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March 3, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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March 3, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions the release of his new article on the CARM website, called -The New Society.---2- Does John 14-12 mean that Christians can heal people- What does -greater works than these-- mean---3- I am a Christian but feel that I am not forgiven for past sins.--4- Can you explain further why Joyce Meyer is wrong---5- A caller from a previous show wanted to continue the discussion on if the Trinity was true.--6- Do you think aliens exist---7- If you look at pornography are you automatically going to hell---8- What does Romans 8-13 mean---9- What is biblical repentance- Isn't it impossible-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The previously recorded mats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max what why Rimes is called to respond to your questions and have a great day. As usual, he wanted me to call all you do was dilute 77207227, 600 you watch the show. This go to the website homepage you'll see me sitting here in my chair in my office who is it thrilling so that's one thing you want to make sure you check off your bucket list for life accomplishes punishment. Are you all right, we have four lines 877-207-2276 save the Israel trip is going along pretty well for March 2022 and looks like I'll be going and you got them which assignments are to be officially do the registration sign up probably later next week sometime Thursday or Friday Similac that we think would will see, but it looks like it's gonna start having undone going well. I just talked with Eric Johnson about that.he's the man so he knows everything about the attribute arrangement and we got to talk about a half-hour today and thought he might be on next week to answer some questions as well, but he rates so if you're interested, just check out Carmen Israel see ARM Israel Carmen and you can check all information all right. Hey, you know, I just released a new article. Maybe 20 minutes ago.

Half-hour ago and you might be interested in it. Maybe it's called the new society, so I've been doing so much research on on social justice BLM critical race theory racism LGBT Q all this stuff can you put a little summation of it and some stuff and some outline points of what the new society.

I collect the new society wants to implement in our culture and our country to be checking up and feedback if you want.

All right, let's see four of the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Matt from Washington state met welcome work that you did not praise God can like for you on and John 14 that that they think you are, the greater part then he's done and I've been accommodation with a bayonet that that Christian can heal people think like that and I kind of got little bit and little bit different theology that they like the NAR chart from her.

I didn't really know what the name of the right are not back. Now what your thoughts are on greater work in the what is that me will send the question has been debated. Commentaries offer different ideas. Can we raise the dead and perform miracles. Yes I believe so. The reason I believe so is because all the charismatic interest around her first Corinthians 17 that we not lack any charisma while awaiting the return of Christ. But I don't believe that it means that the apostolic gifts exist as the way the apostles had the more they cannot put by their authority just pronounces that would occur. I believe that God works charismatic Lee through different people, different context, different times and that no one person has this particular gift necessarily even though they may exercise it more than others.

So that's the kind of a of the view I have about that but so what is we talking about here. We talk about the people generically the body Christ been able to raise a debt, yes.

But Jesus raise the dead which greater than that has healed people so which greater than that will what would be greater than the resurrection of somebody or the curing of someone being sick, or the calling of a notion what you think will be of greater work than that you have an idea.

I do, I put for me. I believe that Ella had. I know bringing people to cry and you got the grade that you go see if we perform the grace so I agree with you if someone we raise some of the dead and they end up going to hell.

Okay well that's nice but the greatest miracle is the presentation of the gospel. The conversion and things like that that that is the greatest thing is why tell people that we who preach the gospel like me on the radio and ordained minister. Now, in the Christian who gets to preach and present that gospel to anybody is performing more the greatest services to mankind as is possible. There is no greater message to be preached about politics, not about your wife and your husband and your children not about have made good money, not about how eating well, all things are important, but the greatest the greatest benefits is to speak the gospel message and naturally want to build a do not see that we are the ones who convert people because we don't do something that God does. I think what Jesus is talking about. That is, you know you will do also. As he says to save you, he who believes in me, the works that I do. He will also to and greater works in the field. The father and Lisa's because I go to the father I think that means that he's going to the father there some debates among theologians as to the is wasn't necessary for Jesus to ascend in order for the next round of work to occur with the manifestation of the spirit. We don't know your discussions about that, but nevertheless received something that you don't because he goes of the father is greater works really going to do what is at me because he went to the father is are some celestial alterations in change in the heavenly's we don't know about that. Maybe, maybe not. So the thing is, the Holy Spirit works in us.

Now remember, Jesus was made under the law. Galatians 44 and he I believe he did his miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit because of Matthew 2232, when Jesus was being accused of casting out demons by the power of the devil. Then he said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit might be forgiven because it was a Holy Spirit upon him within him doing these works will what's important about that is for us understand that his Jesus was a man under the law, and we are people under that law, and the Holy Spirit moved through Christ. Can the Holy Spirit also move through us do similar or same thing. Apparently from John 1412 answer is yes works that I judge you will do also. So I believe the same Holy Spirit to work through Christ can work through us and what we need to do as Christians is to recognize that that power that Christ had is ours to in John 519 John 530 Jesus as he could do nothing of his own initiative, but only what he sees a father do educated to the will the father John 37 talks about this juncture that seven 240 so we have to make sure that what we desire is inside the will of God and then the works that week that he does will do, because Jesus only did that which is pleasing the father. So then that means that works that we do like Christ will be pleasing the father but only would have.

That is to be walking in fellowship with him and intimacy with him and not saying hey I need that new car. I need to have this I need to have that me me me if I don't get it when land of acronym theology takes stuff like that so I'm giving the super long answer to your answer. Not great. I got it I will if you passed the fastest the slick test okay so all right that I really appreciate it right but are godless men. I got glass okay hey folks, we have nobody waiting in line when you give me a call 877-207-2276 that to remind you that we have a prayer ministry and if you're interested in having someone pray for you or if you're interested in joining the prayer team. Just email prayer at Carmen.or you can contact with people there you know if you need prayer saying you prefer this for that and we have a lot of good people who are on that team and Franklin Joanne is heading that output enjoys doing a good job is let you know about that.

So you can check on that out also.

If you are so inclined. He wanted some learning all he can do all he could do that one of the things is go to basic schools/schools will happen is it will forward you to the school information give you little love link of of search things introduction the online school to and will take you the pages you could find out about joining up and actually it's the general carbon/online-schools, but schools get together to the three schools were theology.

One of apologetics one of critical thinking, and they are therefore you are learning for your grounding for you to to check your theology to learn your theology. Why, because you need to.

Christians need to sort and lack inside the Christian community on biblical theology and you don't have to have a superhigh IQ big thick glasses and 18 notebooks to carry around. Now I make it simple.

Check that out all right. Let's get to Daniel. Daniel from Portland Oregon. Daniel welcome you are on the year hello hello I get the I just have a question that from. I'm a Christian, but I'm from difficulty with the with the grade multiple times in the I feel that the oath and that that I am not ardent, not forgiven in them. Can I ask what kind of difficulties you don't have to say anything but to give generic answers. If you want if you don't want. That's okay yeah I did the thumb things of the past addiction okay are you going to church. The church get home. I can ask about it then.

How old are you on 30 okay are you married no divorced no single all right, so let's do a little there talking here. So when we have problems and addictions in various things like that and were struggling. I don't feel forgiven, then that's good. It's also bad. It's good in the sense that you feel guilt when you should feel guilt but it's bad in the sense that we not trusting the forgiveness of Christ. No doctrine of God's predestination and election is important here.

Election is God's choosing people to give to the son of the father gave to the sun.

The elect chosen and the other predestined in the salvation in Jesus paid for their sins. If you trusted in Christ neutral. You're a Christian, that means that you been elected from the foundational world. Ephesians 14 in Christ who died on the cross and you work in him. Romans 66 Roman 68 and Colossians 214 says he canceled the certificate of death you have to realize that the matter what you feel and what your failures, your forgiven because your forgiveness is not dependent upon your ability to serve Christ. No breaks that law accept this. Learn free from sin that invokes after these messages, please stay tuned for matters like why call 77077 charismatic so when you understand the love of God for you is not dependent on your goodness or your sin, but is dependent upon his love for you is commitment to you.

This is the beginning of your freedom if you think that forgiveness and the love of God upon you is conditioned in any way upon your performance and your segmentation you're never going to be free to distribute crushed under the weight of failure. If you understand that the matter how many times you failed the Lord Jesus loves you that he redeemed you knowing your failures, but he loves you anyway this is the kind of thing that works better to free someone to know that their loved that much and it doesn't mean that your addictions always instantly go away but does mean that you can be free to struggle against them and realize you're still loved just as if you and your mom and dad get mad at him and yell Ottoman storm out of the house, but they still love you. It is not to change, and so this is how that kind of a thing is and theology is what helps knowing that God chose you for the foundation of the world predestined you into salvation, removed your sin debt of the cross and nothing you can do can unchanging this is the greatest freedom that we can help to know that our sin doesn't separate us from God because it's been paid for by Christ, and were not dampened but were freed. Then you can spend your time instead of focusing how you feel about forgiveness. If you feel naughty or worried about then you can spend your time on fighting against it as you cling to the cross sometimes takes years. Sometimes it takes just weeks and sometimes days. That's what has to happen. Okay, okay, now I gotta think I link for you okay when you check out if you're interested. I good friend named Chad print more and he was Rick a recovery thing for diverse addictions and it's the way TH EW a Y are 1 to 2.

Gotta work the way. Romans 12 to what is the way our 12 to away from it is that the word Romans… Are so the way I told you guy get a better URL which the way so TH EW a Y are 1 to away.

Okay the way journal problem TH EW a Y are 1 to okay okay I got it is a great guy is a humble man loves the Lord. He can help you okay thank you all right and your elders need to know about some stuff to okay all right let's just move along that we have two open lines 877-207-2276 look at the dentist for Virginia Dennis welcome you on here left knee started me Denise. I may not write Kiera on your answer. So we got a question regarding you had mentioned Joyce Meyer the inspirational speaker and her hair. They can have money to find out more about that. I do have one of her book battlefield of the magnetic up very occasionally and I like To begin inspirational speaker and I just want to find out about regarding that had a question about that when I think he mentioned it last week sure to question the recent stuff and let me ask you if an atheist had a good self-help book, and said spiritual things that God used atheist would you not person now. So if you have some of the claims via Christian teaches damnable heresy would you want to learn from that person.

Definitely not okay this is what she said okay Jesus stopped being the son of God Kate quote helped himself up until the point where he said I commend my spirit into your hands.

At that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. You become sin. He was no longer the son of God. He was sin. That's a damnable heresy and the minute that blood sacrifice was accepted. Jesus was the first human being. It was ever born again another heresy. She said is on my website and I think the links are still good for the. The audio might not be informed. The current storage is one of things with the new site were to be going to fix those links but yes she said that my research okay and I have the files on the computer were.

She said it. Second, reluctant up to someplace with a little wow you know I've wondered about that Event that the mind and he gave the floor. Each title you no doubt in a different things that self-help depression and Lori and that's why I picked it up yelling out with Dido and anyway I wanted his good faith that went along with a She hung up accidentally so called back Denise if you want call back and get you back on here to do is read a few more things from Joyce Meyer that Joyce Meyer has said this is from the book the most important decision you'll ever make a second printing May 1993, page 35. Quote he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not state that he was in the great three days during that time he entered hell where you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price.

There, that's damnable heresy folks will be my damnable heresy is that if you teach it that voids salvation, just that it is what she is staying here is at the cross of Christ was not whether Tom was finished, but that had to be finished in hell. After she says that's damnable heresy.

I say publicly it's damnable heresy right and associate. She says so this Jesus paid on the cross and this is the same book. The next page, page 36 of same book. Okay, the most important decision you'll ever make. Joyce Meyer second printing May 1993, page 36 there's a break on the read it after the break up with a few more about Joyce Meyer when she said she says and their gamblers, folks, please. Lines 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to Otis. Welcome around here alone recollection over the email. One call anthologist: got up to debate yeah I saw that during the break I saw the you were there and I saw your name Otis and I was able to find it. During the break, and I responded her to break just a minute ago I actually looked for two or three times and didn't know what to look for and I didn't see anything. And the reason is because it came in with a weird heading but I was able to find it.

So I just responded like a minute ago and so what rights are to butternut and so we have a variety of topics we can go to talk about what would like to talk about is the Trinity, the Trinity true no not that know about the topic. Usually the affirmative articles outsourced yeti for it. You don't affirm that self is the Trinity.

True, I would take the position yes and you take the position. No. And usually what happens will have like a 10 or 50 minute opening each and then a five minute response to that correct whatever and then counter or cross examination and the closing is pretty typical and then Q&A from a viewer's are pretty typical. I would some guy has suffered a good you want to be the Trinity is fine with me. I would suggest you go my my website and read up on the articles on the Trinity so you know not, is not what is noted is actually believe that will finally rot because if you deny the Trinity and that Jesus is God in flesh. You're not a Christian is no trout hyped the I believe that you is God negatively. The father yeah okay you're denying the concern nature slowly asking his salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Yes dollars of it] what I said by faith alone, and the grace of getting baptized to be saved up. I would figure it all. According to back to the profession of baptism, your faith, as well as your works because without good works you can't get it okay so I would justification means a legal declaration of righteousness is that justification by faith alone in Christ alone or must you have good works, combined with our faith in order to be justified by, I would say the combination okay and you're deftly not a Christian, automatic on all clearly tell you it would tell you that work out your own salvation with all felt like go ethic that is 212 13.

You can read the next verse because it was in the context any negative flick is 16 he who began a good work perfect if the day of Christ Jesus our Lord.

And then when you talk about conflict is to assess the work I salvation this means that you obtain salvation is for is God who is both in youth working in you too willing to work according to his good pleasure.

Verse 13 read the context so justification is a great topic because I would love to discuss that to so you got up clearly what. Are you coming to give every man according to his works, even John the Baptist when he was baptized, they repent and bring forth works meet for repentance. You have to live a righteous life. Are you living a righteous life. Yes, there you don't send any more. Ira Bennett used so if you repent that means you sin so you still sin you know I do my best not to.

So you still sin you do your best with major thing perfect.

Do you still sin right right things I used to do.

I don't go thing. Sin was last time you sent roughly you know how proud I CANNOT collect dust software, so when I last got last year. Yesterday what yesterday did you lose your salvation when you cussed no also suggested the parties get to keep the law you do good in order to be saved, but these admitted you're not none what I'm stranded. If you accept Christ. You have to become a new creation. All things happily passed away all things happily know so you have to live your life righteous in Christ Jesus because he said not accept Christ out of the question is are you doing that. Are you living righteously yet you're arrogant. While our right you didn't know you do not even Paul the apostle said he couldn't do it, no, no, I'm not out about in the law no righteousness is righteous. This is according to the law. Don't lie. Don't sleep you don't honor God love him, love your neighbor. While there is a okay Roman. Why shall we continue with it so that grace may abound, God forbid, so we cannot live it the we have to have those former things passed away.

We can no longer live that life is great was to see in those verses that you have to not send in order to be your sins forgiven. Repent, you have to repent. Repent of this is repentance based myth is Greek myth and went with me such a changing of the mind and so repentance that which means no sin anymore right you keep the law if you're lying.

You analysis don't lie so you keep in the longer to be saved right. Are we we keep the law.

You don't have to keep a log note not okay know, because the rice does things out heart like all talked about, but these things are in the New Testament don't lie. Don't steal love God and neighbor.

These are reiterated and so these are the things you also do are you doing imperfectly export perfectly. I would say no.

Not like I don't like major stop every now and you have probably clipped… Everybody was a little sins wrote her okay the little sonata noted not okay will cost you.

So I should. You remove the Beasley sent me asking so you you have to keep the law to be saved like love God, love your neighbor, you know, things like that. And those are the standards of the law so is is the standard perfection first is God lowers a standard for you to be holy. Being holy while I am there for strand 16 can you be holy. Yes, you can how can you be holy.

You have to turn to Christ, allow Christ to live in because he is holy and it is now living in you so that courage out your old thing at your old nature.

It had to go nowhere around that you allow Christ to come in your heart that's that's interesting you with one who allows it and so do you live holy to be holy, yet I live. I do my best to live out I can't greater you and so this is how you achieve your holiness by living a holy life of Christ allow Christ to change the thing to do.

I don't do it. So I live those things, like walking in the spirit that's where I tried it my best.

Okay so you are all mixed up and you don't know who Christ really is who God really is your own Euronext okay and I'm now in what I believe that when you present the true good people because they appeared positive.

Prayer and update the prices so much that they startled believing the lies that they're here and what they please. It is the suppressive thing. That's what's going out and I believe a lot of Trinitarian student reasoning with Romans 21. Therefore you have no excuse, everyone you pass judgment, for in which you judge another you condemn yourself for you who judge practice the same thing you guilty of subduing no I don't bracket. I do not you do, you said various things which are heretical and your practicing using the Trinitarian's are all false.

If the entire Christian church has held of the Trinity. Throughout history, it's in Scripture and yet you come along and sutured is false, along with oneness Pentecostal heretics well but the thing of it is that there is no Scripture that is God is one of ours, not all tell you is back in Corinthians 413 and since we have the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believe that why we have to fully what is written so what's not written is that God is one person's doctrinal.that Baker is better know what basket you can show me you does Jesus had two natures, divine and human than the other two natures know he does not have as 10 okay because you use it as an argument against what you're saying but now curious which nature does Jesus have spirit in God is a spirit know that's a form spirit is divine or human out email just so is when someone emails will set something up right out of our negative you folks messages please mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling writable and welcome back to the show. Let's get Carlos Raleigh, North Carolina Carlos, you're on your every hunt. I hear you. You want to thank you will thank the Lord and thank you for five, first time (by the grace of God I was able to find you, you know my my car broke down, and I've been driving out a work man and the only radio thing that work with yours. Though things that my question was on on the radio. Based in throughout the day and a topic came in regard to the government really being evidence or footage that you know extraterrestrial being may actually exist. And I just wanted your take on you, not a biblical answer no truth to what what you think that that might be true or what might not be true love and studying UFOs alien stuff for decades. Not real heavy but just it's on him. Always interested in and I watch shows that have evidence of aliens and films and things like this and watch lots of them I'd listen to how many podcasts on aliens on space travel on all kind of stuff from wackos stuff to actually interesting kind of stuff and have seen documentaries and stuff right so what I can conclude is that the aliens will be safe. UFOs are real in the sense were talking about the spaceships that fly really fast change angles and stuff like that. What we can do that kind of stuff yeah syndrome are apparently realtor on radar. There's been crashes every government's major government in the world has reported the same kind of things all over the place.

This is been going on for decades and decades and decades so I don't have any problem admitting together something going on.

The question is what is it well is not possible for life to form anywhere in the entire universe by you by chance, it just can't happen and I go to math sometime this summer called and asked me about that. It's a little heady that I can do that and since that's not a possibility, then the odds.

Well, then God has a create life suffers alien life out there, God had to create but we'll see anything in Scripture that suggests that so I don't go that position. Now what we do find is that demonic forces can appear as humans will why can't they appear different forms as well that the computers humans, why not other forms we don't know. So is it possible that something's going on and that there is a manifestation of them doing work in developing actual script craft for the purpose of deceiving people for the last days. This is one of the theories that is being taught in some Christian circles when they study the stuff, particularly when they find out that Christians don't get abducted and that the sum of the aliens are teaching these so-called aliens are teaching theology the theology is Jesus is not God. We are all divine reincarnation is true. So this is some of the stuff that I've gathered over the years and all kinds of other stuff going to get into right now and and so it could be that is a demonic manifestation that no could be right that if Barry and I got ready. Thank God that your radio faith and and I thank you for I've been listening to you like that that that that weekend that you know that event the subject that really touched my heart and my thought the guy I really think that you and I hope I can keep on coming for you and not get get more guidance then not answered throughout the radio. Faith will tell you to give you warning okay my last name is slick so you can be careful is slick on the radio right now so you always check what I say I picture right I could just see.

Tell your friends yeah I found this guy many times by the Bible which is the slick reason really ugly whatever he says it doesn't look good. Okay so you do is check Lessig in Scripture. Always check what I say good Scripture always always always.

Which is why Charlie represents a right and go to the website good see okay our God for his goodness my website and working for over 25 years and schedule information.

Okay buddy perfect thank you I appreciate you very much okay Carlsbad goblets buddy keep keep this nugget all right they give their brother. Okay, let's get on the phone with John from New Jersey. John Wilkins on the air and at a yet no about Romans 813 okay.

Have you ever heard of the law thing.

The name rings a bell. But that's as far as it goes okay okay will yet.minute to be lost. Inverted pornography already formed the light, 40, 47 seconds long and that if you look at pornography your own arrow is not true. So I think it's okay to look at sonography if someone looks up, not if he doesn't mean are unethical to help the going to hell because her sinners and their sins not been covered by the blood of Christ, and of course I'm not saying that if your Christmas okay to look at porn because and you go to heaven my sin that God will deal with you and will discipline you and you make take you out of the picture until you so if he says if you're Christian you look at point going to hell no he didn't want to talk about okay but I'm not saying it's okay to look at it. It's just that you don't wise that particular sin. This doesn't usually get legalistic and usually people who hold the kind of doctrine could argue that way out of a wet paper bag. They don't understand biblical theology and get legalistic about stuff they put burdens on people and stuff and they just destroy people's faiths because all I felt failed this area, some going to help well know you going to hell if you don't trust in Christ but if you do trust in Christ. You better get your act together because if you don't see God work on you speaking to God will work on you, he will convict you and if you do not repent of sin that he will discipline you and the discipline usually becomes more severe as time goes on.

This is what happens so I would never abandon you. Okay encouraging Romans 813. What does that mean good.

I think John Piper also said if you live by the lead you're going to go to hell environment that is is that if you lead leaving.

According to the flesh must die with the spirit you're putting the death of the body will live now is the say on the flesh. To do this, you can go to hell doesn't say that my more technical about stuff out with people you know people say see that first made you going to hell. It does not say it scheduled.

What is mean by guy they sailed me to go to hell all say that this is your guy's physical death in their spiritual death are both being spoken of one thing spoken of in it is just one. How do you know which one. So and also if you're living according the flesh like a question is that mean you're Christian you Christians live according to the flesh that was going on will we can we have a problem with say yes and no because fleshly in some areas you know I got pride and arrogance and stupidity and stubbornness. I got those things and sometimes they get a better of me and so my living according to flesh while in a sense yeah but is not a habit I'm seeking to live in so that sense no. I think what Paul is getting at here is if this is what you're abiding and you're just living in fornication you're living in adultery you that your stylus are likely to die in that case going to hell is not saved. We have to be careful what we say what the text that interpret this text. Generally speaking, when it says living according the flesh. If we understand it to mean that there not saved people, then yes, when they die they go to hell, but can you be a saved Christian and live according the flesh, the answers yes and no. Because yes, you can do for five minutes.

The could do you do for five years because we always Christians will live in the court of the flesh first offered at times we do something wrong, but we war against it eventually really get on my get mad at my wife not something stupid and then 10 minutes later Michael, I'm sorry, hon, I was really out of line etc. was I living in the flesh for 10 minutes maybe this is why we gotta be careful about things like this.

I think apologists thing is you living a court of the flesh.

This is your lifestyle not five minutes or 10 minutes but this is your lifestyle when you die you must die go to hell is not saved but if by the spirit you're putting to death the deeds of the body you live all the spirit is indwells the Christian's also spirit involves a Christian that we are doing that by the power the Holy Spirit because were saved. That's what I think it means so I cannot just cautiously people say it automatically means something to be careful to the words say exactly what we want to say not necessarily be careful coming work into it would draw conclusions best of our ability. Okay thank you and good luck with that guy think the key is that the father man, I never heard I like that like yes, modem Americanism surveilling his oneness Pentecostalism variations the same thing rightly a brave party. Thank luck buddy all right. God bless. Okay list on the phones with the loss. Josh was gone with Kobe from North Carolina County. Welcome on here will be.

I got your eye.

I guess what it biblical everything. Biblical repentance is a change of attitude change of mind towards the sin that you don't want to do it any where before you sought it and lived in it. Now you don't want to get it because it comes in the Greek met Noel Mehta change, not us. Mind Mehta, don't let sourcing a change of mind and attitudinal change. Attitudinal changes lead to behavioral changes so if you recognize that you've been sending. Because you reading the word and you have this repentant attitude. You want to stop doing it. It's a change of mind to turn the direction of what you are doing to what you're supposed to be doing okay okay I why do people keep saying that it aching to complete turn from because that are supposed to do careful to make a complete turn from your attitude will to change it from sin to away from sin. Is that like it operable.

Yes, like that 108 book the fifth. Right now, let me know in about a minute left, so expect get this out here and said that we are not saved by our repentance and we don't keep our salvation by repentance God grants us repentance second Timothy 225 and were saved by faith in Christ we change our attitude against sin. The war against seek the Lord Jesus Christ returned from sin, and confess our sin against the time that's the idea time call back Monday a focus. God bless the Lord

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