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March 1, 2021 5:51 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 1, 2021 5:51 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the planned Israel trip in March of 2022. You can find more information by going to Matt discusses his research regarding the ungodly things that the Democratic and Republican parties have and are currently supporting.--3- Matt talks about the novel 1984 and its connections to current events.--4- Matt discusses and defines secularism.--5- Can you explain John 3-13- It sounds as if Jesus is saying he is still or already in heaven while talking with Nicodemus. Is that similar to Genesis 19-24---6- What is the sin that leads to death---7- Whose interpretation of Scripture is correct---8- How would you answer someone that says that there's no evidence in secular history that Jesus existed---9- If my husband says he's a Christian but is committing adultery, what Scripture can I use to speak to him- What else should I do---10- Did God allow and determine that Jesus would die-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the twisted apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y rises called in responding to your questions at 877072276 Matt slick sure, but as usual you could do was dial 877-207-2276 we have five open lines when you're ready to be call alright so you fix a couple of things here on the audio. Also get that with the video stuff going really fast or we just rent a time all right.

Just by way of reminder we are trying to go to Israel if you are interested in attending going with us to Israel with us next year.

All you do is go to to look harm Israel see ARM one word and will forward you to a website and all the information you need. Have is there. I certainly plan to be going and tell you it's a lot of fun when you actually walk on the same places where Jesus walked to see the things that he saw and you go to work, with little to go to Jericho again would have a top public meeting on archaeologist with us limited site is a lot of fun and does cost money, but we have a year to prep and the sale of phenolic and stuff. So if you're interested you want to go check it out. Harm don't have any buddy waiting right now the line which is looking unusual, so I want you to give me a call 877-207-2276 now so Lexi would talk about this. My wife brought to my attention the Facebook page Matt slick live radio show and someone took the took umbrage with that effect. Today I said Dems or fatheads. Apparently I said that a while back, and the I don't know the context was deliverable where it is read to some of the posts that this person was so offended he spoke which which is okay and people were actually writing in their you kidding I love this. It said things like if you just now got offended he said he had been listening very intently for very long so I got a kick out of that.

Because I don't know what is all just say it to be people happy you like I say the truth as best I can. The Democratic Party started doing research already on the history of the Democratic Party, due on the Republican party as well in America think of. He put focusing on our what are the ungodly things both parties have have supported that's it were the ungodly things of both poor parties have supported I'm not a Republican and Democrat. I don't affirm either one. I'm a constitutionalist and I'll tell you that the way our politics are going to cancel culture with the moronic idiocy that is just rampant in our society today. The issues that are coming up. I just just just blown away by the effect that coincidently the say this I get a shirt on. If you are watching.

You can see with my shirt says and what it says is make 1984 fiction again if you don't know about 1984.

It's a novel written and not published 1948 so they switched it to 84. The dystopian sci-fi novel and its big brother. If you have the opportunity to be able to watch the movie or read the book. I highly recommend that you do that, because in there are such things as newspeak and thought police. Big brother you are in the novel the main character is in charge of rewriting history and writing things in a propaganda set up and changing facts so that the populace will believe whatever they want and he gradually moves away from all of that. Let's just say and gets captured and brainwashed and so is it well done story movies have been made out of it. I recommend people read it because a lot of what is there is happening in our culture today also. I also recommend people read the rules for radicals by Linsky because we seek. I believe in being informed, okay, I believe in being informed and on the politics and stuff like that is not my specialty, theologian, however theology covers issue politics book tickling the Bible that says give to Caesar that is Caesar's and to God.

It is God's.

So there are obligations to a funeral was 13 to follow government except were not to follow government or certain conditions. If you want to talk about that.

The thing is that all areas of our existence are under theological purview are the examination of the word of God. So because of that, then that politics is a nest of necessity talk about like a set. I'm not an expert on the study. More and more developing outlines and information about different systems of government and things like that and paying more more attention to the thing that are going on inside of our society and our society.

Of course, is moving further and further to secularism and this is the term that needs to be really kind of understood the Christian context of the secular view is that there is no God that truth, morality, rationality, standards are based upon human ideas. Secular ideas now in the preamble, you'll find of the United States Constitution. You'll find that we were given rights by God inalienable rights that can be varied. This is because were made image of God. They understood that the writers of the Constitution.

If you have a government that doesn't believe in God, then your rights don't come from God. They don't answer to God. The answer to themselves or big tech or whoever gives them kickbacks or whatever it is and if you don't have God then what's to stop you from just a note just deliver large pocket. You know that's a relevant you know do that of deciding which stocks you in on certain people in different reasons for doing not doing with her supposed to do. We have to understand that if the culture gives up God particular the Christian, the working culture gives up the foundation of God. It gives it up. The nurse to be all kind of problems and there will be problems. There's going to be problems because the Constitution believe it or not, was written and was told by the official CD at the founding fathers that that this government was meant free Christian people. It was not meant to be. It was not meant to be undertaken or run by non-Christians in this is, I can simplify some of the quotes for that but the thing is, if we don't have morality in our hearts and our minds. Then who's can be in the government who is he to be the ones who can be running your government if they are Say I did this mean that they were atheists are automatically bad, but let's just say that it's someone who denies God's existence and holds the liberal idea secular rest ideas that could be all wide variety of people.

They don't believe in Christian Gandhi don't believe in regeneration. I don't believe in responsibility before the infinitely holy God.

And so when they get in the power of the GNU well depending on individual people vary with the could easily do is do whatever they feel will encourage their power, their scope and their reach so as to ensure their own security.

This is what happens now John Adams the sixth president of the United States said, quote our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.

It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other" to John Adams said this, the sixth president of the United States and John Quincy Adams six president. He said this on July 4, 1821 the highest glory of the American Revolution was this it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity from the date of the declaration they the American people were bound by the laws of God which they all and by the laws of the gospel which they nearly all acknowledge the rules of their conduct.

He also said the first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the Bible and what light soever we regard the Bible, whether with reference to reveille ref reference to Revelation to history portable reality it is an invaluable and exhaustible mind of knowledge and virtue. Samuel Adams said this in 1772, with men through fear fraud or mistake should in terms announce or give up any natural right, the eternal law of reason in the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation, the right to freedom being a gift of Almighty God. It is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave and he also John Adams also said you have rights antecedent to all earthly governments rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws, rights derive from the great legislator of the universe seek.

This is what this would do a lot of these guys said in the in the early days of the Constitution in fact let's see He is not fast and outworked our country save our country is is in trouble and I missed her gloom and doom, but is not currently have really heartwarming open if you want to call you for the lines 877-207-2276 Oscar to Joshua Robin North Carolina Josh welcome your on-air Josh only if I hit the button that it really helps if I do that I Josh, is there yeah I yes I can hear you but okay great so when you when you're dealing with trying to question and you want to use the Bible as a reference, but they don't believe in the authority of character. They don't believe in the Bible.

They think the Bible is is not as an all about talking to them about God without using the Bible artwork would you continue to view the Bible, what would your strategy be well just because someone doesn't want to use the Bible doesn't mean going to do with they wants is with her asking you to do is to abandon your Christian worldview. Okay my back also worldview is the the the belief system.

Now I religious Christians have a worthy trip.

Okay, now I hear get disconnected and to give McCall I don't know what the lesson was anybody's heard me say, but that's okay. There's a lot to be able to be said about this. I said some great stuff off the air. Apparently so that's it. I was reading some stuff, you know what folks looking to tell you is Christians you have to be aware, you have to stand strong. You have to understand that we need information we need truth. We don't need to be lied to by anybody. We need to crosscheck our fact is what I do for living. I write, I research I crosscheck things like this and so may tell you that if you don't listen to what the word of God says and put it above politics, third above society appeared above everything else that what else you can to be led down the road to slavery, it will happen all people. United States, 1984 to find out about break coming up in 20 McCall 87720776 max Y call 770727 pairs mats like all right it would look back at the show, arriving at one open line 877-207-2276 John from Florida.

Welcome your on-air thanks to question of action. I was looking really good. John 313 and I never really noted the end of the parade. No one had defendant to have invitees looking down from heaven. That is the fundamental event that even having talking, when I left part and especially first, let's do that first Jos 313, which is in heaven is a textual variant which is in heaven is so I'm looking at that you okay so it's it's a textual variant. The King James uses at the NASB does not and the ESV does not either. And RSV.

This will work out his check does not have it either. So anyway, nevertheless, so as with the apparently, the greater the better texts have this variant and they'll say he dissented from heaven, the Son of Man, and that's all. Just as I say he was in heaven. But it's fine to say that to the stroke so anyway light of that, what will you question. While I will direct my bric-a-brac out onto one of connected and other the Lord rained down from heaven alarm overnight. Below, Matt isn't back from her current that John 13 and Atlantic Dannon. I didn't really noted that an and thought out of my did my question and I think what I said what you referenced it with Genesis 1924 Yahweh rained fire and brimstone on some more from Yahweh out of heaven, so that's good he cross-dresser references appear to this John 313 elicited into heaven, he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man, what I would do at this point you can understand principle here so if I were talking oneness I quoted in Genesis 1924 and he went here to John 313. I would say good I'm glad you agree with me and he's can it not. I know I don't will you do apparently because that's what you just you go to the verse because if you can go to the King James which says who is in heaven, the Son of Man, that means Jesus is in heaven right yell. Okay, so I heaven is a right so you agree that we teach is Trinitarian's what I'm doing is having not a little fun, but what I'm doing is forcing them to articulate their position because we Trinitarian's agree with that verse. I write him to try and establish why the return position isn't true from that verse.

He won't be able to and thing is that a lot of times people quote these verses thinking that refutes that the dock of the Trinity when it does not reaffirm of the Son of Man is in heaven.

And I would ask is Jesus a man right now is unibody flesh and bones right now and different oneness will say different things with the intro courses. Yes, he is Colossians 29 first Timothy 25 in his other stuff and then we can have a discussion. From that point, so there's no challenge there whatsoever from this. I do the better verse for use if you want to spend your second question will first met Frank whatsoever that of first John five for confounding the nonmarital of the probation and I didn't want to get your take on this and leading to death yeah yeah we'll notice I we don't know we know that's that there are different instances we know it.

For example, an action for five and licensor firing lied to the Holy Spirit and they were killed for that though that is a sin leading to a physical death doesn't mean that they were at a loss, or salvation, but the very least visitor saved the very least they were a judgment upon them physically, God will certainly do that with Christian skill will take them out, but the right circumstances so we don't know what this exactly as their debates about it.

There's commentaries about it. We don't know exactly what it is that there's a sin leading to death. We do know of Romans 623. The wages of sin is death for all sin leads to death so benevolent. What is your particular sin that leads to death, and which kind of death, spiritual death or physical death, spiritual death, sin would be for example blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 12 2232 so we can't have you can have that will kill you spiritually. Don so I consider debates about what is the sin leading to death. Okay, we don't know exactly got it thank you very much right, okay. God bless. All right, let's get to John from Utah hey John, welcome you on the air. Thank you. Make sure I'll meet you believe that Scripture is the absolute authority all issues concerning the Christian faith that correct and everything it addresses.

It's the final authority.

Yes, the question I have an interpretation obviously arithmetic knitted Baptist or Seventh-day Adventist. The alien Catholic all of them interpret Scripture in different ways by interpretation.

I like itinerary to criticize person I very much respect Greg Laurie for something that he would so is that your interpretation or someone else's interpretation. I am wondering interpretation it, it will have an example of interpretation. Well, I mean never.

Differences on many many things in Scripture about the millennial when we when we millennial millennial erratic example there example climb the Eucharist to client eating one let's talk about 100 you just raised a bunch of issues. Pick one and we can talk about well what I'm talking about it.

Interpretation the correct interpretation of the one that agrees with Scripture is no point. I'm a night Bible don't necessarily agree with that.

It's just that you don't you don't necessarily disagree with it or you do disagree with that, the Scriptures, in whatever reason Scripture is true. Well that the issue though it become interpretation of Scripture. Okay, so pick an issue and we can discuss and see who's interpretation is correct according to Scripture I could ask you. Well, tonight I highlighted regulatory I like the mean and I was baptized by Chuck Smith back from the Greg Laurie regularly says, but so were allowed to have differences of opinion on nonessentials if he or anybody else disagrees with the Scripture on the essentials, then I will stand publicly against the I could tie with the essentials are, but we have the right to have disagreements on was called Audie offer. According Romans 14, 1 to 12 what it Romans 14 2012 it says do not pass judgment on debatable issues.

As with the whole thing about okay, don't wait. Wait for the issue or non-debatable the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Physical resurrection according to frequent is 15 verses 14 and 17.

Write the gospel.

That's the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Galatians 189 is in both of those of first I said if Christ be not raise her faith is in vain. And then there's a statement and a warning with that's what essential will be temporary hold on get back don't tell you with the essentials of the faith.

According to Scripture.

Okay the problem faithful to read that Kathy's messages please mats like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg home right about what after the show John doing their three children, John and Lou, John, on May the put them on hold, come back to want to answer this issue and give him what essentials are to discuss the issue of hermeneutics. We are allowed to have differences of opinion John.

I can hear you act. See, we had a little problem before and I just make sure that not having the problem right now the moment so okay good still on okay women do is put him on hold will go to the next caller will come back to John okay, talk about this issue is very important one.

All right, let's get to North Carolina. Donna welcome you gonna be there might be having a problem that can hear Donna either so let's see how about if you could check on them to make sure okay let's try another person because it might just be we have a coincidence of problems. Fearless Anthony from Kansas. Anthony, are you there out here all you are okay with the okay will get to you then. All right, so what you well. How would you answer person that are never that there's nothing in figure 3 to indicate your property okay so he says nothing in secular history means it existed says it existed say oh so you admit client about is no evidence okay when everybody says that in the what I like to say is there's no evidence as an instructor. No evidence as it okay so Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans printed Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Timothy, Titus, these design evidence at all. I know say will know now I know I don't regard that is evident that I know I and I know I know. Trust me okay so the signal is not evidence in a civil why isn't it.

Why do you automatically dismiss the 27 books of the New Testament written very early on by eyewitnesses that is transmitted actually from there. Now why is it that all of a sudden that's just not acceptable evidence. What justifies you to say it doesn't count as evidence. You have to asked the right questions. If they're in the states not evidence of and ask why isn't it evidence. These are ancient books written why old weight over the first century.

So why is it not evidence. Now they have to explain why they can't have that is evidence when someone says to me God exist but you can't use a Bible essay discussion because if you want to tell me how I have to think and speak we don't have a discussion you want freedom of expression you want to control the limits and set the rules I and in so doing, is invariably happens you want to move the goalpost to accept your standard, you have to tell me why the Bible isn't evidence, not sick, so go ahead, tell me why discount and then there the one stomach, absolutely little use of the north with okay okay Peter and Paul were killed right around 6263 or 64 A.D. give or take. Okay 62 to 64 A.D. all right, the book of acts we have Matthew Mark Luke John acts right. The book of acts does not contain the death of Peter and Paul, it does contain the death of Stephen in acts chapter 7 Jesus prophesied the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and there's nothing in the book of acts that could mentions the instruction of Jerusalem. Nothing so this is because it was written before these events is the logical reason that the that the that Luke wrote this before, Peter and Paul had been martyred that it's important that means it written roughly around 60 A.D. because historically Peter Pollock children in the early 60s solicits a 60 A.D. well if you read the first few verses of Luke and the first to view few verses of acts you'll find out that Luke wrote both the book of Luke and the book of acts. He wrote most of the New Testament is in the stupidness partner bit by this you thing is Luke was written before the book of acts well if acts was written around 60 A.D., Luke. Let's say five years it's it's it takes a while to actually to block all right to say that those five years, 5580 will Jesus crucified in roughly a 3380 322 years here, and don't forget the book of Matthew.

Most scholars agree was written before the book of Luke was to say 5080. So this is how early.

These documents are and the methodology of copying the documents from then to now is exceedingly accurate because the Greek letters alphabetic Gamma Delta epsilon is also the numbers 12345 and it goes on, the higher the not the letters. The higher the numbers.

So when they write letters are also writing numbers when they would copy a document they were very, very careful because of her sacred documents when they would copy these documents one letter at a time. They would then add up the numbers and they would check in with the original document. That's how meticulously they They carried this this job that they copy these things accurately. From then and now.

Okay I slicing the critical essay apparently you don't understand or have knowledge of how Bible was written, the New Testament documents written how accurately the retransmitted or the dating of the book of acts to dating the book of Luke, and you just want to dismiss at all and saves not working. I have counter evidence for what you present. Give me your evidence. Why you can't trust with the New Testament documents see okay not only on the defensive.

Go on the offense of if they are going to assert something. Have them verify the assertion. If they say there is no evidence for this one. Why do you say that how do you know that you know all evidence, no you can't say there is no evidence for God right you can see there is no evidence that Christ lived, and incidentally, there are historical documents that talk about Jesus. Besides the Scripture England Carmen can find out that those are, but the written after the fact and what generally happens is you find someone say was written after the fact is account the work so there is evidence you still like it. Evidence either this or you not open to facts.

You're just trying to continue to deny God in your righteousness is Romans one $0.18 in the judgment of God is upon you as a rest of the crisis is right side okay okay that help okay Matt came half cup Leslie all right folks for three open lines 877-207-2276 in which that guy with the issue of the authority Scripture would call back that good topic good topic with get to Donna from North Carolina are you there hi Tammy, yes I can. Yes, I can only pray for our now train that he could maybe go back on obviously wrong right like what okay hack today.

Sure, first John 24 if you say you know him and do not keep his commandments.

The truth is not in you when you are a liar.

First John 24, first John 24 if you say you love Jesus and your committing adultery don't claim the name of Christ and say you're probably a false convert on your way to hell because if you don't have any conviction about your sin and your seeking that which is in violation of the word of God than God. If you are a Christian, God can kill you if you're not a Christian.

He's going to judge you and your heart will grow harder and pretty soon you get an even greater sin. Tell the truth and and if he goes to church. The elders need to be involved with those elders don't do anything than those elders are disqualified from being elders. The elders need to if he's a Christian and one I think a woman is okay oh woman to someone in the church or what now wanting to okay this is your husband or not but if he's continuing to read yet Lawrence, so sorry okay you do go to church yet and pay good what I would recommend you do is you go to your elders your church need talk to them about this.

If he's committing adultery he's broken his covenant vowel before you, and you have the lead. Talk about this after the break at a break coming up okay.

Please hold off the folks as we have two of the line 2076 Matt slick live call 770-7276 pairs Matt Slade back to the show with Don. Are you still there right so they go through some notes are notes during the bright breaks are to get through some things you need to get the elders involved and for you the very least. And hopefully you go to a church with there's good elders who will take this seriously and protect you and guard you.

If they don't do this if there will casual about it. Dismissive, then the newbie got a bad church the responsibility of the elders is to be involved and to to take care and to guard for their supposed to be able to do that. If he continues in his adultery.

You might want to consider kicking him out or moving out either one separation is something to consider.

I know that that the different situations have different requirements such stuff like that. Understand that is not always easy in and are impossible but is consideration. You may have to face the consequences.

You need to have him face the consequences of the seven you can't have any relations with some physical relations with them, which I would recommend you don't, because to be risking your health. It could be bringing a venereal disease and if you were to repent. Then, even then you have a medical checkup and ask if you were to take him back. Then he has to go under the leadership of and discipline of the eldership and eat, and then medical checkups and counseling would have to happen.

Okay if he does not repent, and he continues in this you have the right to divorce, not the obligation, you can if you want. Don't you don't have to, though it at some point the elders might even recommend divorce if I were your pastor and let's save this was something we were working through other elders and for a year or two missing. That's how long we have to be, but just whatever is picking up your time and he was unrepentant at times it might come a point where we say it's time for you to to divorce him because God divorced Israel for their spiritual adultery, but divorce is not automatically assent. I would also recommend that you keep a record of all the things that you do for reconciliation and you know you gonna call the radio talking to the elders keep a small record that you can use later for your own protection. I feel very strongly protecting women and I very much against men who commit adultery who abuse their position in the homes, I just would like to just smack upside the head loving like you know what I mean you get them on the right path is a you act like men you guard your wife. You provide for your children.

You don't go out with wandering eyes go serve your flesh. You made a vow stick with it. I know how hard it can be. I got stories my own restaurant. My wife with this what you gotta do so if he were not on my yes it is.

If he repents and if I don't stay with them has been of the elders And he probably is not a true Christian is a false conflict not not Christian look okay now about five and a chemical you just had a kidney transplant program that you had a kidney transplant and he's committing adultery on our aboriginal monarchs are you are and are not timely. Get an eight and I don't take Kent on a Magnetic United cabinet good for me, I now I found equally athletically, Leo and I medical snake make it. You need to talk to your doctor and you absolutely need to be getting involved with your elders, your church, you have to contact your elders if they need to be there with you and help you through this okay and if you think there's some foul play involved. You might want to file a police report earlier if you think so, and if you're wrong will then you're wrong you know you say I think so. This makes sense of medical care. The elders of the church are involved. You keep a record of everything and and stuff and also we have a prayer ministry your car in spirit, the review can email assembly of people there who pray for okay so call going to come. Thanks back in a week and let me know how it goes okay I will. I thank you okay complex you know to pray for her right now. I just pray for Laura just looked up to you and ask that you bless her and asked you comfort her and strengthen her through all the difficulty she's going through. Lord you protect your just send your Angels of detection and without the husband that you would regenerate him and bring him to a place of repentance. Lord asked for your protection on her guidance provide what she needs. Yes, his name Jesus right. Okay, let's see, let's get to Pearl for Virginia Pearl welcome year on year hello hello Pearl. Sorry for the long wait right there, you know. Second Corinthians 518 bears all things are of God is there. Yes, all these things can get.

The Babylonians found a clean fair, I think because of what that bears in everything give thanks.

I was just wondering if you could tell me if you think I 223, where Peter is getting his mighty sermon lad said that acts to 20 3 PM of course Peter is speaking of the Lord Jesus being delivered by the determinant counsel and foreknowledge of God have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain what I want to know is I may not have this said, just correctly but I want to know and a blonde again. Believe about the blood of the lamb and the need is where comedy, with dad mean to that, he loved us so much like chose from before the foundation of the world like in John 17 that bracelet prayer the Lord Jesus, would that mean also that he determined and I is foreknowledge online. Alec those who killed the Lord Jesus Christ. Though I know he tells us in John 1017 and 18. No man can it so no man can kill God and I understand that she thinks I should bear it. You tell me he could not commit suicide for us which Outlook called deicide because he loved us so much would you say then that him being delivered by the determinant counsel and foreknowledge of God, that God had his two and he is foreknowledge and planning of course when I was is why Jesus is called the eternal begotten son, because in the intra-Trinitarian communion from forever ago, the father elected and gave to the son, the elect and the sun was to come and redeem the elect. That's why says in Ephesians 14 we were. He chose us in him in Christ before the foundation of the world.

So you God is in control and the death of Christ was ordained from forever ago okay that I don't want to know, sir, you have the right, right now I don't what I'm what I was getting at.

Actually I was kind of impressed you actually put together really well. Not many people do, and you just I was like, wait a minute, she's just getting it right bank so good for you. You can scan thank you sir for that complement and I love my God so much. I know you are not here to hear baby as Mike is on you after I that the Lord God because of and threw it in the name only of the Lord Jesus Christ and because of the Holy Spirit and the precious, priceless, powerful, the elderly in the that whatever lies the precious blood of the lamp that he would abandon me and break me and shatter me into numberless pieces until my heart is laugh as nothing but a volcano volcanic by burning with passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ that extends through my whole entire being for the glory of God alone will help you.

My neighbor now. How does one side appreciate you so much Sir love you in Christ, you're my brother and I'm your sister and I just wanted to ask you and I do pray that God will kill everything in may but him because math/amp, not right. What is steel of my flesh. It is the enemy's that's right, I saw they hate you Sarah that I rank you Ted that was right. That's correct, you might like using NASA Bento CAD and NSO installment. Thank you and God bless Friesen out right back out there. Okay goblins for right okay will have a short minute time limit is jump in Otis from Ohio really have 3040 seconds, we got buddy and I'll have enough time. I'll do my hotkeys are to say that Jesus is flesh involved in habit. Yes, all called care of the garden. Corinthians 516 therefore, from now on we regard no one according to the flashing.

Though we have known Christ according to the place yet. Now we know him And also on Internet Revelation. There, the churches, but Natalie I tell you what rooms at a time. Call back tomorrow if you want I can go through this with a look at the phrase the question blood and flesh and bones in the resurrection of Christ and literally right now in heaven is a man with holes in his feet always hands absolute absolutely yes I'll show you how to have Margie call that I tell you what a guy this important wife support my brother to go back tomorrow. Sorry to leave North Carolina but saw the Lord bless you all by his

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