of things that I asked that I come across using and then I know that they felt a little blind except zero mass Y call 770776. Here is Matt's leg back to show a three still there all right. I looked at the black church website and I cannot recommend them.

Yes, I would not record, I wouldn't not. And the reason is because the pack that pastors women pastors that's all right, son, biblical, and I went to their statement of faith and now I'm curious because a statement of faith is not written very well.

It has some good stuff in it, but it's it's as though someone who doesn't know the theology really well has written it and it also reminds me of the kind of thing with right not to offend anybody but it says so Jesus is God's one and only son, he withdrew the life he is the only way to God the father were saved by Notre Dame right now you have to say that he's God in flesh second person of the Trinity. There is no we see this there's no word Trinity here while and so that's that's a serious problem and so we don't know if Jesus is God in flesh but they say he's a son of God and his virgin birth, the sinless life we don't know if you mean he's got in flesh. The Holy Spirit in our consequent pan invoice and navigator.

We believe the indwelling presence that whisper that empowers each Christian the gift of life and look through it. During a break and I didn't see any reference to the Holy Spirit.

Think the third person or Roundtable to speak and that was a problem and then it based on the yes it is I don't, but it might mean they believe the Trinity is just it's just very inadequate and usually it's the sign of someone's hiding something, trying to sound as evangelical as possible without really being Christian and nothing. There are nothing or not.

I just think right right.

This is that this is not well written. Salvation this what is this that we believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross only provides for the forgiveness of sins. Mark 1045.

Therefore, salvation is received only when a person places his faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as the sufficient payment of one's acknowledged sin.

Acts 238 acts 238, said repent everyone and believe repent and be baptized name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

So now I'm thinking are they with the idea one this group denying the Trinity and because they seem to require baptism for salvation, but I don't know, they may see I don't know, and on the Cigna do. It's just so poorly written that we don't know what that not a good my brother fell into a cold call in Korea.

I can't limit her name. It basically a whole who we read about the Bible.

Yeah, it's a sling and they're very deceptive.

There's a lot of my Korea file so I don't understand it might be that they're good. It's just that this statement of faith is is completely insufficient and I don't see justification by faith alone in Christ alone but tickly when the said baptism you know it, but it says places faith in in the death of resurrection and then has acts 238 is a typical verse used by those who teach that baptism is part of salvation is a blessing is not good verse with the way they used it as a problem site. From what I've seen, I would not.

I wouldn't trust this group and yeah and I noticed that our liberty strike if they want to call me and want to talk to me we go over this kind of stuff and be glad to talk to them but generally speaking, nobody in a group like this ever want to talk to me and go through theology because often these groups, the state will be have it right don't need your help.

And yet I can point out this is a problem here is the problem here to so I need to add this if you need in the gate that he does but they don't listen okay.

Nothing on the great 100, but I really appreciate that. But I I've only been to a lot of their event counting Goodman group at week or so and I haven't really and I think this is one of the tricks of the deal, the ruler of this world is that he's very skilled you know Satan is very Gilbert distracting believers look like you got understand this might be a good group. It might be just that they don't know how to write their theological stuff which would be a concern. But if they have women pastors that's healthy right thing here the compromising the word of God right so that I can just imagine I could recommend. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. I ask accidentally click them all that it will undeliverable have my mouse over the ready.

So, hey, sorry about that, but I accidentally cut them off before he was done so much that was my all right, let's get to Scott really let's get to see you next lungs witness Randall from West Virginia Randall welcome you on here you know of the day doing all right. Hang in Internet.

We got all in or Andrew Jacoby in Wales. In the long bit I had written. But part first, I want to ask everybody to pray for my wife to the doctor can't figure out what's going on lingering really bad shape. But anyway, getting to Andrew's question. He wants to know about what your input is on Tom White statement also one if you could walk right in article about called life. Typically, all you need to you boys simply list of more articles I need to add to my list of articles my listing of articles to write which is 630 articles long to write this letter to get to and actually newsletter 18 I just added three more today so yeah we need to get to talk like that you don't trust him to stay with a blanket that positive that confession over charismatic and the Arcana stuff okay thank you very much all right… God bless. All right three open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Tom from Indiana Tom welcome you know you doing right. We got money thinking my closet in a while but thought you might like it if I called I called and thought you back if you thousand nine. At that Orlando lot Lubec Indiana, but in a while.

What you get: Matt, I do have questions. And I've been thinking down the path that I just helped find out about my dad got understand your and area Matthew that after the model prayer that Matthew 614 eight get them to import the forgiveness and the first that if you forgive men their trust back as your heavenly father walked to forgive you but if you do not forgive men their trust back.

Neither will your father forgive you about outfront understand that in the in the context of the vice life was made as folks three open line 7 mass Y call 770776 charismatic sling back buddy. That's Tom from Indiana Tom welcome your on the world map yet though I was reading from Matthew 14 where it or if you forgive men their truck back to your heavenly father will give you.

But if you do not forgive men their truck back that neither will your Father forgive your truck back to an out right under the inmate becomes the question that I can't really figure out in my head and that it should be only forgive those who ask for forgiveness just that God is only if a note also ethical and Christlike letter that relationship work. He said several things there. He got only forgive those who ask some theology behind that God grants. We believe lipids, 129 he grants his repentance.

A contumely to 25 and so this is the work of God, even even that our believing is the work of God. John 620 29 so this is a theological necessity to understand in this whole thing, but this verse is pretty Pete verses 14 and 15 are often used by Catholics and others, and some people to talk about conditional salvation, and so familiar with that context, but your question about Schreiner center questions, I got distracted by that one theological issues.

Could you just ask that question again try to cater the answer to that I meet?

Right, but I came up with what should we only forgive those who are forget the look alike for a really bad log and deal with that because the answer is of course not. If someone is forgiven you for giving someone has done something wrong against you.

Let's say and you lose contact with him.

What would he do with her live her dad or Christian or not Christian.

Whatever it is you go through when you forgive because this is what we called to do is Christ.

Forgive us, we forgive because God forgives us we love because God loves us in this. What was to be doing.

It isn't that conditional on they have to ask you and your wife have a fight. She did something wrong and she won't ask forgiveness that you never forgive her that would not be the right attitude is not to be requested okay right okay so you have a great very green right thing would yield more severe than that and that they follow a pattern where they clearly might not be a Christian based on the lack of fruit, and so you know the right thing to do with the forget I said MNF very but think I might be your point where if you have to. If there's anything to ask forgiveness to be forgiven then were in trouble because even though we just got to forgive us of our sins are particular sins that we haven't asked forgiveness for we forgot so that's one of the also with jewels witness asked not forgive somebody having their sins are forgiven because her occult so writing and also okay so this idea here is his were to do this because God has forgiven us in Christ. True Christians end up forgiving and being forgiving, but unbelievers don't really do that because just as Christ is forgiven God's forgiveness in Christ. Ephesians 432 that's what the text is about to get some is committed a grievous sin against you. Well I guess you have the ability to hold it against him permanently and then enter into the presence of Christ saying I held it against that purpose. That person on purpose because they were wrong to me. Is this what you want to say to Jesus who forgave you for short, far worse since he has the right, right, and I think that still let right. See, we don't have the right to harbor unforgiveness against anybody. If we claim the name of Christ.

We don't have that right to say I'm not gonna forgive you over there but I want to be forgiven is our sin worse than their you know if maybe they did something really bad like you've never done that well compared to the infinite God.

We've insulted him. We sin against him. This means our sin is very very serious.

We ought not to be so arrogant as to think my sin is not as bad as that person since oh, that person have to face judgment, but I don't why is I've asked forgiveness, but that person won't and I'm not forgive. This is the the behavior in the ways of the child, not an adult and a Christian is to press on into maturity and forgive.

This is what were called to do that were supposed to do well on that note I got. I would say that no for me personally, I would probably need prayer that everything you have those who have me wrong because maybe I point my life were ambled out of your way to recommend for you because you when you say this you reminding me of several things. Some Christians and non-Christians alike, and it took literally years for me to deal with some of the issues so I did up into that point was. I said Lord I know to be forgiving. I go through the motions.

I'm saying it in my heart I wanted, but I realize in my heart there's still this wretchedness were please forgive me of the wind like I'm not able to let it go through. I want to what you're doing at this point is recognizing your own sin confessing it and asking for Christ to change your heart and somehow it just takes time and it does and so this is how we tackle that and you'll even find like I did when I dealt with it and few years later comes up again and you realize hey, I didn't deal with like I thought I had to get a read deal with it because we can deceive ourselves as well that are obligation for Christ is to seek to forgive us. We been forgiven doesn't and we always look perfectly, but we should try so go to the cross.

Confess your sins of lack of forgiveness you're trying you want to change my heart that I forgive them what you have forgiven me and make me like you Lord. I don't want this in any work from there you move forward to the best Okay why would think that I don't think you know how much that actually help well I'm speaking from experience, right, and trust me I got a lot of against people so much stuff but whom I cannot forgive when I have been forgiven so much. Follow the example of my Lord. And when I fail I still go to him. Please forgive me for my lack of forgiveness.

I lack this and foment pride if my stubbornness and from I'm always there to cross it a lot of hope. Okay brother wrote RN. God bless. All right, well let's see we have three open lines 877-207-2276 was good to Anthony from Kansas Anthony welcome around here. By doing that I am doing. That's what I'm doing and don't we got buddy anyway. What they're actually your question microcredit should work.

Are you looking to the Bible. Later, as I got older and became a real Christian.

I are migrated to the new King no. But lately I've been like I want to migrate again to I like the new American Standard Bible.

I make that transition, and if so why will I do the same thing.

I transition from the King James to the NASB because I didn't like that these in the house that was the main reason is not out witnessing escorting of the invalid first talking to somebody with these in thousand, look at me like is a what is going to the beach in Southern California surfers. Dunkers don't talk like that to. So I abandoned it very quickly.

I defined a Bible and I want to find when it would be just as faithful to the original language as possible and I settled on the new American Standard Bible version 95 is what I end up getting later and that's what I went with the standard used so now only advocate that public American Standard Bible based on the TR I don't know you know Luke Lane who works with us at Karn he would answer that a lot better.

He's done a whole thing on the King James only issue and we have a section on Carmen King James only he's listening you want to call and offer an answer to that because answer is listing. Please do write up the front email us and ask the question because it's absolutely not of my expertise level which manuscript tree which uses for how long and what I think. It seems to you but the text receptors that is okay to hold more or that John Holdaway move on and most difficult to open lines 877 max Y77077 charismatic sling here okay couldn't understand you can I can nestle the debt coverage to that help you get a court related to that with your familiar with the part of the Bible work in the Bible. I do not go up yet to the end and later on he went up to it.

Are you familiar with that problem. Yet I think I've written an article on that. It's been a few years without exactly and see if I have, but you but anyway only advocate for a because the NAR don't have yet bear they're making you into a liar. So yeah, you see this what happens that the King James only people are whacked right just to tell you to look for anything awarding whatever it might be to attack another version that is a Caesar calling him a liar.

That's not what's happening. That's what they do is they assert the worst possible idea into the attack about whatever version it is, but fair version is a true one, and this is a problem in this kind of mentality just needs to and the King James. I could eat very easily say in Romans 518. Absolutely without a doubt really butchers the verse and makes it say what it does not say in a very critical area of representation of atonement representation I could make this case very easily from Scripture, the King James really blows up in Romans 518 does it mean filled the whole King James Cedar purposely doing this and are really messing up because they don't like the theology see this is I can say that right, but it's not what's going on there trying to understand the King James doesn't say why it doesn't transmitters got it wrong but you see I don't assign to them the worst value with the worst mode. This would allow the King James only people do they need to repent of. Okay, better yet at that.

I have just see the exact verse in verse, it is much out of okay okay okay thanks a lot Matt really helpful to call back with that exact verse and take a look okay. I'm looking for.

I don't see where it isn't my head all right. I love you God bless and let's get a beer with Alex in Florida. Alex welcome your nearby walks you on the iMac and my guy name Michael either you stay with little practice of these exegetical processes and things like that and will not stay away using research on the web. 11 article on is some hermeneutical different difficulties and some some presuppositions that we should not hold so I wouldn't recommend okay okay I like what you want your opinion on what he is like regarding the divine counsel doctrine.

Thank you think they really confuse me, but I can't deny the fact that like a lot of it Inc. to be supported by Scripture like this because you know like he talked about how Holly and Joe that heavenly hosts present themselves before the Lord. Satan was there to you familiar and I yeah yeah that so many to one got to stand his own congregation right does that mean that I sometimes all use it his own counsel and solicit Cedar's account on the gods of their lives taken this. The Bible clearly tells us in Isaiah 43, 44, 45, only one God.

God is so what he's not. He does as he fails to understand some basic hermeneutical principles of what he's doing is reading into the text paganism. He's looking for stuff markets to counsel the gods all these know the Bible often uses exaggeration. So God takes a stand in the counts it in his own congregation and he judges in the midst of the rulers. How long will you do it in imprecatory Psalm that I'm reading from imprecatory Psalm is a Psalm of condom nation that is its assault and then he says it all. As I said, you are God's. This is somebody 26. I said you are God's will, and therefore we can make the case that that that the people are God's right is what it says right was not what it's saying is that singer actually gods it's mocking them that unrighteous judges who were behaving as God with the power of life and death. That's the context and in the next verse. Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes. So he's mocking them imprecation so sometimes people do like Mormons ago. Disbursing test were God to become gods, they don't understand what you're talking about. Read the context and understanding circle context and Michael Heiser to the yeah I like a lot more notoriety yet I try to keep an open mind. No, because I'm hoping to possibly is bad. I yeah he okay yeah like it totally scrambled my theology totally there you go and what the guy in the regular slick to help you out.

Stay away from Michael Heiser. He's confusing you because note. No offense meant, but your you don't know about hermeneutical principles and what it means and how to find and understand things like that and and I put please understand I'm not knocking you will not put you down. It's just sometimes in some of these areas.

It just takes a little more skill to understand really what's going on so that you can see what these guys are doing and got no that's not right in them. Explain why that's what it takes. Yeah, he also talked a lot about the book of Enoch, and he mentioned that you know the book of Enoch is not meant to be canonical. But it you know it. It's a good like supplement reading like that and that you talk about like Janet giant that all of you read Enoch, and you understand all story and that the people that wrote the Bible you know the people responsible for the canon of Scripture. They also read the book of Enoch and then I got me thinking okay that in hold to the book of Enoch among the many other books is mentioned in the Bible but it doesn't mean that their inspired so Paul I actually quoted and the amenities Menander. These are pagan philosophers declared but doesn't mean that they are authentic doesn't mean that their inspired. We should listen to the book of Enoch has some interesting stuff like the book of Maccabees.but neither one is inspired and they should not be leveled equally to inspired work. So you think that Christian should away from the bucket, not some yes I know see me I could read the book of eunuchs not to hurt me understand what it is just a research book I saw and I have no problem. I know that it's not inspired and I I would put it in that vein what people will do like Michael Heiser who will say that you counsel the gods use others.

God is big and it is God's look at Enoch and it just like that in Genesis 6 understand you gotta read the book of what it does is it opens you up to false teachings because a lot of people are just not well grounded to know how just because it's mentioned doesn't mean it Scripture.

So what MoveOn you want to read it, read it but don't consider it Scripture. Yet, the judge all things by the word of God. All things by the word of God. That's the first rule of the colors which a buddy okay all right very much already. Without some Florida let's get to shell from Georgia. Welcome to button usually helps like I can yield background I was raised in a very legalistic independent fundamental church. Okay where you think you weren't sure if you're a man yet you acquire new energy and Qaeda church women were allowed what can a blog that will, in his book of thought of nonsense suggests Northstar ticket. I like that felt. I know I was going to be going into ministry when I was about 15 years old. Follow my path. My own path.

Eventually name raffle circle and I end up becoming a board game through a a church of the Reformed Church, but I called it like first Timothy 3211 and I'm I had questions about that. So I had a very very strong mentor you a a now you missionaries at international missionaries price. I would like and I not not not international Church of Christ right now.

Here, international missionaries, the Christ, the very nation.

Okay okay so my mentor and even he was a Southern Baptist preacher, and an interest in the show you have a question you want to throw at me because we get towards you yesterday so husband of one wife. I'm divorced want, but I've been married to my current wife for 25 years in southern Baptist is barred. The Mrs. questions we we are Christian when you got divorced yet. Okay.

And what was the reason for the divorce. If you can tell me over the year on well after I got Larry's thoughts with her fault or your fault. It was book article I wasn't totally involved all the mess he quickly wasn't as adultery involved. I gather what by him by you or her by the by boat, but okay by both. So here's the thing, originally as stated by okay well you you you both. So I would say you're probably disqualified for ministry. Okay, husband of one wife undrained mesclun icons you could have have a wife who dies you can let your wife that's okay. Generally speaking, this is the elder must be above reproach. If you are a Christian and you commit adultery as a Christian liturgy was or not is irrelevant to what you did, then this brings up the issue of where you were you knowledgeable enough, your elders go to get involved with this and down enough about this that you did this and if you were to become an ordained minister then are you a man of good reputation.

When you're saying. I guy did this while was a Christian. This is the problem.

It's a huge problem. I have to tell you flat out this acute problem, but you gotta talk your elders because there's a lot of hundred. There's other variables, but you know I blown away when I should say this with you on the phone but I thought the people before were to get separated and they start dating other people perceptional married. It was okay today were separate.

It's not you know take a marriage covenant seriously, but nevertheless, so you broke the marriage covenant while you are Christian. And so you knew better. Right. So not trying to pop your bubble, but this is what I understand regarding right series is this is good reputation. Okay this is where this comes in a all right folks, read time job for a call back tomorrow unless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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