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January 26, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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January 26, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses Isaiah 5-21-23 in regards to the appointment of a transgender person over the department of health.--2- Matt discusses the need for Christians to stand for justice.--3- Can you explain Genesis 3-22 in regard to annihilationism---4- Does 1 Corinthians 7-17 mean that Christians should not flee when persecution breaks out---5- Do you have evidence that the election was stolen---6- Isn't your language regarding democrats divisive---7- How can I as an individual fight against abortion and same-sex marriage---8- What do you think about the Q Anon theory---9- What's your position on all the end times theories-

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A previously recorded that's like show mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine Y rises is called responding to your questions at 877 ground you want to have four gallant legitimate call 877-207-2276. By the way, we'll do something new, implemented on the karma site. If you go to the homepage of yet you did your phone to check it out we have for the video of me being on the air here going on the karma homepage. You can check it out.

We are still modifying things are to be moving some stuff around were still working on things in feedback stuff like petals can take his letter few weeks, which is what it is, so please continue to give us feedback which are likely don't like what works just work etc. we are working on that were also writing new articles I'm doing stuff on social justice.

I released an argument argument an article a few days ago, the Christians obligation when to obey and disobey the government and this may become more apropos. Particularly lately, when we realize that the just and call and let yourself think happy thoughts slick transgender person is nobody to be appointed as the director or whatever is of health health and the soul, whom he read to you a verse this is gonna read who cares what the Bible says it says this out.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who saw the to darkness for light for darkness to substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter water. Those were wise in their own eyes and clever in their own site were those who are heroes and drinking wine and valiant men mixing strong drink justify the wicked for a bribe and take away the rights of the ones who work in the right so this is Isaiah 5 2323 and look, I'm not your average day preacher and that's in the palms of the pulpits preaching on the time it wouldn't be God has a wonderful plan for your life like you do is put more money into the pot and the media. The blissful dog I've never preached like that. I do believe that stuff which is on the book of extra Medicus and the unfortunate lot of pastors is to teach that because they want people to be comforted and just come into the church and sit on their hands not do anything got served at a restaurant I I stand in opposition to the idea of the Christian doing nothing. I've never been one who believe that as a Christian were to sit around and just pray and hope things get better. I don't you have to pray and do you have to pray and move you can pray and go and what's happening is because of that, as I do my research on learning most of the social gospel error heresy that site scripting of the Christian church has been in the Christian church which is basically the idea that itsy is a redefinition of the true gospel message of Jesus seeks to make the Christian message's main goal to solve social problems, racism, class distinction economic inequality and things like that. That's not what the main focus of the gospel is not the gospel is to say people's lives and society changes because of those issues and yes we are to work for justice and equity and things like that but when the Christians have failed to be out there as leaders in the community. The unbelievers are the ones who have stood up and so to speak, stood in the gap. And even though God is looking for those to stand in the gap for godly what is happened is the ungodly have gotten in and out because the Christians are in my opinion only make enemies in my opinion, too many Christians are people preaching namby-pamby gospel messages about the blonde hair blue Caucasian server Jesus telling the door of your heart, asking permission for you and your wisdom to let them come in and and and stuff like that and him I just think this ludicrous and un-biblical ungodly and even sinful.

We are as Christians are obligated to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are obligated to preach and teach the truth that doesn't mean we go out there with her fist in the air we define everything. It's not do if your mom raising kids in your Jeep job is to be at home if you can and raise the best kids for the glory of God as is possible. And you know it. I don't almost do that I get but art. Our goal as Christians is to work for the expansion of the kingdom of God's tithes to help people to do what we can and be united but unfortunately what's happening is too many Christians are so disunited at each other's throat because you don't leave preacher rapture. You believe in culture, rapture, or Calvinism is evil or not.

Calvinism is evil or whatever might be and so of people taking her eyes off of Christ and his admonition and his command to make disciples of all nations. What were doing now is guarding our own sports team and the leftist sports the rightist sports league Baptist sports team, the Calvinist sports team.

The charismatic non-charismatic sports think we compete against each other and we only rejoice when our particular team wins in his triumphant something and so we don't want to work with. We call those people over there because of it. The enemy had divided the Christian church were no longer effective in our society and as we can see it was stolen election. We have thought transgender is being promoted to the highest levels of authority in our government we have a Marxist of VP coming in pretty soon Pamela Harris, who will probably end up being president.

When they finally recognize how let's say you're in able Biden really is never to have an unelected Marxist in the healthwise is happening because Christians have been doing the job that's right Christians. Christians are good jobs on her knees praying and standing on her feet doing just get her knees praying sacred in my part not go sit and watch TV. No will to be calling people and if we need to politely march if we need to we have voice our opinions. We vote right to eat we do, we can write emails and stay in the things that we need to do and we need to be involved, but too many Christians think that were also do is just turn the other cheek do nothing, sit down and where to nothing irritating will let me tell you both take a glance through the New Testament and read how Paul was going out there called by Jesus Christ sent by Jesus Christ, and the missionary journeys that he went through in the riots even followed. Not that we want riots is just that people don't like the truth when they live the truth and come after you and not importance called good do it. Paul the apostle did. I got put a thing is more socially praying for and financially supporting those people who do go do that kind of stuff does not have a break and I get that that's fine. But as Christians we have got to be united. I think every Christian in this country, real Christian, not the Catholics but the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses the real Christians who trusted in Jesus Christ.

God in flesh died in the crossroads and the dead three days later and trust in him alone for the forgiveness of their sins, not by faith and baptism of faith and sacraments are faith and anything else you can do to keep yourself right with initially holy God week. Who are the true believers need to be on our knees asking God to send us and to use us to fix us and to make us of the changes and then we were all looking for the same thing and will all hear the spirit of God moving in our hearts will be moved to where we need to be.

Maybe God will raise up somebody. Maybe he won't raise up somebody but we have got to be the ones who are going to stand in the gap. That is what we have to do limit read this to you.

Ezekiel 2230 God says that only 2930 31 the people of the land have practiced depression and committed robbery. They have wronged the poor and needy and oppressed a Sojourn without justice.

I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap for me for the land so that I would not destroy it, but I found no one. Thus, I have poured out my indignation on them. I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath their way. I have brought upon their heads declares so God is saying that in Ezekiel. I was 2229 through 30. God is doing is looking for people looking he was talking to Israel sing Israel. I'm looking for you my people to do what is right before God before me is what guy with who's gonna stand up for the firm against unrighteousness to stand up for justice am looking for people to do that found therefore brought their way upon their own heads. If we don't stand up Christians working to get what we've allowed to occur. Biden as president of stolen election, a Congress Senate house who don't believe in upholding the true values the Constitution were not defined that in truth we are defined instead stuff like the constitutional right to kill the babies in the womb, the taxpayers subsidizing 24% of all abortion state funding of abortion under Medicaid, or homosexuality being approved and defended by the by the government. The militia holds the military military scrutiny hold the first annual marking of gay pride month since 2012, the American government spent $41 million specifically to promote gay rights globally. The Federal marriage amendment amendments to define marriage between one woman and one man failed in 2015 failed to get to Congress is not enough people in Congress to do what's right. Supreme Court affirms constitutionality of gay marriage, same-sex marriage, legalization by country that is articles on the website because our country is has turned its back against God has sought to kill the unborn has sought to promote and legalize and glorify homosexuality because it has done it has promoted pornography.

It has let the children be brainwashed and liberalism in schools and gone and even promoted nonbiblical governmental system like socialism and communism, Marxism, Fascism, which is coming alive and well. We have people in our government who are censoring the conservatives I was reading articles today and people are saying that the that this really got me going is one guys occult expert. I know Colson set up efforts for studying for decades and this occult expert had on CNN said that the Trump followers are like cultists to be deprogrammed. This is the kind of stuff. They are thinking like this to be promoted like this. That means the leftist wacko morons are in control. You think you're gonna stop just a news item to come after us folks trying to make you be aware I'm trying to make you think.

I've always been able to see that when we sit and do nothing. The wicked are prospered. Christians need to be standing in the gap for you to rise up in the first with the rise of the first act in that is to kneel before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We need to ask him to reveal to us our own sin we might repent of our own sins in our own lives and six sanctification before God and not allow ourselves to see those things on TV which we ought not see we ought not participate in we go to church and we tithe and we support the pastor. We ask God to reveal in our own hearts where we need to begin.

Then ask God to change us to send us to use us and to forgive us for apathy and complacency in this country and not caring out the commission at Jesus Christ himself handed us to do that we become too comfortable with our phones are automatic remote TVs and GPS guided cars in every other convenience that we have.

We put our faith and our hope in their God often must persecution come to because the people of God to finally bend their knees and say Lord I got nothing left. It's all falling apart around me. I look to you. This is what God has always wanted that we would have hearts like that and if we don't do it voluntarily and we allow the wicked to prosper in God's can allow what we have let Tappan come upon our own heads, and the weight of it will break us and bring us to our knees and then lift our hearts up to God and then revival and change can come must begin to both the right leg of his message is one of the 187-7207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling back to the show. Let's get James. James welcome here.

Michael sure about how and annihilate on your website. Pretty helpful. Can appreciate that II was looking at the you know your your entry on Kenneth the 322 to 24 about you know God thing. The man, but not out of and then eat in the life and live forever, and I was hoping you can clarify little bit more. You know what you what you believe you know that better than I and be different from the annihilate interpretation of that path again like they assume the annihilation us assume that one of the with them that we do not, by nature, have an eternal essence that once God has created us that part of the image of God is our continuation as God has an aspect of his personality. They would deny that that is setting that is transmitted to us. Not that it's something inherent in us, but that God in his is work grants that to us about who we are because roaming is image so the annihilation us just says no it's not an inherent aspect they have to demonstrate that it's not there and that is all that you have demonstrated that it is while it's very simple.

We have so many other communicable attributes of God. And we know that he will sustain from their perspective. Even the other saved forever. Why can't he do that for the damned forever, and they depict an idol or arguments as to what the word is used this way but lovable butts understand arguments and so this with her get a hold to answer when when theologians of look at Romans us to be. Genesis 322 issue of foot take the tree of life eat, and live forever. Theirs let the sailors a discussion on it and are not exactly sure what it means and I'm not really sure what it means either, but I have an idea I can just give you an opinion idea that if they have eaten of that fruit of that tree, they would have remained in that state of fallenness without redemption in that the the restricted body they would've been in that and that was to be prevented.

That's not what God wants. So if Adam and Eve had lived in the garden and had not send later than fine would have been no fallenness in them. But after they they sent then they were fallen if they had eaten of the tree they would have been in that system fallen state. In that condition, permanently. That's what I hope to so that God did not want that barred them from the garden and the redemptive work of Christ coming later on.

Okay, that make comments. You yeah you know I denying them the tree of life may them have the bodily bodily death, not as the annihilate nest with they did that when recalling them everything that not a thing but it did it did deny them the data given that with the bodily resurrection and the that that basically that which reminds me I was in a chat room a few weeks ago and there is a group of people who are annihilation us going there and I was in there one next to her, something Eric and I found out that this group of annihilation us who are apparently well-known on the Internet. I asked him how many of you been read my articles and none of them had.

I thought it was fascinating that none of them had ready knew my articles against annihilation is that the words they close their eyes, plug your ears mainly need to go away will go away and but there is one guy who supposed to writing responses to all my articles on looking forward to that because when he does that I would take a few of the lamina of correct his errors. But wait, yet it's it's it's more of a of a is more than idle to a lot of people's heart and mind that they measured Christianity by do you are you hold to annihilation is more universalism or some people even knew what Calvinism or Baptist is a more sensationalism, and these they measure the other people by those things. They should not do that and so it's it's a fault that's that's occurring in Christianity right that the thinking that you welcome, all right this could assess from California.

Seth welcome you on the arm. He meant that my calling God for your ministry been really edifying three months by my wife. So my question I recently heard a Q&A. Here in Southern California and the congregation at the pass. See appropriate with that change anything in the country you know what the question was at what point do we start to look at other state you know if they they needed to play because of the danger or whatnot an asteroid went to first Corinthians chapter 7 starting verse 17 you know where Paul talking about person lead a life that the board of the finding to not puke if you can, you know, I don't think term of the mark of circumcision. Younger Mary don't think. Don't leave your your spouse and the attribute that that section of Scripture to get a pretext to say that we should not be leaving California based on. I guess just change your state your thoughts on that. If you think that was the correct usage of that passage, I left California Southern California about 16 years ago. I have no plans to move back and I don't want to move back to the People's Republic of fascist California short common conversation for failure.

Oh yeah, I got to brother down there still and he says this is getting crazy is getting bad and people are leaving because the wacko leftists are doing their socialist thing of people that wanted so this is what it says enforcement and seven. It is important to have universe 26.

I think that this is good.

In view the present distress process that is good for men remain as he is what Paul is doing is talking about a persecution issue. This is why he wrote it in that context, Internet issue and the teaching on marriage, that's what it says in verse 12. Don't divorce. In verse 14, unbelieving husband of verse 17. The Lord is assigned to each one. Scott is called was walking and the director of the churches I know that is as uncircumcised remain in and don't worry about things like that up but he says what is remain in the condition which is called now concerning versions will you talking about, marriage here primarily or. And that's what's going on so I don't think he applied it properly.

Yeah one follow-up question. I know there's a passage I believe it.

Proverbs 22 verse three that that that the prudent man will see danger coming and I didn't fell well, but I think foolish man will basically take it do nothing and suffer quarterly like that you play with it after that. It's so you think that would be up maybe you and him appropriate to use in the context of considering leaving California I would consider not get out.

Thank you tonight. I appreciate your time at 40 live in SoCal actually live on the border of Kramer's right next to Whittier there with you, nor told Turnbull Canyon is now. That's why most that I did buy it actually 760 MacArthur Park is no flour all right evokes you open-minded when you call 877577077 charismatic slave back to the show. Is waiting person who's is Patrick, Raleigh, North Carolina on their I hit the button Patrick waiting for you.

All right we got in know I love you show a question. I am a Republican all I am a very, very moral language and it demeanor but I am now when the show started. That election was pulled you and you get with some concrete evidence that was stolen as second thing is that they're correct about eight what one somewhat concrete Nevada baguette was anything concrete evidence with the study. It was stolen okay proof you have made a statement I mean you you you you give us going about it that got you what you have that election was don't know, but obey the massive question.

Have you done any study research on the web on events, videos, testimonies of people being prevented from voting that people voting of votes counted twice of people not left and to run checks on how to vote it was going to be done any research on know I am about what I want, not what what another Lloyd and Ed got think I defended Noel, but it even if the grant they can you give me excuse me, do your own research go look right and during the break I just typed in a little bit of a search for that I thought a whole bunch of stuff from okay get the right knothole but you just just go right I just go home. Evidence that the election was stolen. That's what I typed in the pages of stuff are coming up.

There are videos out there okay 12. There are videos and more than just one where people were not letting other people come into check on the voting procedures they have. They have film of what I've seen the film of people being ushered out of the building because the water problem or something problem and then while they're out feeding in pamphlets in the voting machines this there's thousands and thousands of people voted who were dead in the when providing with its come on, just do as a research note that the people I don't trust Fox news. I do trust functions and up okay okay you knew what you got the video you when I see with my own eyes and that I trust that I don't trust what someone says I want to see it and videos of the ways to do that and when you hear about all kind of stuff like this from all kind of people and something's going on and that the left needs understand something with their doing is making a great many people very angry. Millions and millions of people don't trust the election process. The people that I know in discussion about it recently. Nobody I know.

Trust election and nobody believes it will have any fair elections anymore.

I'm not the only one who holds that an many people hold it and I believe millions hold it what you think's going to happen if the left keeps pushing like this but you think that David Jan found out that your language that you want nonbelievers of people spiritually. It is devising when you call them all the wacko and sand.

A moron I said hello when I say holiday but I say all when I can put you on hold because he will talk show what I say is the leftist the far leftist wacko morons. The leftist ones.

That's what I say who.

And then I'll describe who do these evil things and I'm knocking to stop saying it, you don't like it don't listen to anything that spirit is implicit for the spirit.

Tell me know if it waited right where the where the bulk of our intimate they are right there on earth and all the credit. Then beat him down if that I love and hate them is making you why you should believe it white what you know what your plan fee you are not pretty much all and is going to keep invasion and affected that myth is not a permanent home Almaden heaven, but delegates with basil get angry about this world and the White House and thought that you would like. You may even be low. What you think of about five note: no, I know that everything in the White House have a 90 years one night angry because of the accident to go my way now is inherently not en vogue hold on hold on so you are we to follow the so and since he did with the leftist do don't want to hear her bottle. I'll give you one right.

This would Jesus says you hypocrite, first take out the log of your own. I Matthew 74 2315, will you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites. He says in Matthew 23 6217 you blind guides you fools and blind men. He said I'm skipping a lot of stuff in Matthew 2333 you serpents, you brood of vipers and twaddle.

In Matthew, Mark 1233 through 40 beware of the scribes walk who like to walk around in long robes, and like respectful greetings in the marketplaces.

Luke 1139 you foolish ones. In Luke 1143 you're like concealed tombs in Luke 1152.

Those who you are hindering you have entering into the kingdom you hindered Paul's message hypocrisy and Luke 12 one.

He says in John 844 your your father the devil, he says in John 843 you dishonor me and Johnny.


He says to the two people I shall be a liar like you, if I do it's usually six so Jesus does have harsh things to say about people.

The folks look.

We need to be at peace with all people as much, as long as possible.

But what do we do when the left when anybody such as the left and the far right to what we do when they trample the Constitution under your feet, and they start threatening to come after us. Now I don't know if you guys follow the stuff I do and the left, the far left is threatening to go after trump supporters agreed articles of how they want to deny I didn't vote for Trump the first election. The second one I did okay but they want to go after the trump supporters and that calling them cultists saying that they to be reprogrammed the dimensioning of taken the children away taking talking about saying that they can't have businesses. This is this is fascism. And this is is happening more and more and the left isn't do anything about it in the news media elite. They should be promoting that kind of stuff they should say nothing of the right to believe what they want and vote for what they want not be penalized for it. That's how it's supposed to be, you know, if people vote for Biden think they can both provide ice and I support the right to do that they want about book asset they have that right to do and agree with the but they have that right and I would not say will because you voted for that person. You can have a job or you can't be can get a loan on your business, which is what they're doing. This is the kind of thing that needs to be called out and identified folks Jesus went into the temple, and overturned the temple tables.

He did it. Jesus called people out of what was wrong and if we don't do the similar thing. What we doing what we say are we to lay down and do nothing. As I said before, in the city again first obligation is to the Lord Jesus Christ. First, pray and ask God to reveal in you me to deny privilege myself for reveal my sin that I can repent and then send me would like to. We stand and it's okay to call it out for what it really is leftist propaganda leftist wacko morons out there they are going to come to Christ they hate God and only God's mercy upon will change anything.

That's what we gotta pray folks was given Janetta from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome here on here. I thank you so much for taking my call in. I give God a lot of clicking. There's always and I want to stay flat back you up on you know the colleges family.

I have an is not our home.

I made as well as I will and edit you with that but that does not mean that we go to get back and allow this to go and talk to Stella Christian because my has been fixed because with this talk about premium and we are not doing anything. If people can go out here and Mark against social injustice, Mark against go up in a Ritornello. Whatever the case may be the only question is the market again think that Meredith bought elderly, but were not doing anything and my question to you that I wanted to act and I can't know that I know that the goal of the bequest just thought maybe mocking is there something that I can't do on my own if it's something that you want me to maybe will fit are doing it. I made it back and I know I'm not an end being that now that we can't worship is not a building has really taken a toll on you as thought is both right back after we mass Y call 7707 alright so that I was saying earlier.

The first thing we need to do is pray about ourselves and our repentance. The Bible says in first Peter 417 for it is the time for judgment to begin with the household of God and so we are obligated to look at ourselves first is me narcissistically it means Lord in one area. My failing in what area do I need to improve Lord show me my sins.

This is a self-examination because we want to be an instrument in the hand of God, then he's can require of certain levels of sanctification and dedication to, because we need to be strengthened in our sanctification were secure in her justification for signification brings a strength because sometimes they could do those things are difficult in all stand outside in front of an abortion mill and hold the sign in on the ninth and stuff like that but never let me pray for that and pray for our pastors to preach and teach the truth that God would speak through them and that the people would have a mind to hear as well and then I'd recommend to see if in your local area if you can find people who are of like mind around you.

I got those people around me. We have a group of them were like-minded and we talk and pray etc. and then some of them in our group we have people who who will say here. This is what's happening. Here's a petition you can sign here's a phone number. All here's an email you can check email about this issue can live in Idaho so the things are really related to us and will do that and I left a voicemail saying no vote no on this and one that or whatever this we need to vote to vote.

The problem is that's not me of a pessimist. I don't trust human nature believer fallen and I don't trust politicians very much at all for some good ones out there, but the most part to take savings and so how much is our vote being counted because when we have the machines that all of the do is flip switches and stuff in and put in numbers to change the total number of votes.

How do we know it's been guarded. How do we know if it's that heart's this is is serious and I'm not convinced particular when the leftist media does not focus on these things and things I buy from alternative medias. I've gone in and seen the videos and the letter says nothing about it to me. That means they can't be trusted either and so pretty pessimistic about this. Okay I know what the Bible says I know how bad things are to get this just me so yeah we are obligated to fight back in a in a godly way and if you can. I don't it, you know, most people probably believe anything that's why they voted for backbiting. They believe in homosexuality, they believe in killing baby. I think you have some people who voted for Qiagen because you know what taxi they may not believe in homosexuality like you stand on last week anybody day with the present.

Any who believed Indochina thing. They must believe in him and this out and back to me.

The thing that we did have one class began about a year back in Moscow I went to the courthouse, not just same-sex marriage, but he got behind me. I mean it was a good thing PD golfing any and everything but people just when all again. You know, and for righteousness, and with that… You know not, you know, find out it's not always gay people upset about it down straight to get upset about an excellent back with me because unlike if you believe in a man, a woman being married.

Why would you get about a pastor walking against the wind. That's what he should do now that any past the day and I don't see how anybody who calls themselves a Christian who believes Jesus Christ died for their sins, and that were to be subject to the Lordship of ours Savior Jesus, who would then vote for in the body who supports baby killing in the womb and homosexuality.

I cannot say I can't fathom how they can do that and then in a these are humongous sins, according to Scripture, humongous bill will sue them under the rug so that they can have a better tax write off what I would find hand out as murder not wanted to call throughout on the famed special ed date now even in the hospital got it where if I make a loan of a young man think he's a girl you can go to the bathroom by number yesterday.

I know you. It's a like what I mean that. Not because I'm a Christian out that all night looking at August the around like he may. Do you know you want that and I know I'm just speaking it. It you know you know want to want the cost. I know you can see, I called will tell you. Ezekiel 22 talks about this is reading a little bit ago. 22 seats 26 N. 29 to 31.

So Ezekiel 2229 to 31.

Basically the principle here is if we don't stand up and do what's right, God will let judgment come upon all of us in the nation and I'm different than a lot of people either. This is an come out and he that tufts on the radio. I've always been someone who fights against unrighteousness always. I don't like to watch sports with a beat up each other and like to watch anything like this.

I think it's ungodly I don't participate in.

I don't want to watch. I don't supports people going on fights in high school and remember say this people cheer them on. I do understand that you know I started current 25 years ago because I was fighting unrighteousness. I so door-to-door I do on the prisons I dress like a punk or go to the beach and preach to people.

I believe in doing what's right because I serve my Lord Jesus Christ. I don't understand people can do the same thing I don't understand it in Christianity by law, I believe a lot because one of the most graphic that I have a spell and I'm sure you got it when I say that you back what I'm talking about when and ban on vanity get my point. But when Ron connects in the audience years ago.

You know that we had not the issues I found that lady had left the issue, but when he went up in that audience beat never body mocking the ankle along sports I just know there's very little on now you want to get colors with the doing one event in all sports I remember is my favorite of all events favorite thing is this guy from an African country who was in came to represent his country. This is Donald, 15, 20 years ago. Whatever was and he was swimming against world-class athletes muzzled it near the pool.

You know not to happen and he swam in a hotel's pool. That's how he trained and then he came to America to work. It was in the Olympics and the gun goes off and he jumps in the water and everybody was out of the water already and he was even halfway down the final lack you know that he was. It was pretty pathetic at how bad he was and yet everybody was on their feet cheering him on and he said later he thought they were cheering for the winter. But no, they were cheering for him. That's my favorite moment of all of sports because it was wonderful. It was honor that was respect.

That's what we need to see, but we don't we see people trailers are money. You know there's no honor, we don't have much honor anymore because everybody can be narcissistic and give me what I want now that serve our Lord and Savior Jesus didn't want to call ago, back about backing that day we got only one came again looking, that it is Earth's right now you down, back about 15 King Jane you don't do that, but it yeah I know that's what was that serve our Lord. That's right you call waiting people with long, tough, and not your call. How is the website lack of money you if you want to go to See comp/were donate and the Spiegel information you need. Okay.

All right. I call you welcome was for my neighbor all right. God bless. All right, let's get over to Mike in California. Mike welcome you on the air. Hello Matt, that is my second time looking for a way you will cloaking the last time I tried to in the first time I called back at about Q1 because I have so many people in the family that arm broken up over the Q1 on stock and I kinda consider it a false doctrine that is spreading through the church like what say you, what I say now is the research and write an article.

Thanks to you because you bugged me about it, which the good budget so that when you called up and ago okay you know in a minute look into it and see.

We had a lot of stuff going on the past few weeks so I'm just now begin being able to start doing research writing again, check it out to see what a controversy about it and it's highly conspiratorial so I don't know what's Lagasse knowledge of NASA problem.

The problem I can't wait my Christian friends or conspiratorial MILF they like Bill Clinton and the child.

The last error and/or oil. Let's list. Not that that's the time when the stage repeat things we don't know because you screwed the kind of things are cause rumors, but okay okay okay what I'm trying a bit instead of no place for your me know. Don't you think that these guy you know could come to know they are having that love that hopes all things, anybody can. If God shows mercy on them that's out okay and I was talking about the inside. What is your presentation predatory free-trade postoperative post trip is a missed post trip pessimistic on millennialist crib. No pre-on the post trip tradition rapture on millennium yet okay all morning and by all millennial you're not waiting for the thousand year ring know I believe that the terms thousand by itself always occurs in figures of context in the Bible and that is just a figure to close when you go to get versus I got on it that is a lot of evidence you know what it it that's is my view and I hope I'm wrong.

That's one preacher, rapture, and Christ all over the click I want it but I don't think it's true height. I get into willing to lose some some type of credit with them partial terrorist partial printer he asked with an orthodoxy.

I got a go tomorrow.

Sorry Jamaal, you waited a whole half-hour apologize that in Illinois call back tomorrow. Bless you all

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