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February 9, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 9, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the new heaven in Revelation 21-1- Is that the stars and planets etc or the dwelling place of God---2- Can I lose my witness to someone not of the faith if I share my political views with them---3- Can you still sin after you've come to salvation---4- Do you know who Shawn McCraney is---5- Does having relations mean marriage---6- Is the way church is done today Biblical- Can it only be done in homes---7- How do the passages about God not remembering our sins anymore reconcile with passages like in Romans or Corinthians that say we will be judged by Christ for what we have done---8- How does the Catholic church justify the inquisition---9- What's the difference between premil and amil---10- How are we to fear God- What is meant by fear---11- Can you explain 1 John 5-14-15- What is God's will---12- What does the free exercise of religion clause mean-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max what Y rises call to respond 77207276.

Listen for a while. You know the routine which can recall 513772072276 no please wait right now so I want to hear from you. Let's see, let's see, let's see debate couple nights ago 031 last night but it fell through the baby on abortion didn't work on what happened on the why didn't show up and also on the menu because the Uno's control.

That's okay, but I did not get this discord and to check it out. It's a little bit hard to use but that's what very popular right now and what often happens is I will go into discord and as it happened last night I was there and am for almost 4 hours.

Just a few questions and I had the privilege of being able to preach the gospel. You know just just ask that you would pray about what I do. There because this kind of an odd little boy gone-odd thing to be 3040 50 people in a room and one guy, a Roman Catholic, nice enough guy. He actually filters through the questions from people and then gives them to me, one at a time and I answer questions and I'll do 3040 questions in our sometimes this depends answer that they have little discussions, debate disagreements and things like that but you can check that out if you're ever interested sometime and I'm in there right now in the current server and radio show area and if you are interested in checking out initial trip or try to go on all you do is go to Carmen one word and I will forward you to another site and go from there to know if you check it out.

Information we see only people or are interested would you have some people who see okay okay good invite to. I just thought invite to you on you on the Trinity The TV thing to do that okay what happened last of having to open lines 87720722760 just jumped right on and let's get to go Ron Garon from Florida that I said before you call before I say Klingon guy start never heard that against her all right and we got what you think. A quick auto waistcoat Revelation chapter 21 verse one the apostle John, and I saw our new habit and new earth.

The word heaven there is he describing the that this guy the expand fast or is he talking about heaven where God with God and new heaven and a new earth. That's probably talking about the stars and the earth. The first and second level of heavens because in the Jewish cosmologies are three heavens.

One is the earth, the sky.

The birds are in the wind and the clouds are the second one was the moon and the stars, the sun, and the third is going place of God's will most probably is the first to Okay that every implant applicant think it must think about their God blessed by the mat and you cannot debate your debt recently to the on the guide: something I think I was so good. You were very good.

Yet yet he did not do well and Ali did not Menasha do a picture, a video tonight going over that debate. You glad you watched him go debate. So go like that and some that the base don't. I think I love how you told him the truth anymore and I hope that God uses that to really content that is studied more to understand what it is actually that the Christian worldview is and my hope is that when the study that God will grant them repentance and faith until time to see the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ that he loved Anna not all of the logical inmate and I'll pray for Hannah and I would ask thank you did pray for him before debate before encounter, but is often is the case with meat atheists. They think they know Christian theology and they don't and was really evident that debate he was attacking something and didn't understand it last night. The I was having a pretty good discussion debates with a pretty knowledgeable atheist and he kept bringing up the God concept and I finally said to him, dude, what are you talking about. What is this God concept you've got said, I believe that God concept of leaving the Trinitarian God revealed in the Scriptures want to argue with me about the Trinitarian God instead of jingling up the God concept you having to define what God did it because of your talking about, and he wouldn't even do that would you define so the atheist, I find an older arrogant but you know the their self deceived and we can talk. The sky last night and I asked him what is it possible to be self deceived, but if you think he took that as an offense as though he couldn't be self deceived with just the ridiculous is ridiculous how so many of them are. I don't want to study, understand the criticize is ridiculous before I go I love what you did and disregard you use the early aspects of apologetic apologetics.

That group you provided and evidence you took of the comments I, we had evident that is not just blind faith. And I love how you want apologetic that the extent you answered his objections Sunday at some white not in a valid and didn't want apologetic that the fence you unpack is worldview by his foolishness and I just feel very good. I think some other apologetic at don't use all three of those aspects and I collected you and you apologetics. You have to use maybe you're focusing on one more than the other but all three comprised apologetic to do that very well and it is me as I walked off again that great job for which I love you brother your blessing will give God the glory is so. Amen.

Because I'm I'm a man who was saved out of porn. The Colts's owl this and that fornication, I was a man wallowing in sin and rebellion in God saved me so pray to God as all the glory that a man good night God bless you. Thank you for taking my call. God blessed us Out so folks.

We have two lines going to give me a call 772-0776 we lost the red button that might help 877-207-2276 Kelly from Los Angeles you're on the right… I want to make a short thought went okay so why faith told me thinking I should let people know their political because you could very well lose your right they may not want to hear about pray because of because of your political thought after that way if that is not political. It was someone accepting the gift of Christ.

I'm either you're being God for salvation.

Are you not think that coming to be a part of the Atlantic.

I had not yet know, making it a father and a father who think for me it would fit me in for something I wanted my political path to do with you wanting the gift of salvation and I longing that cannot really lose my witness. Well, this is say that the Bible some of the recent verse about the Bible says okay and not passing so this is a Colossians 4 verses five and six conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace as the season with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person in second Timothy two 2024, 25, says the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach patient when wrong with gentleness rectangles were in opposition. Jim Scott McGrath repentance we know the truth of what were called to do is to be smart and be wise and witness so so here's an example of something where I go right in the evenings to three times a week ago when usually there's a transgender person in the room who goes by the name Brenda.

So what I do is as I talk respectfully to that person and its over the months. Believe it or not that person, and I have come to a few agreements we can defend each other little weird kind of a thing right and when trying to do is not manipulate the wise, not close the door and start condemning right away.

What would you buy politics if someone let's hypothetically says absolutely hates Trump just let the safe Trump is the worst… Bring it up my concerns about GS. It doesn't mean or I can just say what I want with worry about it it's not like that. We have to be careful. God ordains the the means as well as the ends need to be wisely witness to people so I could go into, you know, a church, a place full of Samoans and then say Samoa was a stupid country in your own morons in them at don't like what Jesus if I make it out of their role in one piece. You know, obviously right exaggerating, but you get the points we want to not needlessly offend.

So just that sometimes it is good to bring it up is not just events. Great like the way you broke that down.

I can understand that when you pick it out Scripture you gave me and Mary out. Now it clear at how I should handle the situation and now I make a lot more thing that I can always trust a guy named Matt on the radio link. Click talk about this already jangly again Baghdad black YouTube right yes folks of your newbie listener. My real name is Matt slick, birth certificate to the past work. Everything all right, let's get on the phones with Michael from Utah hey Michael, you have begun always going. We got yet had a question today out on our chat with a couple people in that we have discernment over clinical nature and someone was debating whether everything when you're born again Christian had you no longer can commit in and that you're no longer able to be thankful that I felt on that you know your tears fill out where the R/self, you can still thin that I tell them that you North. They did not and that there just to try and of course we still want to obey you know the commandment, but that doesn't anything. Well, if you let a guy I know I was little confused on.

Well, sometimes some some people who don't have all deposit the litter box will say that once they get saved then they don't send any more talking to people about the same so well dresses okay all right hey voted one of the mind what you call 8777 Matt slick live call 770-7276 is Matt slick one with Michael. All right, so it was perfectionism it it's a problem within the Christian church and is usually held by arrogant people who think that they're good enough to satisfy God completely and that they can keep the law and do things as well, as Jesus did, and therefore never send was even site so you may have thought that say you don't. They don't have all deposit litter box there the check engine light on too long. But I definitely would interpret that because I'm pretty sure Paul has a A talk about you know the fair therapy ascribed to the driving document everything, every law that that he threw that all lands done right thing that because you know your thank you. Fighting Christ, but that doesn't mean that the information your flesh still failed states. That's just we just Christians. And Paul talk about that in Romans chapter 762 25.

You can read that and see how he was struggling so the people who hold that view.

Colson was perfectionism.

They just down okay.

All right. I think the only thing that's interesting about that is definitely. I mean the only thing that person be Jesus Christ. Well for the Catholics like Mary was also senseless alive because she was full of grace from Luke 128, which is not what it says there but does say that on a human being that she would be born.

She was a sinner like it a lot. Thank you very much for clarifying that goblet is to write this, phones with next longest is Roger from solid sleep yeah Roger welcome line that I I'm okay are you I pocket before you go about that. You don't hear any. I recently had. I have switched approach here any better about their full or partial. I'm wondering Hope M boat veterans I meet you. Everything Bill and that nobody goes to hell anymore. Now I want to the format a TV show on the on the Internet now that's that's got to be changing yeah yeah yeah yeah I know Sean. We met and talked many times and Sean is moved into heresy.

He's writing his own Bible is correct in the Bible, modifying it full terrorism is refuted by acts chapter 1 verses nine through 11 where it says there that Jesus will return the same way that he haven't physically didn't return in 70 A.D. and the armies of Jerusalem of REMIC that sacked Jerusalem so it full progressive just doesn't hold water. Respect the particularism is acceptable within the bounds of orthodoxy, but full purism is not clearly convict Scripture and to Shauna Kearney was good with Mormonism is to say that you shouldn't really listen to them anymore because he's espousing heresies is been warned by many people. Okay right okay I thought that I love your show and keep up the good work that run them. God bless.

Thanks, Laura. Okay, let's go the phones with Tom from Florida tumbled you on the year of hectic, busy little bothersome little annoying and that's a good parts with Houston.

I have a family member are all good by my car and out as a family member who lived with girlfriend together like fire secured at that they are married there check you not. It never been before church that that because you played with Eric on the back hurt his wife and my wife's father you want my what you want.

My daughter call him. His girlfriend, the grandmother of the child.

Okay about that.

You know is not very good. These tell him his relations means you're married and any guy who goes with a woman of the night is automatically married all the people who fornicate all around a little place or ultimately married to each other that is wrong. These did tell him no, that's not correct you are in sin need to repent and my child will not call her grandmother because she is not what biblical that I you really want to go through the issue of marriages would have a top top my head the good karma look at me just type in the word marriage what you find is that Jesus talks about marriage joining a man and the woman and will be understand marriage to be as a covenant. A covenant is a an agreement. So, for example, my wife and I got married, we stood together in front of a minister, and we stood before people, and then we promised before people and before God and to each other that we would be bound together and that we would be faithful to each other and exclude others from certain aspects of our relationship and this is what marriage is it safe a covenant that we have a covenant sign which is a ring so ask him did you go through the covenant promise of being bound to each other connect with marriage is otherwise just called fornication.

Have you done that and you have rings are these rings. There is a symbol of the Republic covenant before God and before people will say will know where will become aware of his nuclear married okay so they've not gone to the ceremony. If not publicly declared their dedication to each other and if you want to send me to just take a look. Go do it go officially get married, go do it if it's a problem.

But if you say you don't want to. The net means you don't want to get married. It means you're not, you have a problem): the show. I can talk to her right about that weight chart audit.all think that the whole church corrupt and that I think that I think that is not want to go to church you married Felipe on your yeah he did what he's talking about because the. The early church met in buildings and synagogues.

Because this but it was up on Saturday and the church often would go with Sunday and have other beaded meetings even went to the upper room had a meeting in an upper room in acts chapter 2. So is not okay. Are they God bless a photo if you are open-minded when calling 70776 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back everybody 77 Dave Dave you're on here.

Thank you for taking my picture I eat right away, I would look again a group looking at Hebrews writer Avery and Bert and Anna La Follette back. I will remember no more. And that it corresponds 103. At that authority eat it from the last part. He removed our transgressions from the lies that the New Testament that he removed McCarthy the wet yet in the judgment right that we will wait be whatever we deserve good or bad week that in a body now to an end and a Corinthian and Roman again. It costs about the judgment right think that what you though this undirected stop got forget about them and bring them up and say you forgot God is and forget it. I remembered more, that's not forgetting remembering is an active thing that you choose to do so you can remember what you for your car keys you can see I trek over there to get your car keys. What happened to remembering and forgetting are different. Remembering is active and forgetting is passive so they are different.

God is remember them. He doesn't bring them up anymore. So on the day of judgment wouldn't have to face God for what we did and did not do in righteousness before him. He gives everybody gifts everybody have a Christian has gifting's and were to use those gift things according to the will of God for the edification of the Bible of the church witnessing raising families, whatever it might be and a lot of Christians are just taking the gifts and just tossing by the wayside. Not really doing anything with and so there's going to reward and loss of reward in heaven for the believers but he won't, God will not judge us in that big Dick from our sin ascendance is gone okay cancel on the crossed Colossians 214. This was a different thing that make sense okay with.

Thank you. Okay buddy welcome oregano bus arrived Liska in the fold with Lawrence from Missouri and Lawrence welcoming running or there is a lot there you go. I hear you. We got it outlawed mechanically yes talk to you Lawrence okay was her yet.

Okay. Okay. There, I know, the Pope gave him got a gate and got a laying huge political event that they will look at the third letter active on that time, why they think what they do, all is right think they can't justify it because they were killing people, torturing them murder. Forget they will. And I would recommend if anybody will know about that. Just read the book of Fox's book of martyrs. It's a book and Christian should have Fox's book of martyrs is one of the most published and read books in history, but lately it's not about very much but Fox's book of martyrs and I will warn you. It has some pretty detailed descriptions of some of the things that are the people done to them. I will even repeat some of them because they will process well you know what I have been busy day for me. Bella drake. It out to God's commands have like to yet.

I have new book will okay check my gift box and will give thought to look back on those biblical thank you Fox's book of martyrs.

It's it's something every Christian should go through.

It'll it'll sober you up real fast, but it per skeletons in one arena one arena. Why don't have a goblet of fire of faith because you pay to be effeminate, but I thought that got a quick something like that. That's a problem at the problem that is a problem that's regulating it of a kind of a calligraphic. I bet I'll get up… You everybody made mistakes and that was certainly one okay okay okay thank you Matt got back amount of rent.

God bless.

All right.

Let's his next lungs when person is my point, North Carolina Linda welcome you on the air you are on here we go on about how you want to go back that a millennialism yes or okay you look about you? It go. The magnetic cards I they switch that the blue note who will and I will give one of the comments complying with correctly credit is the premillennial possession is that we are pre-a thousand year reign of Christ so that there's an empty they say there's to be a literal 1000 year. That's coming and that's in the future so we presently are pre-millennial that was that's what they mean by that. All millennial lists say that the millennium of the thousand years as a figurative number because the word thousand by itself is used repeatedly infinitive context and Satan supposed to be bound during the millennium. Well, Jesus said Satan was bound in Matthew 12 2232 and so the all millennial lists would say that the millennial reign of Christ is now, and that when Christ comes back to be the new heavens and the worth and so both positions are very old and the church and both have strengths and weaknesses. Okay millennium.

I some people believe that that it's that dependent how you believe. Yes, I do. I'm in a millennialist essay now 1000. Yes I go that like I said, the term thousands and that sense merely review the Revelation 20.

When I saw was 20 verse one then I saw an angel coming down from heaven. I think that's a little and angels literal and in heaven is literal, holding it. The key of the abyss of key genetic keenness connects figurative and a great chain in his hand will that's literally have a great chain.

It's a figurative chain represent something illegal. The Dragon lets figurative the server to both that's literal. Who is the devil and Satan that's literal and bound for a thousand years.

So is it literal or figurative because the context is as literal and figurative usage.

It and so we know from verses like a God owns the cattle on a thousand hills a days but a thousand years thousand years, but a day. So when we see the term just thousand. It's so figurative and so another thing is that Satan has to be bound right well defined. Now, ma'am. Jesus said, he said that in order to cast out demons. The strongman must first be bound and so he was casting out demons so logically with that rebound is simple. No longer around that valuably well know, I would say that's and I don't know for sure but one of the prophecies associated with that position is that Satan will be let loose is binding will be loosened undone and then he will deceive the nations rise up in war against the Lord is truth and some all millennial lists hold the position that Satan has been loose because of world wars and the rise of Islam and the apostasy of Catholicism and so many other things and they'll say that that you has been let loose and it is working that way and plus Jesus said in Matthew 13 through the whole chapter he said the Wiccan wicked people will be taken out of his kingdom set and he says Matthew 1330 that the ones were taken first are the wicked not the good it's it's there's more to it, but like I said each position on the Winfrey mill has strengths and weaknesses.

What about real wit amendment some all millennial lists say that God will not be doing anything with Israel, and I don't believe that because of Romans 1124 to 26 talks about God not being done with covenantal Israel will only have you become more to do with Israel. That's that's what firm I want you a lot of okay and I hope I'm wrong about what stuff like that. God is that it is seven mass Y707 charismatic slave, so when you go I is I how you fine thank you so Your Honor we got one of the local Eric guarded the girl in the white way of fear him because he's big he could discipline us.

She's awesome. His presence is incredible and sociable of the healthy fear of who he is way a son would rightfully fear his father but not in the sense of of he's just afraid to be around because the father so mean, that's not what it is but a son might have a respect for his father and fear him because his father is a righteous man in that sense that's what it means to fear the Lord and that's what would have gone. I recall my in 1955 minutes Note chapter 5. I came that we can ask anything according think Leo he can't admit now that he can't heavily act that we have quite the act of what is indwelt. That's a good question because we ask him for something, let's say, for example, my car breaks down and I need a new car to say that when I ask God I pray your new car wanted to get to work and stuff like that and lo and behold I don't get a new car. No one comes out of the woodwork to give me one and I'm stuck to read my bike to work 2 miles will is the will of God have a car, maybe not. If he wants me to have some good exercise in each ever do that. Maybe he wants me to do that so that others might see that I have a bike and right. Who knows, and we sometimes think we know the will of God is because we base it on. We fail to see sometimes that he sees beyond our needs, to a greater issue within his desire within his will with his plan, and so we have to submit to that and so more realistic example was when my wife and I had our son Jacob, and he had a birth defect, and he was going to die. Upon birth we knew that. So we prayed for God to heal him. We prayed we prayed and we ask God to heal Jacob in the womb, and he was born and he died in our so the will of God was to allow Jacob to pass away, and enter into his presence because my wife and I trust the Lord. Though we did not understand why he allowed that we understand that he did and there's a reason there and maybe one day we'll find out wicked but for now we don't have that answer and that's okay. It's all right.

He's God willing.

Thank you, when you look at goblin FHA thanks hey folks, is real quick. If you're interested in checking out a possible Israel trip with me and was smothers next year 2022. All you have to do is go check out Carmen middle forward you to another website into your interest in collectively form their nothing big just one know how many people Richardson second outgoing this get to things Jack from Nevada, Jack welcome going here I don't like nearly as I can I define if I we got our bank that we have both future personal about separation of church so you talk about that we thickly and you know, I know that you have thought you have a party website that talks about how our government.

They, in relation to the Bible by first and like Robin noted that my understanding, and if I'm wrong please right is that the reason why we have reacted by cloth it so that we don't have the establishment of state religion. How that will correct that's correct. That's what it originally meant that the state would not declare a religion. And then people were persecuted because they didn't affirm the state religion with later but just so you know there is a state religion. In effect right now and it's secularism. Yes, secularism has been recognized as a religion by the Supreme Court's and secularism or secular humanism should say sucker humanism, but recognized as a religion and religious process and it is what is being pushed down our throats by the government and by the media and so the hypocrisy of the left and not identifying that and dealing with it is as bad and Michael had dictate that brought about. I don't know but I need to be others. You can look at it and you don't effective article right here. Let's see do right now separate I use… Used Google anymore.

Separation of church and good separation of church and state.

Oh yeah secular humanism. Secular humanism as a religion. Let's see if we can find it and maybe there's an especially quick and I've seen it so I've seen the thing on the do some research on it. If I do for ruling the morning of June 30, 2023 and okay noticeably different find and I'm sure someone else will find it and I sent to me about not avert a lot of faith that I utterly likable about development, but no, there was no but the term separation of church and state and rear backlog that affected them and thought that the money well back in with.

They told me was, there's no place for God is nowhere in the top right… In fact, the Constitution recognizes simply not a God.

You want and I feel like I feel like you want a good thing. One what happened with the pushback free. How are the that the people will believe people with a lot of evil people is nothing with a lot of people who are full of hypocrisy, full of lies and from all different perspectives, not just the left. Some theories of the right.

Also, and because our country has abandoned God, then God is letting us reap the whirlwind minute abortion is rampant homosexuality is rampant I'm collecting. Believe it or not. I must decide how I'm going to release it yet on Carmen Butts. I'm doing a page where I'm doing. I'm just arranging links to articles and I have it on the First Amendment Second Amendment to cancel culture censorship all kinds of stuff social stuff we have transgender resume. We have all kinds of things LGBT Q and I'm showing articles like for example drag queen storytime specifically for children under five championed by London Borough what these things like this are moving into our culture and other cultures. With a band and God the vacuums can be left and people to fill it with what is right in their own eyes, and when this happened to be don't realize that when the unbelievers get power. The going to persecute the believers. That's how it works always works that way in China right now the Christians are being persecuted. You don't hear better than media here because the media so leftist you hear about what I know its current some conservative sites will mentioned documentation collecting we don't hear about the genocide it's occurring in Africa against Christians in soap.

This is because when unbelievers are in charge. They persecute the believers. It's how it works so my start after all blows my mind that you want to get all of the that abide by that I was I was brought up the night and when I was brought up the 90 and not I look back just rely Christianity, with a dominant force in the night were far more formal Christian and as part of the government.

The Bible, and with back then that we are not like what happened.

They did not go to the time is three but but but but like what what how did the people who the Christians were the vanguard get all the evil they did give up go underground, angry with like a parent you know people in that group who I thought was able to stop this from happening with like what what what why July the help because pastors are not teaching biblically in a lot of areas concerned. Unfortunately with getting numbers in our job is Christians as ministers of the gospel is to equip the Christians to the work of ministry, but in a comfortable society would have electric this an automatic that we just become lazy and it's easy to become lazy and so the Christian church is not doing what is supposed be doing sending missionaries out all over the world is not doing it anymore.

Just becoming in focus is that of out focused and so will have no false teachers like Joel O'Steen who is best be the largest church in America. Why because he tickles people's ears and we have people like that and other second Copeland teaches heresy into the Christians don't want to hear the truth of absolutely critical to a complete heretic absolutely. You can reach to bring that about him all year-Levi do, but if you call back tomorrow I can unearth my documentation and read some stuff the cacophonous Todd. It's just a little later of the space around a lot with like what you write of it.

Those those men may be character movement maybe thinking like it is Dr. but you still have it now snapped back you like online or can you go online like a lot of you younger guys that wrote the most part a lot of you guys are tired of the garbage that going on. I spent like this to be our fight would come down by generation but never doubt that a group midnight but somehow it's always our fights always find the Christian to resist the lies and to fight for truth is I was supposed to be in the world supposed to be and this is why I believe that I don't get asked to speak very often because I say the truth all warriors are better but you all right matter what you call back tomorrow about 1000 on your

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