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January 26, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 26, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions his newest article on the social gospel.--2- Matt asks for feedback on the new website specifically noting problems.--3- Why is homosexuality a sin and where is that found in Scripture---4- What Scripture speaks against abortion---5- Is there a resource to track what is happening in Christianity, as far as all the different views and which groups approve of which things---6- Is there any place to go that documents the persecution of Christians in the US---7- What was the name of the woman that Jesus spoke to at the well---8- Is it a sin to smoke weed- What if I have family who smoke recreationally---9- Was Deuteronomy 21-11 allowing Israelites to marry unbelievers- What does verse 21-14 mean---10- Does Scripture support the pretribulation rapture---11- Around what year was the Exodus-

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A previously recorded Nats like show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter what Y rises called and responded to your question call as usual. So 772072276 and puts league a couple things going on in August.

He's coming up Samantha was sneezing her little but will seek I'm writing an article on the social gospel and sometimes what happens when I write an article.

It'll take a life of its own. And that's what happened here so just more stuff coming out and hopefully release this evening. I want my wife to check it.

She's a good editor and want to do the test, I wrote a paragraph. I absolutely made it perfect and I went to test her this paragraph is perfect and loaded up edge I edited it I punctuated it and I walked over to her desk, which is a lot like 12 feet away you go by time I got to my desk you got a mistake so well and she was right. I couldn't see it, you can't edit your own stuff. So, hopefully, for she had to take a look at and get released and continue to work on issues of social justice and cancel culture being woke. You know all the stuff that is going on.

Particularly important now more and more because of what's happening in our society and stuff with the Safety leftists keeping more control and so a lot of them beware of selective, but we also have five guidelines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 we have a prayer ministry if you want to contact us. All you do is so email solicit say you need and you would want to bring and have to lift you up in the Lord. Then you can do that you just email us back to and the prayer team will be alerted there notified then also we have three online schools.

If you go to think limit schools and recheck and seek out we have the works of the forward you go to the search engine typing online schools. We have those down to the school of theology school apologetics and a school of the critical thinking factor at the top blue line on the site and will be changing the navigation arrangement little bit big meeting about this and think you can change it if you have any suggestions for the site. The new site. Please just don't hesitate to let us know you have a suggestion think you like don't like and what we really are looking for is the people were looking for the people who don't know how to do anything on the computer and they go to the site.

Don't think that because you don't know what you're talking on the computer which fits a lot of people don't think that we don't want to hear from you that your exactly the person you want to hear from someone like myself, you know the site and psych out backwards, forwards I can get around and do all the stuff but my wife even she said what we do here. How can you not know that it was complaining it was I was thinking she civil because of this note, never thought of it that way.

She had it has good insight and I know a lot of people who who you don't know computers like I do are some of us might have a little bit of issues when I go to the site. We want to hear from you and all you gotta do is just email us at webmaster harm.or you can check that out with a different behavior. Five of the lines folks numbers called yet.

Call 877-207-2276 and let's see what also we got to talk about Biden is now officially the new president, a lot of people Christians don't want to talk about politics yielded to apologetics.

I believe that all areas of the of life are under the purview and the Lord Jesus Christ and that what we ought to be doing is subjecting all things to the Lord and means politics. It means everything in society. Religious, sacred secular, everything should be subjected to the word of God ultimately doesn't we force it on people, but it does mean that we have to recognize as Christians that politics is fair game for discussion inside of Christian circles written article on this and you can go to the car website.

If you look you can see on the main page there homepage. You can see some of the articles of descriptive Christian's duty to obey and disobey government and there are backlash talks about this. It talked about when we should obey.

We should not obey Romans 13 a lot of people say that I just made me obey whatever the government says that's not the case is to say that it says that the article they government that other places it talks about disobeying the government and we disobey.

Whenever the government that contradicts Scripture. So if it were to support abortion which we can't, as Christians, then we can support that we wish not agree with that. We should not vote for people who supports a killing babies in the womb should not support candidates who support the idea of homosexuality. What we do should not okay. We just don't do that as Christians I know a lot of people say will make this just your opinion now after the scripter says you cannot support people who are ungodly Christians cannot supports and say hey let's approve of kings and magistrates who deny the truth of God's word and then advocate that which is ungodly. We Christians can't talk, but I going to call what is up with it always calling right now have something to record here for no one: so if you give me call five open lines 877-207-2276. You can also watch the show by going to Carmen site homepage. In fact, I want to see how it works on my android phone, which I'm going to go to right now. This is life test because the video going to see how it looks. On the other works. I can see it every go. It works on the android phone as well. Nice stuff. I like technology is great all right well you guys are to give a call, then what I can do is articulate topic of more detail what will do this if you got questions in the chat room for you to do is type in a question, let me know and I'll get to it. And maybe there's something going on with the phone number I don't know because we almost always have calls Mike was going on what's taken so long. The number again is 877-207-2276.

The Christians are depressed, peak us because Biden's in and out Biden. I'm really scared for this country was a good thing. We serve the Lord Jesus Christ and that he's allowing things to happen and see rings intact and he has allowed this to happen we need as Christians, we pray, we need to trust in what the Lord Jesus has taught us and we need to do also see Rico snap is so the time is come for us to as Christians to seek the Lord and we need to get involved with the local government officials and we need to be praying for them and we have to understand is critical long time for us to change things we been complacent long enough it could take a long time to get things taken care of, and we should be as Christians ready for the long haul in prayer and sacrifice before the Lord. So I would suggest that you consider really praying about this this issue. Let's get on the phones to Jamaal North Carolina. Jamaal welcome you on the air macro look older sure had a question about the fixed relative that you brought it up note on car you know hear from you will then I have to quit diet quick want of what is bad and I wanted to add though. Scripture where you cannot put abortion okay yeah homosexuality is clearly condoned in Scripture is 19. Also moments chapter 1 verses 26 to 28% in 69 homosexuality is a sin of the reasons the sin is because it goes against the created order of God which he created man in and I woman male and female, and that was the order that creation was to take in marriage and sexuality in union homosexuality is an affront to that.

It's a challenge to that is a denial of the critical work God and the issue of abortion is found in many verses to get some of them up here. I'll read them. See on the issue, defending, for example, defending its social justice Christian to Christian duty to find the verses.

For example, we are to defend the helpless, I'd Isaiah 117 comes into play here. Got okay so keep far far from a false charge did not kill the innocent, or the righteous right will not quit the guilty X axis XXIII, seven, and do number 1910, so innocent blood will not be shed in the midst of your land which the Lord God gives you an inheritance with blood guilt.

This will be on you. Psalm 82, 307 vindicate the we can fatherless do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy, deliver them out of the hand of the wicked city and here's another one. Proverbs 16 or submit Proverbs 616 to 17. There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are not domination to him hottie eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood and jewel through the jewelry. 19 Eve, it will become a waste and Edom will become a desolate wilderness because of the violence done, the sons of Judah, in whose land they have shed innocent blood considers other verses like this but note that should clarify that is the life in the womb is so speak innocent blood and is nothing to deserve being ripped apart inside.

The woman killed so far not a good scripter cooled off Greg Bucher. Also on low-carb to correct it later. Yes, if you were to go to the harm page you can see scriptures regarding the Christians obligation when to obey what obligation to obey or disobey the government and or Scriptures listed and that set on that advocating disobedience of the government deciding we need to understand that we don't always do.

The government says the government violates Scripture that we have to resist. That's my point sufficiently to become educated in this so that set the Scriptures of their thinker states the link is still homepage when we write new articles. It then rotates down. You can stick it out and check out the Scriptures's letter okay okay I guess I about. I know what more quick What do you with the note graph one last question. All the measures that will break right back if you would like want to give me a call 7720 max Y call 77077 real quick what Christianity from the extreme left another people group therapy, that you could write or recommend or maybe the book that though we are correct to keep track of what's going on at your Christianity well that's a really interesting question. I don't know the book, but the reason pausing is because God's. You kinda stumbled on some of an idea I've had and it is to literally to documented producer a page that documents just as executor site by producing links to other cigarette and so on surprise you if you said that because usually I have an idea and I just think about it, but someone talks about it.

It's kind of interesting. Maybe it's what God wants me to do so I can easily do that have already gotten a little bit state approved abortion state approved homosexuality to approve same-sex marriage issues.

I'd like to find stuff you got me thinking. You know like the five Geiger where if you think he's okay.

I think of several things at once. What I normally do in a case like this is quite a small section on Corinth, where persecution really have that and I could do was create a series of articles of no links external links to art to a persecution of Christians and I can produce an article and all to do is if they want is they can just email me with what they found and up. What I would need is a URL, so they find a Fox News or blaze or Federalist or whatever. Even on CNN that you know whatever this where it says is an example of Christians being persecuted Christians laws that are passed where we are in trouble. I got a book that it was just going through and this what I was think about last night as I was reading it was some of the stuff in there is documenting children like you know it in a school a little girl goes to pray just bows her head to pray, and the teacher come out that you can't do that here. You just like this and so there's a lawsuit filed know that it's how oppressive the left is so looking for anything and everything like that and if if people want to do this going to help me out because I it's just a matter of research. But if people find like this just email it to with the subject title of persecution links or persecution of Christians information you need to put in their the link because a lot of times people do a thing to say is a good article about persecution on on the on Fox know doesn't help me. It's I just deleted right do nothing with it, but what I will do what I generally do is have a way of taking the entire article I copy it and I store it off-line to to some place it on the cloud is not me you're violating copyright it's in case they remove the article.

I have the original and I can document that's what I do so I go in and copy it. Just take 30 seconds to produce the stuff so I can do links and link to the actual external site and document so I would love to have people help you on that. If they are interested I could do that and to send information to and I can do something.

I will no doubt good hope Glenn Beck about girl good. Know what with all the start here in midair but I would not do you think a good thing. You know, the Bible, we know we have that one store to go to be like that one stores back continued to grow humility then I go to get my look.

Here know what our percolator click on the group. What a gift that we had Christians to reflect back to anything.

I guess both were all very well. That reminds me her something else to think about is if Carn becomes illegal. What I do becomes illegal because I called all dissent in the tolerant left says I'm not allowed to exercise free speech anymore Friday oppressive religion what we were thinking about is on to do everything by emails and I send out emails to everybody today. If this sounds like something you're interested in, folks.

You can go to Carmen to sign up for the newsletter we sent one newsletter out a week but it ever got to the point where we need to communicate a lot more people on a regular basis. That's were looking to go to so you could always go to the car website and just sign up for the newsletter and I go to the newsletter once a week but if it ever gets to the point where it's illegal then what I'll do is is so is that and I know some people who are really good with tech savvy stuff and there's ways and things say much but I know people were slowly prepping for this kind of thing.

Good looking up the Honda will reload the cooking. But God, thank you very very much grant them a call. Thank you very much. My quick "dear God bless God bless you. All right I was Jamaal good conversation. Let's get to jail and the question was from Jan, was what was the name of the one at the well, the Bible does not reveal that information. We don't know so we can't say that's it. Okay, let's get to only give one of roughly 3 open lines of 20 McCall 877-207-2276 look at the Antoinette Virginia welcoming on their mind is again the question I believe I have been a believer now and I estimate that Christian friend of mine about smoking. I know the fate of her yet.

They are pretty illegal. I found I think by 2023.

The believer, I don't participate in it and I believe that some of that week born again simply not you know even intelligent, that type of thing and if this other fellow believer that that they did not delete it like to thank the car taking weed smoking. Now I know a lot of people have different on drinking some believers do drink because the Bible that the liberty I'm not right, I think not that either believer right there looking to be a Christian liberty. I personally still partaking that I don't think you know the Bible thickly built from glory to going think that they felt. I believe that the truly born again not think that with all the negative health effects that we know your all right so as Christians were not to become drunk and where not to allow anything to take us over to the point where our judgment is impaired and the drunkenness. Various forms of intoxication occur, that's that's what the Scripture says don't do that.

It can occur in alcoholic and also occur with drugs. So Christians are not to participate in drug use for simple entertainment value. Now what if someone has chemotherapy and smoking weed want to help them is pay them a question folks.

20. McCall, three open lines of seven mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling arm good. So let us say that someone is so has got to cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and is very very nauseous. Would it be okay in that instance for someone to use marijuana as a medicinal eight and I have no problem with that. Just as the Bible says in first Timothy five. I believe it is.

It's a stick little wine for your stomach.

The idea is that using this alcoholism is a intoxicating effects it can be used medicinally so if something is to be used medicinally, then great. Furthermore, the Bible says that the herbs super interesting says the herbs are therefore healing and find that there's a there's a verse. I forget where it is.

But in Genesis. I believe it is given for the purpose of healing and also it's okay to use things for medicinal uses. It's not okay to use things just because hey, it's a drug. This legals now Scott have fun and party and will get altered and reminded drink this and do that that that that sinful so not to do that son of a problem with it medicinally.

I do have a problem with it. If you can use it recreationally even in this as I would have alcohol as a recreational because he was about to go out and he does drink and they do drink because they can drink the problem with personally, I don't see that as being something that we should be doing. But here, check this out though.

This is Proverbs to Proverbs 31 six says this give strong drink to the man is perishing, and whined to him, whose life is better, let them drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his troubles, no more, so that's not just ignoring problems is talking about the use of alcohol as a medicine to help sooth and that's okay. So if marijuana could be used negative context is no problem with it and we can be careful where we draw that line.

The people go okay well hey it always helps me schedule better so I can do it. That's not the issue that help drive how I wanted to make sure like a black and white thinking. It's not we have a negative association with marijuana. I have never ever smoked any marijuana in my entire life never done any drugs ever and I rarely have any alcohol and that's it asked I don't care about so if you know I'm a friend of mine or a family member was really sick and nausea was the case because of of whatever it was that marijuana could help.

I really problem with it is helping is not as long as not to skip get high. None on to but they can help people and I want to sure okay so what if you have not really frantic but if you have family member that smoke recreationally.

I mean, I know the Bible does talk about evil communication crops. Good manner felt like that I don't want to cry.

My family with you know what is the devil I would cut a cut you're in the offer that anymore than I would cut the family member who is alcoholic as abuse drugs and let's just say in my family that's in the case where you leverage vague where alcohol and drug use was was improper and I never cut off the fellowship but I instead was regularly in contact and on.

Not all the time. I would speak in such a way as to try and correct.

You can't do that all the time but I was there is a is a family member and then when it came up. I would give that advice and is having for two years on a regular basis and finally that person is doing much much better message because of me but but you know if you close off the communication. One of the things think about is will then are they can be going to their unbelieving friends first source of comfort. We had to be careful because where Jesus ago Jesus went to the tax gatherers and the drunkards he went in and fellowship with him, he would be hung out with, and the tax gatherers were particularly hated by the Jews because they would require the Jews to pay taxes for the Roman oppressive government and so they were hated there were two categories of sinners, sinners, and tax gatherers that they had their own category of sinfulness. According to Jewish mindset, Jesus went hung out with an drunkards and so he did nothing but hang out with the know the evil people dissing the that's up we gotta be careful that we not so judgmental about people who have bondage into various sins that we, fellowship within the communication because ultimately want to be there to help him and to give the word of truth and love in the in Christ and if we cut that off, you can't do it. Another are times we do need to cut that off and that's between the person and God and and and stuff but I me. I'm a little different than a lot of Christians.

I believe in getting out there with the unbelievers. I believe in going out with him, believers are, and meeting them where they're at. Just like Paul did, just like Jesus did. They went out to where these people were. Andy met with them and hung out with people that were not the best and also were not any better that's for sure. Okay well I guess that a good example of fog light apart that with the way you know evil communication crops, good manners, like though how to prevent these people implement the you and your lifestyle while you keep your eyes on Jesus simple.

You know I can go into a place that I just made us go to this but I can go into a place where people drinking and cussing and swearing and I can I can mingle with them. Not that I approve of it. I don't but I can be there and I can witness to and a lot of Christians have a problem with that, but you shouldn't do that. What were to say that the Bible now you know when I was younger I used to go to Dick Gore dance clubs.

My brother and I would go and when my brothers and we would have fun. I should carry a New Testament with me and I can remember more than one occasion people to what you doing I'm getting ready go to college like go to seminary be a minister and they were stunned they say what you doing here for having fun and not drinking on not doing anything. Alyssa just hit you fellowship in my brother and I enjoy dancing and stuff like that and cinema like with rhythm. I would save them with a chuckle and I more than once I been I would handbook a Bible to solicit your kid you not really Christmas. I got my new test of the cooking 100 versus an and I would witness to what no messing it just makes everything okay but where does it say in the Bible we Christians are supposed to avoid the unbelievers there. If there out there out with her sending a message. We join them in their sin, but shouldn't we be out there with them to some extent. I actually met a guy say this, you can judge us what you want, but I'm not sure what to do with it. This guy told me that he grew up in a very odd situation where his dad would take him to topless bars. I'm not approving of this but he said this is what happened and he grew up and it didn't mean anything to him, he would literally go into these bars as a grown man and witness to people and he said he was. He was stunned at how many times there were Christians in church churchgoers who are in bars like that and he would witness to them and they too are you here, I'm here for you and many people turned back to going to church because that's where he was none the same as right or wrong under sink we have gotta be careful. Sometimes we are so self-righteous about what Jesus would be and do that. We wouldn't do what Jesus would do when he hung out with the tax matters in the sinners, so I was just thinking like my daughters when my daughters has a transsexual friend went one way and going back. I was just thinking last night seeing that person for Alaska tuk-tuk my daughter take over. It doesn't bother me what that person to be exposed to Christianity. Nothing of the witness and talk every single second that the Lord, but sometimes you gotta be a friend for a couple of months before the door opens up the right time. I believe in us doing.

I believe this going out there like I should dress up as a punker and go down to the beach in Southern California and witness dressed up in weird close with a pierced ear and go down there and go into the crowds and witness the people they were stunned that I would do that is why can't I think they would listen to me right all right with real wood line 877207 mass Y call 770727 Ronnie 2111 allowing Mary unbeliever is a good question because in 21 is talking about with his battles. The city's battles and this is why would want to take soon as his wife that he could and I would think that sometimes they were unbelievers, but the way the culture was at that time, the wife would follow the lead of the husbands and it eventually would just adopt that culture that practice within the. The Israeli system because they had something called covenant theology where all people in and under the headship of the male in the house whether they were believers and nonbelievers who would be circumcised, etc. were to be considered under the covenant protection inside of Israel to resist kind of a weird great area that would justify them build a married women and have children acquittal.

Children raised in the Lord.

Okay. And I was also wondering on first port will find that it childlike if they have no delight thank you letter go it says it shall be me.

Are you Christian money just as curious, yet it shall be if you are not pleased with her then you shall let her go wherever she wishes, but you shall not simply sell her for money.

You shall not mistreat her because you've humbled her dearly and that culture at that time if she wanted to go, then he would let her go and the penetrator properly was no no enforceable relations allowed by Israelites upon any woman.

And if they wanted to have a woman in the field don't get this to this is important.

Culturally, we just don't understand this, but in that culture. One nation might find another nation and men would like to fight, and they be destroyed in the economy and the culture of social structure of that losing nation would be obliterated, and they would often have famine and disease and stuff like that because was no one there to take care what needed to be taken care of. One of the ways of helping. Believe it or not was actually Mary the people of the women of the losing side, but had to be done under certain rules, but nevertheless, so apparently in this fits with that condition. If the euro not pleased with her. She's let her go to wherever she wants.

That's what was allowed at all well how day I went to Mary and unbeliever, yet I tell you, you bet that would never be the case now is that correct permission probably not correct because were not to marry unbelievers, so the new covenant, but God there was stomach that can enact changes like the wife of polygamy. Yes, I had another question by track that you know anything about default that noninfected yellow is bad news. Basically, he taught a form of New Age mysticism, kind, and not as hard to explain. He was into the idea of faith as a force in the power and that the Christian was to send forth the, the faithful act of belief in order to get God to release his power in your life that you could influence and not control but release the power of God through your particular efforts efforts in that area and it was it was false doctrine and a lot of the positive confession people are into that kind and I thought that he would burn a few a day 33rd. I do know that. But if he was that was be problematic because to get that level you swear allegiance to the God, a God and loyalty under oath.

The blood of sacred kill that you reveal goes on Masonic Lodge and stuff and all felt anyway have to feed her that profit and get going.

Yeah what that I would cancel. Maybe dad had a bad but why had an art, white and other people that got bad ideas you know but that's is very unfortunate that he trumpet with Paula White. She's a bad teacher.

You is what it is with them in the letter part okay reveille okay I think it gets. All right, let's get to scarlet from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, scarlet Ronnie, I thank you for the update. Are the believers would be fractured at before the light started right. You want me back about like that it be rapture access back. Yeah there's nothing in Scripture. This is that system is a graphic timeline note here so it's just not there.

You know, they'll say to me to be in the field one is taken, one is left.

You know, and they'll go to events of this project listen rapture, but it's not about the rapture. It's the wicked who were destroyed by good was read the context I find no verses in the Scriptures at all ever say were going to escape anything.

The best that anybody has offered is the revelation and said that the church is not mentioned at a certain point in time.

Therefore, the tribulation means that the church is taken out to the church is mentioned but that's not a very good argument because justification by faith isn't mentioned in Revelation either doesn't mean that is not still true.

So it is not a good argument and when I look at what the Scripture says about stuff. It says beware.

Watch run to the hills, as we talked about and Jesus is Matthew 1330.

The first was taken.

The good with the wicked is what he said at the end of the age. I and what he says people are in all I know, people listen whenever I brother shoot nothing. What Matthew 1330 read the whole contact with the whole chapter and he says that although the wheat and the tares allows both the go together till the time of the harvest. Also, the reversed first gather the tears and bind them to to look at it to be burned.

That's what he said saw. I believe the first one together of the tears I like. Jesus taught it. So if if that's the case, how we have pretrip rapture just doesn't make sense at like all everything that you go to. I got a lot I could teach a whole study on this and I've got a way of doing this of the in Bible studies where it takes an hour and say look on the region, Scriptures you guys tell me where to put the timeline and we've done it in every single time it's come out that the rapture is after jubilation. Without exception everyone is just look the Scriptures, and not just one or two, but a whole bunch no 1520 Scriptures. Looking all over the place and people are there scratching their heads. So why is a pretrip rapture stuff so prevalent. I believe my opinion it because it's the consistent with the comforts theology that we receive the pulpit here in comfortable America all the time. We don't face persecution well yes we are really facing it more and more, and so right right. I hope okay I just lost more viewers. Okay God bless all right is get the Craig from Kentucky.

Craig welcome on the thank you Matt. I would actually like to start out by apologizing all the boat very gleefully lost like and optical viewing are very short, interactional, real, good luck to you actually tried to transition a conversation that you genuine, genuine witness, like he was trying to actually understand or actually engage a lot about evangel evangelism we got yesterday will be spelled out as though I only got one was accepted but I remember it so okay, but you look great wealth of my question is are the beware done research about 30 odd five different hypotheses about when he exited may have happened and I know that there are broadly two or 30 popular date for the act, and I was wondering where you generally take the exit and incredibly justification why that it I don't know enough to give a date off the top my head ARE, but there is a there is a video I think it's on Netflix where two guys.

The films going. They took the book, the Bible and they went through and actually follow the the route and the location of the Exodus is different than the generally held position. It's really interesting is another video that talks remember because of the video never sing a big gigantic wall on the TV you know they were moving the Exodus timeline left and right under certain events. I forgot what that was with the name of it was three others are sincere.

Get more I get more broadly, the question out.

I was to get out more broadly, that if you make 480 years back from I believe I would follow them but maybe thinking David that you take 480 years of back from that date that it roughly put should put back the restaurant 1450. It's like that with the mention of the city of and land today.would keep the place to date sometime in the 12th century BC because that was the first time that I ran the first rank range is affected obviously be more tenured of the two pharaohs but long story short, if the exit is dated back happened in the 12th century BC and more left Alec arising before hundred 80 years. Would that how would you like to file that with that that their view (the Scripture what we can say that there is no reconciliation needed. Because the Scriptures correct.

Usually when people disagree with Scripture is because there will and then they find out later so I just believe inspiration, sufficiency, God is with you, they both give a call tomorrow if you want take 77207276 tomorrow the same number they buy got here, then,

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