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February 3, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 3, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about the conversation he had recently online with an Eastern Orthodox individual.--2- Do those in hell continue to sin---3- How do we pray for people who aren't believers, specifically in regard to healing---4- Can Christians celebrate Christmas---5- Matt discusses the fact that you cannot claim to follow Christ while voting for those who support abortion or homosexuality.--6- Was -perverse, rebellious woman- an accurate translation in 1 Samuel 20---7- With everything going on in the world and particularly in America, does this mean we are in the end times---8- If America truly repented, do you think we'd be forgiven---9- A caller had a question regarding the new site.--10- Matt mentioned the possible CARM Israel trip in March of 2022 and asked that those interested email

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances goals and responding to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick show. Three. Matt slick and of course look like for the newbies at my real name budget original name is my real name and were run as a kid because of it. If you want to give me a call in your questions of the Bible actions on theology. Mormonism shows with such good sign is Islam and some other stuff and share with you what would happen last night in an impromptu debate. No publisher would happen and that we could be talking all kinds of stuff. So if you want to be call all you have like 772076 and your family surprised about neurosurgeon's family surprised about is YouTube is not yet been taken down my Facebook document taken down by the fair leftists the fair one free speech and everything so take people down because the elect conservative thought things like that so I'm still up and running for a while. We'll see what happens. Nothing asking so well Facebook is you around there we go okay alright so we have five open lines 877-207-2276. Now you may know what I do is periodically, I will get on gun; discord and discord is a place for discussions.

I have lots of discussions there and done so as an impromptu debate where she could become like God formalize a little bit was completely unplanned and I was debating a guy who was Eastern Orthodox and these were the docs hard to nail because they don't really have an official set of books that you can go by. This is what is most noticeable to believe there's generally the same idea across the demo group so and I was in the room and they were talking it will. I'm working on articles converting some stuff from PowerPoint into articles on this racial scripture mathematics and I'm listening is from looking and then solicit a max them in the room and take messy questions connect anything happens a lot in the Mexican await word debating and stuff okay so I kept my notes from this impromptu discussion and we have this this debate of the Bible teaches justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Now with the cults and false religions to use the Bible as they will say that no not by faith alone, but faith and sacraments or faith and baptism, or faith, and maintaining yourself by doing the right things and not bad things.

And so God's grace stays with you doing these things in the course of harassing and so were discussing various stuff and am discussion Eastern Orthodox and all over the place and I was still annoyed sometime people just yes, question -5 minute answer. You know what 2+2 will explain and then five minutes later you saved us 2+2 units of the question and this happens a lot in my opinion last night and I said no I met your questions. We went through various issues and he wanted to say that faith is the normative means of salvation is combined with baptism. Baptism is the thing you have to do normally go to get saved. That's where you're regenerated so I asked him I said I would justified by faith Bible say that men are justified by faith, he said yes, and as it will then are we just, if justified by faith we have faith that would justified.

And that's when that's when it was bad okay that's when it went bad.

As I said to if are justified by faith, then we have faith that would justified and he wouldn't say yes because of her justified by faith.

When we have faith, then we can't that baptism is was can regenerate us.

Jackie started talking about how we can be regenerated, but not have faith which is really dumb but that's a topic we regenerated safety don't got as big as born-again and his stuff like that so we can think okay the issue here is intrinsic faith or extrinsic faith and is instrumental or is it that you all this stuff you know and in my opinion when they do that. It's just to just to hide Harrison's my opinion. I came up with, share that with and it's real simple, so now I'll tell you in the chat part. I wasn't looking too much, but one guy came in and he said, have you been listening is met under agree with you, but you really have to good questions and here's what I was saying is that God gives us faith is 129 he granted to us and Jesus says in John 620 29 that our faith is the work of God. So I said is the faith that God grants us that same faith that God works in us. John Flick is 129 and John 628 I said is that faith that God gives us sufficient to justify us before him, that's the question because a lot of the people want to do similar kind of faith, as it is it fiducial essential no mixed in with a little bit of the of foot extrinsic value. What you saying that we talking about and it just occurred to me is the faith that God grants us slippage 129.

That same faith that God works in us.

John 620 29 is that faith sufficient to justified before God. If you say yes and baptism cannot be the means of salvation and justification. If you say no. It's is not sufficient to deny what the Scriptures clearly teach you the way he's lost the argument. Real simple guy like stuff like this so that is very simple. We can understand and you know what God grants. We believe with 129 he grants that we have faith looking for one or should be, because what we believe have faith look at 129 but are believing is the work of God is what God's work in us sufficient to save us.

Since the Bible says were justified by faith to all of you might be listening.

If you say that you could be baptized to be saved, discussing your heretic, your false teacher. If you teach. We had to be baptized in order to be saved and foster then if you say one wrong move and can call that we can talk about a company asked the question asked the question, is the faith that God grants us in the same faith that he works in us, which comes from him that he gives us is that faith that he gives us sufficient to justify us before course of this is because from him.

So when with her answer would be asking Church of Christ people to call up and see if they can swim backwards trying to get out of that predicament. Look folks, the truth is, were justified by faith without the works of the law of Romans 328 one. He does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Romans 45 this with the Bible teaches. Why is it that people say that you do a ceremony in order to be saved. What is it with people we have to do something Christ did something on the cross, but is not sufficient in and of itself to save us in the faith that God gives us is not sufficiently there we have to do something that takes up sacraments are we better go get baptized and baptism is not our work is God's work were to save God's work in the Bible say that they do say these things so that they can be justified by faith in a ceremony faith in something they have to do that. Eric who would say before the infinite God on the day of judgment. Yes, Lord, I deserve to be with you because of my faith and this morning through low position what you commanded God you added workers to Christ right you got to be humble.

It was my faith and my humility.

God says be honest, it was my faith and my honesty glasses get baptized was my faith and baptism is a lot of false teachings out there now run the thing bio received a call 877-207-2276 was in the same room and ice. After this discussion, kind of ended and he had to go. I stayed in for another half hour hour and entered more questions and I raised an issue to raise it here as well.

The serving elements and questions… New newbies and people to remember stuff this is what is says in second Thessalonians to check this out. We request you, brethren with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him that you not be quickly shaken from her composure, or be disturbed either by spirit or a message or a letter, as if from us to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one in any way deceive you check this out that no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed as a destruction okay what apostasy. Apostasy in Greek Italy cursed two times in the Bible and the inherent sick of this 1 to 3 in acts 2121 the Jews and Gentiles who forsook Moses okay that's work for sick associate sake to fall away from the full belief and trust Moses what you said and did okay now here's the thing most groups think like the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox church, whatever church group denomination hey were the true church where the true, whatever, and this includes Protestantism and I said this I said I'm a Protestant. Okay, I do believe in Catholicism. I believe as apostates. I don't believe it. Eastern Orthodox amulets apostate BBQ can be saved and leave official doctrine from them, I got I believe that I said look of a Protestant.

But this applies to the Protestant movement as well that the arrival of the antichrist can't come unless the apostasy comes first. Does that mean that there be no faith left on their does it mean that all Protestant groups denomination to move towards false teachings. We certainly see that with people like Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer receipt the NAR movements, we see Joel posting teaching of namby-pamby theology. We see more and more Protestants courting the false church of of Roman Catholicism, which is this apostate false no. If the Roman Catholics want to say that there is a true church that doesn't that mean that that they have to go apostate because apostasy Askins first if the Eastern Orthodox eighth there is a true church has so many groups like you do. Where the true church medical what we say and I hate that stuff but so what would net then mean that the Eastern Orthodox has to go apostate and how they no one apostate through the groups which is good, no good fodder for thinking through these thing and what can they mean what might they mean something of a think about because I want to make sure that so that we understand the truth is and here's one more thing. A second Thessalonians is what happens because a lot of groups like to say that their tradition is true. Their apostolic succession is true. There church ancient church.

This is what's interesting now. We request you, brethren with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him that you not be quickly shaken from her composure, composure, or be disturbed either by spirit or in message or letter from us of the thing is, he said of revival tell you this, they were already there, getting it wrong for folks like a 77 Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic slave state from Baltimore.

Welcome about how you doing nearly yes I can do that yes I can. Dave and we presently really like your site. I know you been working very hard on it and like needed. Nine. My question for you I was meeting with Doctor William Ln., Craig and answer the question that was brought up is whether or not the people anyhow continue to then even when they are in hell, probably because they would be denying the true living God person God, things like that make sense and I could say for absolute sure they were just too busy writhing in agony in the 20 thing I do know what it do Craig say absent Craig Garcia answering the question everything, deceive the issue of infinite punishment for finite sin. Admittedly, arguing me from what I am a stand regarding while perhaps the damned anyhow continue to stand in agreement but punishment throughout staffing and how what I look at it as is.

The issue is not a finite sin can incidents and because of who is against and I just think the premise is incorrect to begin with, not a finite set is what what is a finite sin. What is that mean people asked? Should you good health for finite sent people to finite sin is a short sin along sin is sin that took three seconds took three days. Oh what you mean by finite and so they could have the answer they should not raise the question they don't know what the term that you're using means what he should say something like I should say some like we commit sins here that that you know for example we steal one thing let's say, and that's we've committed that and then the person we stole it from passes away. We can't undo that give it back to them. So it's a sin that has a beginning and an end.

So they were disabled naturally by finite a beginning and end point that if that's what they may not feel well, let's talk about the supervisor to send to sin because of who it's against God will God is infinite in his greatness in his Majesty's duration. So the sin is sin because of who it's against. Not because of its duration, and that's what the issue is if God, which is impossible. But if God didn't exist in some of stole something, then there is no sin because it has against God that breaks the law.

So sin is against the infant holy God.

So therefore it is a test of an infinite quality to that's white apartments forever, which if you don't repent Dave as we go. Thank you very much for recreating our outing_vandalizing_okay thick all right yet, but I've known Dave for years so it was that he/she doesn't take offense to me saying that he knows I still hold for different different context.

He's a good guy and I feel relative sense. But the polite guy to a true believer all right hey folks, of three open lines of going to McCall 877-207-2276 Kelly from Los Angeles welcome. You're on here at work opportunities arrive line was from a family friend, she couldn't do my hair right after that a coworker walked up and told me that her mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and he and that nightmare that activated in my life and she started crying and thought immediately.

As you know, to opportunities to price a family again and pray you have made knocking them.

I felt pray for people who are believers Pray with her right in there. My coworker believer anger outside of Christ, pray for healing a situation will you know what I could do my have done.

This is more experiential and there's no direct scriptural reference to how to do this when to do this but depending on circumstance with user or judgment. If if someone is as weeping because let's say their spouse just died horribly just found out a few hours ago, is not a good thing is that he lets us to drop doing pray right now is not a good time in the right instant. We have to be wise but does Alyssa say that someone's mom I guess it was in the hospital or or dementia or whatever it is, and is appropriate or it's it's a good time possible good time. You know, we will generally do is also will. Would you be okay with you if I were to pray for or for that person and I could do it at home and and stuff and wait to see what they say. You know this ain't all you had like that. See what okay Greg, you know I'll be deathly doing that and and if you want to pray for you anytime with you and I checked I give them the opportunity you not want to put them on this slot make him uncomfortable. I don't want them to avoid because of you. Don't think it is pray list exiting the Scripture cannot know to stay away from me. I don't do that right right yeah, nothing will stay with me, normally because he does know who I am and what I do what how I normally do not fully have a big house. I like to stay in the for rent just as this would have the opportunity to share my faith in our hand on a day by day, but will develop on the same day at the same time I get Tylenol. I got a thinking that you know I'm never going to reach out to me to pray, don't you think about it. Apart right now.

I like to ask people that's okay as if they're hurting to be gentle is the wound. You know if you have a wound on an arm so they look good. Have a good stitches. I got this broke that this is burned and I got all the stuff. I think that you can stick your fingers or polkadotted that hurt you take a swing sensitive things to be very very careful and you know I've certainly blown in situations but I've learned over the years when someone is hurting you concerning the level really gotta be careful and just be patient, loving, and that I asked permission pray for home. Pray for you and and like that.

That's a 00 thank you Matt add always Absent your life and well think you should call sometime told how great she is as ever knows about. I gonna retreat all right okay I bye-bye okay God bless text by that you enjoyed my wife's his listeners of the shows on the fears afflicted and the people call me up. I like you Shelley I go take, wife up until how great I am, people of actually done it all the golf that's for you.

Matt's wife yes your husband's great. She was 50 put you up to this well so that's how it works sometimes they will forward lines. What you give me a call 877-207-2276 John from Wisconsin who we just lost you have nobody waiting on line what you call but you know it's over Christmas or have a silver Christmas and you know you want to do the golf okay 877-207-2276 for five over one call Matt's Y call 770727 pairs. Matt's leg all right. It would welcome back to the show.

Hey, I like know about Christmas thing to which were looking at doing an Israel trip and we have a website set up to harm If you go to Carmen Israel one long word. It will forward to another site. Eric Johnson might've known for final 30 years with longtime any rate he works with the bill. McKeever down there in Salt Lake City area of worship for the Mormonism research ministry witnessing outreaches to Mormons. Will Eric is using a lot of foot trips to Israel. He knows it well is on final 1520 trips a lot. I went with him a few years ago love that we want to go in March 6 through the 18th of 2022 now it says here is listing to get into works.

Check it out. It is March 26 18 of 2021, which is this year's like that in six textbooks also survey link thing that took for survey and I just click it and that didn't work so I'm hoping attorneys will get right on it and fix it somehow glistens with the weight what we want to do is find out if anybody's interested how many people want to be interested or want to go but are interested in going because we need to know within about six weeks for me to send out the end of the people who fill out a little survey and some information is committed. He wanted go to get $100 off. I think the author deposit under some stuff if you want to check it out. There's pictures of me on their Israel should match look younger, I think that was latest to get that. I don't know.

I would like to see if we were not was legacy was a multiplicity right and live theater at Caesarea and the that Cheyenne and date of Dan a lot of cool stuff. A lot of cool stuff. I think the gator Dan is the actual gate were Abraham went through the member in such a great time.

Love that's want to go again and go check it out. So if you want to check it out, please do. Just go to Carmen and check it out. We have no callers waiting. What is good what you call 877-207-2276 and the issue of a Christmas visit okay for us to celebrate Christmas as Christians yesterday and we can we can celebrate Christmas. We are free to do it were free not to do it though Christmas so you don't December 25 is not just real birthday is the Roman Catholic Church adopted this December 25 because it was a winter solstice day. It was a day that when Europe the days of winter became longer and shorter and shorter. During that winter is increasing in the middle of winter extent the data to start getting longer and longer celebrate and so the pagans would be glyphosate taken on that celebration of the day and so the Catholic Church tried to get rid of paganism and it but they couldn't so that the simplest make that day the day to celebrate Christ birthday. That means then that the day that we use is in a pagan holiday, essentially a pagan celebration day does it mean we can't celebrate not just "the first contains 10 Christians are able to eat meat sacrificed to idols look at is talking about here is these things don't really mean anything to anything. In reality, you're free to do the stuff free to eat the meat sacrificed to idols. You are, however, if it's gonna stumble somebody that you don't want to do that. Stumble them so we have freedom that we want user freedom to weaken anybody else.

So that's the idea, and I were free to celebrate Christmas but you don't want to do it if it's going to be something that stumble anybody else in your family could be wise about. So yes, Christians can celebrate Christmas. They can do that and were free to do that right folks look at what you call 877-207-2276 we have nobody waiting online, which is very unusual.

I was thinking maybe just maybe people don't want Collins much got upset with me.

I was thinking what would you be upset.

Maybe they were upset about me saying things like, if you're a real Christian, you shouldn't be voting for people who support abortion, homosexuality, is you should you should not be voting for candidates who want to kill human life and to promote and support the abomination of homosexuality at Disney we hate people doesn't even want to persecute them to treat people who had abortions will treat them lovingly and have known people who have been in my my advice to them is always the same across go to Jesus lay before Christ ethically wiped away and move forward and follow them for people I know who are homosexual, since I'm acquainted with this essay to transsexual people and that you leave it at that and I don't treat them badly.

I just treat them normally and they know my position and talk about what needed to come to Christ. Receipt this what we ought to be doing.

We ought to be celebrating the truth of God's word and politely standing against those things which are contrary to God's teaching of Scripture. So I don't believe that any Christian should morally invoke moral issue should vote for any candidate out there who it is who supports these two things because it's just been happy to do that. Good conscience Christian to a good conscience I don't understand seriously just if any Christian others voted for a damn big Republican or Democrat. The matter anybody who supports and will work towards having laws passed to increase abortion protect abortion increase homosexuality put protectable sexuality.

I would ask you if you believe the word of God. You recognize Jesus sends and would you want to support someone and have to become public offices, officers, in order to foment and to further those things against God.

Is that what you're doing.

That's a question I would ask and everybody needs to ask that question of themselves and others from gray areas here not with those two issues but there's some other issues that make a gray area. We have to deal with those things individually, but it's this is the case this what needs to be said and I've got this reputation for saying what needs to be set if you don't like it much. Being mean Weinberg unit. You can listen to something else that's fine. It's free still supposed to be free unless your conservative camp but to know your freedom to listen what you want, but if you want to hear someone who isn't ashamed of the word of God, who will cite the word of God, who will use the word of God is a standard and continue to listen because that's what I will do we have for open minded want to give me a call 877-207-2276 with the Randall from West Virginia Randall welcome you are on the high I'm not collecting my granddaughter treat nine years old walking now Bible story unit having children and so later, we can't let them go and don't think about when I walked in Bible story, but later she asked me a lot. Well, the Millie at the VA he asked me what that means. The only thing heard on the Bible. Lori first Samuel chapter 20 verse 30 site translated you about pervert rebellion on site. Translated that as of the and I can't believe that that within the Bible. Can you get me informational map now looking at its it says traverse which is not a lot in Hebrew and I'm looking at. I get tools to help me okay so this is not like our goals memorize anything so it means so perverse, perverted, amiss turned crooked, bow down troubled wicked and the rebellious is the words Mark dilutes and so is Travis rebellious once rebellion and rebelliousness.

Let's look at perverse and rebellious woman. I think I just keep it as what it says perverse and rebellious alert while I would look that word Anna. Anna children Bob Lori commanded Anthony that it says that lucky thought they perverse and rebellious walk and see the answer now, I'm happy, doubly hesitant to do other translations with the same go-ahead plan. Now I have to, monitors walking Christian Bible stories he walked United to make sure you know I remember when we raising our daughters were quite young toddler agents afflicted, and we would let them watch Sesame Street until one day when I actually saw my eyes bugged out and I said hon, so this and put it back to get to yell and throw things as they voted right back affect passages mats like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg better body.

Randall, are you still there I alright yahoo I did a little bit of research and unparalleled translations.

Basically they all say perverse and rebellious.

A few minor variations here and there, but that this would set so I don't know why they would do that and I would write to them as a what's the reason what's going on an article be careful that have not got a watch with you guys do get out but I think it would children living Bible what they were right that all and are not allowed to walk the dark one, but a lot is one of your Greek and Hebrew knowledge base had all made it my Hebrew is so bad, but I do have tools I can look at itself is what it is okay right but I alright look like very much. I got bless alright, this get to William from Wake Forest, North Carolina, will draw near that will you do not right by God's grace we got. I am grateful to be felt and figure out… A little while, but never called got very proud all the problem I lie like you and everybody else out there like you what's going on politically they phrase that the man of lawlessness keeps coming up in my mind regarding, mainly Democratic Party and frankly, a lot of well good night. I guess my question question is, with all the school and all you see like I foresee that we're truly, truly, I'm very near the end of well, there's always getting closer and closer to the end times temples can be rebuilt needs to be a complete apostasy of one world government kind of thing coming in when all this is that exactly happen.

We don't know but it's moving and I follows a very conservative news outlets which will mention things that the normal outlets don't mention, but there's a lot of canceling going on a lot of persecution going on of conservatives will does this mean is the end times. No, not necessarily. It might mean that it's a way for Christians to finally wake up as our praying.

In fact, this is actually caused me to pray more for my country and they serve as a good thing so you know we don't know our job is to trust God move forward agenda.

I pray for Obama.

I prefer Biden no goddesses pray for your enemies. Consider them to be considered.

Biden and Harris to be enemies of the Constitution. I don't believe that are there. They hold the oath as Biden puts his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the Constitution. That means he's swearing by God and then he supports LGBT Q and abortion.

You know they have harvested Heather.they have a different god altogether and he's a hypocrite. I don't trust basically politician. Now there are some out there that are good, but enough to get in because the leftist news media is going to lambaste him in and disorder hypocrisy you live enough to trump the resort. Talk about impeaching before use. Even inaugurated and you know it just it is ridiculous. They went after him hook line and sinker after him so bad and what I what I'm thinking is that where we what the Bible refers to the remnant.

There are very few split maybe. Maybe you and I know a lot of Christians who really trust in the Lord really believe in the Lord and I'm in Idaho for 2 million people entire state.

There's a lot of of us around, God has his people.

So what we need to do the pray for our nation praying for our leaders and pray that God would revive them and that they would uphold the Constitution to which they've sworn to uphold and to not go against God, and then incur his wrath upon them and the nation that they rule. This is what I write so guard that I mean so hard because the Bible difficult because you know these people are against write so hard for God to change that are current, send a great revival nation so that we will be a witness old world got to get the glory and were just going to not that direction.

Thing is, the church has been praying and if it gets bad for one month and that the church repents okay but generally speaking, God lets us have what we deserve is a church, the temple, who have not been doing or obligated to do. God disciplines those whom he loves. He loves his people and are many very greatly very godly people in the Christian church, but there are a lot of them that are charlatans and a lot that teach false things and so usually become something that some some discipline and reproving the churches be purified at the right but rain the grout also about the wicked try. What I'm thinking is that where were all about right draft. I think I can thank God that are just back on because nations turns no we could be better absolutely, absolutely hungry, we discover praying more and we need to repent and distrust what God has done and will continue to do for us and that's what he wants and if we do that is Christian people, things will change.

You think you think God that my faithful shall bear our way in.

I will be there God that was the my people. Thankfully, even at that nation still had hopes of that we can be that shiny absolute that he owned absolutely right.


Well we got called so many okay thank you, thank you that it was nice out. Thank you to bless a folks sizing a little update the site has been updated little bits of the survey still working, no go to Carmen Israel Carmen Israel and his truck try and go to Israel next year when all people are interested. Check it out. Okay, let's get to Tracy from Raleigh, North Carolina, and she said something about voting for an adulterer.

I think you referred to trump and that will be a great conversation. We should talk about the call back Mike from Iowa left on your on the air we lost. Let's get to Gavin from Ohio listed Gavin's there. Gavin, are you there right going when you got money back by not bringing back a little… At the article right now. Okay let me ask you when you're on the site. Do you see the hamburger menu three horizontal bars that when I could get like a bar or something… That okay so what we have is a problem and for some reason and we don't know the way things work with the new website is new technology you buy a module committee and special module because of the nature of how Carmen is. It turns out that in certain resolutions. The hamburger menu doesn't work right so I got we were aware of its and so I from ticking time clock about it because you're the only color he got right now and others might be having the same problem so if you can change your resolution to a higher Rez.

Then you'll see the words navigation menu appear if you can do that if it does work is work, but then when you click on navigation what menu then everything works and also the phone works fine so yes it's some browsers that it's a problem and so our web guy worked on it. We don't know what the problem is a put a ticket in to the company. This is an issue, so there are several issues of rapid to deal with the FICA, but the slowdowns just its technical stuff and a lot of times we just don't know what's gonna happen until we seek.

He has high-res monitors. I do too, so we didn't see it so I'll grant you need to get a Macintosh computer. Second, work on on seven Mac know how sites work in our Mac that might be part of it. Okay good. And then look at the know I want to get it. I just haven't seen its member you called about that and going and looking for the list called Emma's in the SP 2020 right actually out on Bible Gateway. Check it out. There you want to get the others I get on Kindle. That's what I want so good I could living on Kindle have hundreds of books on Kindle.

No sooner can do is is go through and check it. That's what I want to do good good good no yeah I will check it out all know what verses to go into too much to check things out and to look at delivery quickly and well even on the air, but is no big deal so go down think your mind about that answer about the so you like the overall look of the site looks great. Good night, and he also knew that hamburger menu is is little magnifying glass you can type in an article title or topic and and it'll it should show up there to try to change a few things on Houston but our guys on vacation to one week in the middle patients patients patients is what it is. Okay, I get to know that I would like that question.

Looking at appreciate I write that. Thank you folks milling about a middle of the show limit give you a reminder that we try get it. Carmen trip to Israel. I would go my wife would hope you would go as well. And if we can get its 10 people 15 people to sign up.

Then we have some other group that wants to go get 25 people total. Then we can do the trip, which I got done and it really is a lot of fun. It is great if you're interested in checking it out all you do is go to Carmen it will auto forward to another website that's from Eric Johnson and could email SP

He coordinates his bleeding trips a lot you will be going down the that we would to worry about it she's got a lot of experience over there. So if you're interested in checking it out. You think you might like to go then what you could do is simply this email is interested in going and you can check out that websites is a lot of stuff there is a lot of stuff that you are Israel. There's music is great that you

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