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January 21, 2021 6:08 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 21, 2021 6:08 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt states that this show, in between calls, will be dealing primarily with the issue of Mary as portrayed in the Catholic church.--2- If Jesus is God, why does He say that no one is Good except God alone in Luke 18---3- A caller from a previous show wanted to continue the discussion on what it means to disciple someone.--4- I am a believer but struggle with swearing and thoughts. Will I go to heaven with these issues---5- At what point do we stop engaging with people, particularly progressive Christians---6- Were the early church councils Roman Catholic---7- Did John the Baptist really eat locusts- Was that the actual Greek word---8- Should I, as a Christian, keep the Sabbath- Is it ok to do something like watch a movie with my family on the Sabbath-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded mats like shout mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found online for you have questions about Bible doctrine does a nice Monday. Tuesday, 10 September 2013 for broadcasters and middle Lord bless you greatly. I hope after two maybe it will just good callers and hopefully some good answers, you know, one of the things I do before every single show. I always do. It is, I pray and ask the Lord to use me to bring people to hear who he wants to hear. And that he would give me wisdom and what to say.

I just asked for blessing on the listeners and blessing on me as well because I never believed that I have all the answers.

I want to represent God properly and truthfully I was asked for his wisdom and guidance. It doesn't mean I always get a right but I do want to honor him and I do want to look for him. You know is watching the show last night was really interesting show and I couldn't believe it. Could watching it for a couple of hours and it was on Dawson city was a documentary on Dawson city in Canada and the gold rush, the late 1800s early 1900s, and what what what I found so interesting was the pictures from that time and I had this I say this notion that they were better times, and that people were were little more decent in some areas. Well, you know, I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that as the town grew the gold rush fed people up brothels rose off dance halls, beer bars, gambling, and things like that and they had pictures of all of it. It was really interesting and that the deceased pictures in the nick they would literally talk note no narration was just words that came across the screen. I found myself being intrigued by a lot of things that were going on in this place. Dawson was a film hall where this new technology of silent movies was the films are being watched or what was interesting was that these films took 2 to 3 years to get to this place better so far north that by the time I got to them that the students really didn't want him back, and what it would a large collection got there and talk about this collection of films WHAT I found interesting was was the people and I started thinking every single one of them is dead. Every single one of them is passed away. The other were people in their 50s 60s in these pictures are from the 1800s and wondering because they were seeking gold seeking to take your families probably make it rich and these black-and-white photos of people dressed in all different levels of of the thickness of garbage over the winter the summer carrying various things various jobs, all trying to strike it rich and they had traveled thousands of miles for treacherous terrain, harsh conditions for money and their dead now.

They both passed away and I started thinking what good did it do them and I'm not saying it was all bad. I don't know maybe had some good people who were just trying to provide our families and were able to do that, that's fine, but you know the majority. It seemed as though they were just out for just money.

Make it rich nor talk a lot about that okay what were are these people now you know what you're thinking about because everybody everybody's gonna die every blessing to face God everybody's interface eternity and what you bringing with you what you sent ahead, you can't take your gold nuggets with you can't take your cars or bank accounts and I found it intriguing.

If I started studying the people in light of that as I was watching the show progress for an hour seeing that there are no different than the people of us now no different and though you have the clothing was different. The technology was different. The sins with the same.

The covetousness was the same boasting the manipulation, the Conning was the same sin was the same and you just got me thinking and I want to live for the Lord and hopefully pleasing him. I know I don't know how much I'm doing for my own glory. My own benefit. I don't know is anything ever done pure belief. So put you through Christ our attempts to honor him are filtered and I don't know how God felt room.

I don't know how he's going to receive them.

I just don't know because I've never believed for a moment that I've ever done anything with the pure motive naturally pure motive. I believe that's really something God can manifest. I think that everything I've done is been touched by sin one way or another. I know myself and on the center still and even though there are the prideful and arrogant out there who say that they don't sing anymore to keep the law of God perfectly condemn others who say they still sin city.

All your trust in God. Their arrogance is so blinding.

I hope they may find the true gospel and the truth of who they are, in front of Christ, but they got me thinking about some treasures in heaven and you know it when the day comes, if were all standing before God any points in my general direction, and says, well done. I'm to be looking behind me because it can be pointing at me is everything I've done one way or another's been touched by sin. How could any of it be good people might say, well, the sincerity of your heart counts will this asserted my heart is nothing but pride know some people will say God looks at your heart and he'll know if you are really ready to be saved. That's foolishness.

I just look at your heart.

The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful Jeremiah 17 nine you'll remind me. One day I was praying a spring very deeply for quite a while and I was confessing every possible sin. I can remember. Think of just confessing to my Lord, my sinfulness how the closer I get to him.

The more I see that I'm a failure in so many areas that the purity of my heart is just not where it needs to be and I was confessing and confessing. I could even think of anything else to confess. And then I said, and Lord, thank you for not making me like the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. I kept praying and I had a problem because that sounded so familiar. I heard that before and then it dawned on me, and Luke 18 nine through 14, the rich and smooth, the tax gatherer and the Pharisees and of the temple to pray and the Pharisee said Lord I do this I do that and thank you for not making me like that text and because I'd read Scripture and because I'd said what I said insincerity.

I realized that even in my sincerity. There's pride and arrogance.

There's nothing pure, I don't believe is a single pure thing in my heart single thing except Jesus. The only good thing in me is him.

The only good thing that ever done is been by his grace the only truth I've ever said is been invited.

The confirmation in agreement with his word. We need to give all glory to him and all praise to him and everything. If somehow there are rewards that I myself will reap in heaven. I can't figure out how that's going to happen least on the side of heaven because you know I talked to the Lord to Lord. Nothing in my heart is pure, how can anything that I've done be worthy of reward before you don't have an answer for that, but what I do is I just rely on Christ and his trust in him. It's all I can do. Just trust that somehow, someway, he works what he does.

The way he does it through people through you through me through all of us who are sinners saved by grace who want to honor God. But still have things we need to… I conquer get over he does receive all the glory.

And he deserves all the glory we think about you know your own heart, and you know those areas in your own heart, where you are weak and sinful. And yet he loves you, and you may want to try and do something that honors him and maybe it doesn't work so well. Or maybe you're not is pure in your hearts, you realize you need to be and yet he accepts no he is so good and he's so loving and so kind and so gracious I just can't even fathom the depth of his love that he has for us. It is by faith and by faith only that I trust that when I get to heaven will say well done and if he does all I can say is it is from your hand and given back to you. He deserves all glory and praise and honor and so those people in that documentary they'd all passed away and I was seeing emptiness and wondering what they have done the same thing if they had a chance to be from wherever they are right now and go back be reunited with her body that time knowing what they know now either in a place of bliss or place of torment. What with their lives be like. I think about that. I think okay what can I do now to do the best I can for him. That's what I want to know about you, that's what I wanted to and how that manifests that's between you and God and I just hope that he would condescend even more to you such a fool is myself and that he would use all of us for his glory as he is so good as I heatedly say it's not the tool, it's the hand that wields the tool make something beautiful. All right, why don't we just move right along here was going to the calls are going to give Nicole Fox 877-207-2276 is good to Joe from Texas Joe looking show.

All right God's grace we got adequate Bible, one nation that night. They told me that Christ edit the words of Christ.

That means we have to. That's the bottom line along okay and so he said that in order we have to make disciples and baptize everyone you don't get baptized. It will be constantly what you got on that. What were the consequences.

You were trying to say that will that we will go to hell.

Little get baptized. Those were the exact words of Christ. Yes, I like you talking to radical person who does not understand proper significance of baptism and his address is not hold on right that folks after mass, like why call 7707 is back to the shillelagh remind you that we start CAR M.orgy. That's a Christian apologetics research ministries CAR in the right hand side you'll find on the donate link click on it would just love it if you would help us out, 20, $25 a month would be perfect and… Too much and pray for us as well because we really do need that support. We had a lot of things going on, were trying to move ahead for the kingdom of God. Let's get back to Joe from Texas Joe you still there I all right so you want to get on the words were annual rent.

Frank he wanted to take it like you want to make law make make a disciple of the nation and baptizing putting together a it's a command and that we have to keep it to be saved and that are commands of Christ love God with all your heart, soul and mind, liver, neighbors yourself are also things that we would have to do so we would. I would ask well if because it's in red and Jesus said to do it then we also do other things he said in order to be saved. Love God and love your neighbor. If he says yes that he's under the law, because those are aspects of the law.

I love God, is quoted by Jesus in Matthew 2237 he quotes Deuteronomy 65 and he quotes Luke the biggest 1980.

Much love your neighbor and he quotes that in Matthew 2239 so he is saying the ultimate law was as a summation of the two commemorative summation of the law will then if he's requiring the sky requiring that we have to do this in order to be saved.

That would also have to do in order to be saved. This is a false teaching. This is demonic doctrine to sustain a doctor visit from the pit of hell when anybody requires that we have to do anything in order to complete the work of Christ, we have to do anything to add to the work of Christ or we had to do anything by which were justified by faith and something else. And all this is demonic doctrine to show you something.

This really important people need to hear this is for the pit of hell.

This kind of teaching they had to do have faith in Christ and do something else or to be saved.

When we do is go to Galatians chapter 5, start reading at verse two behold, I Paul say to you that if you receive circumcision.

Christ will be of no benefit to you. Circumcision was the Old Testament commandment to circumcise and is this a ceremony not a big deal with the ceremony was interesting is that in Colossians 212, 13, Paul says that your circumcise with the circumcision made without hands, having been buried with him in baptism. Now, to what extent does Paul relate baptism and circumcision. And that's worth a big discussion but for now there is some sort of comparison because Paul says that you said you been circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, having been buried with him in baptism so unique he relates them together so circumcision is an Old Testament covenantal sign of entering into a covenant relationship with God through the covenant and baptism. In my opinion is the same kind of thing now.

We could then say that if someone would say if you receive baptism Christ to be of no benefit to you for what purpose would it bring circumcise with purpose of the being baptized.

If there saying that had to be circumcise us with the Judaizers were doing English if they say will be have faith in Christ because he knows what he says is if you receive circumcision.

Christ will be of no benefit to you.

Verse three I testify again to every man receive circumcision is under obligation to keep the whole law you would separate from Christ, you were seeking to be justified by law fall from grace. Note those who are seeking to be justified by the law are not Christians begin with because no one is saved by the works of the law from 328, Romans four, five, and so we understand something, what Paul doing here is he is very soundly refuting the idea that we have to do anything.

Along with our faith in Christ in order to be saved. What he uses is the issue of circumcision. Circumcision was a ceremony now. I would ask. I do ask this of people who hold the baptismal regeneration I see is baptism ceremony and they don't want to answer the question, but a ceremony is a religious right, in which one person does something to another person. That's what a ceremony is usually slipped on like that and stay. Baptism is certainly a religious ceremony and what he saying what others are saying is you cannot be saved less. You can complete this with a ceremony. This is why did demonic doctrine because it comes the pit of hell because it means you're not trusting in Christ alone, by faith alone. By the grace of God alone. But you're trusting in him.

Plus something you have to do it or to make it all right.

And Paul says if you receive circumcision you under obligation to get the whole law. This is why I said if this guy was talking to me how disabled you have to keep the commandment of loving God and loving your neighbor, both of those commands you go to Kinko's nor to be saved to because her commands. If you said yes that obviously he's not a true Christian is a false convert. So we have understand there are other sets of her siblings were justified by faith alone in Christ alone. Nothing you can do with abuse by ceremony or sincerity has any merit with God. It's only by faith in Christ and what he has done.

That's what makes you right before God get baptized is a public confession and the public recognition of our covenant relationship with God and that we have trusted in what he has done on the cross and we are therefore justified by faith without the works of the law. Romans 45 Romans three 2028 and that is going on for the guy who said this is a probably a false convert and needs to be soundly rude rebuked refuted in the true gospel is preached to him okay I think you might Michael was at my wasn't here Michael okay all will praise God been praise God, you know better guys out there, but I guess you're stuck with me for now for little while, yes, I know what you think about God bless Joe all right, that was Joe from Texas. What to give McCall folk you for the lines 772072276.

Let's get to none other. Other than the infamous Alex from Van Nuys Alex. Looking back to the show but welcome welcome. I just wanted to say that I was at the wrong hour conference and traffic court. And I believe will fade away. Merit and vocab and Eddie to other vocabulary what is in there would just say hi. I do say you'll match liquored on the radio whenever actually I hung out with them hanging out the whole time they finally enter yeah yeah so is a pretty good affidavit if he got color elected to meet the adequate question really had a runt wrap around the window.

They know half of day in relation to get them faith as you wish. Yes, right. I can't say that word and make the correct cessation and cessation of-ist cessation if the patent is not sensationalism, but since say to something to cease cessation cease and cessation, and sensationalist us want to believe all the charismatic gifts stop with the death of the last possible closing of again right so that word there is a break in the rest of the man hold on Alex be right back. But this is right after that I call 7707 back to the show.

Alex, are you still there are immense water question buddy what is of you want to come to demonic warfare, demonic attack that all by THE company charismatic. It will function or if it had the first century what it at least you what it at least the view that both We concur we we agree with it or they would both saying that to demonic attacks occur and that through prayer, belief in the trust of the word of God and in Christ that we do our battle. We would both agree and what and what way because I cookie charismatic person every single thing if you gave me adequate all that the demonic spirit brother Tim because right what a good example of a demonic attack limitation your head turning around, you know just the lifting three cars at once to know why you're screaming something bad you basic stuff like that.

Okay a know it, even, cannot inhabit a believer right ability. There even try to critically manage widely but you try because it is not possible, but but I believe that demons do oppress Christian Christians in certain Christians who is called open opening doors, as we call it, to be involved in your cultus said many times before, became a Christian and you can open up doors through drugs, alcohol, pornography, various sexual sins are called practices, Ouija boards, tarot cards, astrology, and the clemency after projection. These things are doors and depending on what you do you open up a bigger door demonically. You could have an object that someone gives you as demonic attachments.

Things like this. So just depends. There's a lot of variables and it is the other party like the hot reopened the John MacArthur, the inlet acts as a right, but sensationalist right do they believe in demonic oppression as letter you not talk to Todd before and to Dr. White. So we've had conversations with United asked about these particular instances but I would assume that since they do follow the word of God to believe in demonic presences and attacks, and various oppressions that can occur upon Christians and things like I don't know of any differentiation that occurs between the secessionists and the continuation must sleep on that area's okay. All right. I think auto correction as an one of the weight or doors to be open. It could be by any of the practice of the "right we keep our tarot card to a local yeah not cold out and it could also be open through drug store or alcohol you to do that, click before you got sure works in Greek for sorcery is pharmacopeia now I gotta make you have a friend on the radio sometime and he's 9/11 responder and he used to be a paramedic and some of the things he has seen a demonic presences with people who died after drug abuse and things like this he seen it more than once is very highly intelligent individual very dedicated to the Lord. Maybe I'm on some topic to talk about what he'd seen with his experience of that we wouldn't be my repeating what he said but what he actually said he saw himself, but these things are real, they are real and I believe I've met demonic oppressed people very very very I mean very oppressed if not possessed, got a couple memories of some things from individuals I've encountered. I've actually seen the demonic manifestation with my own eyes before became a Christian was involved in the article. I know this is real and it happens for today and so we need to be very aware of it. If you read my novel.

The influence, but is it silent about this kind of effect was right in line with this topic and I'm at work and the second one as well involved in that kind of stuff with more doors are opened and what to do about closing them but base will be due. Like I can let you go but you okay all right okay thank you God bless your brother God bless you what God bless Alex all right there was Alex from Van Nuys. Let's get over to this person is DB. I guess for my why are you hi I'm doing good how are you God's grace doing well. Would you well. I know what the Bible teaches about women elders and captivating, but I don't about well if you had like a Wednesday night Bible study and the guy normally tickets that allowed a female major CH the wrath of the teenager.

A Bible study is no, I guess. What would be your thought about that because teenagers can be newer from 13 to 19. Of course this would definition teenager is so some of them might be young men and might not be young men might be preadolescent and before they qualifies men so you know it's a gray area and I don't believe it's wise to step into a gray area like that, and risk making a mistake so I would suggest that as unpopular as it would be to have her teach the girls and have a guy teach the boys and things like that and or have some side of some kind of oversight by an elder male elder in that position just to be quick as Scripture. So when I youth minister about well where I had found out about it when it happened. I youth minister about anything. Okay, there are adult sponsors know who were in the room what about the men who were in the real you know what you were they being taught you by this email to nature and in his answer was, well, I guess you know, I guess that could happen and night. I was just I understand it's a gray area played no you could use the you could use them first about eight a woman should have authority over a man.

But then the question come are to nature's art male men. I do not know and you got finally get into some nice wanted to know if you had any thoughts about that yet. It's a tough one.

And not only is there the issue of the male gender need a hello yes can you hear me I'm right here is realized that off you finish that thoughts so that another thing is a topic you don't, our pastor the church again teenager wanted to address the Bible study habits say okay what about you know I mean this because she's a girl, a teenager doesn't mean she can address the Bible study just depends what's going on if you want to talk about a missionary trip she had and how great it was a tale that sounds great. If, however, she can be leading a study which inside the church would be a teaching position. Then I would say no you can't have that you so there you go. Let's get to Josh from Houston and Josh look Michelle you crazy how I ever thought of actually doing a little study on my own on the work Alex.I ran across your article and your number at the bottom, I just give it a shot. Marianne sounds that meet so I got a couple question I have a project you could lead into something bigger like that but going to engraftment that I'm calling to kind of pick your brain on a couple different person will start with… How could one GDL of technically use that word and apply your life. They way that is an example like that on advanced they are minor and a prayer you know are claiming it by fate Palestine and in the situation I'm in that I'm looking for closure or victory or I could dictate all our enemy like a prayer request today will grab your marital issues. Palestine will the word to teletype comes from the Greek to let all which means and/or completion or something like that. Something that in such a Telus die is a member correctly, I believe it's a pluperfect tense the BC not to perfect passive. So Alyssa dipped the past that the perfect tense is I have been the perfect by the pluperfect's I had. This is in the perfect Rebecca for these messages will both be right back.

Why call 77077 back to the show.

Let's get back to Josh. Josh is still there after all right, just a little bit of information.

A break was fortuitous and log a deliberative research at the word to teletype comes from the Greek word to level and that word in its various forms.

It occurs 26 times in the New Testament. The only occurrence of the same Greek word to Telus die is to versus earlier you talk by John 1030 it is finished, but in John 10 seminar 1930s, usually it is finished.

John 1928 it says after this, Jesus knowing that all things had already been accomplished to fulfill the Scripture. That's the word to Telus die the same word so that form only occurs twice that form there is what we call the perfect passive indicative third person singular. It's much a linguistic stuffer and analyzing talking like about linguistics and so that only occurs twice know you talk about is applying it to your to something else.

This is what I recommend you do if you want I can give you a list I can export to my little bit of research during the break.

I can give you a list of every single verse where that word to let go occurs and you email me know what info would come better elders put a note email is sent back to you and you can look at every single one if you want and you can then look at the context to see the context of the usage allows you to apply it in the way you want to download). I would be perfect okay no problem can easily okay not another question I had harder my question gravity article. Sorry you over the years where pastors will grab current based off of like their spiritual meaning of the nail that nailed or crucified Jesus to the cross unit I reviewed specify now and then, years ago, I was a lot younger. I don't quite remember remember the graphic or symbolic meeting. And I'm wondering if you you could if you have any kind and fight like that and also suggest that suggest that because the truth: symbolic meaning of various things. The problem with having a symbolic meaning of various things is that you can read into the text. What you every you want good symbolism now.

The nails in the crew in his wrists were literal nails and with a lot of wacko preachers to his seat. The nails in your life that are holding you back. You know it's like I was 26 the US in Scripture.

This kind of idiocy is a real problem because a they could make anything up and people did they just lie it and I would never hear me say something like that because this is not true. The nails were real nails that really held him to the cross. I would say the nails of your life. What's holding you to your cross. People do that kind of thing and I don't want that you'd rather drive or were on their power that got you to overcome the nails quote nails running the nails in your life you happy. No no no no no no, it just just this will mass-produced comes in really handy. It doesn't say anything about nails in your life and you are in Scripture, we shouldn't say frequent is of 46 do not exceed was written you the things that hold us back in life is called sin. See the nails of your life. Then it offered 395 each. I'll send you a nail. You know that I personally blessed to give Britney put this up over your fridge. It's the nails of your life being rebuked by what people do this kind of stupidity. And so we gotta make sure that we don't fall under that kind of thing and it and I would say the subject is that what it says here when they said they would nailed Jesus to the cross as it means you have nails in your life know it means. Jesus was nailed to the cross for our sins to redeem them kind of act.

I what dialogue nail where they actually look like I am trying to draw a lot and I'm gonna look for the actual cost. No proper. Okay I was just saying what kind of nailed understood the Google search look in the nails used in the crucified Christ because they have found archaeologically speak and have found nails that have been used for crucifixion and so you can see if there were square or triangular around 6 inches I've heard that there they arrived, I think number correctly like 6 inches long, give or take an old made of iron. I think, but I don't remember.

So just do it just that and that's it. Don't go beyond though trying read into it is somebody's stupid preachers on TV do you know yet. It just just cries me crazy when I do that kind of a thing they can make the text say anything they want and that's that is how you manipulate people manipulate when you take him as a symbol of the arts of an actuality turn into a symbol and then make a symbol. Say whatever you want, that's manipulation of the potential so okay in our character. All right if you email me an invalid car never dealt all of provide that list of from verses for word how you know you write out okay sounds good but I okay right. It was Josh from Houston, Texas. Let's get over to Pam from California, a pan welcome to the show. I think taking on top of the book quote from John Calvin made me think of nothing good can ever come like them.

I will like me me me me I can find nothing forthwith good-looking good can ever come forth from our will and I from God and not I'm not so my question and I agree that an R/12 no good thing but the question I have is our new nature can it course we sent all the time any nature can line on my new nature. She nature technically means I get from 77 and there's a battle can we, as born-again people sin. Yes, we can yet I know I'll only chirp last line again. I manage it as a percent of the nation is personifying that I want to do. I don't do etc. personifying it. What he's doing is is admitting that he has a struggle within himself about what is good and what is betting on Paul the apostle to syllogisms going on, so he personifying so we don't have like an old nature along with our new nature. This get more specifics. I can answer the question nature has to do with the essence of something so you can see it but I'm writing up a cup in my hand right no coffee cup as nature is in essence and now I'm doing is holding about here. My old other reading glasses in my head have different natures different essences so every proposals and one bag of two different natures to different essences incident essences in one thing we are humans we therefore only have one essence one nature of a human nature. We can't have a good nature and another a bad nature, then, is to natures in each nature would require personhood in order for it to relate what were talking about. And then when I get into some problems. We don't have two natures will have one nature.

We are human beings and we redeemed and so the Bible does sometimes it talks in poetic exaggeration, personification ethical organisms and things like that.

That's what he was doing there and note Romans 72 through 25 when he is discussing the issues of his difficulties of his own flesh because my flesh worked against me. We we know what that is unable it off. It's the me I am when I am in my flesh and in my spirit. And so we see her flesh were doing is reciting that bad part of me that's the flesh and the good part of me that's the spirit, but were not similar two natures of flesh nature and the spirit nature with each with its own personality so that you have a conversation with shuttered signal to do this know you're not the kind of thing.

Okay oh, we have one nature, human nature and God dwells in us and we don't exactly understand how that works.

So it is personified as a battle going within us. Paul's doing in Rockets seven is personifying it in like yesterday I was working and my wife was sitting not too far from me and I said to her, you know what my frontal lobes just told me to go away and stop I'm done.

I said no you were smart know my frontal lobe said no forget you okay my brain click on select I personified both my frontal lobes yesterday rebelled against me, and I had to go watch TV and and disagree my mouth open my eyelids at half-mast because I was done for the day doing all people sale you have a gap it's under being inside of you know now is not a literal thing just way of saying accents okay okay thank you. Welcome, just so you guys know yes my frontal lobes did rebel yesterday. I was doing so well also and they went and went on a no no not now were going at what happened all of a sudden. I couldn't understand myself right. Let's get a DJ from Cincinnati hey BJ how are you good I have a couple. Sure loser, first question is the article writer you at that a lot you a viable old and that's something that is its galaxy S. Mark 13, and I think that integrated into the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70, but also with more black. I like right where they did not delegate work back here without you possibly I'm actually talking preachers myself I would put our leaders missed for those who don't know is that when Jesus said would happen in that generation was happening then and will also be fulfilled again later. He was speaking kind of income. This first arrival was a second arrival full plagiarism when he says that he returned in the armies of Drew of Rome and destroyed Jerusalem and that was his second coming in 70 A.D. that's whacked because that's refuted it. It is a theological term whacked and is forget by act of 192 11 – theology of lack lack of trust whacked out. My second question would be at regard to women teaching you not my question and that is how do you differentiate between all command that will address the third way and yet they can't have braided hair with that man be the payment on that.

They explained that the women are allowed the authority how you because in first Timothy two. He equates the issue of teaching authority with the created order of God himself by saying for was and it was first created in the later on for 2013. If-when it is for consequent in's husband while we talked about that he does not equate it with the created order mandate. It seems be a cultural thing, there has been some debate about this particular issue would talk about the context of braided hair perfume a lot of processors with trust that don't associate with the thought of okay.okay God bless a photo of you going to show by God's grace talk to them. The Lord bless you

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