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March 23, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 23, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain James 5-14- Who is that verse for---2- Matt discusses the recent events involving Ravi Zecharius.--3- In John 3-5, does -born of water- mean natural birth or baptism---3- A caller followed up on her situation regarding marital issues.--4- Why are we still spiritually dead, as the elect, if Colossians 2-14 is true---5- What does it mean to obey the gospel of Jesus- 1 Thessalonians 1-8--6- What do you do with an elder's teachings if he has been disqualified because of sin---7- Aren't the two genealogies in Luke and Matthew contradictory

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive on for you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 Metzler live five open lines 877-207-2276 so well I guess what I've been doing some research on to stop or talk about that and all in all. It rubs arteritis in situ and prudent. If you guys know who the latter is but don't talk about the meantime, if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 also remind you that we have the schools if you will check out some of school. The school theology school of four apologetics in the school critical thinking will do so gives a call always just go to and type in schools for/schools and you'll see the information you need in order to check them out and also going to Israel. Dear Lord willing to go check out Carmen Israel Carmen and afford you to another website with all the right info at your disposal check and not going to go with her so. In March of next year so I plan B going my wife to be going to tell you if you have not been on it is magnificence really is something else distal to the Bible the same way. Well written drama ROM unknowns.

What Ron Munn costs high enough to sign from France but is Amanda Gaskin but lived in France. My wife speaks French so I just asked we got to Fort Lightfoot give me a call 877-207-2276 and thinks about it and I got a call or waiting I could talk but rob you stuff they will do to get the call. First, let's do that. Laura from Utah Laura from Utah or welcoming on the air. Are you there now. I a healer are you doing carrying around her head and I keep forgetting the linear and before you delete treehouse. This is Laura too much with Carmen and she's a huge asset and she helps us do SCO search engine optimization have converted this website is great, just a great person and we never met the person you talk many times online but so I just want to say I think you're awesome okay what's up I been hearing Perspectives on game 514. Whether really for now. I'll let you read it for you.

In verse 13 is anyone among you sick, suffering that it was pretty. Is anyone cheerful. He is to sing praises. Is anyone among you sick that he must call the elders of the church with her to pray for him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who was sick and the Lord will raise him up if he's committed sins, they will be forgiven.

Very interesting for it to be okay, so what's your question. Well I heard Parkway. It just for those who are my weak in faith.

I fell head up with a lot of people say for absolute effect, probably how they're going to do it in obedience and thought. It is my nine year take you have an article on that one should not among the many other articles supposed to write you of all people know how busy I am in public service to do that.

I guess it's so you not want to visit so yeah that what you just said said the gambit of things.

Basically the issues here is a physical illness. Now some positive confession. This will save a few few duties he called builders to be sick.

They anoint you. You're going to be healed by because Jesus bought that lovable okay and another view is really interesting and the issue of forgiving of sins. Verse 15 which is why want to read the rest of it because in the context one of the theories is that the sickness might be due to sin and there are verses in the Scripture to talk about sin, causing illness and so enforcement is love and I think it is eating the the body but of Christ and of the community supper in an unworthy manner is why many fallen asleep or sick. And so they for some people think that might be connection. There in the Bible says a raise him up and is committed sins, they will be forgiven. I was being forgiven because her anointing of oil, of course not.

So what's there's a limit debate about it and so let's just look at the healing side someone is sick physically, so we go.

When elders pray, and I've done this before Buddhists is sick in hospital and you put oil on them and still touching your fingertip and just put your head in and pray over and we do this for face.

By faith we ask that God heal them, and we trust God will we move forward.

We do, and might, but my wife. I didn't realize there is a long while to do that six remind me of you so accustomed to her illness that even think about it anymore. It's just a normal part of our marriage in our life just like me being obnoxious in her being so Jesus can use to help me in my heart and I well I'm rarely back a brilliant pre-19 pray over me, that's nice. You do that for me for her. She needs it. She really does and especially since she's married to me. Pressure port for what to select there. She could be so far up in heaven, I will evince number she's a when were there so way. So one thing is that those of you that the person was in sin and the sickness.

As a result of sin and the anointing will heal and he will want to repent because of it and he said to be forgiven as whites is therefore in 16 confess your sins one to another, and pray for one another, so you may be healed. If I could prove a righteous man can accomplish much, and so is that healing is a physical healing or is it a spiritual healing or is off so there's this debate is what it is just a debate on what this is okay great wire checking and stopping where it leaves you exactly to lend a noncontact mall felt wanted to check that out okay. Where else with it.

You you now and there I think required for sick you to print out. Come, come, no, no and you looking at it. Let's see how may times it appears in 30 look at you while good and it occurs to times condo occurs two times, actually different word you're looking at is that they get different words sometimes for sick and things like that. So if it occurs in that he was told three for consider him that was endured such hostility by sinners against himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart, so that it Eric you so you know you got me curious to do a search for the word sick and to be a different word that is used with C left them sick about sickness. Let's destroy the sick and my leaders. I think I just saw that one sick okay let's see sick and that word is you, Austin oh, and that word hold on sectors like researcher that occurs oops that occurs 34 times with one you were looking at you.

So anyway, you heal the sick, raise the dead, you sick or in prison come to you and you know when you were sick blindly. That's interesting. I would use that word there okay and I got curious of the research.

It's more why without looking up and migrate dinner at English Creek area lineal and and Eric told me I guess it was in it with the ESP one, but it was on the together word in life that will have Andy in verse 14.

It's it's uses the word Austin Austin no sick and then preprogram and the prayer of righteousness restore the one who was sick and that that is, no, that's really when I look at the one I like that with the anointing and when I was looking out which you like it or regular sickness, and this one though, come, no. That's interesting to be wary from constant work using connection was also not to be sick. A common accompaniment of sickness, weariness of mine which may hinder physical recovery so like a fatigued kind of sickness, weary stomachs research on Bible is interesting welcome like it a lot like you did more work. I was like more work. I have more fellowship. I tell you how I like to go on to question thank you Matt for much barrier.

Thereafter, the economy know where things are very blessed.

Okay. Okay. All right. It was Laura working to get enough. But here, so she's great. She's awesome. Hey folks, if you give me a call five open lines 877-207-2276. Okay, let's talk about John Ravi Zacharias in sight and site in Britain keep his a Christian apologist for those you don't know who's out of Canada and I know sorry we've spoken several times and talked and spend apologetics together and that is Ravi Zacharias with you. He's really famous people know about him and Ravi.

Robbie was so this is a busted for immorality with women, and so the ministry right RG, I am has officially come out and stated such right now so I just go two days ago site and it came out a statement to the generic statement the elders of his church have stated that she's no longer qualified to preach and teach, and defend the faith of the things like that due to of a lapse in more morals than just generic that's that's fine. You don't need to know details, but the elders of the church have fun deemed it necessary and he I read what you wrote. He just admitted that there was this in Houston is elders. It's a debt so he's submitting to the eldership very good and he also apologized for any harm him. I don't think Christ and this is it. Maybe now talks about about it later to dog pile on him or anybody else.

So we do we do about this.

Let me tell you a couple things. First, people who are in the public eye. There we are under different different level pressure logic 772072760 right back after mass Y77077 charismatic slave. So Ravi Zacharias site and would get what we do when people have a moral failure who are in the public eye and then they're not supposed preach and teach what one of the things we have to understand is that other people like anybody else, and we need to be praying for them and asking that God reconciled make things work right with them and that somehow someway they could be used for the glory of God along the way. Now do we then use their material that's another debatable topic because there's pros and cons for both and will get into that kind of thing but I can tell you that being the public. I there different pressures that we are under vendor than normal so to speak normal person when you do a conference. People crowd around you want to talk to you. There is a certain celebrity that goes along with this, and sometimes people are impressed by that and want to spend time with them.

If you're weak in one area that could feed into that weakness and it could depends on people. This is why when I'm out on the road.

I call my wife every night and I debrief everything about what happened that day. If there are anything any issues at all that I need to talk to her about any compromising situations actually tell her gather was this one person and blah blah blah this happened and I was alone with Ruth, but I may try left.

I will ask you talk to her and tell her things like this. I don't let those kind of situations arise and if they do arise because another under control.

I do what I can to exit that situation quickly. See, I believe in accountability and I and my wife and I tease about herself like that and things she really is a good woman fix a predicament. Of course, but she really is a good woman and you know I can talk to her and I can say this, this, that that and she just yelled and screamed but she knows that I am very serious about my relationship with God. I take my marriage very seriously and I'm not to let anything is by God's grace and not let anything get in the way and hamper that relationship with her or my Lord particulars is of a public figure and I don't want to do anything that would bring the spirit upon my my Savior, Jesus Christ.

He's the one I better answer to and so is understand that people in a situation are under extra pressure and I recommend that you pray for them pay for their safety for signification and things like that. I certainly needed all people sorely needed.

As you can see the you know, people fight fail for different reasons, different situations, and that is what it is we fail and on the say I have felt that way. I certainly have not.

But the boasting of the signal it on great this thing. It's is tough sometimes and pray for the people who you listen to, who become teachers for you that you think are worth listening to. Pray for the sanctification protection because it's is needed. All right, all right, let's get to Derek from loss Vegas Derek welcome you on here that call actually have a question about the first one and then if you have time back on, but if not I'll get out here the first month in regards to John 35 truly, truly, Christ speaking. To truly create faith. You water.

Cannot think of God from my car.

Christian walk people up in time with F3 born of water referred to natural birth but I'm on a little bit unsettling to me on that have biblical way of proving that that's actually what Christ is talking about all water baptism if you call you what your thoughts were surely let's talk about that okay so Nicodemus said to him, can a man be born result in any specific cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb, Jesus is truly city with lesser born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That was flesh is flesh, that whispered spirit. Do not be amazed the city was a born again and look at verse 10 Jesus says are you a teacher of Israel. You do not understand these things. So some people think that what Jesus was alluding to Ezekiel 3625 following and there it says for I will take you from the nations gather you from all the lands and bring you into your own land.

Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be cleaning though I'm of the opinion that baptism is sprinkling and/or pouring and/or immersion.

I can make the case biblically from each one.

I really can't and so since it says here.

Sprinkle clean water on you, as some people think that this might be what he's alluding to hear it might not be pleased and give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, and remove the hardest of your flesh, and my spirit within you and cause you to walk statutes.

All right, so is this what Jesus is alluding to know don't know but it there's some evidence that it could be that but also what baptism was, in effect at this time.

When Jesus was speaking. It certainly was not a transparent job baptism of John, so if the baptism is spoken of here the water means baptism, then the then what would Nicodemus have understood it could be out of musical 3625 to 27.

The sprinkling which is a great thing that God would do to the nation of Israel where the issue of sprinkling is used as a metaphor for the cleansing because it understands and the logical don't get this, but in biblical theology. In the Old Testament the object was anointed so the object for use whether a person or an instrument in a temple had water or oil or blood sprinkled on it. It was a symbol of an anointing that that object or that person was to be involved with sacred work. Generally speaking, so a lot of people don't get that a lot.

He will not know that John.Mike read the Bible program because in so my throat. He will think that that might be what's going on with the jet with the axis.

Should musical 3625 27 okay so if we look at the issue of John three, and we are to consider that baptism the only baptism that was known at that time will actions there's others because the Jews would have baptism of conversion and the baptism was used by Jews for the Gentiles and others to identify with becoming Jewish not only to circumcision but there were other issues that baptism was kind of a common known thing there right there distracted my think it's safe for doing activating something okay get back on track so if it means baptism. How then could it mean the Trinitarian baptism. Since that wasn't even in effect, and he was talking just to what Nicodemus if that water meant baptism, then it would have been the baptism of John, a baptism of repentance.

So, in acts 238 are baptized for the remission of sins, but doesn't mean that you obtain the remission of sins by being baptized is like. I take aspirin for a headache to get a headache and we come back the folks we write back after these messages, those along by faith alone through grace alone by Christ. Dr. Michael decide for themselves what they want to believe how they got by the Christ Lord on leading the way. Next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony evidence explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory.

He shares about maintaining oneness importance of having a servants heart and how to rebuild a marriage relationship that's been fractured God's wisdom for your marriage. On the next Focus on the Family the simple logic behind the colors of the lights on your cards – is invaluable. Staying on the highway Christian cargo old allies that might've been saved in the countless millions of dollars of red lights mean pullover safely and quickly as possible. The red lights are usually airbag temperature, while pressure and alternate yellow check engine lights or ABS lights are a sign of caution, but red means stop on the highway car guy car If you're Christian you believe Jesus is God, but could you explain to a friend why believing in the deity of Christ is essential for Christian and in practical terms, what effect should this doctrine have on your daily life. Consider those questions this week as John MacArthur shows you the importance of rediscovering the Christ of Scripture been there for Grace to you doing is more science gravure and salvation radio ministry of creation research want to encourage Christian things by showing how scientific evidence supports the Bible, particularly the Genesis account. When we see that the first and most foundational book of the Bible can be trusted in all matters, including science builds confidence in the rest of the inspired word all the way to revelation the Reisner's life has been shaped by a series of tragedies that also shake her view of God. I just… Doesn't care about. And when people say that you have no idea how but I think I have you with finding God's love in the midst of adversity this week on family life to live.

770-7276 charismatic there arms are folded to get a couple of things you think about quickly. We go to Ephesians 526 or so so that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word some related. The idea of the water being the word in John three, and then the tightest 3527 a sadist on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to his mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out upon us, and here we have the washing in the issue of implication of water and it's in the context of pouring so the Holy Spirit is always poured. That's how she's prophesied to be to account to come to us. You go to Joel 228 think it is, says the Holy Spirit will pour forth Holy Spirit on us and that's how the baptism the Holy Spirit occurs by pouring so he sees what is interesting and so there are those who hold to the view that the pouring of the spirits is represented in the water. Some states, the water of repentance that was speaking of John the Baptist. Some say to Trinitarian baptism, which I don't think makes any sense because it was in effect then and in my view is that contextually it means water the womb, saying it it's absolutely true that just my opinion. And the reason I say that is because Jesus has got a born again and Nicodemus has entered back in the womb. And Jesus is that we have born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God will here's what's interesting water is not the same thing as the spirit but yet the spirit and tightest the 3527 is talked about being poured.

So that's how that works usually go to X1, arrector 1717 to 70 lest it will pour forth my spirit and all mankind so that it seems that the water here is separate from the work of the spirit and so because of that, I think it means some literal water form that is at the water of the womb or is it the water of baptism and and if baptism is the baptism of repentance for the baptism, the Trinitarian context and then, because Jesus says that was born of the water and the spirit that he says that was aboard the flesh is flesh, and that is born of Spirit is spirit. So I think that the word Waterloo likes to the flesh and the spirit relates to the spirit. Verses five and six of my opinion is that the water is reference to the natural birth and I gave you a lot of information and doesn't solve okay so it's good information for me to go to your final right and because I don't know what the actual right thing is for sure all this I hear the views and this is what I hold to this is why and then you disagree. Okay disagree.

Just do it biblically do, for good reason.

And then we could disagree argue about them politely. Every one of us will persuade you okay, it felt good to have a second?

You may have average waiting.

So living which call that get line okay but call right, but a God blessed that was Derek from Las Vegas. They will call back and get in line.

Let's get to Donna from North Carolina.welcome hello, I would sing Don good what's on high. How would you okay yes I can. I hear you find yes thank you, Rob Morrow with a bear. They can follow their now okay if you you need to talk to the elders of the church. They need to be involved at this point and I need you to come under their care. What one at the church that all they need to contact the elders of the church is not open you to contact me if you define the elders of the church that you're involved with and tell him what's going on if they don't help you out, literally find another church to talk to the call up so you tried this, you tried that and you need to talk to someone could need people in the area, preferably working to help you work through these issues and I would strongly recommend that you keep a diary or law. Journal of the steps that you take to try and seek reconciliation with her husband's failures years trying to work with the elders of the hold that and it'll come in handy later under different circumstances that will be helpful to legally if needed, and spiritually if needed. Later on good which are specially reinforced. What's with the divorce reason I kept a journal.

Here's the steps I went through. Here's what I did. Here's what I did. This is the date this would happen if the thing too complicated just in Opelika on March 5, 2021 called Matt slick live and talk about what we do, but a cheating husband you know and recommended level block stuff like that and don't okay okay I recommend that you got a good quality elders are. I guess they're there for. Sorry okay, if you will to talk to me. I talked to him okay thank you anyway.

Try cutting elders.

Let me know if you can find any okay this communal is just: about a week and let me know he scribbled contact anybody to help you.

If not, maybe we can talk some more.

Okay okay you're welcome S shape officer taking care of their wives and being responsible for more than this get to build California bill welcome here on the year. At that are going. Oh yeah I remember you answer or to report the elect note for squirelly. Thirdly, born spiritually dead because you get legal data something different than or are within the imputation of Adam's sin to us and our fallen nature fallen nature is what we are in Adam first 2015 22, Romans 518 with the fallen nature. We are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 were born with it so we sin with the sin that is different than a fallen nature. It's the breaking of the law of God that was imputed to Christ on the cross. First Peter 224 and so when he canceled the certificate of debt. Colossians 214 on the cross. It's the sin that that is canceling okay yeah is it deals with the issue of the legality of sin, not the nature of the center so than the picture. The center will be dealt with at the resurrection, but were also called and now the not yet made new creature segment is 517 were new creatures in Christ were indwelt by God John 1423 were indwelt were changed but yet we still have some work to do, especially you, because I know you want to, that's right.

One quick question, all make their good book or will that God is great but didn't come. I was going to get the stuff IRC school. This RC center and that he can explain things very well is good communicator and I have information to notes on its student body outlines on Amazon but you know those books and explain it and I also have five one-hour videos going to the five points and it's on Amazon-ites on YouTube/Carmen videos and sleep it out that I do total depravity, unconditional election limit.

It's only your disgrace preservers of the saints. Explain them scripturally in his Scriptures and hold that it's up there right are better God blessed right okay let's get to John from Carolina. John luckily on their envelope hello you're on the way, not about going back right they folks right back seven Matt slick live call 77077 charismatic slave we lost John so sorry about that John what happened to call back if you want let's get on the phones with Adam from Des Moines I went Adam how are you there that could go to target again.

I didn't come with an alien question today, but I had one. I started reading the Pilgrim's progress and so far I'm loving it. There's a anyway, I came across in my Pilgrim's progress copy. I have a references like the Bible versus Houston. In it, and so I one of them was first Thessalonians, 18 and he says that I dealing out the retribution to those who do not know God and to those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus, and I'm just I'm just curious what is it mean to obey the gospel of Jesus to do what Jesus says to believe on him.

He says in John 14 one God, believe also in me, and that by trust and faith in who he is to be justified to obey that gospel now the Jews like the idea of obedience to the law and so these can use the phraseology obey that gospel to be justified by faith obey the gospel is to believe the Lord Jesus Christ, that he died the cross or conflict on the cross rose from the dead center of the gospel being defined in prescriptions 51 through four different resurrection and that were justified by faith.

Romans 328 Romans 445 English into 16 weekly trust and with that gospel message is for me to obey that believe in Jesus in a way that's kind of unsettling because when I look at him. I look at my own life and that there's there's times where my obedience is not very great and it's scary to think about that. Like to take a step back and wonder you know God and God predestined you from the foundation of the world. Look at you now. It wouldn't pick you, Woody know so he loves you, even though he knows everything about you knows more about your sin than you do, and still died for you and still keeps you and still shed his grace on you. So one of the things that I think is a great fit in learning theology and growing closer to Christ is you put less and less on your yourself. As far as sanctification and justification goes when you rest more and more in Christ and his greatness frees you to move forward in their areas while you're admitting your sin and continuing on repenting and you can when you look at yourself and you say unfailing that's true, it's true. So people will mock me sometimes ignite your arrogant or prideful or stubborn or stupid, and I will set yes yes yes yes federal true, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has forgiven me, trusting in him all your lustful and covetous true or prideful, arrogant, extra, and so we become aware of what we are more and more, which is a good sign, but also we need to be where more and more how faithful he is and how much more he loved us. Realize because he chose us in Christ from the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 and died for us and loves us and he knows more about your failures then you two still left that to me is comforting. LOL that's really good. Praise God, yeah being noted that learning about how faithful he is and what not and I you now understand that but I have a lot of growing to do.

Anyway, thank you I you take Michael but forgot see one more thing before you go, because this is something every news to hear you are not worth saving. You are not good in your heart.

There is nothing good in you that God would see to save you. The reason he loves you because of what's in him because of what's in you and he knowing everything about you eternally chose to love you and save you so his thoughts and his love for you are infinite in number because their eternal in the past and so because of his great condescension of grace to us that we should rejoice in the work in our hearts that he is has worked and continues to work as we rely on him and we rest in him that our security in him is because of his goodness. His kindness is Grace's love and not in our faithfulness and with that that is the security in the hope of Christ, not in our sincerity or ability. That's one of things that most Christians need to learn so they can be set free from past guilt and they can move forward and serve the Lord.

I really appreciate it. Welcome brother God bless that garbageman you take care all right, let's get to about new weight. John from North Carolina came back on a John welcome you try Armada okay I got off good. Okay?" The you a question earlier about going to elaborate on that, that you should go to church if you can, as he was. 1025 says not to forsake the gathering together of the body of Christ sweetie found another and to sit hopefully under a pastor who knows the word and can preach and teach the word of God in truth we can grow in a relationship with with the Lord Jesus and with each other so that the church is good for long with communion, baptism, and any and need be.

Church discipline so that's why kind okay either. Okay, I guess will move along all right, let's get to Nadine from North Carolina.

Nadine welcome back to an earlier reactive big lady that I like ego actor decanter like every like you like in the church and he was doing well before he fall off and if you are not the same thing right. I know the elders. The blue charge flotilla and update it can judge you that your body can be kind believe in Allah that at the same time and had the same thing that either collect where the Jewish regular and where pointing the finger at the lady just because somebody fell off doesn't mean direct of he teaching them the word no good. I think he should just remove what not good and just so you know this thing is people in leadership who are Christians are not like that woman in John eight, was caught in adultery and in the religious leaders were trying to stone her in her hypocrisy because they will have the guy because it takes two to tango and so there's a problem there. But over religious leader, pastor, for example, is required to have a higher standard of morality. He is obligated to live a good life because in Titus everyone and first of the three it talks about the necessity of the elder to be above reproach. If he falls in the sexual center. Something like that.

Then, he hasn't qualified himself from that that condition is no longer above reproach was no longer qualified to be an elder teaching position and so he need to step down. The question then becomes what you do with his teachings do you keep them or not.

To me, is were not used them and zaps not an easy discussion.

It takes time to work through those because our variables that need to be addressed so that I would get back back teaching all out was what good and just know and keep using Dell and Carol hunting asked Becca, well it's not that simple. And it's it's just that simple.

But I understand the sentiments and lesson we should or should not do anything with this is teachings. But this thing is not that simple.

But if it is about okay all right okay thank you start your rank on how to have a right disc at the crank from Kentucky to Craig welcome that they can take Michael all plugged in a Christian for 37 submit a Christian for 20 years left column and you remember high school are in college what not apologetic courses only got those a solid dog followed there for some reason, but a friend of mine who is the atheist's approach the couple weeks ago and we were talking Scripture thought they and she brought up something that he and I can't reconcile all and it goes to the two genealogies genealogy. What about the one that is typically the convention… The way to reconcile the two were right one with the lineage of Mary which he pointed out what that physically in Matthew 115. Joseph's father Jacob Jake all father often, but often scholars father's a liaison, but that in Luke. Joseph's father is Shania's father's Mela because his father's legal so it shows three shows two different eternal Father Grant the father of Joseph, the grandfather addressed the great-grandfather of Joseph, the shows at different names in both the like of Midland is deeply issue all the hard weight have you been there.

You don't know how I can do is write me right to me. That issue, research. I will tell you how serious I want to do that okay and send it in the and we will look at it for today and I can start to get so many articles back up to write so many things to do, but it's worth and generally speaking I don't know exactly the issue is, but I'll tell you that sometimes they did not use every genealogical name. Sometimes I skip some because of representation in the in order to keep a line or a number of them in order and or because sometimes names translated into English like it aware is some know it running there like the Indian name because like the sample Methuselah means when he dies it will come in so these general does have names of some that they can do is think will take one name out because of her time to do a show. The sentence system could be that the right of the okay. What was that email you info I felt real time Lord bless you by his grace back on your Monday. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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