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January 15, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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January 15, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the events in DC and that Christians need to pray.--2- A caller followed up regarding his meetings with LDS missionaries.--3- A caller comments regarding the events in DC.--4- A caller says he is struggling with suicide.--5- I have friends who are caught up in the NAR movement. How can I reach them against these errors---6- Can our nation be forgiven---7- How do I repent---8- Is disciple, as a verb, a biblical concept-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter slick why branches are called responded to your questions 07276 Matt slick what are you doing out there. Hope you have a good day to an interesting day until talking about what's going on the capital.

If you're interested in calling me to talk about what to do if you're a first-time listener I'm a Christian apologist and were taking calls live calls from anybody who wants to read your talk about things of the Lord.

The Bible religious systems, secular systems and all kind of stuff.

So if you want to be called all you do is now 877-207-2276 revival lines right now five of five so give me a call talk. I know a lot of people are watching the news what's going on and I will give that the second judge will you know I had a debate last night and I'm kinda curious if anybody watched but you cannot call up and give comments about it to my opponents did not do well Anderson humor stuff is coming recently but if you love if you heard my comments talk about give me a call 87720722765 lines difficult right now. As you know is you know you been watching other headlines out there that so there's a lot of mayhem so to speak, going on for capital of the people there are a lot of people who have stormed the Senate house I forgot which one thinks of it and they had to clear the setting out on Senators left thousands and thousands of people are there thousands of people have are protesting now. I want to comment because I know that a lot of people are concerned about all of it should be concerned. We have to be praying for our country shots and been fired. There are two people and wounded. There are there's unrest. There's a lot going on and a lot of people are very, very upset about the election results based on the a lot of fraud that that's happened is been documented and not people don't trust the election results. So this is the protest that's going on in light of that, I flipped around different TV stations and it was interesting to see CNN, MSNBC, their take on things. And of course truck was to blame. It was all about how bad Trump was, and then another stations.

It was people protesting because they don't trust election results and they don't think that that counts anymore because it don't trust it and that was it. It's really interesting to see the spin that different groups of people put on things so we do as Christians, we guess our plant. We do pray a lot, not just once, and I pray tonight, so therefore I'm good. What we have to do is we do pray for the redemption of our country because this kind of stuff. If you see the pictures. There are people with guns drawn inside the house limits the house with all those senators and congressmen are there to do something about talking with you. Looking and there are in the speaker the house seat was a guy's somebody sitting there is chaos, so we think of what you think you think is good. He thinks bad and what does the Constitution say about what is the preamble say is it right for us to do something like this for people to do that we do. The left calls it a mob but when the protesters not the left calls this was happening here in DC, a mob, but when people are in safe for example, Portland, Oregon, burning and stealing their protesters in Seattle. The protesters, but the people here are not burning or not stealing.

They're not doing anything. They're just protesting and either call the mob so we think this one little facts really is disturbing because it tells you that there's a polarization among thoughts and attitudes among people in this country and this is the makings in the grip foundation of varying types of revolution moral revolution in all an ethical revolution of political revolution and a lot of changes in their society is going through birth pangs working; death things as this great Republic is not democracy. It's a Republican great Republic is being torn apart from the inside ions on this is what happens.

We as Christians need to be praying for the deliverance of our country so please bring my wife live in pregnant others that I know, praying, continue to pray and look this up on a regular basis with its alright for you to call for open lines 877-207-2276 Craig from Texas Greg welcome drawn near the long-run thing together but you left out on you never know. I get all on so I thought I called and made up was a Mormon missionary and you are want it call back to relate to you how everything went and now I've met with him twice and the first meeting was rather uneventful and that I started taking on you find yourself agreeing with more than some is not defined in terms clinically right and so that that became kind of evident but the thing that really what I guess where I got a sort of went wrong, like it was showing them how compelling Bible on and that I want that second five 2523 about breaking after all you can do and are trying to harmonize that with the allegations 289 saying that the same thing. That doesn't sound like it and course all the justification for what they were saying to Jay talk to them was almost like it's talking to normal Christian and basically the conversation went nowhere in sight.

We met for about two hours, there's gonna be some way to get a little in the bond of some sort and stumbled upon this guy that you're probably familiar with them banning Kate Walker his gospel yeah yeah and I thought for this. This audit do we throw some stumbling blocks up and so taken that five or six odd versus outstanding on the net is not evident to me which basically regenerate second Nephi 2523 and sleep back When I first that two boys in 1920 yourself between the time of our first and second meeting.

One of them got switched out and brought another guy. I guess that's part and parcel what they do they transfer in and out against the Have the opportunity to form a relationship with somebody anyway. We we kept on going and then I read off all of those passages which were very similar to that in five 2523 and he was sounding very Chrysler, not Christlike but I'm talking very Orthodox Christian. I said I understand what you're saying that that's not what writings are saying and in going through all of those it was just like flat willful denial of what and so I figure either. He was deluded or is flat out lying to me, deluded ministers are not giving life. You might be a few that duplicate. This represents to be fairly represent Mormonism. Generally speaking, I mean they want honesty and integrity. Nestlé teach so for the most part of the self-deluded they do not know how to think critically think about the stewardess young guys know.

1819 20 Grange in the frontal lobe are developed properly because in the mail. The brain is not really mature until about age of 25 biological fact. Yeah, the average emails about 20 to 23 effort so you know I don't want to be upon too much and are good guys for the most part, but they are self-deluded out there that's committee or diluted, and the given things like this and they see hopefully the irrationality of their statements hopefully will in the coming of Mormonism and going home for mission, maybe even coming to Christ real only one allowed for almost 3 hours and I want to again no I understand what you're saying I agree with you what they're saying but that is not what you're teaching that I try to explain it to him and reformed ejection and it still fell on dealt deaf ears and and finally after we delved toward the end there. I finally concluded that that I actually just said yeah I learned not a pretty good deal about God, Jesus, the Bible and all that is that I am very open to the idea that I might be incomplete or missing something on my just a flat wrong. My question for you Mr. Norman is are you willing to let the same thing and I wanted a hot box in the corner to get some kind of answer and without missing a beat. He just said if you mean you want to understand what it is.

What I believe it I'm here for you, but do not think for one moment you're going to convert your belief system. That's right. As you know Mormonism as she teaches is not Christian so well for you know the one thing I was to see. Do you know any kind of statement or any not see.

So here's something that are on the go to it and read it with the Karnataka server is very slow right now to finish a few seconds. You haven't gotten to the place of fixing everything you had to release everything so the dues of the Carmel do a search for Joseph Smith posted. I have read this quote to many Mormon missionaries over the years without telling them who was, and saw a lot of them have just said all whoever said that wasn't Christian – I agree and so this is something I found to be very very interesting very effective.

This will Joseph Smith said in history.

The church 16, page 4149.

God is in the still small voice in all these affidavits indictments is all of the devil. All corruption come on you prosecutors he falls, swears, all hell oil over you burning mountains rolled down your lava for I will come out on the top. At last I have more to boast of the never ending man had. I'm the only man that has ever been able to keep the whole church together since the days of Adam, a large majority of the whole have stood by me neither. Paul John Peter nor Jesus ever did it.

I boast that no man ever did such a work is I the followers of Jesus run away from him with the latter-day Saints never run away from me. Yet now that quote actually was read to me by a friend of mine Charlie spine and that single is what started me studying apologetics 41 years ago while and he was so arrogant. It was so horrible that I started studying. Who was this many Mormon missionaries have said that the lives of value one more meeting with them, so maybe I can do that a lot got blessed abroad. I think a lot of all right to both of you for my calling 777 mass Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg. Everybody will show live and what you may call all you do 772072276 Muscat took play from Raleigh, North Carolina I met me a Merry Christmas to you and happy new year to you and big heartfelt thank you for doing everything that you do in the are you all of the heaven down to earth moments and then I heard about what it happened ditto up in the nation's capital, and I was really feeling sad I made. I know that you know I've heard you know you've opened up a showing thing that we need to be in prayer.

I agree with that. I don't believe many of the people that were up in prayer when they decided to get out. I don't feel a lot of common sense was being used. I don't believe that you know some of the people that they would think here they know when and it's interesting that you give the breakdown of what you shared. Because you know there's a lot of divisiveness and there's a lot of uneasiness and I think an outfield just by hearing you brother Stephen what other people sure what they're sharing is just like there's there's no faith as to what is gone, gone on before. Ever since November 3. And you know the Lord and control this but I feel that a lot of people have lost that faith in the overall situation but yet here we are, you know, I just again I just want to commend you for you know, I guess it away opening up the line about this leprosy is a difficult position I'm in here sometime to talk about things like because the Bible talks about throwing off oppressors and defending the innocent and yet also submitting to governmental authority and added that in my opinion, the fact that the Christian church as a whole has dropped the ball here in America and allow the secularists to step into the area with Chris is supposed to be that we have this project are. I agree with you will not but the thing is in the Declaration of Independence United States. Everything about this today and only because you called up to really think about it, but a minute. This is the Declaration of Independence what it says that it read some of it to get the context understand what is prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, and accordingly all experience hath shown, that my mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. The words you don't overthrow the government just for stupid reasons and peoples tend to suffer a lot through all this, but it goes on when a long train of abuses and usurpations to usurp me to take the authority upon someone else, usually by force, but when a long term of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object in Vince's a design to reduce them under absolute despotism is the right it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. So what he saying here that the grace of independence is saying that when a government gets to the point where it is no longer providing security and this is one of the many reasons many things.

Then, for after a long chain of of this weakest despotic despotism despotism is is a depressive governmental rule and when this becomes too long. It's the obligation people throw it off reasonably this up is the idea of throwing off oppressive government is is in the Constitution is a declaration of independence. The question then becomes when does that point reach when is it reached when do we as Christians seek to throw off oppressors.

As Christians we have to think about this. In America we have the freedom of our expression of of of religion, but that is being slowly eroded away by the left and the canceled culture and writing articles now on social justice.

It's on car and it's being eroded are rights of freedom of of speech and the right to believe what we want to believe without being penalized by the left for politically incorrect view. We don't agree with homosexuality or abortion and we vote for Trump or whoever or whatever conservative you don't they want to oppress and stop you from having the ability of free speech and in many cases even get you fired from your job. This is despotism.

This is oppression. The government should step in and say enough of this. If Christians don't step up they will be kicked out.

This is what's going to happen and I tried to tell people this trying warn people about what's coming. I have the advantage of studying the Bible all the time and I study eschatology occasionally to and I'll tell you that things get bad because Christians don't do their job and Christians get persecuted. So what we need to do first and foremost get on our knees and pray and ask God to raise up godly leaders in our country and to change our culture to do that. He's been at the race of Christians is a lot of times Christians don't realize that it when they say God changes countries is okay. I'm sending you if you live none at all since somebody else and this is the problem.

Christians normally. Generally speaking, aren't willing to do what needs to be done to take risks, and so the despotic system increases and then it becomes.

At some point when the populace has to rebel and this is the, the Declaration of Independence is often cited in this area.

In fact, I just talked to a pastor today who referenced this actually so this is a serious thing because people are talking about this and what is it mean for our country and I happen to know some other stuff that I don't want to say the radio that if it were to happen would be extremely tumultuous for our entire country and wouldn't take much to have. If people really go you know that greater thing that you know that the code. I've been brought up many many many times and now you're bringing this up from the Declaration of Independence.

So I think the main just by what you're sharing and I'm very thankful that you do this because I mean it. People report need to know that her do you feel were going that this should be a going away from and there will be an answering for those who have gone away from. We are responsible as Christians do what's right for God and also before. People love God and love your neighbor and what is that mean it means to not sit in your hands. This usually belongs to Caesar and Jesus with the centurion didn't tell the stopping a centurion said pay your taxes is what we do, but were also to fight for righteousness and would Christians don't do it in a godly way the nonbelievers do it in an ungodly way.

Well I didn't want to thank you for bringing that out. Thank you for sharing that information maybe having to go and look at the Declaration of Independence a little more than death, and brother are just more to say thank you for everything that you design and I'm looking forward to what you're good at this very and bring into nadir, I got a ride that got these messages. Mats like why thinking of the 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back to show it to open lines of want to give me a call 720722762 Tom from Seattle, Washington walking, talking on their hello hello this is so messed with live dryer if I know I all network eloquent with the work I try to commit suicide.

The filler and allow living more durable my credit if you are like a guy like Christian, you are obligated to follow what God wants you to do. He wants you to live and to bring glory to him in your life and the way to do that is to give everything you have and that you are to him because if your place of suicide or anybody as a place like that is because things are so bad that they people want to check out and don't you you if this is the case with you. You need to go see somebody immediately going out of his calculator and monitoring: artwork not you need to go in and see no professional want and get help with lots of stressors that can bring people to such an and and someone sent us wise. Don't ever make a decision under duress because those decisions can be very costly. You don't want to enter God's presence by having killed yourself when he's given you life and it's for his glory that your to live and so while I like blogging a lot of filling with a food so it you try to understand you don't want to start food storage, short shortage food shortage. Don't know that are technological, rhetorical, beer and food go to food bank is not an ongoing and I mean went out of food at the grocery store, surrender, food. I don't know.

I mean that I needed all occluded letter sending you the you do need to see somebody so you see a psychologist right okay and you have family and friends right there okay will and just you talk to them and to stand your family and friends help you out okay you do that right whole benefit me about our country to get back you get this! Yes, that's for sure.

And I will now I listen we have a prayer ministry so want to email us at and the trailer.

Critical care prayer PRA learner are currently doubling how you go okay or naturally well were hanging in God's grace. God I try hard) this blog the love in their the boat down you not holding to be taken very seriously and to whom this trust got through it and do our best to to survive through all of this things would happen to countries before and will make it keep rising Lord right take on this project. Colin O'Reilly is a rifle for three open lines of what you call 877-207-2276.

Same as always, give me call Craig from Florida. Craig welcoming on here that, thank you very much for taking my call one calling about is some very good friends who have gotten caught up in the new apostolic Reformation movement, and you know I'm Bible college graduate, the whole 9 yards and you know I I I believe that the Bible is the inherent word of God. But what I see happening here, but these folks if you know they they have a also a strange disregard for the word almost to my friend sent me a sermon the other night from Andrew Womack in the first part of Womack's sermon was Keith actually said this, I couldn't. My eyesight just couldn't believe that man who called himself a Bible believing pastor said that what he said one of the greatest errors in the product specific to them. Today is the teaching of the sovereignty of God, and I would like. I almost jumped through my you know, television, and that I would like to wait a minute.

So my question, Matt grew quickly and the house I got home I how my going to come is about 30 people I come across you know how I got help them to see the error of their way to the base friends. Olivia caught up in it really will listings as you ski mask and a large fan and when there outside walking you get a house because of friends you abduct them and you take your eyeballs open and light sleep and you say NAR bad NAR but just have a recording what's not now. So why would he do what you do is study the word of God. The NAR the NAR is steeped in a combination of truth and error man centeredness and denial of God's sovereignty along with feelings of charismatic this and that and a little bit of New Age on the extent and the people who push it are often trained theologically and know how to weave errors through the areas of truth such that it is difficult for the average person to see and so it's tough, but nevertheless what you gotta do is called the word of God and you to promote God's sovereignty. Generally, the foundation of that is that is it true that God knows all things for John 320 yes if he knows all things. Does he also work everything after his will, because, according at that point. Ephesians 111 and if a serious good and then you get on the right path. If they say no then you got confident with the word of God and this is where it is because a lot of times the NAR people don't believe in the word of God.

They believe they believe in believing in the word of God, believe the word of God suggests a yet they say they believe it and practice it and study it with a ones experience what they want is tongs what they want is the movement of the Spirit and a prophet getting up there and speaking in the name of God and all the stuff and it just goes overboard and the Holy Spirit becomes a central focus is that of the Lord Jesus Christ and man is elevated in the process and it's always been that of an error. I need a quote from Womack that he said he said if you can find it reckoned document that results greatest error when a visitors is God's sovereignty. I I don't remember the sermon. Oh I believe he spoke it at one of his our Meeting to his own place, but it there was very scary not to say 27 years and never heard of. Never heard a cortical evangelical for anything like that. The Bible does talk of apostasy and yet it's not can happen within Protestantism and the Catholic church is already prostate so Protestantism has to go to God always says that he has his remnant that he keeps and who are the remnant well the remnant. Those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Trinity is death, burial and resurrection justification by faith alone in Christ alone up like baptism and faith are sacraments in faith or any ceremony or work and faith etc. and so those who hold to that the remnant so to speak. So something a talk coming apostasy without means any rate, the NAR is to a large degree. Party apostasy is taking the some aspect of the church by storm and causing damage to what you do memorize the word of God. Isaiah 5511, the word of God will not come back empty, without accomplishing what God desires and study the verses on God's sovereignty.

Because really that's what it all ultimately comes down to is God sovereign or is man sovereign so study God's sovereignty and man's sinfulness and that's with United have those verses handy so that you can use them as a bet foundation in order to argue against those people who are seeking to supplant the place of Christ himself with the experience. Well, thank you for your time sir and no, I pray for you and I will even get on the bandwagon. Verse 40 got already folks River line break 777 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave boy will come back to show the script to Bill from California bill welcome.

You are on here.

Good afternoon, Mayor know you will register by your voice facility from when they tell you that I know. That's so slow to get you. I don't think work longer a Christian nation. I think God connected in 1952, the court is important God in prayer out of school 1973 the bulimia baby 60 million support 2015 homosexual marriage rely and also about the way our United States, the leading nation about production and pornography. Christian mission doesn't do that don't want from you are Christian preachers are Christian and Mamie County gospel to Disneyland cotton candy give the lamp buckle is not going to church with me, argue that using tax side of the band one Thursday schedule and I should write an article on that stuff that was actually looking for research when those various events happened. Anybody else has any of those this email us at info kind of work right in an article documenting the dates of the apostasy of in the fall of our nation can or can't I country cannot survive like this. God will not bless us if we are ignoring him killing the unborn promoting ungodliness like homosexuality LGBT to penalizing the Christians in the Christian pulpit is become NAR or maybe Pam be whatever it is and not preaching the cost of discipleship and so how's God bless us.

At least we can look at Sodom and Gomorrah where you know if there's 10 left a five left in will he destroyed knows getting them out first and so we can hope that that kind of a thing will be the case here. I don't affirm it.

Prepare fracture, but so I hope is correct, but nevertheless as long as were here, we can affect this country and the Christians are the ones with the responsibility to do it and you pray and God hears the prayers of his people. They humble themselves and seek the Lord Jesus heals the nation and this would have to happen and we as Christians true Christians Mormons, not Roman Catholics, not the Jehovah's Witnesses, the true Christians together knees and pray and ask the Lord God is great sovereign grace to heal our country/App Store country. What is the Bible thing went by in America comes back, will he find faith on 22. Yet the question he asks, will he find faith didn't answer it answer when courses will yes be people believe as he always has his remnant, but the question is, is is it hints at the issue of so few people can believe so few people believe they can be afraid they're going to be weak and I believe the pastors need to start preaching and strength. In truth, and if the church members leave. Let them go. Pastors also preach to please God, not people was a tickling buddies ears. This may be mean from the pulpit yellow stuff like that. Just please tell the truth. Call people to repentance and discipleship in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that it requires effort and not just an intellectual assent, but heartfelt commitment that results in doing and that of course manifest different people, different levels of ability, disability, and situations in life. This will preachers preach and it was a pure man for the guard because the word about losing a 501(c)(3).

I hope they do that we could take that away that we can preach the gospel preaching repentance preaching what's going on in country you need to happen is pastors all over dinner Darla Goodpaster sent there are a lot of good preachers of the word got out there and and I know many of them as a whole like this blasphemous can't sit in the radio individual who prayed in the name of Brahma inside of her. That's blasphemy last. God hears that and he's not gonna bless our nation. He's not bless her nation is thinking that appreciated our ability.

God bless Bill remnant or a closely held the policy for the logic you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jasmine from Texas Jasmine welcome here. Hello, I did have the right button Jasmine you think I'm not hearing okay I hear you. Yes your on their now hello yes I yes so you is a bad connection. My quiet time I Maclaren find I'm trying to get close to God and get yes women on connection or something.

I think I want to be ready.

Repentance is an attitude it's it's it's a change of mind because in the Greek myth of the Leo word repent.

Meta-change minds and attitudinal change begins with knowing who Christ is what he is done across along with knowing our own sin before God. What we do is we acknowledge our sin before the Lord.

We confess our sins, we ask the Lord to forgive us of all of our sins trust what he has done. This is the first step in true repentance because what it is is saying that we, in and of ourselves need deliverance from our own sin that we seek to turn from them and that we seek the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's the first and greatest of all repentance that anyone can do and then what God does as he works in our lives and convicts us so that certain sins, usually one or two at a time are brought up and we struggle with them until we no longer do the order that they have been greatly weakened in our lives because a lot of times we struggle with these things for quite a while. So what we do to repentance is to begin with confession, the confession of our sin and then by faith we trust in the work of Christ, we asked the Lord to increase the strength in our hearts so that by faith, we can follow him. And if and when we do fail, and what we do is we trust in him again and will continue to honor him in seeking, not sin. When we do cover week that we go to the cross, confess it and move forward to continue to try and do what's right and this is what will do. That's how we repent and its sometimes it's really easy on some things and sometimes not okay for your help.

What you think if I God forgives all of our sins trust in him, all repentance is not what gets the same repentance is not what brings us forgiveness of sins with results in the forgiveness of our sins is the work of Christ on the cross. When we believe in what he is done are our sins are officially cleansed all of them are removed all of them past present future, and this is how it really is a lot of Christians don't know this letter.

Christians make the mistake of thinking that in order to stay right with God.

Continued repent is if you don't repent enough then you can lose your salvation. That's false teaching.

All repentance is not what gets us saved by repentance is not what keeps us safe, what keeps us saved as God's grace and what justifies us, which makes us right before God is our faith in Christ which he gives to us so our responsibility once were saved and will regenerate born-again responsibility is to seek to follow Christ in all areas because our salvation is not depend on our success for our failure when we follow Christ depends on Christ faithfulness, not ours, but what we do as Christians is we seek to follow him all the time because were saved because we love and so we repent in our Christianity repent. In our Christian lives, because we all still sin and then we confess we move forward.

Repentance does not keep us saved that because that would be salvation by works because repentance means to stop doing something bad which means to conform to the law of God, we should repent a person that's not what saves us okay okay you're welcome call back again to give more questions are this get to Monique from Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome here. Thank you very much.

You will really quickly. I think the end of them I eat you help me understand and maybe I am ending the word that I hear I Bible a lot that the bird and on on different ready things like identify for them wanting to fight like you like my little therapeutic are not right by me what you mean all that happy word in and I cannot out there and get balance if I'm not going very very long time and that that particularly easily annoyed with that. I am willing to be a disciple is to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and to emulate him to be like him and I so when some of disciples. Another person, it means that a more mature Christian is guiding and helping and giving wisdom to a younger Christian with less experience and is trying to help that person become more like Christ. And so this is the way it made it. I'm thinking of that very thin on what we can tell there. Right now you are you I do and who you talking about with context is that I can give the generics of what it is and discipleship out of her supposed to be doing as Christians. I like her arrival. God loves a vulture at a time of the Lord bless you by his grace as usual in great remember folks pray aright

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