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March 23, 2021 7:24 am

Matt Slick Live

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March 23, 2021 7:24 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Is Isaiah 63 referring to the Messiah- Does Luke 4 misquote Isaiah 61---2- Matt discusses Matthew 27 and its relation to the belief of the pretribulation rapture.--3- Does Matthew 19-26 support reformed theology---4- How can I best study the Bible---5- Do I have to go to church to be a Christian-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why no big deal. But today let's see today is so March 4, 2021 for the broadcasters and window run libel right now. So all I had to host. I forgot about them. I remember going to do this. I do host you TV sitting on AB and satellite TV network and it was yesterday, we had on some scientists and we are discussing the science of her crotch and Christianity compatible designs disprove or prove Christianity talk about.

So what was a great discussion and it occurred at the exact same time that I show here so we put on a show and go live and work will be like tomorrow if you want to give McCall will forbid lines 877-207-2276 now if your newbie list of the show were not sure what's going on. My last thing really a slick Mitt was a mess. Look live and am I am like I'm a Christian apologist to defend Christian faith and so I will name names "Hagan, Joyce Meyer, Joel O'Steen as being false teachers because they teach. Document and the Roman Catholicism is false, why because it also teaches. We go to issues like that with Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and the talk about all kind of things Bible verses, interpretation, logic, evolution would talk about UFOs you talk about the occult and just general theological issues and stuff like that so that sounds good.

Well, that no McCall you listening to what is going on and by the way of the debate last night at 9 PM Eastern time with the gutting dartboards and seems nice and out.

For those of you who who watched or heard you want to call on and get some comments about it.

So he's an atheist and we debated issue of morality and I thought he was all over the board and I thought I refuted him at least three different ways and try thanks. One person called a dumpster fire and you call me and see what you think as well. All right, what else that's all you got to schools if you're interested so to carve that work/schools and you get the information you and reminding you that we have released or made available the ability for you to comment on any article on the card website so all the articles that are there, you can go down in the comment and I don't think of you to be moderated I think is just out of you guys want to do can comment about comments and things like that so we will see how that goes. And we released it a few days ago and nobody, not even one person is commented and we have a 6000 articles so you think that maybe people might want to comment but if you don't that's okay and let's see what else I think is about it. You know what I was getting calls or we have forbid lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is to Brian from Manhattan. Welcome around here.

Yes, I believe you will wonderful present. My wife and I eat pretty much every night and that your great so what your wife's name, first name, I can ask anything Tansey. They Tansey PA PA and mother. I Tansey okay, I'm leaving there you go, will you please you pretty quickly that the question is simple. Give you concrete their octave up to the question, how do we know that Isaiah 3 firing to the Messiah not to heal your words to let you that he would be the case that 63 for the Messiah. If the New Testament quotes anything in it as such.

That's how we would know right so this is our great great coming from.

It is the need from buzzer goblins and creeds.

Admit that your etc. I and I and what that relates the thoughts of Revelation and the revelation back to that in some some with without a direct thought only the widespread gluttony got stolen but dominant and stolen that the two look specifically about things related to specific verses in Revelation to see if there's a parallel or possible reference or what I call an inference we have fun with allusions to a LL pollution which is something that refers to something out else without really quoting it so you know you and as we wait. Overall the Bible is about Christ. Because Jesus says so. The Scriptures bear witness of him. John 539 so everything ultimately is about Christ. Now the particular of a historical event or something might happen is to be understood in the broader context of the redemptive work of Christ, of the covenant aspect of God through the house of Israel, we would see it in the broader context.

So that's how you notice further what you've the text to go.

Not awake. The text but as you broader market abroad look since look to find the necessity of Christ in the work of Christ ultimately supported by that effort.

Whatever is recorded there, but as far as Isaiah 63 goes in particular verse have to look at it and see.

Okay, okay. The one about how to follow up with you when it the EE and I'm sure it take late late show with the firm in the thinking well what you work on getting a list together and then call back Scott Herlihy said that it's been around audit file with you and me and if you know that a conflict of magnanimity that you and I regret the ruling was laid out on calls with right now. What's the issue that you're having with this guy okay great grandbaby Matt, my wife that you analyze people of the Arctic, you bugbear when people would.

Good night sweet day and night might also say that the court often say that a ludicrous school when Jesus take the scroll re-the vast and he sits down and he doesn't speak about fainted aspect of quality they think like they think what that whom I was standing. He doesn't say that because not all 08. The ministry at that time I speak so Peter and that he will come Iraq you will judge the will is that it that Margaret requested Christian Denman say that please contradict anything he he says that Isaiah was clearly wrong when he speaks of God's vengeance because God is not faith that is not so. So this guy knows the Bible better than Jesus, for that's what he said this is better that I later] yucky so she's in judgment of God's word is a progressive Christian identity as a Christian to do this desk with his Trinitarian believe Jesus Christ God flashed on the cross was in the dead salvation by grace alone through faith alone. If he denies any of those us a look at your disciples, and you don't want to dismissively give informed because we don't want to let people abide in their heresy or false doctrines on the way to hell and we do say let's okay Arnett that's a picture. Now we need to say look, you are in trouble you have denied the faith and because of that you are judgment and I don't want that for you but I'm just informing you that this is the status that you are in right now and and so I will do that frequently when I'm having debates and impromptu discussions of various chat rooms and things like that is appropriate to recycle time you all say it was necessary. Christian should not be of that are not afraid of doing, but you can when you know the faith. You know the truth, you can do that right time. Jesus is gonna come back and you can also relate this size. Isaiah 61 to Daniel 924 horrific familiar with that because it talks about their says and Daniel 924 to 26. 70 weeks have been decreed in verse 25 to rebuild from the issue.

The decree to rebuild Jerusalem that was made out to be March 14 at 445 BC when that decree went forth, and to be built and all the stuff and then in verse 26 and after 62 weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing in the people.

The prince will come to destroy the city's sanctuary.

So this being cut off is what is going on in Luke 418 because what he's doing is in Isaiah 61 is he is not concluding the text with the issue of the vengeance that he himself will administer to the unrighteous when he returns because he's alluding to being cut off. And that's what that's going that's why he didn't finish that analogies cannot be killed. As we came to do all well okay and said and later on when Jesus returns, he returned with the sword in his mouth and he will slay his enemies. And so this is what's going on and then the judgment will come then the day of vengeance see that it says to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our Lord is no statement in there that necessitates of both occur at the exact same time, he said, to proclaim that I figure and he will also to proclaim the day of vengeance of our God and he did. He does proclaim that day because he does say it in Matthew 2417.

He proclaims a very necessity of the coming judgment with the eschatological versus as was the days of Noah know and to mentor in the field. What is taken and the wicked are the ones were taken as the context and I'll debate anybody on that one is right there decree context. Okay, the rapture occurs, but those verses are the other afternoon about the judgment of wickets read the context, 24, Luke 73, Matthew 24 Luke 17 just read the parallel jealousy. So this is going on, so he did talk about that judgment and to proclaim it and the reason is coming is because Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead and because of that the day of vengeance will come because Christ has all authority in heaven and earth is a 2818 and you gotta honor him as even as you are the father John five 2223 and he will come in the judgment he's going to his revelation clearly talks about okay in excess yet you can pull that battle with the United informing him that he has to find out okay thank you folks now we have 517-7207 online waiting right back after our emotions and our relationships. Dr. Tony Evans is forgiving others releases us from one source of pain and prevents a brand-new one you feel you like. It's a look at freedom through forgive this week on the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans in touch with Dr. Charles Stanley walking in the will of God is not always easy but it is his will and his purpose in his plan, and in all not to walk in the will of God.

You and I must learn a very valuable lesson.

We must learn to listen to in touch with Dr. Charles Stanley helping you grow in Christ. Every day we live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content. That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite Truth Network programs plus some that are podcast on rich content that is rich in the Lord encouraging prayer podcast with James.


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Listen and pray more confidently encouraging prayer podcast James bank Truth is there a circumstance in your life that's so big, so overwhelming that it would take a miracle to break through will next on living on the edge with Chip Ingram begins a series called breakthrough publishing God's power into impossible situation. If you want special direction.

If you need help.

Make plans to join Chip for breakthrough that's living on the edge with Chip Ingram to some God's will. Seems cloudy and mysterious, almost unknowable. The pastor Greg Laurie says we can know God's will. God wants us to know this will end this week on a new beginning practical insight on finding and following the will of God counseled this week on a new beginning with master Greg Laurie Reisman along by faith alone through grace alone by Christ. Dr. Michael used to decide for themselves what they believe how they gonna live by the Christ. Landlord leading the way that I call 770776 charismatic slave all right so number out to call the study on this thing. But two men taken on his left that was left was taken and show you from the context. It's not about the rapture payment of that right now, but the number is 877-207-2276 recall five open lines. All right, not what we hear about is 9024, 37 to start reading at verse 37 and you will hear for the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.

For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away, so will the coming of the Son of Man be there be two men in the field. One will be taken and one the left. Two women will be in the middle of grinding at the milk one will be taken and what will be left now go over this. It says, as was the days of Noah, the flood they were eating, they were drinking. They were big, marrying and they did not understand the flood came and took them away the excess malls go to Luke 17 was the days of Noah. They were eating, they were drinking they were mirroring the same phraseology they were being given in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and took her distribute the flood came and destroyed them. So the ones who were destroyed with the ones who were drinking and giving in marriage. Eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage. They're the ones who were destroyed. It says in Luke 1727, they were eating, they were drinking they were mirroring the work being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. That's what it says ones who are eating drinking given marriage are the ones were destroyed Québec method 24 as it wasn't days of the flood they were eating, they were drinking they were mirroring giving numerical data knowing of the article. He did not understand the locate flood came and took them all away. That's the wicked, the wicked are the ones were taken away in the flood. That's what it is okay so will the coming of the Son of Man be there be two men in the field.

One will be taken in one will be left to women will be grinding at the mill. One will be taken in one will be left with the context of who's taken the context of the taken is the wicked is not the good. So it's not this is not a rapture verse okay rapture occurs. There is nothing for Mr. beast. It's a process leads for 16 to get fivers to raptures. There, but this is not it. And this would Gatsby is a mug over so the more but that pastors and teachers, for years and years and years will to say this is the rapture when it's not the point. If you read the context you find out it's not the rapture. Why is it that so many people are teaching. This is a rapture when it clearly is not all you gotta do is take to three minutes to study it and see the parallels the little bit of work and yet they still hold something people still hold this view, it tells me that they're not studying the word of God that they're promoting an agenda.

The wicked mistake that this Internet really studying there so used to their denominational differences in opinions that they just read it in light of that without doing any real serious critical thinking. That's my problem is my concern is go back to Luke 17 K they were eating, they were eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, told the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the redress of the chapter in Luke 17.

It was the same as happened in the days of Lot. They were eating, they were drinking they were buying.

They were selling. They were planning, they were building a day that the lot but I'm from Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all is so clear that step being talked out so that was wicked and Jesus is Jesus talking says it will be just the same on the day of this. The Son of Man is revealed.

On that day the one who is on the house top and whose goods are in the house must not go down to take them out and likewise the ones in the field must not turn back. Remember lots wife. Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, never loses his life will preserve it. I tell you on that night there will be two in one bed, one will be taken and the other will be left over to women grinding at the same place. One will be taken and the other will be left to mental be the field will be taken and the other left and they in answering his disciples okay answering they said to him, where Lord and he said to them, where the body is there. Also, the vultures will gather. So the ones were taken to be destroyed and are taken to a place where there's your bodies and vultures technical place of death. That's what Jesus says that what this is about. Why is it that salty people are teaching that this is rapture. Remember, folks, I I believe the rapture occurs is just that these are not verse is about the rapture of Matthew 2437 and Luke 1726 is were you going to start reading figured out. So the wicked are the ones were taken right at the return of Christ.

The wicked is a says it be the same on the date of the Son of Man is revealed. So this is eschatological, Jesus comes back that's what he saying the wicked are the ones are to be taken when we go to Matthew 13 Jesus says the parable of the week, the terrace, the waiter, the good and the tears of the bad people and essentially term up and he says allow both to grow together. This is Matthew 1330 allow both to grow together until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say the reverse first gather up the tares, wicked, and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn for the first ones gathered at the harvest of the wicked.

That's Matthew 1330 and then they had. He interprets the parable he says the enemy so that the tares is the devil, the harvest is the end of the age. The reapers are angels.

So, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social, and be the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness to out of his kingdom with what Jesus said.

That's Matthew 1341 send his angels out according verse 30. The first was gathered on the wicked. In verse 41, he will gather out of his kingdom. The stumbling blocks that means the tears and throw them into the furnace of fire to be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Is there destruction to the switch interesting. He says there taken out of his kingdom. Wait a minute. Business kingdom the future 1000 year reign is it is I believe it's a literal number thousand and Revelation 20 going to talk about that.

You can call that we can go over it, but I believe a definitive use at thrifty's figurative so this is what's interesting is to look at things like this. We see what Jesus actually said I think we find out that what we've been taught a lot of variances just like to say, not as solid as some think this anyway. I thought it would just share that with you and hopefully I got you thinking and you can check things out okay. All right. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 Andrew from Ohio. Welcome yeah my stay, Ohio were the only faith I have a phase model taking the Bible on a loading on the break you out. You folks please take 27707 you find the news confusing. You wonder who you can trust the breakpoint this week is designed for you.

I'm Shane Morris with the Colson Center for Christian worldview.

Join me in my Colson Center cholic Johnston Street every week right here on this station for a half-hour discussion of the news you care about looked at through a biblical worldview lens that's breakpoint this week half-hour of clarity, conviction, and compassion to help you sort out a chaotic and confusing world. What percentage of 2008 traffic for tallies under the age of 24 for not wearing a seatbelt thing on the highway Christian card. I was shocked to hear 59%, 30 years ago, I learned the hard way.

Being in the car business. I figured I was in and out of cars. Too many times in one day.

I was stopped at a stoplight with my two-year-old in the front seat. Someone slammed into as I reset my right arm to catch him no chance. He slammed into the – he was okay but I want one ever since the highway, with card next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony Evans explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory. He shares about maintaining oneness importance of having a servants heart and how to rebuild a marriage relationship that's been fractured God's wisdom for your marriage.

On the next Focus on the Family doing is more science for beer and salvation. A radio ministry for creation research, we want to encourage Christians by showing how scientific evidence supports the Bible, particularly the Genesis account. When we see that the first and most foundational book of the Bible can be trusted in all matters, including science builds confidence in the rest of the inspired word all the way to Revelation. If you're Christian you believe Jesus is God, but could you explain to a friend why believing in the deity of Christ is essential for Christian and in practical terms, what effect should this doctrine have on your daily life. Consider those questions this week as John MacArthur shows you the importance of rediscovering the Christ of Scripture be there for Grace to you. Bible says when we stand before God someday to look at all the things we've done not only see the work we've done with you will see the reason why we have the what we have done that drive us to our knees more than it does join Dr. David Jeremiah for his message. How big is your God on the next attorney point, weekend edition Matt slick. Why call 77077 charismatic sling lines 877207276 Andrew from Ohio. Finally, the controller Matt Matthew chapter 19 verse 26. This is our official state motto in Ohio. I wanted your opinion. General form. Have you ever used this to prove reformed theology. Kabbalah thought about the birth I haven't tells you which is with people. This is impossible with God all things are possible that verse you know these different Scriptures that had an hour long discussion of refined theology with the guy last night and was to say that he imploded a few times, but as you try to refute reformed theology but not not use that verse possible to unpack it first, but it's good writers that I've not use it that way. I'm struggling I go to my my pastors are formed about olive when I converted it was weird. Are all the people I looked up were on the idea though. I thought, okay maybe I'm the one just because all about you later tonight on your show… I just been struggling with. I guess Toshi total depravity versus partial depravity is no cash and property with 20 probably means is that sin has affected all of what we are heart, soul, mind, body, emotions, everything is touched by sin is one of these by total the total parts and aspects of what we are is affected by sin and that the total depravity that there are different views on the extent of that depravity upon those various aspects does it mean then that an unbeliever who had like a believer totally depraved. The nonbelievers unregenerate can he of his own free will simply believe by himself unaided from God.

That's one of the major debating points so the verses that support total depravity.

The idea that no such person cannot just freely come to God because he is enslaved to sin. Romans 614 through 22 does no good stuff seeks for God. Romans 310, 11, 12. He cannot receive scriptural things for us to 14.

He's dead and his sins.

Ephesians 21 is by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 is first Ashley working this evil cannot be trusted as if 60%. Please see stuff like that. Okay Jeremiah 17 my my heart is all about all thing you the first Corinthians 214. The matter person is not that the things of the spirit of God. They are folly and so total depravity on the just a step on some toes here if you want to listen because the doctor of total depravity is alive and well properly, biblically, and in the church. Unfortunately, understanding the effect and extent of that sin upon the person is debated. There are people who teach that all that's necessary for anybody is simply a proper presentation of the gospel and that they in their free will can just decide to believe or not believe the gospel, and that is not biblical.

It's against Scripture as the Bible delivers a distal to a quoted work against that.

But that idea that man centered humanist idea is well entrenched in pulpits across America is just up to you.

You just need to come and repent. You just need to believe it's completely up to you it's not completely up to you because Jesus says you cannot come to me unless is been granted to you for the father. John 665 and you're caused to be born again.

First Peter 13 in your born again the context not of your own will. John 113 and were granted belief Lukens 129 granted repentance second Timothy 225 so unfortunately the feel-good theology and humanist ideology has crept into the Christian church and instead of submitting to the severity of sin and the effect of sin upon us. Too many people have said no. The Margie O'Day image of God in us, from Genesis 126, 28, is not so badly affected that they can't just believe on around so one of the problems that were one of the solutions that has been offered for this problem within the glyphosate Arminian circles is something called preventing grace and this is a I call it kindergarten theology and I do. And because what it states is that God gives grace to individuals and that grace enables them to be neutral.

It brings into the place of neutrality and ability to be able to freely choose God or not, it's up to their their free will. At this point the skull proving a grace in attendance. It's stupid and the reason it is because for one thing, is not in Scripture. Another thing, why does one person with this so called preventing grace believe in Christ and another one is not an people to come back and say well to their free will than him, and asking the question why does that person's free will with proving that grace and able to believe another one is not negative because it's free will and they can't answer the question did discuss it with that sister free. Well, they don't have any recourse but to roof to fall back on in all the say. But the Bible says of their free wills, enslaved to sin. They cannot receive scriptural things I said I have an answer for you, why they believe because God grants to believe Lipitor 20 they may not like it but I'm the one quoting Scripture.

They're the ones who will give me human philosophy and what is right and wrong, but God ought to do and what fairness God ought to submit to because her judging God in their own selves is that of submitting to the word of God.

This is pretty common in the Christian pulpit today in America to comprehend when you're talking to people about apologetics or theology or whatever, and that my ego like I can document them I can convince them but it's really the only I guess the father is just how we get saved I get though, is easy we get saved because God the father elect to the sun before the foundation of the world. That's what this is Ephesians 14 and he predestined us. Ephesians 15 Jesus said he came to do the will of the father will the father's at all that he's given him he would lose none for the once were given to him by the father will come to him. This is John 637 through 40. Then God grants belief to those who were given by the father to the son Lukens 129 grants them repentance as well.

Second Timothy 225 people say will that's not right. Well what's tentatively got the six writer according to Scripture, and you say people say to me like that's not fair with Henry, Romans 992 23 it talks in there about what is fair and the what Paul does his will. That's not fair is person whom he desires you hard to be desirable so soon, but he still find fault resources will who are you will answer back to God thing multiple months or the mold or what you like. This will goes on, he talks like this and so you find that what I'm teaching is scriptural. It's not popular it's not like, but it's scriptural and people going the Québec is… Your interpretation of Scripture will often do with them is simply quote the verse without interpreting anything and also let us agree with and researcher quotation, but they don't realize I'm quoting versus in the they recognize with the verse says they disagree with the word of God. This is prevalent in the Christian church in several areas and this is one of the piano second Peter three. I think the inner struggle with both to think about all about all the letters in two Peter chapter 3 verse 15 not there something that hard to understand. Writes Wesley massaging about Paul does write some difficult things because Paul is inspired by God and what Paul is teaching is was taught by Christ I can to show you this Jesus spoke in parables of people would not be saved. That's what he said in Mark 410 through 12 because a winter day to be saved. Jesus, as Mark 410 through 12 people. Civil Gotshal of the world in which we believe was not what it says. The same whoever the Greek word for whoever is hosts which actually there in the Greek is apostle office stool. Although believing one will be don't talk to whoever doesn't say how the theology of the reference is in my case and others, okay God bless. All right, folks, for the life you call there listening to the radio right now correct. What if you had no car, no power, no way to hear the gospel on the air.

Hey this is Steve Noble of the Steve Miller so I'm asking all my troop radio friends for help in one of the coolest causes we run across buying wind up radios for Africans listen Africa needs Jesus, but how they believe in him of whom they have not heard the apostle Paul asked. Well can they have really guided by our friends at Transworld radio. These radios are battery-operated little wind up crank that's so cool, so that place of the no electricity can still hear the gospel preached in their native languages all across Africa.

You can give them the gospel, even in Muslim dominated areas were looking for just the listeners to give $50 each to put radios in the hands of needy Africans in Africa needs Jesus we need you to help collating that eight 889-8056 56 we live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content. That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite Truth Network programs plus some that are broadcast on rich content that is rich in the Lord Truth Network the Truth Network's mining permit is not stray from that speaks directly to the masculine, heightened Christian finding purpose not directly entry, King Solomon is he was getting married. His fiancée told him that this and you need to catch the little foxes that come into our vineyard of love and destroy Dr. Greg Smalley on Focus on the Family minute in which she was saying is that there's some big wild beasts out there, but it's actually these small little foxes. These little creatures they can invade our marriage that we really need to guard against. The research is so clear that couples certainly will divorce it. There's been some infidelity or some these big things, but more often what you hear is well. We just fell out a lot just drifted apart. There's your right, Siebel differences those are the little foxes.

It's a slow fade. We find this person court this person and we get married in then over time there since this time he slowed to rest. It happens for a lot of couples that they're not even aware more insight from Greg and family minute.neither Eisner's life has been shaped by a series of tragedies that have also shaped her view of God.

I just thought God doesn't care about. And when people would say that really cares about is that you have no idea how but I think I have you with finding God's love in the midst of adversity this week on the family life to the max Y call 77077 charismatic slave get to David from North Carolina, David, welcome you are on the year, followed up with white talk about with Matthew and Luke raptor. I agree with that. I think it that way is good for you both like just the bullet out a little further out aesthetic bank. It also works with the analogy with Nolan law that when Christ does return is actually going all the nonbelievers and that really is music heard a word you want to what you said. I think that I think you will actually execute the unbeliever that imagery of water of coming back of the car and the way that figures theologically that if you believe the millennial side do. I'm not sure you do. I think it's eradicating evil righteousness that and it does state in the Revelation pathogen 20 that these people will not be brought back to life to be judged and feel the end of the millennium of the millennium is intended to be a rain or not I had of that from a far as being literal rain have to do with all the pathogen, profit by writing will I think that's obvious talking about an earthly throne first round of the and some I just think it's interesting that we don't really ever talk about that much, but I think Jesus that the warrior king or conquering king will execute all those who refused to believe the gospel and struggling to raise the millennium that thinks that thought that was worth sharing in and out.

I think Jesus words are pretty clear with the lot. No, you know analogy is trying to warn people when the door is shot about the attendee shut and I think that's what lost that point Nick there is a little ambiguity at the final judgment that the books are on their name not found written there. They were cast into the lake of fire. So you know whether or not there's the ability of some type of great I don't think happened the sure thing. Is that okay deftly.

But they sold in the millennium right that's the pre-millennial view. So the rapture does occur, I want people to know that I do teach the director does occur when it occurs is in the discussion. Those verses in Matthew 2634 37 and Luke 1726 they're not about the rapture. Two men when taken ones left and son-in-law you.

It probably going to execute. The unbeliever will, I suspect that which can happen to commit to it that I suspect is going to take him and one is taken with his left. It might be.

This is just for fun, but in Revelation 16, three unclean spirits like frogs not to go together, live together for the great day of Armageddon. Could it be that the spirit like frogs want to hop taken one thick and one not to take them to because as Jesus says what a body is a vulture together. Could it be that is taken to transporting their number to be destroyed. I don't know just conjecture but I judge Donna catalyst can happen. I will thank sure the problem. God bless. Okay.

All right. Okay, let's get to from Texas. I welcome your on their site can get on its distortion of the background there, but the better phone connection to better you don't want to do speakerphone because it's a lot of background noise of the victim possibly help clinging stuff you more suspect looks susceptible neck and stuff because what if people are listening on the road driving his clanks that start my car doing something so I that's much better, much better way got garlic. I wanted advice. You are Christian and I've been raised in the church.

I pretty much my whole life. But I never really had like big change. Until recently, had like every time he spent now and I really am getting a collective identity and the manually lemon.

I found out your website through Ray comfort betting a lot of it happened. I just really wanted.

Learn how to study the Bible like the best way and I get you what you learned from our staff gave them like check them by what I would do okay home. When I first started studying in the Lord. The function on me to study I read Hensel read the Bible hours a day and I would read commentaries and read theology books. It was insatiable. I was do this all the time. Just me S&S how you have to be. That's what God did with all the time. Okay things I did was I started taking notes and I had a Bible that I specifically got to be able to put notes in and I had a leather case and wide margin than the special pencil mean it was. This is more ceremonial, but I would do this I did for years and years and I would study and study and study and in so doing you just become better nose like it was like learning how to fix an engine and I to build engine was well first is as part go after want things start making sense, and after a while longer. Everything makes sense you know everything goes you know what to do this kind of how it is with studying the word, and so you need to study the word but also study from those people whom you trust that know the words of the can give you insight so it's it's tough now know, at the risk of sounding a little narcissistic here. I I'd recommend you go to car and read to the theology section: stuff I must say I get everything right, but I do write a lot of stuff and I'm very biblical's, much as possible and always check every thing I say get Scripture because maybe you'll find out that I guzzled wrong and you can correctly which is happened before, looked on as fine. I don't know everything that I do try and stick with that word is much as possible, so goes go there and look and read and if you read through those things. You can save yourself years and years of of stubbing your toe theologically and stuff like that and you thinking about writing a course on how to interpret the Bible like I have school theology school apologetic something of the school of of how to interpret the Bible go through particular verses and exercise it stink like is not that hard. Yeah I'm currently doing that apologetic or not.

I think of them with great comfort and after doing that.

I was hoping to find it.

Your election, but I find one thing theology one.

Theology is necessary for us to understand the skeleton upon which everything else fits effect Ray and I talked to Ray many times we've evangelized together at the beach with them and shared the the soap preaching box with the Huntington Beach. He's a great guy who loves the Lord and I would say that's our theology is the framework upon which evangelism rests because he's preachers theology breaches the law and the gospel I go one step further. I preach long gospel and cost so if you become a Christian you count the cost of my talk about. In addition, the law is actually necessary to theological premise that it's all theological. We are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 broken the law of God. All have fallen short of the glory got Spiegelman's 58 through 23 is all kind of stuff. So there you go raise go to bed at her place and that they use karma lot so good as her one more I going to get quite night school, but I wanted to know if you ever like telling me you are going to have Bible study year anything like that in a mechanical that involved in theft like that by allowing you all that I am teaching a Bible study tonight here in my house but I am thinking about going on discord. Maybe on Tuesdays and Tuesday evenings thinking about opening up a channel and this is Tuesday nights. That's looking come in and can ask questions and talk some thinking about doing that, but it needs a commitment might try for couple 34 which is a seat how it works but that's okay you got so much going on I think I get it.

Just like a lot going on this a lot.

All right, all right, buddy. God bless man right goblins like right by all right is good or let's call her Kobe from North Carolina Kobe look at the showing on their there Kobe hello little noise there. Yeah I hear you you're on here so I got a good character. Very respectful of their of a proper disciple will not forsake the fellowship of other believers.

Hebrews 1025 is normal, but there are situations where is not always possible for someone to go to church. They might become a Christian effort or imprisonment. They might be in a culture or a place we can go to church on the might have a physical ailment that prevents them from going to church so normally speaking, that's one of the things you should do in order to be a good disciple, but is not absolutely necessary, but if it's possible you should.

It's was not actually necessary in the sense that you have physical ailment. You can't go just what it is.

Lots of people like in other situations that make sense.

Are you having an issue there will, yes, are you having an issue without her wanted to check out only three that is on that note, you should go to church okay if you can go to church go to church should do and that's good because disciple and things be subjected to the word of God, the teaching of God as we get to church.

Okay, okay, okay brother will God bless the folks we have, so that left the show want to tell you were still doing our Israel trip karma If you want to check it out. We plan to go next year during March dish and information is on karma it affords to another site and all information is arrogant, sign-ups, and it looks like it's going to be good Lord bless you my friend back on there tomorrow another program network

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