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February 24, 2021 3:00 am

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February 24, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his work posted on CARM relating to the positive confession movement and the leading teachers.--2- I have a friend who believes there is an evil spirit present in their home. What should I tell them---3- Matt defines and explains what the positive confession movement is.--4- Is it a sin to observe the Sabbath on a Sunday---5- What do you think is going to happen with our country---6- What are the biblical definitions of gluttony and lust---7- What if I've committed the unpardonable sin- How would I know---8- Is baptism a requirement for salvation and if not, why do so many think so---9- Are being saved by grace and saved by faith the same thing---10- What is the definition of a reprobate mind-

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Matt Slick
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The previously recorded mats like shelf wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps. What why Grimes is called to respond to your questions and garlic.

772072276100 going to college with right now. Something will do is to catch you up on some stuff. Reproduction people who are interested in going on the Israel trip and only 20 people told about nine or 10 are still some of the room and if you're interested in the trip all you do is go to Carmen Israel and check out the information.

There if you are interested in a digital format. A philosopher important that tells us.

If you are really interested in going 13 day trip on the unit. If you see if and when you fill out the form fill the survey then when it's time to sign up for action for real hundred dollars off the truck and these missions all their four-star hotels know what kind of stuff. I'll be there like should be there and thrilled to have a great time.

So there you go.

A. We also still nearby your supports. If you're interested in supporting us. All you have to do is with the Continental/donate and should take you right there to the proper page check in because we had updates listening to the site and when those links was working like this one should be working right so there you go.

And if you want to go watch the show is not a big deal. You want to show the going into the Karma homepage, and you can watch it on the Tulkarm homepage is not a big deal but the people sometimes act as a see me sitting here at the office and into the chair with the head Mike on them. Talk alright. So if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 right so today I spent some time going through and I collected and I got more to do, but I collected a lot of the quotes from the positive confession teachers is a renowned and on the radio will mention the stuff the flaming heretics that they are and you when I say that been is what they are there heretics their teaching.

So if you're interested in checking it out on the reef. Some of the stuff from there you can just type in positive confession preachers and teachers. The Karma websites.

The search engine and is also working on the search engine should be the navigation issue when it asserts psycho to the hamburger menu. It doesn't always work properly at the company doesn't have any problem with any other website except ours. Of course, and so there will be looking into hours specifically to see what the issue is so praise God without will get that taken care of and hopefully soon alright so therefore the lines 877-207-2276 I have quotes from John Evans Ely Charles Capps Kenneth Copeland let's see, Paul Crouch, Kenneth Hagan, Benny Hinn, while see who else the W Canyon done alphabetically. Joyce Meyer and Fred Price on to be clucking even more heresy-fest quotes the myth of bricks page up into other pages but it's all for now. That's what I've got and the if you're interested in checking out all you do is is to score the Karma homepage. See the list there because so most recent articles show up on them on the homepage and needs in a few days it'll it'll filter off when we get more articles. There next that got cars coming at list of jump on the callers. Let's get to Randall from West Virginia rental welcome.

If you are on the year a man a dog doing all right and we really need your advice. Grab a quick bite thing I have someone that menthol think of me all that they are but I feel like there's an evil spirit follow him around and Amber how and by asked me if I would and let out at the that I don't leave and fade with stuff like that up.

Told him that by told me some pretty wild stuff about what's going on and the woman that I felt a lot to ask her. I told her to get rid of anything in her health work in a like bad dream catchers and all that and but when I asked her if she was married. He cannot handhold around the quest and Oksana feel like that is that where she claimed to be a Christian. I feel like this that Flossie had the first of my thirsty married and I don't know about told I will ask somebody else, but allows will okay one of the things that we do this in the topic that I understand that there certainly is a possibility of demonic activity going on now is that what it is I don't know… Assume that it is and what we do about the well you what you said was correct.

You need that person needs to get rid of any occult connected items they need to get rid of them.

Dream captures A catchers also crystals now that it… Was going to but give a crystal on her necklace or some like that. It's not an occult thing. But if used for our culprit purposes, then it needs to be gotten rid of because there are cases of of demonic things attached to objects and so just having a dream catcher doesn't mean that it's a door, but that's what they're intended for and not an occult thing and crystals, though some people can have them in some not just depends it all comes down to is the purpose to connect with anything spiritual. And if that's the purpose then it's not occult apparatus and anything could become that and so anything would need to be removed. That was used or was intended to be something by which anyone would contact or get in contact with the spiritual force and so then it would only be gotten rid of. It also would need to become a Christian because so if there's a demonic force in the in the area of the home public demonic oppression upon individual and so the person needs become a Christian need to understand who Christ is and what responsibility is before God, what sin is repentance and things like that. It all needs to be confessed and they need to become Christian ethic they choose not to doesn't mean we can't clean the house though so you go through to make sure all the objects connected things like that are are gone. We also want to make sure that there aren't some relatives or friends who are in a cult like Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, or during the superstitious aspect of Roman Catholicism in praying to the saints, and you don't have these medallions that they give you to keep you safe from evil spirits oldest philosophical stuff and that would need to be dealt with because sometimes people who mean well, like Mormons, jobs, witnesses and Catholics pray for somebody could because are not Christians can be involved in directly with the occult, and so I'm ever going into house once.

Recall that the Catholic Delta Mary Housley called Missy that's what I called it. So I've been this lady's house in a few years here in the Idaho area you walk in the house and basically every wall is saturated with Mary, pictures, statues, candles, and was obviously not just a humongous occult thing and she thought she was a good Catholic woman was just idolatry. So womanlike that we need to get rid of all that stuff is not to do it but that's another topic.

So what we do is you can get your you can do it yourself you can do with it or the elders of the church can do it if she seems to be a Christian. She needs to repent of her since she says she's a Christian she's living in sin that she needs to repent of that and stop it now and you get married or move out or whatever condition must be arrived at work for that to stop because you cannot be abiding in sin and then say hey Gabi please bless me you want to be blessed by God will then stop sinning. You know that means we all simply meet, stop doing these overt sins. Pornography and fornication and not an adultery and lying into and even white lies like the Bob's, but the sidestepping of a lot of Christians think it's okay to just a little white lies is as long as your intention was okay, now it's called sin that needed to stop it is like align your children about Santa Claus. This makes logging anatomy but a high suite is you don't tell your children that Santa Claus is real. If he's not real because it's a lie. Your child and you shouldn't do that, you know, and is in the right topic that comes up for Christmas like so anyway then you can go to the house with oil. You can pray to the house annoyed every door every wall every window you pray to the entire house.

Cloudy no soccer formula, but you do this, saying so well so anyway that's it and am there you go. Okay, okay, she would call me out very bad with a good friend of mine and a dad. I think they could out of the water and I thought it even if if the dead married is Catholic. I need to find out for sure, but I don't think she's married to a me any good to do anything. I've let her know that.

Pray this will not complain and you can ask the Lord to intervene and find out more about her situation and recommend that she return from sin to Christ and if you go to the church she needs to contact elders of the church about what's going on in the house. I've been over houses.

My other work done had other things I will would not attempt, have. Thank them a path of things. Thanks. Know that this stuff real perfect life and I don't know but it sounds like it is.

So I will approach it carefully.

But I did want dear and bicycle yeah and you need to be very careful about it. So when I go into house, which is very often when asked to come and pray to the house my own house within it. In other places praying you go to the house and into just trust God that God is bigger and you than he does in the world can okay I like a lot.

My arraignment right but will God bless you, alright, alright.

Well folks, we have five open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 as I was talking about to begin the show about reading some of the stuff for the positive confession movement.

A lot of people may not know what that is. It's where the basic idea positive confession is that Jesus died in order to make you healthy and wealthy and if you are sick is because you've confessed that you're sick and that's why you're sick because words have power. And like Charles Said that faith is a substance and okay that faith is a substance and the that it can be included in your prayers and one secluded in your prayers.

It gives you power so there you go right back after mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave we have nobody waiting right now. George McCauley at 777-2276 so Charles Says that faith is the substance of this is important inside of the positive confession movement and yet understand it, to understand the heresy that comes with it.

When you have one error it usually leads to more errors, so faith is a substance he calls it a raw material. He's one of the early guys you taught the stuff and so he said that God used words as containers to hold faith to faith is like a substance in his words have the substance in it and it goes forth and therefore it causes things to occur, so them. The idea positive confession is if you could say that you're a sinner old and that's your words filled with power and it'll happen. So you're like a little God to you can create things because by your words you could. You can make things happen solicit while you have to confess that you're rich and confess that your healthy and don't confessed that you're a sinner. Don't confessed that you you're sick so that which is kind of a Gnostic kind of a thing that's more in line with Christian science of the mind sciences rather than biblical theology that anything that heretic. IT is God needed permission for from man to work on earth and I love this quote from him on this. What he said. Notice that when Jesus said, I have finished the work we know that he had not finished the work and I find that to be appallingly insulting and stupid. The guy actually contradicts Jesus notice that when Jesus said, I have finished the work we know that he had not finished the work we just call Jesus a liar. These arrogant fools who stand up and try and speak for God, and they sway the gullible, the ignorant, those sheep who don't study the word and don't know what it actually teaches. So they go to people who have big followings and lots of fun impressive words and things like that who sound good and they believe them and the blindfold blinded both moment.

Let's get to the end of North Carolina. Daniel welcome you on the air that are doing all right man hanging in there, but we got quick question is to observe the that it may work better that that whole unit or not see the reason is because Paul the apostle says in Romans 1401 through five.

You basically want to five is what you want to go to read and that and understood. Go to the important verse verse 51 verse regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind if were obligated to keep the Saturday Sabbath, then why would Paul say that one day of one person regards one day with another another regards, every day alike.

Each person must be fully convinced of his own mind if were obligated to follow the Sabbath on Saturday. The Paul should not have said what he said right there is other verses that get into the that's one right there that that's pretty powerful right I got you welcome all right. God bless.

Let's get to her from North Carolina are welcome. You are near a map. Thank you. I don't have much about the work that I did want to try to get through and at home a few weeks back. You made a general comment saying that there's a lot of things that you've been made aware of that may or probably will be happening in the country. Without this craziness going on in Washington and I wanted someone with interest the call up and you talk about it and I just wanted Canada get some perspective on what you've heard and what you think will you want to say too much because it's easiest to speculate and just be wrong about a lot of things.

So what I can do is save that you know there are obvious things going on and to desist, speak the obvious, what with the obvious yeah will be obvious would be that there is becoming a division within America from the conservatives and the leftist wacko morons and the leftist Rob morons are trying to do is remove our gun rights remove our religious rights remove our own rights. Now, people may think that I'm overreacting but I'm not. I'm looking at a file right now that I've I've been working on and I'm not sure how we might do with it yet and I have about 90 files in its and all they are is just links to articles on the web and so like Biden drops plan to track the Chinese communist influence in American schools words Biden.

There was a plan in place to track the Chinese communist influence in American schools and Biden got rid of that plan.

What the heck is he doing that for one yeah yeah and then nothing. Let it know and I don't Biden's season. He's horrible black lives matter, curriculum is a being promoted in this are to be promoted to schools is another one. Democrats are demanding that parlor reveal its investors and creditors number just read a few of these titles because this is what I want something for the groundwork for the Democrats is an article what was said in the crest of Antarctica reveals investors and creditors know why they want to do that because parlor is not under the politically correct agenda and so they want to find out who the investors and creditors are so they go after and punish so yet we're seeing here. This kind of stuff I got lots more lots more on immigration stuff, you know, Biden is opening the gates to the illegals opening the door to the illegals but stopping the good Christian may not Christians but the people of America from going out in public, not stopping completely, but he restricts the people in America or citizens are paying taxes and opens door for the illegals and releases them from prison without testing of coded whatever allows income in the country. This is my opinion that it's you know it's not enough for trees in the skillet trait that is crazy, but I mean you are not only tell you I have it, but what many people stepped knowing anything about the minimum-wage attack and people that call many great neck why the people on a day that what's wrong with our country because seller down sit and watch TV for little bit and watch just pick something and then count in seconds.

How many seconds it is before the angle of the wood you're watching changes.

You'll notice for gambling commercials. It's with one to three seconds is changes want to not always in movies and sitcoms and things like that. It's quick now one of the things this does is it teaches us not to focus and not to have thought we had things change really quickly and so that combined with the lack of quick, critical thinking is taught in schools is there's no critical thinking taught in schools. There basically is no critical thinking taught in pulpits, they need to be taught the stuff got Mr. precondition for the laws of logic which are universal abstractions and stuff and so were taught not to think were taught to follow and just respond and be fed while the leftists have been working on things for decades in the communists of the socialists and stuff.

There exists no vigil about half that have a break right back folks after these messages, please see Matt's leg why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show.

77072276 from his continuing the vein of the previous caller lot of you may think of this matter on the conspiratorial non-just know but I have been aware of things since the 80s things that are problematic in commodity you have to you know you don't have to be a genius or whatever to know that you are schools are left-leaning and fewer and fewer over our schools student body won't even allow the non-politically correct ideas on kindness.

I've read many articles of the past year to wear universities. The student body will protest against the conservative coming in to speak to don't even want that free speech is basically dead on university campuses that the social media is obviously leftist mean X should just go without saying it. People should know that the Democrats are talking about cleaning out your cleansing out and punishing trump supporters.

There's also been movements on the left to have conservatives of bank accounts frozen or their ability to do commerce to be stopped. For example, go to the writing banks and say love this person doesn't the company doesn't agree with LGBT Q so therefore you need to stop use, letting them use your bank note so the unit or something with the left.

You have to understand this is very very important tyranny always approaches with kind words of fairness tyranny always approaches with words of fairness and tolerance and the people who don't know any better, just succumb to it which having a countries are gun rights are being restricted and deftly violation of the Second Amendment, freedom of speech is but a shadow of its former self and you can't say things are politically: corrected you lose your job. Minorities like a LGBT Q and Muslim societies are influencing the majority causing people to be afraid to speak out against his will be in trouble.

Christians are ridiculed and made to look like foolish bigots. So, in light of this, and all I want to say something.

This is what Nikita Khrushchev said, is a Soviet leader for the V don't know true chips.

Khrushchev was his back in the 50s 60s range. Quote communism will dance on the grave of the capitalist, and we will sell you the rope you used to hang yourself and it's a famous quote and I remember it you know it's it's the communists saying that they are going to infiltrate are going to destroy America and why is it our schools are so leftist media is so leftist. Our social media so leftist corporations are leftist and getting rid of Art Plunkett River guns and he wanted to silence depositions for speech goes right.

Having said all of that what he thinks, Civil War or economic collapse and increased of intolerance, in the name of tolerance of persecution of Christians. A socialist state. I don't know what's coming, but are our country's in bad shape. One of the things that bothers me a lot is BLM is so supportive but yet it's a Marxist organization to black lives matter of course they do. The white lives matter course they do, lives matter and so were not try to be racist, and disables us promote this one particular skin color group above others. I don't believe in that. I believe there's three races Asian vehicle on a mongoloid Asian Negroid.

The black and caucus avoid the white people believe that I believe is only one race, the human race.

I think our country is way too focused on racism. I also think that the left is using it because with racism comes disunity, disharmony and problems, and when you can have more more problems you can pass more and more laws to solve those problems. But those laws passed restrict the freedom of people think about this you think the bad guys who go out there with guns and do bad things, that they are going to agree to not use magazines that only hold 10 rounds or not use what they are called assault rifles you think there is a okay with a lot you can do this. Who were the ones you then be affected by this is gonna be the law-abiding citizens's with the leftist government is doing is it is attacking the rights of those who are the ones who make this country possible were the ones the conservatives who try do an honest days work.

Leave us alone.

Let us watch our TV in our games don't increase our taxes and don't impinge on the rights that God gave us that's exactly the leftists are doing and there may come a point where no single spark ignites of ignite a fire and I don't want that to happen, but this is the kind of stuff that I'm worried about. And the Bible says in the last days the people be lovers of themselves and haters of what is good and so this is the kind of thing that's happening. So we Christians do we Christians need to be praying for this country may be praying for Biden and Harris really praying for Pelosi to pray for trump praying for people so that God's will be done. But here's a thought. It could be just might be that because the Christian churches failed to do with God is ordered Christian church that the Christian church has sought more of its comfort and pretrip rapture escapism and the comfort of our technology and our hope and expectation in which society and technology can provide. Just maybe we become so lax not focused on the word. The gathering torsos teachers that tickle our ears, just maybe, God is now sending judgment upon her land because the Christians are no longer salt no longer liked the stuff to say that all Christians are bad or all preachers are bad. No. But our country is in such bad shape.

I believe in part because the Christians are doing what they're supposed to be doing and that is going out into the world and make disciples of all nations, and it does mean we take risks that doesn't mean it can cost you. I know it has cost me it's cost me it had my life threatened.

I've had other things to happen but is not about me. I just think I know what it is and are you willing as a Christian to do what's necessary before your Lord and serve him, not send out there in front of it in on a freeway on-ramp with a bullhorn, but to be willing to be used by God at those moments and times that he desires for you to speak up or sit down, whatever it might be and churches need to preach about this and they need to teach Christians how to find her gift things and find out what abilities they have and find out with things they can do. We need to be marching. We need to be voting we need to be making emails and phone calls to people expressing our desire for the return of our country and Constitution and things like that and if you think folks as a Christian you think that were just supposed to turn the other cheek and do nothing that is not correct the issue. Turn the cheek has to do with personal insults you don't don't return insult for insult. And remember, Jesus is not the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown waiting for permission for you to let your heart. It's not how it is.

But if we are going to not bow our knee to our sovereign Lord and then carry out what he wants us to do them were hypocrites and hypocrisy is something that is so, I would suggest that if you're Christian listen my words if these were speaking to the first thing you must do was is ask God to bring to your own awareness your own sin. In this regard, and just as God does talk to God about it and said, Lord, thank you for revealing this to me. Please cleanse me of my sin teach me how to be a better Christian follows you and you have to be ready though because sometimes what Christ calls us can be difficult. Although I've had many experiences that were difficult due to my Christianity and some that were just downright torrential. He difficult, but I went through it anyway for my faith Lord Jesus Christ. You have to be willing to be able to be used by God to tell you though he'll used to. He will use you but he won't leave you as you are. If you want to be used of God understand some he will use you but he won't leave US shape.

This will be able to provide. He wanted all members 07 after mass Y call 77077 charismatic/from Iowa hello Adam Matt and Aaron here are fate talking again and I really appreciate all that you do want to be kind of quick question because I know other people are waiting for. I had one that came up after I told the guy my question but I wanted adequate. The biblical definition of the that you would think gluttony and loss because what I am not. I struggle to know exactly what life and gluttony is okay will. Gluttony is an excessive desire and greed. I guess it is a food generally is understood and lost is excessive desire is therefore an object in a sense of coveting this could be used that way. Good also in a sexual way, will people of of deficit section with whom you should not be engaging mental attitudes and stuff right okay. I've been I've been struggling with trying to figure out if I'm if I I'm a glutton you know and I'm like the skinniest one that I am that anybody would ever meet anyone that it's just something that I can't get a straight answer from anybody for you give me the answer conflict with other people will see you know I should be anorexic. It's this truth anorexics railed among males, so there was a problem. The opposite direction. And now I'm 6 feet tall, 224 pounds is weight myself this morning so I'm not I'm not fat, my gluttonous IM if I must use food all the time. To satisfy this enacted etc. within you could have some was big boned and being framed and are not gluttonous but they look like they might be soapy your own attitude before God is.

The issue is it's something that you look to for comfort besides God.

And that's and you can't watch a good movie is comforting some habitual thing that a that becomes a control in your life instead of God. That's a form of gluttony and lust coveting something like that kind of interrelated rent and my second question, it is the day out that I have never been a Christian. Two years now, but the day I was converted.

I've always had that nagging fear of the unpardonable stamp, but that December. I had that thought got there my thoughts frustrated because I did not feel as if I was being convicted by the Holy Spirit and had a bad thought and then I've had bad thought upon bad thoughts, and I don't want them and I want to faithfully walk with the Lord and I think you every day and you know I make my mistake in there and there they made up your affected up but I'm I'm in that fear every single day like have I committed it and if I have you know I can't go to heaven or what II don't know II don't know what to do. I seek help and the question I've gone to the ship signed with blasphemy.

The Holy Spirit is Matthew 1222 232. It is saying that Jesus does miracles by the power the devil is saying and meaning it. That's what it is. It's nothing else. Some people may say it's something else, but they're ignorant because that's not what the Bible says it has you can blaspheme, but that's not called blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, Jesus miracles began to get topic and noise in the background and make a lot of noise in thinking around okay start okay this is it important to hear this right so blast of the Holy Spirit is something that the Pharisees definitely could commit some people don't even think Christians could commit today, but that's what it is in its old context. Jesus was baptized to enter in the Melchizedek priesthood according to Old Testament law and the Holy Spirit came upon him, and was after the Holy Spirit came upon him that his miracles began. So I'm of the opinion that he was doing his miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit abiding on him and his anointing for his ministry. This is why they would say you do the casting out demons by the power of the devil, and he says blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.

That's what it is you, not committed if you had committed then you wouldn't be able to be saved because were elected for the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 14 by the father and given to the sun and the sun can't lose any and if you think well maybe I never was saved to begin with dead people. Don't worry about their salvation. Dead people don't. Okay, so you're worried about it, a major life in Christ you just are new in the faith need to understand that you've not committed it. You're not going to committed and secure in Christ. It takes a while some time for some people to learn it because a little nervous about things because they are aware of their own sin, but along with the awareness of their own sin and the lack of conviction here or there.

Whatever might be, along with was a growing understanding the also growing understanding and trust of Christ and realized that trusting in Jesus is what keeps us saved and even that faith is granted to us by God looking for 129 and what God gives us. As far as faith goes, is sufficient sufficient for salvation and your saved and you just what you do is move on.

Don't worry about his blessed Holy Spirit thing is keeping you back not committed it not going to committed your saved move on, trust Christ by faith move on trusting him. Okay, are you there yeah I hear that that's really reassuring with the glass and I thought that Abraham bringing him to Christ right and absolutely I still struggle with and for no reason to jump in my mind that come from it as our heart, their horrible and I do say Lord please forgive me. I move on to Lord just didn't dirt goes smooth on it happens sometimes. A lot more than others and not for long time. Whatever it happens okay were still sinners by nature but works saved by grace, and kept by grace, not by our ability to be good or thing good or our ability not to think something bad that's not what our salvation is based on is based on what Jesus did on the cross, not what we do now. Okay thank you sir are God bless God what folks pray for him he would need that person God knows who he is is pray for this get to Michelle from Virginia Michelle, welcome your on. I you halfway back and now boy. I know it, but I wanted thing I ate without people, but not really that they are in fact it is made back right now. I know that we all think that great. A lot of people fail like a payback that you bought again and lay out automatically. Faith cleavage Lane that and one more what limit do any sign with okay baptism is not a requirement for salvation. Baptism is not the thing that forgives us of our sins. The Bible says were justified by faith. Romans 51 Romans 328 Romans 45 Galatians 216 glacier 221 Titus 35 these are the verses talk about salvation by faith and trust in Christ, not by thing we do and that's it that's all it is suffered justified by faith. Roy asked the people teach baptism is necessary.

I asked him are we justified by faith is Romans 51 says units is having therefore been justified by faith in all saved. Yes is as will then if were justified by faith, we justified by faith. When we have faith answer has to be yes. It's now is a baptism is necessary, than it did not justified by faith in the preaching a false gospel. Okay, okay, okay, now I great thing right yet grace is the unmerited favor of God and faith is something God grants to a slippage 129 and he works faith in us. John 620 29. So it comes from God and it is therefore sufficient. We actually do believe because it enables us to believe the gratitude is what it says and so those of the verses folks looking at 129 checking out accurate. I felt it a great groundwork God and lay them out with the reprobate mind and that's I think you may find Romans chapter 1 verses 24 through 2620 Lexi thought if you had Hidden action of rep they all look great and depraved acts as a yeah it's a Greek dock documents and it just means reprobates depraved really fleshly ungodly that kind of thing and so he gives them over to the depraved mind the reprobate mind their ungodliness. God gives them over in the context of that giving over his homosexuality let context of that we pretty much let you decide it's bad news and if people think I'm I'm wrong. Go read the context of Romans chapter 1 starting in verse 19. Read the chapter you will see okay okay. I love you I got less. Okay, let's get to Larry from Iowa hey Larry, welcome your on their hey Matt, good evening. I wanted just to make comment related to what you speaking about earlier still seeing the last days more humanist secular. My wife went to order this book on prayer from Barnes & Noble and they said they couldn't get that book and she said looking order it.

She said they should know, were no longer going to be carrying that type of material in our store so it's happening all over you and I know what to do about it, I know what needs to be done and is two actions one is in the church and one is by the Christians outside the church had need to happen in the church's Christian thing to be praying specifically for what's coming in for the power of God to move through Christians to change society and that takes forms of prayer and then Christians need to get off their lazy rears and start making demands call up Barnes & Noble's I want these books and Christian should be doing it by the millions.

I want to ignore these books, they should have their phones crashing because Christians are doing this on the order book I would say folks for example the book Fox's book of martyrs.

Okay if you don't have it, you just need to get it folks. I would say call up Barnes & Noble and say we need Fox's book of martyrs.

Pilgrims progress and ask for books like that my books. Okay, but you likely influenced by Matt slick. You can do different books.

You can ask but if this happened if Chris just as good be nice about not worry some, and also to correct then you part of the problem. Good idea also remains salting the earth and not salty. Then you know 13 that if either Lucas trampled underfoot by men you exactly really talking see I'm annoying to people because I sank as Christians were supposed to be out there doing something. I don't understand how Christian the most part don't want to spend God I don't understand. And if I've got a shower got blessed. Not sure how they vote for Lord bless you were out of time. Bless you and thereby got

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